i do this all the time and it's not good

So, it was our first time playing, well three of us. We had a newish DM and somewhat new players all around not good at the game. We were in Wave Echo Cave in LMoP and up against a green flaming skull which our Halfling Samurai was fighting mostly alone.

Bard: I cast Viscious Mockery on it.

Samurai: (OOC) Dont he’s mine! (His character liked to fight everything alone)

Bard: (OOC) Its a cantrip it wont kill him, plus I got a joke

DM: hit it

Bard: Hey Skull why didnt ya go to the party, cause ya got no <i>body</i> to go with! Ha!

I dont remember the damage but-

DM: The skull stares at you for a bit and then wails in pain, anguish and despeair knowing that your right. The flame is snuffed out and it falls to the floor.

Bard:….dude I’m so sorry

Samurai who already hates our bard enough: Dont sleep tonight.

Meanwhile the rest of us collectively loose our shit.

i don’t think pens fans outside of pittsburgh really understand —

out of all the pro sports teams in this city, the pens have had the worst track record in terms of doing social good for the city and its people

this situation with the white house is not a one-time fluke, it’s part of a pattern of thoughtless behavior by lemieux and company

and it is up to us, the fans and the people of pittsburgh, not to be complacent and condone this behavior and only blame it on nhl culture

otherwise the pens will continue to do things like this and nothing will change

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Hc for where mc is unnaturally smol & skinny due to a medical issue. You dont have to answer if ya dont wanna. Im just a 4'5 and 60lbs gal tryina have a good time ;A; the hc can be for all of the boyos if ya want. Here is some further info on the medical issue: its names are scoliosis and kyphosis and basically the spine and back are like they were whisked and it affects organs and such. i typically hide it with a hoodie but idk what others do. Thanks for reading this (even if you dont do it)!!!

I will try :D 


  • when he was you he was totally happy 
  • like he can be the big one 
  • even when he’s small compared to the rest of the RFA
  • of course when you two get to know each other you tell him about your condition
  • he’s so worried 
  • the name sounds complicated and he just want to make sure you’re fine 
  • ask a lot about it 
  • you tell him everything you know 
  • he is constantly asking you about it 
  • and doesn’t care about what you wear 
  • mostly wants you to show him what you are comfortable with 


  • when he saw you thought you were cute
  • of course it was unusual but still cute 
  • liked you a lot 
  • and even when you were always wearing big shirts and hoodies he was fine with that 
  • you told him about your issue 
  • but he didn’t got much of it 
  • “You’re fine aren’t you?” 
  • the only thing he could think 
  • you told him that you were doing fine 
  • and your organs weren’t that bad 
  • he asked to see you with no hoodie or t-shirt 
  • and of course you didn’t wanted but at the end he got what he wanted
  • “MC is okay… I like you the way you are”


  • cutie pie asked you in the moment 
  • she didn’t knew about it 
  • “MC, hold on let me search for it” 
  • of course she got a lot of information for it 
  • asked a lot of questions to make sure how you were 
  • is always with you to anything you need 
  • “Actually I think you’re really nice and cute being small” 
  • just want you to have confidence on yourself 
  • and tell you how much she loves you


  • doesn’t tell you nothing at first 
  • doesn’t want to be rude asking you about it 
  • but with time he does it 
  • make the best doctor he knows to check on you 
  • like all the time 
  • but at the end he is just making sue you’re fine 
  • bought some expensive and nice hoodies for you 


  • knew about it when he made a research about you 
  • of course looks for tons os information about it 
  • but didn’t told the rest 
  • of course if you didn’t wanted to tell them it was okay 
  • when he saw you it was actually not what he expected 
  • you looked smaller 
  • and his heart skipped a beat 
  • all this days he was so happy talking to you 
  • wanted to see you so bad
  • of course he knew he was fucked up in that moment 
  • couldn’t even tried to push you aways from him
  • even when you were a bit shy about it 
  • he already knew so he was fine 
  • “MC is okay, I know it. You don’t need to hide it from me”


  • when you told him he was a bit shocked 
  • but accepted it anyways 
  • of course he liked you before you told him 
  • so it was fine 
  • and when he saw you wearing all those hoodies
  • got worried that you were hiding it 
  • so asked to take photos of you 
  • and of course since he is so talented they came out amazing 
  • always taking photos of you to make you feel loved and nice 


  • he feels that you’re connected to him more 
  • he was a small kid back then 
  • and now he’s a troubled man 
  • so when you told him about it he felt like he was made for you 
  • and you were made for him 
  • of course is always trying to let you know that 
  • “MC you know you are made for me. We’re meant to be”
  • let you wear his big jacket instead of your hoodies 
  • because he likes how it looks on you better than him


Okay I don’t know if this is accurate or nah but I tried 

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I must say good night to you all its 11pm her and I have to get up early tomorrow :'( can I get a good night hug and cuddle from Mare please to give me good dreams xx Ps this was and awsome idea hun it's been brilliant fun

(wow that’s some time difference! It’s only 3:10pm here.)

“I’ll do more than just give you a good night hug Sweetheart.” Mare’s voice lulls through the room before a pair of arms scoops you up. Mare smirks as he carries you to your bed, and he tucks you in. He lays on top of the blankets next to you, his arm curled over you.

Figured I may as well paste my response here since it’s a hot topic.

I’m not patting myself on the back with this one. The writing on DBS is incredibly formulaic. Simple even. We get foreshadowing, a little bit of time passes, and then we get the payoff. Rinse and repeat.

I don’t get the impression that TOEI trusts its audience to connect the dots (hence why we get obnoxious exposition to do it for us). Red herrings aren’t veiled on the occasion we do get them. Now, DBS is a little better about developing secondary characters BEFORE they bite it, i.e., not the same episode in which it happens, as opposed to say, the show writers on TWD. 

Don’t get me wrong. It’s silly to have extraneous content in an action-paced cartoon of all things. Aside from dedicated slice-of-life episodes, the writers are good about making use of the time. But they don’t deviate from the formula.

They failed to sell me on Frost back in 34 when he tipped his entire hand and confirmed what Vados said– much more than he needed to. This is not a smart man. Anyone who has built himself such a lucrative business would not be so short-sighted in throwing all of that away because of one naysayer (even if it is Vados). Still, it sets the precedent that Frost IS short-sighted. Crafty, sure, but his long con of U6 seemed to be more of a fluke that worked out because the others were so naive. The only one who isn’t headless is Hit but he likely doesn’t care so long as it’s not his ox getting gored. 

Back to 108:

Frost threatens to kill Freeza before the Gohan fight because he doesn’t realize how outmatched he is. He calls Freeza “sempai” to butter him up. “This guy’s just as dumb as everyone else. I’ll get what I want from him and then I’ll dispose of him.” Freeza knows this game well. To paraphrase, “I’m sure you already know this but don’t trust anyone.”

This Freeza line serves two purposes. It shows that Freeza wasn’t fooled by Frost’s feigned humility and more importantly, it sets up what I’m going to call the “Littlefinger moment”: “I did WARN you not to trust me.” 

We’ve seen plenty of foreshadowing to indicate that Freeza aspires to obtain the power of the gods. He wants to off Zeno, Whis suspects he has ulterior motives, we heard commentary about how he could be a suitable God of Destruction, and we now know that the Super Dragon Balls could be used to potentially kill a god. So when he plays Mr. Nice Guy to Gohan at the end of 108, we know he’s blowing smoke. He’s not dumb enough to tip his hand this early. That doesn’t mean he’s going to be reckless– only that he’d prefer to prioritize his own desires.

 Now, will all of these setups actually apply to Freeza? Maybe, maybe not… but it will all likely be included in one form or another at some point. I don’t know precisely what they’ll end up doing with Freeza. Whatever it is, they’ll allow for him to make a return.

Finally, I don’t have much on the topic of Frost’s erasure. Death serves no purpose in DBS. They barely missed a beat when Piccolo died in the Resurrection: F arc. “Meh, that’s inconvenient, I guess. We’ll see him in a few months.” As much as I would love to see TOEI finally apply some consequences to characters dying, they don’t have the balls. It’s too much of a downer for Son Goku to suddenly become consumed by internal conflict. 

By all means, I’d love to see them prove me wrong (but it’s not that type of show).

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Seeing your blog I'm really tempted to get A Wonderful Life. HMDS was my first HM game and I'm going to rebuy it to get into it because I have such nice memories of it. Would you recommend AWL as well or are they too similar? :)

( cont.) One other thing… I’m actually really terrible at HM! Do you know of any good guides for HMDS? If I do end up getting AWL, yours definitely looked really helpful! :)

Ohmygosh thank you so much, that means a lot to me!! I just love HM:AWL so much, its definitely one of my favourite games of all time. ♡

Harvest Moon DS has so much freedom, but a guide is definitely needed for in game secrets. HMDS is such a good starting point, and links directly to HM:AWL. Nearly all the characters in HMDS are in HM:AWL. Even the map is similar so you’ll find you can get around the area pretty easily! Though the games are pretty different, theres so many principles that are the same. I love HMDS because you can craft your own farming plot. I wish HM:AWL had this option too hehe.


  • For HMDS guides, Fogu does a good one. Here is a link - so check it out! Fogu generally has a good guide for nearly all Harvest Moon games including story of seasons. Here is their homepage, you should take a look at - fogu.com!
  • Of course you can’t do much without finding the sprites, here is their locations! 
  • Here is good mining guide.
  • There’s also hidden mini games in HMDS if you weren’t aware… check here for them! 

Game FAQ’s

  • Game FAQ’s also do very good guides and they cover most things in the game. Check their page out here, they even do cooking guides!! Yay!!!!
  • Here is a full game walkthrough which was pretty useful for me.
  • WARNING, watch out for the THE BILLION GOLD GLITCH because this can glitch your game pretty bad. I’ve suffered the consequences, and while it can be pretty useful, it can destroy your game…

I really hope you get HM:AWL! It’s such a beautiful game. And I hope these guides help you! If theres anything specific you need to know, please feel free to send an ask I’d be happy to help you! Have a lovely day!! ♡ 

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hey hey, i just wanted to thank you guys for putting on this collab every year!! i know its very large and probably extremely time consuming to run it, but you guys do a great job!! good luck sorting through applications! <3

Thank you so much! It’s certainly hard work but it’s all worth it in the end when we get so much support from fellow kagamine fans like yourself ヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝ✧

hey design haven’t talked in awile have we i know it has been only 2 days but still anyways me and my brother have been doing good and all i really miss you… Your just such a amazing person and it brakes my heart that its been such along time so can we meet up at like grillbys or something? I don’t really care where we go as long as we can be together does this count as a date? Well it is one now! You choose where we go and please don’t bring any of your brothers just us only lets meet up there at 6:00 pm at sunset please

-love, koa


     To Koa

 Lets meet up in Underfell, the Waterfalls, in the echoflowers. Can you make it?



Am I still thinking about that one AU? Yes, definitely

yes hello i just wanted to remind u all that allura is amazing and i love her


My rendition of this fic by @destieldrabblesdaily.

You should also definitely click to have better quality.

the foxes as rpdr queens


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lil usnavi is a very good helper 


get to know me (2/10} favorite animated films ☰ the last unicorn (1982)

I am a little afraid to go home. I have been mortal, and some part of me is mortal yet. I am no longer like the others, for no unicorn was ever born who could regret, but I now I do. I regret.

Hey, dogs are good.


first batch of fashion folder jojo rqs w/ some ladies!!

Kravitz loves music.

Lup and Barry both play instruments.

How excited do you think Kravitz is the first time Lup pulls out a violin, or Barry sits down at a piano? He’s just watching them super intently and maybe it’s kind of weird at first until he explains. Eventually they all play together and it’s a really nice thing that they share. They’re at each other’s houses after work, and those houses are filled with music and laughter and light.

(All three of them keep trying to teach Taako to play an instrument. Any instrument. It hasn’t worked so far mostly because Taako hates to practice.)

Kravitz has people to talk about music with, people who don’t get lost when he gets to the technical stuff. And it’s like he’s been saving up everything he had to say all this time, because when Kravitz gets started on music he doesn’t really stop. Have they heard this piece? Do they know this artist? The really great thing about this or that period of music is what they did with sound, how the whole tone of popular music changed in response to… Kravitz is adorable when he gets excited about music, his whole family thinks so.

Kravitz has a new family and he couldn’t have picked a better match if he tried.


get to know me: favorite female charactersthe ghibli girls
 “Many of my movies have strong female leads – brave, self-sufficient girls that don’t think twice about fighting for what they believe in with all their heart. They’ll need a friend, or a supporter, but never a savior. Any woman is just as capable of being a hero as any man.” (– Hayao Miyazaki)