i don't believe in global warming

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Antis are saying larries are responsible for the hack...but don't they understand that if a larrie hacked H (which is wrong so don't do it!)they'd retweet the aimh tweet?

Antis would say larries are responsible for global warming, if they believed it was a real problem and not a joke made up by Obama

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There's been something bothering me about climate change deniers lately and that's how much they defend the use of fossil fuels. Even if they don't believe in man-made global warming, surely they must recognize how unhealthy using these methods is? I mean.. you can see it clearly as smog above cities, see (and taste it) in water, and face potential fatal consequences from being too exposed to it. If not to fight back against climate change, why not fight against these unhealthy conditions?


The human eye has to be one of the cruelest tricks nature ever pulled. We can see a tiny, cone-shaped area of light right in front of our faces, restricted to a very narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum. We can’t see around walls, we can’t see heat or cold, we can’t see electricity or radio signals, we can’t see at a distance. It is a sense so limited that we might as well not have it, yet we have evolved to depend so heavily on it as a species that all other perception has atrophied. We have wound up with the utterly mad and often fatal delusion that if we can’t see something, it doesn’t exist. Virtually all of civilization’s failures can be traced back to that one ominous sentence: ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’ We can’t even convince the public that global warming is dangerous. Why? Because carbon dioxide happens to be invisible.
—  David Wong, This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It

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My science teacher doesn't believe in global warming, she keeps talking about how the warming and cooling of the earth is just a cycle. I personally think that the earth does have a natural cycle, but I don't think cutting down all these forests and killings all these species is doing the planet much good. What is your take on global warming?

My take? Global warming is the largest challenge humanity has ever faced. Here’s my video on the topic.

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Global warming? Thought? Is it untrue? I need sources. (I'm conflicted on whether or not it's real I don't mean to sound rude. I trust you for info like this)

I’m a man of science and anyone who actually understands science knows that theories must constantly be challenged until it comes to the point that we are almost certain that a theory is true. A while back, among other things, I debunked the fact the “97% of scientists believe humans are the cause” myth.

Recently I stumbled across a peer-reviewed survey of 1077 geoscientists. It found that the scientific community is at a very different consensus. Only 36% find climate change to be a significant threat, and also caused by humans.

Now I’m absolutely not saying that climate change isn’t real and man-made, but I’ve seen plenty of conflicting evidence going both ways. The fact that we’re not certain what the cause is should tell us that we shouldn’t overhaul our economy on something we’re not certain of. I’m not a climatologist and can’t even begin to explain the processes by which these scientists came to their belief, but don’t be under the impression that this is “settled science”.

Just something to think about.

Look, straight-up, if you can’t understand how the events in Ferguson, MO that lead to the completely unwarranted extrajudicial execution of Michael Brown is absolutely, unequivocally, completely race-based, and that no, it’s not a systemic racism issue when a black person shoots a white person

It’s because you don’t want to understand.

Welcome to the inherent discomfort of being confronted with your white privilege. Get used to it, and get over it, and stop waving away real issues because they make you “feel bad” about being a white person.

The fucking UNITED NATIONS recognizes this is a systemic racism issue. But you, as a white person, well, you just don’t see it that way? That is your white privilege at work. You can choose not to see it that way.

You can also choose to believe that because it snows where you live, the world isn’t getting warmer, but that doesn’t change the damn facts.