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He woke tho


alright so i’m not too satisfied with this and the sketch looked so much better and similar to the original expressions but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

anyway here’s my attempt at a screencap redraw of my fave conspiracy theorists

I love a lot of people who
can’t love me back; rejection
feels less personal when I
can blame something else for
it. Some people only need to
be hurt once to never get over
it - the truth is I never want
to be not loved again the way
you didn’t love me.
—  Rebeka Anne, from now on I’m in charge of who hurts me
maybe it would know better if we stitched it eyes

Summary:ย When you and your best friend have been attached to the hip practically since birth, youโ€™re not going to let some scrap of cloth separate you. In which Oikawa redefines the meaning of a hatstall, and Headmistress McGonagall probably isnโ€™t paid enough. Hogwarts AU!

Credit to @agapantoblu for the premise of Oikawa fighting the Sorting Hat forever to be in the same house as Iwaizumi (taken from this post). Itโ€™s just such a great idea that immediately sparked my dead writer brain.

Pairing: Iwaoi (You can take it either as queerplatonic or romantic)
Word Count: 1470
Rating:ย G or K or basically as hair-raising as a stuffed teddy bear

They stopped calling it a hatstall twenty minutes ago.

It was unprecedented, to say the least. The Sorting Hatโ€™s record for the longest time to sort a student was seven minutes and 23 seconds - something that Professor Flitwick felt the need to say repeatedly as his gaze flickered between his watch and the boy on the stool, back and forth as though he was afraid he might miss something.

Headmistress McGonagall failed to see exactly what he could miss. Certainly, just past the five minute mark, the hall could hardly contain the frenetic waves of anticipation, everyone excited at the sheer privilege of seeing a hatstall. Even McGonagall - with an impressive sixty years at Hogwarts under her belt - had only seen enough hatstalls to count on one hand.

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seven friendships [2/7] jem carstairs & will herondale, the infernal devices

Jem’s eyes had widened, and then he’d laughed, a soft laugh. “Did you think I did not know you had a secret?” he’d said. “Did you think I walked into my friendship with you with my eyes shut? I did not know the nature of the burden you carried. But I knew there was a burden.” He’d stood up. “I knew you thought yourself poison to all those around you,” he’d added. “I knew you thought there to be some corruptive force about you that would break me. I meant to show you that I would not break, that love was not so fragile. Did I do that?”
Will had shrugged once, helplessly. He had almost wished Jem would be angry with him. It would have been easier. He’d never felt so small within himself as he did when he faced Jem’s expansive kindness. He thought of Milton’s Satan. Abashed the Devil stood, / And felt how awful goodness is. “You saved my life,” Will had said.


we are… right here.

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Brenda it's me again T_T sorry if I keep coming (anonymously) to yell about Jungkook and the things he do to my heart... I felt so attacked by Jeon in the latest "Run" episode ugh HE'S SUCH A TEASE :(

I’M YELLING tbh when i get out of the pool i look like a used mop but jungkook emerges like god damn adonis someone explain this

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Hi ! So, I'm leaving the Sherlock fandom but first I wanted to tell you that your blog helped me stay sane after all this mess that had happened. Your blog is honestly the best but unfortunately, this is just all too much for me at the moment. I hope you have a good life Steph. You deserve all the happiness in the world, seriously ! And thanks for answering my asks and all your metas and just for being the nicest. X

OH LOVELY!! <3 <3 I’m so sad to see you go, but you do what you have to do to stay happy and healthy. And know that you are welcome back here with open arms if and when you decide to come back.

Love you very much, and thank you for everything, Lovely. Please keep safe, and I hope you have a beautiful future <3

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OMFG are you the same person who writes Finding Pack?? OMG I see your posts when I scroll through my dash (I dont even follow you lol) and always quietly chuckled at them. Then I looked at your URL and im like??? Is that the same naferty from AO3?? And you are!! Huge fan of Finding Pack here!! Love your story!!

I am indeed the same person who writes Finding Pack!!

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And that’s great to hear! Thank you for letting me know. <3 <3 

Seeing my post in your dash without you even following me? My mark is spreading. Sweet! My work here is done. 

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Gonna strut my stuff and keep on strutting. 

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