i do that myself


i bought a really nice top from ck and i really wanted to draw Mina in it. Also drew a fashionable Kiri cuz i like to believe he has a good sense of fashion 

For telling the story of a boy and his journey to discover self-worth, thank you ONE ♥

Be mean to your characters.

What they take for granted? Take it away from them.

The one thing they know for certain? Make them doubt it.

Their worst fear? Throw it at their damn faces.

Make their plans fail. Make them cry. Make them question things and fuck up and then learn about them and the way they react in the process. 

Be mean to your characters. Then be kind to them for a little while, because after all that stuff they may deserve it.


Natasha not knowing how to react to Elise’s compliments

Elise: Oh look at you.  Your sex hair.  Look at- this is the difference between Natasha and I.  Like, Natasha looks like she’s just like casually been at like a magazine shoot with like slightly tousled hair.
Natasha: Nooo, shut up!
Elise:  And I just look like an absolute disaster. *laughs*
Natasha:  I don’t think that at all.  I think quite the opposite.

Bonus (lies):