i have major heart eyes for this honestly . things were getting boring on my personal bc i more or less asserted all of my beliefs on there so no one fucks w me anymore bc they know i’ll concisely and easily derail their argument with a flick uh duh wrist . but yall dont know me that well on here so im just kinda waiting for the anon hate to happen so i can get back to doing what i lov . derailing shitty and ignorant mindsets that have been engrained into us by the institution of white supremacy and capitalism :~) 

thespaceavengers asked:

hi just wanted to say that i agree with you entirely. anti-feminism-pro-equality disgusts me and im glad youre calling her out on things. also about people were like "but theres better ways to do this than be mean blahblahblah" i think that theyre being pathetic. youre just being honest, and it happens to be "mean" because shes mean. ignore anon theyre stupid as fuck.(side note-why does no one understand that feminism is not about women>men, its about women=men?) basically this blog is g8 bye

THANKS YOU! I try my best to make sure people know who she really is because many think that she is an angel
(and yes feminism is woman=men i dont get what’s so hard about it

twin souls.

What ringtone my muse has set for yours

Tale As Old As Time - Beauty and the Beast

What contact photo my muse has set for yours

something like this. aka a photo he didn’t know was happening.~

What my muse thinks of the way yours texts

idk man

How quickly my muse responds to your texts

instantly unless he ‘ignoring him’

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((rant ignore if you want))

okay so im literally so upset all the time and its not like i can just always be happy and try to look so content with life because im not at all. this summer is gonna be shitty and i know that so i dont even know what the point is in trying anymore. ppl just get away with anything and i come on here trying to find a way to be happy and i get like death threats from anons. like does that seem normal, not really and its not fair because im trying really hard to be a better person and to make the right decisions but its like 1 step forward 2 steps back. its jusst this repetitive cycle that i cant escape. lets  just hope that things get easier and ill be a happy person for once