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BTS reaction: their s/o trying to lose weight

Request: please write a bts reaction to their s/o trying to lose weight not because they think they look fat but because they think they’re too heavy

Thank you for the request :) Anyone who does want to lose weight should do it in the healthiest way, also make sure you’re doing it for yourself, not for anyone else’s satisfaction. ♥

Also, I’m pretty sure all the members would be supportive as long as you aren’t trying to lose weight in an unhealthy way, but all of their reactions would still vary a bit.



Seokjin: Jin would kind of be sad when he finds out you’re trying to lose weight because 1. He loves feeding you and 2. He thinks you look cute on the chubbier side. He’d support it as long as you were still eating well and would still feed you all the time, just with healthier food 

“I made something really healthy and I feel like you’ll love it… You wanna try some?”

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*you’re Yoongi*

Yoongi: I think Yoongi would always make sure you ate well if you were in a relationship as he couldn’t eat much as a trainee and he doesn’t want you to go through the same struggle as he did but he’s also all for you being confident in yourself so he’d make sure you weren’t losing too much weight but also making progress.

“Stay healthy for me, ok?

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Hoseok: Wouldn’t monitor over you as much as Jin would but but all this sunshine wants is for you to be happy with yourself. He might ask you if you want to dance with him (even if you can’t chance) as a way for you to get exercise, plus you’d drink lots of water if you did it which is crucial while trying to lose weight.

“I made a choreo to your favourite song and I wanna teach you it!! C’mon, it’ll be fun!!” soft

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Namjoon: For the most part, he also wouldn’t be too strict on everything just like Hoseok, but he’d try and help you with a dieting plan by looking into the nutritional values of everything, he’d try making you nutritious stuff but lets be honest he’d probably accidentally drop it all on the floor because this is Kim Namjoon we’re talking about here.

“Hey jagiya I made you something that’ll be really good for you!!” *sound of shattering glass* “……nevermind!!!!”

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Jimin: His body confidence issues are something that are talked about a lot and everyone knows how Jimin lost weight predebut :-( so he’d be really cautious at first and make sure you were eating properly and lowkey would never leave you alone so he knew you weren’t doing anything in a way to try to lose weight that is actually just bad for your health.

“I’m fine with it as long as you promise that you don’t follow in my footsteps by trying to lose weight the way I did.”

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Taehyung: Would find it suckish that you probably wouldn’t be eating as much as you were prior to your weightloss journey because I feel like Tae is the type of the person who just loves laying in bed while stuffing his face with some takeout with his s/o on a Saturday night, however he’d support you all the way and let you know how proud of you he is.

“I’m so happy you’re doing this to improve your self confidence but I’m so lonely when I order takeout!! More for me I guess”

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Jungkook: Would be confused as to why you wanted to lose weight at first, when he realized it was because you wanted to be at a weight that made you more comfortable he didn’t have much of a reaction, he was just glad that you weren’t developing some type of disorder and would always buy you healthy food.

“I don’t care how much you weigh but if this makes you happier, I’m here to support you.”

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EXO Reaction to going on a road trip with you and a few of their friends & ending up falling in love with you

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Come here.. help with this yes? I’m sure you are better than me” *He’d do everything to be with you all the time during the trip*


*Gonna be silly the whole trip* “Why is this happening to me… my cool image is lost… she’s not going to like me anymore T^T” *lies you are perfect*


*He won’t let the opportunity go and will do everything he can to get close to you* “No… do this… oh your hands are really soft… let’s play again”


*Trying to control his feelings* “Why did this have to happen now? I’m going to be with her the whole trip…. and I can’t stop thinking that I want to kiss her”


“Y/N.. you are sitting next to me… Leave those guys alone, I want to be with you” *So straight forward*


*He’ll be all over you* “I’m not leaving your side! Let’s be trip partners yes? I like being with you!”


*Probably will convince the boys to leave you and him alone every now and then* “They went to explore the city.. do you want to go somewhere nice with me?”


*You’d catch him staring at you and biting his lips every now and then* “I need to stop daydreaming… she’s going to suspect…. ahh but she’s so pretty and I’m sure her lips are so soft and…”


*I’m super hot mode on* “If we are going to spend so much time together… I better start working on making her fall for me…”


*He’d probably ask Sehun to help him* “Should I tell her now? No? don’t leave me alone with her! What if I mess up?” *Squishy*


*He’d probably try to get your attention in any way he can* “Hey… wake up. Shh… don’t wake them up, I want to take you somewhere… come with me, you’ll like it”


*lord knows how he does it, but by the end of the week you two will be inseparable* 

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Inktober 15 - Butterfly.

Me and Mary are doing Inktober half and half! (Check out Day 14)

@fellswap-gold fanart.

BTS reaction if they came across a smutty fanfiction about their idol boyfriend and a member from his group


Jin would be understanding about it because fan’s ship him and Namjoon all the time. How ever you are his boyfriend no one else.

“Hey y/n do you think you can do a little less skinship with Jae”

You: “why”

“Because you’re my boyfriend”


Namjoon is going to be heated at the fan fan’s were writing smut about you and someone else. You are his boyfriend and he doesn’t like to share.

“You know you’re my property no one else’s”

You: “where’s this coming from?”

“No where, I just don’t like sharing my boyfriend”


When Tae finshed reading it he’d be jealous at the fact fan’s thought something was going on between you two but not him and you.

“What the fuck, our relationship kind obvious”


Yoongi knew fan’s can get a bit carried away with shipping but you were his and only his. He’d stop talking to you so he could cool down.

You: “Yoons what’s going on?”

“You’re my boyfriend okay not CJ, okay”


Kook doesn’t like sharing anything clothes, food, but especially his boyfriend. So when he readed the smut about you with a member he’d be really jealous. He also would mark what’s his. (Hickey)

“Y/n, you’re mine and only mine”

“I guess I just need to show them whose boyfriend you are”


Hobi would be angry at the fact fan’s were writing smut about his boyfriend and another person. He is yours and you are his no one else’s.

“You’re my boyfriend got it”


Jimin would get jealous when fans started shipping you two but when he read the smutty fanfiction he’d be on jealous. Like Jungkook he would mark what’s his.

“You know you’re mine babyboy so stop being so touchy with Franky”

“I’m alot cuter anyways”



  • Peter Parker and Wade Wilson are in their eighties and live in the same nursing home. Wait, WHAT?! The madness of this book gets a brief interlude in the form of a story from the future! But this is not a throwaway issue! This issue is the first prelude to the biggest Spider-Man and Deadpool story of all time that will come to fruition in JULY OF 2018! DO NOT MISS IT!
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


  • AREA 14 Part 1
  • The Chameleon has gained access to a secret ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, which is a sentence Peter Parker hoped would never be written. Wade Wilson? Completely ignorant of just how bad the situation is.
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

honestly ignis stealing recipes from local shopkeepers never fazed me bc like i do that all the time and as someone who ‘new recipeh’s her way thru life i can tell u with almost certainty that at least one of these things is true:

  • he does that bc he likes the food but thinks he’d like it better if it had a bit more [insert ingredient/texture/etc here]
  • he does that bc he likes the food and spends every bite fearing that he’ll never get to taste something like it again anywhere else, so he makes note of what it is, what’s in it, what he likes abt it to quell that fear
  • he does that bc he likes the food but doesn’t wanna drop cash on it/go out to get it if he can make it himself in camp without pants on

i sent off my ucas (uni applications) yesterday, which means i’m a lot less stressed and i’m almost at 500 followers (!!!) and i’m currently all wrapped up in my bed and i wanted to do something so i thought - detailed blogrates!! i do these all the time on my multifandom blog but i thought i’d do them here for once!

r u l e s :

i will be doing these all week, so please be patient!

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• Arana D. Sora • Character Short One •

The smell of wet grass permeates the air as familiar heavy footsteps trail up behind him. A hand lands on his firmly muscled shoulder and, with a small jolt, Sora turns to look at the man behind him. A wisened face looks back at his silently, a reassuring smile widening the man’s wrinkled cheeks. Sora tries to give a small smile back to his old mentor, but his cheeks feel like they’ve only tensed.

There is a small pat on his back as his mentor sits next to him, the sound of cloth moving and the beginning of another small bout of rain on the metal rooftop like tiny mice beating on tin cans in the background. “It was raining on that day too, wasn’t it…” says his mentor. The man’s low, smooth voice calms Sora somewhat, but the memories brought back with his words cause thunder in the boy’s restless mind.

“It was…” Sora replies after a few, barely containing a heavy sigh as he watches the ripples in a small puddle caused by raindrops slowly dripping off the rooftop. “Sennan?” he asks, not turning to look at his mentor, yet feeling his silent reassurance nonetheless. “Do you think… I could have changed anything back then?”

Sennan remains quiet, but the familiar sound of his hand scratching his beard can be heard next to him as Sora continues watching the puddle despondently. A low hum sounds and Sora’s back curls in a bit. “What would you have changed, boy?” Sennan says suddenly, his work-hardened hand returning to Sora’s shoulder.

“I… I don’t…” Sora begins, voice cracking and drifting off. His brows furrow together and his hands tighten into white fists from clenching his skin. The hand on his shoulder rubs comfortingly for a moment before tightening slightly and releasing. “I’ve thought about it so much and I just don’t know!” He says, voice coming out as a whisper.

It feels like he’s screaming.

The space, though silent, feels overwhelming. Sora’s face begins heating and his breath hitches as he turns his face away from his mentor. A burden. He was a burden. His mentor had raised him to be strong, confident… Not… Not like this.

Before he can fully turn away, Sennan’s hand returns to his hunched shoulder. “Sora,” he says quietly, “I’ve taught you many lessons in combat, and I’ve… watched you become a strong young man. However…” he states, “There is one lesson I never did teach you until now.”

Curious, Sora turns to his mentor, looking at him with interest in his barely reddened eyes. “A lesson?” Sora asks quietly. In response, Sennan tugs the young man to him so that their shoulders are touching and looks up at the wet road leading down the hill. Sora yelps in surprise when he is jolted and blinks owlishly up at his elder companion. “What…?” He asks in confusion, slowly looking over at the arm around his shoulder.

“It is okay to be sad,” Sennan replies quietly, voice barely audible over the tapping of rain on the rooftop. For a few moments there is no indication that his pupil had heard him. Soon, though, Sennan feels light shaking against his shoulder and a small patch of wetness forming, and he knows he has been heard.

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Do you think Francis knows that Our!Ciel isn't actually Ciel??

Mmm, I used to think that Frances might be one of the few people who knew our Ciel’s identity all along, but I recently realised that’s just my wishful thinking and there’s actually too little interaction between Frances and OC to make any assumptions! x(

I mean, in the past 11 years of serialisation, how many times have we seen Frances and our Ciel having a proper conversation? - Only once, namely in chapter 14. And that’s just too little, so for now I’d say both are possible:

1) she knew it but kept silent just like Tanaka

2) she doesn’t know → in her defense though, I’d like to remind you that

  • even Rachel and Vincent, who have lived together with the twins and should know them best, had difficulties to tell them apart (ch131)
  • Frances married out and has her own business as Marchioness Midford, so she probably only got to see her nephew(s) a few times a year (whereas Tanaka lived together with them for 10 years)
  • OC’s current personality is completely different from both RC’s and OC’s old personality before their 10th birthday
  • OC’s health seems to have improved significantly after his 10th birthday so it wouldn’t be strange if Frances believed that the boy who returned was RC

Tl;dr: I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew it all along, but I wouldn’t be surprised either if she didn’t know! (As for Madam Red, I’m more cerain that she didn’t know!)


I’ve never done it before but I chose control. After going through ALL the dlc this time and seeing my Shepard and their crew struggle, I just couldn’t pick destruction and risk the ais’ lives. The illusive man went about it wrong, and wanted it for the wrong reasons, but his solution was the right one for the galaxy. My Shepard had given so much already, but they could do this. They could make this one last sacrifice for everyone they cared about. And maybe they’d finally find some rest, far away from this life.

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You know, now that all birthstones have been introduced in the show I'm actually kind of curious. If you were a gem based on your birthstonem which one would you be? And how would your personality match up with said gem based on what we've seen on the show? OvO

I’d totally be a belly gem Ruby!!

Like … I’m all sweet and soft around my friends, but then when someone messes with me, I go all ANGERY RUBY MODE (I totally do this irl when I play video games, to be fair)

I’d be a more quiet type, just kinda doing my own thing and listening to chill tunes, but get REALLY passionate about a lot of stuff and can go on for hours about ‘em!

And I’d be pretty pacifistic, which is un-Ruby-like, but when the time comes, I’M 110% READY TO FITE.

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yes. answer it.

this is gonna be unwieldingly long but you asked for it

very honestly nayeon captured my attention quite a bit when i watch the loa mv for the first time. as y'all know i didn’t watch sixteen until after i stanned them which was a sad sad mistake, but yeah. i knew she’d be the face of the group, because her face kinda just, yknow, screams FACE OF THE GROUP but idk maybe that’s just me. but as i got to know nayeon better i guess i fell for her quirkiness??? how do i say this?????? i’m a nayeon’s front teeth advocate because i also happen to have huge front teeth but she looks adorable with it. and it’s also the way how even though she acts really headass sometimes, she still plays this quiet role of responsibility. she’s not a leader in the way jihyo is, but nayeon is more of the kind of person who brings out this certain individuality in the other members? jihyo pulls all of them together, and nayeon makes sure everyone gets to have fun by being themselves. it’s also somehow in the way she acts because she truly doesn’t hide her true state of mind. if she’s sleepy, you can tell that she’s sleepy because she’s like walking with her eyes closed in the airport. hahah it’s sort of how she brings this certain truthfulness to all the members, like how she makes sure their personalities still stand out even though they’re all one team. you can also feel just how much she loves her members just by how she acts around them and i think its cute. also she’s a loser. that’s another reason why i love her.

very honestly i didn’t really fancy jeongyeon at first lol VERY honestly. but as time passed it’s really because jeongyeon supposedly acts like she doesn’t love her members with her whole heart but somehow outrightly expresses her love and care for her members anyway? it’s the way she sort of cares for all the members a little differently. she’s overall still very motherly, despite what most people would think her appearance conveys. and even though she’s called the no jam hyung, she’s actually really damn funny no matter what twice says.

ah my baby, my first ever bias in twice, the girl who stole my heart during the damned dance break in loa. what i really love most about momo is just, really, just how innocent her personality is. she looks dumb and she may say that she’s dumb but the twice members swear that she’s the most mature member in twice and honestly i’d trust the people who literally live with her 24/7. it’s how she always tries her best and how she works hard in everything she does and how she never fails to bring her determination back up every time someone brings it down. it’s how she’s always quietly improving herself. it’s how she’s a sucker for dogs of all kinds and how she’s most likely one of the cutest people alive. it’s how she talks like a baby and stumbles over her words in korean and also in japanese. it’s the funny way she screams and her cute little “eh????” and the way she scrunches her face and the way she takes selfies at the same angle all the damn time and it’s just, everything all at once that makes me love her so so much. she takes care of the younger members by acting like they’re the same age and she’s affectionate to every one of her other members and how she’s basically the unofficial baby of the group. yes. i love my hirai.

minatozaki sana is my gIRL. my princess my everything my beautiful little gem. this girl owns my entire heart alright. let’s start. basically one of the reasons why i love sana is just her clinginess hah i know it seems farfetched but well. i’m quite an affectionate person myself and i happen to have only one friend who fully accepts my clinginess for what it is. sana’s clinginess is basically just how she shows her affection. she loves her members, so she’s going to show them by essentially glomping them in a massive hug when they’re least expecting it. it’s as simple as that. she loves her members, so she wants to give them little kisses as her reminder of “i love you” and if you dont think that’s cute then we are going to have an issue alright. every single hug and every single little kiss from sana to her members essentially is an “i love you, and i’m making sure you remember that”. she feels the need to remind her members that she loves them occassionally, and while some of you may think that she somehow shows more affection to certain members, it’s probably not all that true. i’m pretty sure she doesn’t kiss jeongyeon as often because she knows jeongyeon doesn’t quite like it, so she shows it by cuddling with her and whatnot. she adapts her affection to fit the member, essentially, and basically if the member accepts sana’s kisses, then she’ll kiss them all she wants. and to a certain extent i think she kisses them all equally, because she loves all of them. she’s clingy because she loves her members and that’s pretty much it. i have like way more reasons though, like her smile, and the way her eyes sparkle and her knowing of how to charm her way into anyone’s heart. but that’d make this too long and i dont want that happening so MOVING ON

ah our god jihyo. i admire her, really. i love how admirable she is. for leading a bunch of other girls, some of which are older than her, for persevering through the 10 years of her trainee life, for always expressing her gratitude towards the fans, for always thinking that she needs to work harder. it’s really admirable. it’s not something you can do easily at the age of 8. to give up your childhood to pursue what seems to be an undetermined dream. she trained well, and she got put into twice and now she’s the leader. the dependable leader. the responsibility she has over the members is immense, and it’s easy for anyone to just blame her if anything goes wrong. she’s the leader, after all. and what’s most admirable is that she’d do it. she’d take all the blame in a heartbeat and she’d apologize and she’d work even harder. she’d strive to improve herself even more. she never fails to express her gratitude towards onces and she never fails to express that she feels that she’s lacking. we’re gonna watch her grow into an even better person, and an even better singer and that’s what makes me love her. also have you seen the girl smile like ???? that shit is beautiful.

this girl lights up my entire life really,,, what i love most about mina is probably her smile? like that gummy smile she does when she’s really happy like her eyes just squish into crescents and then you can see her gums and the silver tooth peeking out and she looks like the most adorable child in that moment and you can just FEEL her happiness and she’s truly a blessing to us all. my love for her smile aside the next thing is most probably how she’s a responsible person in general, but her members still treat her like a little baby. especially jline. you can see how everyone truly has a soft spot for mina, even though she seems like the most responsible member, next to jihyo and tzuyu. she’s that dependable person who you still want to protect at all costs. another one is probably how she’s elegant + poise + quiet but also one of the weirdest. like, have you seen the girl? sometimes she just snaps and does the weirdest thing amongst the twice members and it’s hilarious. she owns a special soft spot in my heart and she’s staying there forever as long as smiles her perfect big gummy smile.

ah,,, kim dahyun. she truly brings excitement to the group doesn’t she? it’s oddly quiet without her around, even though there’s still 8 other girls. she’s the one who makes everyone excited, even if it’s a little bit, and always strives to keep everyone up on their feet and happy. it’s honestly really cute when you realize how much excitement she really brings just by being herself. also she’s incredibly funny for no reason and i think that’s the best trait about her. of course, dahyun isn’t just a bundle of humour and nothing else. i also find it great that she’s always challenging her fears and wanting to step outside her comfort zone, from riding rollercoasters to getting a whole puppy (she’ll warm up to the puppy, i know so because my mum used to be terrified of cats and now she cuddles up with my cat all the time). she’s always ready to take on a challenge and that’s what i admire. also she looks like an angel when she plays the piano. good fingers and wrists. 10/10.

chaeng chaeng chaengggggg. chaeyoung is great in the way that like, she just truly pursues what she’s interested in or what she wants. like how she cut her hair without jyp knowing and jyp having to tell her that she has to get permission first. which is ridiculous because it’s her own hair, but oh well. anyway also it’s cute how she’s all sentimental and all emotional and how she gets embarassed about it when the members tease her lol. she’s badass and adorable all at the same time and i love her she’s beautiful

chou tzu!!!! honestly i think tzuyu is really funny, even though she doesn’t really talk much. the thing that’s funniest about her is that she doesn’t even have to talk to be funny and that’s truly a talent on its own. that aside, you can tell how much she really loves her members and how grateful she is to each and every one of them even if she only thanked nayeon for recommending shopping sites and nothing else. it’s true that she doesn’t express herself well, but you can really feel how much she appreciates all that her members have done for her and how her members have taken care of her from the beginning. i think she’s coming out of her shell well, and that she’s slowly learning how to express herself in the polite, truthful way that tzuyu has, and her members are helping her as she goes along, because they know she’s trying. she’s twice’s gigantic baby, and she loves all her members the same.

in conclusion, i love these idiots, and twice without any of the members even for a short period of time feel incomplete somehow. they depend on each other and help to bring each other up. they’re always striving to improve as a team and individually, and they own my heart. thank you very much for your attention.

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alfredo doing a really good (read: terrible) job of wanting to impress the reader and eventually just going “screw it” and kissing them and asking them out

Thanks for letting me make this a #2spooky thing! I hope you don’t mind a little magic!

Alfredo had been trying to get your attention all day, sending breezes in your direction in an attempt to get you to look up at him. After the third time, you’d dug around your bag for a sweater, groaning as you came out empty-handed. He sat up a little bit straighter as you pouted, turning back to the video you were working on. Alfredo went for the spare sweatshirt that he kept in a desk drawer, and it disappeared from his hands as he concentrated on where he wanted it to go. After a moment, it appeared where he’d wanted: a spare space on your desk. You looked up at him, the only other person in the office and offered him a thankful smile.

“Thanks, Alfredo,” you sighed in relief, grabbing it in one hand and tugging your headphones off your head. You pulled his sweatshirt on and your heart skipped a beat as you got a good whiff of his cologne from the sweater. You had to will yourself to not just stare at him all day, especially since your own magic would most certainly give you away. You hadn’t even told anyone in the office you had powers, the last thing you needed was a glow when you looked at him for too long.

“Cool bit of magic, huh?” he said, smiling over at you.

“Oh,” you said, looking from him to the spot where you’d found the sweater. “Yeah, transference seems like it’d be a super useful branch of magic.” Before he could say anything back, you’d stuck your headphone back on and turned back to your computer screen. 

Alfredo groaned, sitting back in his chair. He’d been trying to get your attention for weeks and he’d started using magic when the two of you were alone to try and aid his struggle. He wasn’t sure what else he could do, and it was getting him down. He resigned himself to his own workload and, after giving you one last pleading look, turned to his computer to get it done. 

It wasn’t long until you felt a tug coming from his direction, making you frown. The issue with it was that one, you literally wore your emotions (you glowed pink as you looked at Alfredo if you weren’t actively trying to keep yourself in check) and two, you were overwhelmed by other people’s emotions. The tug you were feeling….disappointment? You tried your best to ignore it and get on with what you were doing, but Alfredo’s emotions were getting the better of you. You sighed, pulling your headphones off again to go over to him. You took a couple deep breaths before reaching out to grab his shoulder. Concentrating on calming things, you could feel it slowly ebbing from him. Alfredo looked up at you in amazement.

“You’re…” he trailed off, looking from your hand on him to your face.

“Magical too,” you finished, nodding. “Emotions more than anything else.” You looked at him, offering him a smile. He smiled back at you, and feeling a surge of positive emotion, you let your hand fall. Unfortunately for you, you’d gotten a rush of the affection he felt and it overwhelmed you and before you could stop it, you were glowing pink. 

“Oh…no,” you muttered, looking away from him. “Alfredo, I’m…” you started, but he was standing up and you stopped.

“Screw it,” he muttered, grabbing your face in his hands and pulling you into a kiss. You were surprised, but you kissed him back gladly, a hand finding his face. After a while, the two of you pulled apart, breathless as you smiled at one another.

“You’re pink,” he informed, chuckling a little. “It’s cute.”

“Shut up,” you muttered, still smiling. “So can I guess by ‘screw it’ that you’ve been trying to get my attention and I’ve been missing it?”

“Oh, [Y/N],” he chuckled, leaning in to kiss you again, “you have no idea.” 

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hey do u know if jk really sleeps @ hoseoks and jimins room?? why?? u thought he had his own room?

yep, confirmed he likes sleeping in hoseok’s bed a lot and honestly??? he’s probably just a lonely kid?? if i was rooming alone and my best friends all had roommates i’d crash with them all the time too 😪

also who wouldn’t wanna sleep in hoseok’s bed ajsksk bts said he smells like vanilla

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Does your version of underswap sans make tacos?

i actually totally forgot us sans makes tacos whoops. anyways, my version? nah, if anything, he’d be more about baking pastries(inspired by muffet and toriel). i feel like the one who would do all the shitty cooking is papyrus(cuz he’s sorta a stoner). he’d attempt to make stuff like deep dish pizza, spaghetti, and tacos. also combining them like:

-Netflix- S. R.

“We could just search Romanic comedies and see what we find.”

Seth said while scrolling through the movie selections, you wrapped your blanket around you more and curled yourself into his lap.

“We could watch the notebook.”

Seth rolled his eyes at you , it was your all time favorite movie, (Aside from any Disney Movie) and you’d probably already made him watch it about one-hundred times, he was most likely tired of seeing it.

“Oh come on, Seth, you loved The Notebook, maybe even more than I do.!

“We are not watching The Notebook again y/n. We watch it everytime we turn on the TV. ” You sighed, hoping he would just give in and turn the movie on. Seth continued to scroll absentmindedly through the movie titles while you pondered on ways to persuade him into watching what you wanted to watch, laying your head against his bare chest, when you had figured it out, you threw the blanket off on the side of the couch and straddled Seth, blocking his vision of the tv, he looked at you slightly confused, you giggled and pecked him on the lips.

“Pretty please, Seth?” You asked, continuing your assault to his lips, then kissing all over his face, he thought for a second, then sighed, obviously giving in to your request. He rolled his eyes and smiled, grabbing your face in his large hands, “Fine y/n, we can watch your movie, but we’re not watching this movie again for an least an entire month.” He kissed your face and you turned back towards the television, and snatched the remote from him, turning to the movie. Seth grabbed the blanket from the side of the couch and wrapped it around you both, and kissed your head. You slumped back on to him and sighed, enjoying the rare moments that you got to spend with your boyfriend.

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Reeeed I've got an -awesome- idea for a video game and have a general idea of what I want to do with it some character design to how the game is played al the way to the multiple possible endings. Problem is I can't code or draw for *shit* and I don't know what to do.

Oh baby, if I got a penny for every time I come up with an idea that I want to execute really bad but do not possess all the skills necessary to make it come to fruition single-handedly, then I’d be a rich woman, I can tell you that.

The thing is, you can’t. You can’t make big, awesome projects happen on your own, and very few people master enough skills on their own to create an amazing product by themselves. 

What you do is, you get an artist, and you get a programmer. That’s what you do. People do this for a job. So you get a group of people and you all put your particular skills into the project and voilá, you have something going on.

I mean I’ve got a very close friend who was in your situation and then decided to literally start an indie video game company to make it happen. So it is possible if you’re willing to put effort into it. Just gotta get in contact with the right people.


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Hiiii. I need a distraction from this crazy James debacle so if you're still doing the fluffy OTP questions, how about doing them for Kenji and Alex? ❤️

Soooo crazy i know wtf I’m thankful ES and Hero are toony no way they can pull that “they’re not fictional enough” sht :((

Who kisses the other on the nose and the one receiving the kiss blushes?

Alex kisses Kenji on the nose <3 Most of the time to shut him up. He’s just so used to all the sexy stuff he gets caught off guard by something as innocent as a nose kiss and it’s so cute he stops mid-sentence and just stares at Alex for a sec then blushes and smiles :D

Who sits on their partner’s lap as they wrap their arms around their partners neck?

Ok also Alex loool. It’s just a very clear and obvious way to get Kenji’s attention. He can’t help but stop whatever he’s doing and pay attention to Alex so close to him.

Who kisses the inside of their partner’s palm before reassuring them everything is going to be okay?

Kenjiii. For a guy who talks a lot I picture that he has a little trouble with words when it comes to serious stuff and feelings. He tries of course, but sometimes the best he can offer is that reassuring sweet kiss. And a hug.

Who initiates the forehead touch™?

Both?? I like the idea of them being forehead touchers.

Kenji does it a lot during sexytimes or when they’re kissing and he has to pull away to catch his breath. He rests his forehead against Alex’s because he needs a second to take in how incredible they are. He also does it when he’s sad. Alex will comfort him and he won’t say anything, but he’ll rest his forehead against Alex’s as a way of saying, “thanks for being here for me.”

Alex does it a lot to be sweet. When they’re reassuring Kenji, during quiet moments where they’re cuddling and stuff. 

Where do they first say “I love you”?

Ahaha yall know my hc for this: somewhere wherever they have a major fight and Kenji will just blurt it out while talking about how amazing Alex’s moves were doing the fight cause he just got too excited.

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I’ve been thinking about death lately and, of course, 17776. I don’t know if I’d rather have that eternal life thing or not. Similarly, I don’t know if I’d rather live in some sort of afterlife for eternity or reincarnate or simply cease to exist when I die. But lately I’ve felt so pressured to decide what to do with my life because God, we all have so little time and I have so much I want to do. Everything I’ve ever been familiar with, my room and my hometown and my friends, have begun eating away at my soul in the oddest way. 

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You do know I have another job not where I can't be on my phone all the time right?

I know
I do and I get it
But in a perfect world we’d live together while you washed my cats and I made out with our husband that’s you’re not allowed to touch because he’s mine