i don not ship them

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Yo. I was just going through your Tumblr when I saw that you mentioned that you didn't like EraserMight. Any particular reason why or did you see them together and just thought "Nope"? Cause I have a few of those too and I was curious about your reason why.

Hmm, it’s a combination of a few things, I guess.

They just don’t really have much chemistry, and not to mention that they’ve both said before that they don’t get along at all. I know some fans really like that kind of ship, but I usually tend to prefer ships where the two people actually…like each other. Like, I like the idea of All Might and Aizawa as friends, especially friends who bond over their mutual overprotectiveness and adoration of their children, but I don’t really like them as a ship.

And something I feel like a lot of people tend to forget is that Aizawa is only thirty, while All Might is anywhere from his mid to late 40s :/ And while age gaps aren’t necessarily a bad thing, anything more than 10 years just kinda…makes me a bit uncomfortable.

A happy Heather Chandler and McNamara. I don’t ship them romantically, but I really could imagine Chandler acting protective with her.

Artistic note: I can’t really stick with one version of Heather Chandler, so when I draw her I kinda mix up the face of the movie and the outfit of the musical. Kinda.

Even if

IzuOcha is “confirmed” because they seem to have feelings for each others until now, why do I have to ship them? Just because they might be Canon?

I’m not saying I don’t like, I’m neautral. They’re cliché, but still they’re good. What I don’t understand is: why do I have to necesarily ship them?

I like Kacchako and I don’t regret shipping them. Nor once I regret it tbh.

Even if they doesn’t becomes Canon who cares? I can still ship them, besides ship are just for fun anyway :v

I ship Kacchako because they aren’t the typical Shonen ship that have the “unlucky” (that becomes suddenly lucky) and the “cutie devoted girl” one. They have opposite characters and the ambition along with their stubburness that they’ve in common makes me think that they can improve the other one, even for their aspiration to be heroes.

Also, they respect each others and I like how Ochako can understand him well

And when Kaminari was bugging him about hurting a “harmless girl” he said “ShUt Up!” and then He went

I just genuinely like their relationship, because they already look like a couple, to me.

That’s all.

me during watching IT: wow richie and eddie are pretty cute together but i don’t really ship them


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What is your favourite ship? And why? Is it also backed up by astrology or not?

i don’t have a preferred ship, i love all of them! all the boys are so compatible with each other it’s impossible for me to only pick one T.T

lately, ever since doing that synastry post on them, taejin has been catching my eye tho. they’re so real, yet so underrated

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I don't understand people who claim there's no chemistry between Kit and Emilia like????? What??? Last time when I saw such a good chemistry between two actors was in 2013 in The Borgias between Holliday Grainger and Francois Arnaud. I thought I would never see such chemistry between actors again. And now here we are. <3


for me, there only two options if someone says that Kit and Emilia don’t have chemistry..Or this person is you know..BLIND, or it is a jealour hater.

There’s no other option. I can understand if you don’t like jonerys or don’t ship them, but come on? ? To say that they don’t have chemistry ? When literally Emilia and Kit never had one scene together before season 7 and still everyone literally talked about how much chemistry they had and in one famous photoshoot the director asked them to kiss because “she felt that love was in the air”. So, chemistry was literally never a problem for them.

It was always there. I think i’ve said this before here so i will just say again: Kit and Emilia’s chemistry is the best chemistry i saw in YEARS of TV couples and movies. 

There is a reason people call Kit and Emilia the new Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet. 

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Okay but, I really like the Love Square. I don't like any other ship aside from the Love Square that's the only ship I'll ever like. I don't get why me not liking other ships makes me homophobic?? I also don't ship Alyanette because I see them just as best friends and I think the show only sees them as that too. I'm never gonna ship them as a couple so I don't get why that makes people awful and homophobic. You can't just make people make ships more popular

you and a few other people have left similar questions in my inbox so i’m going to do my best to explain this. there seem to be other users who are also confused. i really recommend you read @chatchevalier  ‘s explanation here since she also spoke about this. 

first, let’s get the easy thing taken care of. the prevailing argument from most of the queer people in fandom who made posts yesterday was we want you to respect our ships. respect. that means no sending us hate, no bashing our ships, no tagging onto our fics and art and posts about how much you don’t ship our ship. don’t like? don’t engage. i think everyone can agree on that point. 

now what seems to be tripping people up is the whole “queer ships being unpopular is homophobia” sentiment that’s spreading around. i want to make this clear, this is in no way meant to shame people for their ships. i’m a multi-shipper myself and ship most if not all the ships in this fandom involving the miraculous class. what i’m trying to draw attention to is fandom trends and consistent fandom behavior. 

so, i’l use the example i showed in my screenshots on the original post going around. oftentimes, i get people who come into my inbox telling me how much they hate chlonette (chloe x marinette) because it ships a bully with their victim. now that in and of itself isn’t homophobia i think we can all agree. you’re allowed to dislike that ship for that reason. i think a lot of people react to chlolya (chloe x alya) for the same reasons. 

but let’s look at chlonath (chloe x nathanael). we arguably run into a similar problem. chloe being paired with someone she bullies. chlonath is particularly interesting because chloe and nathanael don’t interact very often (maybe a total of 10 seconds in “evillustrator”). chloe interacts with alya more, and interacts with marinette much much more. but look at the popularity of each of these ships. (i’ll be using # of ao3 stories as a proxy for this). 

Chloe Bourgeois/Alya Cesaire: 38
Chloe Bourgeois/Marinette Dupain-Cheng: 90
Chloe Bourgeois/Nathanael Kurtzberg: 125

despite the fact that chloe has barely interacted with nathanael and bullies him right along with the other classmates, chlonath is more popular than chlonette and chlolya. this is also a good time to point out that this is the only straight ship of the bunch. 

this happens in media a lot. you have a common trope introduced, in this case it’s a bully/bullied relationship becoming a romantic relationship. another common one off the top of my head is the friends to lovers trope. now when we see it applied to a straight pairing, we love it. adrienette friends to lovers is ridiculously popular, and it seems that the bully/bullied to lovers trope in chlonath is also compelling to people. but the moment these same tropes are attached to a queer pairing, interest plummets. which is why chlolya and chlonette are less popular despite those characters interacting more in canon, and why alyanette is always seen as “just two friends” even though they interact more than adrien and marinette do. 

and, to top it all off: i’m gonna bet my bank account that users get more hate for shipping chlonette and chlolya than they do chlonath. 

we do this unconsciously as a result of heteronormativity ingrained into us through continued exposure to societal homophobia. everyone is socialized to think that heterosexuality is preferred. it’s why there’s so much straight romance on tv, and it’s why gay people are still getting fired for their sexuality in the US. we can’t help this stuff, but if you learn to look for it, it’s easy to see. the fact that we enjoy certain tropes as they are applied to straight ships but not those same tropes as they are applied to queer ship…..is an example homophobia. internalized homophobia, implicit homophobia, subtle homophobia but homophobia nonetheless

if you ship chlonath but not chlonette, this doesn’t mean you’re homophobic. but when you look at macro-level trends like ship popularity in fandom, you see patterns that are anything but a coincidence. it’s no coincidence that this pattern of popularity matches up with patterns of hate. chlonette and chlolya get questioned more, people get more hate for it. chlonath doesn’t get nearly the amount. it’s very subtle, but this is the kind of implicit homophobia you see in media. 

now the solution is not to force you to like pairings you don’t like. not at all. this is just something to be aware of and something to consider when people wonder “why are queer ships getting all this hate?” queer shippers notice this because we’re hyper aware of the popularity of our ships. if you deal only in the love square it’s hard to see this, so we’re just pointing this out. 

we’re not telling you to ship our ships. we’re not asking for more popularity. we just want you to acknowledge fandom homophobia and keep people from bullying us for the queer content we produce.