i do the stuck i type the stuck

thank you @pixiebloodd :))

Nicknames: my bf calls me shrimpy which is a long story lmaooo (and my memory is shit so i can’t remember the exact Origins)
Time Right Now: 5:46pm
Last Thing I Googled: bates motel season 4
Fave Music Artist: don’t do this to me help i have so many, let me just copy and paste from my about: nirvana, misfits, leathermøuth, l7, hole, discharge, uk subs, frank iero and the patience, the distillers, g.l.o.s.s., the used, the cure, death spells, alice in chains, marilyn manson, my chemical romance, crystal castles, rammstein, slipknot, type o negative, gerard way
Song Stuck In My Head:  nicotine - patd! ( @punkalien put it in a playlist for me and it’s stuck in my head)
Last Movie I Watched:  paranormal activity: the ghost dimension
Last Tv Show I Watched:  twin peaks
What I’m Wearing Now:  sweatpants and an mcr shirt, so punk chrys wow
When I Created This Blog:  mid-late 2012
I Post: a mix of bands, antifa/punk stuff and aesthetic things
Do I Have Other Blogs: no, but i did admin for another blog for a while
Do I Get Asks Regularly: lmao i wish
Why Did I Choose My Url: because i was a Child when i chose it and i’m a punk
Gender: demiboy (like 90% boy 10% agender) he/him pronouns always though
Hogwarts House: gryffindor 
Pokemon Team: none
Fave Color: the brightest red possible or bright slime green
Average Hours Of Sleep: work days about 4-6 hours, off days about 10-14
Favourite Characters: tank girl, mulder & scully and i can’t remember any others
Dream Job: something in the art world
Number Of Blankets I Sleep With: 1 but if i’m really cold 2

i tag @crashingpunk @punkalien @lthrmthxo @eightiesmom and whoever else wants to do it ???


“I came here as fast as I could, now, what the hell happened?” I asked breathlessly, looking over to Ashton and our daughter.

“It got stuck.”

“What got stuck?”

“This one mommy.” Our daughter sadly answered, pointing to the attempted bun on her hair.

“Babe, I swear, I thought that the way I do my manbuns would work on her too! It was an accident.” Ashton fiddled with his fingers.

I sighed, grabbing the baby oil and rubbing it to my hands.

I put it on the area where the hair and the tie was tangled, the tie being completely gone with ease due to my actions.

“Don’t trust your father into these types of things, okay baby? Just come to me. Now come on love, take a bath.” I whispered into her ear, her head nodding eagerly before kissing my cheek and going to the bathroom.

“Leave that to me, Ash. Okay?” I laughed, crossing my arms and standing near him.

“That still doesn’t convince me to stop on trying, babe.”

Pick a number and a boy! http://five-sauce-preferences.tumblr.com/post/145536857660/number-stuff

Think of a quote and a 5sos boy and send me an ask about it! I’ll make something from it. http://five-sauce-preferences.tumblr.com/post/147837714460/quote-stuff

What exactly is Cat’s plan with the dozen cupcakes? Does Cat Grant seem like the type to actually purchase a dozen fantastic cupcakes and have them delivered to her office for no reason? I am not inclined to think so. Which means a couple things- 

  1. Cat purchased cupcakes purely for the metaphor. She actually made a serious effort to put together this ridiculous fucking metaphor about cupcakes because she obviously doesn’t care about Kara. Right. She just happened to pick a food item that she knew Kara would care about- dessert foods. This is clearly the work of someone who doesn’t know anything about their assistant and would never attempt to invade said assistant’s personal life
  2. She probably didn’t have any actual plans for what to do with a dozen cupcakes. And even if she eats like half of them (which, let’s face it, who eats six cupcakes by themselves, even if they really love cupcakes?), what is she going to do with the rest of them? Just throw them away? 

I’ve got real money that says that Cat spent the rest of the day wondering what the hell she was going to do with eleven cupcakes that she didn’t really want in the first place. Can’t give them to her assistant with a garbage disposal stomach because she already impulsively had to make sure Kara understood the secondary lesson about her insane possessiveness. 

There’s a difference between actual anthropomorphism and taking a fun photoshoot with your pet -.- 
Obviously we know pets can’t actually wrap presents, that’s the fun in the pictures!!
I blocked the dude because he is obnoxiously stuck up, I recommend other reptile blogs do the same. That type of person doesn’t care what people say to him, he’ll just keep raining on our parades.