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Science please!!!

The grandeur of a human sense

Walking with your eyes blindfolded is probably one of the most nerve-wracking experiences that I ever had to endure.

The lapse of data from a mere one sense totally threw me out of my game! I went around in rounds and crashed into things.. It was a disaster!

But then there are visually impaired people playing sports like cricket or soccer!!

Visually impaired Cricket

How do they do that ?

Well, essentially the ball has lots of ball bearings in them that make a rattling sound as it moves.

The auditory cue is captured by the player, the brain processes the data, and then there is response. ( A feedback loop )

By constantly training they have mapped the ball position with the sound that they hear. And this mapping is so intricate that it makes the playing seem seamless.

Visually Impaired Soccer


These guys are SuperHumans in every sense of the word. Now I have worked with sensor technologies for quite some time, but none that as powerful as this.

The level of feedback that one needs, to execute running and kicking the ball per se, is extremely complex. But to witness these guys do it with such grace is definitely a superhuman skill.

Kudos !


Blind Soccer in Brazil - NYT

Tommy Edison’s channel on YouTube

Blind Cricket match

Rules of Blind Cricket

How playing an instrument benefits your brain - TedEd

Hack Your Body To Have Superpowers  

so, realization struck me today when i was writing. for the last few months, i’ve been trying to write a novel, right? and every time i sit down to write, i’ve been like–oh man, i have to get to this word count or story won’t be good enough.

and it just hit me. why do i need to have a word count? why limit myself like that? my story will still be a story no matter how many words I use?

and it made me feel really calm because wow, i can just let the story do what it needs to do without feeling like i’m not good enough for it because i can’t meet this daily/weekly/monthly word count. 

it might be 100K or 30K by the end, but you know what’ll be awesome? 

that i finished it.

and i can do that a lot better if i actually write whatever amount i’m going to write rather than stress out about not writing x amount length at all. 

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Ahh! I just love reading your stuff because it is so! good! every! time! You take all these prompts and respond to them in a way that I just never expect! Especially your latest one about the powers that favours hold! How are you able to respond to these prompts in such an abstract (is that even the right word) way? I always seem to take a literal route

Ah thank you! I love taking stories into unexpected directions, so it’s wonderful to know that I’m succeeding!

One of my favorite English teachers, shout out to Mrs. Ladd, told us a quote from Hemingway. “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

That’s what I always try to do! 

In that particular prompt, the word that struck me most was “powerful.” In my experience, favors are what create and give power. It’s what politicians bank on and nepotism thrives on.

Thus, my one true sentence became “You know now (not then) that power comes through and from favors.” (X)

I tend to pick out one word and use whatever pops into my head as the backbone of the piece.

Or like one of my older posts, Devil Deals (X)! The word that stuck out to me there was “contract.” I’d just read that story about a dude who won a court case against a credit card company because he changed the contract to be no interest on his policy! And then I thought about that song Devil Went Down to Georgia and knew I wanted that tone in the prompt fill. Hence the true line:

“You know,” her grandmother says, “your grandpa was a fiddler. It’s no surprise he passed it on to you.”

So my advice is to not be afraid to dissect and pick apart a prompt! You don’t have to use all of it (never mention when you don’t, most people don’t mind!), just the parts that fit with what you find interesting. Whether that be the setting, a word, a color, or a name!

Keep in mind that not everyone might tell you how much they love you, but every FNAF blog out there that has produced at least one original post, you have fans! You may have 3,000 you may have 10! You still have fans that look up to you and aspire to have quality work like yours! Those fans love you, and you should never think that your fans hate you for not uploading. Don’t think your fans hate your content, thinking it’s awful. It’s not terrible. Every time you post, you do something not that many people do. You create, whether it’s been so long ago or you aspire to do it every day.

You’re talented, you’re amazing. Keep producing your fics, your voice acting, your shitposts, your art, your theories, produce whatever you can and help add onto this fandom. Make Scott proud. I love you, and everyone else in this fandom does, too. We appreciate your hard work. :) XOXO <3

Wow okay, never in a million years did I ever believe that I would reach 600 followers! I am grateful to each and every one of you who have helped me reach this milestone! Honestly, I love you all so much!

Instead of the usual name every follower here who I admire etc, I am going to make this a giveaway instead! I never really done one of these before so I hope that this will be okay orz
ANYWAY let’s get to business, shall we??


  1. Only one reblog and one like per person will be counted.
  2. You must be one of my mutual followers.
  3. The result will be decided on 28th of February at 10:00pm UK time (GMT+0)
  4. If you do not respond to my message within 24 hours of me sending it, I will give it to someone else.
  5. I will use a random generator to pick the winners.


  • 1st: A customized theme using this theme including a background, and some icons and a mobile header to match the theme.
  • 2nd: A mobile header and icons to match the header
  • 3rd: Icons or a header for the character of your choice. You must choose only chose one out of icons or a header.

Good luck, and again thank you for the following! I hope to see you all soon!

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Hey G I hope you aren't too stressed on getting videos out. Just know that we will always watch and support you no matter what and I hope you never change a thing about you. You have influenced me and thousands of other people. You are definitely going to be big one day and when you do please don't change. Always be nice and interact with your fans. I want to thank you for being my friend and role model.💜

It DEFINITELY is a struggle with my computer overheating at least 5 times every edit session, but I’m doing my absolute best! thank you for being so patient and love and caring and perfect and love you. <3

Okay, so I was thinking: What kind of memery would exist in the world of Miraculous Ladybug. Like, just based around the superheros and the akuma and maybe even Hawkmoth

  • Like, it starts when Chat Noir gets flung across the city again. Someone happens to find a frame of some ridiculous pose and photo shops him into things. Like, dance battles or wielding swords in lotr or even photoshopped into other akuma battles
  • then someone decides to bring back ‘Can I Haz Cheezeburger?’ memes with Chat
  • Other Chat memes include every time someone makes a pun you respond with ‘Oh my god! You’re Chat Noir! You’ve been holding out on me bro!” 
  • Also pictures/video of Chat doing very cat-like things, or people calling him a furry
  • Ladybug and the Akumas probably also get that photoshot meme, but for some reason, Chat Noir is just so photogenic. 
  • Ladybug has the best reaction faces and gifs. There’s a stickerset for Facebook’s messenger app that’s just pictures of her faces.
  • When Ladybug purifies an Akuma, the crowd goes “Mmm Whatcha say…”
  • But consider:
  • Hawkmoth memes
  • Like, you know how a lot of us have the type of humor where it’s like ‘*something mildly inconvient happens* time for death!’?
  • It’s like that except it’s instead of death they’re just like “kumatize me up, Hawk Moth!”(like saying ‘beam me up, Scotty!’)
  • “Hey, I’m going to Taco Bell. You want anything?” “Bring me the Miraculous!” “Yeah, I got, like, twelve dollars?”
  • “I heard that Hawk Moth has an eight-pack. That Hawk Moth is shredded.” “Hawk Moth is a punk ass bitch!”

They seriously need to give Killian a more extensive wardrobe, because I’m running out of outfits to crochet.

To all the haters and also to exposing-the- facts

To all of queen Ds haters, stalkers, and non believers please remember that all the words you post or say are still linked to a human that has feelings and emotions and does get hurt, every “go fuck yourself”, “liar”, “BITCH” “kill yourself” you throw at her is a jab to the heart. Even though people may not say this allowed (and I’m generalizing here) it hurts to see these things being said to them. So please think twice before you hit that ask, post, or submit button because you could be doing some serious harm to whomever is the receiver. Words hurt more than any sort of physical contact because bruises and cuts may heal over time but words echo in the deepest parts of your hearts and mind forever. It’s hard to forget ever negative thing said to you. It’s hard to forgive the people who said it. It’s even worse when the negative things are targeted to innocent people who aren’t even associated with the conflict. I can’t control what anonymous people may say but I just want to alert them that this is why people kill themselves, this is what cyber bullying has led to. Please don’t be the cause to someone’s death, it may not be Diana but to whomever else your hating on it’s affecting them too, it’s affecting everyone around them also. And would you be able to forgive yourself when you look in that persons eyes that you called a bitch, loser, or fat and see that the colour in their eyes are gone and they are buried six feet under. Would you be able to forgive yourself for ruining their parents life because they witnessed the death of their child before their own. Would you be able to forget the tears in her loved ones eyes when they realize the very first person they imagined spending their life with is gone. This is a message for everyone who wants to say something negative to someone online anonymously, it could ruin a life without you even realizing.

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Can I request drabble/fanfic for Shiro, Soulmate AU, where you have first words of your climate said to you tattooed on your hand. And for Shiro I would be on arm that he lost, and the would be so much angst with fluff at the end

i hope you like this!

being back on earth was over whelming for Shiro. he thought being back would give him the peace he deserved but no it didn’t, he fely lonely. oh sure he had the rest of the paladins but one by one they found their special someone, their soulmate.

shiro would do anything to find them. if he still had his arm it would be easy. the first word they’ll ever say to him was delicately tattooed on his wrist, he used to trace it every time he felt agitated. he stopped ever since galra took his hand. it tore him apart, it was the one thing that kept him going on through tough times. but even though he lost his hand the sentence was forever inked on his brain.

“i think your arm is pretty”

it made him smile.

it was late and he couldn’t sleep. his bed felt cold and his brain wouldn’t shut up, even the dim comforting purple glow on his arm couldn’t give him comfort. shiro decided to go out for some coffee. he stumbled apon a 24 hour diner, the blue light glowed kindly against the dark night. shiro parked his motorcycle and entered the diner. he took the seat at the corner of the diner and ordered an expresso.
he took a sip and sigh contently. it was another sleepless night but at least he got a great cuppa.


he looked up at the door and his breath hitched. they looked absolutely breath taking. they looked over at him and met his gaze. he gave them a shy smile which they returned with a bright one. they went over to the cashier and ordered something. shiro studied them from across the room, the way they carry them self impressed him. he teared his eyes away from them when his robotic arm started to make a weird sound. he sigh and took it off revealing a stub on his arm. as he tried to fix it he met their gaze,
“they must think that i’m a monster” he thought silently.
he gave them a small smile before putting his hand back on again.
when he looked up he saw them sitting in front of him.
“i think your arm is pretty”
and the world seem to stop.
“i think you’re pretty”
and their eyes widened.
“i’m shiro” he breathed out, taking their hand in his.


shiro pulled (y/n) closer to his chest when they tried to wiggle out. he buried his head in their neck and whined,
“i’ve got to go to work shiro” they sigh, threading thier fingers in his hair.
he leaned in and kissed them deeply, his hand cupping their cheek.
“five more minutes please?” he breathed out, stroking (y/n)’s cheek.
they gave him a skeptical look.
“i promise” he smiled cheekily.
(y/n) nodded and pressed a kiss on his forehead.
“okay, five minutes”
shiro eyes lit up and his lips tugged into a huge smille.
this felt like absolute bliss.
shiro tucked (y/n)’s head under his chin and they hummed in delight.
he gazed lovingly at the figure that was wrapped in his warmth.
“i guess the universe doesn’t hate me at all then” he thought, smiling to himself

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How long has it taken you to get to where you are today with your art. I've been trying to draw every day for the past five months and I see no improvement in my art. How do I improve and grow; bc i just get more frusterated the more I try.

I’ve always drawn even when i was really little just for fun but I got more serious back in 2011/2012! i’ve been drawing on a daily basis (or as time permits) since then ^^ improvement is hard to see sometimes cause it can happen so slowly but believe me, if you compare something from now to something from 5 months ago there is surely improvement somewhere

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I love how Fred told Archie it wasn't his fault and they fucking hugged ASDFGJKL my heart. Also I'm so worried for Jughead now bc he's homeless ??? And a lot of bad shout happens to homeless kids and seeing how far this show took slut shaming it's not too far off guessing that'll they'll do something extreme to Jughead. I just want them all to be happy 😭

every time i think about Fred Andrews i get emotional because he just stood there while Alice yelled and there’s no way he’s not mad at himself for that, and he and Archie probably won’t resolve that between them for years. The hug and Archie crying omf my heart hurt. It was so nice that they actually showed a teenage boy crying though because i feel like that doesn’t happen a lot. 

and Jughead! I’m so worried about where his mom and his sister are, and why he’s on reasonably good terms with his dad yet doesn’t live with him, why he didn’t just go to a friend’s house, where he’s going to live now, where he showers (probably the locker room at school and i’m so sad), how no one knew he was homeless, where he’s going to get his money from now, omg i’m just so worried for him and he’s not even real. jfc what are these writers going to do to him? These kids have suffered enough, and so have I 😭😭😭

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Hello! Do you have some prompts about two people who experienced a traumatizing experience, (like witnessed a murder) ? I love your blog really much!!

Thank you so much!!! :D

1. “No one else really understands.”

2. “I still can’t believe it happened.”

3. “Every time I close my eyes, I see it happening again.”

4. “I just wanted to talk to someone who… Someone who got it, you know?”

5. “They look at my differently, now; The same way they look at you, I guess?”

6. “I don’t trust people easily, but after what we just went through together… I’d be crazy not to trust you.”

7. “People keep asking me what is was like. What should I tell them? They don’t really like the answer ‘Horribly awful.’”

I hope this helps! :D

OOC: Thank You!

Thank you everyone for your kind words. You’re all just… 


Sorry if I don’t get back to everyone, but know I read every message, and it all means so much to me. I haven’t been having the best of times lately, and it killed my motivation to do anything…

But coming back to check on the blog and seeing all of you guys’ kind words…Oh man… 

Thank you. Thank you all so much. I love you all! 

I will try to work on some asks! I been really wanting to, but the lack of motivation/energy/inspiration had been killing my art! Everything looked wonky n’ ugly! 

But I need to get back into art so I can finish all the commissions, and to keep the blog running! So I’ll try my best! 

listening to my boyfriend snore softly on the facetime call is the best thing

Going to bed at night used to be so dreadful to me. And then we started to FaceTime each other every night (if we weren’t already doing it bc we do it all day) and go to sleep together, leaving our phone/ipad on the charger all night. Though, it’s hard to actually go to sleep at the same time because of the 5 hour time difference, and I’m usually going about my business while he snoozes away. But when it’s time for me to go to sleep, I can have him by my side as best I can, looking at his adorably beautiful face and being completely comforted. I love going to sleep now. And i love him so much.

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Hello! I am a late commer to the Hamilton fandom and Im just here to say I LOVE YOUR ART WITH A PASSION!!! I was doubled over laughing at the free hugs drawing for so dang long! Every time you draw everyone they all genuinely look like the Hamilton cast and its amazing! Id like to thank god for the miracle that is you!

That means SO MUCH. You have no idea it MEANS SO MUCH TO HEAR THAT!! Seriously.. I’m so flattered, thank you so much. I have not been doing too much and to hear this is my biggest motivation, have a nice day and I’m glad you seem to like the fandom!

I rarely block anons because…well idk. but congrats to that anon for trying to pull women into circular arguments we have had OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.

I’m tired of it. I am almost 33 years old and I have been having the same goddamn arguments with men for over a decade. It’s exhausting because they never fucking listen. They never fucking listen because it’s not an honest exchange for them - it’s a game. They want to see if they can “win” and they don’t fucking care that it’s not a game for you. They don’t fucking care that every time they do this they just prove to you that they really don’t care about the shit women have to go through. 

They get so mad when women say “I hate men” without the qualifier of “some” but turn around and call women “bitches”, “crazy”, “oversensitive”. 

No, we’re just fucking tired of you trying to play “gotcha” games when we’re talking about our real lives. And when we don’t engage in your bullshit and tell you to go away, you continue. Like, that’s exactly what we’re fucking tired of. You just insert yourself into shit, demand we give you our attention, emotional labor, time, mental well-being, etc.

I’m TIRED. I’m so tired I gave up on dating men. Yes, all men. You all exhaust me.