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“My Little Pony: Bobdude Remix”

Oh shit it’s a new blanket design for Bronycon. I wanted to get big mac, maud, and shining armor/cadence/flurry on this thing (because I should have them as stickers for bronycon), but the order has to go in now if I’m gonna get them in time. If I stick to this horse convention thing another summer I’ll add a whole bunch more of the other horses I’ve drawn to it, quite like my Sweetie collage. I’m hoping to turn it into something really cool but it’ll be a few hundred hours before that can happen. I uh, may or may not be trying to draw every vaguely important pony from the show. We’ll see. In the meantime though I think this looks pretty neat, got a little bit of something for everyone on it. This one will also be on wallscrolls, which will be a bobdude first for bronycon.

Anyways, enjoy a little collage of horses. Expect those new stickers I mentioned real soon

OH, one last thing, I won’t be taking preorders for blankets at bronycon this year. Due to this post-trotcon rush, I just couldn’t make them happen. However there is some good news, I found a new blanket printer so I’m printing more of them and they’ll sell for even cheaper. I’ll have ten of my Sweetie Collage and ten of this new design here. Hopefully they take off as well at bronycon as they did at everfree, those blanket sales take my mood from good to infallible every time one goes haha


batb meme → [1/6] lyrics
↳ and for once it might be grand, to have someone understandi want so much more than they’ve got planned


Early birthday present for @fadewithfury ( ˘ ³˘)♥

When Hannah confides to Bambi that she fancies a D.I. who works in the same building as her editor, her friend takes it upon herself to get Hannah a special birthday gift. Despite the initial awkwardness, with a little flirting and a little lot of wine, they soon get cozy.


Nothing Will Keep Us Apart

The 100 One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Bellamy Blake + Octavia Blake, Raven Reyes, Clarke Griffin, Monty Green, John Murphy, Echo, Emori & Harper McIntyre

Warnings: season 4 spoilers-ish, mentions of blood

Request: “Could you write a bellamy blake oneshot about seeing him again when you get out of the bunker after the six years?” - anonymous

Word Count: 2,450

A/N: kinda went with a different format with this one, hope that’s okay !! and i hope you don’t mind me focusing more on the lead up to reuniting with him more than the actual event. and ahH i love bellamy thanks for requesting, here is my first bellamy one shot ! (and i actually kinda like it woO)

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The Sky Boy and The Night Blood

Hello love :) Today I got the idea of a bellamy request, in which yn is a nightblood & has to take part in the conclave. Bell & yn are rly close, but not together. Bell is rly worried & wants to convince her that she doesn’t have to do this. yn is secretly rly afraid too, but is like: “I have to do this, bell”. Bell then confesses his feelings for her but she has to go. She doesn’t become the new commander (she’s happy about that), but she survives it somehow. Later cute reunion with bell. Thanks!

Ok so I wrote this when I was super sick, so I didn’t go back to edit much but I hope you enjoy!

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When my OTP decides to do their own thing, mental plot outline be damned.
  • Me: *glares at characters*
  • Me: I know you want to do the thing, but don't do the thing.
  • Characters: Please? S'il vous plait?
  • Me: No. Stop. I know you're my OTP, but--
  • Characters: Pleease?
  • Me: Oh come on guys. The library is like THE most predictable place to start making out.
  • Me:
  • Me: Okay, you win.
  • Me: *under breath* Again.

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So I thought “what if Gaston and LeFou had children”
The girl is the younger one. Just like her dad (Gaston) she’s very brave and full of herself. And angry. Basically all the time. Say anything bad about her family or friends (especially Gastons and LeFous past) and you’ll probably die.
But usually she’s the cool kind of girl. Like this kind of cool - B)
(I don’t know if that says much but you get what I mean)
The boy is older. He’s complete oposite of his sister. More than hunting (it’s his sister thing) he prefers a good book. Yes, he can read so LeFou and Belle are very proud of him. He isn’t awkward or antisocial but sometimes he’s just weird. Usually new people in the village don’t know what to expect from him. For example, he can just stare at you for an hour with no specific reason. Mabey he just likes being this one weird guy in the place, the world may never know.
Oh, and if you tell something wrong about Papa or Dad… I don’t think running will help you.
They both loves to dance but the boy got the sick moves while the girl is the better singer.
I don’t know how it is even possible for them to exist because I don’t want to make mpreg out of this (not that mpreg is something bad!) so… MAGIC I GUESS????
(I’m going to do Belles and Adams kid too. And mabey Stanleys too. I’m thinking about Stanfou version or Stanley will just get a nice guy on his own)
Oh and I don’t have names for them, so I would be more than honored if someone would find some beutiful French names for them. I’m really bad at this.

I wanted to tag Stanfou but I’m afraid of hate so I’m just gonna tag stanley.


I do other music types too!

MOTIONLESS IN WHITE boyfriend boards: date night at the graveyard.

With Past members Josh balz (good thing I met him before he left), Angelo Parente, TJ , and Brandon Richter. Exception of Kyle White, Mike Costanza, and Frank Polumbo I wish I could find more of their pictures so I could have done them too.

anonymous asked:

For your Disney prompt thing, could we have Belle and Gold being mistaken for a couple? And the actor for Prince Charming low-key being into Belle and Gold having Opinions on that? Not cane-smashing opinions, just slightly-territorial opinions. Or angsting about how she could never want him. Angst is good too.

((Both? Both. Both is good.))

“Move over Drizella you chatted up the last one!”

“It’s not my fault he found me so alluring, Anastasia! Now, young prince, what might your name be?”

Belle giggled at the two step sisters clad in pink and green as they fawned over Baelfire and bickered over who would be the one to marry him. They even went so far as to complement his father, making Gold give the first sincere laugh she’d heard from in in a long while. The boy took it in strides, telling the two of them that he preferred blondes. They scoffed and dashed away, but not before signing his little book and assuring him they’d wait if he ever changed his mind.

“He’s a natural with the ladies.” She said. “You’ll be in trouble when he gets older.”

Gold smiled as he took another bite of whatever food he’d decided to put on his plate. Truth be told he couldn’t remember what exactly he’d gotten. He couldn’t remember most of that day before they’d met up with Belle. It was a blessing. Here he was with someone Baelfire trusted and who he could trust with Baelfire. Had been for an hour or so after school every other Thursday for a year. His son adored the book club she’d put together for the children, and he adored the librarian. Belle always told him he was welcome to come by after school anytime, and though Gold never took her up on that offer, he knew his son could not have been in safer hands.

It was almost too good to be true they’d met up with her at all. And after the disaster that the last few months had been leading up to the divorce and the hardship they’d face once home with the looming custody battle…Well, his son deserved this little distraction.

“Miss Belle!” Baelfire whispered as the step sisters disappeared to the next table. “Prince Charming is right behind you!”

Belle gave a surprised gasp, pretending to be excited over the prospect of meeting the prince. It was, after all, the whole reason she’d came with them. Or so Baelfire thought.

“And who is this lovely princess?”

The prince was clad in white and gold, looking as if he’d stepped right out of the movie. He gave them a bow, before taking Belle’s hand in his.

“It is lovely to meet you, Miss…?”

“Uh, Belle.” She said, and Gold couldn’t tell if she was flustered due to the prince’s good looks or the fact that he’d brought her hand to his lips.

The prince hummed. “I know a Belle, but you certainly put her beauty to shame.” He glanced to Gold. “Your husband is a lucky man.”

“Indeed I am.” Gold said, unable to resist playing along with the confusion. His son gave him a confused look, but his father only winked at him.

Prince Charming chuckled, turning to his son. “Make note, little prince. True love comes in many forms, and I believe these two have it.”

Baelfire’s eyes widened, looking between Belle and his father. Then he was beaming, letting the prince sign his book before he was off.

“Papa why did you make the prince think you and Belle are married?” Baelfire asked, his voice almost accusing. Lying was bad. He’d been told so many times. And he was pretty sure lying to royalty was worse.

“Well Bae…” Gold stuttered, caught.

Belle interjected. “The prince thought I was the real Belle. And if he invited me away to visit with Cinderella how could I have finished the dinner with you?”

Baelfire seemed to accept this, going back to eating what little was left on his plate and sparking with an excited energy when Cinderella drew near.

“Thank you. For the explanation.” Gold said. “I’m sorry if I went too far.”

“Not at all.” Belle said with a giggle. She must have imagined the hint of jealousy that had made him not deny Prince Charming’s assumption. “Don’t worry, though. I’ll not be swooning at Prince Charming of all princes.”

“Ah. So you will be swooning at a prince.” Of course she would. Belle deserved a prince, of course. For what she’d done and what she was doing for them she deserved any prince she wanted. “And which one, pray tell, is it that had stolen your heart?”

“You’ll have to guess that one too.” Belle said simply, smiling at him over her glass of soda. “Just know it definitely isn’t one as superficial as Prince Charming.”

Gold hummed, unable to help but wonder who it was that would be able to charm her so. There was really no need for the surge of jealousy that had come when the Prince kissed her hand. Belle no doubt wanted a prince to sweep her off her feet. After all, what woman didn’t? He sat back in his chair, watching as Belle showed Baelfire a puzzle game she’d made out of the crayons they’d provided for Baelfire, distracting the boy enough from his constant vigilance of Cinderella that when the princess appeared behind him it took him by surprise. Baelfire was beaming even before the princess came. Belle, the cause of the smile. A smile he hadn’t seen on his son in a long while. If nothing else, he loved Belle for that.

“Breathe, Bae.” Belle teased as the boy stammered something at Cinderella, too star-struck to function. “It’s only Cinderella.”

This seemed to help, and the boy cleared his throat, sheepishly telling Cinderella that she was his favorite, and asking permission to kiss her hand.

“What a charming little prince.” Cinderella wondered. “Your parents must be so proud.”

“His father certainly is.” Belle said with a smile. “He’s done an amazing job. I’m simply happy to witness it.”

Cinderella gave them both a smile, Gold rubbing the back of his head almost sheepishly. “Well not to worry, my dear. I know a few things about wicked step mothers, and you simply can’t be one. These two are very lucky to have found you.”

The princess gave them a small bow and walked off, leaving Baelfire sitting there, confused. Why did they keep thinking Papa was with Miss Belle? Not that he’d be against that, he supposed. Papa looked happy, and he liked Miss Belle.

“Papa are we going to Epcot tomorrow?”

“Yes indeed, Bae.” Gold said, happy when his son didn’t ask any other questions. Belle’s cheeks were beet red as she giggled at Cinderella’s last comment.

“Belle, come with us!” Baelfire declared. “It’s the flower festival, and you can see all the countries you’ve wanted to!”

Belle’s eyes widened and she looked helplessly between the two boys. Gold suddenly looked very lost, and she wondered if the prospect of spending the day alone with his son was making him as nervous as the thought of spending the day alone with them was making her.

“I don’t want to impose…” Belle said, her voice trailing off.

“Not at all.” Gold said. “It saves us from wasting a ticket…”

“Well who am I to say no to that?” Belle said with a giggle. “I’ll just…ah, have to extend a hotel stay.”

“We can come with you for that!” Baelfire said with a smile. “Right, Papa?”

“Of course. We’ll do all we can to help.”

Belle smiled, “I will too.”

Gold’s heart stuttered in his chest. Somehow, Belle knew of their struggles. Of their plight. And her eyes held no judgements. He wasn’t sure if it were the divorce months ago that was making his heart falter so easily or if it were Belle. He wasn’t her prince, but perhaps, for a few days more, he could pretend he were.

Believe It or Not. Part 2.

Here’s part two of my Stiles Stilinski imagine series(:

(Based off 1x02 “Second Chance at First Line”)
I had nothing better to do, so I sat on the bleachers trying to do some homework while the boys were at practice. My practice starts when theirs ends, so I figured I would just sit here. They were doing a bunch of weird drills that I don’t understand, and then I noticed Scott was leaned over and it looked like he was breathing really hard. Stiles was bent over next to him saying something to him, of course this far away I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I shut my textbook and stood up trying to get a better view of the scene, that’s when Stiles and Scott ran off the field and back towards to school. I decided to follow.

I couldn’t find them anywhere, the last place I could think of was the boys locker room but it’s not really like I can check in there, and I had practice anyway so I was really needing to get back to the field, I’ll just ask Scott about it later.
- - -
I walked through the front door only to be greeting by my mother going the other direction.

“Good luck tonight.” She said frustratedly.

“What? With what?”

“Scott’s in a bad mood, I don’t know if it’s a bad mood really I think he just needs to sleep but he wasn’t particularly the nice son just now.”

“I’ll talk to him a little bit, see if something’s up.” I reassured her grabbing her shoulder as she continued to walk out the door.

She gave me a smile smile before leaving completely.
I walked up the stairs to head to my room first, I really needed to take a shower. The first game is on Saturday and we have barely got one routine down. Im really excited though, despite being sore. Something will be really cool cheering for Scott while he plays first line.

I finished in the shower and got dressed in some sweat pants, I walked to Scott’s room only to fine he wasn’t there. Weird. I just ignored it an decided to get some sleep before school tomorrow.
- - -
Later that day in our math class, our teacher assigned Scott and Lydia up to the board to solve equations. Despite being dumb, she was actually solving hers rather quickly. Scott wasn’t solving his at all, which I blame Lydia for. I couldn’t hear anything but was definitely bothering him about something and he looked really annoyed.

“Mr. McCall, you’re not even close to solving your problem.”
- - -
I walked through the hallway during passing period only to see Lydia introducing Allison I practically every player on the team, poor Scott.

Speaking of, I see him watching the same thing I am a little ways down the hall. I go to approach him but he walks right past me straight towards Lydia and Allison, and he looked pissed. So I stand where I am and watch.

After Lydia left, his conversation with Allison sort of looked like a disaster. She just left him in the middle of the hallway. I would’ve helped but there was nothing really I could do. That’s when the bell rang and I yelled, “Scott.” Too grab his attention, but again he walked past me and out the front doors of the school. But it’s fine, I love being ignored.

I sat down next to Stiles in my next class and figured he might be the only way I know what’s going on with my brother.

“Hey.” I start.

“Hey!” He smiled back at me.

“Can I ask you something, it’s about Scott.”

Maybe im just imaging things, but it looked as if he stopped breathing.

“Uh- yeah, yeah sure, I guess.”
That was weird.

“Okayyyyy, well is he okay? Is it just stuff with Allison or-”

“yes. YES! That’s exactly what it is. Allison, everything wrong with Scott has to do with Allison.”

He cut me off very abruptly. Very confused I turned my attention to the boring history lesson I front of me, he was totally lying, but I guess I can handle it for now.
- - -
I stopped by the hospital during lunch to bring mom some coffee, she doesn’t like us to worry but I think she’s been pretty stressed lately so I thought I’d surprise her, make her smile.

“Hi Julie, is my mom available right now?”

I asked the woman sitting behind the front desk.

“You’re so sweet y/n, I’ll go let her know you’re here.”

“Thank you!” I propped my arm up on the counter and faced the other direction only to see Stiles sitting around the corner from Lydia, who was probably here with Jackson about his shoulder.

Stiles pretended to be reading a magazine whilst actually staring at her, which is how I witnessed probably the most embarrassing situation I’ve ever seen Stiles caught in.

“Hey, Lydia. You probably don’t remember me. Um, I sit behind you in Biology. Uh, anyway, I always thought that we just had this kind of connection. Unspoken, of course. Maybe it’d be kind of cool to, get to know each other a little better.”

“Hold on, give me a second. Yeah, I didn’t get any of what you just said. Is it worth repeating?”

I literally wanted to walk over there and slap her so bad for being so rude to him, he deserved so much better.

“ No. Sorry. I’ll just sit. You don’t care.”

After that Jackson came out and all her attention was focused on him, so I walked over and sat down next to Stiles.

“What’re you doing here?” I asked looking at him as he looked down at his hands in his lap. He looked up at me then,

“Nothing. Why are you here?”

I held up the coffee in my hand, “thought my mom could use some caffeine.”

He laughed, he looked so happy and almost childish when he laughed. I loved it. The moment was ruined by his phone singing in his pocket. He read it quickly and his facial expression made it seem urgent.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, fine,” he stood up and faced me, “look I gotta go.”

He started to walk away but before he got too far I shouted, “Bye Stiles!”

“Bye Lydia!” He shouted back, “I mean, y/n.”
I couldn’t really be mad or hurt, but I gotta say that really sucked. Nothing better than talking to your crush only to realize he wanted to be talking to someone else the entire time. Oh well, im here for my mom anyways, not him.
- - -
I came home that night after practice at around 6:30, mom had the night shift again so I knew I was making dinner for Scott and I. I decided ordering pizza was a good idea, so I called in the order.

“Scott?” I called throughout the house once I hung up on the pizza place, “Scott you home?”

The silence that followed after what I said answered my question for me. Of course he’s not home, he’s got the lacrosse game! And so do I. Although to don’t know why he’d be there already, it starts at 8.

I called him, and then Stiles. No answer from either. I ate my pizza by myself and then changed into my uniform.

I admired myself in the mirror a little bit, I really did look good in maroon. I tied my straight hair up into a pony tail, and headed towards to lacrosse field.

When I got there, there were a lot of people. Which I guess is to be expected for the first game of the season. I spotted Allison and Lydia making their way to a seat on the bleachers with an old man, I assumed he was Allison’s dad since he obviously wasn’t Lydia’s.

I then glanced around the rest of the field, I then saw Scott and Stiles sitting on the bleachers secretly discussing something, and I didn’t really feel like getting blown off again so I decided I would talk to them later, even though I really wanted to wish my brother… And Stiles good luck, it would have to wait.

I saw my squad across the field individually stretching and preparing and started to walk towards them only to be cut off by Stiles himself.

“Hey Stiles, are you ready for the game?” I asked nonchalantly.

“I mean, not really, but I don’t really have to be. It’s not like im gonna play anyway.”

“That’s the spirit!” I said sarcastic making him laugh. Then we just kinda stood there awkwardly for a few seconds before he spoke again.

“Actually y/n, I wanted to apologize.”

“Stiles you didn’t do anything, apologize for what?”

“Calling you Lydia, earlier. I don’t really-”

I cut him off not really wanting to talk about this at the moment, “it’s totally fine, you were just in a conversation with her before me. It’s not a big deal, you don’t need to apologize.” I gave him a weak smile and tried to walk away but his arm caught mine.

“I do need to though.”

We just stared at each for a little bit before he finally let go. Without saying anything I continued walking to join my squad in the grass by the bleachers.

*she didn’t know, but Stiles watched her walk away, sadly. He really did feel bad, and he really needed to apologize. Although he didn’t quite understand it himself, he never wants to hurt her. And with everything with Scott he’s been kind of shitty to her lately, they both have. But he shrugged it off for now, he had Scott to worry about for the time being.
- - -
The game was going good, we were winning already. Scott was doing great! I’ve never seen him play this good, or, at all honestly.
Also cheering was going great, I didn’t forget a single step of any routine, I was good at this, and I liked that.

Although the more closely I watched, the more Scott looked really angry, nobody was passing to him and I didn’t understand why. But he started to play more aggressively. He didn’t wait for the lacrosse ball to be passed to him, he just took it. I looked over to Stiles sitting on the bench and he was chewing on his glove, watching Scott’s every move. Something more was definitely going on. I moved my attention back to Scott on the field, but he wasn’t even paying attention. I followed his gaze up to the bleachers were Allison was assisting Lydia in holding a sign that read out, ‘go Jackson.’
That’s gotta be rough.

Once the game was over I ran on the field to greet Scott but he was nowhere to be found, instead I ran into Allison.

“Hey, did you see where your brother went?” She asked.

“No clue, I was looking him myself. Sorry I could be much help.”

She just smiled and waved, I decided if I couldn’t find Scott I would look for Stiles. I spotted him not too far from. I started to walk to him but not even two steps later he took off running towards the school not far behind Allison. It’s whatever though.

I guess I’ll just go home and congratulate Scott when he decides to show up.

*please feel free to send me a message to let me know how I’m or if you have any suggestions. Or just to say hi(:*

The hardest part of working at Taco Bell for me is the hairnets.
I am not kidding.
But really tho, I’m having fun! I have to work today, but it’s nice!