i do this way to often irl

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I've been thinking about how the antis insist that Snape's bullying makes him a horrible person, END OF STORY. I think some of this is the urge to define boundaries & keep safe from abusers. Bullies & abusers can make situations confusing & complicated and they often have plausible reasons for what they do. IRL it can be important to shut off discussion and label someone a bully if they're hurting you, and I think the antis may be practicing this skill in a safe forum on a symbolic target.

Yes, it’s definitely possible.  There’s such a level of disconnect going on, it’s staggering.

I would give them rather more credit if they also felt the same way about the Marauders who were also canonically bullies, and/or if they weren’t so nasty to those people who post positively about Snape.

The behaviour they deride Snape for is the behaviour that we often see repeated over several posts.  Which, I suppose, ironically, supports our point about cycles of abuse…

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Imagine s/o kissing Murdoc's hands when they are overwhelmed with their love for him(very often)


• Murdoc doesn’t get flustered easily by sexual things but random displays of affection are one way to get his cheeks hot.
• He puts on a front like it doesn’t affect him but deep down he’s Lovin It™.

– Admin Croc

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sorry. i was kinda mad when i sent the caps ask. i just hate when people take boys doing feminine things as them being trans women. that is harmful and happens way too often irl, boy does feminine things and is bullied until he forcibly enjoys masculine things. sorry for that last ask, i didnt mean any harm. i just got way too heated. sorry for calling you bitch, it was rude of me. its just kinda cissexist (is that the right word? idk) that people who like fem things must be girls.

Of course, and I get what you mean.

Although there’s a difference between a boy who simply enjoys feminine things, and somebody who desperately wishes to be a girl, is ashamed of their own body to the point where they can’t look at themselves, is more concerned with being buried in a suit than dying, and was all of a sudden having the time of their life, despite being hunted down in the most feared high-security boarding school/conversion camp in the multiverse, the moment somebody referred to them as a ‘princess’.

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Ok so i've had the hardest time explaining something. recently i was ranting to a friend about seeing someone support Autism $peaks and i was very upset about it. they asked why finding a cure for autism would be such a bad thing (he didn't ask this in an insensitive way, he asked out of genuine curiousity, as he doesn't know much about asd). i tried to explain that there isn't a cure for it and even if there was it's extremely ableist. anyway, i had a really hard time explaining that even

though it’s a disability and as hard as it is to do things in like that other people find easy, there’s not anything wrong with me and i don’t feel like i need to be “fixed”. do you have a good way to explain this?

It can be really hard to explain why something like this is bad when it’s so painful to talk about. I often have difficulty explaining it IRL because it’s a very emotional subject for me. The first thing I would recommend would be showing your friend this post which is an in-depth look at why Autism $peaks is bad in a way that allistics are more likely to be receptive to (full disclosure, it’s one of my posts).

As for explaining why a cure is bad, let me give this a go. 

While autism is a disability and comes with varied impairments, there are also good things about being autistic. We see things differently than others do which can allow us to find solutions that others wouldn’t. Many great minds throughout history are thought to have been autistic. There are also many joys unique to the autistic experience such as finding the perfect stim or sensory experience. 

Autism is not something that can just be removed from a person. Our brains developed differently from birth and everything about us is autistic. The idea of a cure is offensive because you are saying that you want to cure who we are as people. There is no non-autistic person hidden beneath a layer of autism. We are autistic through and through. 

Because of this, the only possible “cure” would be eugenics. Autism $peaks and other terrible organizations are funding research into what genes cause autism so that they can develop prenatal testing that would reveal if a child would be autistic so that the child can be eliminated. We’ve already seen this happen with Downs Syndrome. The amount of people born with Downs Syndrome has dropped significantly as a result of eugenic practices.  

Who we are as people is not something to be cured. We may have our struggles and our challenges, but so does everyone. The idea that who we are needs to be cured is offensive to our cores as that is what you are trying to “cure”. Autism may be a disability but that is because we live in a society that is not built for us. We are not broken. We are not burdens. We are not tragedies. We are a diverse group of beautiful people who do not need to be cured as there is nothing wrong with us. We’re just different. 

I hope this helps you explain things to your friend. Good luck!


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I'm a different anon (i promise!) I just saw what that other anon said to you and i have to say something because i follow quite a few hobrien shippers. It doesn't bother me in any way, i've never seen any of you do anything gross or rude or disrespectful to either tyler or dylan or anyone they're dating. But i have often seen your posts and wondered "isnt that a thing you're not meant to do? Ship irl celebrities like that??" And i dont know what this other anon is about (pt1)

But i do know that coming from ye old glee fandom days it was a HUGE no no to ship irl because of people who shipped chris and darren and it was common knowledge to us like “PSA DO NOT DO THIS IS IT A BAD AND GROSS” and clearly it wasnt that was for you all with hobrien which is fine! But coming from that fandom and then seeing other fandoms still do that is sort of like an immediate cringe because oh no the bad thing and i’ve often wondered about that. I mean the way they came at you was not cool, they could have easily just asked if they wanted to know but that might be where they’re coming from if they were in a fandom that it was a big giant bad thing to do that. Like i said i dont give a shit about it as long as people are chill and no one brings it up to the actual actors because like god that almost never goes well but you guys just have fun and like no harm done with that at all so who cares!

Hey anon, thanks for the much more polite message on this topic.

We all come from different backgrounds and fandom experiences, which absolutely color our perception of certain norms. I’m not sure why there would be such a strong view against shipping actors in some fandoms and not others, but I’m going to guess that, in many cases, people throwing up arms and saying not to ship real people are doing so as a preventative measure against the shippers who would go up to the actors and talk to them about it. I was never a part of Glee fandom, but I have the impression that the majority of the fans probably skewed toward the younger side, with a higher percentage of people more likely to actually approach the actors with real life shipping questions. And that might have developed into a culture of people thinking shipping real life people is wrong and inappropriate, when the real issue is that approaching actors about your shipping views on them is wrong and inappropriate.

So that’s my theory, anyway. Some people probably assume that, because we ship Hobrien, we will ask relationship questions at conventions or tweet them saying to announce their love, when the majority of us –– and certainly all the shippers I know –– understand that this would be unacceptable and are happy to keep our love for these two over here in our blogs and our excited ramblings to each other. They have the two ideas tangled up in their heads, and lash out at us in some flawed attempt to protect the celebrities from something they legitimately do not need protection from.

The conversation needs to be turned from “don’t ship celebrities” (because that’s legitimately never going to stop. Like I said, industries were built on it; it’s human nature to do it, and I’m sure everyone who says not to do it still does it, at least on some level) to “don’t approach celebrities with personal and uncomfortable questions.”

Red/Blue Dex Entry: A Pokémon that has been overhunted almost to extinction. It can ferry people across the water

OR/AS Dex Entry:
People have driven Lapras almost to the point of extinction. In the evenings, this Pokémon is said to sing plaintively as it seeks what few others of its kind still remain.

The first and most recent dex entries for Lapras. Its one of my favourite pokemon, but I’ve always found it poignant how it seems to represent dwindling populations of real world cetaceans (whales and dolphins) that have too been hunted to near extinction in the recent past, despite being gentle and intelligent creatures. Anyway, I’d thought I’d do a lil’ biological overview of them (which is in no way canon, just something I wrote based on irl cetaceans and fossil plesiosaurs!)

Lapras are large marine reptilian pokemon, found in polar and sub-polar waters.  They are endothermic (warm blooded) with a thick layer of fat for insulation. They feed primarily on fish pokemon, such as remoraid, but also forage on the seafloor for benthic pokemon, such as Krabby, or Shellder. They possess a single horn on their head, used to form and sustain air holes under layers of sea ice. They are extremely long lived pokemon, and adults often have dense encrustations of a small binacle subspecies, only found on Lapras. They are highly intelligent, and have a sophisticated communication with conspecifics (other Lapras) via singing. Lapras travel to warmer, temperate waters to breed and rear young, for example they can be spotted off the coast ot Kalos in the Azure bay. Males sing endlessly during this period in order to compete for females. The calves are born via vivipary (live birth) and are reared in the shallow warm waters until they are mature enough to travel back to colder waters, where food is more abundant. Calves stay in the protection of their mothers for years. Females travel in pods of closely related mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters and grandmothers, whereas males lead a more solitary lifestyle.

Unfortunately, due to their gentle nature, and valuable oils and fats, these Pokemon have been hunted to near extinction, and are classified as a highly endangered species.

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Can you please do Sebastian Stan? I'm just hoping he's not problematic 😂

I didn’t find anything, and I’m super happy because he’s one of my all-time faves. He’s a supporter of marriage equality, planned parenthood, and immigration and often goes out of his way to speak to fans (both irl and online) who are struggling or have mental illnesses, and gives his support. He seems like an amazing guy, and is the kind of celebrity I’m proud to be a fan of!

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Hey, so how did you go about learning programming? I find myself too easily distracted and without many if any people to ask for help past roadblocks

Ahhh - distraction and roadblocks are the hardest parts. I had some luck, in the beginning, as both of those things go.

I started off with the books on https://inventwithpython.com - there’s two free books there that teach you Python by having you make games - seriously fun way to learn programming - especially if you’re not an abstract math nerd (which I’m not). I also just tried to work through all the tutorials I could find in general.

I was lucky that I had a close friend and a partner who were both really into Python (though neither was super advanced at the time), so I did have some people to ask for help.

I also have ADHD (though I didn’t know it at the time), and when I started on programming, I was OBSESSED with it - as in it was almost all I did, and you couldn’t get me to shut up about it. That obsession lasted a few months, and in that time I was able to apply successfully to the Recurse Center (https://recurse.com), which was called Hacker School back then. So I spent 3 months around 60 people working on their own things and pair programming and giving workshops and presentations; we also had amazing programmers come in as residents for a week at a time.

So it was a great outlet for my intense distraction tendencies. It also gave me a way to pick up many things I wouldn’t have gotten to on my own. On the other hand, I literally had two weeks where I literally couldn’t focus enough to work on anything - that sucked!


Here’s some things that might help:
1. Immerse yourself - books, videos, podcasts. tutorials, programming tumblrs, twitters, etc. This will help with distraction - cuz at least you’ll be distracted by other programming things.
2. Set goals or set a daily time to work on programming. You need to put in at least 1 hr a day, five times a week, in order to make some basic progress. If you’re not already there, then progressively build up to it.
3. Write things out with paper and pen - both for planning and when you’re stuck.
4. Rubber Duck - talk to a person or object, and describe whatever you’re stuck on. Just the act of verbalizing externally will help out (your brain does extra cognitive processing when you do this)
5. Keep a log of what you do/did each day - you’re probably doing more than you realize.
6. Realize that progress doesn’t happen linearly - sometimes you move fast, sometimes you can’t move at all. Just keep putting in tons of effort and you’ll get somewhere.
7. Go for a walk - this does great things for your memory and processing skills, as well as for stress - it’s often when you realize the solution to whatever you’re blocked on.
8. Journal or blog about whatever you’re working on - you’ll start to understand it better as you write, and you’ll have a clear picture of growth.
9. Books are your friend - initially, I only relied on Internet tutorials - books often have a way better quality of information, and it made those internet tutorials way less confusing.
10. When doing tutorials: manually copy/type out the code first; look through the code you just wrote out and try to understand it; compare your observations and questions to the author’s explanations and analysis. Then try to solve a similar exercise, or try to write that program from scratch, without referring to the tutorial.
11. If you don’t have IRL programming friends yet, hang out in online programming spaces and make some friends that way.
12. Once you do have IRL programming friends, try pair programming (essentially 2 people work on the same task together, one person controls the typing - though you can switch) - it’s probably the quickest way to learn.


Final note: if you’re having serious problems with focus or distraction, it’s worth getting evaluated for things like ADHD or a learning disorder, etc. - my entire first year of progress was held back a lot by undiagnosed and unmedicated ADHD. It made many things really hard to understand, and often meant I was overwhelmed or couldn’t focus.

Good luck - hope this helps!!


This summer holidays i decided to give myself a challenge.
From the 16th to the 24th i have been drawing once a day between my work and projects, a small portrait of Youtubers/Bloggers that have inspired me in some way this past year.

One reason is to thank them in some way for a year of goofs, laughs, memes and pretty much awesomeness that have balanced out what has been a hard year for me.
Another reason is because it was about time i faced my fears and started drawing irl people more often.

The challenge consisted on drawing each person smiling and battle same-face syndrome as hard as i could.
Except for Cry. You can’t really see his face.

I tried to do them some justice.
The people in order are;
@cryaotic , hila from h3h3 , PewDiePie
@crankgameplays , @markiplier , @wiishu , Stephanie from GTLive , @rossdraws and @therealjacksepticeye

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and amazing holidays.
Hopefully this 2017 is gonna be a great year for everyone.

P.D: i’m sorry for the long af post.

another tip about writing characters who are speaking a second language: when repeating after native speakers, they don’t make the same grammatical mistakes.

say you have a character who’s learning english. when producing speech normally, they might make a mistake like “he want sandwich,” and this might even be the kind of mistake that they make quite often. but if someone has just asked them “do you think he wants a sandwich?” they won’t reply “yes, he want sandwich” (i see that a lot in fiction but it’s unlikely irl), they’ll usually correctly reply “yes, he wants a sandwich”

that’s because when you’re learning a new language you grasp onto things you hear native speakers say, and you repeat them as often as possible because then you know what you’re saying is grammatically correct. like a lot of the time when people make these mistakes it’s not because they’re sure the version they’re saying is right. it’s because they have no idea which way is right in that particular syntactic context, or they forget. but if they just heard someone say it the right way, why would they say it a different way? the answer is they don’t.

i feel like sometimes people will put at least one mistake in every line of dialogue their second-language-speaking character says, just to remind the reader that the character is speaking with an accent or something. please don’t do that if it’s not a realistic time for your character to make that mistake.

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Assumption: You like, Pepsi products over Coke, wine coolers over gross beer, usually play a Paladin, usually side with the Imperials in Skyrim, often have an open bag of m&ms somewhere, your ps4 is usually in rest mode rather than properly turned, enjoy messing with people on anon although not in a way that makes them uncomfortable. Last assumption, you often send Paladin puns on anon and snicker when he reacts in a deadpan manner.

Ok, wow, do you know me irl?

Yes, I prefer Pepsi over Coke.
Yes, I will take any wine over any beer.
Yes, Roughly half of my characters have been Paladins.
Yes, I always side with the Imperials in Skyrim.
Not specifically M&M’s, just chocolates in general, and I will usually shoot through a bag of any chocolate in an evening if I don’t watch myself.
Not really, my computer is on if I’m awake (I turn it off when I go to sleep)
I do mess with people on Anon, but mostly just Paladin.
Absolutely I often send Paladin puns, I’m responsible for roughly 25% of the ones he gets.

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nat tell us your true thoughts on changkyun i literally just want to hear you talking abt how much you love him shenhswn

Awww, okay! Before I start I just want to say that I’m really bad at expressing my feelings or my thoughts, so it may look messy and confusing lol. First of all I see myself a lot on Changkyun, I’m probably his female version but he’s way better than me. He does have that mysterious look and he’s very “dark” but yet you can see that when he’s comfortable (just like when he’s with monsta x), he’s the dorkest and softest person alive. I can tell by myself that I’m pretty much like this irl, I love being alone and I feel very comfortable with that. I know I shouldn’t be talking about me so… Shownu told him to be more bright and speak up more often and after all this time HAVE YOU NOTICED HE’S DOING THAT SO WELL?? Every time I see him talking on programs my heart melts, he followed what Shownu told him and he’s improving and growing beautifully… I’m so proud of him anon ;^; and ofc he have all the members to help him out, that makes me so emotional seeing him blooming just like his rap on “Who am I”. Btw, I discussed this with a few ppl here on tumblr about my purpose as a blog for Lim Changkyun and it isn’t for him to notice me or any of my stuff (I won’t lie, that’d be cool, yes, but that’s not my purpose on here), the most important thing for me is to people recognize the beautiful person he is, I literally live for him to feel loved and every time I see new blogs dedicated to Changkyun I get very emotional (#StanLoveandProtectLimChangkyun). I know people may think I don’t care about the other members because every time I talk about him I see comments like this but I just want to say I love everyone on Monsta X, I wish I didn’t have to say it because that’s very obvious since I’m a MONBEBE. But, yeah, I could talk more about another topic but I don’t it to be as long as it is… Goddamit!! I’m so random, I’m really sorry! Like I want to talk about a lot of things but It will turn out as another bible’s chapter. I just felt the need to point out how bright and shine he looks since debut because I know how hard it is to be social when you’re only confident being yourself with close friends or family and HE DID IT!!! Also that’s what I’m talking about when I say he’s a better person than me, I feel like there’s no limit for him, he gives me inspiration and makes me want to be a better person as well.

The WORST THING about Donnie Yen is that he seems so … trustworthy??? As in, the way he comes across makes me think that in some hypothetical scenario where I got to hang out with him or something, I’d feel perfectly safe and at ease. That I wouldn’t be judged. That I would literally be safe.

… I don’t recommend thinking about any celebrity this way, lol. Obviously some are more genuine than others, but they all put up facades for the public. They have to.

And I just?? don’t know how to sTOP???

I look at him and my brain is like, “This man is safe.” UMMM. Do you have any idea how rarely that happens, irl or with famous people?! NOT OFTEN, so I end up wishing I could actually hang out with him and then I get sad because that’s highly unrealistic, which is in no way fair, and how does he DO THAT because surely it has to involve some kind of forbidden magic please let me live.


+ Matt on the subject of bullying

Virtual Woes (2)

AN: but this shit is mad cute and it might be my project for the rest of SH month, remember how ‘Neighbors’ was? Yeah. If Sasuke seems ooc it’s bc we never sound like we do irl.
Pairings: SasuHina
Rating: T (swearing)

Installment: Previous:[1] Next: [3][4]


Hinata glanced over at Neji driving and tilted her cellphone out the way. She smiled at Sasuke’s new message. His ideas were so out of the box that she was afraid her writing skills wouldn’t match at all.

OhMySharinGod sent fanmail: I don’t read fics that often but I do read yours when I get the chance. By chance… I mean whenever you post.

Hinata covered her grin and put her phone down. Neji sighed, “Who are you talking to?”

She looked over at her older cousin. “A friend.”

“Her online friend!” Hanabi shouted from the backseat.

“Online? Hinata, he could be-”

“The Internet isn’t full of old men trying to kidnap me, nii-san.” She muttered.

“There’s enough though,” said Neji.

“Well, my friend is very nice. Nothing weird has happened.”


Hinata puffed and picked up her phone. She noted that he sent her another message.

OhMySharinGod sent fanmail:Do I sound creepy? I’m not trying to.

LionessHeart8 sent fanmail:No! You don’t! Haha, I’m just really flattered.


Sasuke mushed Naruto’s face away from his screen. “Ask her for her number! Do it!” Naruto grabbed his buddy’s shoulder. “The worse thing she could say is no.”

Sasuke didn’t understand that. That’s the worse part: rejection. That’s the part you want to avoid. Here he was with over 24k followers and damn near sweating heavily over one. He sighed, “I’m not going to ask.”

LionessHeart8 sent fanmail: You’ll have to excuse me. I’m a bit nervous about all of this. I mean… You’re you, you know…so… You’re Tumblr famous.

OhMySharinGod sent fanmail:You worry too much.

Naruto rolled Sasuke out of the way and the Uchiha fell completely over. “What the hell?” Sasuke gritted seeing Naruto quickly type something and press send. “What did you do?”

Naruto grinned until Sasuke grabbed the front of his shirt. “Hey man, hey-”

“What did you say?” His eyes narrowed. “If you ruined-” He was cut off by a tiny ding. Naruto smirked as the Uchiha went to read it. “It’s her number. She sent a number.”

“You’re welcome, asshat.”

Sasuke glared at the blonde. “What did you say?”

Naruto sat in the bean bag and shrugged. “Of course, no pressure, I think it’ll be easy if we exchanged numbers.”

Sasuke grabbed his cellphone.


Hinata put her cellphone on the dresser and went to her computer. If the phone was in her hand then she’ll constantly be checking it. She took a deep breath and went scrolling down her dashboard. “Oh boy, Sakura’s drunk again…”

CherryCherryPie: Guess who forgot it was Friday?? Me! Time to fuck some shit up.

Vanity_VanillaCream reblogged:Sakura, gtfo!

Hinata smiled at Ino gif usage and glanced up at the device on her dresser. It was flashing. That meant a message came in. She calmly walked to the phone and turned it over. There was a new number:

-It’s Sasuke…from Tumblr.

She promptly grabbed the nearest pillow and screamed. This wasn’t happening. Not to her, anyway. Who the heck meets their…

-Hey, Also Hinata from Tumblr.

She pressed send before thinking about it. Hinata went to her computer and went to his blog.

Ramen-Doodles asked:I keep coming thru for my bitch.
OhMySharinGod answered: thanks Fam.

He reblogged some art from other artist. He posted a new photo of himself yesterday. He was drinking out of a large mug that had the Grumpy Cat on it with the caption:

“My Brother Said This Is My Twin. I Agree.”

She giggled and looked back at her phone. She went to save the number and decided to leave his url as his contact name.

OhMySharinGod: Yeah, well, how are you?

-I’m good, very good. What about yourself?

It wasn’t another minute before he replied:

OhMySharinGod: I am literally so pleased.

-lol, why?

OhMySharinGod: are you kidding me?

-I kid you not!

OhMySharinGod: I’m…texting you. From my real number. From my real phone.

Hinata concluded that Sasuke was huge dork. She smiled and replied:

-Me too! Who would have thought this would happen? I just hope you aren’t the 70 year old man my cousin thinks you are.

She smacked herself in the face when ten minutes went by without a reply. Who says that? Who? She doesn’t talk to boys often and– Her phone dinged and she saw it was a photo. She opened it and saw a picture of Sasuke with her name written on his hand. He was wearing a beanie and a hoodie…goodness.

OhMySharinGod: Is this enough proof?

-yes, it is, omg.

OhMySharinGod: great, now prove yourself.


Sasuke thought himself to be a collected person. Decent enough. This was stressing him out. At least with Naruto, Kiba and Suigetsu they were all on video chat…which is how Sasuke figured out Naruto lived two neighborhoods over.

His phone vibrated and it was the, dare he say “cutest” picture of Hinata covering her mouth with the hand that had his name written over it.

Hinata: is that okay?


He sighed and got on his computer.

OhMySharinGod: Senpai finally noticed my ass. Good shit right there.


Hinata liked his post and reblogged it. She just wondered where did they go from here.

OhMySharinGod: hey, I know this may be sudden but I want to talk about this collab. Ninja World month starts in two days. Can I call you? No pressure or anything.

She took a deep breath and replied:


Not even two minutes later her phone rang. Hinata cleared her throat and answered the phone. “H-hello?”

Then the smoothest voice graced her innocent ears, “Hey…, uh, Hinata. Pronounced it right?”

She put the phone on mute before screaming into her pillow again. Just the sound of his voice made her stomach do flips. “Gather yourself,” said Hinata…to herself. She took the phone off mute. “Yes.”

What an ENFJ thinks of all the types

(Based entirely off of people I know in real life/half satirical) 

ISFJ: you are sneakier than you let on. sneaky. sneaky. all weirdly good at writing?? + always interested in unattainable boys for some reason. sorry, friends. you are all cute. 

ISTJ: always makes me laugh. always deadpans every joke. makes less dad jokes than expected. makes more sexual jokes than expected. probably works for the government. 

ISTP: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH please introduce me to an ISTP i can like because thus far they’ve all been condescending butts. 

ISFP: please wash your hands the ink will permanently fuse with them otherwise. also, you should really start selling your art because good lord. 

INFP: boys: i want to organize you a seminar entitled: ‘how to accept rejection without losing all semblance of self esteem’. you are always getting hurt emotionally and i want to hug you all the time but then you are mean. please send help. girls: why are you always so private. and whisper-y. straight up i’ve met 4 INFP girls all of them have been whisper-y only one of them has been whisper-y with me. i just wanT TO UNDERSTAND YOU. 

INTP: all cute. please leave your basement and it’s okay to tell people you are literally a rocket scientist. please stop finding scary stalker people who like you. how do you keep doing this. sidenote: if you have come to terms with other people and leave your basement often, congratulations. you make me laugh a lot. i like your jokes. all of you. either way you’re cool 

INTJ: hmmmm you are all suspicious. you write good poetry. you seem older than you are. much older. ancient kind of older. every INTJ i’ve known had wanderlust. i hope you are okay. i can only tell sometimes when you are not. 

INFJ: breathe please. 

ENFJ: hello yes i do not know if i have found any other ones irl. 

ENFP: stop yelling. i like when you are happy but when you are stressed you are tooooooooooo yelly. thank you for the debates but jeez, man. your anger like sneaks into my heart and makes me feel tight and sad. when you are happy you make me very happy. all of you. stop pretending you are stupid. we know you are not. 

ENTP: you’re all such butts and i’m apparently like very attracted to that. i find it appealing. that you’re rude. 

ENTJ: i love you so much you are always so organized and like okay so we are both really prideful but as long as we stay mostly out of each other’s way we’re fine, yes? yes. we like to debate each other. we like to plan things. we like spreadsheets. 

ESTJ: i like working with you because you are efficient. i do not know how to make you actually laugh. yes i know you are faking that laugh. i can tell. i do not like. also please stop telling people that they can’t go out like that cause they toTALLY CAN. thank you. 

ESTP: put your shirt back on. stop climbing things. stop getting banned from malls. stop. 

ESFP: ???????? how do your feelings change so quickly. how do you let so much roll off your back. do you need help? i can tutor you. or something. 

ESFJ: stop taking things over. there’s only room for ONE dom Fe in this neighborhood and it is NOT you i already have a permit see. this is my permit. go flirt somewhere else. no but really i met one of you who was super cute and like laid her head in my lap when i first met her and she’s sO ADORABLE I COULD JUST HUG HER FOREVER so she’s okay, i like her.

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do you like even ship troyler?

i get this question so often which i think is weird bc i run a troyler blog so obviously i ship troyler.  But i do only ship them in specific ways which are kinda hard to explain but i guess i can try.  Basically in my mind i ship the actual tyler and troye (like them as real complex people not just the parts of themselves they let us see) just as friends because i obviously dont know them on a personal level and i only know what they let us know so who knows what they/their friendship is really like irl.  BUT I do ship @tyleroakley/youtube.com/tyleroakley and @troyesivan/youtube.com/troye - i ship them based on the parts of themselves and their relationship that they do show us.  I’m not really sure if I this makes sense, but it makes sense in my brain haha idk.  But basically I do ship them- a lot, I’m just not the type of shipper who reads a lot into every little thing.  I’ll fangirl over little things of course, but i’m not gonna assume they’re actually dating or anything u feel?

But this is just me, and if you ship them in other ways or not at all that is cool.  people can ship who they want to ship how they want to ship them (as long as they remain respectful of the people obviously)

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How do you think the Kane/Toews primer characterization is wrong? I'm curious as to your thoughts on Kane/Toews tbh

(I’m going through asks slooooooowly! Sorry, just really not much free time this week. T_T)

Sorry for the belated response - I wanted to do this when I wasn’t completely wiped from something or other, and then I realized that that probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon, so uh, here you go. :(

Note that the primer was written in July 2010, so it’s based on fairly old material. Not the fault of the author, but a fact. Also, the primer itself qualifies/disclaims some of the following views - it mentions that they’re BOTH extremely devoted to hockey, for instance, and that Tazer is not actually a complete hockeybot who doesn’t know how to party - but it feels like there were people who didn’t read those parts very carefully.

As a hockey fandom n00b, I personally found it a fun, enjoyable read that helped to hook me onto the pairing, so, y’know, clearly it was doing something right.

That said, these are my issues with the Kane & Toews & Kane/Toews characterization in the primer:

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Milady and Redemption

I’m kind of bemused by people who think Milady could never have a redemption arc. Not so much the people who just prefer her as a villain, but the people who feel it just “wouldn’t work,” that she’s too morally compromised for it to matter.

Do these people feel the same way about characters like Black Widow in “Avengers” who presumably killed a LOT of people to get that red in her ledger? About characters like Xena, who straight up massacred people, often for fun, and became truly evil for a time before wanting to change? Do they think the same of Jaime, on GOT, or Stringer Bell (or a host of other characters, really, on HBO shows?)

I’m genuinely curious. I think a lot of it comes from her murder of a presumably innocent, uninvolved woman for a dress this season. But does that woman’s life intrinsically have more worth than a man she may have been ordered to kill by the Cardinal? Are all the men the Musketeers kill in service of the King evil?

I’m not trying to be hostile, I’m actually interested in people’s thoughts. Maybe it’s the books I’ve been reading (about real world people who are morally compromised yet still human) as well as the kinds of characters I tend to love (morally compromised ones like Nikita, Xena, Spike, Morgaine, Sethe, Cole, James Cole, and Callisto, who have done terrible things because some bad choices by others impelled them down the path, and others like Berkhoff — who starts out selfish and gains a conscience — and Omar, who has a code but still does bad things as well) but I’m really thinking hard about what it takes for someone to be redeemed.

Personally, I would LOVE a redemption arc for Milady, if done well. Because her circumstances, while fictional, are possible — someone who began in a world of crime, with no real choice but to engage in it, who found a way out, lost it, and turned to crime and darkness as a way of survival. For her to try to change would be a VERY interesting arc, and could actually draw on the struggles of people IRL, if the writers so chose.

I also think that might mesh well with Mamie’s comments that she doesn’t want Milady called just a “bad girl” who people enjoy solely for her evil. (Because, think about that characterization. WHY are female villains so beloved? Often, it’s because they get to do things women are denied — be sexual, be strong, be bold, have anger — and in the world of “The Musketeers” especially, I think it would be cool to see that explored).

Also, Milady was nothing more than a soulless seductress in the original novels, and while other adaptations have shown her as human, they all also have her as ultimately unredeemable (and killed). If the show wanted to do something bold and different for her? They could change that. And I would love to see it.