i don t need a man

Sure, I’m sad, but I’m not looking to soothe that sadness by replacing it with a new relationship. Women are allowed to be sad, and they’re allowed to be single, and they don’t need to hear that one day a man is going to make it all go away by telling her she is good enough again. She’s good enough as she is.
—  Charlotte Green, Stop Telling Me I’ll Fall In Love Again
Donald Trump's Florida Rally Supporters Open Up

“America was going down the tubes,” said Bill Moro, a raspy-voiced and stubbly 50-something who voted for the first time ever for Trump. “They said our constitution was unconstitutional. That’s what Obama said. And Clinton.”

“[Trump] needs to drain the swamp of judges, too,” he said. “I don’t care what he does. I’m behind him 100 percent. Put it this way: If he became a dictator, and they said, ‘We want him in forever,’ he’s my man. He’s in. I’ll never vote against him … I love his power … It’s the power that does something to me.”

Regarding the last episode of supergirl (2x13) i just want to say how pissed i am, this episode was hyped up and it wasn’t even a good episode, i hate that man-hell got more screen time than Maggie, i hate that Maggie’s coming out story was shoved into such a short scene, i hate that they put Kara with Mon-ew when they could of put her with James or Lena resulting in either an interracial couple or another same sex relationship. I don’t understand why Kara has to be with anyone, she’d be better on her own, she doesn’t need a man to prove that she is a strong independent woman. 

what the fuck is 2x08

What happened tonight with r / izzy in 2x08 was disgusting. i don’t see how ANYONE can ship that. although i don’t want to demonize Iz bc it is her addiction, but she FUCKING FORCED Raph to bite her. she took away his consent, she betrayed him, she took advantage of his initial kindness and sacrifice. she fucking USED HIM!! i’m appalled by this shitty ass sub plot both for the sake of Iz and Raph. Iz deserves better than this tacky drug addiction. Raphael Santiago deserves better than being thrown into a weird ass ‘relationship’ and being abused more or less and forced to do something against his will. had something like this happened where it was a man doing it to a woman, people would be furious. don’t let double standards get in the way of this. Raphael fucking Santiago deserves better than this bullshit writing, he deserves a break and he sure as hell doesn’t need a relationship with a woman to be relevant… let alone a woman who took advantage of him TWICE.

Thoughts on Supergirl 2x13


-BULLSHIT (compared to 2x12 aka where the loml Lena Luthor graced my tv screen in almost every single damn scene) 

-So the CW said it was going to be Sanvers centered but I barely saw them??? 

-They opened up a whole backstory on Maggie but that was it? There was nothing that showed Alex and Maggie talking about it or Alex comforting Maggie 

-I enjoyed Mr.Myzakdksajdka whatever the fuck his name is dragging Mon El then he started to get annoying



-Squealed when I saw Maggie’s surprise to Alex and legit cried happy tears (that was also short lived bc the CW gave me like 2 minutes of that gay shit when WE DESERVE MORE) 


-Gagged when Kara & Mon El kissed and tried not to focus on his crusty ass and tried to focus on Melissa instead 

Side note: I don’t dislike Mon El as a character in general bc he’s funny and he gives the show comedic relief, BUT I absolutely hate him with Kara bc of all his terrible qualities WHICH Kara so kindly listed for us in this episode. I mean, Kara basically said he did not respect her AND IT’S LIKE EXACTLY SO WHY BE WITH HIM DAMMIT?!?!?? Not to mention, the “chemistry” between them feels really forced to the point where I’m uncomfortable watching scenes between them because it just doesn’t feel real AT ALL. (Am I the only one who feels Kara’s discomfort or???)

This has nothing to do with me shipping SuperCorp because I would be just as happy if Kara ended up with James. I dislike Mon El w/ Kara bc he doesn’t treat her the way she deserves to be treated and as someone who was personally in a manipulative and emotionally abusive relationship, it makes me CRINGE to see similar patterns in Kara & Mon El’s relationship.


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Screw writing strong aces. Write interesting aces. Write well-rounded aces. Write an ace who kicks ass, write an ace who cowers in a corner. Write an ace who’s desperate for a piece of cake. Write an ace who doesn’t need a man, a woman, or an enby. Write aces who vape, aces who discourse, aces who are into vore, aces who like the sucky fucky and aces who don’t. THEY ARE ALL VALID, and all those things could exist in the same ace. Aces shouldn’t be valued because we eat cake, or hate gays, but because we are people.

     Q: Dance, piano, guitar, composing, drawing, singing – you’re good at all of these things. How do you do it?
     A: Because I like doing it, I persist and work hard perfecting them all. I focus on the areas that need to be improved and don’t give myself time to relax until I master it. And it’s maybe because I focus so much on learning all these things, that I don’t understand the society and how it works very well… I’ll slowly learn about it too though. – June 2015

Zhang Yixing.   EXO’s   Chinese   representant,
main dancer, vocalist and a man of many talents.

————– idol-verse literate roleplay account:
repaying every rebloger/follower with a starter.

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quintis 14

For some reason, this went in a very “dismantle the patriarchy” direction. Thanks, Nicole :)

“You’re supposed to talk me out of this.” Happy’s hands were still balled up into fists.

“Hell no. I’m not talking you out of this one.” Toby was just as upset as she was.

“Someone needs to teach him a lesson.” She was looking across the room at the man in question.

Fred Taylor is a rich idiot that has apparently never realized that women are human beings that need to be treated with respect.

“If you don’t, I will, and if I don’t, Cabe will.” Toby had crossed his arms and stood in front of Happy. The thought of him even looking at her again made him more angry than anything had in a long time.

Cabe had already given this Taylor guy a stern talk, but it didn’t appear to phase him. One more remark in Happy’s direction was going to be the end of the talking and the start of the violence.

“Listen kids, we have a job to do, but as soon as the job is done, I’ll look the other way and you can do whatever you gotta do.” Cabe winked in their direction and sent Taylor yet another glare.

They continued doing their jobs, albeit angrily, and when Happy had to go out on her own to fix a generator, Taylor turned his attention to Toby.

Happy was only gone for two minutes but when she got back she could practically see smoke coming out of Toby’s ears.

“What did he say?” Happy was speaking through gritted teeth.

“I’m not even going to repeat it.” Toby just shook his head. “I was two seconds away from decking him, but then I realized he’s probably had his ass kicked by many a protective guy, but what he really needs is a dose of pure feminine defiance.”

Happy turned around, sending Taylor a wicked grin.

“Then it’s a good thing feminine defiance is my specialty.”

Walter chose that moment to interrupt.

“We’re all done here.” He shook Taylor’s hand in a way that was rigid and impolite, even for him.

“I’m going to go get the van.” Cabe turned around and smiled, knowing what was coming.

“I’ll go with you.” Sylvester wanted no part of the violence, even though he knew it was well deserved.
Happy looked around and watched Walter take a step away from Taylor and move closer to Paige, who was standing with a furrowed brow and tightly crossed arms. Everyone was tense, and finally she turned back to Toby.

“Go give him hell, Hap.”

She nodded and Taylor devilishly grinned as Happy approached him.

He started to speak, no doubt planning to say something that would have pissed her off more, but Happy wasn’t having it.

“Listen up, jackass. I don’t know how you’ve survived this long walking through life being a complete misogynistic asshole, but it ends today. Someone needs to teach you that you have to treat women with respect. So, if you ever speak to me or another woman the way you’ve spoken to me today, you are going to spend the rest of your life feeling the imprint of my wedding ring in your face.”

Happy crossed her arms and Taylor took a step back.

“Got anymore sleazy things to say?”

With wide eyes, he shook his head instantly.

“I didn’t think so.”

Happy turned on her heels and walked away, stopping when she reached the others and saw three proud smiles looking back at her.

Toby raised his hand and slapped hers in an overly dramatic high five.

“That’s my girl.”

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Why? I have seen non of the photos being discussed; even though I am an MPC member. So I am mystified why you lemmings are throwing yourselves off cliffs. The last I looked Sam is the best, most honorable and gracious man, and Caitriona is a kind and beautiful woman. They are apparently in love with each other. Why would I think anything else, unless there is something you're not sharing with me.

yikes you know you had me w the rest of the message (for the most part) though maybe not everyone feels exactly like you since, you know, we all have brains but there was no need to call people lemmings. that was a bit unnecessary, don’t you think? maybe try being kinder next time. have a nice night, anon :)

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Do you think Garcy could ever happen in canon? I mean, I had literally just accepted they were a trash/subtext ship and would never ever happen and then that finale?!? I still think it'll obvs be Wyatt/Lucy, but... I need your help, Trash Mother.

I do still think they’re clearly setting up for Wyatt/Lucy, and that hasn’t changed. Which I knew going in, so… yeah.

However, that finale was so?!MUCH?!MORE THAN I WAS POSSIBLY PREPARED FOR? I mean, you can’t throw the standing close together/”I don’t think you’re a bad man”/”I think you want me to stop you”/”Goodbye, Lucy” at me, AND THEN THE ENTIRE GODFORSAKEN SCENE IN THE BASEMENT/”WHAT IF [GOD] SENT YOU TO ME”/HER TALKING HIM INTO WORKING WITH HER

AND THEN her volunteering to go back in the mothership with him, because nbd, of course she’ll go with him


(gif by @rumplestiltskin)

and he tells her that she gave him the journal as her older self and they know each other and always have and she laughs and they are happy and they trust each other and the scene ended there shhh

anyway, my point is I still think Wyatt/Lucy is endgame, but what they’ve set up with the time team having to bust Flynn out of jail to help them and him not trusting Lucy/thinking she did this to him and that being SO MUCH OF WHAT THEY WILL HAVE TO OVERCOME if they’re going to stop Rittenhouse…

I mean, I don’t think it will happen happen, but it also became way obvious in the finale, and they have to do SOMETHING with it, and I am 101% here for it, no matter what that is. Which is pain. Probably pain.

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I have a theory of why larries don't love the idea of harry solo rn, because in their fantasy they thought that harry and louis would be "out" together and "free" at the same time and only then they would release their solo projects and come back to 1d. Harry solo now it means its the same harry they know not the gay man out in love with Louis. Nothing has changed and they can't take it they need more time to live in denial

There are so many reasons why Solo Harry terrifies them.

It means he gets the chance to have a huge successful solo career with the people he chose to have around him whilst Louis is forced to get new contracts with people they insist he hates.

It means they have to wonder why Louis is still being forced to fake a baby as Harry gets to live this seemingly happy free life without bizarre nutjob fake baby punishments.

It means Harry doesn’t give a fuck that Louis has been forced to fake a child for an entire year as his mother had a terminal illness and continued right into his solo career without once again turning to make sure Louis was okay or free.

It means that none of the Solo Harry stories were a smear campaign against him by Cowell. That they were actually based on true things, that Harry did want to go solo. This contradicts almost every single word a Big Larrie has said.

It means none of their insiders heard anything about this, so again what psychic connection do these frauds have?

It means we could start seeing solo Harry doing solo things and enjoying himself… all without Louis.

It means lots of promo interviews where we could learn a lot about him… and some of that may contradict Larrie doctrine.

It means 1D may not be getting back together for a while which means limited times for Louis/Harry to be in the same place.

It means when Freddie turns 2 and Harry has an album/movie behind him and is working on his second album, what justification will Larries have left? Why would it be happening this way? Why wouldn’t it be ending? 

Larries only care about Louis/Harry when they’re able to relate them to each other, if they can’t do that then both men are considered nuisances and urged to “go MIA”. 

Solo Harry is gonna throw up all their theories to dust and they don’t know how to cope with that.

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I was wondering if you have any reliable sources for the recent Milo Y. pedophilia controversy? I've seen several pages reference it on FB, but they are using sources that are known for hyperbole and I'd like to have a solid source for argument. The way Google metrics work, everything at the top of the search and several pages deep also seem to be either severe left or right slant.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have anything specific that you probably haven’t seen.

For stuff like this I’ve been listening to/watching/reading CNN and MSNBC. I, unlike Donald Trump, don’t consider them fake news. You could also look at the BBC.

However, I’m curious about who you’re debating with where you need more facts than “he said a boy having a sexual relationship with a man is helpful and good for the boy’s development” to prove he’s a horrible person. He’s condoning pedophilia…. Who, besides a pedophile, thinks that’s sound logic?

Anyone else have more detailed sources than what I’ve given?

Telling fans that an episode is centered around something they really love when in reality, that something only receives about 4 or 5 minutes of screen time is starting the path to distrust. I wish I could see my dash full of happy fans who are flailing and sobbing over the few Sanvers scenes we got tonight, and while there ARE a number of people doing that, I’m seeing a lot of discontent.

What happened to the Sanvers centric episode we were promised? Why did we just sit through an hour long pissing match between Man Hell and Mr. Mxyzptlk over Kara? Writers needs to stop hyping things up to be more than what they are because then fans get their hopes and expectations up and when the episode’s over, we’re left with hardly anything at all.

With that being said, the scenes with Alex and Maggie we got tonight were awesome and beautiful and I loved them. But it’s starting to get to the point where I don’t even want to watch Supergirl anymore when I could just as easily save myself the trouble and wait for someone to post the Sanvers scenes online right after the episode. The writers have made this ENTIRE season all about the forced relationship between Kara and Man Hell and have left room for practically nothing else and it’s just tiring to hope for more week after week when I know it won’t happen.

i really don’t know whats up with the whole malec sex thing, like i really thought magnus was gonna stop him because damn alec stop rushing, but the whole awkward(and hilarious) jace/magnus conversation seemed like they did it. obviously i don’t want a 50 shades of grey type 18+ sex scene (especially if matt/harry aren’t good with that which i would assume not), but a little morning after convo about the relationship is important for character development, especially being alecs first everything. either they did it and the writers are gonna completely brush it off (: /), or nothing really happened and they’re pushing off the convo. Because like they did something from jace/magnus conversation, but i don’t think they did everything, and a conversation about it would be nice. and its not even like a whole LGBT+ specific thing, its a needed conversation between 2 characters needed for proper character development. idk man, just not a comfortable feeling with the whole thing.

Here I am, sitting in my dark room, in my worn down Supergirl(man) t-shirt, re-watching Supergirl episodes in stead of studying for my finals tomorrow. I can’t help but think:

I miss season 1 Supergirl so much.

I miss the old Alex Danvers. So many things happening to her this season are so OOC. (And before y'all come after me with pitchforks; no, I don’t hate her now, and I most definitely do not hate Sanvers. As a matter of fact, I prayed to the gay lords every night for Alex to be gay. 70% of why Alex is gay was because of my prayers. You’re welcome.)

I miss Cat Grant. God knows, I never shipped SuperCat, but she was such a good force in Kara’s life. Cat, you said you’d be back. Now would be a great time.

I miss the season 1 villains. Yes, even Trashwell Lord.

I miss the Danvers Sisters moments. Couch cuddles with pot stickers and fighting crime together. Fighting FOR each other.

I miss the lil SuperTeam headquarters at CatCo.

I miss Astra. Nothing I can do about it, though. (Remember when I totally prayed for it to be her in the pod instead of Mon-Hell? I guess you only get one wish.)

Fuck it, I miss Alura. Fucking Laura Benanti, man.

I miss Papa J'onn. And Vazquez. And Lucy Lane.

I miss the show being about Supergirl.

you guys don’t understand how much i want a movie about keke

when he was a child he managed to arrange with his german teacher so that he wouldn’t have to study at all and pass the class with the minimum grade because “he would never need german in his life” asdfghjkl

like in the beginning of his career there wasn’t really journalists focused in formula stuff so you what he did? he raced, then he wrote about the race. the man doubled as a driver and a journo.

and when he made it to f1 and there were finally journalists writing about him but the sport wasn’t really understood in finland yet and everyone was dissing him? and when he won the championship the opinion changed like “YEAH HE OUR MAN OK” but the thing is, keke didn’t change so. soon a lot of people were back to dissing him and it was SO SCANDALOUS when he was named the sportsman of the year bc “motor racing isn’t a sport”



how balestre dissed him in the gala where he officially received his title and said the point system needs to be changed since now anyone can become a champion without wins (keke won once in his championship season) and keke, ever so calm and serene and being his usual non-bothered self (read: he wasn’t) used his prize acceptance speech to pay back, balestre and everyone else was speaking french and keke was like “uh yeah fuck you all” so he first welcomed everyone in four languages, then switched to finnish and said “since everyone else is speaking their own languages here, so will i” and then thanked everyone in four languages and left the stage, leaving everyone confused and the finnish reporters delighted 

how keke said it’s not likely that there will be another finn racing in f1 after him??? and just a few years after he retires there’s three, two of which he himself manages, and flying finns is basically a brand by then???

keke’s lack of faith in finnish f1 drivers after his retirement but he put so much effort in developing the our motorsport culture nonetheless? and now he was so sceptic when people told him about JJ but eventually agreed to manage him AND JUST A FEW MONTHS LATER THEY’RE TRYING TO SELL HIM MIKA and he’s like “two new kekes? what no way” (that was their selling point, to say they could be the new keke lmao) but he was convinced and from there on he was their motorsport father to the point where he denied mika from dating and put him on allowance to teach him the value of money

the success of his proteges and all the possibilities keke never thought to be out for grabs, the popularity of f1 in finland growing, him doing stuff for finnish tv with matti kyllönen and being an absolute delight

the emotional turmoil he must’ve gone through when both jj and mika are in near-fatal accidents just months apart from each other; to watch them claim success later on

to watch nico become an f1 driver as well, and then to claim the championship, be the first f1 champ to witness his son to win the title

yeah i need this a lot ok thanks let me go cry now and think of the other things i didn’t include here

Basil has learned ‘walkies’. When Molly says, “do you wanna walkies?!” he starts to whine and pace in anticipation. But to be fair, he’s quite good at walking and stays at heel. I don’t have to fuss with him much. When I stop, he stops. When I go, he goes. When he needs to see a man about a him, he lets me know. It’s a strange companionship, a man and his dog. I was anxious to own a dog, after Redbeard. And, twice as much after what had happened with my sister and the revelation that it brought upon my life. 

Molly helped ease me into it by getting me Basil for Valentine’s Day (abhorrent holiday, utterly useless). And at first, I didn’t know how to take to him. Thankfully, I did take to him and now we’re becoming a team. Do you see that, Watson? We have a new teammate. 

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Please do some nsfw/smut hc for kojuro! 😭😭😭

A few HC’s for you, dear anon
I hope you like them and don’t mind that there aren’t that many
I have some Kojuro requests that I will do, but not yet because I just started his route and need to actually get to know him because I write his stuff.

- Kojuro is pretty partial to having the MC on top, gives him a good view, but he especially likes it when she leans over him, panting and digging her fingernails into his skin, clearly having trouble containing herself.

- They have unabashedly had sex almost everywhere in the castle at some point. Everywhere. Nowhere is safe. Yes, he is an honorable man, but when the urge strikes them, they are both a bit into the risk and danger of being found out.

- the “push all the papers off of the table and roughly take me” scene is played out on a weekly basis between MC and Kojuro. Weekly. He’s got a lot of paperwork, and she’s got a lot of reasons to distract him from said paperwork.

- MC is a tease, so if she is feeling it, she has no problem starting things that she wants him to finish. (What I’m trying to say is I hope you weren’t planning on finishing that paperwork today Kojuro, she’s going to give you a blowjob and then expect some hot and heavy action)

- For his part he has literally scooped her up in his arms and carried her out of the kitchen in order to have some quality private time with her.

- Late night conversations over sake are frequent and just as frequently turn into a steamy scene, and almost just as frequently that steamy scene happens outside on the veranda because as stated previously, they don’t mind the risk.

- MC often literally can’t cover up all of her hickey marks, and it makes poor Masamune blush every time he sees them.