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Even if they build the wall, couldn't Mexico just take it down? Like legally they're allowed to reject it? Who's actually responsible for the legal side of this? I don't get it. To build something you need building permission. Can the US government be denied that? by their own court, by Mexico's or maybe someone else?

Like any wall or fence between two “properties” you build it on your property unless you have agreed with the other owner to place it over the property line. You don’t need the other owner’s permission to build it on your side of the property line.

This project is something to keep the attention away from all the harm the administration has and will do concerning the right of minorities defined by race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and others; the environment, and reason. Bottom line, is an exercise in futility at best.

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“We’re running low on time, here.”

Day 30
Summary: Q and James are running late, which in itself isn’t all that unusual (at least, not on James’s part). It’s a shame that everything hinges upon their arrival, and not for the usual reasons.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake!”

  The traffic in front of them was bumper to bumper, and of course this was going to happen today of all days. Q threw himself back in his seat, staring at the traffic and then at his phone in despair. At this speed, their journey time was set to be an hour after when they would have liked to arrive. Q sighed, glancing over at James, who was staring at the traffic with a slightly unamused expression.

  “What do you think?” James asked, raising an eyebrow.

  “Well, there’s not much we can do, is there?” Q replied.

  “How long until we’re supposed to be there?”

  Q glanced at his phone again. “Fifteen minutes. Christ, this is a nightmare. Everyone’s going to be in place and we’re going to roll up an hour late and all we’re going to be able to say is sorry, bloody traffic.”

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I don't understand why anyone with kids would vote for Trump. A good education is very important and he's a republican so he isn't going to make education better. My mom has been in the system for 30 something years (she's retiring this school year thank god) so I know a lot more about what goes on than a lot of people do. There's probably going to be job losses in the education system, ese may get budget cuts but I may be wrong.

I have many friends who are teachers and I’m an education advocate myself, we are in consensus that his pick to lead the dept of education is one of the scarier choices he has made, and he has made plenty of them.

Public education is already in crisis, with this new person in, we are about to punish an entire generation and create a generation that’s either highly uneducated or highly miseducated.

We will be creating further inequality, rich kids will get a proper education, poor kids won’t. Imagine how that ripples into their social development, political participation, economic and social mobility. The school to prison pipeline will be fortified and expanded, not dismantled.

Teachers will either be driven away from their profession, as I’ve heard from many teachers already looking to change careers, leaving kids with terrible union teachers (let’s face it, teachers union do need reform; but under trump it’s in danger of getting dismantled, which is even worse.); or even if they stuck it out for the kids, which many teachers also do, teachers will continue to be overworked and underpaid.

I can’t imagine what will happened to k-12 curriculum, and what revisionist history and “science” they’ll be taught. What will happen to the arts? What will happen to other school services vital for kids’ learning?

Then there school management, and how they’ll address racism, LGBT rights and sexual violence.

Education can either promote diversity or promote division, it can either help increase civic engagement or create more ignorant voters, it can help prepare kids to participate fully and fairly in the economy or be left out of it. These things are clearly already happening now, but instead of looking forward to things improving, we are looking forward to things getting worse.

It’s ironic that, at least under Obama and when HRC was Secretary of State, the US was funding and helping other countries reform their public education system and help girls get educated, get poor kids into school and stay in school, improve teacher development, get unskilled people get skilled so they’ll become not just financially self sufficient but also be valuable human capital for their economy, make peace building and religious tolerance to be part of their curriculum, get private sector to invest in their communities not just take advantage of them, have apprenticeships and mentorship programs, invest in early childhood education, etc etc, but now we are actually trying to prevent our own kids from having those advantages in our education system.

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In her texts she’d called it a hotel, but she’d had to clarify later that Marvel had actually put her up in a private condo adjacent to the Loews, her suite of rooms adjoining her assistant’s, her choreographer on the same floor, their little corner of “Team Wanda” squirreled away together in the luxury building. It made the sleeping arrangements a little more complicated, of course - she couldn’t really get Chris his own room like she could at a regular hotel, but Jade had been good enough to offer to spend the night at Jen’s, so Lizzie had the place to herself for the moment - second bedroom included, if Chris was so inclined. 

Unsurprisingly, the weather was sticky and warm, and Lizzie had left open the doors to the balcony to let the breeze in, an effort to cool the place down before Chris arrived in the car she’d sent to pick him up at the airport while she rushed home from set, showered, and changed. The rest of the night after he got there was still a mystery; she had a few plans in her back pocket, but she thought it best to wait to see how tired he was when he arrived, what he was in the mood for after the long flight. She considered it cruel and unusual to make someone keep plans they made before flying 3000 miles, the mood was almost always decidedly different. A nicer dress hanging on her closet door in case he wanted to go out for the evening, for now she paced in a pair of frayed denim shorts and loose white silk top, her hair braided and slung over one shoulder, the picture of casualness despite her nerves. And right on time, she got the text from the driver saying he was on his way up, just enough notice to open the door to greet him, waiting with a grin as he made his way down the hallway. “Hey, you,” she murmured, reminding herself all over again just how handsome he was in person. She’d never get used to that. @socpine

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Hey, do you or your followers have or know of any advice for writing robot characters? I want to make one now, and I like a lot of these ideas, but is there any stuff on how they actually work? I'm sorry, I don't know if that makes sense, but like building and parts and what they would have and do and that sort of thing.

(I’m being bad and answering this before I start my homework shhh)

I can only speak from my own experience with making my own and I’m very far from some sort of tech expert but if it helps I can tell you some of the stuff I considered while making mine!

Think about what sort of material your character will be made of and do some research on it! How it is used in existing machinery, melting point, durability, etc. etc. Can your character walk away from gunfire and explosions and dust the flames off like dust or are they more fragile? Remember that machines generate heat, and the more advanced your character is and the more they are going to be doing, the hotter they are going to get and they need to have a way to cool down. I did some reading up on heat sinks when I made Alice and learned that synthetic diamond is often used as a heat sink for lasers, which suited her combat systems very well. But a robot character that isn’t shooting lasers might be able to get by on one composed of copper and aluminum. But they do need something to prevent overheating! (but of course you could use overheating as a plot idea. do they have a faulty heat sink and struggle with staying at safe temperatures during extended activity? does their machinery whir when they get worked up?)

And keep in mind what this character was made for. That’s something I find unique and enjoyable about synthetic characters: there’s always a purpose to them. They had to be deliberately made by someone to do something. A robot made to be a companion is going to have different mannerisms than one built for combat, at least in the early stages of their development. What purpose was this robot supposed to serve, and how would it have been programmed to achieve the intended goals? Do they accept this? Struggle with it? Whatever the case, you can get pretty far in writing for one by always drawing lines back to what was intended by their creators. At least in my experience

I probably ended up rambling but I hope this was at least somewhat helpful to you! Robot characters are really fun I hope you have fun making one!

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I don't understand WHY Troye keep saying that he 'doesn't like cheesy romance' i mean Con is the cheesiest person EVER! C'MON TROYE you love Con so much , so we know you actually like it 😏🙃😝

He says he’s cheesy in his own way, trying to not be cliche but instead building up their own traditions and versions of romance. Troye wants authentic and unpredictable, not played out and impersonal. That’s what they’ve been all along ^_^

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AU where les amis somehow end up all living in the building. They had never met before, but somehow they start to have a bunch of adventures together. Maybe the building is also a bit haunted, I don't know point is: les amis meet each other because they're all neighbours AU? :)

How great is this! :D So originally I was going to go with an apartment building, but then this happened:

1. Joly and Bossuet actually own the building, which is an incongruously large house converted into apartments in Paris. Card games were involved, and they didn’t know what else to do with all that space, so they decided to rent out the apartments. (Their approval process is largely based on the applicant’s ability to make good puns.)

2. Grantaire, who they already vaguely knew as that-one-guy-who-goes-to-the-same-cafes, ends up living in the attic. The incredibly comfortable and now well lit and decorated attic, where Joly and Bossuet spend a lot of time.

3. This is where they meet Musichetta, who moves in a surprisingly short amount of time later, because they are awesome friends already, and also a shenanigans filled romance. She, Joly, and Bossuet share the biggest apartment, which makes it prime blanket fort real estate.

4. Jehan honestly could afford to live in a much nicer, more conventional apartment, but he is a Romantic and couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to live in a turret. The probably-actually-haunted-by-ghosts turret.

5. This is how Combeferre finally stops pretty much just holing up in his small, cozy apartment on the first floor. Ghosts must be investigated! He then instantly gets drawn into shenanigans, including “Where does that creepy staircase go anyway? (Oh shit, we’re all locked out on the roof)” and “Do you think we could fill a wheelbarrow full of tomatoes? (Yes, and we also acquired a Bahorel).”

6. Courfeyrac never spent much time at home until he went downstairs to borrow milk from Combeferre one day and didn’t end up leaving until seven hours later (to be fair, he was attempting to leave after three hours when he vaguely recognized Enjolras-from-law-stuff coming up the stairs and asked him a question and then it was four hours later and they were all very emotional about friendship.)

7. Cosette lives across the alleyway with her family, and she and Feuilly become friends due to awkwardly placed windows that allow them to start chatting through large dry erase boards.

8. Valjean and Fantine were both a bit worried when the house next door started filling up with students, but they’re all such nice kids. Very friendly neighbors, as long as none of them are issuing dares to the others.

9. “Are you sure this is a safe place to stay?” Azelma whispers nervously to Gavroche when he brings her to the rooms Les Amis have set aside for him and she needs to be away from home for a day or two. Gavroche rolls his eyes very eloquently at her, and three days later, she has decided she wants to be Enjolras when she grows up.

10. Marius still gets Bossuet kicked out of Blondeau’s seminar, but Bossuet happily offers Marius a place to stay. At this point, only the basement is really free, but Marius is completely okay with that and likes his comfortable little room that just barely looks out at the edges of Cosette’s garden, even if he’s intimidated by the other loud and opinionated residents of the house.

(It’s going to be so good, he just doesn’t know it yet.)

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Why don't the members have individual social media account?

Because i have yet to have sneaked into the Pledis building, grab everyone’s phones, create a twitter acc for each of them and let them believe they’re tweeting on @Pledis_17 when they’re actually tweeting on their own acc. All of this without the knowledge of the Pledis CEO ofc. ( ̄。 ̄)

Jun has a weibo acc.