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This… was humiliating. Cedric had been busy examining some fluorescent corals growing on the old bulk of a sunken submarine. Corals shouldn’t glow, but these didn’t seem to know that - they lit up the dark waters just like his illicium did. He’d been so preoccupied with studying these growth, he hadn’t noticed the danger until it was too late.

Now, he was stuck in a net, quickly being dragged towards the surface. Either the humans had been interested in the corals too, and had tried collecting a sample, or he was just unlucky enough to get caught by fishermen. Squirming and fighting got him nothing but cuts as the wires cut into him, spilling blue blood into the water around him. He couldn’t beat his tail properly, he couldn’t reach the crudely fashioned toolbelt he carrier around his hips to cut himself free… He was helpless.

Now, he could only hope he’d have a chance to escape the humans, one way or another.


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