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Instead of petitioning towards bringing Beth back, why not petition for changes that help actual real women? Maybe put that time and energy towards helping out at a local soup kitchen or volunteering at a suicide hotline? I'm sure Beth would want her death to mean something and be a positive force for change rather than this. Why not do a 'Dollars for Beth' charity run to raise money for women's shelters and suicide hotlines?

Why not both? Beth means a lot to people who identify with her journey and her struggles. In the past there have been events by members on tumblr that encouraged people to donate to charities in the spirit of Beth Greene :D  Should there be more? Of course that would be wonderful! XD I’d be happy to set up one myself in honour of Beth for bereavement or suicide prevention charities! ^_^  I’m always happy to take part in more charitable events that benefit and help real people!  BUT I just want to make it clear that petitioning for her return doesn’t in anyway decrease our attention when it comes to other issues in the world which many of us participate and volunteer our services in our personal lives :)  

Obviously I’m not a person who likes to make myself too visible, but on this day I am willing to be…especially since I wasn’t in a position really to do so last year.

I’m out and visible in my own way. A lot of people know I’m trans, including everyone who I work with, and I’m okay with that for now. In the future, I will more than likely only tell who I believe should know.

But no matter what choice a person makes, there is no shame in being out, stealth, or anything in between. The important thing is to be yourself, and honestly…any choice has its own difficulties and limitations.

We can do it though! That’s one of the things this day is about; to show we exist…and to show others out there that they are not alone.

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I was just wondering, in the NGCS 'verse, who dies first? Thorin or Bilbo? Please give me all the angst!


uhhhhh hahahahh no actually I have far more headcanons about this than I should but I don’t…. wanna share them just yet (if ever), cmon we’re in the happy phase now, those poor guys deserve a break, they’re getting their happily ever after alkghdlgh 

I have a lot of plans for them yet but we’ll see how long this universe will stay with me and how many of those stories I’ll actually end up telling (hint: all of them, I’ll still be here when I’m seventy, updating one vague schmoopy chapter at a time)

Hey like maybe don’t use TDOV to guilt-trip people into helping you financially

You’re allowed to ask for help, and you deserve help, but if you’re using guilt-tripping tactics to do it, you do a lot of damage to those of us who are abuse survivors.

Sometimes, reblogging your selfies is all I can do. I have no money and can barely support myself. I have my own donation post floating around somewhere. I shouldn’t be made to feel bad because I “should be doing more than just reblogging selfies.”

Random Life Note #27

I added this blog to my life to document what life would be like throughout the years here in New York while in Pharmacy School, and now its already near the end of my third year. 

So maybe I should add more “documenting” in words rather than just pictures. (but don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot easier to have pictures do the talking).

Anyways, it’s April 1st 2015 as I am writing this, and here I am. I think I’m still me, haven’t changed much…well to my knowledge, at least. It’s definitely possible I’ve changed a lot but have failed to notice, which then, I will work on. 

People are always asking “Whats new?” or “What’s happening in you life?” and I’m always a little torn with responses. Half of me wants to respond in the utmost optimistic and slightly fake ‘great etc etc’….and the other half wants to respond with ‘not much actually’. I usually choose the latter.

Maybe compared to a year ago, things have changed, things look new, and new things were happening. However, things today may have been progressing a little slowly, or I’m becoming more adult (oh dear god no) to notice the small things, but I will not believe that as a justified reason as of now. Am I depressed? Nope. Am I overjoyed? Nope. 

Am I content? Yes. 

Things are quiet, and I like that. Things are in place for now, things are in order, and things are stable. I like that too. 

Note to future me reading this: You’ve survived and thrived thus far. You want more and want less all at once and that’s okay. You don’t have to have everything totally figured out. ...oh and also, keep working on being organized. It helps!

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What's it like being the child of a famous person? Maria Stark and Joey Rogers have very different answers.

“It’s a responsibility more than anything else,” Joey, age 17, tells People magazine, shifting a little uncomfortably. “It’s a lot watching what you say and dodging the press. My dad’s done amazing things. He’s a hero. I’m nobody. Nobody should care about what I do. I don’t get why everybody’s so interested. I wish they weren’t. I don’t do anything special or important. I go to school, I play music, I see movies and concerts and hang out with my friends. I’m the son of the guy who saves the world. Not that interesting.”

“It’s…” Maria, age 17, grins. “It’s awesome. I mean, I get into all the best places, the best parties. People take my picture. People pay attention to me and are interested in what I do. Me! That’s so cool! My parents are amazing people, and so am I. Who wouldn’t wanna know where I shop and what color my nail polish is? It’s great nail polish! It’s Dior.”

Fabrickind’s Transgender Film Recs

Hello everyone!

Since today is the International Transgender Day of Visibility, I thought that I would compile a very short list of films with transgender themes that I personally have enjoyed. This is by no means a comprehensive list of films with transgender themes, and I actually leave out a lot of classics (like…most of the classics). This is just a list of my own personal favorites, and ones that I think other people should watch. Generally, I tend to like films that do a little more than simply represent an issue, such as queer the cinematic apparatus itself, so this list will be biased in that direction.

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I don't know if I read it here or somewhere else but I heard lesbian radfems say that women who are traumatised by men and lose all their sexual interest in them can be called lesbians. I was confused because I thought lesbian radfems hold the stance that lesbianism is not a product of social experiences but biology? Because the latter would make it unchangable. The first wouldn't because trauma can be treated (even though it is difficult). I always thought those women are traumatised bi women.

You are correct, radfems hold the stance that experiences have nothing to do with being a lesbian. I do have immense compassion for sexual abuse survivors though so if a survivor was calling themselves a lesbian to stop family and friends from pushing them to get with guys that is a lot more forgivable than a bi girl just doing it because she doesn’t want to be with men or doesn’t want to explain why. But, I still don’t think anyone should call themselves a lesbian unless they are unchangeably attracted to women only.

There is kind of a catch though… A lot of lesbians have dealt with compulsory heterosexuality and through self examination have come to realize they were only trying to like males because of the pressure society, family, and friends put on us. It is within the realm of possibilities that a lesbian who is calling herself bi would give up trying to satisfy the demands of society after being sexually assaulted by a male. This is not the same as “losing sexual interest” because the interest was artificial to begin with. I cannot make that determination as to whether or not that is the case for a woman, that is totally on her to make the call.



I hate FLASH. >:I
RIP, BORIS— you may have been creepy and cynical, but you were useful anyways.

So this is the update where the quality is suddenly bumped up a bit.

landwalker actually was the one to point out that a LOT of nuzlockes, around the 10th update, do this.  

I think because this is the update before one of the big deaths, I subconsciously upped the quality.

That and I was also suddenly getting a LOT more readers than I was ever expecting at this point and was like “WELL I MAYBE SHOULD CARE ABOUT THIS RUN??”

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Hi! ~(^-^)' um I was wondering if you do ideas or requests for drawings. I love your art and thought it would be cute to see Mama Makoto and Papa Souske taking care of there babies! :D

Why do you do this to me… 
Do you know how difficult it was to get the image out of my head of Makoto taking care of their baby and Sousuke just watching with a lovesick look on his face as he gets overwhelmed with how in love he is with them?

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Just wanted to say that you're one of the most pleasant people I've had the good fortune to interact with. Your tolerant of all sorts of religions, races, sexualities, genders, and I've never seen you be mean to anyone ever. Even when it feels to me that they've gone past a comfort zone. So thanks to you (and your friends!!) for being so kind and wonderful and funny, and using your talent, looks, and generosity to help me and a lot of other people feel so much happier.

Man, you all are just so sweet!! I mean, I really don’t feel like I’m doing anything special. Honestly, I feel like all I’m doing is treating everyone like a human being should. And I love interacting with you all because you’re all human beings who are just as, if not more interesting than me! I, and my friends, are just so thankful you all have taken to us like you have! Hopefully, we can continue to make you guys smile and provide you a good distraction when you need it. Goodness knows, everyone needs a little distraction every now and then! :)

why I don't like the dragon argument

Sometimes, it seems like every discussion about how fantasy (especially high fantasy) tends to be focused on white, straight dudes rehashes the exact same points:

Person A: It’s just being historically accurate!

Person B: …there are dragons.

Person A: Yes, but—

Person B: DRAGONS.

There’s some variation depending on which work comes up in discussion, but the basic rebuttal is “the setting includes something that blatantly diverges from the basic laws of reality; therefore, there’s no reason not to diverge from reality in much smaller matters.” I do understand it, but I … um, don’t agree. And I actually dislike it quite a lot.

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problematic fave

                                                         to me,
                                                    ‘cuz i’m a
                                   [ у o υ ]


Suzy has been getting a lot more hate than usual lately, and I think this is why we should have a sort of “Month of the Suzy” or make it sort of “Year of the Suzy.” To give our full support and cheer her on more than we usually do, to show her she is loved by many Game Grumps fans.
I’ve been lucky enough to meet Suzy in person if even for a few moments and she is super nice, cool and adorable, like, just as much as you’d think she was. She deserves all the love in the world, and it makes me so mad to hear what people have been saying about her.
So I say April, (just spitballing a date here) we make it a month of as much love for Suzy as possible, meaning leaving cute comments on a lot of her videos or making her cool stuff to send, and officially calling it the Month of Suzy. We can even put all the fanart/stuff together in one big video for her, and hashtag it #LoveforSuzy !!!
Who’s with me for this? Come on guys, reblog to spread the idea or like to show you’re interested!!!

Forget motivation. Hustle.

I was wondering how you stayed motivated during your undergrad years and first few years of medical school. The science classes are hard and time consuming and I’m sure there were times you wanted to give up. How do you overcome that feeling, and convince yourself that you’re smart enough/capable enough to continue? -anon

I have written a lot about finding motivation before, but I think the big thing that should be emphasized every time is that motivation is not something that just drops out of the sky into your life. It’s

something you have to work at and cultivate

 (I have some tips for that in the linked post).

You can’t expect to just wake up and be excited about work and studying organic chemistry every day, even if you enjoy what you’re doing and studying overall. Succeeding in school, regardless of what you’re studying, is a lot more about work ethic than motivation.

Motivation is not the key. Hustle is what’s important. If you push through on the days when you are least motivated, it tends to catch up with you. Do you think Olympic athletes are excited to get out and practice for hours every day? Probably not. But they work on days when they’re tired so that when it counts they will have the stamina to push on. You can celebrate the little victories of reading X number of pages even though you really just wanted to watch Netflix. When you see what you can do even when you’re not motivated, you become motivated to keep going and do more. 

I don’t know that I ever wanted to completely give up on my studies. Class was hard and I hated it at times but I always knew that it was a necessary thing to get through to be where I wanted to be. I celebrated every good grade and even every not-so-good grade that I worked really hard for. Every small success was evidence to me that I could do it, and every failure was a kick in the pants to push me to try harder and do better. 

You can do it anon. Hustle.

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how often are you on your phone/computer? would you say you are on it more than you would like? I'm pretty addicted to my phone and im trying to stop that, to be more connected with nature and myself and to spend more time with friends and family. thank you for inspiring me to do that :)

I’m on it sometimes more than I want to be- but I try to make a healthy balance. Jay actually helps me a lot with that…he grew up having the world as his playground & he shows me how to live in the moment more.

Keep track of how much you use your phone but also don’t feel bad for wanting to connect with people via social media. It’s just how our generation is and we should never apologize for it/ feel bad. Do whatever makes you happy love x feed your soul with beautiful photos on tumblr, instagram…etc. that’s never a bad thing!!