i does a drawing

  • Zen: *runs into Kiki on his way to Mitsuhide's room*
  • Kiki: oops, wrong room.
  • Zen: sorry, did you need to talk to Mitsuhide, too?
  • Kiki: no, not me. *walks off*
  • Zen: *enters room without knocking* Hey, Mitsu-
  • Mitsuhide: *lying across bed with a rose in his mouth, surrounded by candles* hellooooooo- Zen! *spits out rose, sits up, and poses "casually"* Why would I be expecting anyone different?

⭐Starry Night ⭐

aaa this took me a while. i didnt know which one to post so i decided to do both of them! originally, this had lineart but then it looked really gross with it, so i decided to not have the line art in. I think it looks great with out it! also, seitarou’s eyes was really fun to draw,

this pretty boy is so pretty and cute

❄ do not repost without my permission please ❄

20 random facts about me

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  1.  @heartsymod is my significant other if you hadn’t already guessed ;P
  2. I have a little white fluffy dog named Percy (who is totally not spoiled, nope) he’s a poodle/ jack russel.
  3. PlayStation > Xbox
  4. Drako dragon loves fish but Drako mod does not
  5. I collect coins, pony draw-bag figures, pokemon and MTG TCG, and buttons/keychains for my backpack.
  6. dragons: dragons dragons DRAGONSSSSSSS
  7. I’m Canadian, eh.
  8. Not a big talker, I don’t really enjoy voice calls I find them very draining and I never really have much to say anyways. 
  9. Divebomb was the first pony OC I ever created :D the first pony OC I ever owned was Fire Light (I had a habit of binge adopting)
  10. I’m poor with wording, I don’t hate you I swear!! ;n;
  11. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil
  12. not cold resistant in the slightest. Give me five blankets please!
  13. I hate airplanes, you think with all the traveling I do I’d be okay with them but nope. I panic just thinking about my travel dates XnX
  14. Heartsy and Percy are adorable together <3
  15. I have a horrible sweet tooth
  16. I’m nearsighted
  17. I’ve been to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Washington state, Oregon, Idaho (briefly), Montana, California (san jose), New York (New York), Maryland (baltimore), Virginia, The Carribian, and parts of Mexico.
  18. Video games <3 I don’t play as much as I used to just because I try to art a lot but I still very much enjoy gaming. Right now I mainly play Dead by Daylight.
  19. I’m afraid of heights, or mainly the feeling of falling which is why I hate airplanes, I also dislike rollercoasters for this reason.
  20. I have over 65 OCs and counting, over half of them are mlp related.

I suppose I should tag some peeps :I buuuuuut I don’t really wanna… so if you want to answer this you can say I tagged you ;P

shinju-cliff  asked:

I love your artwork, and i was wondering if you had any tips for art block I'm writing a comic and am at a standstill. Also keep up the good work you are awesome

Ahhh you just gotta draw through art block!!! It sucks, but that’s the only way. 

I’m not against taking a breather from art for a night though, to listen to music or something. But drawing it out really does help. I’ve been stuck in really bad art blocks, and I kept drawing through them and ended up making really nice pieces after. 

(Thank you and good luck! <3)


i probably said this before but fun fact russians dont celebrate christmas until january

EDIT: i made a sequel 


Cultural Exchange. (Yuuri can’t cook, but luckily he also can’t speak Russian.)