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When antis still think Keith and Shiro are brothers after season two…

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…like…guys…if they were brothers…actual blood related brothers…why wouldn’t Keith have said ‘Shiro, you’re my brother’ instead of 'Shiro, you’re LIKE a brother to me’???

Like I wouldn’t tell my little sister she’s 'like a sister’ to me when she’s my actual, blood related sister??? That wouldn’t??? Make sense??? Wtf guys??? This logic isn’t sound???

Also, while I’m at this theory rant, IF Sherrinford and Euros are actually the same person, how would Mycroft be getting regular updates about her, while she’s freely roaming around, pretending to be different people and even spends a whole night with one of her brothers (while the other one is watching them on surveillance cameras)? Shouldn’t he have noticed that she was gone from where she was supposed to be “locked up” and more importantly, wouldn’t he recognise her while she was with Sherlock? Unless they haven’t seen each other in a long while, then maybe it makes sense.

Mycroft’s been shady as fuck this season. I don’t like it. 

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about unrequited anon, what makes me want to fling myself into the sun is that we know is not unrequited at all, we've seen all the ridiculous pining from Dean. Cas is actually the 1 to perceive it as unrequited bc he doesn't have all the info, all he has is 11x23 Dean stating Cas is another brother to both Winchesters, after that Dean being snippy most of the time, & Dean trying to hook him up with waitress, so Cas thinks Dean isn't into him, no wonder he can't look at dean when he said ily


I’m getting sick of this. Greenflame is not actually pedophilia. It has been said that we shouldn’t consider the ninja to have ages. Besides, look at Garmasako/Wusako. The brothers are hundreds of years old! Misako is not even half of that, so think about that. Besides, people should be free to ship whatever they want, and honestly shouldn’t be ashamed to! I personally don’’t ship greenflame, but ship-hate is awful.

So, how about we let people enjoy their time here? If you don’t like something, then scroll past and move on. I know you don’t like some things, but others like it, so respect that, please.



Hmmm!!!! I usually eat whole wheat bread tbh! And partner it with eggs or whatever spreads are available haha (o 3 o)

Twin theories...

Is it just me, or does THIS

not quite look like Sherlock?  Something about the expression is bugging me…

And the voice beginning at 0:24 of the trailer - a lot like Benedict’s voice, but not Sherlock.  Some sort of strange accent/intonation I can’t quite get my head around.

I know the prevailing theories are that The Other One will be Mycroft’s twin, and most people considered this bit on Sherlock having an evil twin brother (remember the little girl screaming at Sherlock in TRF?) to be crack, but…???

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I see all these posts about how crying isn't negative in anyway for you, but after ingraining in my brain that it is, when I actually do want to cry, I never can, it just shuts off and ?? I don't know how to fix this aaaa

Hey I was there.
I was raised to have no emotions, because ‘they make you weak’. So if we ( my brothers and I ) ever cried we were yelled at, it wasn’t ‘okay’ to cry unless we were broken, or bleeding a serious amount.
So over time I learned to be uncaring, unemotive, emotionless. Crying wasn’t something I did.
After moving out I slowly learned to love myself, to let myself have emotions, to let myself cry.
It took me ruining a three year relationship with someone who was so special to me to learn these things.
It took my boyfriend (of almost a year and a half) months to break me and let me know that I am absolutely allowed to cry, to have emotions, to love myself, to be sensitive. Almost 5 years for me to be comfortable with myself and my ‘weak’ emotions.
It’s a journey.
Sometimes now I have a good cry when I’m sad or overwhelmed or stressed or even happy, and if he and I get into arguments, I let myself react honestly.
It was a long journey of unlearning what I was taught and learning to trust myself.

So trust me, I understand. And it will take some time before it can be changed.
But you have to trust yourself and your emotions. It’s so hard, especially when people tell you it’s weak or pathetic.
I think I’m told daily that I’m a crybaby, but I just respond by confirming it proudly because now I am comfortable with myself.
But if you tell yourself daily that you’re allowed to feel sad, you’re allowed to cry, and who the f cares if you do? Who cares???? Why do they care? Why is it ANYONES business how you express yourself.
I’m doing my best and I hope my experience can help at all. But personally I don’t believe that crying is not a weakness, it’s a strength. Ily. (Sorry for my ridiculously long post).

Luke and Leia getting to have an actual sibling relationship is so important.

and i wish there was more stuff about that relationship.

I’d love to see Luke throwing bits of paper at Leia until she snaps and turns on him. I’d love to see Leia annoy the hell out of her brother by making fun of his jedi training stories.

I want to see Luke using the force link (which everyone seems to forget they have) in the middle of the night to wake up Leia and ask “You awake”


“Please don’t kill me.”

I want to see the twins learn what it is to have a sibling. i want to see them help each other work through being related to Darth Vader and what that means.

I want to see them realize that their twin is one of the most comfortable people in the world to be around. i want to see them argue, bc a sibling can annoy in ways nobody else can.

I want to see Leia and Luke steal some speeders to go racing. I want to see Luke roll his eyes when Han kisses Leia.

I want to see the Twins helping each other with their nightmares and being overprotective of this sibling they hadn’t known they had.

I want to see Leia and Luke trying to make each other laugh in the middle of meetings via force link.

I want to see Leia still talking to her brother, after ben goes dark and luke runs away. I want to see Leia curse Luke out for leaving, and then tell him about her day, bc he’s still her brother.

I want to see the Skywalker twins prank each other, prank everyone. I want to see Leia talk about politics til Luke is bored to tears. I want to see Luke trying to get his sister to meditate, and her just flipping him off and walking away. I want to see force tickle fights.

I want to see the siblings finishing each others sentences, and glaring at idiots in sync.

i want to see more of this beautiful platonic relationship. Because it could be so beautiful, but most of the fandom is too caught up shipping to pay much attention. (which is fine. i love shipping, but sometimes it feels like brotps are treated as lesser relationships.)

damn it, I’ll just have to do it myself.

Oh boy where do I begin?
I actually found you through my 2 younger brothers. I heard shouting through my bedroom walls one day and decided to figure out where it was coming from. Turns out that loud voice was coming from you and my life hasn’t been the same since. My siblings and I have been watching you for 2 or 3 years now and we have never been happier. Without you we wouldn’t be who we are today. I have met so many people through this community in real life and on the internet. I don’t want to make this too long so I think I’ll end it here. We all love you so much and don’t stop being you 💚

When the war ended, the other clones laughed at Boil for requesting to take a few weeks leave. Yeah, he could, but leave was for the officers, for “people who actually have families” and who knew what life was like outside of the GAR. 

But despite the joking, Boil’s leave was approved. His brothers found out his destination was Ryloth and joking of an entire different sort broke out. 

Boil shrugged it off, scrounged together enough credits for the most basic translation device he could find on the spur of the moment, and boarded public transportation for the first time in his life. That’s an experience worthy of a story all on its own. 

He wasn’t expecting Ryloth to look so different. He wasn’t expecting to see such an obvious military presence, either. The clones there didn’t give him trouble, even though there was something about the GAR here that felt… off. 

He somehow remembered where Numa lived, and if that hadn’t been one of the first sections of the city to benefit from reconstruction, Boil probably wouldn’t have found her. 

His money was well spent on the translator. He couldn’t speak Ryl and Numa couldn’t speak Basic, so they sat on a step and took turns poking at it, making broken sentences that sometimes didn’t quite get their meaning across, but the attempt had them laughing anyway. 

He couldn’t tell her the first day. She was too excited to see him and introduce him to her family with the translator that didn’t even contain a full vocabulary of Basic. But the next day Numa asked where her other nerra was. That clunky translator made his explanation sound so lifeless and dull, but Numa’s face fell all the same, and she sat next to Boil in silence and the day felt a little more dreary. 

The rest of his time visiting Numa turned out to be much happier, and as Boil left for Coruscant, he told her he’d try to see her again. Or that he’d judge her again; the translator was turning iffy under constant use. Learning Ryl himself would’ve probably been less of a hassle. 

It didn’t happen right away—after all, changes that turned the GAR completely upside down kept him busy—but eventually Boil did keep his promise. He pulled that old translator out of storage when he flew back to Ryloth, now heavily under Imperial control to the point that Boil ducked as he passed stormtroopers just to not be noticed as a clone. 

Numa was still there, and unlike how Boil had promised to learn Ryl, she actually followed through with learning Basic. And she was much more reliable than his outdated tech. Her own words certainly carried much more emotion as she ran up to fling her arms around him, shouting, “Uncle Boil!” 


All that matters is that those two are reunited and that they never are parted again.

Yuu Watase couples reuniting after death.

((Me crying in my toll corner about how Zee won’t hug me -cries some more- ))

((i’d like to give actual fanart but i need dem refs man! i need em! -CRYING INTENSIFIES-))


they are sensitive babies-

and I know brooo, but all day I have been working on a response for an rp me and my pal are doinnn-


Okay, but what if, okay listen, listen…

I had this for a couple of days now and I had to draw it myself to get it to leave my brain (it didn’t really work and now there’s a story to this)

Here we have Wilford Warfstache (of course) and Clifford (my iplier OC I guess, kinda???)

A playlist for Brother

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1. i have two younger brothers and an older sister

2. i would love to know how to draw but i don’t have the patience to learn

3. i’m a horrible singer but that doesn’t stop me

4. i have an idea for a novel but not enough creativity or patience to actually sit down and write it

5. i love to listen to music more than anything and i’m lost without my headphones

6. i love mythology

7. i bought a batman hush coloring book a bit ago and i love it

8. i like frozen coffee more than hot coffee

9. i’m in the middle of writing a few different fics and have ideas for a ton more

10. i have a dog called cola who has probably as much anxiety as i do, the poor thing

11. i’m in the middle of reading more than 10 different comics rip

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Have a mini Flat Dreams sketchdump! ;w; (one day i’ll actually do an illustration for this, ONE DAAAAAY lol) I love baby Billy so much ;__; 

If you haven’t heard of Flat Dreams, go check it out over here! It’s a really amazing fic for Bill’s backstory by @pengychan and it’s cute and sad and BILL HAS A REALLY SWEET ADORABLE BROTHER WHO NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS ;~;