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omg those pics with 5h looks like harry asked louis out to the movies but everyone else also tagged along (uninvited). but harry's still planning to make his move and louis is also lowkey expectant like he's waiting for harry to kiss him in the dark or something. but the others keep making noises and distracting louis and now harry is just pissed bc his plans are ruined and he doesn't know when will he gather his courage to ask louis out again.



Bellward + New Moon.

The signs as weird things I've seen on google
  • Aries: I think I just had a poop child. I legit think I lost 4 kilos.
  • Taurus: Are there people who are sexually attracted to Pokémon?
  • Gemini: I hate it when I'm studying and a velociraptor throws bananas at me.
  • Cancer: I just went outside and heard someone boo. Update: it was my wife.
  • Virgo: Can Jesus microwave a burrito?
  • Libra: What are these strawberries doing on my nipples I need them for my fruit salad.
  • Scorpio: I like to tape my thumbs together and pretend I'm a dinosaur- what did you expect? Some freaky bondage? Nah my mum doesn't approve of that soz.
  • Capricorn: What do I do if a ginger kid bites me?
  • Sagittarius: What would a chair look like if your knees were bend the other way?
  • Aquarius: Why can't I own a dwarf Chinese person?
  • Pisces: Sometimes when I'm alone I pretend I'm a carrot.
Imagine Your OTP
  • Person C can be a mutual friend or part of an OT3. Either works.
  • Person C: Person A, do you ever wash that jacket? C'mon, you wear it everyday.
  • Person A: ...
  • Person A: Of course I do. I'm not tHAt terrible.
  • Person B: I wonder what I would look like in that jacket.
  • Person A: (stares)
  • Person C: Oh yeah, that's real smooth, Person B.
  • Person A: (takes off jacket)
  • Person A: I expect this back.
  • Person B: (is really excited)
  • Person A: (literally throws the jacket at Person B)
  • Authority Figure: Hey, you guys need to leave.
  • Group splits up
  • Person B: (throws jacket back to Person A)
  • Person A: Wait! You can still wear it...
  • Person B: (can't hear)
  • Person A: (doesn't stop thinking about it for three days)

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who do you think would win in an arm wrestle match? charles or erik?

that’s a good question


a little doodle of @danielhowell ’s eye and freckles

‘Why should I trust you? Give me a good reason.’

12%3Beca)(($use995><I know (()$#what __98:what yo_(#u__#_##don’t’.’

‘Is that truly a reason?’

It 8863))^%de___~“pends.’

Dr. Gaster from The Caretaker of the Ruins meeting with Wingdings from my AU. I put in the unedited panel at the bottom and the edited and final version at top. You know, to show what Wingdings looks like (The distortion effect is caused by both his presence, and lack of presence happening at the same time.)

While I was expecting it to be Dr. Gaster, I wasn’t really expecting him to look like a Gaster Raptor (as stated by Caretaker AU), so that definitely took me by surprise. 

And if anyone’s gonna start pointing fingers at me, saying I did a cheap knockoff of Caretaker AU’s design, know that I made my design nearly half a year ago before the latest page, showing us what Dr. Gaster looks like. 


Hello, love bugs! 

Dan x Reader 

warnings- swears, smut

Hi I was wondering if you could make a fanfic where you fall out with Dan (who’s like away somewhere) and he’s like spam texting you and you keep ignoring him, and then he turns up at your door and um… After argument sex!! Haha thanks, ly xoxoxo -anon

“I feel smothered by you. Can I not have one night where I go out with friends and not have you check up on me every five minutes? You’re not my mother Daniel.” Your fingers were quick on your phone as you texted your reply to Dan. You and Dan hadn’t seen each other for nearly a week since he had been gone seeing his parents. Normally you would be at home waiting to see him as soon as possible but it was your best friends birthday and you never get to go out and let your hair loose. Dan didn’t have a problem with you going out with friends. His problem was the picture he saw you post on Instagram of you in a risky type of outfit. Dan doesn’t like to share and he absolutely does not like the thought of a bunch of men looking at you or trying to hit on you.

Your phone beeped back the familiar tone you set only for texts from Dan. You almost didn’t want to read it. His words were probably dripping with sarcasm and sass even if it was only in text form. “You’re right Y/N I'm not your mother but I expect you not to go out like that.” 

“I thought that it doesn't matter what a girl wears. It’s her body and her choice and I don’t need to cater to a man’s opinion.’ Thankfully you were still in the cab going to the club with your friends. You may just go and give him a piece of your mind in person if you weren't already on your way to the party. This was the only thing Dan and yourself ever really fought about. He trusted you with his life. Dan’s problem was trusting everyone else. 

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Could I ask for a Hades/Persephone au with Hades!Jason thinking he doesn't deserve love until Persephone!Dick happens

On the surface, this looks like an easy AU but then I look into the myth of it and everything gets a little (a lot) wonky. I did enjoy writing this though, and this would definitely be something I’d enjoy writing more of!

Bleeding Heart

When the war against the Titans had been won and it was time to choose domains, Jason had been expected to get his pick first. He had been the oldest of the three of them, but Bruce had been the strongest, and the greediest. He’d taken control of the sky and all of her children while their third brother got the sea. Jason had been forced to choose last and he had been stuck with the domain of death.

It wasn’t an easy task, he had to judge the souls coming in and keep a watch over Tartarus ignoring the call of Kronos while Bruce fucked all the women he pleased up on the surface. The only one he was able to talk to frequently was Tim, who brought the souls down to him for judgement. He had to be fair to the souls which meant punishing some and giving others eternal paradise. He would think of the souls there and wonder what it was like to live in happiness forever. 

The other souls were given their punishments and Jason did his best to be creative and to give them something that would lead them to paradise if they could just think. Whenever he saw how they got bogged down by their own selfishness he thought that maybe it was a good thing he was trapped in the underworld. Gods and man alike, he couldn’t understand how they acted for themselves and themselves alone. 

He didn’t understand for the longest time and then Jason saw him.

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I hate it when i give customers their totals and they say "I don't have that much on me" and just stare at me. Like. Dude. Don't look at me like my underage ass is supposed to pay what's left for your bottle of Jack Daniels. Or if you have a gift card/ebt card that doesn't cover your whole order, do not look at me as if you're expecting me to whip out my debit card for you. It's your fault you decided to leave your wallet in the car (why???).

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I think it was rude of the anon to say your rushed your posters. They look clean and well put together. Just because you do it quick doesn't mean it was rushed. I mean, you even show us your process on Snapchat and insta. It's especially rude to say that when you've expressed your nervousness over these posters. I don't expect you to publish this I just wanted to say damn what an asshole. Also I, like so many others, love your art and would pay cash money to own some of it. Love u peach jam

I can’t believe an actual angel just sent me an ask. Thank you I really appreciate this!! It’s true I am very nervous about the booth and feel very insecure about selling. I’ve spend a lot of money on this booth–Almost every paycheck so far this summer. So I do hope that anon realizes they aren’t just being rude about someone’s art,, like it’s more than that. It’s me really needing to make this money back and hopefully profit. I’m mostly excited just to be there with my awesome boothmate and meet a whole bunch of new people and give hugs and scream about rock lee.


more doodles for my roleswap au :3c

kinda-sorta recreation of the gate scene, different pose cuz the original gave me trouble. eh.

Ed doesn’t have the advantage of having Al’s kinder personality, so he’s long given up on being approachable and takes full advantage of being an intimidating suit of armor. Doesn’t help his loneliness or self-loathing though. RIP..

PLUS Al spends more time with Winry here, and as they grow closer Ed doesn’t even bother to get involved. Even the slim chance he had with her is long gone, he feels.

BUT A GOOD POINT: I roleswapped Ling and May so now May is the ambitious princess of the Yao clan gunning for the secrets to immortality, while Ling of the Chang clan searches for the same, along with the famed Fullmetal Alchemist. He expected him to be this super cool, manly hardcore guy, but Al turns out to be….not quite that. But his strange armored brother does, so Ling’s affections shift to him instead. His persistence breaks thru even Ed’s hard shell and its kinda weird, but kinda nice that someone actually likes him. They hit it off pretty well. (aaand basically they do everything that Al and May did in-canon and become a couple post-canon and it’s really cute and i die)

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Doesn't it seem that Touken is a reference to yin and yang? Since their cloths and hair are inverted.. Any thoughts?

I absolutely believe they are!

Just look at this official Touken art, they definitely resemble yin&yang!

These two balance each other out! I also think it’s interesting how Ishida said Touken came as a pair, just like yin&yang do. These two love birds compliment each other and give one another the strength the other needs. Since the very beginning of TG, these two were meant for each other.🌹

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I might be imagining things, but the meta you wrote about Bell's rejection and Clarke thinking he doesn't love her is so true, because I just rewatched that list scene and when Bellamy puts his hand on her shoulder Clarke is so happy? She immediately touches him back and leans her head. It feels like she expects something more, maybe a hug, but then Bellamy goes on talking about sleeping and she straightens up and is a bit hurt I think? Maybe it's just me, but she looks dissapointed

It’s not just you, nonny, it’s me, too. I rewatched her reaction to his “get some sleep” a billion times. And because my internet is so bootleg, what I saw was everything in slow motion. Saw every single microexpression of disappointment and resignation when he blew her off. That little fake smile which is really just a grimace. The way her hand DROPS, like she has no more energy. The way her eyes follow him. With LONGING. That is longing.

I read some cler say that her look was clearly devastation at consigning 400 people to death, but, man, if that’s what that look means, why isn’t she looking at the damn list? She’s not.

She’s WATCHING BELLAMY WALK AWAY FROM HER. That is the sadness. Pay attention folks. What the characters are looking at it is where their thoughts are going.

When he leaves, she wipes away the tears and does what he says. “Put it away and hope we never have to use it,” and she goes back to business. 

I also like how he just IGNORES that she nuzzled his hand. Brushes it off completely, like he didn’t just wake up because she was crying. And he leaves his jacket behind. Where da jacket? We don’t know. He booked. Had no defense against Clarke and ran. 

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Do you really think SS and NH was bound to happen ? I think the romantic development on Sasuke's side wasn't enough. They did get together off screen too, which I find quite disappointing. I could have loved SS if it was better handled. And I'm sad to see Sasuke away for so long. As for NH, I liked it at the very beginning, but The Last was ugh, and the development non existent in the manga. And I think Naruto looks rlly sad ? At least Sasuke doesn't seem like that with Sakura...

By you asking me whether or not I think SS and NH were bound to happen, are you implying that you think they were decided at the last minute?

Because SS was prominent since chapter 3 - no other couple got as much romantic focus. NH was hinted at since chapter 42, and was 2nd only to SS in terms of romantic focus.

You think the romantic development from Sasuke was insufficient?

What were you expecting? Did you really think that someone like Sasuke, who was drowning in hatred and revenge, was just gonna go and write Sakura a sonnet in response to her confessions?

You think NH had no development?

It had plenty of development.

Let’s put this into perspective here - Shikamaru and Temari, a couple that the vast majority of people (myself included) agree was obvious. While they had plenty of general relationship development which was what made them so obvious, they also had no explicit romantic development in the manga at all, none. But something tells me you wouldn’t have described their development as non existent.

Are you implying that you think that couples like NS and SK had better romantic development?

Because NS had plenty of platonic development, but it’s romantic development pales in comparison to SS and NH. SK is just nowhere close on either front.

You think Naruto looks really sad?

He doesn’t:

Try not to use Naruto’s demeanour at the beginning of the movie to judge his feelings, use his demeanour at the end, because that’s his current self. Besides, he was never sad; he was tired due to the work load, and then he was disappointed that Boruto cheated, but he was never sad in general.

So yes, SS and NH were indeed bound to happen. Whether or not you think their journey to canonisation was sufficient, is your own prerogative.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Alright then, picture this if you will:
  • 10 to 2 AM, X, Yogi DMT, and a box of Krispy Kremes, in my "need to know" pose, just outside of Area 51.
  • Contemplating the whole "chosen people" thingy when a flaming stealth banana split the sky like one would hope but never really expect to see in a place like this.
  • Cutting right angle donuts on a dime and stopping right at my Birkenstocks, and me yelping...
  • Holy fucking shit!
  • Then the X-Files being, looking like some kind of blue-green Jackie Chan with Isabella Rossellini lips and breath that reeked of vanilla Chig Champa,
  • did a slow-mo Matrix descent out of the butt end of the banana vessel and hovered above my bug-eyes, my gaping jaw, and my sweaty L. Ron Hubbard upper lip and all I could think was: "I hope Uncle Martin here doesn't notice that I pissed my fuckin' pants."
  • So light in his way,
  • Like an apparition,
  • He had me crying out,
  • "Fuck me,
  • It's gotta be,
  • Deadhead Chemistry,
  • The blotter got right on top of me,
  • Got me seein' E-motherfuckin'-T!"
  • And after calming me down with some orange slices and some fetal spooning, E.T. revealed to me his singular purpose.
  • He said, "You are the Chosen One, the One who will deliver the message. A message of hope for those who choose to hear it and a warning for those who do not."
  • Me. The Chosen One?
  • They chose me!!!
  • And I didn't even graduate from fuckin' high school.
  • You better.
  • You better.
  • You better.
  • You better listen.
  • When he looked right through me
  • With somniferous almond eyes.
  • Don't even know what that means
  • Must remember to write it down.
  • This is so real.
  • Like the time he floated away.
  • See my heart is pounding,
  • 'Cause this shit never happens to me.
  • Can't breathe, right now!
  • It was so real.
  • Like I woke up in Wonderland.
  • All sort of terrifying.
  • And I don't wanna be all alone when I tell this story.
  • And can anyone tell me why
  • you all sound like Peanut's parents
  • Will I ever be coming down?
  • This is so real.
  • Finally it's my lucky day.
  • See my heart is racing,
  • 'Cause this shit never happens to me.
  • Can't breathe, right now!
  • You believe me, don't you?
  • Please believe what I just said, see they're telling true.
  • And this wasn't all in my head.
  • See they took me by the hand and invited me right in,
  • Then they showed me something.
  • I don't even know where to begin.
  • (high... I I I I I... high... I I I I I)
  • (high)
  • Overwhelmed as one would be, placed in my position.
  • Such a heavy burden now to be the one.
  • Born to bear and read to all
  • The details of our ending.
  • To write it down for all the world to see.
  • But I forgot my pen,
  • Shit the bed again,
  • Typical.
  • I...!!!
  • Can't remember what they said.
  • Can't remember what they said.

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Hiieee!!! Do you have and fics where Derek secretly sings really well, but like doesn't tell anyone? I looked through your #sing tag and couldn't really find anything. Thank yoooouuuuu!!!

uh here’s what i was able to gather up but nothing is 100%

Gifts by Little_red_2000 (1/1 | 2,057 | G)

Derek just wants stiles to have the best birthday ever. (It works)

Illuminate by dragon_temeraire (1/1 | 2,132 | PG13)

Erica convinces Derek to go to an acapella performance with her. Things go better than he could have ever expected.

Sing your heart out by Monstrous (1/1 | 1,132 | G)

Derek gets hit by a spell that makes him sing a popular song that has to do with his feelings at the moment, it can be a disaster in occasions and very helpful in others.

trikru more like tricUTE amiriteeeee. almost done and also i don’t only wanna thank god but also jesus for lexa and charcoal pencils for being easier to use for me