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BTS Reaction: Asking for a piggy back ride

You ask for a piggyback because your feet hurt

Thank you for requesting! 

Jin: Jin and you had been at the club for 2 hours and he had been worried for your feet since you got there, so as soon as you started to utter the words, he was in position for you to piggy back. “Jin, how did you know my feet were hurting?” “Y/N, how could I not know?” He’d been paying attention, of course. As your best friend, he felt like it was his job to notice these things.

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Yoongi: Yoongi would be a little hesitant. He was having fun, but he saw lifting you as a form of exercise, so he was automatically thinking ‘No.’ He would just stare at you for a second, not really sure if he was willing to lift you/trying to find an excuse.

“Yoongi, get ready I’m jumping on your back in 3 seconds” “aw fine” he’d say, secretly pleased that you asked him and no else who else would you ask tho. He’d probably struggle a bit with holding your weight, because he seems kind of weak, but he’d manage and then be pretty smug about it. It would become one of his Stories™ (The Time I Gave Y/N a Piggyback Because I Am Super Strong)

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Hoseok: First of all this would be you and Hoseoks 7th club of the night Your heel actually broke from dancing so much with Hoseok, and you were relieved, because you could finally take the shoes off. You’d ask for a piggyback. He’d be so pumped you asked, he would scoop you up, bridal-style, and carry you off. “Seriously I love you, you’re the best person ever” you’d say, half joking, but not really. "I love you too" he’d say seriously and you’d both blush. Things would get real serious real quick.

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Namjoon: He’d probably be ready to go like, 20 minutes after you got there, but he totally stayed because seeing you in heels and a tight dress was the highlight of his day.

 “Namjoon, my feet hurt so bad.” You’d say, hinting that you want to be carried. He’d brush it off and say “We’ll be there soon" 

“Namjoon seriously they hurt so bad” “ok” “no, really” “yeah I bet they do” he laughed, knowing you were getting a little frustrated “So will you carry me?” He would laugh at you, “Finally you asked!” Namjoon loved to tease you, it was his way of trying to hide his feelings for you.

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Jimin: *Activate mom mode* When you suddenly took your shoes off in the middle of the street, Jimin looked at you with a shocked expression. Instantly, he was worried about your feet and getting them dirty or getting cuts. “They hurt” you’d say, while Jimin looked at you with big brown eyes filled with concern. “quick get on my back.” His smile would be so big he wouldn’t be able to focus, and he’d probably trip on the edge of the sidewalk or something.

“Oops sorry, Y/N”


“Sorry, sorry, I’m really sorry, sorry”

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Taehyung: Taehyung and you were wasted (was he? you couldn’t really tell, he’s crazy either way), and running wildly down some alley. You laughed as you both stumbled, hands linked together tightly (you’d be like wait-how did that happen). "I have an idea, piggyback!” “Yes! I love your ideas!” He planted a sloppy kiss on your cheek. Both of you laughed as he continued to run down the alley with you on his back. (you and Tae would have so much fun tbh). You Wouldn’t last long on his back though because he’d bounce you around so much you would briefly consider punching him. 

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Jungkook: Jungkook felt a little awkward with you. He offered to walk you home, and although you were best friends, he felt a little uncomfortable, because your dress was tight, and he wasn’t sure what to make of it. You asked for a piggyback, and he’d have a deer-in-the-headlights look. “Um, kook, so can I?” You said, because he’d been silent for like 10 seconds and you were a little worried. “Um sure yes, yeah, ok” you’d climb on, saying “holy shit jungkook you’re super muscular” he’d blush and simultaneously smirk, feeling torn about how to react to the situation. Internally, he’d be freaking out

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