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I think it stumbled into a rural-gothic novel this weekend without meaning to. It involved a possibly dead neighbor in the woods, an inability to get a hold of a single damn law enforcement official to ascertain actual deadness or not deadness, an endlessly barking dog that wouldn't leave its yard despite nothing keeping it there, and a traveling caravan of cowboys.

Ok is this a book or real life because you’re getting dangerously close to describing my weekend here.


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I’m so sorry about all the ugh, umm, uff and like hahah. Also I’m sorry for my ramling and the length of this I just can’t shut up!! AND AT ONE POINT I STARTED TALKING IN CROATIAN I AM SORRY FOR THAT HAHA. And I said that Elain is one year older than Nesta but I meant Feyre hehe but I think you guessed what I meant

The questions are:
Name and username
Where are you from?
Pronounce the following words: Archeron, Rhysand, Cresseida, Thesan, Rhoe Galathynius, Illyrian, Manon, Abraxos, Prythian, Lucien, Ianthe, Suriel, Bryaxis, Carridwen and Nuala, Elide, Velaris, Cadre, Rowan Whitethorn, Chaol Westfall, Yrene Towers, Nehemia Ytger, Rifthold, Adarlan, Chrocan, Kaltain Rompier, Sorscha, Dorian Havilliard, Lyria, Asterion horse, Valg, Eyllwe, wyrdmarks, rowaelin, feysand
How did you find out about the books?
When did you start reading them?
Favorite character from TOG?
Favorite character from ACOTAR?
Have you read The Assassin’s Blade? Do you plan on reading the ACOTAR Novellas?
Favorite ship/s?
Read a page from your favorite book from TOG (or ACOTAR)
Which scene destroyed you the most?
If you read fanfiction, name your favorite or some of your favorites
Fave headcanons?
Favorite quote/s?
If you could choose any piece of media to readapt the Maasverse in, what would you choose? (e.g: movie(s), tv show(s), animation, a musical, videogames, etc)
Which would be your ACOTAR Court? Why?
And last but not least, say 3 unpopular opinions. Do it, go off

Most of you already posted it so idk who I should tag. I think I haven’t seen any posts by @vannserra @rhysthehighlord @cassian-the-commander @its-suriel@cassiancalore @marabarrow @acourtofwingsandruinn @aqueenpromisedand @mostlybookishthings so here you go guys if you want to do it :)

do you ever wonder how others in the fandom see you?? like,,, what am i to you??

So. I don’t know what my next few weeks (or month) will look like, so if I disappear, it’s alright. We’ll manage and we’ll be fine.

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i was watching deborah and jon talking about their characters and chemistry during daredevil season 2 and it was really funny to notice that i had a full smile on my face all the fucking time
it’s thrilling to see that they really enjoy and admire each other’s work and qualities and it’ll be a pleasure to see them working together again i caaaan’t wait i love them sm <3 btw marvel honey where’s my motherfucking trailer?????

Am I the only kid

Who legitimately misses old cartoons?

Don’t get me wrong, anime is awesome, and there are new tv shows like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, We Bare Bears and they’re all nice shows that have really good values to them (and I love them)

But I really liked the older things Nickelodeon, CN, and other channels had to offer

Like Courage the Cowardly dog, Invader Zim, Johnny Bravo, (don’t get me started on the old Pokémon), CatDog, Samurai Jack, Kim Possible, and they aren’t really appreciated by people my age

I dunno, I’m just rambling

*just skip over this and pretend it was never here*

Have a nice day everyone- Layla