i do these a lot more than i should

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You should try an do voice acting, you'd be amazing!

Eh, I dunno haha. There’s a lot more to it than just making voices but I sure would love to learn and get better at it :)

Thank you though that’s very sweet!

blood cannot last more than 40 days. donations are needed, as well as first aid necessities, but if too many people donate blood, a lot of it is going to be wasted. the best thing to do is to regularly donate blood in small groups and avoid flooding hospitals all at once, or it’s going to be counterproductive.

il sangue non si mantiene più di 40 giorni. abbiamo bisogno di donazioni, così come di beni di pronto soccorso, ma se troppa gente dona il sangue molto di esso andrà sprecato. la cosa migliore da fare è donare sangue in modo regolare questi giorni, ed in piccoli gruppi, evitando di affollare gli ospedali tutti insieme. altrimenti sarà controproducente.

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I feel like IG fans are the least mature, twitter fans are in the middle, tumblr are most mature. Even tho you find more CS on here than twitter we don't shove it in their faces & we actually respect them all. On twitter the tweets that bash 1/5 or 4/5 or whatever get lots of RTs/likes so people do it a lot but on tumblr to get lots of notes you just need to post a cute gif or picture or something so it's nicer here they should all spend more time on here tbh

I feel like tumblr is a more mature, lowkey and all around better place to be a CS but on all the other social medias people just go fucking crazy and are down right rude and obnoxious. I can’t believe some of the things they say. 😡

So I’ll be opening the ask box soon but-

-I need to find a way to do this without getting too overwhelmed.

I’m very indecisive about anything I ever do, so I’m going to ask for people’s opinion:
Should I keep the ask box open until I reach a certain amount of asks and close it, or should I keep it open and reply to as many asks as I can?
Honestly, I’d feel really bad if I didn’t reply to every ask, but last time I got a lot more asks than I was expecting to get and that was incredible– but it kinda overwhelmed me.

So, how do you think I should do this?

On a side note, this theme isn’t confusing for just me apparently, so I’m off to find a new one.

Alright, girls and boys and those who are neither, I am here today to bring you what I like to call more colloquially, “The Voltron ages from Comicon are garbage and here’s why!”  In fact, consider that my thesis statement because things are taking a turn for the (informal) essay here, my friends.

Under the readmore for length!

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Hello friends!

Welcome to the weekly ichiruki drabble theme for Deathberry Prompts!

Each week, I will post a prompt (usually a word, or a short phrase, or an emotion) and then it’s up to you!

Write a drabble based on the theme presented and I’ll share it with all our followers.

Normally, a drabble is 100 words exactly - but you should take that as a guideline, more than an actual rule. If the prompt speaks to you and you write something a lot longer? That’s awesome! If you get yourself down to exactly 100 words? That’s also awesome!

Once you’ve written your drabble, post it on your blog and make sure you do the following:

  • Mention @deathberryprompts
  • Tag #deathberryprompts and #deathberry100 within the first 5 tags

I’ll roll up all the offerings into a rec post each week as well as reblogging them throughout the week.

This week’s prompt is:


Happy Ficcing!

- @sequencefairy


They’re going to be cats in my @gemanimate shot. These are the drawings I did while messing around with how they’ll look. The two that happen to be colored aren’t necessarily the final looks, I should’ve messed more with color just because it’s what you do I guess. But toonboom is easy with color so whatever.  

Unsurprisingly, the shot I asked for is mostly EFX, the gems barely move, but they’re all in it. I like cats a lot more than almost anything else, so there you go. 

1) there’s a ton I like about storenvy, but it kept charging customers fees out of nowhere without giving me a heads up. I just don’t want people to end up paying more than they should without me even knowing it’s happening! tictail lacks a lot of storenvy’s functionality, but it’s pretty comfortable nonetheless

2) I actually don’t haha….. I probably should!! but I honestly haven’t had a huge issue with color differences. it happens now and again, but it’s never anything particularly noticeable. I usually start a print knowing that it’s going to be a print, but there have been a couple of exceptions. if I’m ever doing a more in-depth image and I’m not sure whether it’s going to be a print, I go ahead and draw it at a standard print size anyway, just in case

3) yeah, as long as there’s clear credit it’s no problem! thank you for asking!!

4) I’m super cool with people using my style as inspiration (honestly everyone does it to some extent) but outright copying makes me a little uneasy! and honestly, art styles aren’t really developed through a conscious idea of “this is the look I’m going for,” but through an artist deciding what works for them and which methods they prefer and enjoy. 100% copying someone else’s style is going to make things difficult!

but yeah, I feel like looking at a variety of art styles and figuring out exactly what you like about each one and finding a way to apply that preference to your own way of working is a totally valid way of developing your art!

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Don't hate me but calling out that person on your twitter so others could harass them was no bueno. :(

i…..have no clue as to how i should gratify this with a response? i am seeing people in my inbox accusing me of “siccing” my followers, of telling them to attack and harass the person who re-posted my art, while i did…exactly none of that. i would really love it if you could please kindly point to me where i asked anyone to harass anybody. 

did i tell people to report the account as spam? yes, i did. but is it really called a harassment to them when they’re doing a lot more damage than good to other people’s work? and is it really called an attack when all my friends did was tell them that they should give credit where credit is due? no name-calling, no inappropriate comments, nothing. besides, the report button was created for a reason: to disclose a problem to the staff about how a specific account is not obeying to the user’s agreement. hell, i could’ve asked for a copyright on my work and filed a more lengthy report regarding art theft, but it would’ve been a way more complicated process and the person could’ve gotten in serious trouble, so i didn’t.

i don’t hate you, anon. i can perfectly see how one might misinterpret some of the things i had previously said, and i don’t fault you for that. but i think it’s not really fair for anybody if you continue to judge an issue by making assumptions on what somebody had done without knowing the clear picture. it’s not always only black or white, and it’s definitely not always just either “bueno” or “no bueno” is it?


I’m sorry guys but there was be a Hiatus for a bit… I’ve lost my motivation to roleplay at the moment and it will feel like a chore if I have to force myself to do it and that’s not fun at all. To me roleplaying should be fun and I’m just not feeling it right now. I’m sure a lot of you will understand.

Right now I have more motivation to draw rather than roleplay and I’ve actually started using my DA account to post my art as well as posting on my main blog on tumblr. So you guys can send me art request and I will try to draw them if I have time ^^

Thank you for understanding!! <3


                                                         to me,
                                                    ‘cuz i’m a
                                   [ у o υ ]


“If you look at just my personality, I like to keep things to myself and hide away, rather than showing everything. But thanks to fans, I felt that there is a need to do things that fans want, and that there are things I want to do and things I should do going forward. I’ve come to think that when it comes to music, I shouldn’t decline projects with a withdrawn heart, but whenever I can do things, I should do a lot here and there. I was able to accept duets and features in songs more comfortably,” - Taeyeon

AU in which Eridan is secretly a merman or a siren and Dirk is secretly a vampire (or some shit) and they decide to try and court each other but while also thinking the other is human.

So like:

*At the restaurant*

Eridan: Drinks 3 glasses of water before the food comes.

Dirk: Shit humans drink way more water than I thought. *Tries to drink like 8 glasses of water and just ends up feeling like he’s going to die.*

Eridan: Shit Dirk has a lot of issues with the sun he burns so easily. I’m pale like him should I be having more trouble than this? Should I complain more?


Dirk: Shit man you’re incredible at swimming.

Eridan: H-Huh? Oh no! Haha I’m totally average at it!

Dirk: Shit man I better step up my swimming game fast.


Dirk: *Easy as Hell parkours up a building with gravity-defying acrobatics.*



Also Roxy knows about both of them and is having THE TIME OF HER LIFE.

Eridan: Rox Rox you gotta help me hit on Dirk but like in a human way.

Roxy: Bite his neck that’s sexy.

Dirk: Roxy do you know a good date restaurant that doesn’t use a lot of garlic so I don’t break out in a rash?

Roxy: How about sushi?

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I'm kinda in the same situation like the other 16 year old. I'm 16 and I've been talking to a 37 year old. Um we started talking by accident and then it started growing as something more. We never did anything sexual or anything. But it's like what should I do? I hope no one judges me

I’m not judging you Hun, I can’t talk as the guy I’m seeing is a lot older than me to. But 37 doll, he is a lot older than you, just be careful okay. Try not to get to attached

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would you agree that a lot of the drama between anarchists and leninists (you know which i mean) mostly stems not from ideological disagreement per se, but from a failure of the two groups to understand the other's terminology and ideology? I'm a committed anarchist but I've followed you and several other leninists for a long time and i've found relatively little to disagree with, at least not on the level that one should think from the drama. The same goes for many other anarchists i know, too.

yeah i think semantics have a lot to do w/ it, but more than semantic or ideological differences, i think most of this drama comes out of historical differences, or what endnotes called “get[ting] lost in history, defining themselves by reference to a context of struggle that has no present-day correlate [and] […] draw[ing] lines in sand which is no longer there” … once millennials on tumblr stop beefing w/ other millennials on tumblr abt what happened to some ukrainian peasant 100 years ago that neither of them have any relation to besides a vague notion of shared ideology (or lack thereof), tumblr left will finally know peace

Snk ANSWERS Interview thoughts: “Rite of Passage”

Image source: TKDR2012 @ernestcs91939-tdk

After I’ve read the interview translation posts, I suddenly remembered a SUPER OLD INTERVIEW of Isayama appeared in a Hong Kong newspaper, on September 19, 2013:


Here, I would like to translate one paragraph of the article:

There are a lot of Snk fans in Hong Kong, which is out of Isayama’s expectation. “I’ve never imagined that, but this is what I want in the first place (lol), yet it seems it has become more popular than what I was expected in my hometown. Since I was young, I believed people should struggle to the end when there’s only one road leads to destruction. When I was a kid, I used to play with my friends in rivers. While the others jumped into the water from the rock, I was not brave enough to do the same. After I have started drawing manga, I realize that it’s like a spiritual rite of passage for a kid—which is unavoidable in one’s growth and development. I regret that I didn’t dare jumping into the water, perhaps I’ve influenced myself in an unconscious way, leading me to draw and express my feelings at that time. In another word, if I were bold enough and leaped, I would not have created the story of Shingeki no Kyojin.”

Remember chapter 15? It is the first time Isayama introduces the term “rite of passage”.

Those who had gone through the “rite of passage” are Annie, Mikasa, Reiner, Bertholdt, Eren and Ymir. While I am still suspecting Mikasa may be a titan shifter after seeing the panels, the new interviews of Snk fanbook ANSWERS may have shed light on explaining these—all of them had become killers before they joined the Trainee Corps.

All of them (except Mikasa) are titan shifters. If I recall correctly, when they were (injected the serum and) transformed into mindless titans, they must devour another titan shifter(s) in order to regain their human forms. 

“For Mikasa, the “rite of passage” that was her parents’ tragic deaths had overwhelming influence on her. When they were killed, the world she had believed in utterly crumbled, and Mikasa was awakened under those circumstances - losing all of her innocence in the process. At that time Eren allowed her to discover renewed value again, like that of a newborn bird’s first glimpse at a grown one - it was that kind of admiration and trust. Thus, she swore to follow Eren.” (translated by @fuku-shuu)

Mikasa may not be a titan shifter, yet what she had encountered was similar to the other 5.

After the Uprising Arc, all members of the new Squad Levi had been through the “rite of passage” too. In chapter 70, from Flocke’s POV, he could see the changes by looking at their expressions:

You wanna know what happened, Flocke?

They have got their hands dirty. They have become killers.

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Why do you need to stop using the term "compulsory heterosexuality" just because an anon said it was made up by a "terf"? It's a very useful phrase and I don't understand the hatred against radical feminists on here. Even if you don't agree in general with them why not use handy phrases like that which you can agree with.

“I don’t understand the hatred against radical feminists“

Then you haven’t looked into their rhetoric enough tbh. Just because a TERF can have a few good ideas and make a few good posts, doesn’t mean we should forgive everything else they do/support (and it’s a lot more than make hateful posts on Tumblr believe me). This is why I never reblog a post that was posted by a TERF and I will stop using a phrase that was coined by TERFs as well.

Oh and the anon was alerting me to a well researched post which I’ve also reblogged. I mean it’s not just any TERF who came up with this.

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Hey! Do you have any Voltron blog recommendations? Like, on who I should follow? I'm just getting into the fandom and i really need more Voltron on my dash. Thank you!!

Hi! Welcome to the fandom :) 

A few blogs I’d recommend following are:

@space-pidge, @ace-pidge, @klance-klance-revolution, @mulletboykeith, @youreagalrakeith, @klanced, @klance-a-lot, @quiznaks, @pan-voltron, @shhiros, @queenallura, @vld-hunk, @fivespacelions, @bluexpaladin, @space-capri-suns, @spacebrigayde

So that was actually a lot more blogs than I thought, but hopefully you’d find some you would like to follow :)

meant to open this up a couple weeks ago, but there was some other stuff I had to get done first! @_@ sorry it’s late!

these are NOT regular commissions, but very limited in scope and intended to be quick, and therefore priced closer to my livestream rates rather than a more standard one. ponies/griffons/pony-likes only, in a set style, expected turnaround time of 1-2 days – more info in the link below!

once again, I’m doing something different with the Paypal cart, which will make refunds and partial payments a lot easier if necessary. there should be no difference for you, except that it will initially show up in your Paypal history as ‘pending authorization’ – don’t worry, you’re not paying anything extra, and you don’t have to do anything about it! it just means I have to manually accept the payment, which I’ll be able to see when I log in.

thank you! ❤︎

status: CLOSED, thanks!

more info + payment: [ closed ]

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hey lover boy what happened to that one guy at the beginning of the summer? love you lots xxx..

He made it seem like he was so down for me then fucked me then stopped talking to me saying “You made whatever we had more complex in your head than what it was and I’m sorry if I contributed to that” after ignoring all my texts for a week.
But you know I learned to not get so excited over guys or worship them more than I should (because I have a tendency of doing that) AND that people come and go