i do that myself

Anyway a straight told me today that polyamory and bisexuality are the same thing and disgusting lmao.
They didn’t know the word polyamory but they said it’s disgusting and shouldn’t ever be allowed

  • Luna: Watch as I hold the whole world in my hands
  • F(x): ??
  • Luna: *hugs them all at once*
  • F(x): *softly* Oh...

A commission for @kitscaboodle of her wonderful wife’s WoW character and adorable lil’ good toothy boy for her birthday – Happy Birthday Gloria!!!! 🎉 🎉 🎉 and thank you so much, Crystal, for commissioning me!! 

  • me to anyone that even remotely likes Phantom of the Opera: OH MY GOSH we are friends now!!!! I love you!! Is PotO not AMAZING let's have an in depth discussion about every single character.
  • person: I literally don't even like you
  • me: how do you feel about Erik? AND isn't Raoul a cinnamon roll? Christine Daae what an angel. DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE PERSIAN. you're great. love me. I would die for u.

Kevin and Aaron trying to assemble furniture together and Aaron somehow builds the shelf with only half the screws required,,
Kevin is like “you didn’t do it right, what if it comes apart and falls on you??”
Aaron looks up at the shelf while nodding. He’s been working on it for 5 hours. “Do it, you coward,” he murmurs at the cheap wood, “end me.”

fic concept:  barista au

they call the part-timer at Leblanc a thief of hearts.

not just because of his sly grin, the flash of grey eyes when he tilts his head to peer at you from over his glasses, but because of how well he listens to any troubles, big or small, and how light and free you feel after you talk to him.

sometimes, if your woes are big enough, they’ll even disappear entirely.

(or: akira is still a phantom thief, but as a barista instead of a hs student; he does thiefly duties with morgana at his side for a year or so before the others come into his orbit via the café, and between the listening skills, the grin, and the coffee, he manages to steal their hearts long before they all start stealing everyone else’s.)

Am I doing this? Probably...

For a while now, I’ve been drawn to Hyrulian Pop-Culture Paganism. 

Which, if you’ve followed me long enough, isn’t a secret. 

I’ve danced around it, for sure. But I did instigate the tag “#hyrulian-pc” and been following it ever since. (Gosh that was years ago wasn’t it…) I made a blog for Hyrulian stuff ( @hyrulian-legends, which is mostly unactive at the moment) Done little things here and there. Wrote spells. Did magic. But did I do the religious stuff? Not quite…

I got scared, I guess. I’m already doing so much with the Gaelic Polytheism stuff that I didn’t want to add to that. GaelPol was and is so consuming of my life, do I have time for another group of entities?

But the pull hasn’t stopped. And I’ll tell you why: Playing Twilight Princess was an extremely religious experience for me. I can’t put it more simpler than that. And for a while now, I’ve wanted to replay the game each year from August to October as a way to relive that religious experience. (The entire reasoning for what that game means to me could be its own post, but this is getting long so I’ll draft that for another day.) 

So how can I do something like that and not be some sort of Hyrulian Pagan? I’ve tried to link the experiences of playing TP into my GaelPol but… It doesn’t fit. Not easily, anyway, and not without changing why I’m replaying TP to begin with.

And then of course there’s the fact I feel nudges in the direction of the Golden Goddesses. Which. Oh dear. What?? I can hardly handle my GaelPol deities… @.@

So I think today I’ll do some sort of ritual or offering to the Golden Goddess and just see what happens. Maybe nothing will happen? But maybe something will. We’ll see, I guess.

Ugh it’s taken a while, but I guess I am finally taking this plunge. It may be a plunge into nothing. But maybe it will be a plunge into something wonderful.

NOt to be totally off topic after the day’s events (even tho I’m gonna be), but Descendants 2……

Uma, Harry, Gil, and Dizzy are good beans and I love them all.

My grandson was kinda nasty but I was still crying every time he was in a scene.

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Look at him  W I G G L E.

(But I yelled when he ate the gum. I can appreciate how over the top he is, but he needed to chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill.)

UMAAAA was lovely and the acting rocked and her hair!!!! She looked kind of like a Jelly fish and it roooooocked. (So did her song. I have a thing for large groups of people dancing as a single BEING apparently.)

Gil and Dizzy were just complete beans and nothing bad should ever happen to them.

Also, near the end of the battle scene where Harry jumped into the water after his hook…. I was so prepared for Uma to be angry or something. But she wasn’t??? So good. She helped Mr. Nasty out and there was only like one or two of those “villain gets angry at henchman scenes,” which were only very minor instances. A good and pure villainous companionship.

I want them all back.

(Also, Jay’s bun killed and I’m not afraid to admit that I loved it)

(and my grandson’s guyliner. A++. Does and wears wings better than I ever will)

(His “speciality”)