i don't actually know what this is omg but

bangtan as good feelings

jin: feeling like everything in the world is alright when you’re in someone’s embrace, the feeling of satisfying a craving, the feeling of peace.

yoongi: feeling utterly exhausted but deeply contented, but also feeling like you have unlimited energy when doing something you love, the feeling of passion.

hoseok: the feeling of the warm rays of sunshine on your skin, the feeling of laughing with someone, the feeling causing laughter, the feeling of liberation.

namjoon: the feeling of being at peace with yourself, feeling your heart beating and your body radiating heat after a run, the feeling of adrenaline.

jimin: cheeks hurting from laughing too much, the feeling of the cool breeze while you stand under the starry night sky, the feeling of happiness.

taehyung: feeling someone’s love for you, feeling complete adoration for someone, the feeling of stroking the soft fur of animals, the feeling of love.

jungkook: the feeling of watching the people you adore laugh and smile, the feeling of wearing a freshly washed hoodie that smells of fabric softener, the feeling of achievement.

  • people i know: omg ur so funny xD
  • me: thanks actually i have disorganized thinking thanks to my mental illness so i don't even have to tell jokes i just say what i'm thinking

lmao omg i wrote a fanfic of my fanart i am too lame…orz

this is super old like from december omg……anyway here it is

“You know,” he purrs through razor-like teeth, “most people tend to be more appreciative after I save them.”

He’s looking at her with sharp eyes, piercing green watching her every move. It’s like he’s trying to make her laugh. She would—though not for his reasons— but his body being so close to hers is making her skin crawl and, quite frankly, she’d rather smack him.

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Y’ALL ARE SO WILD FOR BEING HERE I honestly have no idea how to even comprehend that this many people want to see my trash ramblings on their dash every day. 

Deciding to make a multi muse blog has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my deep, dark history of Tumblr rp’ing for the sheer fact that it’s introduced me to so many amazing people across multiple fandoms. The amount of talent I see on my dash every day frequently leaves me speechless, and occasionally climbing into your IM’s to scream at you for something you’ve posted that’s emotionally destroyed me. You all have given your characters their own life and their own voice, and it is an honor and a privilege to watch you guys do you thing every dang day. 

Not only are you guys incredible writers, graphic/edit/etc makers, and heart breakers, YOU’RE ALL RAYS OF GD SUNSHINE TOO?!?! It’s not right for there to be this many flawless people. Honestly. I see friendships and conversations in mun posts and find myself grinning like an idiot at my computer screen because you’re all the funniest, most genuine people on the block and for whatever reason, you let me admire your beauty and grace and I’m truly #blessed

I’m lucky enough to talk to some of you every day, and others I haven’t even interacted with yet (WTTFFF???) but admire you from afar, SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, here are all the great people that I’d gladly follow into battle, off a cliff, or fight a bear for. 

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SO NOW FOR THE POTENTIALLY?? FUN PART!! If you’d like a graphic for your character, and you are following me (as it is a follower appreciation after all) please feel free to message me “✸ GARBAGE GANG APPRECIATION✸“ with the name of your character if you’ve got more than one, and I’ll make your babe a little aesthetic graphic! Recent examples can be found here and here and here

THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN FOR FOLLOWING ME, I love you more than I can properly put into words.  

How to pay your bill at Stellazzio

1. Come up to the counter and pay!

2. Leave gil on the table!

3. “omg I have no monies… wat do?” No worries! There’s always dishes to be washed! Just let one of the staff know (pulling this at closing does not let you off the hook = =)

4. Dine and dash. Guess what you’ll be seein’ at the end of a dark alley?

… EVERY dark alley.

Undertale Cast gets called to a pta metting
  • Linda: omg I'm so scared what if they attack us.
  • Ashley: I haven't seen the yet.. I'm nervous.
  • Helen: Don't worry girls! If they try anything I'll call the police!
  • Sans: *walks into the room with other monsters behind him*
  • Sans: yo
  • Helen: Hi! We called you to this meeting since we know you.. Monsters.. Are new to the community and we wanted to tell you how things work here.
  • Toriel: Okay!We wouldn't wanna cause a fuss in our new community.
  • Linda: actually.. You have..
  • Papyrus: WE HAVE?
  • Helen: Yes. Especially you Papyrus.
  • Papyrus: I HAVE?
  • Helen: Yes, you speak to loudly and your appearance scares the children.. Also your girl fr-
  • Mettaton: BOY friend.
  • Helen: Boy friend.. And you have a bad influence on children.. Your boyfriend is extremely sexual and might as well be yelling My body is for sale with the way he dresses..
  • Mettaton: EXCUSE ME?!
  • Linda: We must request you two don't pick up your child.. Frisk was it.. From school anymore.
  • Papyrus: BUT
  • Helen: Speaking of schools, We must ask you Asgore not to cut the plants into monster faces..
  • Asgore: oh.. I'm sorry..
  • Linda: Also we need Mr. Grillby to stay away from said plants, and the school in general, he might cause fires, also his daughter has caused the smoke detector to go off more then once, and if it happens again we will have to kick her out.
  • Grillby: ...
  • Linda: Also we are building a school just for monsters where you and your ex wife and work.
  • Toriel: But that's racist!
  • Helen: Also, Undye we need you to disband the Anime club from our school.. And to stop bench pressing the children and teaching them how to use spears
  • Undye: What?! Why!? The kids love the club and I'm teaching them how to be tough!!
  • Helen: You and your.. Yellow lizard friend running the club is killing the children's minds, also it is dangerous for you to do such things to the kid.
  • Alphys: I-if I may speak up we don't s-show any inappropriate anime to the children..
  • Linda: What do YOU know?!
  • Sans: well actually Linda she's the first monster to work with NASA.
  • Helen+Linda: ...
  • Sans: Also,I have read your human rules and there is nothing about legal guardians and how they half to dress or look. Also Mettaton is very good with kids and is careful not to act poorly in front of them, so I doubt that he did anything wrong.
  • Mettaton: That is right!
  • Sans: Also, Asgore was told to make the plants any shape he wanted. Grillby, also can't set fire to plants, and he and his daughter do not give off any smoke.
  • Helen+Linda: um..
  • Sans: Also, one of the most popular classes in the schools right now is Monster history, taught by Toriel. It would not be good to get rid of her. Undye's club and classes are also one of the most popular in the school.
  • Linda+Helen: W-wel-
  • Sans: in short fuck you.

Metallica: Through the Never (2013) + setlist

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Hey Mel! I don't know if you noticed, but on the last page of the newest TG :re manga under the name (TOKYO GHOUL:re) is written: "Next issue: The distance between them changes?!" What does that mean? Is it like related to Touken that they will be close to each other or far away because something bad will happen? Omg let them be OK cuz Touken is finally canon and they're so cute ❤❤

uhh, i actually love that last sentence so much because it can be interpreted in so many ways, buuuuuuut, i take it as a good thing? and not due to a possible kiss… but mostly because before Touka bent down to kiss him, both were opening up about their best friends, a topic that is very personal and important for them, and the kiss came out so abruptly at some point… so I think that the whole “the distance between them changes” is more focused on the fact that they will start trusting each other more, Kaneki doesn’t usually talk about his feelings with anyone, and I think it’d be nice if both start to talk about their problems to each other… to me personally, before wanting to see them as a couple, i want them to become really good friends first, and they relationship has always been a bit tense, so i would love to see them breaking the ice for once. 

Q&A with Simon D
  • Simon and you have been together for nearly 5 years and Simon has decided to do a short Q&A video with you. Simon has already tweeted out to his fans about the questions.
  • Simon: Hey everyone. Today [Y/N] and I will be answering questions from our fans.
  • You: What's the first question?
  • Simon: Someone's excited for this.
  • You: I only agreed to this because you promise you will let me choose what we eat tonight.
  • Simon: Shh I don't want our fans to know I bribed you into this. Ok, first question is where did you two go on your first date? Do you remember, babe?
  • You: Of course. But you always telling this story so you do it.
  • Simon: I asked her to dinner at my favourite restaurant, but after dinner I found out she doesn't like the place. [Y/N] asked me what I had plan next, I told her I was planning to go to the movies. She disagreed and we went to a bowling place after.
  • You: Dinner and a movie is boring babe. Sorry. But you had fun at the bowling place right?
  • Simon: Yeah it was fun. Here, read the next question.
  • You: What are your thoughts the first time meeting each other?
  • Simon: We actually met a club. It was an after party for some show. I was sitting in the VIP section and I saw her dancing from across the room. I thought wow that girl CANNOT dance.
  • You: Hey!
  • Simon: I'm just joking. But yeah, my first thought was wow she is so sexy so I got up and asked for her name.
  • You: Yeah, I remember seeing this guy who's wearing a grey GUCCI sweatshirt walking up to me and I thought, who in their right mind wears a sweatshirt to a club. Like it's so hot and stuffy in there. Then my second thought was he probably smells because I could see his sweat.
  • Simon: And do I smell?
  • You: Sometimes.
  • Simon: So [Y/N] what is the most romantic thing that I have done?
  • You: Hmm, for our one year anniversary we celebrated it at home. I had a long day at work and I told him I was fine with some take-out but this guy here surprised me. He made dinner, put rose petals on the bed and candles were everywhere.
  • Simon: I have many romantic things and you choose that one?
  • You: Yeah but I think that's the most romantic. Next question.
  • Simon: What are each other’s worst or annoying habits? [Y/N]'s most annoying habit is buying so many clothes and not wearing them. Some clothes in her closet still has tags on them. And when we go out she says she doesn't have anything to wear so I tell her to wear the clothes she bought a month ago. And when we are ready to go out, I would think she's wearing the new clothes but she wears her old clothes. Her clothes are taking up my side of the closet.
  • You: Whatever. You should buy another closet for yourself then. And don't forget you sometimes kick the blanket off the bed when we're sleeping. I'm always getting up and picking the blanket up. Learn how to keep the blanket ON the bed and I'll try to stop buying so much clothes.
  • Simon: Okay okay, I'll try. So the next question is what is your ideal date night?
  • You: I don't think we do a lot of date nights, right babe?
  • Simon: No, we don't. We prefer having lunch together.
  • You: Yeah, lunches, breakfast or brunches. We prefer spending the day together. But also, Simon sleeps super early. He gets into bed around 8:30pm. What old men do.
  • Simon: Hey! I'm not old.
  • You: Whatever you want to believe. Hmm the next question from this fan is a little out of the blue.
  • Simon: What is it?
  • You: Are there any weird fantasies/kinks that you have or into?
  • Simon: Weird fantasies or kinks? We don't have weird kinks.
  • You: Omg Simon. You just implied we have weird fantasies. I don't want to answer this one. I'm going to get a drink.
  • Simon: No, no sit down. You're staying right here babe.
  • You: I'm just going to cover my face then.
  • Simon: I won't go into too much detail or give our fans too much information. Actually I'll just say it in three words. Ready? Ok, toys and accessories.
  • You: Omg you did not just say accessories. What is that suppose to mean?
  • Simon: I told you, I'm not saying anything more. And baby, you should know what the accessories are..
  • You: Let's move on.
  • Simon: Okay last question, do you two have any funny, embarrassing sex stories? Wow our fans are something hey?
  • You: Haha yeah. I know one embarrassing story. Can I tell it?
  • Simon: Are you talking about the one with the phone call?
  • You: YES! Ok so we were at home and in the middle of 'it' , well actually we were both 'nearly there', when Simon's phone rings. The phone was on the bedside table and I asked Simon if he needed to get that. He shook his head and all that came out of his mouth was "Jay, Jay, Jay". Now imagine, you and your partner having the time of your life, you know, and your partner decides to call out his work mate's name when you're about close. It was so weird, yet extremely funny. Oh and if you didn't guess, the person who called him was Jay.
  • Simon: Please stop talking now and I'm surprised you could actually ask me a question when you're in the zone babe. Kudos.
  • You: I didn't say the exact words. I muttered, gosh. Anyway can I tell them what I told Jay the next day.
  • Simon: Aww, do you have too?
  • You: Yes. The fans deserves the whole story. So the next day, we saw Jay at the office and I blurted out what happened. I said to Jay, "my boyfriend busted a nut to you".
  • Simon: Okay okay. No more discussing this story and let's end this Q&A. You've gone too far babe.
  • You: Fine. And we're having ramen and dumplings tonight.

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what if kathy is his sister?

ahhh i doubt it???

because Manchester’s sister literally calls herself Sister Superior, not the type of person that’ll talk about him in a reverence tone like Kathy imo….

like, even the way she dresses just screams QUEEN (ahhh sorry i just love her outfit A LOT)

but then there’s also the blond hair so MAYBE??? :O 

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Hi! So I have a question. I'm a 16 year old in high school, so I have school six hours a day. That means I don't have to eat much. I only consume around 150 calories from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. However when I come home from school I'm ravenous, and stressed, so I binge. I don't know how to stop this. Any tips? Please. Thank you so much, I hope you have a good day :)

i can relate to this omg, i basically had the same routine for so long (and i still break my restrictions with an afternoon binge too!) i think what works best is actually trying to increase your calories during the day, and eating low calorie breakfast and/or lunch. because think about it, you may not feel hungry, but it adds up until the afternoon, when you’re more likely to snap and binge on unhealthy things, right? so it’s probably best to eat the two meals ( they can be really low cal if you want, like just a fruit or something) and then allow yourself one snack, whilst occupying yourself with something else, like homework or talking to a friend or something? you tend to binge when you’re bored or tired, so distracting yourself can really help! stay safe

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Is it common for autistics to train themselves to laugh when everyone around them does, even if they don't understand the joke? I do that sometimes, and I feel like I only do it to pretend to be NT

Omg yes! I do that all the time! I can’t give you actual statistics or anything like that but my anecdata from myself and all the various Autistic people I know suggests that this is indeed a Thing. We Spergs tend to do a tremendous amount of scripting. Trying to fit into NT spaces is HARD and being around NT people can be the worst so many of us do what we can and that definitely includes stuff like laughing even if we don’t know what’s going on just so that we don’t seem like the odd one out. I don’t know about you but I know for me and a lot of other ND people I know being the odd one out is the worst, it’s upsetting in all kinds of ways. It’s one of those horrible catch-22 things where either you don’t put in the work to fit in and you risk being “that weirdo” who everyone makes fun of or you do put in the work to fit in and you’re just sort of miserable and stressed bc you have to fake it, there’s kind of no winning there…. unfortunately…

We all do it differently, not all Autistic people do this or script in this way but it’s definitely a Thing that some or even many of us do. I’m sorry you’re stuck pretending to be NT sometimes, that particular struggle is incredibly real, solidarity <3

~ mod rage

  • me: i'm 19 and i can confirm that people my age view 15/16 year olds as children. there is no reason a decent person my age would be with someone that young romantically.
  • ot*yuri shippers: um?? but its only a 3 year age gap?? which is perfectly healthy?? gosh stop hating omg you don't know what you're talking about
Lightning McQueen’s Real Name


Me: Oh hey, that’s actually pretty cool. Well, now we know why he changed his name. And at least we know what it is now :\

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Lol kinda hilarious of that Rahul fellow, as he's indian he has an entire genre bollywood for inspiration. Yet no one bashes India for not including white characters in their movies and productions. What about the white people in india who are a minority. Such hypocrisy these days it's hilarious. If you're going to a film for diversity, you don't know the point of seeing a movie. Who cares if the characters are all white or all black or all hispanic, asian, etc. It's a movie watch and enjoy.

shut…. up….. lmaooo omg “no one bashes bollywood for not including white people in their movies” LMAO i actually yelled at this… @Bollywood ur doing amazing sweetie xoxo

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Tbh I'm emotionally distant with my parents but that's not their fault, neither is it mine and YET I still know that Leia would never stop loving her son. Don't antis know how that works? Omg what a strange concept. It's disgusting to think a mother would love to watch her own son die when Leia actually knows her own father returned to the light at the very end.

Yeah the whole idea that Leia is going to hurt Kylo in some way can just go away. They can’t claim to care about abuse and then want to see Leia physically hurt and injure the son she’s already shown she loves from multiple sources.

I hate the way they treat her character.