i don't actually know what that quote is from

Ok so this is from the book version of Star Wars the Force Awakens, and this quote proves that Kylo Ren knows who Rey is, or at least he’s met her before. And Rey seemed taken back by this, even stating “…he seemed to know more about her that she did hereelf…” What does this imply? That Kylo Ren and Rey both have history together, even before The Force Awakens took place. And saying a quote like that isn’t something you just gloss over. I hope that the writers will give them a good plot and see how their relationship grows.

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I’m addicted to you. I’m not sure what it is but you keep me sane. You manage to silence my demons. You know me. Every single time something is up, you know. No matter how high my walls are, you see through. I can’t hide myself from you because you know me. You know me and that scares me. I’m addicted to you and maybe it’s because for the first time someone actually knows me. I can’t fake a single smile no matter how hard I try because you know me. You’re my addiction and I don’t know how to stop it. You know me so even if I try to let you go you would know, so I guess… Don’t let me go because I need you, but it’s not just that… just like you know me, I know you. I know you just as well as you know me, and I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing.
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Savage: I love you, brother.

Maul: I know.

Feral: *enters room looking very happy* I’m dating Rex!

Maul and Savage: *in unison* That, I did not know!

You know, what I disliked most about John Adams is that he read more than I did. Because I read, I suppose, 30 books a year, 40 books a year. He’d read 60, 70, 90 books a year, maybe more! And I thought, ‘I’m the renaissance man. You’re this…guy from New England. Why is it you’re reading twice what I’m reading?’ How’s that—that doesn’t seem fair. …He has no money. He lives in a hut. He has this sharp wife who wants attention. He’s got an impecunious family, he’s out shoveling manure, and working in the hay fields, and he reads twice what I do. Upsetting.
—  Thomas Jefferson in The Thomas Jefferson Hour #828—Needs and Wants
let's talk about that shay quote..

“i have a theory. before we leave this life, we see what we love. and i mean like, pit of the soul, can’t live without it love. and if it’s strong enough, sometimes we find our way back

now, from my point of view, i honestly can’t think of any reason why the writers would put this in the episode if they were just going to kill delphine 2 episodes later. we know that orphan black does everything for a reason, right? so if they really wanted shaysima to be the endgame, and for fans to get on board with that ship, why would they confirm, by shay herself, that cophine were superior? that their love was what cosima couldn’t live without? it makes no sense to me, apart from, if delphine isn’t actually dead. a huge complaint about the scene was that delphine didn’t get a big enough send off, right? well, i was thinking, if they really wanted us to believe she was dead, and if they really respected delphine’s character, would they not at least give flashbacks like they did with paul? imagine, if when delphine was shot, she imagined cosima. imagine if there were flasbacks of cophine in season 1, or maybe a hallucination of cosima that would be similar to cosima’s in 2x10. that’s how i imagine delphine would die. and i can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t the end.

maybe this is how they wanted their "tragic” love story to end, maybe they were rushed for time and couldn’t give delphine the ending she deserved and maybe i’m just delusional or blinded by my love for both delphine and cophine, but i cannot think of a reason they would use this quote otherwise.