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30 Arya Icons (requested by Anon)

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For sapphics who want to raise (a) kid(s) with another woman…

Imagine the first time you’ll see your child. Whether that be from you giving birth, your wife giving birth, or the adoption being finalized. Imagine the warmth that you and your wife will both feel, the immediate feeling of unconditional love. 

Imagine your child’s first day of school. You and your wife help them pick out a cute outfit for your kid. You both fuss a bit. And when you see the bus pick them up, or when you drop them off… you can’t help but shed a few tears. You’re scared. But you’re also excited.

Imagine teaching them all the different ways love can exist, and modelling that with your own relationship. You’ll teach them that regardless of whether they fall in love with a boy, a girl, someone outside the gender binary, or nobody at all, you’ll always support them.

Imagine helping them with homework, teaching them about the world, showing them new things, helping them grow into someone more well rounded.

Imagine the fights you’ll inevitably have, but you know deep down that no matter how bad it gets, you’ll always love your child. Nothing can break that.

Imagine your child growing up. Imagining you and your wife talking about how it felt like just yesterday that they were so little. Imagine the bittersweet, but ultimately warm feeling you’ll get, knowing you raised someone so incredible. They’ll always be your baby.

Imagine them graduating high school. Imagine the pride both you and your wife will feel, the tears that will be shed as you hold each other, the way you’ll practically scream as you cheer when their name is called and they collect their diploma.

Imagine them moving out. You and your wife are old now. You look back on raising this beautiful child and all the twists and turns, the bumps on the road… and you feel so happy. You feel this overwhelming sense of joy that you got to partake in such a beautiful thing with the woman you love.

Maybe your pride and joy will get married now. Maybe they’ll give you grandkids. Ultimately, it’s up to them, because you taught them that as long as they’re happy and don’t hurt others, you’ll support whatever they choose to do in their life.

For the sapphics who want to someday have (a) kid(s) with another woman… I hope you manage to get that, and I hope it’s as wonderful as you imagine it. Remember that regardless of what bigots may say, having two mothers doesn’t have a negative effect on children… and in some ways, it’s even better. Remember that families with two moms are beautiful.

inside the mind of an INFJ

I feel like most of my friends love me in my extroverted stage, but when I start switching back to the introverted me, it somehow puts them off, as if I’m suddenly too complex for their liking and they don’t want to deal with me. It is so frustrating and it always makes me feel like total disappointment.
But what they don’t (want to) understand is that I can’t really help it, I didn’t choose my personality.

jv-bee  asked:

I've always wanted to participate but I work a full time job. Yes time is what you make it but I don't want to let a team down by having to work around an 8-5 work week. Is there enough flexibility to participate?

Absolutely. Don’t worry about real life getting in the way- we’ve got a solution! 

For flexible, no-pressure gishing, choose a “just for fun” team! These teams are comprised of people who, while they may be excited to play, are of like-mind- they’re just in it for the experience & the good times. That being said, a “just for fun” team has just as much chance of winning as an “in it to win it” highly competitive team… If you sign up for a “just for fun” team, that doesn’t disqualify you from winning in any way and your submissions will be judged with the same scrutiny as a competitive team. (To clarify: we mention this because a lot of people ask us if being on a “just for fun” team mean you won’t get judged or if you can’t win if you sign up “just for fun”, and that is not the case.) 

When you register you get the choice of joining an existing team or, if you want to be assigned to a team, picking “in it to win it” or “just for fun”, so we’ll know the level of competitiveness and general mindset of the right team for you. Even if you only do part of one item, you’ll have a great experience…  and you’ll always be able to say you took part in 2017 gishwhes! 

Good luck in the Hunt!

You forgot...
  • Aries: That I am not all about myself, that I love to make others happy, to make friends and lovers. // But you also forgot that I pretend all my issues aren't there.
  • Taurus: That I can work hard when I choose to, that I am not always lazy, that I love to put in the effort. // But you also forgot that I can be dangerous when hurt.
  • Gemini: That my love of learning is not selfish, that I want to make others happy too with what I know. // But you also forgot that I am not immune to anger.
  • Cancer: That I can be strong and have fun, that I am not always whining and making a fuss. // But you also forgot that I can manipulate you if I choose to.
  • Leo: That I am not arrogant, that I love other people so much more than I love myself, that I am a true romantic. // But you also forgot that I have a terrible temper.
  • Virgo: That I can laugh sometimes, that I am not so uptight that I never let myself go. // But you also forgot that I am always, always clever enough to get what I want.
  • Libra: That I try my best to love for keeps even if it's sometimes difficult, that I will always be kind. // But you also forgot that I don't know what's best for myself.
  • Scorpio: That I am sweet, that my sting is reserved for those who actually deserve it. // But you also forgot that I don't always care and sometimes I really can hurt you.
  • Sagittarius: That I always go out of my way to make others happy, that I put myself last. // But you also forgot that despite my wisdom I can be so naive.
  • Capricorn: That I do care about other people, that I try my best not to hurt others because I am actually nice. // But you also forgot that in every situation, I come first.
  • Aquarius: That I am one of the most honest signs, that I don't often use my ability to lie. // But you also forgot that I enjoy being loved even if I know that I can never love back.
  • Pisces: That I am intelligent, that I am not always lost in my head, that I can actually do things if I try. // But you also forgot that I can lie if I need to.

One of the most liberating feelings in the world is realizing you don’t owe anyone shit

You don’t have to be friends with someone who treats you like crap even if you’ve known them your whole life. You don’t even owe them an explanation either. You get to choose who gets to be in your life. It’s a privilege, not a birth given right. 

If someone is hurting you or just flat out annoying, you don’t have to give them the time of day. Please cut the shitty people out of your life and surround yourself with awesome ones who make you happy. You deserve nothing but happiness and anyone who brings you down doesn’t deserve to be in it. 

anonymous asked:

I could use a little advice, if possible. I very much want to get into cosplay, but I don't even know where to begin. There are characters I love, but I don't understand how to convincingly pull off these characters, so have no idea how to choose one. I can't make anything because my skillset doesn't go farther than the most basic repair work, and the premade stuff I've found is pretty expensive. I see makeup tutorials and end up completely baffled, so I'm kind of lost.

Hello there!

First of all, you don’t have to choose a character because you think you can pull it off, regardless of what you mean by that. Want to do an outfit but don’t have sewing skills? You can always learn and practice (or put off the costume until you’ve built up your skills more). Think you don’t look like a character? You don’t have to look like the character. If you want to wear the outfit but don’t look like them, then ignore that. The only time it matter is your personal comfort – if you don’t feel right doing a character you don’t look like, you should let your comfort take priority, but if you don’t want to do a character because you aren’t as thin, attractive, pale, whatever else as them, don’t worry about those things. this isn’t a lookalike contest, it’s cosplay. It’s for fun. 
(Examples of being personally uncomfortable would be things like how I recently did a fem version of a character because I knew I’d be uncomfortable with the fact that I wouldn’t pass as a teenage boy in spandex – still did the character, but I changed some things so I’d be comfortable with it. But if I did cosplay, let’s say, a beefy man like Joseph Joestar, and was comfortable with it and enjoyed it, despite being scrawny, no one should have a problem with that. Your own feelings about your cosplay are what matters. If I did that and someone said something about my size and apparent gender not matching the character’s? That’s not someone I’d want in my life. their opinion doesn’t matter. As long as you aren’t outright being a jerk and harming others, no one has any right to tell you that you are having fun wrong, and you always have the power of the block button if they do.)

The thing with a hobby like cosplay is that we all have to start somewhere. No one is going to go from not being able to sew to pulling out masters-level costumes overnight. Building up a lot of these skills involves a lot of practice and dedication.

That said, you don’t have to make your costumes. You always start somewhere. Are there any characters where you can modify storebought or thrifted items? That’s a great way to get started with cosplay, and you can still dress in costume, but you don’t have to worry about making some complicated. Do you want to learn to sew? Choosing a simple outfit that you can find a pattern for (things like schoolgirl uniforms are great for this) can really help, since it gives you instructions on how to make the item, and you can build up your skills with easier garments and work your way up. If you have money for premade or commissions, that’s great, but if you don’t, you can do a lot on your own for very cheap if you know how to shop sales or can get items at a thrift store. With luck, a good eye for sales, using items from your closet (shoes are the big expense here), and often a little bit of skill (such as dyeing a piece or cutting and rehemming a piece or adding some decoration), you can make an entire cosplay for $15. I’ve done it. 

For building up your skillset, it’s all about practice. Find a very basic makeup tutorial and try following it, step by step. Do it every day, or twice a day, until you master the techniques. Try another one. A lot of tutorials assume that you have at least some basic skills in the area that the tutorial is for, but you can find tutorials that explain every step. For sewing, start with something very simple, like a pillowcase, if you need to. You don’t /need/ these skills, though, unless you /want/ to make your cosplays. Often, however, due to cost and availability (or costumes, of sizes, etc.), you end up needing to make something yourself if you want it at all, or else pay a commissioner. It sounds like making is the path you want to go down, though, and this can include both making from scratch and altering pre-existing items.

It’s hard, but don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself when it comes to this kind of thing. You just started, you don’t need to be an expert yet. No one was born an expert, which is why things like tutorials exist – people are often more than willing to share their knowledge. If you don’t understand a step in a tutorial, ask. Don’t compare yourself with someone who has been cosplaying for 15 years and works in the costuming industry and has the free time, money, and experience to pull out amazing costume after amazing costume. Do you know what they were doing 15 years ago? Probably starting on their first project, like a simple skirt or a pillowcase or a plush toy. Certainly messing up. Certainly learning from those mistakes as they went. You have the advantage of building on a lot of that knowledge that is now being shared in the community (and so many more materials and resources!), but there’s no substitute for trying something yourself and learning from that. Don’t be afraid to fail. You often learn more from mistakes than from successes. 

As for how to start on costumes, it really helps to take things step by step, a little bit at a time. Look at one item first, rather than the overwhelming whole. Look at one part of that item. Start there. You’ll be far less baffled if you think of it as one small piece, rather than an entire costume. For tutorials, break them down as well. What are they doing in this step, exactly? Can you mimic that? Try it, over and over. 

I also have a Powerpoint on how to choose and plan cosplays here.

Cosplay is a hobby. It should be fun, not an overwhelming stress. I would say to take it slow, choose something simple at first, build up whatever skills you are trying to build (whether that is sewing, armor, makeup, or even bargain shopping), take your time with your projects, and enjoy wearing them, even if they aren’t something that’s going to be winning a contest any time soon. Be proud that you made that. Be proud that you can show off your fandom in that way. Meet new fans. Build up your skills. And keep having fun with it. There’s no wrong way to be a fan.

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

Q&A with Simon D
  • Simon and you have been together for nearly 5 years and Simon has decided to do a short Q&A video with you. Simon has already tweeted out to his fans about the questions.
  • Simon: Hey everyone. Today [Y/N] and I will be answering questions from our fans.
  • You: What's the first question?
  • Simon: Someone's excited for this.
  • You: I only agreed to this because you promise you will let me choose what we eat tonight.
  • Simon: Shh I don't want our fans to know I bribed you into this. Ok, first question is where did you two go on your first date? Do you remember, babe?
  • You: Of course. But you always telling this story so you do it.
  • Simon: I asked her to dinner at my favourite restaurant, but after dinner I found out she doesn't like the place. [Y/N] asked me what I had plan next, I told her I was planning to go to the movies. She disagreed and we went to a bowling place after.
  • You: Dinner and a movie is boring babe. Sorry. But you had fun at the bowling place right?
  • Simon: Yeah it was fun. Here, read the next question.
  • You: What are your thoughts the first time meeting each other?
  • Simon: We actually met a club. It was an after party for some show. I was sitting in the VIP section and I saw her dancing from across the room. I thought wow that girl CANNOT dance.
  • You: Hey!
  • Simon: I'm just joking. But yeah, my first thought was wow she is so sexy so I got up and asked for her name.
  • You: Yeah, I remember seeing this guy who's wearing a grey GUCCI sweatshirt walking up to me and I thought, who in their right mind wears a sweatshirt to a club. Like it's so hot and stuffy in there. Then my second thought was he probably smells because I could see his sweat.
  • Simon: And do I smell?
  • You: Sometimes.
  • Simon: So [Y/N] what is the most romantic thing that I have done?
  • You: Hmm, for our one year anniversary we celebrated it at home. I had a long day at work and I told him I was fine with some take-out but this guy here surprised me. He made dinner, put rose petals on the bed and candles were everywhere.
  • Simon: I have many romantic things and you choose that one?
  • You: Yeah but I think that's the most romantic. Next question.
  • Simon: What are each other’s worst or annoying habits? [Y/N]'s most annoying habit is buying so many clothes and not wearing them. Some clothes in her closet still has tags on them. And when we go out she says she doesn't have anything to wear so I tell her to wear the clothes she bought a month ago. And when we are ready to go out, I would think she's wearing the new clothes but she wears her old clothes. Her clothes are taking up my side of the closet.
  • You: Whatever. You should buy another closet for yourself then. And don't forget you sometimes kick the blanket off the bed when we're sleeping. I'm always getting up and picking the blanket up. Learn how to keep the blanket ON the bed and I'll try to stop buying so much clothes.
  • Simon: Okay okay, I'll try. So the next question is what is your ideal date night?
  • You: I don't think we do a lot of date nights, right babe?
  • Simon: No, we don't. We prefer having lunch together.
  • You: Yeah, lunches, breakfast or brunches. We prefer spending the day together. But also, Simon sleeps super early. He gets into bed around 8:30pm. What old men do.
  • Simon: Hey! I'm not old.
  • You: Whatever you want to believe. Hmm the next question from this fan is a little out of the blue.
  • Simon: What is it?
  • You: Are there any weird fantasies/kinks that you have or into?
  • Simon: Weird fantasies or kinks? We don't have weird kinks.
  • You: Omg Simon. You just implied we have weird fantasies. I don't want to answer this one. I'm going to get a drink.
  • Simon: No, no sit down. You're staying right here babe.
  • You: I'm just going to cover my face then.
  • Simon: I won't go into too much detail or give our fans too much information. Actually I'll just say it in three words. Ready? Ok, toys and accessories.
  • You: Omg you did not just say accessories. What is that suppose to mean?
  • Simon: I told you, I'm not saying anything more. And baby, you should know what the accessories are..
  • You: Let's move on.
  • Simon: Okay last question, do you two have any funny, embarrassing sex stories? Wow our fans are something hey?
  • You: Haha yeah. I know one embarrassing story. Can I tell it?
  • Simon: Are you talking about the one with the phone call?
  • You: YES! Ok so we were at home and in the middle of 'it' , well actually we were both 'nearly there', when Simon's phone rings. The phone was on the bedside table and I asked Simon if he needed to get that. He shook his head and all that came out of his mouth was "Jay, Jay, Jay". Now imagine, you and your partner having the time of your life, you know, and your partner decides to call out his work mate's name when you're about close. It was so weird, yet extremely funny. Oh and if you didn't guess, the person who called him was Jay.
  • Simon: Please stop talking now and I'm surprised you could actually ask me a question when you're in the zone babe. Kudos.
  • You: I didn't say the exact words. I muttered, gosh. Anyway can I tell them what I told Jay the next day.
  • Simon: Aww, do you have too?
  • You: Yes. The fans deserves the whole story. So the next day, we saw Jay at the office and I blurted out what happened. I said to Jay, "my boyfriend busted a nut to you".
  • Simon: Okay okay. No more discussing this story and let's end this Q&A. You've gone too far babe.
  • You: Fine. And we're having ramen and dumplings tonight.

(To be continued??)

Let me tell you how majmu always comes up with the best AUs. Last night I showed them a song I wanted to use in a drawing but didn’t know how and WITHOUT EVEN ASKING FOR IT I soon found myself crying over this (thanks for majmu for both writing this and the idea itself!)

‘Marco is a shifter. He wants to stop the war raging between humanity and the titans, and he believes that he can do it by striking the core of the problem, titans. Somewhere outside the walls there is a place where there are more shifters. And Marco will find it.

The thing is, he’ll most likely die on this self-assigned mission. Double agenting without actually double agenting to either side can be lethal, you see.

He was going to fake his death in the next major attack and follow the attackers, but then Jean happened. He couldn’t just leave the most important person in his life like that.

So, a few days before the day they would choose their military factions, Marco pulled Jean aside with a grim expression.’

Bonus that I don’t know what to do with :

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Dramione as conversations I've had with significant others
  • Draco: I'm a shitty human
  • Hermione: No you aren't
  • Draco: I am. I'm not trying to get you to defend me.
  • Hermione: I'm aware but I'm going to anyway.
  • Draco: I'm not worth your time.
  • Hermione: Stop your whining, you are always worth my time. You are allowed to have feelings, you are allowed to be conflicted, you are allowed to want something that isn't logical. It makes you normal not shitty.
  • Draco: I don't deserve you.
  • Hermione: Who decides that? What does that matter? I'm going to choose you, I'm going to keep choosing you even when you get in this self pity mood. Because that's what you deserve and that's what I want. All I deserve is someone who wants me, without question or hesitation.
  • Draco: I'm not hesitating. I want you, more than anything.
  • Hermione: See that's all. So once again I'm right.
  • Draco: Always right.
  • Draco: I love you.
  • Hermione: I love you too, you drama queen.

superwaywardangel  asked:

I myself am a teenager who was raised around all sorts of awful, including alcohol. I don't want to drink because I see what it did to me, and I've never been interested. I'd prefer not to be around a number of people drinking, partially because people have pushed hard for me to drink, and partially because I feel nervous. I always get called a wimp or a square and other words I'd rather not repeat. Ah, I'm rambling. Thank you for your post on alcohol normalization. It was nice to read.

That’s terrible, and you don’t deserve that.  You never should have to justify why you choose not to drink, and the people around you should respect that.  They’re at fault here, not you.

Ever since I made that post, I’ve been getting messages and stories like this one.  It’s so sad how much trauma it’s caused people, and everyone still treats it as frivolous.  I don’t take issue with people drinking, but I despise the culture around alcohol.  

It’s very harmful, and has inflicted a lot of trauma on some very good people.

cutiepawss  asked:

Maybe u deserve the shit u get. There is always reason why people don't like someone etc.

I have done literally nothing to deserve the shit I get. Most of it is people coming into my ask box and practically demanding that I post pictures of a certain game play and when I don’t, and god forbid decide to post what I want on my own blog, they get pissed and decide to insult me or make assumptions that I’m leaving a certain family/save. Like, even if I did, who cares? I don’t have to post anything at all but I choose to because I think it’s fun and I know there are people out there that genuinely like my stories, too. If they don’t like it, there’s both an unfollow button and/or a way to block certain tags so that pictures that are tagged accordingly will not show up on their dashboard. But instead they decide to take the time to write me hate. Just because they’re not getting what they want when they want it. Seems both childish and immature if you ask me.

But thanks for saying I “maybe deserve the shit that I get”. Much appreciated.


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.01 | Atomic Canary


anonymous asked:

I was wondering, if we preach for nobody to see the emoji movie, won't the animators not get paid well? I don't really know how the system works but I know the animators don't always choose what movie they want to work on. So would it effect them if barley anyone saw it?

i dont…..  think that’s how it works? i’m not in the industry so i wouldn’t know for sure but my understanding of it has always been this:

if you’re an animator and you work on a movie, you’re paid upfront for that work on the movie. you don’t get paid more or less depending on how well the movie performs, the money that the movie makes goes to the studio that made it


Teens React to Attack on Titan

anonymous asked:

Of course being gay is a choice, like I could be gay right now if I actually wanted to, but I don't. And don't twist my words saying that I said you confirmed all Disney princesses are gay, I said I didn't like that you always IMAGINE them to be gay. You must be straightophobic and have a fear of anything normal. I feel sorry for u.

That’s now how being gay works…… People are born gay… You, a straight person, ‘choosing’ to ‘be gay’ is what a straight person thinks getting drunk and kissing the opposite gender is. You can’t just choose to be gay, sorry to break it to you. You are not in our brains, you will never know what it’s like. Now I’m jokingly saying that all Disney Princesses are gay and your homophobe brain is working overtime to flip shit over fictional cartoon characters………. Yikes

One last thing….
“”“”“”“”“”“Straightphobic”“”“”“”“”“”“” isn’t a thing???? Straight people want to be oppressed so bad

hold-my-hair-back  asked:

I know it'll be a bit before you can get to this, but I have another Jay and Elliot request! I love all of your OCs, by the way. I hope you don't think I only like these two. I'm just a tad unhealthily obsessed with these two. Okay, so what if Elliot and Jay get into a fight and one of them (whichever of your choosing) doesn't want to speak up about feeling sick because he doesn't think the other will care because of their argument? Ugh. I'm going to start dreaming about these two, I swear. <3

God I always love writing Jay and Elliot. Hope you enjoy this one! I whipped it out just before going to my cross country practice so I haven’t had any time to edit haha

He’d woken up more tired than when he’d gone to bed, and the day hadn’t gotten much better after he’d left his room. His stomach had started to feel distractingly heavy around noon, and by the time he was heading home, he was sure he was getting sick. His usual brisk walk to the bus stop was slow and difficult, and he’d misses his usual bus before getting on a second that kept lurching to a halt every few moments in the stop and go traffic. Elliot hadn’t bothered to look at any of his texts; he’d just focused as hard as he could on not being sick in the middle of a crowded bus. It was close a few times, but he felt a little better once the ground he was standing on was still.

More than anything, Elliot was really just eager to see Jay and then relax for a little while. Maybe they could just put on a movie and cuddle, and maybe the sick feeling Elliot had would just pass in a couple of hours. Even if it didn’t, Jay would be there, probably complaining, but certainly helping.

His hands shook a little as he unlocked the door, but he managed it, and quickly collapsed into a nearby chair the second he’d shut it again. Even just standing on his feet was making him feel a little dizzy, which wasn’t helping his stomach.

“Jay?” he called out. No answer. Maybe he had headphones in or something. Elliot had seen his car parked outside. “Jay? You there?”

After a few more seconds of silence, he braced himself and stood up, taking a few deep breaths. He wasn’t going to throw up yet, he was almost sure, but it was starting to feel like a matter of time. He found Jay sitting on the couch in the living room on his laptop, no headphones in sight.

“Hey,” Elliot said.

Jay didn’t lift his eyes from his screen. “You’re late.”

“Yeah. Sorry about that.”

“You could’ve texted.”

Elliot was surprised to see a hint of worry on Jay’s face, and he felt a stab of guilt. He should have remembered to stay in touch. It had just been the last thing on his mind.

“Sorry, I totally forgot to,” he apologized. “I will next time, I promise.”

“Oh, next time?” Jay replied, raising his eyebrows. “So you will be 28 minutes late again sometime in the near future?”

Elliot flushed. It seemed like Jay was in the mood to fight, and that was about the last thing Elliot wanted to do right now. His stomach gave a little flip and he sat down on the couch too, eager for another chance to rest. Jay scooted away from him.

“Hopefully there won’t be,” Elliot replied patiently. “Just, you know, sometimes that stuff happens, so next time I’ll make sure to tell you.”

“Who am I kidding? Of course there will be,” Jay said dismissively. “Have you ever not been late in your life?”

“I missed the bus,” Elliot explained. “And there was lots of traffic. I said I’m sorry.”

“You missed the bus,” Jay repeated. “I should keep a tally of how many times you’ve used that one.”

“Okay, buses are really inconsistent. It’s not my fault.”

“Then maybe you should get a car.”

“Well maybe I would if my parents were paying every cent of my tuition,” Elliot snapped. He regretted his words the instant he said them, as any vulnerability left in Jay’s cold expression vanished. He rested a hand on his stomach absentmindedly, hoping it would make him feel a little better.

“Sorry,” Elliot said again. “I just mean I would if I could.”

“Mmm,” Jay replied noncommittally, still not even looking at him. “Where’s the bread?”

“The bread?”

“You are not serious,” Jay muttered. He switched his tone to overly patronizing, glaring at Elliot the whole time. “Yes, the bread, that I asked if you would buy in a text that I sent roughly two hours ago? Did you legitimately not check your phone during that time, or were you just ignoring me?”

“I didn’t see it. Sorry,” Elliot replied softly. Even talking too much was making him feel worse, and arguing wasn’t helping at all.

“You’re 21 years old. How exactly do you survive being the most irresponsible person on the planet?”

Elliot forced a light laugh, swallowing hard against the lump in his throat. Jay probably didn’t realize the effect he was having, but some combination of his words and Elliot’s climbing shakiness and nausea were making him feel a little like crying.

“That’s not a joke,” Jay said sharply. “Really, it’s just astounding.”

“Can you please just stop?” Elliot burst out. “I’m…”

He paused for a moment, trying to think if he should tell Jay he was sick or not. Things like that never exactly made Jay any calmer, so maybe it was better to just focus on the fact that he wasn’t in the mood for this.

“I’m really tired,” he continued. “Just, I’m sorry I’m late, and I’m sorry I didn’t check my phone, but please just…stop yelling at me right now.”

Elliot waited for a few seconds as Jay took in his words. He rubbed his hand over his stomach again, wincing a little as it bubbled violently at the touch.

“Oh my…you are just incredibly sensitive at the moment, aren’t you?” Jay said coldly. “I haven’t even raised my voice. But if you really want me to stop hurting your feelings, you can leave me alone. Anyway, I’m working.”

Tears stung in Elliot’s eyes as he reluctantly stood up.

“See you later then,” he choked out, and hurried for the door. He stumbled a little on his way, and braced himself against the wall.

“What is wrong with you?” Jay asked.

Elliot wanted to tell him, but he knew there was no point. Jay wouldn’t care if he was sick, not now. And Elliot didn’t know if he could take it. He shook his head.

“I told you, I’m just really tired.”

Elliot headed to the bathroom first, and knelt in front of the toilet for about a minute, waiting to see if he was going to throw up. His stomach was churning more than ever, but it didn’t seem like anything was going to come up, at least not yet. He retreated to the bedroom instead, hoping he could get some sleep and feel a little better. But lying down was too much for his stomach, so he ended up propping himself up against the pillows and trying not to think as his fatigue slowly lost the battle to his nausea. Elliot had always hated being alone when he was sick. He’d always had his grandma, or his brother, or even his parents when he was younger. And if they weren’t around, it was sometimes a friend, but usually, it was Jay. And now Jay didn’t care at all.

Elliot looked through his phone as his stomach grew more and more uneasy, not really paying attention to anything he saw. His mouth was filling with saliva, and each swallow was harder than the last. A sudden dry heave hit him and he was on his feet in a second, running for the bathroom. Locked. And Jay definitely didn’t want to be disturbed. But Elliot didn’t know what else to do. Dread coursed through him as he knocked, pressing his free hand over his mouth.

“Occupied,” Jay replied instantly, still sounding irritated.

Elliot’s heart sank. His stomach lurched and he had to swallow back another dry heave, shuddering as hot liquid stung the back of his throat.

“Jay,” he managed. “Please.”

A few agonizing seconds later, Jay opened the door wearing a bathrobe, his hair still dripping wet from the shower.

“What exactly is so—” he began, but stopped in shock as Elliot half crawled over to the toilet and retched emptily over the water. Elliot felt the first wave shooting up his throat, and with another heave it poured out of him, making him shiver.

“Elliot? Elliot!” Jay’s voice was frantic as Elliot gagged up another stream of vomit.

“Just go,” Elliot whispered. “Sorry.”

“No, don’t be ridiculous,” Jay insisted. He brushed the back of his hand against Elliot’s cheek. “You’re sick; why didn’t you tell me?”

“I—” Another heave cut Elliot off, and a large wave of sick spilled from his mouth. He retched again at the sting of acid, bringing up another stream. Jay’s hands tentatively found him, one rubbing his back and the other brushing his hair out of his eyes.

“It’s alright,” Jay murmured. “Make sure you’re breathing.”

Elliot tried for a deep breath, but ended up heaving instead, and spat out a small mouthful of vomit. He could tell his stomach was nearly empty, but it still wasn’t ready to settle down. He retched dryly, squeezing his eyes shut from the pain in his stomach and his throat. Jay winced too, but quickly returned to rubbing his back.

A forceful gag brought up a small splash of bile, which only made Elliot retch harder again. But nothing came up, and he tried to get control of himself. He spat into the toilet, shuddering.

“Done?” Jay asked softly. Elliot managed a nod. “Why on earth didn’t you tell me?”

“You were mad,” Elliot mumbled. “You said I was too sensitive. I didn’t think you’d want to take care of me.”

“Elliot, no,” he replied. “I don’t care if we’ve fought. Your wellbeing is always my first priority.”

“Well, thanks,” Elliot said. He could really feel fatigue kicking in now that his stomach was empty, and he rested his head on the toilet seat. “Sorry again I was late.”

“Clearly it wasn’t your fault. I…apologize for being too harsh.”

“Yeah. Thanks.”

“Now,” Jay said, “you look exhausted. What do you say you go to bed and we can both start over in the morning?”

“Yeah,” Elliot agreed. “Sounds good.” He’d just have to hope his stomach would let him sleep that long.

The Signs as Throne of Glass quotes
  • Aries: “You could rattle the stars," she whispered. "You could do anything, if only you dared.”
  • Taurus: “Libraries were full of ideas–perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.”
  • Gemini: “I do not expect you to trust me; I do not expect you to love me.”
  • Cancer: “Even if that means going to Hell itself, wherever you are, that's where I want to be. Forever.”
  • Leo: “I don't care what you say and how much you protest. I claim you as my friend.”
  • Virgo: “Witches didn't need blood to survive, but humans didn't need wine, either.”
  • Libra: “I worry because I care. Gods help me, I know I shouldn't, but I do. So I will always tell you to be careful, because I will always care what happens.”
  • Scorpio: “If you're a monster, I'm a monster.”
  • Sagittarius: “You cannot pick and choose what parts of her to love.”
  • Capricorn: “I must do something, Elentiya.”
  • Aquarius: “I claim you, Aelin. To whatever end.”
  • Pisces: “Because I'm the world's greatest pirate, and I'm afraid of a great number of people. That's how I've managed to stay alive for so long.”
The older I get I start to realize that African parents have more cons than pros. I know so many Africans (teens, young adults) who are emotionally broken because of their parents. There's no freedom, not even to choose what career you want to do for the rest of your life. African parents are so forceful and everything they do are so unreasonable. We all just walk around happy and hyper knowing that deep down life at home is not even good. I always used to hate coming home after a church convention or something. I never got home sick and I don't think I'll ever be home sick. African parents do not know a proper way to love. I just wanna live, make mistakes, be able to express myself freely, and just explore. That obviously can't happen. And let's not even talk about how mental illness and sometimes physical illness is ignored in African homes. God I hope I don't grow up to be like that. I pray I don't.

anonymous asked:

What do you think about therians and the names thing? It's going around that you can meditate and your theriotype will tell you it's name. But this seems unlikely to me considering names don't serve much purpose on the animal kingdom. I just wanted to see what you think.

The creation of a Therian name is discussed a lot within the community. It’s not possible that a theriotype could tell a person it’s name because a theriotype is not another entity that is separate from a person. Saying “I have a wolf theriotype.” has always confused people. It’s better to say “I am a wolf Therianthrope (Therian).” because we are our theriotypes. A theriotype is just the non-human animal species that Therianthropes identify as.

A Therian name is just a name that we choose to go by in the Therian/Otherkin communities that may describe who/what we are. Coming up with this name is easy for some and harder for others. Those who meditate are simply finding that name within themselves. It’s also true that animals would identify each other by smell, markings, maybe sound, but it wouldn’t be recognizable to us as humans.

If a person is getting a name from another spiritual entity or that entity is providing a name for itself, then it’s a spirit guide. Having a spirit guide doesn’t automatically make a person a Therianthrope.

Here are a couple essays about Therian names that can be found on archived sites. We apologize that we didn’t have time to find more essays about Therians names, as we’re sure that they are out there. If anyone else knows of other related essays, please let us know. Thank you.

“On every message board in the “were community” it is customary to take a pseudonym that somehow describes you and use it when you post, reply, and chat. It’s just one of those things that make everything better, for a couple of reasons.“ Swiftpaws, 1997-2003, “Choosing a Werename” (Internet Archive) http://web.archive.org/web/20041226015144/http://www.otherwonders.com/swiftpaws/therian/old/werenames.html

“A ‘WereName’ is a ‘designation’ you go by to represent yourself in the WereCommunity. It should reflect you as a person, as a were, as an independant spirit.“ Jakkal, 2004, “WereNames”. (Shifters.org archive) http://web.archive.org/web/20060505025716/http://www.therianthropy.org:80/SO/guide2.htm