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"You work at the happiest place on earth why do you look so grumpy" Well geez i have to take care of my disabled grandma because our 1 bedroom apartment with 7 people living in it seems humane to the government, i myself am vERY mentally sick and dont have time for therapy, very tired dealing with work and house responsibilities,no time to just relax, have to deal with entitled asswipes all day but sure complain that my facial expression is ruining your time at a theme park. Go fuck yourself.

I try not to be mad about stuff too much but few things bother me quite as much as “it’s not that deep”

It just feels very dismissive, carrying with it a heavily implied “why do you care about this so much? It’s just a stupid small thing that you should just look at and then not think about” which I’m sort of reflexively sensitive to as an autistic person and why the hell is it any of your damage if other people are caring about harmless things, but that all aside:

Like okay, my pretty much main central hobby is stories and storytelling. I’ve spent pretty much most of my life consuming stories, thinking about them, thinking about why things make me feel the way that I do and how this ties into the complex world of fiction and fantasy.

Someone who spends a lot of time thinking about food and cooking techniques and taste and texture and the qualities therein, and trains their tongue, doesn’t shut their taste buds off when they eat a McDonald’s burger. And if they bring any of their culinary expertise to bear talking or thinking about the burger, it’s not proof that somehow they’ve become convinced that this is actually a 5-star restaurant.

Part of it is just reflex.

The other part of it is: I enjoy depth. As a writer myself, I enjoy reading depth in things. Sometimes, the depth was not there originally, but I can see potentials- see, if you paired this, with that, you could tie these inconsequential little plot threads together! It heightens my enjoyment in a different way- when you have a writer who does put that kinda depth into something, it’s really rewarding to poke at the depth and see if I can’t figure out where they’re going for this.

But I have a whole other relationship where sometimes a thing just feels, very underutilized to me, and because of that my fanwork and meta actively becomes less speculation and more wishful thinking- and there’s a place for that too. Hell, I have a VLD icon right now. VLD is arguably a canon production of the wishful thinking and desire to read depth into a show that didn’t have depth in many of those areas- DotU.

Every successful adaptation that puts greater thought into the canon it originally came from is the product of someone who was faced with “it’s not that deep” by rolling up their sleeves and going “not yet it isn’t.”

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unpopular opinion here: I don't understand why people who call hoseok feminine make armys angry and somehow offended ??? being feminine is not a bad thing lol. girls are amazing and I don't understand why GIRLS be mad about it. hobi looks feminine sometimes and that is just the way he looks ugh theres nothing wrong with it

Honestly Hobi isn’t the only feminine one? Jimin is too. Yoongi also has his moments, hell they all do. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being feminine. They just take extra care of themselves which is a great thing. Bts aren’t your typical alpha males and I’m sorry but they’ll never be. That image is long gone. They finally found who they are and I couldn’t be more happy. Are people even paying attention to what they sing? What they promote? “Be yourself, love yourself” hobi is just being himself and armys should love him no matter what.

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tbh it makes my day seeing you interact so kindly with all your followers + simblr in general. seeing other people being nice + caring just makes me so happy, as does being kind myself, so you keep doing you, hun! I hope that you and everyone reading this have a wonderful day! <3

awh!! thanks nonny for also being positive yourself :+)!! i also enjoy seeing others happy even though it’s just a msg / comment i make - i just hope i make someone’s day a tad bit better cause sometimes life can be an ass yeuno? im wishing you a happy monday :+)

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Before I discovered asexuality, I thought I was straight and just broken or something. It's now very obvious to me that I'm ace, but my romantic orientation is giving me a lot of trouble. I initially thought I was heteroromantic, because I "want" a relationship with a guy. But there's no difference between what I'd want out of a relationship and what I do with friends of any gender. And while I hate people assuming I'm in dating a guy, I don't mind people assuming I'm dating a girl.I'm confused.

If you don’t care about gender at all it’s likely a sign that you might be pan/bi. I think the not liking people to assume comes from what is expected. For example I will sometimes say the gender neutral partner depending who I am around (or my mood sometimes lol)


i feel like no one cares about my content anymore. I just made this new comic series, and no one cares. Meanwhile (and i’m sorry for what i’m about to say) it seems like @ironicken gets a bunch of attention on every post he makes.All I wanted was people to read my comics, but I’m getting very little feedback on every post I make. And it really makes me wanna stop doing this, because I feel like if I make something it’s just gonna be brushed to the side because it got like 2 notes. I really don’t know what to do, I feel like no one cares about my new comic series. I will continue the second part of episode one, but if that doesn’t get any feedback, I don’t think I will even continue it. And normally I’d say sorry for sounding whiny or whatever, but this isn’t my fault and I shouldn’t feel sorry for bringing attention to me not getting attention.

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how come that i only see you and blue still talking about freddie? no one else does, they don't point out the weird stuff, like you just did with him being at tammi's at night, or how he looks more like brett with every passing day. do i just not see others talking about it or do they not care anymore?

Well, people are still here, so they clearly they do care, my guess is that it’s the same old same old and despite the fact that we have concrete evidence that this is all fake, they still haven’t ended it yet so pointing out stuff at this point is almost unnecessary because we know it’s all fake. The reason I keep pointing out stuff is that I am petty and will keep pointing out things as long as it’s necessary haha but that’s me. Just because others don’t do it, it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about babygate anymore. Also keep in mind that this happened on Tammi’s Snapchat and not everyone follows that demon on her social media.

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im starting to get sick of people trying to imply that platonic love between two friends cant be as strong as romantic love between lovers. i dont care what hide meant by "love". saying that "why would hide do all of that if hes not in love with kaneki" is fucking hurtful. yes, friendship can be that strong, dont these people have any friends they would do everything for? stop dismissing friendship, its just as important. and if he loves him romantically? thats also cool.

Yes, exactly! I don’t think it matters if he loves him platonically or romantically or whatever you want to call it; regardless of what type of love it is, it’s still probably the strongest in the entire series, at least in my opinion. It being platonic wouldn’t make it of any less value than if it were romantic and vice versa.

About the lack of Elia Martell in Rhaegar's "appreciation" week.

Hello to everyone that follows our blog, I’m so happy that our number increases day by day.

Well, as a Elia’s blog, I need to talk about the lack of Elia’s presence in Rhaegar’s appretiacion week. Not that i really cared about it ( Elia doesn’t need this, she is far more than that) but in respect to the several people who follows us, i’ll write about it.

Firstly, I do not know when it happened, because I barely knew about it at all. I just found out about Rhaegar’s week because I saw a lot of people complaining about this matter.

Secondly, and the most important, why to delete Elia or to remove her importance?
I can also answer that, because people do not have maturity to understand the complexity of relationships. People can ship anything they want. I think and I said several times that is sick ,to ship a married adult depressed man to a young innocent teen and believe that it was love that lead to several murders, rapes and death…

Now, going to the point … I dont like Rhaegar, i dont care about him … YET, i dont reduce his importance in the story. Because I can be mature, I can be logical … What some Rhaegar and Lyanna fans (i mean the “couple” because there are several Lyanna fans that dont support this non sense ship especially after HBO’s fanfic) is to try to reduce Elia’s importance in the story.
Elia and her children WERE important … Just because we barely heard about her (just like we did to Rhaegar and Lyanna) does not mean she wasnt important to the narrative. She was Dorne, Dorne and house Martell grows of importance book by book.

So, that’s all I can talk about this whole new war. Elia was important.
When we did Elia Martell’s week, we never reduced Rhaegar’s role, eventhough we will never think well of him. But, if to reinforce the “love story” or the importance of Rhaegar into the narrative, you have to delete his lawful wife, a princess by right, the mother of the two heads of the dragon … that speaks out loud of which kind of people you are and how immature and alogic you can be

A list of some of the things people have said to me in the last few days whilst I’m admitting their animals. 

1. “It’s only a cat, it doesn’t need a microchip, I don’t care if it gets lost.” - in response to me asking if they wanted a microchip implanted

2. “You’re the nurse. Look on the computer. You tell me.” - when i asked if the vaccinations were up to date

3. “Only do all of that if the insurance will pay for it.” - after the owner listed many things she wanted the dog to have done whilst he was in. “I’m not sure about that, you will have to check with your insurance company about what your policy will cover.” - “You work at the vets. You’re meant to know about pet insurance. You should be able to tell me what is covered.” - I then tried to explain that I don’t know what her individual policy covers seeing as it is her policy for her dog. She wasn’t having any of it and argued with reception afterwards. 

4. “Is the flea treatment up to date?” - “Who do you think you are asking me that? Do you think I don’t take care of my pets? Obviously the flea treatment is up to date!” - all I needed was a simple yes or no answer

5. “When can I pick my cat up?” - “It should be some time in the afternoon, we will ring after surgery once she has come round from anaesthetic to arrange a time to collect her.” - “When will that be?” - “I can’t be sure at this time.” - “But I have things to do today!” - and we have things to do today, such as the surgery on your cat!

I have also had worse incidents in the last few days where owners have been very rude whilst I’m admitting their pets. One owner was so rude to me that I nearly walked out and got a vet to finish off for me. 

Please be nice to your nurses and student nurses because admits can be stressful and people can be rude. And yes miss receptionist I am very aware that I have people waiting but I am currently with another patient so they will just have to wait a little longer. 

@brokenheartonthefloor :What would you do if money wasn’t an issue? Not that you won the lottery and have millions of dollars, but what if all your basic spending needs were taken care of…no financial worries, no need for a job to pay the bills?

What would you do?

I would take my tiny little family and we’d go experience life. We’d live more. Meet new people. Experience new culture. Travel if we could. But just live more.

As I write this, all I can think about is why do we allow our jobs to get in the way of doing that (to some extent)? I wrote this, deleted it, rewrote it, decided not to answer this poet, rewrote it, and all I can think of is it just sounds like a bunch of excuses.

It really almost hits home for me about the job front as well. I’m really struggling with having to leave my squish in a month and go back to work. And the main reason I’m going back to work is because we need the benefits my job offers along with the paychecks. I’d much prefer to stay home with my little and bring him to experience life.

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It's funny cuz like...you wouldn't even be bringing up BTS's talent if it weren't for that god awful post comparing them to Bey. But now you're speaking truth and people want to get mad like! This is why I can't stand most non black armys/ kpop fans they are so far from reality they'll really just say whatever to hype their faves when in reality majority of black people>>>>>every kpop group.

Honestly, I really got better things to be doin I would most certainly not bring it up outta the blue because I don’t care for kpop like that anymore. Also, like black people are the bar and they think their mediocre faves who do nothing but disrespect us as a race for their own gain can simply walk under it and be praised for doing so? Naur. Beyoncé didn’t invest alla dat time and energy into her career, honing her talents to damn near perfection for y’all to be comparing her to a group of losers who think palm rolling their hair makes them more hip hop. 

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so you don't have to reply to this if it makes you at all uncomfortable, but is there any advice you could give to someone the wants to give up shipping Maxvid but struggling? It would be greatly appreciated!

This is a great question! I’m happy to help people who are actually trying to stop themselves from shipping something so harmful, because you clearly care about trying to better yourself, which is more than I can say for a lot of shippers.

I don’t have a lot of advice and I’m not sure how good it is or not, but what I’d do if I were you is a few things. First things first, cut yourself off from any sort of content involving it. Block and blacklist as much as you can. If you can’t see the content, you can’t sink deeper into the gross shipping rabbit hole. 

Another thing you could try is start considering other, more healthy, ships, like Gw//envi//d or ship Max with someone his own age, like Nikki or Neil, or heck, even Space Kid. There’s a nice, cute relationship right there with two people who have differing personalities! Try replacing that content you’re cutting out of your life with some healthier stuff.

And another thing you can do (yes I am telling you this, because you clearly want to change and I can absolutely respect that if you’re serious) is, well, try thinking more about Dadvid rather than any shippy relationship. It exists to counter the ship with a more wholesome and platonic idea, and honestly while I’m not comfortable with shippers engaging in it, I’m fine if people who really want to break away from it use it as a means to help them do that. If that AU can help you stop seeing their relationship as romantic, then God, please invest yourself in it.

I’m sorry I can’t be more help, but I wish you lots of luck, anon. I may hate the ship with a burning passion, but your heart is clearly in the right place, and I hope you succeed in finding ways to stop shipping it for good!

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You don't have to marry an ex-red. You deserve so much better than that. Please don't give up on yourself.

lots of things might happen!  I might never get married at all.  I might marry an ex-red or an ex-con or an ex-addict or all kinds of things.  I can’t be very picky about stuff that will make other people think I’m not doing well for myself.  but I can be picky about things I care about.

this just isn’t one.

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Hi Lauren, I’m so sad for everyone involved in the mess from the other day, and obviously they are entitled to feel how they feel. But I do think it’s unfair to make anyone that reblogged the post, or didn’t engage with it at all feel guilty. The climate in the outside world right now means that it’s the norm that people side with the ‘victim’. I’m not excusing hate and death threats at all. But I don’t think it helps to make large parts of the fandom feel crappy for supporting the ‘victim’.

ehhhh sorry if this bothers you but i don’t care. the people who didn’t reblog either post, i’m totally fine with. i have friends who didn’t and have no problem with that. i think that people should realize that they have an audience here and that silence literally speaks volumes. sorry if you feel badly, and i know that not everyone was aware of anything about the prior situation with the accuser, and i know that it’s normal and understandable to side with the accuser. but also, it’s the drama of it all. this fandom LOVES DRAMA and it just seems like the truth isn’t dramatic enough for a reblog.

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So I was rewatching Dean's movie and it makes me wish so, so SO badly for a Seth and Roman to be in it.

i would LOVE a movie with all three of them in it?? i don’t care what it’s about. what do i have to do to make this happen?? come on, wwe, i’m sure a lot of people would shell out $$$ to see this. so make it happen.

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So not sure if you're still doing the match game asks but if you are how would LIe react to an MC who was extremely smart but was fairly jaded and terrible with people (not deliberately mean just socially inept) and didn't particularly care-like she realizes she's bad at it but figures there are way better things to be spending her time/attention on and really doesn't like people all that much anyway-kind of a "I don't care if I'm not being nice, I'm still objectively right" mentality.

I am! ^^ This MC sounds tricky, though… I’ll try my best, but it’s a little harder when I’m trying less to match-up good qualities between MC and LI, and more to see who could most live with each others’ flaws. xD

Noah would likely be the best match, if for no other reason than the fact that I feel they could compensate for a lot of each other’s shortcomings… Assuming, of course, that MC was willing to satisfy Noah’s curious nature and use her smarts to engage him in debate every once in a while. Noah is too thick-skinned to be put off by bluntness or sharp words, so he could definitely wear her down long enough to get past her aura of no-socializing-unless-I-have-no-choice. He does have some limits on what kind of callousness he’ll put up with. Since MC is only socially inept and not MEAN, however, I doubt she would cross them… They could be good together. ^^

I think this type of MC would have a lot in common with Teiran. Maybe even a bit too much, honestly… Assuming they actually spent more than a few minutes talking, I could easily picture them bonding over a mutual hate of socializing and the brainless pageantry of it all. Out of all the LIs, Teiran would probably understand this MC the most. He’d appreciate her straight-forward manner and while he isn’t as thick-skinned as, say, Noah, he’s also more forgiving. He has his own set of slights/impolite comments to apologize for, after all. :) They would probably get into their fair share of arguments, and I feel like the only time that might present difficulty for their relationship is if one of them was insensitive to the other at a moment when they felt particularly squishy. Not a deal-breaker, obviously, but something they’d likely both have to be wary of.

I’d have to know what her personal history with Emry was before I could answer for sure, but it doesn’t sound as if she would be particularly compatible with him. Not because he would judge her harshly for her shortcomings, but because (forgive the cliche) he would be a little afraid of being hurt by her… He would never admit to this, obviously, and he’s patient enough that they could be friends despite her social difficulties, but for their relationship to become - and stay - romantic, MC would have to be very careful with her words when speaking to him. I doubt that would be a sustainable - or healthy - change, and Emry would never ask it of her in the first place.

I’m not sure if he would be a worse match for her than Emry, but Desmond would probably rank pretty low here anyway since they each possess a set of traits that seems directly in opposition with each other… I doubt this type of MC would have the patience to deal with some of his issues, and if she possessed a general lack of interest in being nice to others, she likely wouldn’t make much of an impression on him, either. I could see something happening if he somehow didn’t register on the list of people she dislikes interacting with (he’s non-threatening enough, surely, and possibly even more socially awkward than she is), but otherwise, I’d have to say they’re probably unsuited for each other…

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Brendon and Ryan being THAT couple in high school where everyone either wants to kiss them or be them and they fucking know it

Oh hell yes like they are THE power couple and they walk down the halls all confident with their heads held high and they’re holding hands and strutting around and they just know they’re the shit and they know everyone else knows it too. They’re not mean, by any means (at least to people that are nice to them) but they sure as hell don’t let anyone try to walk all over them or tell them what to do. Brendon’s the type who dresses up to accentuate his good features so he wears really tight jeans and does his hair nice and sometimes wears a little bit of lipstick or lip gloss, just because, and when he walks down the hall everyone turns their heads, mostly to catch a glimpse of his ass as he walks away. Ryan has that like “I don’t care how I look but I’m dead sexy anyways” sort of look going and Brendon will do his eyeliner and smudge it so he looks all dark and hot and shit. No one’s dumb enough to try and hit on either one of them though bc their relationship is rock fuckin’ solid and honestly they’re just goals tbh. One time a guy tried grabbing Brendon’s ass and it was like the entire school held their breath and Ryan just turned and looked at the guy and the guy ran away and basically no one ever saw him again.