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You can only be a he or a she.

So its safe to assume anons never played a pokemon game before?

Though, i DID mention some time ago that i encourage anyone interpreting Reshi as anything they want, actually! So its up to the viewer, really.

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This always kinda feels as if the fandom blames Harry for Louis situation and I don't get it, cause believing they are a couple also means for me that they want the best for each other and suffer if the other does too...

to be frank, theres only a certain group of people who blame harry for louis’ situation. most people with enough brain cells know and understand that is not the case at all… we know they’re supportive of each other and we also have enough sense to understand that we dont know what the fuck is going on bts for it to look like this in front of the scenes.. 

i ignore anyone who doesnt get this… because they dont deserve any attention for thinking so low of both harry and louis.

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Why does everyone on this blog ignore the fact that Bella is a known cokehead and it's super obvious to literally everyone who is into coke?

1.) The girls doing coke is brought up all the time, including Bella.

2.) Only anons say shes done coke, not even gossip blogs suggest she’s a coke addict and there’s no proof she is- so I dont know what exactly were ignoring or how legit the statement “known cokehead” is if no one knows it.

3.) MAYBE if it’s “super obvious to literally everyone who is into coke”… the reason no one here realizes… is because we’re not cokeheads… -C

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if they are all gonna turn on her and blame her for everything while ignoring all the shit sara said, im done. my sunshine does not deserve this. fuck this hurts man. ~ belgian anon

i know wtf. it hurts so much. Also i dont understand why the pepsi max girls get zero shit for that disgusting fake vilde instagram but sana, who posted pictures of sara talking shit about them, gets all the blame. what the hell. i dont understand anything anymore tbh i have nO IDEA where this is going. Sana really doesn’t deserve this bullshit.

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hey!! I have a question about gender i hope you dont mind (you look like to know more than me!) but a friend is in conflict. He feel mostly as a trans boy, but also, there's somedays when he feel 100% agender. Does that menas he's Genderfluid? Or what? I want to help him to find his identity but I'm really ignorant when it comes to gender ;w;

Hello, anon!! Gender is super complicated, so I don’t think I’ll be able to give you a perfect answer. A whole lot of terms can be used to describe what you’re friend is experiencing. Genderfluid is one term, because it describes someone who flows between two or more genders. Bigender is another, which describes someone with two different genders. Demiboy means someone who is mostly a boy, but feels like a different gender sometimes/partially. 

Really, it’s up to your friend to decide what term he thinks fits best. There isn’t one perfect term to describe every gender experience, unfortunately. And it’s always okay to coin new terms, if your friend decides there aren’t any out there that fit right!! Hope this helps!!