i don't actually expect anything lol

I, uh, may or may not be dusting off my art skills to make some nanbaka fanart. If I actually get it finished I’ll post it here, so look forward to it I…guess…??

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If Jared's Love Will Win pic was sending a message, then why is it followed up by Jensen posting a pic calling Danneel his better half? That's an insult to J2. I don't think it means anything. Gen made him take it. I think we're all reading into things to try to make the best out of this crappy weekend.

Did you actually expect Jensen to stop bearding after Jared posted that? And be like “guess what we’re gay! Love will win biatch! Time for some sex tapes!!”

Like lol no Jensens on bearding weekend and that’s it

To me that pic was a message of hope for j2. Jared hates Jensens bearding but he damn well knows Jensen hates it too so that post was for Jared himself and Jensen

Let me tell you, all those pics posted with Jensen and danneel and them going at jeffs house will be used and talked about on the live with kelly show, it’s just pr Jensen has to do

And if gen wanted that pic taken she would have been on it

And jensen has always use those kind of terms with danneel like when he writes she’s his best friend but when he’s in convention it’s Jared his best friend no one else lol Always trying to erase j2

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True, it's just like the sub plot is boring and bland and unnecessary to the actual plot and the romance it the cliché gross kind and it's so expected to be a straight romance like at this point every time I see a straight cliché romance on screen I get annoyed like I wanna dive back into the action bc the romantic convo is predictable as heck and I've seen it everywhere else. Deku and Uraka is just predictable, but I don't care if they actually get together, at least todo will be the best man.

well… yeah.. it’s just gonna happen because that’s what is expected to happen to the hero and heroine. I guess there’s an audience for this kind of stuff but eh.. it’s not for me

FoxSnake Week 2017 (lol)

This is for the Metal Gear ship: Gray Fox/Solid Snake

From November 5th - 11th 2017

Day 1 (Nov 5th): Best Friend

Day 2 (Nov 6th): Bloodshed

Day 3 (Nov 7th): Complementary

Day 4 (Nov 8th): Rebirth

Day 5 (Nov 9th): Training

Day 6 (Nov 10th): AU / “What if”

Day 7 (Nov 11th): The Fox and the Hound

**This is not official or anything. I’m only doing this for myself as a sort of fun activity to do during my Reading Week.

However, if anyone actually wanted to do it, feel free. And if you really want you can use the tag #foxsnakeweek but you can tag it as literally anything you want.

Also I’ve never made a “Ship Week” before nor joined one for that matter…so apparently there are descriptions for each day and I’m just like…interpret the title to whatever you want. Draw whatever you want. Write whatever you want. Be creative.

So Jen kissed Josh’s face and Everlark had their “still trying to protect me, real or not real scene” and this is too much otp madness for me to handle in one sitting and I’m literally going into cardiac arrest 

GUYS what if the teasers have NOTHING to do with the actual MV

What I expected from pathcode teasers: international sophisticated young men investigating solar eclipses and running from some evil they will defeat in the end

What I got: greasy garage mechanic boys with expensive foreign cars waving their crotches everywhere

What I expect from the football teasers: football team overcoming struggles through the power of friendship and brotherhood

What I’ll probably get: an elaborate underwater synchronized swimming routine in which EXO discovers the lost city of Atlantis is inhabited by a colony of aquatic bears

Orphan Problems

Thud thud thud, wiiiip 

Were the sounds he made as he ran then jumped from roof-to-roof. The lizard was feeling a little adventurous and decided to practice some of the moves he’s only seen online. With this new body, almost anything psychical was within his grasp now. As he flew through the air he turned his body to preform a flip, when he turned to expect the top of next building instead he got a clear view of the sky. His head slammed hard into the corner of the railing, his body fell and smacked to the ground. Ben groaned in pain as there was a throbbing in his head… and also his entire body.