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Becoming Real - Part 1

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Characters: Thorin, Company, Reader.
Erebor after BOTFA (Everyone lives, fix-it).
Synopsis: Firmly ensconced in Erebor and fed up with the tedium of their daily duties, Thorin’s company tries to revive old times by going on a camping trip. Meanwhile, Thorin is reconsidering his choice of queen and trying to avoid the company’s well-intentioned meddling into his love life, with mixed success.
Imagine getting into a heated argument with Thorin at @imaginexhobbit.
NSFW eventually. Angsty. Hurt/Comfort with a lot of hurt.
This is the first sequel to THE LONG DARK. It will make a lot more sense if you read that story first. My thanks go out to my darlings @hardlyfatal​, @fromthedeskoftheraven​ and @snugsbunnyfluff​ for listening to my interminable whining about this story, making excellent suggestions and slogging through my first (and n-th) drafts without a single complaint.

Pain or love or danger
makes you real again.

     — Jack Kerouac

On the slopes of Erebor, spring was slowly edging into summer. Verdant moss and lichen of all descriptions covered the rock walls, wildflowers bloomed in the deep valleys and peeked out from underneath craggy monoliths.

The dwarves from Thorin’s Company had been floating the idea of a hiking trip with varied degrees of enthusiasm for ages. All of them were eager for a taste of those golden days when they only had to worry about orcs and wargs and a distant dragon rather than mining discipline, or dealing with human merchants, or any number of small nuisances that emerged when somebody took thousands of stubborn dwarves from different clans and made them live together in an enclosed space.

When Ori had offered to organize an outing for the Company, including such pastimes as bathing in a frigid mountain lake, doing a spot of hunting, and sleeping under the stars like free males (and one female) unfettered by the chains of duty, he’d met with enthusiastic agreement. As the months progressed and the daily nuisances ground on everyone’s nerves more and more, the promised outing became the single ray of hope in a tedious existence for the former members of the Company. It had many names: Get Me Out Of The Mountain Before I Kill Somebody Over Invoices was only one of them. If I Have To Mediate One More Bloody Dispute About Goats I Shall Raze This Mountain To The Ground, See If I Don’t, was Thorin’s version. There were other, more creative ones in Khuzdûl. Your ears had gone very red when Thorin had attempted a rough translation.

All in all, you were happy and looking forward to the future.

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I See Your Dads and Raise You Mine: The Dad Stories to Rule All Dad Stories
  • He hoards waffles. Like, his freezer is just filled with boxes and boxes of waffles. That’s it. That’s all there is in his freezer. He pretty much clears out all the frozen waffles in a store when he goes shopping. He tells my sister and I that he’s preparing for the Waffle-Pocalypse.
  • A few years ago we were having dinner, and the whole time he was insisting that he was a ninja. We all just laughed along with it but denied that it was true. Later, I’m cleaning up from dinner with my sister, and he disappears. This is oddly a regular occurrence for him despite his size. I finished cleaning up from dinner and I’m walking by the basement stairs, and all of a sudden someone dressed in black and yelling in Japanese jumps out at me. It was my dad. Dressed as a ninja.
  • He somehow speaks fluent German. He’s never taken German. His family speaks French and he took three years of it but he hardly knows a single word.
  • He’s obsessed with broccoli. He started singing about it while we were cooking and had my sister and I both join in. Then before we ate, he had us say a broccoli prayer. I led the prayer.
  • He’s the straightest straight man to ever straight unless your name is Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, or Jared Padalecki. Steve Rogers is also an exception to this.
  • He once tried grounding me for not drawing Benedict Cumberbatch. I refused to be grounded for such a thing so then he tried bribing me with ice cream.
  • When he’s on the phone with my sister all he wants to talk about is Matt Murdock.
  • When I told him I was bi, he just nodded his head and proceeded to ask me if I thought Scarlett Johansson was hot.
  • Had an imaginary friend named Johannsen. But he now denies he ever had an imaginary friend. When we ask him about him he just says, “Who?”
  • He took me to a doctor’s appointment because there was something wrong with my nose, saw there was an automatic door, and when it opened he spread his arms and yelled, “I am Magneto!” He accidentally hit me in the nose with the dramatic arm flair.
  • Began practicing Tai Chi in the pool and when I asked him what he was doing he told me he was a waterbender and then splashed me in the face.
  • Goes in ‘exit’ doors and out ‘enter’ doors.
  • Sounds like Batman when his voice is hoarse.
  • Gave me an empty cereal box on my birthday and insisted that I keep it with me all day. I did.
  • Can do spot-on impressions of Palpatine from Star Wars and Gingy from Shrek.
  • Showed me an essay that he wrote in which he was a potato. There was also another essay that he wrote as a bar of soap. (The bar of soap died).
  • Started writing a dystopian-humor book in which the characters are broccoli (and cannibalistic).
  • There’s an incident I like to call the Benedict Cumberbatch Hangover. One day he spent all afternoon and evening watching everything with Benedict Cumberbatch in it. He was still at it when I went to bed. He came downstairs the next day at around noon clutching his laptop and looking like he’d been drinking all night, mumbling “need more Benedict Cumberbatch” over and over again.
  • Fashion is very important to him in online gaming. He’ll often call my sister and I over for help with picking clothes for his characters. He’ll spend hours on making sure they have the perfect outfits.
  • My dad vacuumed my sister. He was vacuuming the apartment, saw her on the couch, and then started vacuuming her leg.
  • He cries while watching movies. He watched Braveheart for the millionth time and when my sister checked on him ten minutes after the movie ended he was still crying.
  • He named our 70-inch flat screen TV Zûl and had us all bow to it when we first “met” it. He also bowed.
  • “You’re the bad guy. I know it. You just shaved your little bald-ass head.” - commentary on Zaheer while watching The Legend of Korra.
  • He calls people motherless goats as an insult.
  • An exclamation of his is “Jesus Christopher Columbus!”
  • “It’s great. Instead of playing on the computer, you can just go outside in the woods and shoot your friends.” - explaining airsoft to his mom.
  • My dad calls me strange things such as Pumpkin Patch and Brown Cow.
  • He insists that my sister is now a were-husky since she was bitten by a Siberian Husky.
  • “Get a job, cat! You party all night, then you freaking throw up! Do something with your life!” - talking to my cat Loki after he ran around the house all night, threw up, and then continued to run around before passing out.
  • We were coming home from seeing a movie and we were at a red light on a bridge with a waterfall. He rolled down the window, stuck his head out, and then screamed: “Hi, Mr. Waterfall!”
  • He gives my sister and I fake boyfriends and often asks us how the relationship is going. Then when I came out as bi he started giving me fake girlfriends as well.
  • He calls my cat Loki “Mr. Floppers.”
  • One time I went in his desk to look for something and all I found was cookies.
  • He has a locked box filled with rubber bands.
  • Calls himself the “Supreme Being.”
  • He blames everything on sharks. He drops a fork on the floor? “Those damn sharks.” The dishwasher is broken? “The sharks did it.” He felt justified when Mary was killed in an aquarium in season 4 of Sherlock because they showed a shark: “I knew the sharks did it.”
  • I was at physical therapy with him one time. The physical therapist asked him how the ice was and he just responded with: “It’s cold.”
  • He made up a character for himself called Dr. Cornelius because one time he got something in the mail that had his name as Cornelius instead of Neal. Dr. Cornelius has a German accent and is an “ear doctor.” One time my dad called and left a message as Dr. Cornelius. Still one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.
  • He often makes jokes about his own name. He was told to kneel in physical therapy one time and he just said: “I am.” Then, while watching The Avengers, he got all exasperated during the Germany scene when Loki yells for everyone to kneel and just shouted: “I’m right here! Stop yelling!”
  • One time just left a note saying that “Broccoli was here.”
  • He wants to be Jackie Chan when he grows up.
  • He tried giving my sister and I theme songs that he would start playing whenever we walked into a room.
  • He and my sister broke the ceiling together.
  • He’ll hand my sister and I pieces of trash as “gifts” without saying a word.
  • One New Year’s he ate an entire bag of licorice (after eating a large bowl of frozen yogurt) while watching Kung Fu Panda and crying because it was so beautiful. Then he pretended to do Kung Fu while the credits were rolling.
  • Used me as a towel even though there was a towel right next to him.
  • He dropped an ice cube down the back of my shirt and then ran away.
  • He and my sister chased each other around the house with spray bottles. (He started it). They got soaked and so did the floor.
  • He insisted upon being a princess while playing a board game and was excited that his character had a unicorn.
  • Everything is a movie reference.
  • He once asked my sister to write a Supernatural fanfiction.
  • He came up with a character who is a stable boy at an inn (he has an accent too) and he pretends to be him sometimes. His character has a crush on a girl in the village, but he’s too shy to talk to her, and he doesn’t have enough money to provide her with a proper home. One time he told my sister (as the character) that he’d taken to eating dirt out by the roadside of the inn because he couldn’t afford bread. According to him, it’s rich in minerals. Rainwater is good too.
  • I went to ask him a question once and he ended up turning on his lamp and shining it on himself, and then started acting like he was being interrogated.
  • He’s had holy water thrown on him.
  • He likes to put boxes on his head.
  • He occasionally tries to talk to my sister about women because he forgets she’s straight.
  • One time I came downstairs and found him and my sister in the dining room with the lights dimmed and a candle lit, holding hands and speaking in gibberish. His explanation was that she needed to find inner peace.
  • He likes to pretend he’s Darth Vader.
  • He treats grocery shopping like it’s a secret mission.
  • The payment for overdue books at his personal library is hugs.
  • His version of a bedtime story is telling my sister and I about Loki running around the Asgardian palace completely naked. (His clothes were eaten by a giant version of our cat Alley who is called the Witty Witten in the story). He occasionally gets requests from our friends to tell a Witty Witten story.
  • I was passing him in the hallway and he gave me a version of the One Ring without any explanation and just said: “Keep it secret. Keep it safe.”
  • He added his name to a bunch of the school clubs in his high school yearbook during senior year even though he wasn’t in any of them, so every once in a while he’ll claim to have been on the basketball team and in the jazz band. He even showed up for the club pictures.
  • My sister was at his apartment and she had to go to the bathroom so he made her write out a hall pass that he signed.
  • He decided it was a good idea to play a fantasy RPG while high on pain medication, and he ended up using all his character’s supplies to make hundreds of meatballs. He was shrieking while doing it.
  • While sitting at the dinner table and playing a card game he walked by and dumped a bottle of ice water down the back of my sister’s shirt.
  • He’s convinced his sister is a hyena.
  • My dad’s response to the suggestion to go to bed is, “Yeah, probably,” and then he doesn’t.
  • He celebrates his “birth week” instead of just his birthday.
  • Once he wanted pasta so badly he cooked up enough to last a whole week.
  • While peeling potatoes with my sister he claimed he could predict the future and then proceeded to tell her she was going to marry a potato.
  • I asked for an apple and he grudgingly gave me one while saying he didn’t support cannibalism.
  • He randomly yells out words in French like “fish” and “chicken”, going as far as to mix the two words and yell “poulet-poisson!
  • He told me he could do a magic trick and then put a nickel in my ear.
  • Sometimes while sitting in the movie theater waiting for the movie to start he’ll poke me and tell me to “pass it down”.
  • While checking my sister in for an appointment he started sparring with her, but instantly stopped and pretended to act all normal whenever the receptionist looked up.
  • Whenever the trunk of his car is full he claims we can’t use it because that’s where the bodies are.
  • For dessert he just eats chocolate chips out of an ice cream bowl. He doesn’t even use a spoon.
  • He throws his clean socks on my sister and pretends they’re filthy.
  • Claims my sister is also a Frost Giant, and when she was complaining about shoveling a lot of snow he said, “Don’t even start. You can probably swim in this shit.”
  • Says he has Tony Stark on speed dial and that they’re besties.
  • Whenever he wants my sister to bake something he’ll just leave out a box of baking mix on the counter or have a recipe book open to what he wants and he just waits until she notices.
  • Claims that the moon is evil because it’s made out of cheese and he’s lactose intolerant.
  • His mortal enemies are peas.
  • My sister caught him outside on the deck howling at the moon one time.
  • Bought a walking stick that looks like Gandalf’s staff just so he can be “cool”.
  • Once took my sister and I upstairs to show us a surprise. It was nunchucks that he had hidden under the bed. He has nunchucks.
  • Owns a bunch of wooden poles and won’t explain why.
  • At breakfast my sister complained that her ear was itchy so he left and came back with a screwdriver.
  • Had to drive my sister to morning gym one time and he saw McDonald’s on the way there and started screaming because it was “too early in the morning for anything to be that bright”.
  • Wants to be a vampire but hates blood.
  • He sometimes lounges around in a red cloak.
  • He’ll pretend to be James Bond and have a conversation with himself (usually while leaving a room).
  • He keeps a jar of dirt under his bed.
  • He tried putting candy wrappers in my sister’s hair.
  • Keeps a velvet-lined pouch of dice in his desk for “special occasions”.
  • Bought my sister and I Game of Thrones shirts to ensure that we’d watch the show.
  • Always puts two pickle slices in every bowl of salad he eats.
  • Is sad that he never got his Hogwarts letter, and says that they must have mixed up his age and thought that he was older than 11.
  • Occasionally checks the back of his closet to see if it leads to Narnia.
  • He was outside and decided it would be fun to ding-dong-ditch his own house.
  • Recently prank called his mother.
  • After bingeing Trollhunters with my sister he told her to “stay crispy”.
  • Kept my sister up in the middle of the night because all he wanted to do was talk to her about Lucifer from Supernatural.
  • Laughs every time he sees a gnome.
  • Once wanted to audition for American Idol dressed as a banana.
  • He gave my sister a pan lid and had her hold it like a shield. He then proclaimed that she was Kitchen America; like Captain America, but instead of saving the world she saves him by baking his favorite foods.
homestuck characters playing undertale
  • John: instinctive pacifist
  • Rose: tries to find everything in the game before realizing thats a dick move from the games perspective
  • Dave: cant figure out how to spare toriel so broods for a million years
  • Jade: pets lesser dog for 413483849384932849023492390840612 turns
  • Jane: holds on to the cinnamon butterscotch pie forever in every playthrough because she loves goat mom and goat dad so much
  • Roxy: instinctive pacifist. after getting tp spends a million years trying to give asriel a better ending
  • Dirk: spoiled himself on genocide and refuses to ever try it. has the hots for mettaton
  • Jake: initially attacks everything, then stops when the music gets scary
  • Aradia: wants to hug napstablook whenever they appear
  • Tavros: instinctive pacifist. cant figure out why his saves keep vanishing
  • Sollux: creates two save files and swaps between them arbitrarily. hacks for the best gear early on in one file
  • Karkat: says he'll do genocide but never even touches the fight command. instead just chooses all the mean options for sparing people
  • Nepeta: hOI!! i'm tEMMIE!!
  • Kanaya: instinctive pacifist
  • Terezi: kills anyone she thinks has wronged a major character. has a bizarre definition of what constitutes the above
  • Vriska: keeps deleting tav's save file out of spite. genocides to prove she's THE 8EST!!!!!!!! only to internally panic when realizing that genocide is actually the worst ending
  • Fishka: goes through about half the game on pacifist with no trouble but then worries shes doing it wrong and looks up a walkthrough despite not needing it
  • Equius: flexing with aaron at every opportunity. gets sweat everywhere
  • Gamzee: just sorta derps around. later goes back for both genocide and pacifist and never dies within either
  • Eridan: has the hots for undyne. is horrified and confused when she gets angry at him for doing genocide instinctively
  • Feferi: instinctive pacifist
  • Aranea: plays the game repeatedly for 100%, deliberately ignoring the fact that the game considers this a dick move. attracted to muffet
  • Meenah: sure lets krill all these motherfuckers...oh woops we werent supposed to do that shit lets start over
  • Calliope: instinctive pacifist. draws over 9000 fancomics, mostly involving papyrus and alphys. relates to alphys to an unhealthy extent
  • Caliborn: instinctive genocide. gets off to the undyne fight and deems sans a worthy opponent. no fucks given otherwise...up until chara challenges him to do something else
  • Hussie: laughing it up with radiation
  • Mayor: instinctive pacifist. cries loudly when flowey kills asgore (cause flashbacks)
  • PM: like terezi but with a less bizarre threshold for what counts as hurting someone
  • Bec Noir: instinctive genocide
  • Spades Slick: kills everything he encounters, but doesn't go out of his way to completely depopulate each area (not quite genocide)
  • Arquius: datamines everything, then makes a program thats just flexing with aaron endlessly
  • Jasprose: not actually playing, but keeps questioning everyone else about their playstyle. gives out spoilers at random and knows everything in the game
  • Davepeta: FINALLY figures out how to spare toriel
  • Dad: imagines sitting down with asgore as they smoke pipes together all night
Bloomtale - Chapter 6 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 6 is up!!! Enjoy!! ^^  I feel like drawing Napstablook right now….

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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1.    You were the face of BONDS over 10 years ago – how has your career changed since?
It’s changed quite a bit; I’ve worked around the world with incredible clients and some of the best creative people in the industry. I’ve had some of the most amazing opportunities, and I feel really grateful for those opportunities. It’s been such a learning curve, and I feel blessed to have experienced it.
2.    Bonds’ is celebrating its 100th birthday by bringing together all the iconic faces from over the years, how did you become involved in this momentous project?  
Bonds approached me, and I thought it would be really fun because it’s such an iconic brand and such a respected brand in Australia. And they always have such a great sense of energy to their campaigns.
3.    What’s your favourite BONDS moment?
I think it’s this campaign for their 100th anniversary; it’s really great to be a part of it.
4.    What does the brand mean to you?
To me, Bonds is such an iconic and respected Australian brand.
5.    What’s your first memory of BONDS?
Seeing the Chesty Bonds guy on the TV growing up. I wonder where he is now. They should’ve got him for the 100th anniversary!
6.    You always look amazing & in shape, how did you physically prepare for your 2003 BONDS shoot?
It was so long ago; it’s crazy how time flies. I really try to keep in shape all year round, so it’s not like I put myself through rigorous training. It’s more about maintaining my exercise regime, so I feel healthy and balanced, and I’m eating well. I’m pretty into health and wellbeing so I just continually try to look after myself so that I look and feel my best.
7.    Do you have any tips to looking great in underwear?
Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence. Whether it’s swimwear or underwear or clothing, just feel good in your body, because when you feel good in your body you exude that confidence. If you’re feeling your best, you’re looking your best.
8.    If you had to choose either Pilates or Yoga – which would you pick?
I’ve I had to choose one, I’d pick Yoga – and it would be Kudalini Yoga – because it balances my mind and body and spirit. And I feel my best after I do that. It’s not about the physical shape; it’s more about feeling my best. And Kudalini Yoga really does it for me!
9.    Top five foods we’d find in your fridge?
Avocado, Goats milk, gluten free bread, umeboshi plums – umeboshi plums are from Japan, they’re really sour, like a pickled plum, but they’re really good for alkalising your body. Even if you just have just a little bit of an umeboshi plum, it helps with digestion. You can buy them at a health market or Asian supermarket. I always have eggs, oh, I’m going to have to say six because I also always have vegemite in my fridge.
10. How do you spend your down time?
I like to be outside. When I have a day off, I really like to go for a hike or go and put my bare feet on the grass or a walk in the sand. I meditate, play with my son; we paint, we draw, we play on the swings, we jump on the trampoline, we bake cakes. I need to spend more time with my friends, to be honest! You have to balance it out, but if I’m not working I spend the majority my time with my son. I have some friends who have children as well, so when we can all get together it’s nice just to hang out.
11. If you had to wear one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
My long silk robe, and bare feet. It’s like being naked, but you’re not.
12. Would we still find Bonds basics in your wardrobe?
Yeah, I have a few basic white Chesty Bonds tanks that I’ve had for quite some time and the little underpants – they’re just really comfortable and classic.
13. What’s the best ever fashion advice you’ve been given?
Invest in classic pieces, it’s not necessary to follow trends. It’s better to invest in classic pieces that fit to your body shape.
14. What are you go-to fashion pieces?
A pair of jeans, a classic white tee, a blazer, black flats, sunglasses, and a handbag.
15. What’s the most precious item in your wardrobe?
It’s a vintage dress that was owned by my grandma.
16. What are you obsessed with at the moment?
Jumping on the trampoline with my son, it’s like my favourite thing. And swinging on the swings – I don’t know maybe I’ve turned into a kid again.
17. If we trawled through your wardrobe – how many pairs of shoes and handbags would we find?
I’m not sure, but I can tell you I’ve given a lot away, and I still have a lot. I regularly cull, because I get overwhelmed if I have too much in my closet. So I like to give stuff away a lot, like really often. I give stuff away to friends, I give stuff away to charity, and it just better keep it more streamlined and simple.
18. What’s one thing you wish you could change about the fashion industry?
I don’t think it’s really up to me to comment on that because I’ve been a part of it for so long. I’ve been in the industry 19 years, and it’s been really good to me. I’ve got to travel the world and meet interesting and creative people. I am where I am now because of this industry.
19. What do you think is the greatest issue facing your generation?
Probably the excess in technology and the internet. I try to encourage young people, whenever I speak to them, that it’s important to take time out and turn the phone off and connect back with nature. Obviously we’re all part of the world, and I appreciate the fact that we have technology and that we can communicate with people on the other side of the world. That’s such a blessing, but it’s also important to take time out and ground yourself and get back to nature. So that you’re connecting with family and not just constantly on the phone.
20. What’s next for Miranda Kerr this year?
I’ve have so much going on; I’m continuing to work with the clients that I have, and I have a few exciting business collaborations that will be released later this year. I’m also continuing to expand Kora Organics worldwide. There’s never a dull moment, put it that way!
21. Do you have any plans to one day move back to Australia?
I meanright now, I don’t really have that option because obviously I have a son, and it’s not just up to me, but you never know. Never say never. But I love Australia, I’m really proud to be Australian.
22. What has been the most surreal experience/moment of your career thus far?
I think the fact that I’m still doing this after 19 years. I never thought that I’d still be doing this job after 19 years that kind of shocks me. I always thought this was a short-lived job, and I’d just enjoy it for now. And that’s why I studied nutrition. I thought ‘Well, I’ll just keep modelling while I can,’ and I had the expectation that it could end tomorrow, and it hasn’t. I’m so grateful for that, and for all the experiences I’ve had.
23. What is the greatest thing you’ve learned from Flynn?
Just to really enjoy every moment and keep the inquisitive side of your nature. And not to lose that childlike nature because that what’s so pure and incredible about children.
24. What is the greatest thing you’ve learned from your mum?
Unconditional love.
25. The greatest thing in life is…
Actually being really present and in the moment. Even if you’re having a hard day, just being in the moment, and riding that wave. That’s what life is about; it’s not always about the good times. It’s about embracing every moment because you can’t appreciate the good without the bad.

anonymous asked:

any tips for learning to make things just..less uniform? everything I draw is drawn the exact same way; if I draw wings, they're carbon copies and are all shaped the same. the legs on my goats and my wolves look basically the same, except that one ends in a hoof and one in a paw. I'm just not sure how to break out of this mold, yknow? your art is like the opposite of that; everything is different and unique and wonderful ;;

Ahhhh, I’m honored that you think my art is versatile, but I’ve honestly avoided answering this ask for some time because I do not feel that way about my own work. I often worry about reusing poses, drawing creatures in profile too much, and my blog title is “Things Facing Left’ for a very good reason ahahaha;

The more I think about it, however, perhaps my discomfort in my own lack of versatility can let me tell you what I’ve been trying to strive for to break the uniform, mundane look I feel that my art has achieved—

The first step to improving your artwork is first realizing that it can be better. Your artwork is never bad, but it can always get better. It doesn’t matter how inexperienced you are— your work is still never bad. It doesn’t matter how talented you are— your work is never good enough to no longer improve.

It can be difficult progressing with your artwork when you feel stuck, but the knowledge of your need to improve is what will ultimately lead your artistic endeavors forward. You need to love your artwork enough to keep going— but dislike it enough to be comfortable with critiques and open to improving.

The next step to improving is active practice. The more you draw, the better you get. Drawing is a skill that needs to be worked upon. It might take years, and it might frustrate you when you don’t see immediate improvement after long hours of work, but there will come a time when you look back on a piece you used to feel pride in and realize that your current work is much better.

And the best step to improving mundane work? Actively forcing yourself out of your comfort zone.

I personally am not comfortable with drawing people. I grew up drawing animals and did not start drawing people until late in my junior year of high school (about 4-5 years ago.) Whenever I draw a person, they feel too stiff, and the anatomy and lack of fur frustrates me because I am far too used to drawing animals. Sometimes I get so frustrated with drawing people that I turn them into fauns to avoid drawing human legs below the knee.

But how am I ever going to get better at humans if I always avoid them? The simple answer is that I won’t. To get better at drawing something you’re not good at or not used to, you just need to buckle down and draw it anyway. You might not like what you produce at first— heck, you might not like it for quite some time— but practicing will slowly lead you to a place of comfort.

The same can be said with small things like drawing wings that are different from the wings you usually do. If you usually draw hawk wings, branch out and try the slender wings of an albatross, using references where necessary. You might not like how they look when you draw them at first, but the practice and discomfort will be worth taking a step towards better versatility with your work. In time, you’ll learn the anatomy of both subjects better. With the same method, there will come a time where, after having practiced both more fluently, you will be able to distinguish the legs of a wolf and a goat with ease.

On a closing note, I also want to say that the artists you admire likely suffer from the same insecurities and frustrations that you do. We’re our own worst critics and there’s always going to be someone who gives you art envy out the wazzoo. There’s no use in lusting after someone else’s talent when you can cultivate your own, however. You are a unique, individual artist and no one— absolutely no one— can produce the art that you do.