i do unreasonable things

I am really sorry to all of you

I’ve been away for a while now and I have some explaining to do. 
I have recently relocated to Australia and I’ve been dealing with some wild emotions lately. To be completely honest with you all, I’ve been a little sad lately. 
This blog has been and always will be about positivity, cheer, joy, Christmas, family and you all. I haven’t wanted to get on here and just start blogging again without an explanation, and I did consider just to not come back again. Which now I realise is a really selfish and completely unreasonable thing to do.
Since I have moved away from my family things are starting to improve for me, both mentally and physically. My family was the reason I moved out this way, I couldn’t be around them anymore, I knew I was being held back and trapped from doing big things, the things I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time. When I said goodbye to my family at the airport I felt this entire world just fall off of my shoulders. Yes, it was incredibly hard to say goodbye to the people who have surrounded me my entire life but it also felt so good. I’m still actually trying to come to terms with having this freedom.
When I lived with my family things were hard for me, to a point where I felt completely isolated from everything. We lived 20 miles from the nearest town and up a very steep rocky road. That’s just the last 2 years living wiht my family, before that we didn’t stay in one place for very long, we moved from county to city to state to state and it seemed never ending. But as I was moving from state to state, I found someone, someone who didn’t understand what I was going through, but wanted to know how I felt and wanted to be in the details of my life. He came back and forth from Australia just to see me and he taught me that people aren’t supposed to be treated the way I had been treated, he showed me a pure and unselfish love that I had only seen a few times in my life. 
He did leave to go back to Australia, and we applied for a visa so he could come back and live with me and my family. This meant he was gone for about 8 months, I declined rapidly in this time frame. just a couple of months after he left that last time, I began exercising and becoming extremely healthy, I went vegan and all of my weight melted off of me like candle wax. I became anorexic within 5 months of him being gone that last time. I was able to hid this from my family for a while, another couple of months went by and no one noticed I hadn’t been eating, I’d been working out constantly and I didn’t want to go outside. I would sit in my room and scroll though photos of foods I wanted to eat so badly but wouldn’t dare touch it. It was one of the hardest times in my life. 
I told my mom I was having problems, she told me she was happy I told her and she wanted to find me a nutritionist, but I knew that wasn’t something I was up for. Not long after that my step-dad employed me as an “office manager” In his new business. I accepted and worked for him in our own home. This made me even more isolated and put me deeper into this hole. 
My fiancé finally came back and my family thought I would get better instantly from him being back. I now know that they pushed him to come back so much that he almost didn’t have a choice. He came back expected the absolute worse and it must have been even worse that I thought. Even when he was back I didn’t want to gain weight, I didn’t want to give up loosing 5 more pounds. So I kept going all through the summer and into the start of autumn.
After long talks with Daniel and my family moving us out of my bedroom in to a camper next to their home I finally started realising the severity of my situation, and I began to eat more, slowly more and more. During this time my mid had to recover as well so I made this blog to find some comfort and it grew so fast and so many people came to support me and the message I was sharing.
I started to feel better, a lot better, I gained all of my weight back and then some. But at my job that now my whole family was working for I was feeling left out. I felt I was there just to keep me happy, and Daniel became employed with them after I had a complete meltdown about the whole family working there besides him.
We both continued to work there for a couple of months until I couldn’t take being thrown to the side and taken advantage of. So I quit. And I was able to work on this blog full-time and really dive into anything creative I wanted to do. After a month or so went by Daniel found the job was giving him a lot of stress causing him to get sick so he decided to quit as well. 
So here we were, both jobless and confused on our next step. We spent a lot of time trying to get out of the house when we could which was close to impossible, we had to depend on other people to get us out because neither of us could drive, my parents seemed as if they didn’t want me to drive so I never got the chance. After a few months of us both being home, blowing through our savings very quickly we decided to move out, and we came to the conclusion going to Australia might be a good change and we might see something there that we could see in the place we were at. 
We decided not to tell my family we were leaving because, I was honestly very overwhelmed with how I was being treated and I was very sad over being left out of the family. No one wanted to talk to me after I quit work with the family company so I went a few months of not being able to go out, and only really being able to talk to Daniel. So, I did make the decision to not tell anyone about this move. We bought our flight, got rid of a lot of unwanted items, and I got my passport, and no one really had any idea. Until, I started asking if people wanted some of the things I wouldn’t usually just give away. 
Then, my parents came to talk to Daniel and I and we laid everything out on the floor, my mother didn’t want to hear it so Daniel and I were left talking to my step-dad and he started angry but finished agreeing with us and being understanding. 
After that Daniel and I went with my family to visit my grandparents on the other side of the country and less than a couple of weeks later we were in Seattle getting on a flight to Hawaii with Daniel’s parents. After we got back from Hawaii we cracked down on getting things packed. It took us a couple of weeks and the morning came when I had to say goodbye. 
As I said before, it was really hard and I had waited for a moment like this for so long it felt really surreal. But I also know I needed this in more ways than one and as soon as I got on that flight there was an enormous weight that fell from me.
Since being in this new place I’ve been deal with the “backlash” of everything that went on the last couple of years. So, right now I am a little lost. I’m slowly trying to find myself. I told Daniel yesterday that I need change, I feel like I really need it. Feeling that was has made me want to change my appearance very badly. I’m thinking of cutting all of my hair off again and getting new specs, changing my wardrobe. All of the materialistic things that I was taught to love by. So I guess the point of this post is to tell you I have been a little lost in my own head lately, and thats why I haven’t been around. I’m trying to reassure myself that it’s a good reason to not be around and I needed the time to try and figure things out, but it’s hard for me to feel confident in anything I say.
But with everything negative that has happened there is some positive. I got to move to an incredible place and really get the freedom I’ve been wanting. I’ve also learned a few new things about myself, one of the being I do want to go back to school next year and I’m really looking forward to doing that.
So, that’s where I have been and that’s how I’ve been doing lately. I’m really angry with myself that I have been able to keep this blog up during travelling and settling in but that’s one of the things I’m trying to work on lately, not the beat myself up over these type of things. 
So, yes, I am back right now and I will try and keep you all close to me and let you in on how things are going. 


pairing: lafayette x reader (although it might as well be john x reader but)

word count: 2000

warnings: cheating, swearing, break up

prompt/request: “hello there could you do #110 with any person just lots of angst and such ahh” (this was AGES ago jfc)

a/n: idk why anyone would want to read a break up fic with laf but. either way here it is. enjoy <3

You knew something had happened while you were gone.

A job like yours required you to go on frequent business trips throughout the country – trips where you were gone for multiple days, quite often without any time to spare. And you knew Lafayette got lonely when you were gone, but when you first started dating, you clearly stated that this was your job, and you weren’t going to change that for him. He accepted this fact, of course, pressing kisses to your knuckles and whispering to you about how much he loved you. And he had been so good about it for the first few years; he stayed home and took care of the dog, watching old re-runs of his favorite French TV shows and eating countless bowls of popcorn. However, this time was different.

Lafayette had seemed… awkward, since you returned home. He seemed wrong. He wasn’t his suave, sensual, flirty self – no, he was stiff, still, and sometimes he even seemed sad. Sad! You had returned from a week-long trip across the country and he was sad around you! In the past, Lafayette was always sure to pleasure you when you returned home as best and as long as he could. But he had barely even hugged you. A quick embrace when he picked you up at the airport, a few more quick ones before you went to work in the morning, but nothing more than that. You weren’t even sure he kissed you yet.

It had been three whole days.

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Drop the T

The drop-the-t people on tumblr are really getting to me. Their fist argument is that cis means “not oppressed by gender”. It doesn’t. All that cis means is someone who identifies as the gender that matches their perceived and assigned sexual organs. It literally means “same side of” where as trans literally means “across/ crossing” which shows you where the words cisgender (same gender identity as your assigned sex) and transgender (not the same gender identity as your assigned sex). Being cis doesn’t mean you can’t be discriminated against for your gender. Cis women are a wonderful example. They can still be oppressed bc of their gender, but they are still cis.
Another one of their arguments is that we should “drop the t” from LGBT because being transgender is not a sexuality. You’re right. Being transgender isn’t a sexuality. And if you’d like to go make your own sexuality club that’s fine. But as far as the community goes it has been LGBT because it’s not the “attracted to the same genitals as me club” but the “queer club”. And further more, the concept that somehow trans people are taking over and kicking LGB ppl out because they aren’t attracted to that trans persons genitals is ridiculous. No trans person out there would try to force you to be interested in their genitals any more than anyone else. Besides MAYBE a VERY FEW outliers, most trans people if they asked you out and you said “hey I think you’re cool but Sex is important to me and I’m not attracted to your genitals” would respond reasonably and just say “ok” and move on. Beyond the normal rejection avoidance there shouldn’t and wouldn’t be much conflict. The part of this that IS hurtful is that it highlights a piece of ourselves that we hate (for the most part) and forces us to think about that hatred again. Which is why what most trans ppl do not like is when at some sort of LGBT event you announce something along the lines of “I only like girls, I don’t like anyone with a penis” or vice versa, because it excludes those trans people from those groupings of “girls” or “boys”.
In addition, who do you think son you your rights in the first place? The stonewall riots? The thing we hold near and dear as an important part of queer history? Was mostly perpetrated and lead by trans women! Imagine that! And more than that, they were trans women of color!
Over all I think that you grossly overestimated why we want to be a part of this community. I have no interest in making you feel unsafe, or trying to take over conversations about being a person with x genitals being with someone who likes x genitals. That’s not my business. I’m there to find community, and pride, and acceptance. Something I’m sure all of us can understand the importance of, considering most of us have gone without before. All I will ever ask of you is to 1. Use my name 2. Use my pronoun. 3. Call me a boy and include me in the grouping of “boy”, and 4. Do not call me a girl or a lesbian. I’d prefer you to not think that of me, but even if you do, do not express it out loud near me or to me.

I don’t think these are unreasonable seeing as I will do the same things for you, and am always willing to find a compromise and help out if my words make you uncomfortable. So please. Keep the T


diverse lit: [2/6] lgbtqa characters // angela montgomery, the lynburn legacy

“How are you doing with the whole ‘enveloped in fire’ bit?”
“Basically how I feel every day when people ask me to do unreasonable things,” said Angela. “Things such as get up early or talk to them in a civil manner.”

“A universe in snapshots, not straying far from canon, where two diamonds, already flawless and priceless on their own right, are polished into perfect unison… ooooooor perhaps not? You shall find it out in this exciting tale spanning a year.

Other characters may appear, come and go, die and be reborn. I don‘t plan on flashing any OCs. ;P Purely lesbian ~yuri~.“

Okay, but would you even read fanfiction if every story was presented and written like this???

[Yugyeom] Call you mine


Yugyeom was never the jealous type, nor possessive. However, the way he had been acting around you ever since you agreed to go out with your good friend, Bambam, told you otherwise.

And he wasn’t even your boyfriend. Well, yet. This ‘some’ relationship had been driving you nuts. Nice to know it was getting to somebody else, too.

“Yugyeom-ah, hurry up!” You turned around, just fast enough to catch a glimpse of an annoyed Yugyeom before he beamed at you.

“I’m coming!” He said, stepping in between you and Bambam, casually putting an arm over your shoulders while pushing Bambam away a little

The Thai boy smirked. “I thought you didn’t like street food.”

Yugyeom shook his head. “Just not much.” Then he turned his head to you to look into your eyes, his fingers subconsciously playing with the ends of your hair. “But since Y/N wants, I’ll go with her.”

“I didn’t say you have to come along, Yugyeom-ah. Just me and Bambam is okay,” you shrugged as the brown-haired-boy pouted at you and the other guy snickered.

“What are you talking about? Absolutely not okay, Y/N-ah! This guy can’t protect you like I do! There’s a huge difference, you know!”, Yugyeom explained rather flustered as Bambam rolled his eyes somewhat dramatically. You pursed your lips to hold back a chuckle, nudging his side to create a small space between you two. You were in public after all.

“Anyway, guys, I’m hungry!” you announced, your stomach growled.

“Kimbap!” Yugyeom said cheerfully and at the same time, Bambam yelled. “Spicy rice cake!”

“Ooooh, just what I’ve been thinking!”, you grinned, reaching your hand pass Yugyeom to high five Bambam.

The tall boy seemed un-amused. He shrugged with his usual as-long-as-you-want attitude. It was true though, Yugyeom would grant all of your wishes, as long as you were happy. Even if sometimes it was as unreasonable as buying chicken and coke for you in the middle of the night or coming to your house the other night just because your parents were out of town. All you needed was one cute whiny call.

“Y/N-ah, aaah~”. After managing to move to your other side, mostly to piss Yugyeom off, Bambam fed you with a slice of spicy rice cake as you stuffed yourself with some more slices, causing Yugyeom to chuckle. He shot a quick glare to his best friend before wrapping an arm around your shoulders again to pull you closer to him. The close proximity where the tips of your noses almost touched made your heart leap a hundred mile. Yugyeom smiled softly at you, using his other hand to wipe the red chili sauce off of the corner of your lips. You grinned at him sheepishly before feeding the boy with a slice of the spicy treat. Then you turned to the other side to feed your Thai friend but Yugyeom had beaten you to it. Shoving a slice into Bambam’s mouth, he immediately had a mouthful of your treat, making you squish his cheeks. His smile eyes shifted from yours to your shirt. Instantly they darkened as if the owner noticed something unpleasant.

Yugyeom cleared his throat. “Your shirts, you two, hey, are you wearing couple shirts right now?” A slight hurt tone clouded his voice.

“Yup! Bambam got it for me when he won a game at a fair, right Bam?” you explained as Bambam nodded, obviously pleased with the I-act-like-I-don’t-care-but-I-do-freaking-care look from Yugyeom.

“You insisted on practicing that night, dude! I told you I was going to the fair.”

“You definitely dropped  the ‘with Y/N’ part”, he mumbled before exclaiming. “Right, Bam-ah, didn’t you said you have practice today? You should probably GO now!”

“Riiight,” the boy smiled knowingly. “Bye, Y/N!”


There was a peaceful silence between you and Yugyeom. He walked close to you, his jacket, which was full of his scent, was now on you, shielding you from the autumn breeze. You glanced at him several times. He was here with you but his mind seemed to have a trance of its own, as if he was struggling whether to tell you something or not. He was a mix of nervousness and anxiety, yet, cute and handsome as always.

“Is there something bothering you. Gyeom-ah? You didn’t seem happy,” you started.

“Y/N-ah… Don’t wear that couple shirt with Bambam again. Always wear this jacket instead. Don’t go anywhere with just a guy, not only Bambam but other boys as well. Go with me, just me, only me instead. Don’t text with him at night. Talk to me instead. Call me whenever you want. Mess with me. Bother me. It’s okay, as long as it’s you.” As you widen your eyes at him, Yugyeom suddenly became a stuttering mess. “I mean, Y/N-ah, it’s not that you are messing or bothering me at all. I mean, even if you do, I won’t feel upset or anything. I mean, I mean I just really want you. I want to be by your side all the time. I-”

“Okay. I will.” Encircling his waist to stop his rantings, you whispered against his chest while listening to his irrationally fast heartbeats. You sensed him exhaling with relief before resting his chin on top of your head and hugging you tight. So that was what he’d been thinking about. His confession.

After a while, Yugyeom cupped your face with his hands. “I know I’m being unreasonable for making you do such silly things but I… I, um, I like you, like a lot, Y/N-ah. I want to be your best friend who you can count on. But I also want to be your boyfriend so I can kiss you whenever I want, cuddle with you and hug you. Y/N-ah, if we continue this ‘some’ relationship like now, I’m afraid I might lose my mind sooner or later if the guys keep hanging around you. I just want you for my own. Can you… can I call you mine?”

“If so… Will you be mine?” You managed to get the words out of your currently fuzzy mind. Finally, the boy of your dream was pouring his heart out to you. This day, you had been waiting for too long.

Just when you thought he was going to reply, he instead erased the tiny gap left between the two of you to place his lips on yours. The touch instantly sent you overdrive as millions of butterflies appeared in your stomach and your skin tingled. He kissed you softly, a bit hesitantly but you were soon addicted, legs wobbled like jelly. You clutched his shirt as he pressed your bodies against each other, his warmth enveloped you in a loving cocoon.

“Yes. 100 percent yes,” he muttered against your lips, his sudden husky voice made you blush like crazy.

“I’m all yours,” you hid your face in his shirt while saying out loud. No one could ever smack that overjoyed, way too satisfied smile off that handsome face of your boyfriend’s. It sounded so nice to say the word - YOUR boyfriend.

Yugyeom slipped his fingers among yours then held them tightly. He nuzzled his hair against your temple before leaning in to peck your lips, which was something he constantly did after every three minutes or so until he got you home. Not that you would mind anyway.


anonymous asked:

I would drop 1000 for charity to see a 2 min video of M and S telling us they are happy and in love and knowing it ENDS like that.

Right? I mean, who among us would not? (Well, maybe not $1000, but I think a lot of us would be MORE than willing to pledge SOMETHING.)

If it does indeed turn out that XF is done (assuming we even get the favor of that much closure…we may not), I think honestly that this is a cool idea. I have no idea whether they would actually do it, but I don’t think it would be an unreasonable thing for fans to put together a polite, good-natured, charity-oriented campaign to ask them. Framed something like: 

The X-Files is over, and we’re going to miss it. All things must come to an end, and we’re happy to have had so many wonderful years with Mulder and Scully. 

We’re sad, though, that what turned out to be the last season ended with Mulder and Scully still estranged, and Mulder in dire condition on the bridge. For so many of us, our fondest hope for the revival was that we would see Mulder and Scully together and happy, and that we would be able to leave it knowing that these characters were out there somewhere, side by side and ready for more adventures. Unfortunately, it was not to be. 

We, the X-Files fandom, are wondering if we could combine David’s and Gillian’s admirable histories of charitable work and the fans’ longstanding enthusiasm and love for the show, and ask them to bring Mulder and Scully to us one last time.

We would love to see a SHORT video with David and Gillian, in character as Mulder and Scully, in which we’re able to see that they’re OK, and together, and content. Detailed set design and costuming is not necessary, and we’re not concerned with the resolution of plot details. We would love to see a few last sweet moments of our Mulder and Scully, not in a state of emergency, not in a state of estrangement, exchanging some affectionate words and allowing us to let out our breaths and know that they’re where they belong – with each other. (And yes, seeing them kiss would be the icing on the cake.)

We would organize a pledge drive for this video, with proceeds going to the charitable causes of Gillian and David’s choice. [To be fleshed out, obviously, by someone with a better head for these kinds of details than I have.]

It is the human story, the story of Mulder and Scully, that has always been the center of The X-Files. For many of us who have journeyed so very long with these characters, a satisfying resolution for this story at long last would mean more than we can say. 

Regardless of whether this is something that can happen, we want you to know how grateful we are to you, and to all of the cast and crew over the years, for bringing these characters to life and for the ongoing act of creation that has made them so real and so endeared to us. We will always love Mulder and Scully, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making us believe. 

That’s my stab at it. Maybe less wordy. 

It would be premature right now, but if we do learn that the show is over, something to think about? Maybe. 

(Also, I didn’t include the Vince part because that seemed like another level of ask, but maybe. I guess I’m assuming here that we would just let them improvise.) 

(Or we could try to write a script ourselves, but I feel like that would turn into a de facto fanfic popularity contest, and to be honest with you I’d rather leave out that aspect. We all have our preferences and our favorites as far as fics/authors, and I wouldn’t want the focus of this to become “who gets crowned as eternal canon-blessed fic queen.” We will have lots and lots and lots of time to write our versions of things, and I for one look forward to reading all of them, but my preference would be to keep those worlds separate here.)

anonymous asked:

What are the signs that a person might be the daddy type of it is too soon to ask?

Hello! 🤗

(I’m going to say daddy since a daddy is specifically what the asker was, well, asking about. However, I believe these things should be applied to any caregiver, regardless of gender. I believe this also applies to non-sexual cg/l relationships as you are still giving someone the responsibility of caring for you.)

I’m sorry, I don’t fully understand your question. But, I’ll answer based on my understanding. If I’m wrong, please contact me again and correct me!

However, there are some things every good daddy should exhibit.

A daddy should be:

•Honest and trustworthy
If you are submitting to this person, giving them something irreplaceable (you!!), you need to be able to trust them with you. You need to be as sure as you can that they will not use your submission to hurt or manipulate you. And every partner should be honest. Dishonesty is poisonous to any relationship.

•Patient and gentle.
You should always exhibit patience with a partner, but especially with a little. Losing patience, showing frustration, can hurt us so badly (I can’t imagine that a daddy losing their temper along the way isn’t scary, too 😟). It can make us feel like we’re disappointing them or letting them down. Like we’re bad.
And every good daddy knows there are just some times where being gentle is the right way to handle a situation. A daddy needs to know when a punishment is appropriate.

•Caring and supportive.
The word care is right in the term “caregiver”. A daddy should be able to provide the basic level of care required and agreed upon.
A daddy should be your biggest fan, your cheerleader. They should always support you and and praise you when you’ve deserve it. They should encourage you to do hard things (of course I don’t mean unreasonable things. Things that are good for you that you may be a little scared of or reluctant to do) and continue to offer their support and praise along the way. He should also be your rock. Things can get really crazy, scary or just plain overwhelming sometimes. But you should always have the security of knowing your daddy is a constant in your life. That no matter what happens, you always have him.
Aftercare should also be incredibly important to him.

•Kind and understanding.
Your daddy should always treat you like the most important thing in the world to him. He should understand that you will make mistakes, you will break a rule here and there, and that’s okay. He should never ever ever insult you or berate you. He should never make you feel like you’re bad or stupid. He should never intentionally hurt you.

•Present and affectionate
Your daddy should always make time for you. When he is with you, the focus should be on you, not his phone, computer, friends. There should be designated time for you and, in that designated time, it should be all about the two of you together. That is not at all to say that they cannot have a life outside you! Of course they can. But, you shouldn’t feel ignored or neglected. He should be as affectionate as you want/need him to be.

•Protective and fair
You should always feel safe, secure and protected by your daddy.
In a c/gl relationship where it is agreed upon that the daddy is the dominant one, he should always maintain fairness. Never EVER punish out of anger, ignore safewords, manipulate or abuse you in any way. Dominance comes with power and, unfortunately, some “doms” (I don’t consider them such) will abuse that power.
Never issue a punishment completely out of proportion with a broken rule or punish out of cruelty or anger. If a daddy is angered by his little, he should take some time to calm himself, then return to the situation and decide what to do. It is better to walk away for a moment to collect yourself than act out of anger.

A cg/l/dom/sub relationship should be between two *consenting* adults who trust each other and are happy to take on these roles/this lifestyle. If you feel that the consent, trust, or happiness are not present and you have tried talking about it with no results, please rethink being in the relationship. You should not stay in a relationship that makes you unhappy or makes you feel bad. You should never give your submission to someone who does not deserve it or can’t handle it just like a dom should never accept submission from someone unless he truly desires it and is confident that he can handle it, not accept it just to please his partner.

Those are some of the basics. I may have neglected to include something so, as always, feel free to add to this!

As for whether or not it’s too soon to ask, I can’t answer that for you. One, because I don’t have any information and, two, because I feel that’s up to you to decide.
If you know this person enough, feel like they exhibit the qualities that would make them
good daddy to you, and you feel comfortable asking them, go for it!


Tiny milk sprites are benevolent creatures that make sure that the milk in your storage stays fresh. If properly cared for, they can grow and make excellent dairy products for you.

Native to Switzerland, they’ve learnt the art of making magic cheese from the alpine dwarf population.

I drew this as a small present and since it arrived I can upload it :D