i don't want to get in the game

What I Want To Say About Bangalore: She has the potential to be a very complex and nuanced character, which we’re starting to get hints of in her Capacitor voice lines. I believe that she likely is a good person at heart, though is heavily manipulated by her upbringing in the IMC military and coming from a family of soliders. Even if she isn’t necessarily being manipulated by the IMC, I’d love to see her worldview get challenged by other Legends who have been badly affected by the IMC and those in league with them. While her involvement with the games seems largely for her own benefit (i.e. just trying to get back to her family) I believe that it’s slowly getting broken down as she learns to care more about her fellow Legends beyond workplace expectations. In sum, I’d love her to see the faults in the IMC and possibly even work against them as she maybe becomes closer to the other Legends.

What I Say Instead: Hhhh complex character??? Marries Loba,,,

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Am I right in saying that people are datamining the game to leak the groovies before anyone is able to groovy the cards? If that's what is happening it really needs to stop before we get in trouble with any of the companies, especially DISNEY. I wanted to warn you since game devs will nuke accounts of people who are datamining or passing around leaked info/images (I've seen it happen before) and I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Please be careful Marzi!

;v; thank you for worrying anon 🤧 I’m assuming this is about the Riddle leak from a few days ago; I don’t really know the circumstance around that 👀

I agree it’s probably not the best idea to post datamined content so publicly– at least Tumblr seems a little less susceptible to getting attention for something like this, compared to say Twitter ? (idk I’m just making excuses 😂) I understand the excitement tho 🥺

“omg you can’t play video games on easy mode!!”

listen if i wanted to struggle with some dumb task and fail a dozen times for bullshit reasons only to get some underwhelming reward once i finally get it right i would just live my actual life and not play video games smh

pls love urself


Hey Atlus, can we go back to this?

And I don’t just mean, give us a gay option. Give us a meaningful gay option. Tatsuya and Jun had such a before their time beautiful connection.

I honestly can’t stand the dating system in 3-5. I just feel the super multiple options and the option to harem route it sorta takes all the meaning away? Like they’re all given half assed romance routes.

More RWBY Ep. 9 Thoughts

Something else I love about the whole airship scene in chapter 9 is the implication that out of the five Ace Ops, Clover and Elm are the closest. I love that idea. They make adorable best friends. And now I want a best-buddies bonding scene between them at some point because I think it would be fantastic. Even if it’s just one of them ribbing the other over something.

But also… 

“Bromance” Energy:


NOT Bromance Energy:


Bromance Energy:


NOT Bromance Energy:


The fact that these two scenes occur almost back-to-back is the perfect way to illustrate the difference between a platonic friendship (Clover and Elm) and one with romantic tension (Clover and Qrow). And I love CRWBY for it.

Also, notice how Qrow flirted back in the last episode and as a result, Clover has significantly upped his game? Qrow basically gave him the universal signal for “Yeah, I’m into this” in ep. 8 and Clover is eating it up.

And just look at how happy Qrow is. Why the hell does anyone want to take that away from him?

anyways not to be an edgelord but i really hope that if/when lucio’s route comes out it’s an absolute dumpster fire of terrible choices and irredeemable villainy. i want lucio’s route to be the bad end. you fuck the devil but you destroy everything else you love in the process.

i don’t want lucio to be redeemed or saved or changed or anything. i want the route to be “oh you want to date this trash fire? then you’re going to have to join him. you’re going to have to become just as bad as him.” 

i want the apprentice and lucio to like, concoct a way for them both to survive but like, it comes at the cost of everyone else’s lives. i want the ending of lucio’s route to be the apprentice and lucio reigning over an empire of ashes and dust. flames reflecting off the shining spires of the empty palace where they rule, just the two of them, having chosen themselves and each other over the world.

i want the apprentice to have to see nadia and asra and portia and julian and muriel’s faces when they realize they’ve been betrayed by the beloved apprentice that everyone loved. i want there to be an obvious moment of you’re the bad end. look what you’ve done.

like i don’t want lucio to be abusive or rapey or controlling the apprentice. i want this to be the route where the apprentice chooses the devil despite all the warnings and all the better options in their life, and gets to live in the hollow remains of their choices.


I can’t draw nice things, just dumb things. It’s more fun that way, after all

based on an actual conversation i happened to stumble across while lurking in the plaza 😂

The Foxes as things my roommates have said
  • Renee: (when asked if she could beat us in a fight) Well I didn't want to brag but I could destroy all of you.
  • Kevin: I have training in the morning but that's for sober me to worry about.
  • Andrew: I only like two things in life: being gay and getting into fights. And I just got done being gay.
  • Aaron: I'm going to the library. If you see me there, please pretend you didn't.
  • Nicky: oh man you're heterosexual? what a shame. what a fucking shame.
  • Dan: My mom was artificially inseminated. I didn't need a man to be born and I don't need one now.
  • Matt: You guys are my friends and I love you but you're fucking idiots.
  • Neil: I'm starting to realize I didn't have a happy childhood. Should I, like, see a therapist or something?
  • Allison: I'd invite you to thanksgiving at my family's summer home in Vermont but I can't let you see me and my family wear matching polo shirts and khakis
  • Bonus from my RA:
  • David: I want you all to consider me a friend! But also remember that I can get you kicked out so don't pull any shit.
  • Abby: No need to call 911. I have some bandaids in my room and also some vodka but don't tell anyone about that.
  • Bee: You can talk to me at any time, day or night. But I know you won't, you emotionally stunted bastards.

I saw a post about 2000’s kids stuff and a few disney channel things were there so I thought I’d expand on that since disney channel was my childhood

-waiting till like 2:30 am to watch the old dcoms and shows

-it not feeling like halloween till twitches and halloweentown played

-pass the plate pOMegRaNAte and ZucChINi

-“The time I… climbed mount everest”… made me wish I could climb it too

-disney’s friends for change

🎶send it oonnnnn,, on and onnnnnn🎶

-as the bell rings!! Dah dah dadadadah dada as the bell rings

-lily on hannah montana having a really bad singing voice but emily osment having music out… child me mind BLOWN

-if i didn’t have you mitchell x emily playing all the time during commercials

-selena singing cruella de vil ALSO playing all the time


-this is life with derek,, this is life with derek! This is life with lizzie, edwin, george, and nora, marnie and casey

-selena gomez & the scene

-disney channel games, all the actors on different teams and competing

-that’s so suite life of hannah montana

-DISNEY. 3-6-5

-what’s that? a hat? crazy funky junky hat! overslept, hair unsightly, tryna look like kiera knightly! We’ve been there we’ve done that we see right through your funky hat!

-yeah the replacemeeeennnntssssss



-lizzie mcguire singing with herself on stage except brunette with an accent

-dylan and cole being in danimals commercials

-germs can hide on your hands and make you sick when you touch your eyes, mouth, or nose, so wash your hands often, especially when you touch something that might not be clean. Just grab some soap, scrub your hands with warm water for at least 20 seconds, and wash those germs down the drain. Disney channel wants you to protect yourself, your friends, and your family from getting sick

-max saying “that’s bunk!”


-zack & cody’s tipton trouble


-hannah montana the movie the game

-1 2 3 4 who’s that knockin at my door? 5 6 7 8 hurry up and don’t be late 9 10 11 12 got a secret I can’t tell

-getting disney channel books and posters at the book fair, like the “junior novels” or activity books centered on the shows and movies

-shaaaaakeeee itttttt uppppppp

-wizards on deck with hannah montana

-princess protection program

-camp rock 1 being a movie with music and camp rock 2 being a full blown musical


-not completely throwback but tess said shane grey’s favorite color is green and then joe’s record for happiness begins is green, coincidence? I think not

-to the beat of my.. to the beat of my.. to the beat of my heart


-so check it out I got a manicure yesterday … check it out.. ooo check those out, check you out

-starrrrstruckkkk camera flashes cover of magazines ooh ohh

-lemonade mouth being a movie of bops

-london tipton being able to communicate with dolphins in the suite life movie because of fruit

-also london is dumb af: PRNDL; A PLUS THE CROSS; “faa, soo” if something is FAR I say SO because I have a private jet

-when they said maddie didn’t look anything like sharpay even though ashley tisdale played both characters

-also ashley tisdale voicing candace on phineas & ferb

-aly & aj

-disney channel sing it

-JONAS being the cheesiest show on the whole channel but loving it anyway

-zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go boom boom, my supernova girl

-hatching pete, dadnapped, minutemen

-seeing high school musical 3 in theater


-something to dance for x ttylxox mashup

-radio disney jams 11

-hannah montana 2/meet miley cyrus

-speaking of hannah, hannah montana and miley cyrus: best of both worlds concert dvd in 2D & 3D was as close as I got to seeing her live

-wish gone amiss

-when the crowd wants more, I bring on the thunda, cause you got my back and I’m not goin unda


-the last season of wizards having a different theme song than the first three (same words but… they changed it..)

-david archuleta on hannah montana

-raven getting that look on her face o.o before a vision


-hayley kiyoko being on lemonade mouth and wizards of waverly place

-and now we’re back, ooonnn Disney Channel

-Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez

-music videos playing during commercials

-I’m … from … and you’re watching disney channel *draws mickey ears*

-one of the only non-disney commercials being “… is a proud sponsor of disney channel”


-when they had those special versions of movies they’d play like camp rock or starstruck where they’d share behind the scenes stuff as it played,, like when joe tripped in camp rock it was an accident but they kept it in the movie

-dance dance revolution disney channel edition

-niley and jemi being the major ships


-some of my faves of the late night dcoms: thirteenth year, zenon, you lucky dog, smart house, motocrossed, actually all of them were my faves

-the luck of the irish playing on st patricks day

-getting bop, m, j-14 magazines for the posters of disney channel actors

-brandy and mr. whiskers

-everyone being upset that raven wasn’t in the third cheetah girls but I still liked it because it had lots of great songs

-alex and justin playing that song “make it happen” on wizards and it being an absolute BOP

-a normal dad would go to a foreign country on a secret mission and bring his daughter back a TSHIRT, /not/ a PERSON

-she’s the girrrlllll nexxtttt dooooorrrrr, nice but naughty, a heart that’s pure

-phil going from the year 2121 to 2004 and his whole family acting weird af

-speaking of acting weird af, stepsister from planet weird being made of a bubble? They’re a planet of bubbles??

-the laziest butler in existence being bertram

-you can dream it, you can be it, if you can feel it, you can believe it, ‘cause I am you are we are /exceptional/

-the proud family movie having those peanut head dudes

-the nachos on kim possible looking like the tastiest nachos in existence

-them going to a deserted island in even stevens movie and all this crazy stuff happening to them but actually it was a fake reality tv show

-calling all the monsters, calling all the monsters, calling all the calling all the calling all the monsters

-miley voicing the girl on bolt

-did you know the guy that played Mr. Fulton on HSM2 was on like three other dcoms?? Yeah he was the dad on Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-off AND The Other Me

-when one of the girls phones was dropped in a yogurt container in cow belles

-avalon high being about king arthur coming back and the bad guy was supposed to be his step bro but PLOT TWIST it wasn’t

-teddy ending every video to charlie with “good luck, charlie”

-also PJ’s name on his birth certificate actually being PP by mistake

Okay I ended up adding more I couldn’t resist

((this started out as just a lil warm up draw but i,,, may,, have gotten a lil carried away,,, at any rate, here’s my contribution to the Don’t Starve au.  I tried to fit in as many peeps as I could for the fun.  Cameo list below

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Movie asks

A. A movie you think is underrated
B. A movie you think is overrated
C. An actor/actress you like who first got famous for something else
D. A TV series you think deserves a movie
E. A silent movie you love
F. A movie you love from your birth year
G. A movie you love from a director you hate
H. A movie you hate from a director you love
I. One movie you love from each continent (Antarctica aside) 
J. A genre you wish was still popular
K. A movie you love from your country
L. A biopic you want to see that hasn’t been done yet
M. A sequel you like better than the original
N. A movie monster you love
O. Traditional animation or CGI?
P. A documentary you love
Q. An artist’s aesthetic you’d like to see in a movie (f.ex. Van Gogh or Picasso)
R. A movie you want to see an all-female version of
S. A movie you’d like to see remade and which director you’d pick
T. A short film you love
U. What historical event is your favorite movie subject
V. A female director you love
W. A role you’d recast and which actor/actress you’d pick
X. A movie you love from this year
Y. A video game you want adapted into a movie
Z. A movie you wish you liked more

My 11 year old brother reacts to Hamilton (act 1)
  • Alexander Hamilton: "im Canadian, why do I need to learn about American history?"
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: "ooooh, I like Hamilton, he punched someone and is proud."
  • My Shot: "IM ONLY 11! I DONT KNOW FRENCH!"
  • The Story of Tonight: "is this the only non-rap song?"
  • The Schuyler Sisters: "I ship Burr and Angelica"
  • You'll Be Back: "killing friends and family to remind them of his love? Sounds like me."
  • Right Hand Man: "Burr should've been his right hand man."
  • A Winters Ball: "are Burr and The Angelica going to start dating?"
  • Helpless: "Aarelica isn't canon, but Hamilton and Eliza are?!"
  • Satisfied: "sounds like someone's jealous!"
  • The Story of Tonight (Reprise): "did Martha Washington actually name her tom cat after him?"
  • Wait For It: "Burr is willing to wait for it."
  • Ten Duel Commandments: "general dude is dead, rip"
  • Meet Me Inside: "meet me inside? More like meme me inside my son!"
  • That Would Be Enough: "awwww, now I ship them!"
  • Guns And Ships: "I'm ta-kifndjwkdjrjdroejcnwkjdndkcjsmekducjwkwkdk. I don't understand what weird French guy is saying."
  • History Has Its Eyes on You: "oh"
  • Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down): "this would make a very good video game."
  • What Comes Next: "I'm getting bored, can I have my fidget spinner to distract me?(me: NO!)"
  • Dear Theodosia: "I want a Girlfriend like Theodosia, and a brother like Philip."
The Signs as Arin Hanson Quotes:
  • Aquarius: "At age six, I was born without a face."
  • Pisces: "I'm gonna fear-barf...as a self-defense mechanism."
  • Aries: "I'll light whoever the fuck I want on fire."
  • Taurus: "Hey, Dan. I just shit myself so bad that I sobered up from the opium!"
  • Gemini: "Suck my nuts, you dickless crawdad."
  • Cancer: "Dude, just...just pity laugh, at least."
  • Leo: "I am a strong, independent nutsack who don't need no balls!"
  • Virgo: "Life is conflict and pain."
  • Libra: "I get horny when you get confused."
  • Scorpio: "You know what's really shitty about this game? how fun it is."
  • Sagittarius: "My entire life has just been one spicy tit after another."
  • Capricorn: "Wow. That's pretty profound. I actually kinda relate to that."

Attention all KPOP Stans.

Trigger warning


I am done. DONE. Y'all have officially pissed me off. This kid who died from health problems doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. I am Absolutely beyond disgusted. Those of you who act like this should be ashamed of yourselves!! ASHAMED! Every bone in my body wants to beat every single one of you who talk down and raise yourself above others. CAMERON HAS A FAMILY! CAMERON WAS A PERSON!!! You are not welcomed into the Kpop community. EVER! You aren’t even a fan!! Because I know literally every other fanbase wouldn’t even think about hurting another human being to raise themselves up. DISGUSTING. If any of my followers accepts this behavior, hit the unfollow button because I HATE this behavior.

Update: since I’m getting so trashed about being unintelligent and stupid about my post, let me just update you on a few things.

I am aware that this is not just a Bts problem, I have changed that.

I also am aware that these are people trying to get attention. Listen, I am not fighting with anyone of them to try to get them attention

I am STICKING UP FOR Cameron’s FAMILY. How is anything going to get done by just Reporting and Blocking. That sounds like more for your peace. Good for you. I’m different. The more people know, the more people are going to want to stop it.

Also if you are apart of a fandom, please try to address your antis instead of attacking other fandoms antis. I am a fan of Nct, Ateez, Monsta X and Stray Kids along with many others. I would address anyone who claimed to be in my fandom and talking trash about others.

Do the same. It’s not going to kill you. If you don’t want to, don’t attack the ones who are willing to address it.

I may be wrong in all of this, but it feels right to me and I am NOT going to sit around and let people mock one of the brightest actors I knew.

Also if Twitter would step up their game and get rid of the accounts, then maybe I would be okay with just Reporting and Blocking. However that’s not the case.