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A pedophile if you are sexually attracted to REAL LIFE prepubescent children

A rapist if you force sex or anything of a sexual nature onto A REAL LIFE person without their consent

A abuser if you physically beat A REAL LIFE person or emotionally abuse someone


A pedophile if you ship characters together that are younger or a ship something with a age gap

A rapist if you ship something considered “problematic”

A abuser if you post/draw/write about a ship that is considered “problematic”


Understand the difference between FICTION vs REALITY.
One thing Anti’s like to say to counter people who ship “problematic” thing is that

“oh well if you want representation in fiction or that when a /insert thing here/ is wrong you get all upset!!! See fiction does effect reality”

I need you all to know that yes shows or books and things like that do effect reality to a point, but just because things CSI or Criminal Minds or any horror movie ever made exists doesn’t mean that all of a sudden crime and murder just started happening more. Why should I hate and not support things like Killing Stalking just because it shows “problematic” things?
This is where the fiction vs reality thing comes in to play.
Just because you see a movie/show/video game or anything do something
Yes there are very very impressionable people out there who see something like GTA and are like “yup I’m gonna steal a car now” but just because a few people are stupid doesn’t mean we should censor everything and act like art is something that must be moderated.
If someone sees some fluffy fanart of JD/Veronica and genuinely thinks that their relationship is something completely healthy and normal then they probably take a second and then learn some things about the real world.
Does this mean we should get rid of that nice fluffy fanart because a few people are too stupid to understand that’s not how things actually work?

N o

We shouldn’t punish and shame and hide art because it doesn’t fit into a few peoples ideal.
Everyone has the right to draw or write anything they want as long as they can tell the difference between their art and the real world.


You don’t need to have been raped or abused previously to ship “problematic” things because its a “coping” method.

Understand the difference between lines on a paper or pixals on a screen from a living, breathing, actual human being.

Don’t tell someone to “kill themselves” or that their “rapists” “abusers” “pedophiles” because they ship something you don’t like.

Don’t tell people who just say they don’t ship something that their “attacking people” or anything like that.

If someone ships something you don’t like or you see something that triggers you
That mechanism exists for a reason.

Ship what you ship.

Don’t ship whatever you want.

Just don’t actually hurt or attack anyone

Stop being dicks to each other and just get on with your life.


When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.

Library Vigilante

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Content/Warnings: Fluff, second hand embarrassment

Words: 2360

Prompt: Library AU ‘You’re overdue on this book and I want it so I’m tracking u the fuck down’ 

You can request more by dropping me an with an idea or pick a prompt from my favourite prompt lists one liners, 100 kinks, generals, AU’s and holiday prompts :) Hope you enjoy!

“I’m sorry, that book still hasn’t been returned to us yet.” The kind lady behind the desk spoke as she tapped away at her keys, “The gentlemen who has it is going to have a hefty fine when he decides to return it.” 

“He’s gonna have more than a hefty fine.” You mumbled, tapping your fingers off the desk. “How long overdue is it?” You asked, peering over the desk at the screen hoping to catch a glimpse of the name of this mysterious gentlemen. The librarian pulled her screen away abruptly making you huff in defeat. 

“I’m sorry Miss but that’s confidential information, you’ll have to wait until the book is returned or try another library.” She pulled her mouth into a tight line and began typing once again. You needed that book, it was the last one in the series and you were not prepared to pay a whole $25 on a book, not when there was a perfectly good one you could loan out for free. Slumping on the desk the librarian peered at you over her glasses, “Do you need anything else dear?” Yes I do I need that bloody book.

Pulling your head up you put on the best fake smile you could muster and glanced quickly at her name tag. “Susan,” You beamed, leaning ever slightly towards her “I just really need that book. You see, a poor art student like me doesn’t have a lot of money and libraries are where I can enjoy myself without having to pay and -”

“You should always donate some change to your local libraries dear, we have bills too you know.” Your smile dropped momentarily before you realised your face was betraying your annoyance. “Oh yes! I know that only too well Susan, see if you could just give me the details of the man who has the book I want, I could do you a favour and go and collect it.” Susan stared at you blankly, her fingers stilled over her keyboard. “I could be the libraries vigilante if you like.” You laughed, tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear nervously. “Like an avenger, only on a smaller scale.”

Susan began to shake her head as you clasped your hands together, “We don’t need -”

“No I know you don’t but see I need that book!” You snapped at her, you’d already tried the other libraries for it when you discovered last week that it was loaned out. Unfortunately for you so were all the other copies. You gave her your award winning puppy dog face before she switched the computer off and placed a sign on her desk saying ‘Out to lunch’. You frowned as you watched her collect her things and move to the room that was reserved for staff only. 

It was completely empty in there, it was your local library that you frequented quite often but never really saw anyone else there. You weren’t stupid, you knew that being the closest library to the local college there was always students drifting in trying to look inconspicuous as they made their way to the first floor history section. Wandering around the place you realised that the place was actually empty, Susan was out back for her 45 minute break and no doubt there were students canoodling upstairs but…You were alone.

Heart racing with sweaty palms, you ran around to the other side of the desk and switched the computer on. All you needed was a name and an address and then you could hightail it out of there like nothing had happened. 

“Okay, calm down, you’re not hacking S.H.I.E.L.D…” You mumbled as you were faced with a password entry system. Putting your head in your hands you glanced around the desk, there wasn’t much save for a photo of a man in a cap and gown and a bobble head of Thor. You snorted, flicking his head as you racked your brain for an idea. Pausing, you began to type.

Books. Password denied.

Avengers. Password denied.

One attempt left. You glanced at the nodding Thor and tried again, holding your breath you typed Thor.

Password accepted.

“Black widow eat your heart out!” You muttered before typing the name of the book into the database. “Susan, we all have our vices.” It had been loaned out for quite a while, the man who currently possessed it has had it for 7 weeks. Who takes 7 weeks to read a book?! You thought while pulling up his details.

Grabbing a pen from a pot you quickly scribbled down his name and address on a piece of paper before switching the computer off again and hightailing it out of there.

It was a warm day so you decided to walk seeing as it was only a couple of blocks away from the library, you were running through the scenario of how the situation was going to go in your head when you realised that it wasn’t quite as far as you had thought. It was a small set of fancy apartments that was just down the road from the avengers tower, you remember the media saying that Tony Stark had built them but no one figured out what for. 

You scanned the list of names next to buzzers until you found the one you were after, “Donald Blake you’re mine!” You whispered as you pushed the buzzer for the apartment above his. 

“Hello?” A voice crackled through the intercom.

“Hi! I’m Donald’s girlfriend and I thought I’d surprise him,” You chirped, “he think’s I’m in California!” This better work.

Oh how romantic! Do you want me to buzz you in?” The voice asked.

You let out a silent prayer to whatever God happened to be listening before replying in a sickly sweet voice, “Yes thank you that would be amazing!”

Moments later you heard the tell tale buzz of the door unlocking, you quickly rushed through the glass doors and into the lift, pushing the button for the 3rd floor. The end was in sight, you were so close to getting the book and if you were honest, the adrenaline from the whole thing was more fun now than actually getting the book. The doors opened as your stepped out and made your way to the only door, steeling yourself you took a deep breath in and knocked quickly.

Picking at the skin around your thumbs you stopped breathing when the door opened to reveal none other than Thor, God of thunder himself.

He looked bigger than you’d imagined. Not that you’d imagined him of course, but he seemed bigger than he did on TV. You swallowed quickly as your checked the name and address on the slip of paper.

You looked up at the confused God, “Hi, does uh, Donald Blake live here?” You asked quickly, glancing at the paper before showing the God the slip too.

His laughter was like a boom, deep and hearty his whole body shook as he stepped aside to let you in. He shut the door behind himself before he led you through to a sitting room.

“Loki!” He laughed, gesturing to a man reclining on a chaise in the window, book open in hand. He was handsome you’d give him that, not in the obvious way like Thor but handsome non the less for a guy who tried to take over New York.

Your eyes locked with his when you realised that Donald Blake probably wasn’t gonna be sharing an apartment with the two asgardian brothers. Loki’s eyes roamed over your form as you stood next to his brother, his gaze was calculating and judgemental but not as cold and icy as you’d thought it would be. There was more indifference really.

“Brother.” He replied eventually, his voice more silky than you’d expected it. His eye’s had gone back to his book once he’d examined you and Thor motioned for you to sit.

“No thank you,” You noticed the younger prince’s eyes snap over to watch the scene unfold. “I’ve actually come for Donald Blake.” Puffing your chest out you turned away from Thor’s amused smile to glare at the raven haired prince who was watching you with curiosity.

“I’m guessing Donald Blake is a fake name, I don’t care. All I know is that I didn’t hack into that stupid computer using your name,” You shoved a finger into Thor’s chest before pausing and smiling, “Susan loves you by the way, you’d make her day if you visited.” Turning back around to Loki you noticed he’d close his book and sat up, your nerves were getting the better of you now as he stood up to his full height.

He’s taller than I thought he’d be.

“Anyway, you’re overdue on a book I want so I’ve tracked you down so you can return it.” Placing your hands on your hips you nodded once, signalling that you were finished. 

Loki’s mouth fell agape slightly before looking off to the side confused. Your confidence and bravado that had spurred you on had left, the adrenaline in your veins was replaced with fire as you felt yourself getting more embarrassed with each beat of silence.

Thor had taken to sitting on the couch that Loki was leaning on, a large smile plastered onto his distractingly attractive face. “You hacked into the libraries system?” Loki clarified.

You nodded. “Found our name and address?”

Oh god.

Came here, let yourself in.”

Oh no.

Knocked on our door and now you’re demanding a book back so that you may read it?”

I sound like a freakin’ psycho.

Thor looked between me and his brother who at that moment in time, had his head cocked to the left and was studying you very intently.

“How did you get into the building?” Thor laughed, taking a swig of whatever was in the bright rainbow coloured mug. 

Oh god now I’m gonna sound insane, officially insane. You thought before clasping your hands behind your back, rocking on the balls of your feet. “There’s a very nice lady upstairs, and uh, I told her that I’d flew in from California to see my boyfriend, Donald.” Thor clasped Loki on the shoulder and stood up taking his rainbow mug and his chuckles with him down the corridor.

You panicked, how could the god of thunder leave you with the god who’d tried to take over your planet not even 5 years earlier? Movement caught your eye as you watched Loki move with every bit of elegance you’d expect from a prince over to a leaning pile of books in the corner. 

He didn’t seem as bad as every said really, watching him move books from the top to the bottom before moving the pile all together to sift through another you began to wonder.

“Which one’s your favourite?” You asked quietly, his hands pausing for a moment before carrying on with their task. You left it there, you’d already made yourself look like a lunatic and didn’t want to annoy the trickster god anymore by asking him mundane questions. 

He seemed to find what he was looking for and straightened up, walking over to where you were with three very purposeful strides. “Here,” He spoke softly, handing you the book you’d come for. You smiled and flicked through the pages out of habit. “It’s this series actually.”

Your smile dropped as you looked up to him, realising that he was answering your question after all. “I rather liked this series, of all the boring books earth has to offer these one’s are rather amusing I suppose.” 

“If you like these one’s then any of the books written by Neil Gaiman would probably suit you,” You let out a breathy laugh as you tucked the book into your rucksack. “His stories are about norse gods actually, and how they -” You stopped as you realised you were babbling again, with a wave of your hand you glanced at the door. “You don’t care, why would you? I should get out of your hair, thanks for the book.” You turned to leave as Thor entered the room again.

Waving at him over Loki’s shoulder you turned back to the raven haired god, “Maybe I’ll see you at the library sometime,” You smiled at him as you pulled the door open, “bring money, Susan says you’ve a hefty fine waiting for you!” You laughed nervously before closing the door behind you. 

Mind whirling from meeting two very handsome gods, you leaned against the wall as you waited for the elevator to arrive. “Book lady!” Your head whipped round to see Thor standing in the doorway to the apartment you’d just exited.

“Yeah?” You answered as you saw Loki glancing nervously between his brother and you, “What’s your name?” Thor boomed as the lift arrived with a ding.

You grinned, “Y/N.” Stepping into the lift you tried to ignore the quiet bickering that was going on between the two brothers. You pressed the button for the ground floor but it wasn’t moving, and the doors wouldn’t close either. Watching as Thor grinned at his brother while talking quietly you began to stroll back over to the pair.

“Not to sound imposing, but the elevator’s broke.” Loki glared hard at Thor once more before watching his brother walk away. 

Loki’s mouth opened and then closed again, looking off the the side you followed his gaze but found nothing of interest.

“You ok Loki?” His head snapped back with wide eyes.

He cleared his throat and nodded, “Would you like to get coffee?” He asked quickly, glancing behind him at Thor who was grinning like a mad man.

Once again you felt yourself warm up as you nodded a bit too quickly, “I think I’d really like that.” Loki’s face relaxed as he grabbed a jacket from the coat stand and pulled the door shut. “You take every girl who tracks you down for books out for coffee?” You teased, taking the stairs with him.

He smirked as he held the glass entry door for you, “Only the ones called Y/N.”

facebook and reposting

I know nobody’s here for long spiels, but this might be a bit lengthy… I’d much rather fill my dash with replies to you guys about stuff that has actual substance, or just post art in general, but this needs to be said.

Please don’t message me to ask if you can re-post/re-upload/re-distribute my work. I have an instagram, twitter AND tumblr where I distribute my work. That’s where I’d like to keep it. 

I appreciate the respect you’re giving by asking, but it gets exhausting to keep saying ‘thank you, BUT’…it says clearly on my description page to Not Repost Anywhere. It does not say ‘Please only repost with permission’ it just says Don’t Do It. If you send me IM’s about re-uploading my work on instagram/FB/twitter/wattpad etc, I will ignore it. My silence isn’t an unspoken ‘do whatever you want’, it is a blatant ‘no’. OTL

In terms of Facebook - I respect and admire the effort put in by those who run translation fanpages - but I will also have to automatically decline all of your requests. Not because I don’t want my work to be accessible to those who don’t speak English, but because I’ve had multiple facebook accounts re-upload my work without my consent and with barely any credit/proper captioning of the work. And whenever I’ve tried to fix the issue, I’ve either been blocked, or had the re-posters try and lecture me about how I’m asking for the impossible.

Artists don’t ask for much. We do this for free and because we enjoy sharing our love for a series with the world in the best way we know how - by drawing out our feelings and ideas. It’s honestly a bonus and privilege to be able to earn money from my fanwork/fanmerch, and I greatly appreciate every gesture of patronage. 

Artists shouldn’t have to ‘suck it up’ or be ‘aware that this comes with the territory’. Some artists, especially those who share work on Pixiv, face very real VERY serious legal repercussions if their fanwork is tracked back to them from sites that they did not consent to it being uploaded to. It doesn’t take much to paste a Pixiv artists description into google translate to see if they have said ‘Do Not Repost’ in their native tongue. 

Please respect artists. Please look at our descriptions, read our FAQs and consider ‘why am I re-posting in the first place? Do I have explicit permission? Did I check if they allow this? why not just support and spread my appreciation for their work by reblogging their art post, or telling friends about their blog/twitter/pixiv?’

Artists are not machines made of endless amounts of money, time, or energy. We’re human beings that thrive on feedback, communication, and mutual respect. I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now if not for the wonderful, kind people who supported and encouraged me on my art accounts. To those who support artists by re-blogging our work and/or keyboard smash their thoughts at us, I love you dearly. To those who support artists by purchasing our prints/keychains/charms/standees/zines? You guys are phenomenal, we couldn’t do half of what we do without you. 

To the re-posters however? And to those who try to lecture artists about the Ways Of the Internet and how Reposting is Inevitable? The solution starts with YOU, not us. Mutual respect and honest communication, please utilise it.

How To Tumblr For Health, Saftey and Making Friends

Ok, so I’ve had a couple of asks about exposure/triggers/bullies, so here’s a post to help y’all out, esp the new people here.  This is all presented from my particular expirience  (LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES KIDS) and if anyone wants to hop in with helpful additions, I’d appreciate that.  This Post turned out to be HUGE, so it’s going under a cut, but it covers browser extensions, Not exposing yourself to harmful material, Etiquette and How to Make Friends:

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hi viria i have a problem im dealing with right now ;; in my fandom genderswaps/bends are growing ever more popular and more and more big art/fic creators are accepting and supporting them. as someone trans i've been trying to educate people on how harmful it is, but as more & more 'big' or 'popular' accounts publicly enjoy them, its harder & harder to have an audience that will listen. i used to enjoy genderswaps myself but now ive come to see how truly harmful they are. i want to keep (1/6)

trying to educate ppl but soon it will be near impossible to convey my message as almost a whole of my fandom will just come to accept them and love them so much they wont listen ;; do you have any words to say from your perspective as an artist or from any other standpoint? even just a small word would mean so much, this trend is growing more and more rapidly and stronger every time a fic or piece of art supporting it is produced ;; (2/6) 

i come to you asking such a thing because there are fewer and fewer people that share the same belief as me that it is bad. the argument defending it seems very convincing to many. some trans/qenderqueer/nonbinary people find it enjoyable and comforting but those that are on the opposite spectrum - ppl like me who feel dysphoric and invalidated by it - are in the end told to deal with it and let ppl write/draw what they want and just avoid it since its a comfort to some. another argument (3/6)

is of artistic liscense: you should be able to make whatever you want and this is strengthened by the fact doing so comforts some trans/gq people. but i feel forgotten. do the people that are hurt by it not matter? i feel ashamed now when i try to put out my msg. but i just want to feel a little more normal within my fandomspace. i want to feel like i exist. yet hardly anyone will listen. it’s not longer something i and my friends can avoid and never really was, because it is harmful and (4/6) 

we have a right to speak out against harmful things, yes? i am finding it harder and harder to believe it. i really just yearn to feel normal as the people that are consoled by genderswapping feel normal. i feel i should mention i do remember when you made genderswap art and were educated and apologized, i have gone through the same process myself. i hope i am not bringing up bad memories and apologize if i happen to ;; please, if you could give just a few words yourself it (5/6)   


Hello! I’m sorry, I think my askbox managed to eat the last part of your message, so it’s not entirely full! But I feel like I get enough information from these parts nonetheless. 

First of all, please, please, try to not let any strangers on the internet make you feel abnormal. I feel like it must be very hard to be put in such a space, but as much as you can, please focus on the people who DO share your opinion on this. As much as it might not look like it, I am sure many people (even out of those who still do genderswaps) mean no harm, don’t yet know how hurtful it is for some other people and WILL listen to you!

I remember when people educated me over this, there were so many who thought that…how to put it. That I think very very bad of transgender people, while I, at that point, didn’t really know much about this issue. When it doesn’t happen to you, it’s not always the thing that crosses your mind. I feel like people who explain why and how this is wrong to artists, especially with their point of view, do help to fuel a thought in someone’s mind, offer them to think about it if they didn’t have the option before.

I try to be hopeful for people, I want to think that even if genderswaps are popular, there are still many empathic people who will listen to you, and who will understand how you feel.

For many it comes to a choice: whether they enjoy genderswaps enough to still draw it when they know how much it upsets some people. It was very fun to draw, but I don’t want to be the cause of someone’s distress by doing it. So… I want to think many people might share my choice. 

I’d say…if you choose to explain your point of view to people who still do genderswaps, try to not make bashing someone the first thing you write them. It might cause anger and defense, and it might not lead anywhere. Back then I was “educated” in a way that made me cry my eyes out, but it’s not something everyone will be willing to go through. For me, it wasn’t people who yelled at me what a piece of crap I was, but people who really explained what they felt that made me think on this topic more. Keep in mind that there still might be people who don’t yet know your point of view. What they see - is the pictures on the internet, people do them, so they assume it’s okay. You don’t usually think “Hm, what can possibly be wrong with this picture?” about drawings you see on the internet. 

As for your safe place, I think you have already done that, block all the genderswap tags to try to avoid on your dashboard. Even if there are people who stop doing them, there will most likely still be people who just started, simply because there are so so many. You don’t want to stress out because of something the stranger did from the other side of the globe.

I’m sorry if this is zero help, I know there is no way to change everyone’s opinion or to inform everyone, but please, don’t lose yourself with this. You are you and you are important, what you feel is absolutely legit and valid, remember it!

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My Heart Went Boom

Eliza Schuyler x Reader

Note: Day two of the write a thon! This is my first time writing an Eliza fic, and after working on this one for so long I’m really happy with how it turned out so I really hope you all love this as much as I do.

Warnings: nothing it’s just fluff y’all

Word Count: 900 (it’s short I know but, I’ve been struggling to finish this for days and this is the best i could do)

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“Y/N! I need you to go down and get me tulips” Your boss, Rebecca demands as she rushes past your desk and into her office. “Now!” She yells when you don’t move from your desk.

“Rebecca I don’t exactly have the time right now, I have to finish the stack of work you gave me this morning” you explain, staring at the actual stack of papers she had dumped on your desk that morning and ordered you to organize.

Really you don’t mind your job as the secretary for the editor of a major magazine. Sure Rebecca can be uptight and downright rude a lot of the time but mostly you enjoy the challenge of the work you have to do. Unless she’s making you run stupid errands that get in the way of much more important things to do.

“I don’t care! I was supposed to have my flowers delivered but that stupid messed up my delivery this morning and I need those flowers!” she exclaims, waking her way back out of her office to glare at you. “So go!” 

You quickly jump up from your desk, not wanting her to physically pull you up and grab your bag from your draw. 

“And don’t go to my usual florist! I no longer trust them with my business. Find someone else” She demands before storming back into her office. 

So on top of having to go out of your way to find a different florist that will be able to live up to your bosses ridiculous standards, oh joy

Following the map you had looked up in the elevator you make your way four blocks from work to what is supposed to be ‘the best new florist in New York’. 

As you step through the door of Schuyler’s Flowers, immediately you are hit with the overwhelming scent of flowers. 

“Hello!” a bright, voice says off to your left. As you turn to look at the person who spoke your heart flutters in your chest.

The girl has to be around your age, her long straight dark hair flows freely around her shoulder and the pale blue sundress she wears looks as if it was make just for her.

“H-hi” you stutter, giving her as much of a smile as you can manage. She laughs softly, the sound of her laugh fills your ears and causes a cheesy grin to spread across your face.

“I’m Eliza, How can I help you today?” She asks.

“Tulips!” You exclaim before biting your lip and taking a breath. “Sorry… uh I need tulips. For my boss. She likes tulips”

Eliza laughs again, the sound is like music to your ears makes you feel so… helpless.

“Any particular color she wants?” Eliza asks, her eyes locking onto yours and you feel yourself practically melting under her gaze. 

“Um…I don’t think she mentioned a color, whatever you think is the best is good for me. You’re the one who knows about flowers, you know being a florist and all” You babble.

Eliza smiles at you as she busies herself, putting together a beautiful bouquet of purple tulips. “You know you never did give me your name” she says, absentmindedly.

“Oh right I’m Y/N” you say, rubbing a hand over the back of your neck. 

“Y/N… the name suits you” she says looking up and giving you a small smile, giggling at the way you blush. “And you’re pretty cute when you blush” she adds. 

You stare at her with wide eyes as she says it, you try to form a reply but you get caught up on the words and nothing but an incoherent jumble of noises comes out causing Eliza to giggle again. 

“You’re also pretty cute when you’re nervous” she says, causing you to blush even more. 

“Oh t-thank you. You ah… you’re pretty cute too” you manage to stutter out and she grins. 

Eliza goes quiet in concentration and you watch as she finishes pulling the flowers together, rolls them up in paper and ties them off with a beautiful purple ribbon that matches the flowers. 

“All done, I hope your boss likes them” she says as she hands the flowers to you. 

You grin, looking down at the work of art she’s created with the flowers. 

“This is amazing! You’re so talented” You say as you hand over the money. 

“Thank you, it’s not so much talent as it is practice. You spend enough time doing something you’re bound to get good at it” she explains. As you turn to leave she stops you with a hand on your arm. “I should give you my number, you know in case there is a problem with the flowers or something” she says. 

Quickly she scribbles her phone number onto a piece of paper and slides it into your bag that hangs from your shoulder. 

“Or in case you just… want to call?” she asks, a shy look crossing her face. 

“Sounds good to me. It was nice meeting you Eliza” you say, grinning at her as you head for the door. 

“You too Y/N!” She calls out as the door closes behind you. 

As you walk past the view of the shop you pause for a second and smile thanking every possible god out there, even the ones you don’t believe in, for the mix up at Rebecca’s regular florist. 

A sad day

I’m sad to see the day come where I have to make this post. I really don’t like having ANY sort of politics on my blog, because I believe that politics is just a way to break people apart and distract from the beauty of science, but here we are.

For those of you who don’t know what net neutrality is, here’s a reddit post that explains it pretty well: (the comments are worth a read too)


Politicians are being stupid.
All is normal in the world, right? WRONG.
This is a special kind of stupid.

The web should be a place of freedom, not monitized by massive corporations wishing to censor what you can see and are able to access!

And the worst part is, both sides of the political spectrum agree on repealing it! (Probably paid by big ISPs, if you ask me, but I have no proof of this)

If net neutrality is repealed, I’ll probably just delete me account, as there’ll be no real point of continuing to make content in a world where the web is not free.

I hope this isn’t the case, but it seems politicians (on both sides, sadly) are hell bent on allowing ISPs to monetize every aspect of the internet.

Tumblr, among many other websites, such as reddit, have saved net neutrality from demise to the hands of the crooks in washington, but I’m not sure if we can delay this a second time.
HOWEVER, if you feel strongly about this, call your senators and representatives! Sign petitions (if you’re of age) do whatever you feel is right to keep our internet a free place!

Politicians want to make the internet a place controlled completely by ISPs- who will censor and block information the don’t want you to see, unless you pay up- and if this new law passes, then I’ll be leaving Tumblr permanently, just thought I’d give y'all a heads up. Also, sorry for ranting :/

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I've noticed the gradual increase of hatred within myself towards the ending and how rushed everything was. Particularly with a certain female character, and it's gotten bad to the point that I have said senseless things at times without even realizing it. Do you have any suggestions for me on how I can reset myself and simply focus on the positivity of our fandom, specifically with us the NS fandom?

I too was very disappointed and upset with the ending, but to be honest, I was prepared for a bad ending. I didn’t realize it would be this bad, but I had no confidence that Kishimoto would end the manga well. I was happy that the end of Naruto was announced because I thought finally, he can’t make the manga any worse than it’s become…

Anyway, here’s how I look at things: NaruSaku has nothing to do with Naruto anymore. No matter how much people cross tag, address us as the Naruto fandom, or whatever else, Kishi and majority of Naruto fans want to pretend we were never a thing, so let them.

What does our “Naruto” really have to do with the canon Naruto now? Nothing.What about canon is anything like the Naruto we previously liked? We NaruSaku fans not only wanted Naruto to become Hokage, but we wanted him to confess to Sakura and fix Konoha for real. Not some whish washy “everything is solved because I’m Hokage. Massacre what? Council who? Orochimaru where??”. We CERTAINLY couldn’t have imagined the kind of characters Naruto and Sakura have become.

With NaruSaku, we can do what we want. The key is to “cut off” what we want, and add what we wanted and BOOM, it’s so much easier to deal with the characters (and plot) we previously enjoyed so much. So just envision it like this:

(Yes, I had too much fun with this. A part of being in the NaruSaku fandom is just having fun~)

*clears throat* Now that we NaruSaku aren’t bound by canon and literally can do whatever we want, let’s put Naruto on the chopping block first.

Now as we chop chop him up, we just have to leave the parts we like, his love for Sakura, his carefree attitude, his genuine stupidity, his heart of gold, his desire to fix the world, his dream to become Hokage… etc etc, and separate it from the parts we don’t like.

We can also add the parts we THOUGHT we be a thing: a family man, a real hero to the people, a person who puts family and friends above paperwork. I think it’s very important to stress that Naruto wanted nothing more than acknowledgement (because people pretended he didn’t exist) and companionship when he was an orphan child. Surely Naruto with a family would be a bit of an overbearing dork who tries to hard to stick his nose in everything regarding his family. I mean, the a big part of the manga is about him sticking his nose in Sasuke’s business.


We’ve got us a wonderful new version of “Naruto”, our personal fanon version with an added bonus of a new mature hair cut, and optionally, a black and red Hokage cloak similar to his sage one. A guy happily married to Sakura with kids who has done heaps and loads of good to the world such as: end the militant training of children or streamlining them into what is essentially a ‘military’, adding more shinobi villages to the alliance of peace, slacking off of his other work causing him to be scolded by Sakura who is one of the people keeping him on the straight and narrow when it comes to paperwork and actually staying in his office. That’s a very Naruto like laziness/goofiness to me, never wanting to stay at work and finding a way to be among the crowd or around his family and friends. He can be whatever we wanted him to be. (art by @pumyteh​ by the way)

Now it’s Sakura’s turn. She’s tricky, but also very easy. So CHOP CHOP CHOP.

In this case, we’ll have to add a bit of seasoning to Sakura because a lot was left out of canon or completely trashed. So of course, we keep Sakura’s super strength. We add a little seasoning called Ino in there to make sure that bond is more prevalent (after all, it was originally written as a mirror to Naruto and Sasuke). We need to make sure we cut the line so that her growing feelings for Naruto is properly continued and addressed by something other than, “You only liked me because competition.”

We gotta make sure she keeps a sometimes stern or angry outer shell towards her loved ones silly/stupid antics, but very gentle and kind when it matters or behind the back of the person who just earned a scolding. We must also make sure to emphasize she doesn’t actually dislike the silly/stupid behavior of her loved ones, she just pretends she does. (refer to chapter 3)

We need to make her goals more clear, like how she wants to affect the world with medicine or a clearer example of her surpassing her master like Naruto and Sasuke did with theirs

Here we are!

Sakura, head of the hospital and Tsunade’s successor. She’s not only in charge of Konoha’s hospital, but she manages hospitals and clinics in all their allied nations to help the sick all around the world. She advises the Hokage and the other Kage on leadership and the implementation of health and human services of all kinds. Yeah yeah, some people think healers are nothing and not worth admiring, but a humanitarian Sakura suits her perfectly and is admirable.

In a world of orphans and mental/physical pain, an understanding Sakura who cares not just for the health of the body, but the health of the mind and has a personal interest in saving children like Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and many other shinobi endured before Naruto changed the world is a heavy task to take on. Maybe it won’t be Naruto who ‘saves’ the world, or maybe it wasn’t even Naruto who came up with a plan the bring peace to the world. It could’ve been Sakura who gave Naruto a headstart and I love that idea. Really brings out the whole teamwork/partnership thing. No doubt Sasuke would also have a hand in all this.

There are more things I could say about Uzumaki Sakura, but this blog isn’t meant for that~ I can’t just go around spitting out all my headcanons like that.

Anyway, we could chop chop some others too. We could chop chop anyone we wanted to in our NaruSaku universe and we never have to look at canon again. We write our own story now. And for me, a big part of that story is Shinachiku. I don’t think I’d still be around had it not been for Shinachiku. I love him and his siblings. There are other cute NaruSaku kids that doesn’t include Shinachiku of course…. but I admit, when I see them I think,  “But… what about Shinachiku?”

Either way, whether it’s with Shinachiku or the other NaruSaku kids, go along with what makes you happiest! With Shinachiku and the other kids, we can explore Naruto and Sakura success from the viewpoint of someone who didn’t know exactly how bad it was before.I think a really interesting combination comes out of Naruto and Sakura’s union. Someone with a similar genetic makeup to Tsunade actually (¼ Uzumaki, plus the genes of other successful shinobi)

At the end of the day, we have to make our own happiness now. We may be less active. We may find new things we love. And trust me, the disappointment will probably never fade away. But, through this disappointment, I found new things that I enjoy, and I can write my own stories for Naruto and Sakura and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. That’s the greatest feeling in the world, not having an author you distrust writing and 'developing’ a character you like. Not having the author decide the fate of your favorite ship and how they will act or what their family will be like. I revel in it because we’ll never truly know how Kishimoto would have written NaruSaku, but knowing what I know now, I would prefer him never writing NaruSaku again.

The easiest way to reset, is to chop chop chop until all that’s left is what you like.

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help me dear Shan scholar, people are telling me Theron is white using Annihilation cover art as source and I don't know what to say anymore...

(First of all, thank you for the kind compliment but I am not nearly a Shan scholar lol. Just an obsessive fangirl. :P)

Oh dear lord. The Annihilation cover art never fails to piss me off because they made Theron white in that cover. Like hooooooly shit.

First of all, the cover in question. Just for… making me angry’s sake lol.

Ugh. Just, ugh. Okay, yeah. That’s a white man. 100%. BUT IT’S ALSO BULLSHIT and here’s why.

…..I’m not putting in a cut because I’m pissed. I’ll tag this post with “long post” and people can scroll. :P

This is the in game model. His facial structure honestly looks nothing like he does in the Annihilation cover. This is Theron Shan in the most canon thing that exists for this GAME. His face, in my opinion, looks far more like Eugene Lee Yang (my personal fancast) or Daniel Henney (who I know a lot of other people use as a fancast).

(Here, have a Eugene Lee Yang picture because I’m angry now and his face helps make me not quite as angry.)

But okay, maybe you argue that the model is weird (even though that’s kind of a bullshit argument considering this is a goddamn VIDEO GAME and the MODEL should be the most canon thing). Fine, whatever. Let’s look at his parents, shall we?

This is Satele Shan. Interestingly enough, also very much NOT WHITE. Which, you know, automatically makes Theron NOT WHITE. But if that’s not enough, there was actually a face model for Satele Shan! Her name is Sno E. Blac. (Source. Though unfortunately I can’t access her actual blog post anymore as a primary source, I did find this vlog.)

She looks like this:

Ummmm, yeah…. (I believe she’s part Korean, iirc? Don’t quote me on that, but I’m pretty damn sure she is part Asian.)

WELL WHOOP-DEE-DOO, NOT WHITE. Ergo her son? NOT WHITE. THAT, my friends, is basic genetics.

Anyway, let’s move on to Jace Malcom, shall we? Here’s a shot we have of him from the Hope trailer.

Yeah… he ain’t white either. Skin tone wise, okay, he’s pretty damn pale. But those features? THOSE ARE NOT WHITE PERSON FEATURES. NOT BY A LONG SHOT.

(Unfortunately, I can’t find anything about a Jace Malcom face model through a simple Google search, so I’m not sure if they had one or not, but if they did, I DOUBT HE WAS WHITE.)

So yeah, with a non-white mom and a non-white dad (at least in part on both sides), Theron Shan will never be white.

Also, let’s be real, Bioware has a problem with whitewashing, so it can’t be super surprising that they’re gonna do that at some point. But when it comes down to the VIDEO GAME that is Star Wars: The Old Republic, in game models (and the cinematics) are gonna be much more accurate representations than the cover of a companion novel, you know?

tl:dr: Theron Shan is a non-white bi man and that’s the end of the story.

(Disclaimer: I’m not sure how compelling this argument is going to be for someone who pulls the Annihilation cover as source material but it does not change the fact that the man on the Annihilation cover is white. But maybe this’ll help. And quite frankly, WHY THE FUCK IS IT A BIG DEAL THAT HE ISN’T WHITE? He’s still Theron Shan, actual human disaster. Just draw him like he looks in game, you cowards!)

I hope this helps, at least a bit, nonny. >.>

Edit to add: And yo, followers and other SWTOR fans, if you want to insist Theron Shan is white, unfollow me and block me right now. I don’t want to interact with you.

Wildest Dreams // Part 1

Summary: Nesta has finally gotten the chance to get away from her small hometown of Prythian, and move to the big city of New York. She knows it won’t be easy to adjust to this new, independent life of hers, especially with an overprotective boyfriend constantly stressing her out. Cassian has lived in the city for a little less than a year, along with the rest of his Inner Circle of friends, and life couldn’t be better. When Nesta moves into the apartment next door though, many things change.

Tags: @highladyfxyre @fiery-feyre @justasimplereader @my-life-is-a-drama-book @eternally-reading @rhysand-and-rowan

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Nesta let out a loud grunt as she dropped the last three boxes out of her arms and onto the spotless wood floors of her new apartment. Feyre and Elain walked through the door and both collapsed on the couch set up by the large windows overlooking the city. Both sisters looked exhausted, and Nesta wiped the sweat from her forehead as she collapsed in between them on the soft cushions.

“Well…” Nesta started, looking around at the open space of the room. It was so much bigger than their small house in Prythian, one in which they all had to share a room. “It will take some getting used to, but I like it.”

Elain smiled and turned behind her to look out the window.

“You have an amazing view,” she murmured, lost in thought as she gazed out over the city.

Nesta had to admit, this apartment truly was incredible. The living room—which they were currently in—had an entire wall covered with floor to ceiling windows, giving the perfect view of New York City. Central park was only 5 blocks away, and having the corner apartment meant that she didn’t have to deal with neighbors on both sides of her. 

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Rose x Ten, post GitF-au/fixit; angst, fluff, romance, more angst, and possibly some smut later, but this part (and all parts on ff.net) is sfw (minor exception for brief language).

(see the end of this part for notes and special thanks)

(full-size image)

Minuet, Part II

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

Twisting in his grasp, Rose cranes her neck to look at him, finally, and there he is, all furrowed brow and tight mouth and eyes glittering with anger, and god, if she wasn’t so irritated with him right now, she just might kiss him.

“That’s what you were going to do, isn’t it?” she asks instead.


Eyes widening, the Doctor only has a moment to let his mouth drop open in surprise before another gentleman steps in—time to change dance partners. Rose slips into position with the newcomer without so much as a blink or even a glance in the Doctor’s direction, never faltering in her rhythm; a quick peek at the Doctor moments later tells her that he has allowed himself to be swept up in the tide of dancers, sidling up to his new partner across the room.

Rose turns away, swirling in her partner’s arms, but she can feel the eyes of the Doctor boring into her. She shivers despite the summer heat.

“That’s beside the point,” he whispers when they meet again, touching palm-to-palm first with one hand, then the other. “I’m a Time Lord.”

“Really? First I’ve heard of it,” Rose replies drily.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, Rose. A very long time. I understand the risks.”

Rose rolls her eyes. “And stupid apes don’t.”

At least the Doctor has the decency to flinch at those words. “That isn’t what I meant.”

“Of course it is,” Rose sighs, and they both step back, granting a berth for other dancers to flit gracefully between them. “After all,” Rose continues when they reconnect, hands clasped, “I’m hardly one of the most accomplished women who ever lived, am I?”

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So I Made A Thing

- Viktor Nikfororv, literally the gay pride parade as a person and loving father of all his children (bc he is the Ultimate Dad™ ngl). Will burn down your kitchen and still manage to make you love him. Probably owns a secret tumblr under the name XxDicksauceMcFuckBagxX from which he shitposts memes. #ThirstForKatsuki2k17 #ExtraAsShit

- Yuuri “Momma” Katsuki, the simultaneously sweet cinnamon roll and sassy boi everyone needed. Literal chubby Jesus, King of Bean and protected by the Yuuri Katsuki Protection Program. Will not hesitate to slap a bitch when duty calls. Tries to keep the situation under control, but usually gives in bc he is a Soft Roll

- Yuri/Yurio Plisetsky, emo angst son of cats and Hot Topic who will not hesitate to step on you with his Knife Shoes™. Looks like a sinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamonroll. Official Quote: “May the bow of a violin enter your anus”

- Phichit Chulanont, the official Camera Boi™ and wingman of Yuuri Katsuki. Actually pure sunshine, and will spend one minute fighting everyone for the title of Yuuri Katsuki fanclub president and the next showing everyone pics of his hamsters. Social Media King™ who also must be protected. Would look good in whatever you dress him in, bc he will figure out how to own it. Shall We Slay™ aesthetic

- Guang-Hong Ji, yet another bean. Smol and sweet on the outside, probably a lot of sin on the inside (see reference: Guang-Dong Jizz). Will slay all of China with his gayness. Probably watches the Office and shamelessly makes many references and quotes the show often. The Official Loveable Dork™

- Leo de la Iglesia, American sunshine boi that must never grow up. Kills you with his ponytail and brings you back with his innocence. Deserved more screen time ngl he is Precious™ . Is probably oblivious to how much Guang wants to be choked by him (did I mention Guang is most likely kinky af well now you know)

- Mila Babicheva, actual hot babe. Owns the ice with her crop tops and Aesthetic™  sisterly love for angst boy aka Yurio. Gay on a whole new level (it’s called Yuri!!! [On Ice] for a reason) and converts nearly 100,000 annually to Milaism

- Georgi Popovich, probably crying as you read this. Can’t get over black hair red lipstick bitch Anya that literally has 6 seconds of screen time (poor boyo). Dressed up like Elsa once. Blue lipstick and 1 inch span of eyeshadow are only the beginning. Come back to Season 2 for more Keeping Up With the Russian Squad: The Problem With Being One of the Only Straight Ones™ besides That Canadian Dude

- JJ L., stands for Jean Jacket Lion. Was hated but after some major Character Development™ gained about 198460 fans. Most likely receives anonymous hate on a daily basis, but blocks everyone out with his gucci shades. Probably whispers the words to O’Canada to keep himself sane. Maple leaf bacon bacon eh Queen of England hockey puck ehhh

- Otabek Altin, will ignore the living shit out of you if he isn’t satisfied with you mortals. Slut for Classic Literature and will defeat communism with his knowledge of Shakespeare. DJ’s bc Otabek don’t need none of your fuckin gender roles. Actually Senpai Material™™™

- Chris(t) Giacometti, the actual MVP and wingman of Mr. Spontaneous aka Viktor. “Love comes at a price, and that would be society’s social constructs”. Manages to make eating cereal look intimate. Would give a fuck, but is too busy being literal Sex on Skates™ . Coming (?) for your heart, preferably on the ice. Can’t have Gay Class without Gay Ass

- Michele/Mickey Crispino, the Salty Shit™ no one knew they needed in their lives. Actually manages to keep his gay on the downlow. Virgin Extremist™ and Italian Spaghetti Son™.  Probably cries at the thought that one day his sister will be married to some fleshsack. Is Not Okay™

- Sala/Sara Crispino, Kiss Kiss Fall In Love. Has stick straight hair but don’t let that fool you bc tbh she probably gay as well. *cries bc I would never get to see her irl and I’m a gay nerd on the internet that needs help forming actual relationships with living people*. Heart made of golden memes

- Emil Nekola, actually Pewdiepie (you all knew it was coming so I got it over with). Robotics Nerd™ and Beard Boi Extraordinaire™. Only a year older than Chicken Nugget boy but ready for his big boy memes on YT. Can magically change his eye color with the power of gay

- Seung Gil Lee, Club Leader of the Eyebrow Boys Club. So thicc he rivals the Amazon River (according to Google that’s the widest river in the world so there ya go). Despises women and vegetables (men take the opportunity now he is single, though probably not ready to mingle considering how he roasted Sunshine Girl aka Sala at the Rostelecom Comp.)

- Minami “The Chicken Nugget” Kenjirou, probably the only one that is actually innocent. Would be scarred by a simple dick joke. Must also be Protected™ in order to preserve as much innocence as possible. Theme Song is Paparazzi by Lady Gaga. Adorable and Delicious™


- Yakov, done with the teenager bullshit. 70 years of rage and overwhelming need to punch something. Needs A Hug™. Probably gave Viktor that pink convertible from the official art ngl. Is a slut for peace and quiet bc goddammit he doesn’t get enough of it. “*elongated sigh* No, you cannot skate to My Immortal for your free skate, Yuri”

- Makkachin, Bestest Boy™. Would easily win the GPF if given the chance. Ring bearer at the Viktuuri wedding. Woof woof (translation: I’m gonna eat those fuckin buns and give your family a heart attack fUCKIN WATCH ME DO IT YOU RUSSIAN HO)

Sherlocked USA write up and a discussion on my place in fandom after this

So first off, I’ll preface this by saying that this weekend at the con was a huge wake up call for me about how toxic the fandom can be. I mean, tumblr has always been a pretty negative place masquerading as a positive one, but after series 4, the Sherlock/Johnlock/TJLC fandoms have gotten out of control.

I had an excellent time at the con. I got to meet tons of new friends, met the guests, cosplayed femlock, bought beautiful prints and artwork, flew on a plane for the first time, visited the west coast for the first time, connected with people in really awesome ways, etc. I went to this event and had a very chill, fun experience.

And so there was a huge disconnect for me when I realized that this event I was enjoying was being torn apart in the fandom in real time, that people who spent considerable money and effort to be at the con were using it as a way to be informants about TPTB and spread hate. I almost regret making my post about asking Moffat and Gatiss about garridebs - I have been curious to know their answers and I know many others have as well, but I asked them politely, had a polite discussion about it, didn’t use it as a way to be hateful, and still people managed to spin my post in a hateful way.

This is also lot to mention how many people, prior to the con, thought it would be appropriate to wank on those of us who would be going and “giving our money to Mofftiss”, and pat themselves on the back for being smart enough to not go. Some of my friends did this. I saw it happen. It sucked. Then, the whole tone shifted - those of us going were suddenly saints taking one for the team, and everyone expected us to dish everything that happened or that as said so that TPTB could be crucified on here. It’s so fucked up and childish and unhealthy and it would have been a ginormous waste of my money and time and planning to use the con for that purpose.

I spoke with every guest, some at considerable length, including TPTB. I didn’t feel as though I were meeting celebrities, I felt as though I had conversations and spent personal time with human beings. It’s vastly different to complain about Mofftiss online, and then to look Mark and Steven in the eyes, two feet away, sat at the same small table, and remember they’re people. My friend and I have the same views on this. Sue Vertue was a lovely woman to speak with in person and she actually addressed the hate they all receive online - and she seemed concerned and afraid. It’s unacceptable.

What else is unacceptable is how this sort of hate has just been tolerated in the fandom. Paige and I, and several other friends, had a very long and private conversation late in the evening with someone with the con, close to the actors and in with the BBC, that really enlightened me. Famous people often come under hate, harassment, obsession, etc - but hearing some of the awful details about Sherlock guests, given that I’d just met them as people, really hit me. I got to hear of some of the questions/rants that people submitted online, and they were hateful. It’s just not alright to send death threats to someone’s house, or tell them they didn’t deserve their real life partner just because you don’t like a character they play on TV, or to spend your time being a fuckwad that hates on people you don’t even know.

So, that said, I’m taking a gigantic step away from the fandom. I still have great friends here, I see that there are still (hopefully mostly?) civilized human beings in the fandom, I like writing and reading fanfic, I like fun theories, etc. But I take a look at all the negative discussions on here, the hate, the wanking, some truly pathetic and creepy behavior, etc - and I am just exhausted by it and want no part in it. I’m blocking or ceasing interaction with anyone who contributes to this. Nothing personal, you don’t have to agree with me, but I don’t have the energy for it anymore. Unfollowed me, please, if our views here don’t align! I’m doing what I think is best, I expect the same of everyone else.

Also, on a related note, to be completely transparent, I am disgusted by the “Ben’s family is fake” discourse that is lumped with Freebatch, perpetuated by welovethebeekeeper. If you support this, reblog it, or contribute to it, sorry, but I won’t be dealing with you. She and the others involved with this need serious help. I will never understand how someone can think that digging so deep into someone’s personal life, either because they want to affirm some creepy ship between actual real life peiple or because they act like Ben’s biggest fan and that they know him and that he even knows they exist, is okay. It’s not okay at all. It’s gross and creepy and some of the harassment associated with it is probably illegal. So yeah. None of that, thank you.

Anyway, I hate to sound like an asshole. I’m just fed up with the negativity. Feel whatever you want about Sherlock, about series 4, about queerbaiting, about Freebatch, but I know there’s a healthy and constructive way to deal with what you feel about something, and then a very unhealthy way. I can’t and won’t keep up with the negativity anymore.

Friends who are civilized people, let’s keep being friends! :) Tag me and share with me your fics, your art, your respectful theories, your shenanigans, your selfies, your everything. You’re all great and I’m glad there is still a positive presence hanging around! 💕

Introducing: #YGOSummer !!

Since the Feb YGO Challenge was such a hit, I thought I’d do another challenge–this one summer themed! Unlike the last challenge, I shortened this one and didn’t put any due dates or time limits. Summer is the time of fun and relaxation; why make it super complicated?

Rules are simple: create anything you want with any yugioh characters you want–just follow one of the themes! Take your time and enjoy all the yugiohs! Please use the hashtag #ygosummer so I can see and reblog all your wonderful drawings, stories, lists, videos, etc! 

Reposting to other sites is fine; just please not on tumblr. You can reblog this photo.

Have fun! (Explanations of each theme are under the cut)

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorta confused why it seems so many people ship Gabrinette. Not only is it a no-no because of the child grooming thing you were talking about, but I don't see much going for it otherwise? I'm not trying to be rude I just don't get it, even if they were both adults they don't seem very compatible. What do you think?

Short answer: I don’t understand it either; I block it. I block and unfollow people who post it and honestly I haven’t seen any Gabbunette content in months. I highly suggest you do the same, nonny; it makes for a much better Tumblr experience. 

Long Answer/A Mountain of Ship-Hate under the cut. 

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The Problem With Being a Fan Writer/Artist in a Big Fandom

So as many of you know, yesterday there was a LOT of drama here on the blog. I was thinking about deleting all of the posts, and just leaving things alone, but I feel this is actually a good opportunity to discuss a major problem that I’ve seen happen almost consistently. And not only have I seen it occur in this fandom, but in every fandom I’ve ever been in.

The common issue that I see seems to stem from the (usually minority) of the fandom that feels as though they have the right to tell creators of fan made things such as fanart and fanfics, what to do with their own works.

So, I wanted to deliver the following important message as a writer in the YOI fandom:


This sense of entitlement that I’ve seen spreading around fandoms has become quite toxic. People have little to no respect for others and seem to think they’re doing artists and writers favors by sending them PMs or anonymous messages trying to dictate or censor or make demands of their work.

Telling a creator something like:

“You shouldn’t write ____ plot because I don’t like it.” or “____ character isn’t gay/straight/bi/poly how DARE you depict them in a way that isn’t canon!” or “This is a shitty ship/pairing/AU I don’t like it and neither should you!”

This is the definition of entitlement. You aren’t owed anything by us. We write, draw, create because these are things that we love to do. We decide to share our thoughts and ideas and worlds that we want to create with all of you. And (most of the time) were doing this for free! Unless you’re commissioning someone for artwork or a story? You have no right to tell someone what to do with their own works.

If you don’t like something within the fandom, learn to ignore it. Scroll past it. Use the blacklist to block triggering terms or tags or blogs or things you just generally aren’t into. I’ve done it, many other have done it. It isn’t difficult to do.

And if you follow someone because you like something they write or make, then realize they also make something you don’t? Either learn to block the tags they use for the posts you don’t like - or just unfollow them.

There’s no need to make a show out of it.
There’s no need to make a huge deal out of it. There’s no need to personally message us or send passive aggressive anon asks explaining the reasons why you no longer want to follow someone.

Just hit that unfollow button and keep moving.

Remember, we’re all fans of the same thing here. And the beautiful thing about being part of large fandoms is the immense amount of diversity within them. We have people interacting from all over the world. We have people creating things and drawing from experiences in all walks of life.

The issue here is that there’s no respect for anyone outside of these people’s bubble. The moment they see something they don’t agree with, they feel this impulsive need to comment on it. People feel as though they’re owed something just because they like/reblog writing and art and follow someone’s blog. Remember that we’re all fans here. Remember that we’re all human beings here. Remember that there is a person behind the screen. Learn to respect when someone is different than you.

And I’ve had people message me privately and respectfully before, asking that I tag certain things or put a TW/CW on certain types of posts so that they CAN continue to follow my work and just block whatever it is that they don’t like. It’s all about how you approach us. Many of us aren’t bothered about being told these things. But you need to learn to ask and not just be like

“Oh i don’t like ____ so I’m unfollowing you.”

The only person you’re hurting by doing this isn’t us, it’s yourself. Creators aren’t going to want to write or work with someone who can’t communicate properly with them.

So please, PLEASE respect your fanartists. Respect your fanfic authors, respect your roleplayers. All we want is to create more wonderful things in this beautiful fandom for people to share and enjoy. And we can’t do that if we’re constantly treated like shit.

That said, I’m going to continue to write the things that I enjoy and love. I only hope something like this doesn’t happen on my blog ever again.

Klaine Advent 2017 Update #2

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Hi Everyone!

It’s almost time!! (I do apologize for the exclamation point abuse. I’m sure! there will! be more!) I also apologize in advance for the length of this post. We’re making some changes this year, and I wanted to get them out there before we get started.

(ETA: reblogs of this post are cutting off some of the text - make sure you click on the whole post to get all the information!)

@slayediest here! and I am very happy to be hosting my very first Klaine Advent. I’ve gotten advice from previous hosts @nikkisrandomthingsfan and @spaceorphan18 and @quirkyquantumqueen and (hopefully) this will all go smoothly and I won’t break too many things.

The Dates. December 1 - December 24

How to participate. Anyone can contribute, no need to sign up! 

Many of you know how this works, but in case someone needs a refresher: there will be a one word prompt each day for 24 days (December 1-24) and you can write a drabble (or a sentence or a novel, if you like), create an art piece, make fresh gifs based on the prompt - whatever inspires you! This year the tag will be: “klaine advent 2017” (please make sure all of your contributions are tagged!). Prompts will post sometime in the early morning hours New York City time - last year it was 7 am, but I may move that up a couple of hours, still TBD.

Contribute however works best for you. You can do something every day, every 4th day, once a week, altogether at the end, whatever works for you and your schedule. Use all word prompts or pick and choose what speaks to you. Set your own challenges. It’s all Klaine and it’s all good. The only requirements are that it be Klaine centered, and that it references or uses the word prompt in some way.

No More Daily Round-Ups. I said I wouldn’t break too many things, and hopefully I won’t, but after some consultation with past hosts we are going to drop the round up. But don’t worry!! We have a plan. (Keep reading, this is where it gets a little wordy, but I wanted to explain…)

Reblog Reblog Reblog. We’re going to do things for the Advent a little differently this year, which (I hope) will make things a bit easier on the volunteers (ok, and on me as well), and put more fic directly in front of eyeballs. We going to forego the daily roundups, and lean very heavily on reblogging the contributions of the many artists and authors who contribute for this event.

Why are we doing this?

If you’ve ever volunteered to do the roundup for the Klaine Advent (or any tumblr based fic or art event, I imagine) you know how time consuming doing the round up is. It’s especially difficult to keep the round up posts up to date with people who are not able to complete the challenge every day, and inevitably some fics never make it into the post. And we want to make it easier to find all of the contributors.  But we’re still looking for volunteers to help with daily reblogs!  (see below)

Readability. I feel very strongly that the best way to get people to read fics on tumblr is to reblog and reblog and reblog. Reblogging posts puts the actual work in front of actual people, so the more often something gets a reblog, the more likely someone will find it. Reblogs everyone.  Reblogs.

But don’t fret if you like easily linkable access to the fics! All fics will be accessible from the 2017 tab on the Klaine Advent blog main page.

@spaceorphan18 has some great ideas on how to link everything and we’ll be tightening that up as the advent gets underway.

Partnership. This year (just like the last 2 years), we’ll be partnering with @todaydreambelieversfic.  Authors and other creators for Klaine Advent who would like an additional place to promote their works are welcome to join as members. Just send them a private message to @todaydreambelieversfic with your email address and they’ll add you on.

In addition, our crack team of volunteers will be reblogging all of the advent fics to the @todaydreambelieversfic blog, so make sure you follow them to see all the new works!

Archive of Our Own. Also this year we will be creating a collection on AO3 for those people who don’t post to tumblr (there are a few), and where those folks who do post to tumblr can collect all of their advent works in one place on that site. Whether you post them along the way or once the advent is over is entirely up to you. There will be more details on this in the kickoff post.

Want to Volunteer?  We have a couple of people working on the graphics, but we still need people to help with the daily reblogs!!  This should be a much easier job than last year, so if you have some time please signup here, or send a message to the blog. We still need people to do this!!

You don’t write or make art and don’t have time to volunteer?  You are the most important person participating!! Read the fics, look at the art, let the authors and artists know how much you appreciate their work by reblogging and commenting and liking and all those things creators like. Nothing helps a writer or artist losing steam to pick up their story again more than a nice comment from someone.

I really love the advent and it holds a special place in my fandom heart. I first dipped into writing Klaine fic during the 2014 advent, and (somehow) managed to write for every prompt last year. It’s a great place to test out some ideas, or challenge yourself, or even to bust out of writer’s block or an inspirational fog. I know I’m looking forward to seeing new works!

There will be one more informational post at the kickoff on December 1, so if you have any questions before then (or after!) check out our Blog FAQ or send us a message. :)

friendly PSA from your tired neighborhood klancer

I will not answer asks or messages about how certain content I reblog is ‘not okay because it wouldn’t be healthy in real life.’ Fanworks do not have any obligation to be a model for healthy relationships. Fanworks are not designed to be a guide for how to live your life. If you have a problem with someone’s art or fic, keep scrolling, unfollow, and/or block – do what you need to keep yourself safe. Please note that keeping yourself safe does not mean policing what other people draw or write.

Fanmade content can mean building off of characters’ canon interactions or it can mean ignoring canon characterizations entirely; or it can mean something in between. Let fandom be a safe space for people to engage with fictional content in a harmless way.

We need to stop being so reactionary when it comes to fan-made fiction. Depicting people being violent toward each other does not mean the creator is romanticizing violence. I have seen works that do romanticize abuse and/or violence; I hate them and find it unfortunate that young minds may see and be influenced by them. But not every depiction of violence between a ship is meant to be romanticized. Take a moment to analyze and interpret something before you decide it’s problematic. Imagine if the only relationships ever depicted in fiction were perfect and idealized. How boring and unrealistic would that be? BUT, that said:

Saw a comic of two characters punching each other and that’s not your thing? I respect that. However, someone else may appreciate it because of how those characters interact in canon, or for whatever other reason; this does not automatically make them a bad person. It does not mean they would go around punching people in real life. So, I’ll say this again, keep scrolling, unfollow, and/or block.

Necessary disclaimer: Non-fanmade fiction is a whole other story. Media content that romanticizes or excuses inexcusable things like senseless violence, sexism, racism, rape culture etc. most certainly is problematic. And as people who pay to consume that content, we have every right to publicly criticize it and voice our opinions. What sets that situation apart from fanworks is that when we consume free fanwork, have no right to police other people’s creative interpretations. Even with media content though, my earlier point still applies: depicting does not equal condoning. Just because I write my OC’s in a toxic relationship does not automatically mean I’m romanticizing that.

I can’t believe I felt the need to write this shit instead of working on nanowrimo stuff or all the other fandom event deadlines I have. To the anon who sent the ask that brought this on: I’m not mad at you; I’m just salty.

This will be the first and last time I address something of this sort. If you want to send me hate over this opinion, save your energy. Instead hit the big unfollow button available on the top right hand of your screen and/or utilize the block feature. That is all.