i does not even

everyone on my dash is talking about how its wrong to celebrate thanksgiving and I just want to yell at y'all to stop trying to earn Woke White People points. like, thanksgiving now is so far removed from the origin, stop pretending modern day, incredibly commercialized thanksgiving has anything to do w native americans and stop pretending you actually care when you just want approval from strangers on the internet

me: ugh the drive is going to be hell
mom: well it’s not a vacation : ))) so suck it up : )))

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Maxie being so pale is so funny like hes paler than CYRUS an extremely introverted homebody who also lives in a cold region. Maxie ur from tropical Hoenn how did u manage to be the color of paper.


lives in the tropics


has many fire types

like works outside he literally is trying to make the world bigger he has to be outside all the time


has depression

does go outside

in conclusion?? either maxie is fucking immune to the sun after selling his soul to groudon or something or he wears a shitton of sunscreen

Ah let’s not forget the glorious fact that Jhin is actually a drug addict and at the end of the story he gets to slurp up that sweet ass jhuice from Vayne’s bolt and he goes mmmmmm gud shit and starts cackling like the junkie animal he is

no shade at dreamworks but wyd giving lance this cute-ass hoodie

but not ever letting him wear the got damn hood?? 

let him wear it when he’s embarrassed. let him wear it when he wants to hide his face so that no one can see that he’s been crying. let him wear it when he’s tryna goof off. do you fucking know cute he would look with the hood on? what’s the point of wearing a hoodie if you don’t ever use all of its functions? dreamworks you’re doing lance a disgrace by not letting him wear his hood this is sacrilegious —