i don kno man

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Name: Gabriela

Nickname: So far, Gab. Feel free to call me whatever u want (ppl irl also call me BOWIE BUT THATS UNORIGINAL)!

Height: 1.70 cm (5'7)

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor *it shocked me!!!* 
Go to ssbb character: Kirby. Kirby is a marysue so be it!!!

Fictional character i’d date: Don’t do this to me.

Favorite band or artist: Also, don’t this to me. But, David Bowie.

When did i make this blog: 25th of july of 2014 :0

How many blogs do i follow: 176. Many inactive lmao, gotta change that.

Do i get asks on a regular basis: nah fam.
Aesthetic: art, man!! i luv art. Also, I’m a sucker for photography, i love the theory of it. would love to turn photo development into a casual thing. Chemistry does count as an aesthetic? I’m also that girl that has her ig full of pics of the sky. I love lights and buildings too. (Even tho in my city the highest building has only like 22 floors!)

Relationship status: single.

Favorite Greeting: Hi, lmao. More like hey.

Pets: white doggo called candy and the regular white and black cat who just decided to live with us called kitty. I KNOW, blame my mother, i wanted her name to be delilah but my mother said that the cat wasn’t even color “lilac” in spanish lilac is lila and well deLILAh.

Last song I listened to: Let me down easy by The stranglers

Favorite tv show: mr robot atm. Getting into twin peaks, so far, it amuses me. I also like this kinda detective'esque stuff. Ya, about twin peaks… It amuses me bc I can’t stop having Erwin and Nile always arguing about it in my head. Erwin loving it and Nile fucking hating it with his whole life. Levi is just there, watching and hating the discourse™. (I found out discourse™ was a thing like, a week ago) (I’m also trying to write shit for this thing Ay.) Levi also is at Erwin’s side and has a twin peaks poster in his living room only to bother Nile.

First Fandom: Sakura Card Captor, oh god. I also love CLAMP.

Hobbies: ART, I love drawing. I’m good at creating my own shit and quite bad at doing fan art. If u ever interested into seeing my stuff my ig is bow.ie (ain’t I a sucker for bowie?) (Also I got focused more in illustration than art, so I’m pretty new at it too.)

Books I am currently reading: The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.

Worst thing to have graced my taste buds: I can’t remember, I’m pretty picky about food tho. I avoid lots of stuff.

Favorite place: the beach. More like watching the beach from a balcony kinda thing.

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u kno sm, when change happens, there need to be a reason. u telling me this happened cuz ji is dating a girl so he and ks are suddenly strangers in 2 months (not even when ji supposedly started dating but just now). doesn’t that mean worse cuz they miraculously maintained all close friendships within the group except each other while ks develops fanservice-filled broships with his other trending otps while ji goes on cctv dates. 

i don’t kno wat 2 say sm. 

such gud bros, kaisoo, my man, can’t handle a bro having a gf so they drift apart. but only each other, not other friends!

ps; bonus points if sm spread a blind item that d gay couple broke up because of “pressure” and all u ppl will go omfg das when they started drifting apart! (called it)