i do think that justin bieber is trying to kill me in my sleep for hating him


Heart pounding, head throbbing and skin sheeted in a thin layer of sweat as I bounced up and down. He lay in the same state as me, only with less of a relaxed expression and more of a tensed one. Instantly, without having to think I knew it was because of my rank. Who I was.

Y/N fucking L/N. Americans most wanted female.

Continuing my thrusts in an upbeat pase, I almost screamed in rage once feeling his hands snake up my thighs to grip my waist. He knew well who was in charge. And I didn’t like getting being touched, not even while I was having sex.

Only he could touch me. No one compared to him.

And this guy was not him.

With a snarl on my lips, I allowed my head to roll down to face the boy underneath me, showing I was not happy with his choice of where to position his hands.

The boy instantly retreated his hands back down to the white sheets, where his fists curled around the fabric instead.

“Fuck, I’m close.” He growled, voice strained and raspy.

“Me too.” It came out almost as a whisper. My pase fastened at the feeling of my high approaching but I’ll admit, it did take a little longer then I hoped for it to finally approach and take a hold of me.

After a few more sloppy thrusts, I finally threw myself onto the bed beside me, the boy underneath me making no effort to move.

“That…was amazing.” He sighed breathlessly. My face twisted slightly at the words. Was it really that good? Definetly didn’t feel like it.

“Yeaahh-noo not really.” I dragged out. But the boy seemed Unphased by my words.

suddenly turning towards me, a hand snaking around my waist as he nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck, an awkward feeling placed itself over my shoulders at the non existent attempt this boy was making at leaving.

I really didn’t think this guy was one to fuck and stay. I honestly thought that after a good fuck, he would leave. Which both he did none of.

My eyes wide in shock, body stiff as a rock, it was only a few seconds that had passed before I cleared my throat and shrugged his arm off my waist.

“Yeah I’m not one for one night stands. Think of this more as a booty call.” I explained, scooting my way off the bed.

“Wait, you want me to leave?” He asked in disbelief.

“Precisely!” I smiled.

After running around the room, picking up the few discarded clothing items which he had been wearing at the club we met in earlier, a look of shock hit his face as I aggressively threw his clothes over to him, showing no interest in the boy after a rather intimate 20 minutes.

He didn’t move. Staring at the clothing in his lap with a blank, almost saddened expression, but no sympathy was evident on mine. As I stood watching the boy which I had not learnt the name of, an agitated sigh escaped my lips at his attempt of leaving. Finally becoming fed up with his clinginess.

“Can you hurry up and get the fuck out?!” I spat.

The boys eyes shot up to mine in shock, quickly scurrying off the sheets to slide his alcohol stenched clothing back on.

With a roll of my eyes, I watched as he pathetically stumbled around the room in attempt to ready himself in a short amount of time before finally beginning to make his way towards my bedroom door.

A smile fell upon my face at the realization that he was finally leaving, and decided that it was probably best if I lead him out the house myself, instead of risking him walking into a confidential room and expose a stash of something illegal.

After throwing my silk, ankle length robe on, I crept out of the room in attempt to not wake anyone up at this hour of the night, it was a reliever to finally make it to the front door.

As I opened the barrier for the boy, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when he turned back around to look my way just seconds before he was outside.

“I had really good time tonight.”

Here we go.

“Really?” I asked sarcastically in a unamused tone while looking doing on my nails.

“I mean, yeah. And I was wondering if you would maybe wanna do something else together?” He smiled.

My eyes wondered to the ceiling in bordom, not giving two shits about what this kid had to say.

“Yeah you see, I would do that but…you kinda sucked, and I’m not really looking for a relationship, especially with some minor from a shitty club.” I fired, eyeing the boy in disapproval.

His face fell, eyes showing defeat before I pushed him the extra few feet back and shut the door with a lock in his face.

“Well aren’t you a delight to speak too.” His voice was smug with a hint of morning rasp to his tone, emitting that he had either just woken up or had just been dosing off.

My body spun around to meet his figure standing lazily at the door frame with an arm resting against it. He looked amazingly sexy standing by the entrance with nothing but the dim hallway light to illuminate his body. But in between the dark shadows and small amount of light, you could just make out his detailed tattoos inked onto his godly body.

Which may I say was almost completely bare.

A pair of grey sweatpants hung low on his hips, exposing not only his signature Calvin Kleins, but also a well defined v-line which sadly dissapeared into the waistband of his clothes.

“What are you doing awake?” I questioned.

“I’m a criminal Y/N. I practically sleep with one eye open, I can wake up to the sound of a pin dropping, and in case you haven’t realized, your a lot louder then a pin.” He sighed, running a hand through his bed head.

“Jealous?” I smirked to which he scowled.

“I’m not jealous of some flat chested fuckboy” Jason growled to which my smirk grew.

“It’s kind of hard to be jealous of yourself Jason.”

“Real mature! I wasn’t jealous.” He spat. “I just wanted to get some sleep but you and your everlasting fuck buddy don’t know what indoor voices are.”

My eyes trailed over his fingers tangled in his hair, licking my lips slightly to gain moisture from the sudden loss. Oh what those fingers could and have done to me. “Yeah well now you know how I feel when you decide to play with your toy.”

Jason chuckled, his eyes closing as he shook his head at the ground. “You always have something to say. Don’t you?”

“Wouldn’t be most wanted female if I didn’t. No one controls me. Never have, never will.” I added

“You see, that’s where I come in.” He stepped forward. “Being americas most wanted male. I was able to control you. That’s what makes me so bad.”

“Shut up, you didn’t control me!” I retorted. “If anything, i controlled you! That’s what makes me so bad.”

“No sweetheart, you must be mistaken. I control - others play along. Not the other way round.”

My heart fluttered at the nickname. Sweetheart. Even if it was sarcastic, I still missed the nicknames he had for me. In fact, I just missed him in general.

“What-the-fuck-ever Jason. I’m not in the mood for you tonight!” I shouted, hands wailing around widely.

“Wow, was the fuck that bad?” He chuckled to which I scowled. “Wouldn’t blame him, you always seemed to pick up bad fucks.” He chuckled but he really just inflicted this one himself.

“Then it’s no wonder I picked up you.”

Jason’s chuckle ceased, eyes burning with a unlit flame. No one ever calls Jason McCann a bad fuck and gets away with it but I couldn’t help and push his buttons today. He wouldn’t dare do anything to me.

Jason’s movements began with a few slow steps before picking up to a fast stride. Hands both fisted at his sides in anger before he was only a mere few inches in front of my face.

With one hand pushing me to the door, the other punching the wall beside me, startling me ever so slightly. His face was so close that with every breath he took, I could see his nose flaring. Eyes burning holes through my own.

“Say it again. I dare you.” He spat lowly.

I knew it was sarcastic and practically printed in ‘no’s! But my mind was telling me to press his buttons a little harder and see how far we could lead him on. Because something in my head knew he wouldn’t hurt me, even if he wanted to.

“Your a bad fuck.” I rephrased slowly.

Shocking me sightly once a literal growl left his throat, my eyes burned in shock and amusement while watching the boy.

“You think your fucking funny. So fucken smart? ‘Jason and I dated, he wouldn’t hurt me’. Well guess again princess. Might wanna rethink that.”

“Okay give me a minute….yeah still the same. I know you wouldn’t hurt me.” I smirked.

“You sure about that?”

“110 percent.”

“Well your wrong.” He spat.

“Oh yeah?” I growled. “Prove it.”

Jason stopped, his eyes softening slightly as he slowly and barely noticeably stepped back.

“C'mon Jason.” I pressed on. “Prove it. Show me that there is nothing between us stopping you. Prove that you still don’t feel anything for me, and hit me!”

He did nothing. “C'mon! Don’t be a pussy. Hit me! If your so baddass.”

Still nothing. That’s when my voice fell a few octaves, my tone matching his features - soft and sad. “Show me that you don’t still love me, the way I still love you, and beat me. Hit me so hard I fall to the floor. Punch my so agrresively I’ll bruise. Just do something because this is killing me! I need you to do something I can hate you for because I feel like shit knowing that what we are now is all my fault.”

Tears began welling in my eyes. Shocking not only me but Jason as well. I don’t cry, but then Again neither does he. Yet he still managed to shed a few tears the day i left. How do we do this to each other? I dont know.

“Please.” I begged, voice weak. “Just make me hate you cause loving you is too much…. Please.”

Jason stood staring for a while before looking down at the floor, eyes turning red and puffy, but not glossy with tears. At least not yet. “I can’t. I can’t because then I’d never be able to forgive myself. Knowing I hurt the person I love.”

My heart fell. Love?

“I thought I hated you after realizing that I did nothing wrong. That you left me believing it was all my fault. I tried moving on with another girl, going on more missions and even trying to force myself to hate you but I didn’t. I couldn’t. It’s like your family. No matter how hard you try to get rid of them you can’t. Cause they will always - not matter what - be family. Just like you always - no matter what - will be the girl I love.”

“Jason.” I sobbed.

“I know.”

Without another thought, I was In his arms, diving into his chest. Not even realizing that a small puddle of tears had formed on my own shoulder as well as Jason’s chest.

“I’m sorry.” I cried.

“Me too baby girl. Me too”


One more chapter to go!!!

Roommates pt2

pt2 of Roommates. Wow. btw working on pt3. Enjoy!

“Do you remember yesterday?” 

You began to think about those words carefully, your hangover still evident, making your senses slow down a bit. You do remember drinking a lot with Sarah and the others but with serious tone Justin was using right now, it made you think something bigger happen. 

“No.. why?” 

Justin pauses eating for a moment. 

“You were very touchy.” 

Your eyes bulge at this single comment. You were known to be very flirty and touchy, even Andrew would complain about this. 

“Did I-we do anything?” 

“You offered to give me head.” You face automatically burns in embarrassment at this comment. You did not believe his words. Justin, Jazmyn’s little brother, you. This is not how you wanted Justin to view you. You were not this type of person. Justin was like a little brother to you. This was not happening. You began to think you were going to faint soon. 

“Oh my, Justin i’m so sorry. I was not thinking straight.” 

Your eyes began to water, wanting to cry out right now. 

“I can’t believe I would do that to you. You know I only see you like a brother, nothing more, definitely not that way. Please don’t-” Justin jumps up and holds you still by the shoulder. You didn’t even know you were shaking so much. 

“It’s ok Y/N.” 

You hug him as a desperate move to apologise. You wanted nothing but to go on your knees and beg for your stupid mistake. Justin wraps his arms around your shoulder, pulling you in a tight warm embrace. Your body suddenly dying down from shakiness, you began to feel calmer. 

“I’m sorry Justin.”

“Justin! Are you nearly ready?”

You call his name at the top of your lungs, despite him only being next door to your room, that was how lazy were you. You and Justin decided to go out tonight and visit the new club that was opening today. You were already dressed. You check yourself in your full length mirror. Your dress was strapless, black and figure hugging. It was a little short you thought but you’ve been dying to wear it once so you couldn’t help yourself to give up the opportunity. Your hair was done nicely, makeup done to perfection, you couldn’t wait to have some fun, hoping maybe to meet a guys even. 

You looked down at your feet. They were so sore and aching you didn’t really want to wear heels but what else could you do. Justin was taking his time in the shower, you thought. He just came back from the gym, that kid never skips the gym. You make your way to kitchen. You check the time on your phone, 10:31pm. The event started at 11pm. 

You settle you phone on the counter and open the fridge to take out your favourite orange juice. You take a big gulp. You sigh. This shit was so refreshing. You clumsily settle down the carton, not even thinking and it causes your phone to bumped off and fall in the gap between the gap and the fridge. You now feel like slapping yourself for being so stupid. The drop was so loud, you prayed that your phone wasn’t damaged. 

Justin, being busy in the shower, could even hear the loud sudden noise. He gets startled a bit. 

“Y/N! Are you ok there?” 

He receives no reply. He starts to panic a little. He quickly wraps a towel around his waist and rushes out. He walks out, surprised to see you bent over the counter. Your dress was risen, showing a good portion of your back thighs and out peaked your lace panties. He suddenly wishes he didn’t come out, he freezes at the sight. 


You groan out in frustration, your arm was too short to reach it, you were so close. You raise up one leg, attempting to hopefully climb up the counter top and reach for the damn phone. This action causes your legs to even spread more, allowing Justin to see it, leaving very little imagination to his hungry eyes. He stood there, unable to take his eyes from the sight in front of him. The groans that left your went straight to his manhood. Dirty images of what he could do to you right now flashed through his head. 

You reach down a little further, allowing your fingertips to grasp the phone. 


You jump from you position. Finally you thought! You check close to examine your phone. You were lucky, you thought. The phone was good as new. You spin your body around, only to spot Justin standing there. He quickly turn his body around, attempting to hide whatever was going on behind his towel. 

“Justin, are you ready yet?!” 

You yell/whine out at him for being lazy and slow. He doesn’t reply, instead walks a bit faster to his room. You didn’t think this was strange instead you just wished he wouldn’t make you guys late. 

“You better not make us late!” 

You yell out, warning him seriously.

You jump out the car quickly. You were so excited. You walk quickly beside Justin, linking your arms together. 

“Are you gonna drink tonight?” 

Well, Justin was only 20 you thought, so he shouldn’t even be drinking. 

“Yeah.” You hear him mumble. 

You playfully smack his bare lower arm, “you better not.” 


He glances down at you. You smile at him and giggle at his funny monotone. 

“Yeah thats right! I’m gonna kill you if I see you drinking boi!” 

Justin smiles and shakes his head at your childness. 

The loud music blares in your ears. Wow this club was packed and you could see why. The places was so large yet looked small due to the amount of people in it. You spot Sarah and your other workmates. They see you too and wave out to you, signalling you to join them. 

“Justin!” You yell above the loud dance music, “I’m gonna join my friends!” 

“Yeah, me too!” 

He spots his a few of his college friends drinking and laughing together. You guys separate your ways. 

“Justin! BRO!” 

Khail, Justin’s bestfriend, spots his arrival and welcomes him, hyping his out his name. The others see Justin as well, shuffling over to let him sit beside Khail. Khail being drunk already, sloppy hands him shots of vodka. 

“Drink up, we have a long day ahead!” 

Justin attempts to push it out of his grasp. Khail simply laughs at Justin’s action but doesn’t question him. As time passes by, you start to hype up due to a couple of drink. You stumble your way to the dance floor, along with sarah. You sway your hips to the beat, you hands touching up your body. You danced like no one was watching you. Little did you know, Justin had his eyes on you the whole time. You were hard not to miss. Many eyes were on you, including hungry eyes from the guys and evil glances from the girls. Justin sees this and tries to ignore the fact he wasn’t alone. 

“Woah.” Khail exclaims as he spots you, “She’s good aye?” 

Justin narrows his eyes at khail, now noticing the whole crew was eyeing you out. Za, being a stupid drunk as he was decided to live up to pass everyone’s expectation. He walks up towards you and quickly grabs you by the waist. You see you have company. Your mind was fuzzed and dazed, you weren’t even sure if you were still standing or if you eyes were opened. You definitely didn’t care that Za slipped his hand a lit lower. 

“Baby girl, what’s your name?” 

“Y/N” you slur out. 

You throw your arms around his neck, pulling closer, using him for support. He wraps his arms around your waist, before slipping a hand underneath your dress. You pull away from the sudden unwanted action and try to swat his hand away. 


“What’s the matter? Don’t you wanna get it on?” 

Za says this to prove a point to his friends. Justin sees what was happening. He breaks free from Khail and the surrounding girls around him as he sees you walking to the bathroom. 


Justin spots your hunched over the toilet, letting out whatever you drank tonight. He pulls your hair away gently. You raise you to your feet, wiping off your saliva with your backhand. 

“I think we should get home now.” Justin carefully walks you to his car, watching you lazily slump dead in the back seat. He mentally sighs. You were a big mess. During the car ride, Justin checks a few times in the mirror, making sure you ok. 

“Y/N. We’re home. Get up.” 

Justin didnt want to put with you anymore, too many emotions taking over him at one. Even though he was angry with how you turned out, he couldn’t help but soften and take care of you. Justin carefully picks you up with ease and swings open the door with the other hand. He drops you down on you bed. 

“Change out of your clothes and take a shower.” 

You don’t reply, to lazy to even move an inch, you were acting like a kid. 

“Y/N. I know you’re awake. Stop being stupid.” 

You pout out at his words. You sit up and whine at his comment. 

“Take it off for me then!” 

You childishly whine until he finally gives up and unzips your dress. You stand up to shuffle out of your dress, leaving you in your bra and panties. Justin turns his head away from you quickly. 

“Take a shower ok?” he instructs, still facing his face away. 

“Do it for me!” You whine out again. 

He grips your back and pushes you, indicating he was fed up with our actions. 

“I hate you.” You march your way to the bathroom. 

You fall flat against your bed, face flat on your pillow. You groan as you feel the stress fading off and you fall asleep instantly.

Not being able to get a wink of sleep, justin jumps out of bed. He walks out of bed and into the kitchen, grabs a water bottle before heading off the 24 hour gym at 6am. Hours later, you wake up. Dead or alive you realise you needed to get up as it was already 3 in the afternoon. 

First thing you realise is your pounding head. Not this again. You walk into your bathroom and point a deathly finger into the mirror and make a stupid promise to never drink again, even though you know you would. You scrub your face harshly, removing you excess makeup and  continue to scrub your face clean, almost wanting to washing off yesterday’s events. You didn’t remember what happened yesterday but you just prayed you didn’t do anything silly, like blow Justin or anyone for that matter. 

Pulling you hair in a bun, you walk into the kitchen, you stomach empty and rumbling like a awaking storm. Speaking of storms, the weather today was pretty bad. It was cold and outside seemed like it was going lightening was approaching very soon. You realise Justin wasn’t home, you were about to call him but he suddenly comes through the front door. 

“Hey where have you been?” 

“Gym. I took a shower there. Want to go out for lunch?” 

You were hungry so why not. 

“Are you paying?” 

He walks past you to go change into something weather appropriate. 

“Are you?!” You yell out at him. 

“Get changed Y/N!” He yells back at you. 

You laugh at him, he was just too cute sometimes. You loved messing around with him. You quickly whip on some jeans, thinking sweatpants were attractive at all. You didn’t want Justin to think you were a slob or anything. You start to panic as you can’t find anything else to wear. You sigh as your head started to get dizzy. 

“Hurry up. I’m driving.” 

He was already leaving. You give up and walk out wearing a black v neck t shirt, you just hoped it wasn’t going to rain anytime soon. You run out the door, grabbing your phone in one hand and your low white converse shoes in the other. You run to the door, attempting to open the passenger door. This idiot locked the door! 

“Open up you idiot!” You frown. You see him poking his tongue out at you. He finally clicks open the door. You huff as you throw your shoes in the car, before sitting down, keeping your face away from you. He chuckles at your actions. 

“Stop acting so down Y/N. You always play tricks on me.” 

“Was the payback?” 

“Yup!” He says with his eyes on the road, popping the ‘p’. So this was a game? You knew how to play. You would definitely win.

After the short trip, you finally realise your destination. 

“Seriously, The cheesecake factory?” 

“What’s wrong with it?” 

“I don’t need to gain anymore weight, idiot.” 

You were quite, ‘chubby’ as Andrew would say, especially your stomach and thigh area. 

“Weight, where?” 

“Quit joking around Justin.” 

Your voice flattered, showing justin you were dead serious. 

“I’m not joking.” 

He flicks his eyes to your face for a second. You had a frown upon your face. Justin wanted to tell you in a serious matter you were beautiful, that you were perfect, sexy and amazing and that you were definitely not ‘fat.’You were so blind, Justin was caught by your breathless beauty as soon as he laid eyes on you.  

BEEP BEEP! A loud honk knocks Justin back to reality. 

“Shit.” he mutters, driving quickly to turn left. It was a green light. 

“Idiot! What time did you even wake up, still asleep I see.” 

Justin shakes his head back to reality and drives to find a carpark.

“Just wear it. Stop being picky.”

 Justin chucks his hoodie that as left in the back seat at you. It was now starting to rain, spitting now, the weather didn’t look like it’ll die down anytime soon. 

“Its too big.” 

You continue to make excuses. A sudden blow of cool air washes past both of you. You shake out, goosebumps rising along your bare arms. 

“See? Its fucking cold. Dont complain, I tried helping.” 

You sigh out loud, not really having an option. You pull on his hoodie and sneak your head out. Wow the smell was quite nice you thought but now you realise your hair was now ruined out of its bun. 

“Seriously! My hair!” You whine. 

Justin rolls his eyes at you. He pulls the hair tie out, letting your curls out, effortlessly framing your face. 

“Let’s go.” Justin starts walking. 

“Wait for me.” 

You run up to catch up to him, not caring about your hair anymore.

“What are you having?” 

You rack your eyes across the menu, not really knowing what to eat. You seriously were bad. You didn’t want to eat what you always eat, you wanted something ‘different.’ 

“What are you having?” You ask him back. 

He flicks the menu, pointing to what he wanted. 

“Yeah, i’ll just get that too. Minus the dessert.” 

Justin shuffles his eyes up at you with a ‘are you serious’ look. 

“What?!” you huff.

Before Justin you scold you again for being stupid, he spots Andrew with his friends. 

“What are you looking at?” 

Justin finally adverts his eyes back to you with a low cough, trying to not make it obvious. 

“We’ll just order now.”

“Is the food good?” 

“This is so cheesy, very yummy!” You say through a full mouth, your cheeks being hollowed out. 

Justin simply chuckles at you. 

“Good. you better finish it up.” 

“Why did you order two desserts. I hate you.” You glare at him. 

“Just eat it.” 

Justin was glad everything was going so smoothly, he would sometimes glance at Andrew and his crew. He was surprised Andrew hasn’t spotted them. From this distance, Andrew looked ‘happy.’ he didn’t even look like he was missing you at all. He was laughing, smiling and enjoying life. You on the other hand was crying yourself to sleep, drinking and a mess. The first few days were the worst. Now, after a month and a half, it was fine. But this did not mean you didn’t think or miss him. 

The two girls along with the two guys setted with Andrew all looked like scums. The brunette girl would glance back at Justin a couple of times. 

“So how college going?” 

You break Justin out of his own world. He shakes his attention back to you. 


“Are you studying?” 

“What else would I be doing in my room.” 

He says as he chews harshly on his food, trying to ignore a ‘happy’ Andrew. 

“Is the business thing, actually working out?” 

“Yup,” He popps the ‘p.’ 

He suddenly meet eyes with Andrew. Andrew’s eye widen, recognizing Justin. Justin tries not to freak out as he sees Andrew and the brunette coming to them. He quickly reaches and harshly pull the hood on your head. 

“What the f-” 

“Justin was it?” You recognize the voice immediately. 

Andrew still hasn’t noticed Y/N, only seeing the back of her, besides your frame was fully covered by Justin’s large clothes. 

“Stop checking her out dude. Brianna thinks you’re a fucking creep.”

 Justin chuckles and cough, “girlfriend?” 

“No-” “Yes.” 

Both Andrew and Brianna cuts each other off. 

“Does fuck buddies consider a girlfriend?” Andrew huffs out at Brianna. 

Wow, Justin thinks to himself, he did feel bad for Brianna, she was a pretty girl, he was just glad Y/N was away from him. 

“What are you laughing at kid.” 

Andrew returns his attention to Justin. 

“Is this your fucking girlfriend? Aye? Nosy fucker.” 

Justin ignores the name calling. The neighbouring tables notice Andrew’s loud words, they all eye him out. Andrew gets a big angry at this now. Andrew sees Justin’s smirk and wants nothing but to punch him right now. 

“You fucking wank. You fucking took Y/N. Why does she even fuck with a small kid like you.” 

Y/N hears this. She stands up and faces Andrew. 

“Stop being so full of yourself, for once in your life. Why do you think everyone else is the problem, when you are the problem.” 

Andrew’s eyes fires up at the very situation, knowing this all too familiar. He knew how to win, you guys had been together for over one year. 

“What are you doing here. Are you seriously with that kid?” 

“So what if I am. Hes hundred times better than you.” 

Before you got so fired up, you walk out past to get some air, you didn’t want to start yelling and cause a scene. You could hear Andrew’s firing back at you with nasty words. You start to feel the tears approaching as the cool air blows across you. You miss him, you really do. You wanted nothing but to go back with him but seeing that he has moved on you couldn’t. Brianna was pretty, prettier than you, skinnier than you. You saw her fucking stomach in the crop top, flat as a pan. He was always into model like figures. He would always persuade you to wear little clothes, then he would always scold you for looking like a ‘pig’ in them. 


Justin’s quiet voice makes you turn around to face him. Justin sees the tears running down your face, the red nose and bloodshot eyes. 

“Aw, baby. Come here Y/N.” 

He hugs you, squeezing you, a hand at the back of your head, stuffing you on his shoulder, almost making you lose your breathe. 

“Uhhh-h, stop. Justin. can’t .breathe.”

“Good. Stop, crying like a baby then.” 

You start to push away, pushing your hands at his hard chest, he didn’t move at all. You begin to give up, eyes not in the mood in crying but in the mood of killing Justin! He moves away and holds your face tightly, squishing your cheeks together. 

“Are you finished crying little baby?” Justin titles his head, teasing you. 

You start to smack him repeatedly.

“You’re dead!”

Well, well, well, look who’s back with the most morally repugnant update in Union history. Me. It’s been a very productive summer of Netflix, chill and giving wrong directions to tourists but all good things must come to an end. Also coming to an end is my ill-fated attempt to kill Max, who, after refusing to eat the cake FOR 2 FUCKING DAYS is finally released from the cage of death. Honestly, I’m impressed, Max, you’re definitely not as stupid as you look.

-Yea, I get that a lot.

I doubt that but whatever, now gtfo and I better not see your Komei-clone ass around Jojo ever again or it’s back in prison for you!

-So, Jojo, not that we’re not all extremely invested in the excruciating selection process of your husband, but are you any closer to picking one?? I mean I love this whole commune thing we have going but the constant food delivery for 8 is killing us.

-We’re afraid not, dear brother, it’s starting to look like no one in this world is worthy of our majesty.

Ugh are we really doing royal ‘we’ now? Is this what this has come to?

-Yes, college has really helped develop our sense of self-worth.

How can it be self-worth if you’re ‘we’?

-This is exactly the kind of idiotic questioning that would get you eliminated from the suitor process. 

Oh, perish the thought! And miss out on this classical-music-dick-measuring-contest you have them doing?

-Ew seriously, Francis, Vivaldi? Why don’t you turn up to Justin Bieber while you’re at it.


-I lost the dick measuring contest and my punishment is sleeping on the couch.


-Maybe later, Real Housewives of Pleasantview is on, Cassandra is getting dragged for the pigtails!!

-Ha, look at this Vivaldi-listening losér! Point at him and laugh, everyone!

-Who’s laughing now, bitch? Not you with that hoof right in your French-whore mouth!

-Ugh, aren’t you late for the beans-on-toast feast, you limey piece of merde?

Not since the 100 Years War have French-British tensions ran this high. Of course that one was for a throne, while this one..

-Is for something far more important.. Our heart.

LMAO Jojo please be serious, you don’t have a heart.

-We absolutely do and it’s made out of pure gold.

Yea I guess, I mean gold is a metal after all! 

-Do you really think you should be eating decaying Chinese food, mon cheri? You’re going to need a soda to digest it and you know it’s too cold for your teeth!

-Wyatt, I don’t pay you to think, I pay you to sit across from me and look pretty, and occasionally to scooch down next to me so I look taller.

-You actually don’t pay me at all.

-Yes and obviously I’m getting my money’s worth.

Wow Jojo tone it down, your gold heart is shinning so brightly I’m gonna go blind!

Precious Gunther has added three new addictions to his existing sex one! A) working out in this atrocious outfit.

B) blowing bubbles from dawn to dusk.

and c) and the most disturbing one, constantly being alone in enclosed spaces with his brother’s intended, Brit Brit. At first I wasn’t too worried about it, thinking Brit is a popularity sim so it’s only natural..but then..


-Man idk, it’s almost supernatural. Blame it on God ;)

UGH I don’t even know who I hate more, your whore ass-

-or this fucking llama that hasn’t gone home in 3 days and is eating all our pizza. 

-I just feel so accepted here, like I’m part of the family, you know? 


Speaking of furries, not even the cow will approach the fucking cowplant, jfc. I mean you’d expect some kind of kinship there but nop. Great job Jojo, you killed a dozen secret society members for a defective cowplant.

-Mooo :(

I don’t know which one of you did that but stfu, I can’t anymore with this flop ass household!!!1

ANYWAY back to Brit and Daniel, it seems like my Gunther concerns were baseless, since these two remain eternally into each other, always autonomously doing cute crap.

-Oh Daniel, let me serenade you with the song of your people!  

The kings made us drunk with fumes,
peace among us, war to the tyrants!
Let the armies go on strike,
stocks in the air, and break ranks.
If they insist, these cannibals
on making heroes of us,
they will know soon that our bullets
are for our own generals  ♪


In other news, allow me to present you all with Melody’s personality panel. I was under the false impression that being the child of Wanda and Stephen she was.. nice?? But nop, total Union freak material! We hit the jackpot once again. Now her best friendship with bitch Brit makes total sense.

-Honestly girl, this janky ass house is such a step down from the sorority, I spend half the day thinking of ways to peace out.

-Ugh I know, I was on the fence at first but can you really put a price on good d?

-Aw, what are my beautiful hens cackling about? May I join?


-I was about to make a math joke but I doubt you gals would get it, amirite? As Barbie said, math is hard!

- I’m a literal math major.

-Oh I know, Mel, good for you! Affirmative action works wonders!


It’s another day in paradise. Daniel has finally cracked and gone full Komei, autonomously cleaning shit even though we have a maid..

Melody ate a ton of burnt grilled cheese and is non-stop throwing up..


-What?? We’re just talking, GAWD

No you’re not “””just talking””” you’re gossiping and doing sexy whispers, I KNOW YOUR TRICKS GUNTHER-

-I don’t mean to interrupt but I think you’re focusing on the wrong issue here?



Nice try whores, nothing is happening outside-


-That’s right, Ti-Ning and I are in love now!


-Nop! We got tired of waiting for Jojo and we decided the best way to handle it was to suddenly make out in front of him even tho we have never even flirted before!


-Well it is, so best accept it and we can all move on :)

Oh yea certainly, I mean if anything Jojo is known for his ability to forgive and forget!

See the ghost of Ti-Ning indeed! Finally a wish Jojo and I share. 


-Haha!!! Finally I’m free to be as gross as I want >:) 

Well.. enjoy it while it lasts.

-The hell does that mean??

Nothing, just you know, none of us know when our time will come.. only that it will. The curse of human existence, one might say. Only we among the animal world know that we will die. Memento mori, Ti-Ning. And we will memento you. 

-..Yea, maybe it’s time I move out?

I mean, you can try..

..but like the curse from It Follows, it follows. It being Jojo. How you holding up boo?

-Oh, I’m great, can’t you tell?

You know what might help? Some of your beloved homework! Do something useful, get your mind off this stuff..

“Sending The First Human to Mercury and Leaving Him There: A Very Specific Space Exploration Proposal” 

-Jojό!! I’m writing about how I finally won your heart but please don’t look, I’m gonna read this at our wedding!

-Yea I literally couldn’t care less about you and your thoughts/feelings/etc, what was left of my heart is dead and gone and now there’s only a black hole there.. Oh we could also send Ti-Ning to a black hole if Mercury doesn’t work. Nice.

-UGH how are you even still alive and breathing the same air as me and not dead from shame like you should be, you vile adulteress???

-OH PLEASE you’re just mad cause Fran and I realized we can do better than your mega-jaw ass. If not for the endless supply of bubbles around here blurring our vision this would have happened weeks ago!

-I’m going to strangle you in your sleep and my jaw will be the last thing you see.

-Your jaw would be the last thing I saw even if I died on the moon.


…………………well I guess it’s official then. And if the above didn’t seal it..

..this definitely did. God have mercy on me, what a shitshow.

While Tin and Fran are woohooing, Jojo attempts to end his troubles once and for all by running out of the house and into a thunder fire. Thankfully the rain puts it out quickly and all we’re left with is critically low hygiene. 

Man, serving Penguin teas! You have the entire look down, Jo. I’d tell you to audition for Gotham but that’s extremely bad career advice

-Oh god, I almost died!!!! 

Aw I know, but don’t worry you’re safe now <3

-No I mean I came so close but didn’t make it.. :(

Jojo please, if anything, live to kill Ti-Ning and Francis. You owe it to yourself.

As soon as Fran and Tin are done, guess who rushes in to gossip next to the bed. ISTG YOU ASSHOLES, BREAK IT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I THROW YOU OUT THAT WINDOW

-Whatever, we’d just land on Jojo trying to set himself on fire.

-LOL oh Brit you’re so funny!



-Get him, Jojό!

Honestly Wyatt, I get being supportive but I’m really starting to worry about you, even demeaning yourself has its limits..

..especially since Jojo continues to be a massive freakshow. Good lord.

-Oh Francis, don’t tell Wyatt cause you know how he gets, but your total disregard for my existence is making me see you in a whole new, hot, light..

Man, good thing Wyatt isn’t standing 3 steps away from you!

Oh yes, loving this dinner. An ocean between us..

-I wouldn’t eat that third slice if I was you, Ti-Ning. Your funeral day is fast approaching, don’t you want to look nice for it? 

-Well you’ll be there so it doesn’t matter, everyone will be looking at your jaw.

Yes, what a wonderful night. Now let’s all go to bed and hopefully everyone will have calmed down a little by tomorrow!

LMAO yea idk what I was thinking.

-Strangle me in my sleep? How about I strangle you in broad daylight???

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but.. poor Jojo. Not only did he get his ass beat, but to literally add insult to the injury-

-everyone is lusting after Gunther during his defeat. Jfc, I’d want to set myself on fire too.

Oh here we go, Gunther to the rescue! 

-How dare you beat up my brother even though he attacked you first? Prepare to die!

-Whatever, I’ve been preparing for that for the last couple days!

Aw, Gunther is such a good brother/giant loser depending on the outcome of this fight.

VINDICATION. Bravo, Gunther, defending our non-existent family honor!

Daniel, in true Daniel fashion, slept through this entire shitshow, which might be the smartest thing he’s ever done.

Oop, spoke too soon. Say what you want about Gunther and Daniel but man do they both love Jojo! Truly god knows why.

-So Brit, you’re studying poli-sci, can you think of a peaceful resolution to this? Haha!


Well, you might not need to Brit! WHAT IS UP WITH THIS HYPER-FLAMMABLE CACTUS

Brit returns from her finals with a free pizza! How’d you do, Brit?

-Saved by the nightie again!

NOICE. Got a freebie pizza from it too?

-No, I found it in the garbage. My gift to Francis and Ti-Ning for their 3 day anniversary! 

Jojo’s official greek house portrait coming along nicely! Wow he looks very majestic..

..Instagram vs Real Life.

-Bowling is so satisfying if you pretend the pins are your former lovers’ genitals!

Whatever coping method works for you boo!

Gunther and Ti-Ning are officially enemies which is hilarious because not even Jojo is enemies with him?? Follow your bliss, Guns!

In an impressive display of brotherly synchronicity we have double slapping across the room. Double the slapping for half the time, Jojo is as always a true capitalist.

JOJO!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WON! So proud of my baby <3 I’m ofc kidding, this shit has gotten old really fast and I extremely feel Brit watching uninterested. ENOUGH  

HARD MOOD. Brit is honestly on another level than the rest of us basics. What an icon.

For some reason I bothered to fulfill Ti-Ning’s want to learn that relationship maintenance or w/e lifetime skill (talk about money down the drain) and the irony of this pop up text almost sent me to an early grave. And we know who’s going to an early grave today..




Ice Cube would like to say,
that I’m a crazy muthafucka from around the way,
since I was a youth, I smoked weed out,
now I’m the muthafucka that ya read about,
takin’ a life or two,
that’s what the hell I do, you don’t like how I’m livin
well fuck you ♪

Wyatt and Brit were on their way to react to Ti-Ning’s little accident but somehow got sidetracked and are now randomly arguing on the porch. Honestly I don’t even know what’s going on anymore, I’ve lost all control of this household.

Jojo rushes over to celebrate Ti-Ning’s demise by immediately slapping the shit out of his grieving lover! Whenever you think we can’t possibly sink any lower, think again. Like right now, after the slapping, are you thinking we can’t sink any lower?????????????????????????????







OK. In my 10 years of playing I have never wanted to quit without saving more than with this bullshit. Look at fucking Fran’s smug ass face and moron Wyatt putting on an Oscar worthy performance of shock and regret. YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID NO, YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME WYATT. What the FUCK are we gonna do now???? I guess good thing Max Flexor survived the cage of death. GOD.DAMMIT

Drug Addict - j.b. imagine

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Summary: You find out Justin is still doing drugs after he said he would stop.

Requested: by anon

Warnings: strong, suggestive language, mentions to drugs, some violence. if you aren’t comfortable with any of these, don’t read this!


 Justin told me that he would stop the drug use and I believed him. But, we should all know that it’s not that easy coming off of drugs. If you use it occasionally, it’s pretty easy, just go to rehab and be out in a few months. As for Justin, he’s been using it for almost three years, and I knew it wouldn’t be easy for him.

I’ve given him some leeway here and there because he has to take his antidepressants but, I had a feeling that he was still using his illicit drugs. So far, I know he’s done LSD, Molly, Xanax, and other street drugs. Anyways, I’ve come to notice that he’s been sleeping in more than usual. It had to be because of the drugs.

He left thirty minutes ago and he’s normally not home until 6, so that gives me an entire day to find out what he’s been doing. He couldn’t just be taking his antidepressants and they cause him to stay in bed all day but, make him active as hell during the nighttime.

I went up into the room Justin and I shared and thought, ‘If I were doing drugs, where would I hide my stash?’ The drawers were a starter. I began rummaging through his stuff, throwing clothes all over the bedroom floor, not really caring that I was making a mess.

I went through every single drawer but, nothing! I searched the throw pillows and there was nothing there either. I searched his actual pillow and mine because he was a sneaky person but, nothing showed. Maybe he wasn’t doing them after all. I shrugged my shoulders and began walking out the room when I remembered that there was one thing I forgot to search — the drawer next to his bed.

Of course! How could I have overlooked that? I walked over to his side of the bed and began going through the top drawer, bingo! I found what I was looking for. He had bag full of his drugs. I couldn’t even believe this. He told me he was going to stop, why did he bother lying to me? I was too caught in disbelief to realize that Justin was home early.

“What are you doing, y/n?” He questioned from behind me. I jumped in surprise because I wasn’t expecting him here.

“I’m not going to ask you again y/n. What are you doing?” He questioned once more, anger was more prominent in his voice.

“What are you doing home so early?” I replied.

“That doesn’t fucking matter y/n! What the fuck are you doing going through my personal things? I don’t do that shit to you so what in your right mind tells you that it’s okay to do this!” He yelled.

“Justin, why didn’t you just tell me that you were still using drugs? You promised me that you would stop using them.” I sheepishly remarked.

“I didn’t promise you shit so, why don’t you just give them back to me and we can carry on with our day?” He suggested. I still held the bag in my hand standing my ground. Justin began walking towards me which caused me to back up until my back hit the wall.

‘Great move y/n’, you thought to yourself.

“Y/n, just give me the bag and no one will get hurt, okay?” he questioned softly.

“Justin, no. You told me that you would stop using the drugs. Why did I find this bag full of fucking drugs? You can get arrested for this you know!” I yelled at him, which caught him off guard.

“Tell me something. Does this face look like I give two shits?” He asked, “No. So give me the bag and I’ll leave you alone.”

“No.” I pushed him away from me, “I’m sorry you’re making me do this but, it’s for your own good. Don’t try and stop me.” I ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

I heard Justin banging on the other side of the door, yelling at me to let him in but, I ignored him. This had to come to an end. One day I might come home and he could overdose so, it’s better to stop it now than later. I emptied the entire bag into the toilet and didn’t think twice about flushing it.

“Are you fucking kidding me, y/n? I spent so much money on that!” Justin yelled from the other side of the door.

“It’s for your own good!” I yelled back. I rested my back against the wall and let it slide down. Justin was probably going to kill me if I left the bathroom so, I stayed in here for the meantime. I heard his footsteps grow further and further away which meant he left the room and went downstairs. Maybe he was going to cool off.

I got up from where I sat and went over to the sink to splash cold water on my face. I dried my face off with the towel and rested my hand on the door handle. Should I really do this? Should I really face him after flushing his drugs down the toilet? Might as well because I can’t spend all night in the bathroom.

I opened the door and peered into the room. No sign of the devil. I sighed, letting my guard down. I walked out further into the room and noticed a figure standings by the window.

“Finally decided to come out the bathroom, huh?” The voice questioned. It was Justin.

“I’m just trying to help you. I hate seeing you hurt yourself like this.” I muttered, “You shouldn’t be mad at me because I was doing you a favor.”

“Oh, I’m not mad and yeah you did do me a favor. I’ll see you later.” He said to me before leaving the room.

I stood in the middle of the room, dumbfounded. Why wasn’t he mad anymore? He was just banging down the door a minute ago.. Regardless, that was way too weird.

The Hate

(A/N: I swear the angst is real since I’m recently in one of those moods:)) It was all getting over your head. You thought with Shawn by your side the hate wouldn’t bother you but guess what, you were wrong like hell. Sitting on your bed and balling your eyes, you felt every hateful comment from Shawn’s fans like they’re throwing knifes right through your heart. Shawn was in his office upstairs, so you had at least the time alone you needed at this moment. The words hurt you so much, but you couldn’t stop scrolling through them. Well, even if you wanted to look at something else on social media it was almost impossible, the haters were everywhere. ‘Go kill yourself you ugly slut’ ‘Shawn deserves waaaaay better than you!’ ‘Honestly, why is Shawn even dating you?’ ‘When I see your faaaace, there’s like everything you should change cause your freakin uglyyy…’ You kept wondering if Shawn knew about all this stuff but then again why would he care? You don’t deserve any of his love, you are just this horrible girl who he is dating. You can’t sing. You are fat. You can compare your face with a fucking chicken butt. So what did he ever see in you? You were crying so hard, unable to prevent the loud sobs from coming out. And then you heard the last thing you wanted to hear right now. The sound of footsteps coming hurriedly down the stairs towards the bedroom. You heart was pounding so hard, what were you gonna tell him? Yeah, your fans are really hurtful can you say something please? His fans are the base of his whole career, you would destroy everything. The door bursted open, revealing a concerned Shawn. He just stood there for a second while taking in your state until he quickly walked up to you engulfing you in a hug. As much as you wanted to tell him about your problems, you couldn’t, so you decided on shutting your mouth and just be quiet. After a moment of trying to calm you down, Shawn pulled away watching you with a heartbreaking look on his face and wiping your tears with his thumbs away which wasn’t worth any effort, they still streamed down your face. “Baby, what happened?”,Shawn asked, looking like he would break down any moment with you. But you just shook your head no. “(Y/N)-” but you cut him off. “It’s nothing Shawn. I-I guess it’s just a bad mo-od” you lied. “Baby, do you really think I believe that? I don’t know why you won’t tell me but this seems pretty serious and it breaks my heart to see you like this, so please tell me what’s wrong”, he said getting more quite after each word and whispering the last part. A moment of silence lays between the two of you, the only thing that is heard is your heavy and shaky breathing until you thought it’s the best to say it, knowing that Shawn wasn’t going to give up as long as you lied to him. While Shawn held your head softly in his hands waiting for you to speak, you started with two words simple words to give him a hint. “Your fans…” you sobbed still crying, almost embarrassed that he was able to see you like this. “What’s with them?” he questioned puzzled. You sighed deeply, preparing yourself for the worst reaction. “It’s just.. I-I can’t take the h-hate anymore Shawn. I feel s-so insecure about my body a-and your fans hating on me. W-why do you even love me?” That was the point where you broke down totally. Your head slipped out of Shawn’s grip and you buried your face in your own hands. “No… no no no no no”, Shawn said more talking to himself than to you. You felt his large hands around you again but this time lifting your limp body up and placing it on his lap while holding tight on it, afraid that you may disappear. “No please stop (Y/N)… I can’t take it seeing you like this..” he tried, his voice cracking at the end. “Don’t let the hate get to you, ignore-” but you cut him off once again. “How couldn’t I let the hate get to me Shawn? Everywhere I go I see those looks on their faces, I can’t even go on Instagram without the first thing that pops up being a hater page. Maybe they are right, I don’t deserve you and your love”, you told him sadly, struggling to get out of his grip. “Shawn, it would be better if I leave. You are better off without m-me.” That was the hardest thing you have ever said, but in your opinion it was true. The fans would be much happier if you disappeared. You tried to push yourself away from him without any use. The only thing he did was tightening the grip around you and burying his face in your neck. “You can’t do this to me (Y/N), don’t leave me. I love you so so much, oh my god I’d die if you left. They are just jealous people who don’t see how happy I am. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and your body is perfect, everything about you is. I am so stupid that I didn’t see how you felt. But I’m here, I will always be by your side.” And that’s what you wanted and needed right now to hear. You calmed down, recognizing that with Shawn everything was just fine. You loved him. He loved you, that was all that mattered. Taking his large hand in your small one, you started kissing it and looking up into his worried and glossy eyes you immediately felt bad for hurting him in this way. Your hands wandered to his neck stroking it reassuringly and smiling slightly. Wiping away your tears with your sleeve, Shawn’s face lightened up a bit seeming relieved that you stopped crying. He didn’t wait long until he leaned forward and kissed your lips softly, making your stomach do flips. Shawn had always been a gentle kisser, one thing you loved about him. But him realizing that you probably must be tired, he pulled away and lay you beside him without his arms leaving your body once. “Sleep princess and remember one thing: I love you.”

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Give Into Me : part II

I woke up the next morning, my head killing me. I decided to head downstairs to do something about this hangover, wearing one of Nate’s old shirts that was too small for him, but just long enough for me.

Walking into the kitchen I’m met with Kendall and John, who had his arms wrapped around Kendall from behind as she made breakfast, Dillon, who had his head down on the counter, Nate, who was smoking and the Jacks, who both had their head in their hands.

“oh good morning sunshine.” Kendall cheered, earning a groan from me.

“well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine this morning.” she joked, causing John to laugh, and a few others.

“I’m not afraid to kill you.” I groaned, searching the cabinets downstairs for advil or asprin or something.

“be grateful I’m making you breakfast.”

“thanks sweetheart.” I joked, pulling out a container of asprin, taking 3, before sitting down next to Nate.


We all ate breakfast, making some small talk here and there. Jack sat across from me, and kept playing footsie with me, and smiling up at me.

Everyone also helped clean up, which I was more than grateful for. I would have died if I had to clean it up alone. When I was in the middle of cleaning up in the living room, Jack came up and started talking to me.

We talked about shit from last night, and just other random things. It was nice and definitely made cleaning easier. When we finally finished in the living room Jack opened the front door for me, and held it while I carried the bag out to the trash.

“hey so I was wondering if you’d maybe wanna hang out sometime.” Jack spoke suddenly as he held the trash lid open. I looked at him and smiled.

“yeah, of course.”

“cool, uh, what’s your number?”

I smiled, taking his phone and putting my number in, before handing it back to him.

“thanks.” he smiled.

We helped everyone else clean up as well, since we decided to split up and make cleaning easier, and once all that was done, everyone decided to head home, for a relaxing Saturday evening, which I was so excited for. I planned on chilling out in the hot tub all night, and that’s exactly what I did, all the while texting Jack.


It’s been a few days since the party, and in those past few days, I’ve been talking to Jack nonstop. He was so sweet and I was always smiling at my phone like an idiot. He actually asked me to hang out with him today, and told me he’d be over to pick me up in an hour, so I didn’t have much time to get ready.

Jack and I were currently in his car, on our way to the beach, rocking out to Justin Bieber. 

“I didn’t peg you as a beliber.” I laughed from the passenger seat as Jack was getting into ‘Baby.’ He turned and looked at me smiling, but still not missing a single word, and then he started dancing. I was hysterical.

When the song finally ended Jack turned the radio down a bit and turned to look at me. I raised my brows at him and had a little smirk on my face.

“don’t give me that look. You and I both know that’s a classic.”

“mhmm, sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night.” I giggled.

“I hate you.” he laughed.

“no you don’t.” I smiled at him as we pulled into a parking spot.

“you’re right.” he rolled his eyes, putting his jeep in park and hopping out. 

I had just undone my seatbelt and opened my door when Jack came around and closed my door. 

“what the hell?” 

“I wanted to be a gentleman.” he laughed, opening my door for me. I just let out a little laugh and rolled my eyes.

“you’re unbelievable.” I turned to talk to him after he closed the door and matched my step.

“you’re welcome by the way.”

“right, thank you.” I playfully bumped into him.

He must not have been expecting that, because he lost his balance and stumbled quite a bit, before falling into the sand. I couldn’t help but let out a little giggle, before covering my mouth seeing him staring at me.

“you’re so gonna pay for that.” he said before starting to get up. 

I turned and started running down the beach, trying not to get caught by Jack who was right behind me, chasing me. Unfortunately for me, I have little legs, and I hate running, so Jack caught me in no time, wrapping his arms around me from behind and picking me up before spinning me around.

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I let out a few giggles as he spun me around. Then he started carrying me towards the ocean. I started fidgeting in his arms.

“Jack Finnegan Gilinsky, don’t you dare.” I said warning.

Jack just laughed behind me as he walked out in the water. 

“Jack I’m serious, I don’t have any other clothes. Don’t.” I whined as my feet were in the water now.

“chill. I’m not gonna throw you in the ocean.” and with those words I relaxed a bit, but then Jack dropped me, the water coming up to my mid thigh, so I was okay, but still.

I turned around to face Jack, but was met with being hit with a bunch of water. I opened my eyes to look at Jack, who was devishly smirking at me.

“Jack” I gasp.

“whoops?” he said sarcastically.

I bent down and splashed him back with water, and before I knew it, we were having a water fight. I splashed Jack, and he went to get me, but a wave came in, and he must not have saw it because it knocked him over, submerging him in water.

Jack came back up, pushing his now soaked hair out of his face and I couldn’t help but laugh. 

“you think this is funny?”

“a little bit.” I smiled, holding up my fingers in a little pinch.

Jack was inching closer to me, and I was slowly backing away, and I turned and tried to run, but running in water sucks, so Jack caught me in no time. And in no time he dropped me in the water. I came back up and gasped at him.

He was in a fit of laughter. I rolled my eyes before playfully hitting his arm.

“I hate you so much.”

“okay okay, truce.” he spoke.

“okay truce.” I copied, holding my hand out to shake.

Jack looked down at my hand and then looked me in the eyes, before grabbing my hand, and pulling me into him, and his other hand going up to my cheek as his lips met mine. The hand that had mine, slipping out and finding it’s way to my waist as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. One of my hands slipping to his side, pulling him closer, and the other to his shoulder.

Breaking the kiss, our foreheads rested against each other’s and I couldn’t help but smile. And looking at Jack I had to look away, cause he was smiling at me and I started to blush.

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t take it any longer.” he whispered out.

“no it’s okay.” I looked at him again, and he smiled before placing his lips on mine once again for a brief kiss.

“wanna go back to mine and hang out?”

“sure.” I smiled, as he laced his fingers with mine and we made our way up the beach to his jeep, talking and laughing about stupid shit.

Once we got to Jack’s I was still soaked, and when we went inside Jack took my hand and dragged me to his room.

“here, you can borrow these.” he spoke, tossing me a tee shirt and a pair of basketball shorts and then removing his shirt. I stared at his exposed chest, my eyes trailing down to his abs, and then stopping and staring right above his belt.

“take a picture, it’ll last longer.” he smirked, shaking my head and getting out of my daze, my cheeks flushed.

“I’m just gonna change in the bathroom.” I quickly turned and headed to the bathroom to change.

I walked out, and the shirt covered my butt, and the shorts went down past my knees. I looked like a bag of potatoes. I laughed as I saw myself in the mirror, but then headed downstairs as I heard voices.

Walking into the living room, I see Jack and Johnson on the couch, neither had a shirt on, and I went weak in the knees seeing Jack without a shirt on, again.

“do you uh, have a dryer?” I asked, holding all my wet clothes in my hands.

“oh yeah, here, I’ll show you.” Jack spoke getting up and walking down a hallway, me following.

Finding his laundry room, he opened the dryer for me, so I bent over and put my clothes in there, before he closed it and started it. I turned to walk away, but Jack grabbed my wrist and turned me around, pulling me back into him, his hands wrapping around my waist.

“will you stay for dinner?”

“it depends, what are you having?”

“whatever’s gonna make you stay.” he smiled.

“cheeky.” I laughed. “but I do love pizza.”

“easy enough. I’ll order some now.”

“no. I wanna make them.” 

Jack let out a little laugh and rolled his eyes. “fine.” he sighed.

“don’t act like you’re annoyed with me. I make the best pizza. let’s go.” I said, trying to turn, but Jack had me in his arms, so he wouldn’t let me go. I turned and looked at him, his brown eyes mesmerizing me. He pouted his lip and looked at me with sad puppy eyes, and I smiled, standing on my tippy-toes and meeting his lips with mine in the most gentle kiss.

I felt his grip relax and took that as my chance. I quickly broke the kiss and turned and headed towards the kitchen, Jack following behind me, shaking his head at me.

Walking through the living room I called out to Johnson.

“do you want some pizza?”

“yeah!” he cheered, looking at me.

“alright cool.” I smiled walking into the kitchen and searching through all the cupboards. Jack walked in and sat at the kitchen island and watched me as I found all the ingredients. 

“well, don’t just sit there, you’re gonna help me make it.” I spoke, setting the crust out on a pizza cooking stone thing.

“I don’t know what you’re making.”

“a buffalo chicken pizza.”

“what if I don’t like hot stuff?”

“well then that sucks, looks like you won’t be eating.” I said, opening the hot sauce and putting it on the pizza. 

“I like hot stuff. I mean, look at you.” he spoke, and I could hear the smirk in his voice, and I looked up at him and I rolled me eyes.

“shut up. I literally look like some sort of like potato version gangster” I laughed, finishing spreading the sauce.

Jack and I talked some more and joked around as I finished the pizza before turning and putting it in the oven.


“yo Audrey, this is the best pizza I’ve ever had.” Johnson spoke as we all sat watching tv.

“thank you.” I smiled before taking a big bite, after dipping it in ranch.

“I still can’t believe you would ruin it by dipping it in ranch.” Jack spoke from next to me, his face full of disgust.

“it’s so good.” I muttered out.

“didn’t your mom ever teach you not to talk with your mouth full.” Jack teased.

“shut up.” I spoke, after I had finished my bite, playfully hitting him.

After hanging around for a few hours, it was 10:00, and I decided I should probably head home. I had changed  back into my clothes when they were dry, not wanting to look like a potato gangster any longer.

“Well, I should probably head home.” I spoke, getting up.

“alright, I’ll see ya. Thanks for the pizza.” Johnson spoke, standing up and opening his arms for me to hug him. And he gives the best hugs.

“no problem.” I laughed.

I turned to say bye to Jack, but he was standing over by the door, keys in hand. I walked over and put on my shoes before talking.

“I had a lot of fun today, thank you.” I smiled up at him.

“so did I.”

“I’ll text you when I get home.” I spoke, reaching for the door.

“Audrey, are you kidding? I drove you, and you’re not walking home this late, alone.”

“I’ll be fine. I don’t want you to have to go out of your way or anything.” I said as we were now out on the porch, walking towards his jeep.

“don’t be ridiculous.” he laughed, opening his door for me. I stood still for a bit, just looking at him before he finally walked up to me and grabbed me put me in the car himself.

When we got back to my place, it was dark. My parents still on their little vacation. Jack and I sat in the jeep for a bit, listening to music.

“alright, it’s like 11:00, I should head inside and you should probably get home.” I laugh, noticing we’ve been out here just listening to music for the past 40 minutes.


“thanks for the ride home.” I smile, undoing my seatbelt. Jack reached over, one hand on my cheek turning me to look at him, before bringing his other one up to cup my other cheek before placing his lips on mine.

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He slipped his tongue into my mouth, and soon, what started out as a sweet gentle kiss started to heat up. I pulled away slowly, taking his lower lip in my teeth, causing him to let out a low, little groan.

Originally posted by painfulblisss

“thanks again for the ride, and today, I had a lot of fun.”

“so did I” he whispered out as our foreheads rested against one another’s.

“alright, I’ll see ya.” I smiled getting out of the car, as he nodded and waved.

“I’m afraid he’ll have my temper,” she said, feet hanging in the air.

“Quite frankly, me too,” he smirked, the picture of relaxed as he laid with his legs crossed and his hands behind his head as if there actually was something underneath him. She slapped his chest for good measure, even though she was chuckling too: he looked way too smug right now.

“Shut up. Your turn.”

“Let’s see…I’m afraid he won’t like us and throw things at us.”

That would definitively suck. Although don’t worry, the risks are probably higher for me on this one: people usually hate me; they like you. And your reflexes are slightly better than mine, so I’ll probably be the one with bruises.”

“Considering you’ll be providing the food, I don’t think that theory will apply here,” he chuckled. “What else?”

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Oh Baby

This is my first personal imagine! I absolutely flopped because the request just had so much going on! Which is totally okay, I’m just sleep deprived and it’s late right now. I was laughing writing half of this because I didn’t do it justice. I’m so sorry to the anon. Please forgive me. Also please don’t bully me, I am aware this is trash.

 Dedicated to: Amanda

Warnings: Swearing


It was all a daze to you. First, you were sitting and looking at the damned pink plus sign awaiting your fate. Then, when it came back positive, you had to start strategizing.

How were you going to tell Zayn? How would he react? He always wanted kids-when he was ready. However, at this moment his career was kicking off so becoming a parent was really out of the question. Zayn had already left Perrie to date you, so his reputation was already not the greatest.

So now, two months later, your body was starting to catch up with the pregnancy. You were exactly showing, but all of the cravings you had really did have an impact.

Tonight, you and Zayn would be going out together to eat dinner. You were dressed in a nice black dress that hugged your curves in all the right places. Luckily, this dress was one of Zayn’s favourite on you; plus, it didn’t squeeze you like the others.

“You look wonderful.” Zayn’s thick accent stated from where he was standing in the hallway. “Are you ready to go my love?”

“Just about.” You answered and smiled to yourself in the mirror. “Tonight’s a big night.” You turned to look at him and gave him a toothy grin, to which he returned with a beautiful beam.

“Believe me. I know.”


At the restaurant, you sat in front of Zayn. You looked at all of his features intently. The outline of his muscle through his black button up, and the way his tattoos looked especially fantastic in the dim lighting….

“Amanda, we have to break up.” Zayn mumbled to himself, looking down at his hands that rested on the table. Your breath caught in your throat, making you choke on the water you were currently downing.

“What the fuck? Is this some kind of sick joke… Because, Zayn, I will kill you.” You whisper-yelled to him as you gripped the end of the table.

“I know that it’s fairly sudden.” He began, clasping his hands together and swallowing which made his Adam’s apple bob. “But, I’ve fallen in love with somebody else.”

“With who? Who could you have possibly fallen in love with?” You swallowed thickly past the lump in your throat. You wouldn’t cry. Hell no. He wasn’t worth a single tear that fell down from your eyes.

“Gigi.” He nodded. “Gigi Hadid.” With that, your heart stopped and you felt the entire earth around you fall. A model? Seriously?

“You can’t do this to me.” You shook your head and shut your eyes. Your hand grabbed a handful of your dress and you sucked in a sharp breath. “Not now. We had things to talk about, Zayn. But not this. Fuck you.” You stood up and took in another deep breath. You were never one to make a public scene, especially now that you were dating a celebrity, but your anger just took over your body and you felt as if you couldn’t control yourself.

“Amanda? What are you talking about? What did you have to tell me…?” He trailed on, deciding to stay in his seat. You just smirked at him and picked up the jug on your table that was filled with water and poured it all over his head.

“I’m pregnant, Zayn.”


Weeks went by fast. The whole world knew about Zayn leaving you for Gigi, they knew about the baby, they knew about everything.

Soon enough, those weeks turned into months. Everyone who owned a computer or a smartphone knew about every detail of your life, and you didn’t know how to feel. You knew when you started dating Zayn in the first place that whether or not you stayed together, this would happen. However, you still didn’t like it.

Your bump was big and noticeable. There was no denying that your baby was well on the way, and he or she wouldn’t have a father to be there. Sure, Zayn had tried to call you every so often, but what was the point? You knew you’d begin crying if you heard him talk, so you just ignored him.

Ever since the incident, you threw yourself into being with your friends, as being alone terrified you. You hated when you had to be lost in your own thoughts and thinking about what plans you were supposed to have at this point in your life. Nonetheless, this didn’t help taking you out of the limelight since these had been yours and Zayn’s friends which meant they were celebrities.

These friends included: The boys of One Direction, Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber…

Justin really stood out to you. He was undeniably busy, but as unfortunately going through a hard time as well . You and him related to each other and even started a little fling although there was one slight problem… You were both lying to yourselves. You didn’t like each other, you just loved the idea of liking each other, and you tried. Boy, did you try.

Justin was undoubtedly attractive, so that made kissing him enjoyable. But once again, pretending to be attracted to one another wasn’t the same as it felt like having sex with a garden gnome every time you and him went that far.

What didn’t help was that everywhere you looked, there was Zayn. With Gigi. On. Every. Single. Fucking. Magazine cover. How could a couple seriously always make out in public and look so hot together even when they’re not trying? You just couldn’t help but feel salty about it. You were hurting. Of course you were, this was the man you loved and the father of your child with another woman.

“Babe, come into the living room!” Justin called out to you. You were brushing your teeth in his bathroom, as you had spent the night at his house (which was an unsatisfying evening.)

“I’ll be out in a second!” You answered, looking down at your baby bump and running your hand over it. Was this weird? Being pregnant with Zayn’s baby but letting Justin have his way with you? It was all too much to think about, and you didn’t want to think. You just wanted everything good left in your life to be simple. Simple was wonderful.

You walked into the living room after putting on one of Justin’s sweater. You sighed deeply to yourself as you took in the surroundings of his house once again, but nothing prepared you for what you had coming.

“What is it-“ You started as you opened the door to the living room. Your heart started racing as you saw the dark figure sitting right in front of you. For a second-only a second-you questioned who it was, but who else could it have actually been? A leather jacket, ash blond hair… That was him. That was your Zayn. He jolted up to his feet and rubbed the back of his neck.

“A-Amanda…” He breathed out. “We need to talk.”

“I’ll leave you kids to solve things. I hope everything works out.” Justin smiled, awkwardly standing and leaving, merely leaving a pat on your shoulder as he exited the room.

“What do you want, Zayn?” You sighed, crossing your arms and looking towards the ground. You could feel his eyes on your skin and that sent a warm feeling through you. All you wanted to do was run up to him and kiss him. Oh how you had missed those lips.

“I-I want us to get back together. Now, before you say anything, everything that had happened… That wasn’t for me. My manager told me that if I didn’t leave you for Gigi, nobody would ever want to work with me because I needed that bad boy edge to keep going. I was too nice when I was with you… And it literally kills me every day to know that you walk around with the evidence of my love growing inside of you… I want to be there for him or her. I want to be there for you. Please let me… I promise to do everything I can to get on track to making things better.” He stopped his speech for just a moment just to walk up, cup my chin and smother his lips on mine. “I’m so crazy in love with you that it hurts. You’re on my mind every second of the day, no matter how hard I try to focus on something else.” He lifted your chin to make you look him in the eyes. His beautiful, heart melting caramel eyes… You loved him so much, he took your breath away.

“I don’t know… You really hurt me…” is all that managed to escape your lips. “Is this really a good idea? You and me?”

“Amanda, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love you.” He repeated. With that, you sealed it with a passionate, weak at the knees kiss. Zayn was your home, and you knew this was where you belonged.

TheBizzlePost's Cute Imagines Issue #1: A Different Kind of Sickness

[Dedicated to Emily, AKA you-cantflyunlessyoufall]

I woke up that morning pretty damn early. About 6 am. And on a Saturday, too. I blinked a couple of times before realizing I was in a very luxurious hotel room. I tried pulling myself up but stopped short, realizing I had a killer headache and I couldn’t remember anything that happened from the previous night.
Aside from my pounding head, I shook it off and pulled myself up and against the headboard.
But something was weighing me down.
I looked over my shoulder to see Justin Bieber snuggling into my side. I smiled widely at the site of my fiancee sound asleep, his arms wrapped tightly around my waist.
“Good morning, Mrs. Emily Bieber.” Justin mutters, smirking from ear to ear with his eyes still shut from sleep.
I grinned. “Baby,” I whisper. “Hmmm?” Justin says into his pillow. “What happened last night?”
Justin just chuckled.
He raised his head from his pillow and pulled me by the waist, closer to him.
“Aww, I guess my baby forgot all about the amazing night we spent, thanks to the whole pitcher you drank.” Justin giggled. My jaw dropped, “I chugged down a pitcher of beer?! The whole thing?!?!”
Justin nodded.
“Three pitchers, actually. Guess that’s what caused your major headache.”
I groaned, burrowing my face into my palms. “Oh my God… I think I’m starting to remember now.”


“CHUG! CHUG, CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!” screamed the crowd as I managed to swallow down my second pitcher of name-brand beer, let alone keeping down my own vomit.
The crowd of celebrities blew up with roaring cheer as I slammed the plastic pitcher onto the counter as I stood atop for everyone to see.
“Em-Emily, I think you’ve drank enough for one night.” Scooter said, trying to get me down from the bar counter.
“Fuck no, I’ll stop drinking when the crowd wants me to stop drinking. Does anyone want me to stop chugging?”
The crowd erupts into a series of ‘boos’.
“Exactly! Now, who wants to watch me chug another pitch?”
The crowd goes wild.


“Well, that explains my hangover.” I chuckled condescendingly. Justin nodded, snuggling his nose into my neck with his muscular arms around me. “Yeah… but that’s not all that happened.” He smirked, dropping butterfly kisses on my neck which made me flinch.
And that’s when it all came back to me.
I gasped in horror, leaping out of bed. “Did we–?”
“Yep,” Justin smirked, licking his lips.
“A-and were you wearing a–?”
“Nope, you refused for me to wear a rubber.”
I whimpered, “Why…?”
Justin shrugged. “You were so horny that night that you told me you wanted to feel my cum fill you,” he winked at me and I groaned.
“Fucking sicko,” I mumbled to myself before heading into the hotel room’s bathroom.
“Hey, you were the one who wanted to–”
“I wasn’t talking to you, baby, I was talking to my vagina.”
While I brushed my teeth, I then knew all the alcohol I drank did not agree with me.
I turned to the toilet and 'let all of it out of my system’.
I was up on my knees, hugging the toilet seat, my liver cursing me out.
Dear God no….
Please tell me this isn’t what I think it is.
It was.
After the last few weeks, I’ve been barfing up every last entrail in my gut every morning. I took a test yesterday. The result?
Then why in the fuck aren’t I happy?
Its obvious Justin isn’t nor does he ever want to be ready to start a family with me.
He’s just not that kind of a guy.
He’ll be pissed once he finds out and then he’ll leave me with our child and I’ll have to tend to it all on my own.
And whats worst of all is, my son or daughter would have to grow up without a father figure…. just like I did.
I certainly don’t want that.
Every damn night, I’d cry myself to sleep and every damn morning, I’d puke my guts out and sob myself silly for another hour.
The same routine went on for days, then weeks, then months. Just until it was noticeably obvious that I had a baby in the oven.
Though I kept convincing Justin that I was just packing on weight 'for the winter’…. he somehow was dumb enough to believe it.
I was seven months preggers and my back was killing me at the time. The only one who knew about this was Pattie.
I loved her with all my heart and she would be such a lovely grandmother for the baby, but after this one event I temporarily hated her.
Pattie Mallette threw me a baby shower and invited all of my friends and family and even Justin’s crew.
“Oh God, oh God, oh God!! Pattie, what did you do?!” I scolded at her. “I-I just thought that–”
“I’m sorry Pattie, I appreciate it but why on a day like today? Justin will be home any minute now from the studio and when he sees this, he’ll probably say–”
“What in the fuck is going?”
I turned my attention to the front door, Justin and Scooter step inside. “Care to explain, Emily? This is a really mean joke the girls pulled on you since you claim you’ve been gaining weight,” Justin folded his arms over his chest. “Or… is this for real…?”
I sighed heavily.
I shrugged my shoulders.
“Yeah… I guess it is.”
And with that, Justin’s eyes widened with stunning shock.
“Oh fuck, I knew you would do exactly this! I didn’t want you to know, I never did…”
“Why?” Justin asked confused but in a hushed tone as if he was about to cry.
“Because you don’t want to start a family with me. You want to spend the rest of your life strutting around with side-hoes on your arms and drinking and smoking away all the misery the media has given you… and not once ever have to think upon making that milestone decision of marriage and family—”
“How would you know what I want?!” Justin scowled, tears just at the brink of his eyes.
It was dead silent before I replied.
“Because I’ve been your biggest fan for more than six years… don’t you think by now I’d know a thing or two about you?”
I ran up the stairs and into the bedroom to avoid Justin seeing me cry. Just after I slammed the door shut and locked it behind me, I fell to my knees and sobbed into my hands.
About an hour and a half later, I hear soft knock on the door. “Please, Pattie, I’m not in the mood right now to talk it out,” I slurred, wiping away my tears with my sleeve.
“It’s not Pattie,” came Justin’s voice.
“What do you want?” I sighed, still sniffling. “Emily, could you please open the door so we can face-to—?”
“NO! No, I don’t want you to see me like this…”
I heard Justin sigh loudly.
“Please, baby… you shouldn’t be feeling what you’re feeling right now.”
“And tell me, Justin, what is it that I am feeling?” I spat back. Justin paused.
“Many different things at once. Regret. You regret that we ever had drunk sex without a condom. Fear. Fear for this boy or girl that’s on its way into our lives.. because… because you think their daddy isn’t ready to start a family just yet. That’s another feeling. Denial. Well, you’ve been putting things in your head that just aren’t true…. what you may not know is that I’ve always wanted to start a family with you, baby girl, right from the very beginning. But its just that I don’t want our kid growing up the same way I did… under a microscope. I don’t want you to go out into the streets, on a stroll with our baby, and the paparazzi are just waiting around the bend for you—” At that moment, Justin was very close to tears and I could hear it in his cracking voice.
My poor baby.
What he said completely broke my heart.
I ran up from the position I was in, unlocked the door and yanked it open. There stood my fiancee, teary and puffy-eyed with a bit of a runny nose.
He looked up at me as I awaited his next reaction.
His then traveled down to my baby bump and then back up into my eyes. His bottom lip quivered.
“Baby, you have no idea how much I love you. No matter what we go through, I won’t ever stop loving you…”
My own tears brink at the edges of my eyes as I pulled Justin into an air-tight hug as we sobbed into each others chests.
“I love you too, Justin, and I’ll prove that to you on our wedding day.” I muttered.
Just before Justin could reply, we both felt a kick. Justin and I both stepped back in surprise. Then realizing it was just the baby.
Justin bent over, up on his knees, he pecked a kiss on my clothed stomach and whispered, “Hi there… this is your daddy speaking. I just wanted you to know that your mommy and daddy have a lot of love to give to you and that daddy’s here to protect you from those mean men with cameras,” we chuckled at that. “I really think you are going to love it out here…”
And with that, Justin gave me one more kiss on the lips before we both headed downstairs back to the baby shower….
“Mrs. Bieber, I’m really gonna need you to push for me, please.” calmly asked the doctor. I yelped again, louder than before, in pain. “DEAR GOD WHYYYYY!?!?! I WILL NEVER HAVE SEX AGAIN!!!!” I hollered at the top of my lungs. Everyone was here in the hospital waiting for the baby: Scooter and his wife, Kenny, Pattie, my friends, my parents, Ryan, and most of Justin’s crew.
Justin was right there by my side during all of this, holding my hand and telling me to keep a steady breath. After another 10 hours, most of the pain was gone just like that.
I was still panting and sweaty from all of this. Justin was smiling down at me, “Good job, baby, it’s all over now.”
“Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Bieber… its a boy.” the doctor grinned, holding my child who was crying and kicking away. I gave him a faint smile and looked up at Justin, he had tears in his eyes as he held his son. We shared an intimate kiss before the pain suddenly came back.
Oh God, what now?!?!?!
Another 20 minutes later, another boy popped out.
And another hour later, yet another boy popped out.
“Congratulations, Mrs Bieber, you gave birth to triplets.”
Justin’s reaction was priceless.

Arranged Hate To Love - Chapter 1

It was a regular day in Stratford, Canada. A day that seemed to be going smoothly. The breeze was blowing, leaves were wafting against the air, the same air that was blowing carefully against the soft skin of the two ladies who were sitting on the bench at the park.

They conversed and laughed together. They had been friends ever since they were small. And now they were completely grown up. 

They weren’t little girls anymore. They were women. 

Women, that also now had children.

Pattie Mallette and Mandy Teefey were the same age–they were both 22 years old. 

When it felt like only just yesterday they were the 15 year-olds that were talking about boys and make-up and high school gossip. 

Now, it was completely different. They’ve grown. 

Pattie and Mandy and were sitting on the bench. Enjoying the peaceful day, talking and telling each other about their day. The only thing they heard in the background was the laughter of the children on the playground. 

They felt relieved. Their kids were most likely getting along.

With smiles on their faces they kept on conversing. Happy, that day was going surprisingly well. This rarely happened. Pattie’s and Mandy’s kids were always fighting.

Patties son, Justin and Mandy’s daughter Selena have never gotten along. But today might be a day were the rules bend.

“Justin! I hate you!” The little girl’s voice suddenly exclaimed.

“I hate you too!” The little boy’s voice exclaimed in return.

“Hey, both of you apologize!” Both young mom’s almost screamed.

“No. I hate her mommy! I want to leave” The little boy screeched.

“Justin Drew! Apologize to Selena right now!" 

"I’m sorry” The little boy remarked through gritted teeth.

“Selena now you apologize” Mandy told the little girl .

“I’m sorry” The little girl said with sarcasm.

“Good. Now I think it’s time we call it a day Pattie, don’t you?”

“Couldn’t agree more. Sorry about Justin’s behavior he never acts like that” Pattie exclaimed.

“Sorry about Selena’s behavior as well. Call me soon. Love ya” Mandy said.

“Will do! Love ya too” Pattie replied.

And with that both of the young moms went their separate ways.

*2 months later* 

“I swear if I get another call about Justin and Selena fighting again. I’m going to go insane,” Pattie exclaimed to her best friend on the phone.

“I agree. We have to do something about this!” Mandy exclaimed in all seriousness.

“How about we just set them up now?” Pattie exclaimed.

“You and I both know they’ll object to that” Mandy said.

“True. But they can’t if we make some rules!” Pattie said.

“Like what?” Mandy questioned.

“No objections, no divorce, and absolutely no not reproducing because we still want grandchildren!” Pattie said.

“Then it’s settled Justin and Selena are getting married when they’re older. Not going to get a say in this. Not objecting to this. And not arguing to giving us grand children. I’ll type it up before I go to bed and print it off for you to sign in the morning okay?” Mandy exclaimed with enthusiasm.

“Sounds good to me! I’ve got to get Justin in bed. Love you. Night!” Pattie said.

“Alright! Love you too! Sleep tight!” Mandy said to her best friend.

And with that it was written and signed by both young mothers that Justin and Selena were to be married no later than 6 months after they turn 18. They couldn’t object to this. Couldn’t divorce. Couldn’t not reproduce. Even if they hate each other they were stuck together for life with no argument!


“No!” Selena exclaimed with everyone in the room looking at her. 

“Absolutely fucking not!” Justin shouted.

“Justin! Language!” Pattie shrieked at her son.

Mandy put her hand on Pattie’s shoulder, “Guys, you have no choice.”

“Like hell we do, Mother. We can’t even be in the same house for half an hour, let alone live in one together.”

“Well, sucks. We signed a contract already. You’re getting married in 6 months.”

“I don’t care what you’ve signed. Rip it up! I’m not living in the same house as her. I’m not growing old with a woman who’s going to give me a heart attack within the first year of living together,” Justin spat at his mother and her best friend.

“And I’m not living with the Devil’s spawn, no offence Pattie. I’m not wasting my early adulthood with him. I don’t care. Screw you and your stupid contract.”

“Selena, don’t talk about your fiance like that.”

“Screw you Mother. I hate you. I hate your decision. And I hate that you keep trying to push this jackass into my life. You had an unhappy marriage, why are you willingly putting me through this?”

“Because Pattie and I both know that this will be good for you guys,” Mandy replied.

“That’s bullshit, no offense Mandy. You both know that we haven’t gotten along since the day you brought me into that hospital room and I stole her pacifier. Getting married won’t help that,” Justin butted in. 

“We really don’t care what you guys think at this point. You have six months to come to terms with this. There’s no around this, and you will get married, you will give us grand kids, and there will be no divorce. Our decision is final,” Pattie stated. 

“Who says I’ll even touch her like that?” Justin said with disgust.

“Oh, trust me Justin you will want to” Both mothers exchanged smirks at each other.

“No! That is where I draw the line! God only knows what he’s touched. And the only way I’d touch him is if I was killing him with my bare hands!” Selena said, through gritted teeth.

“He’ll get tested. Selena, their is no way around this and we will get grand kids. No negotiation!” Mandy said in a firm serious tone.

“Happy fucking birthday to me,” Selena mumbled. 

“Whatever guess we have no choice” Justin mumbled.

Selena sighed.

“For once I agree with you."