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 let’s just talk about it for a sec. 

First of all, I’m still hella salty it got deleted like all the other Barisi scenes.

Ms Drake’s Appearance

I love the looks Sonny and Rafael get on their faces when Ms Drake appeared. (Excuse some shitty screenshots cause I took most on my phone lmao.)

They were both simultaneously going “Oh God. Here we go…” Because they both realize that what she’s doing. Approaching them to talk… and this is considered inappropriate in this sense. She shouldn’t be approaching them to talk as Barba is fighting against her son as he was suspected of raping her at this point. Even despite this though, they both stop and turn around, giving her the chance to speak instead of shooing her away like most would.

Now, we all know that Sonny really could’ve up and continued walking to give Rafael and Ms Drake a chance to speak one on one, but with the mix of both his good conscience, wanting to support a friend and colleague in this situation, and the fact that Ms Drake said she wanted to “look Barba and Carisi in the eye,” and “ask why they’re ruining her sons life,” he felt the pull to stay. To be a support system for Barba but also see if he could weigh in on the conversation. Not to mention he wanted to know what Ms Drake wanted to say simply because he’s a good person to begin with. Not to mention the look he gave when he was first addressed. It was a concerned but interested look… with a tinge of “don’t mess with either of us.”

Barba’s Apology

“I’m sorry for what you’re going through.” Now, yes, that is the normal procedural line we hear all the time on this show and in real life from both cops and lawyers alike, simply because it’s typical protocol for them not to show too much sympathy and saying this is the safe way to go about it. It tends to sound robotic but I think that was Raúl’s intentions with delivering this line. And when Ms Drake said they should drop the charges, it sounded as if she still half-believed Barba’s words despite the ‘cold’ voice he used. I appreciated it when Sonny did step in saying that they couldn’t and I love the fact that Peter used a soft, saddened voice. With this, we know that Sonny wishes they could, but considering the circumstances, considering the fact that Andrew is suspected of raping Mandy, they can’t drop the charges as Andrew needs to have some sort of punishment instead of walking free and Mandy never getting justice for what was done to her.

Now, what I like most about Barba saying that he was open to a plea was the facial expression he gave before he turned his head. 

Maybe this was a poor screenshot but anyway. The expression to me looks like he wants to be done talking because he knows exactly where the conversation is going but he continues anyway, giving her another choice. While the expression is still rather soft while holding a cold-ish stare. I find Raúl to be very good at giving these kinds of expressions. Anyway. Continuing on.

Ms Drake’s Slam

“Must feel really good standing there in your expensive suit having all the power. Moving people around like chess pieces.”

Okay. Here we go. This sentence, you can just tell by the look on Barba’s face right after she says this, he knew that she was going to say something, but this was… well, not completely what he was expecting. We know that he doesn’t like feeling high and mighty before he said “No. Doesn’t feel good at all.” Because we’ve seen him in court getting emotional. Examples: (x) (x) (x) there’s probably plenty more but you get the point. This being said/shown, if someone out there was too blind to see the pain behind this man’s mask since season 14 (2012), aka 5 years, even with it showing through on multiple occasions, THERE YOU GO. There’s the pain. 

Continuing on with that, cases definitely get to Barba, especially ones involving children (or in this case young teens) despite him not being a fan of children (which is evident with the way he held Noah that one episode, which I still find hilarious because same), it’s still hard for him because children are innocent. They haven’t lived life long enough to experience the pain they’ve gone through.

When Ms Drake leaves, her expression is… well actually, I don’t know what it is. It looks like she believes him but doesn’t believe him at the same time? I don’t know if there’s a word for that or not. But perhaps this expression is because she doesn’t understand the weight Rafael constantly has on his shoulders because of the fact that she isn’t an ADA. She never had to take on the huge load of work that he has to. She’s never had to break families apart. She’s never had to deal with losing a case and making his client feel betrayed. It’s just something she’s never had to deal with so she isn’t sure if he’s telling the truth or not.

Then Sonny steps forward with a, still disappointed look, but also a small bit relieved. But maybe I’m just shit at reading facial expressions idk.

That Question

“Do you still wanna be a lawyer?”

This. Line. It’s like it’s constantly on Barba’s mind and honestly, I don’t blame him for having on his mind. Going back to 17x23, he brought it up after he identified Felipe Heredio. It’s like once he realised the dangers of being an ADA could happen to him, despite being friends with cops, he wanted Carisi to realise that being an ADA wasn’t all he probably thought. It wasn’t all fun court stuff. There was an actual risk of being one and he doesn’t seem to want Carsi to be in danger despite him being a Police Detective.. and he’s been in tough situations (so far).

  • Having a rough start when he joined SVU as the others thought he was blunt and insensitive despite his skills. It took a while, but he did eventually get respect and friendship from his colleagues.
  • He also has a tough time keeping his emotions in check like the time he nearly broke the dentist’s hand because he raped his own niece. 

Sonny responds with the fact he’s been thinking about it but when Barba says there’s an opening in Manhatten, Carisi goes on to decline said offer because he wants to stay a cop to protect and serve. Especially after Dodds’ death. 

Now, jumping back to the deleted scene, when Carisi was asked again, fdjkgf okay wait. So, because Barba asked, I’m automatically assuming that they talked about Sonny wanting to be a lawyer because we know characters interact off camera. It’s common knowledge at this point. So when Carisi says “Not today,” I’m thinking he told Barba he wanted to try again but there have been no openings recently which is.. understandable and maybe the new ADA, who’s coming in God knows when, took the spot in Manhattan between 17x23 and 19x04. Now, we won’t know this for sure until he comes into the show but aNYWAY.

Sonny’s Response

Because Sonny said “Not today,” I can only assume he realises the challenges involved in being a lawyer. Not that he hasn’t before but it’s suddenly coming back to him. Maybe he’s realising that it is a good thing to simply be a cop with a lawyer mindset as he can give another viewpoint when Barba isn’t there. But let’s just talk about the facial expression he gives. He’s also glad he doesn’t have to go through what Barba does, no matter how selfish that might sound on his part.

Like, you can see the concern in his face (and his voice but that’s beside the point-no it’s not but I’m not focusing on that because it’s audible. shh). I feel like this is because he honestly feels bad for Barba having to deal with this crap day in and day out. He knows it’s taking a toll on him and he feels bad, but there’s not much he can do but provide distractions for him every so often.

The Look™

I feel like this was geared towards Sonny’s response. While we know Rafael is proud of Sonny, there’s something else there. He wants Sonny to become a lawyer, but at the same time, does he want Sonny to be a lawyer? He’s been a lawyer for a long time, since before season 14. I can’t remember if they’ve ever said how long he’s been one. He knows Sonny has been through a lot. Obviously, we know that too. I mean, hell, here are some things I didn’t mention above.

  • He was nearly shot in the head at gunpoint in 18x07 by Sgt. Tom Cole, a rape suspect. That had to of taken a toll on his mental state for a while, if not permanently. Thank you to Olivia for saving him btw.
  • When he was doing his best to hold onto the man’s hand in 19x02 (i forget his name pls forgive) but the glove slips off the man’s hand and he ultimately plummets to his death and Sonny is very shaken up about it. 

And I mean, there are probably other things I forgot to write down but yeah. Barba knows that despite all that, something in Sonny wouldn’t be able to handle the hard passings of being a lawyer/ADA. And honestly, I feel that way too. With his good conscience, I feel like he wouldn’t be able to work properly if he got a client who was the suspect of a crime. Not to mention, Barba probably realises Carsis sees court as “cool” and “awesome” and he’s “awestruck” by it. But once he gets to be a lawyer, he’ll realise it’s not all he thought it out to be. He doesn’t realise how hard being a lawyer is yet and Barba is probably trying to shield him from that fact for a while until Carisi is like “lol fuk u im doing it” and he doesn’t want to see the Detective’s dreams go down the drain. But I don’t think Barba realises that Carisi realises that being a lawyer isn’t all he thought it was gonna be due to the fact that he was always so giddy and excited when he was taking night classes.

Walking Away

Now, at the end when Barba is following after Carisi, I began thinking. 

  • Barba is walking after Sonny faster than normal
    • They must be going somewhere together

Where this somewhere is, who knows. My shipper brain really wants to take over and write a bunch of fantasies but I’m being realistic here in this thought thing so I’m not gonna do that. All I’m gonna say is maybe they’re going to get drinks or something. K? K.

Overall I’m still salty they cut this.

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WIP / Master List Thing

Suggestions / Prompts / Questions / Just to chat ily

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Rafael Barba / Peace Of Mind

Written for a friend I adore who certainly deserves some Rafi-Love, <3.

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Rafael was already surprised to come home to an empty condo. It wasn’t at all uncommon for him to be arriving home so late- to the contrary, it was much more odd that you had yet to make an appearance. Absently, he flipped on the lights, and discarded his briefcase atop the table in the entryway. Apparently he’d need to wait for you, which really wasn’t a bother in and of itself. A quick check to his cell phone confirmed- you must have been too busy to send him a text warning him of your lateness. That’s fine, though, as long as you came home at the end of the day was all that truly mattered to him.

However, it was another hour or two before you sauntered in, eyes still red from exhaustion and the tears you had wiped away in the Taxi. 

“Mi amor?” He didn’t move, appeared frozen in shock, and instead took time to drink in the sight of you. You were as lovely as ever, of course; but the way your shoulders slouched, the flush in your face- it was painfully obvious something was bothering you. Considering your occupation and the fact that you dealt with sick people led him to believe your woes may extend beyond a typical ‘rough’ work day. “You’re late, is everything alright?”

Well, that was a relatively simple question- but one without a quite so simple answer. Where should you begin; you debated while hanging up your jacket in the closet, while discarding your keys in the dish by his briefcase, while taking off your shoes and leaving them on the mat by the front door. Even as you tried to decide- your bottom lip trembled, causing him to bite onto his own.

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This trueform!cas is entirely traditional made with charcoals and size 100x70cm (~40x70inch). The story behind this giant mistake is here. It was day 3 without computer, I don’t want to know what day 4 could have been.

If you want to buy it and are serious about it, pm me.

  • Husband: "The guy that plays Carisi is probably a big nerd."
  • Me: "He likes to do woodworking things."
  • Husband: ....
  • Me: "Don't act like that's not cute, I told you how Raúl Esparza compared himself to a penguin and you laughed- how is Peter playing with his wood not funny?"
  • Husband: "Why the Hell do you know these things?"
  • Me: ...... "Reasons. Science"

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Hi! I was wondering if we pre-order the zine, do we also get other freebies other than the postcard? :')) Lol my mom is mad bc the shipping is sm but gahhh I can't wait for the zine! Ty to you and Victoria for this art zine!! 💓

Yeah! I have a lot of different freebies to give for the pre-orders like, stickers, postcards or prints or bookmarks 
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ADA Rafael Barba; His Woes; and Carmen.

This is a selfish, quick, prolly lackluster, not-really-edited piece because work is really busy but I want this to happen SO BAD.

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Psuedo-spoiler alert; mention of Barba’s “secret” & the results of such.

Directly after his meeting, and learning of his ‘punishment’ for the misdeed he had committed and subsequently went to cover up- he had gone to advise her. Better him than anyone else, he figured. He had asked her to join him, poured them both drinks, directed her towards the little sofa so as to provide comfort despite the unsettling news.

Then, Rafael Barba told his long-time assistant everything.
About the trial; about the woman, the addict; what he gave her, what happened, how he’d known. He told her how it worked, the success, then the grand fall. Then the daughter, and how he’d been guilt ridden since.

Carmen had stayed silent for a long few minutes, nursed her drink and ran fingertips along the rim. After about five of those quiet ticks of the clocks, she rose to her feet, boldly took the scotch from his hand and discarded both of their glasses onto the table.

“Mr. Barba, I knew about the money-” Her voice was calm, warm, and somehow initiated sparks of tears in the corners of his eyes. “I didn’t know or understand why or who that girl was, but I monitor your statements… I just assumed it wasn’t my business.”

Of course she knew. Rafael hid his eyes behind his hand, bit back sniffles to try and maintain the facade of stoicism. She always knew everything.

Though it had happened often, it had never been like this; in his moment of weakness, Carmen came to his rescue. When he wilted, she reached out, gripped hard on his biceps over his suit, forced him to stand tall. “Mr. Barba; I am so proud of you.” Delicately, she straightened his jacket, rocked forward to run fingertips through his hair to correct the mussed strands. “Since the day I met you, I knew how honorable you were. I have no doubt that you did what you had to in order to get villains off the street, and I think no less of you-”

“I’m going to be suspended,” he choked it out, somehow managed to stay stiff in the spine- stuck in the soldier boy position she had manipulated him to. “Thirty days. You- if you want to stick around, you still have your position, of course; If you’d be willing to forgive me, we can get back to how things were.”

Nodding, Carmen went to gather her purse and their coats. Without responding, she shrugged hers on then held up his. Rafael obediently slithered inside, went to quick work slipping buttons through loops. “Let’s go eat, you need dinner before you hit the scotch too hard-” she suggested, brightly, as if they were planning a happy hour after winning a case instead of the dire situation he’d conjured for himself. “We can discuss the dates you’ll be away, what I can do while you’re out, how we can best prepare… I can work to consider a PR plan if it’s needed, but perhaps you should take the time to get away,” while still rattling off her mental to-do list, she began to head to the door- “we can find you a hotel room somewhere sunny, get you out of New York for a bit…”

Carefully, Rafael gave her purse strap a tug, causing her to pause and twist to look at him before working to open the door. “Carmen,” he waited for her to catch his stare, didn’t even try to hide the tears that had fallen. “Carmen, I’d be lost without you.”

With the pad of her thumb, she brushed away the wetness on his cheek. “It’s what I do, Mr. Barba.”

It had been such a long month without him.

Of course, his suspension gave Carmen time. To think, to consider, to re-organize and breathe. She actually used some of her stockpile of collected ‘paid time off’ to take her niece to the park, an art gallery, some little coffee shop to listen to music. 

Naturally, she had forgiven him. In fact, there had never even been reason or need for his apologies. Carmen was in his corner, would likely always be, and his act of thin-lined valor didn’t sway her in the least.

While he was gone, though, she made certain to keep the place pristine. Carmen would go into his office, dust off his desk accessories. She switched out pens and highlighters for new ones, gathered up loose and irrelevant papers so she could comb through them for the important bits, even went out and purchased a fancy new Keurig to keep in his office… that coffee pot was getting old, and with him gone long enough not to notice, she wasted no time getting rid of it.

His inbox was stacking up; but Carmen had been certain to flag the actually urgent correspondences, and to settle any little fires she felt confident handling on her lonesome. All of his case files were now alphabetized, the updated ones had special tags on them in order of relevance and importance. His plants had been watered, dead leaves trimmed off, and she had brought in a rather colorful arrangement to brighten the place up a bit.

He deserved it; her diligence, her care, her respect.

On the day of his planned return- Carmen was awake earlier than usual. Before getting to the office, she had made a few stops, came in an hour before her typical clock-in time with bags dangling from her arms. This morning, she moved quicker than she did most, was nearly out of breath by the end of it all.

Rafael Barba came in in a hurry; eyes heavy but mind sharp. At the sight of her, typing diligently away at her keyboard, he could only smile. “Carmen!” Shamelessly, he discarded his briefcase, and leaned up against her desk. “My miracle worker, oh I’ve missed you so!” 

She had certainly missed him as well. “Did you enjoy your time off, Mr. Barba?” To give him a good look over, she stepped back, was grinning more than she had been able to the whole time he was away. “You look happy to be back.”

Time off… Rafael laughed at her choice of words. Suspension, time off, same difference- isn’t it? “I’m not sure about being back, but I am happy to see you,” as he had done every morning they worked together, he went for her ‘Barba Box’ and gathered up the stack of notes and messages. “I did enjoy it a little, I suppose- but I also enjoyed the care basket you sent. Your sister is a brilliant baker.”

Carmen nodded, and took her seat so she could reach for hidden files he needed to address sooner than others. “I’ll forward the compliments to the chef, I’m glad you liked it.” Noticing his brows furrow together, she quickly took away the stack of papers. “Don’t worry about all those yet, I told most of the other counselors you wouldn’t be back until tomorrow.”

Happily, he accepted her direction, shot an appreciative wink and went to abscond away to his office so he could start to get through the sure-to-be-chaos. “You’re a genius, Carmen. I’d be lost without you.” 

While Rafael went and closed the door behind him, his assistant stayed silent, even choosing not to respond with her typical retort…

He wouldn’t have really been able to hear her, anyways.
Not over the sound of his files dropping hard on his table top.

On his desk, the new lovely bouquet of rainbow flowers. Four balloons, two smiley faces / one with a gold star / and another sporting the words ‘WELCOME BACK’ in comic-sans; all tied together and connected to a blue weight near his chair. A new coffee mug, black with a gold trim around the rim and along the handle- he gave it a twist to read all the words on the sides: ‘Coffee. Tea. Bourbon. Depends on the client.’ A nice bottle of scotch, his favorite actually, she must have taken note of the most-touched one he kept in his collection; with a bright red ribbon tied around the neck.

Celebrating his return was not what the ADA had expected. 
Leers, judgment, frustration from all ends maybe.
Suspicion, anger, or maybe even disappointment…

But, of course, he should have known better.
He should always expect the best from Carmen.

All of his files made sense, there was no mess to clean, everything was where he had left it but just a little bit better. After managing to sniffle back tears, damn her for making him well up both the last times he’d seen her, Rafael slid out of his office. Of course, she pretended not to notice him, as she would have done any time he wandered throughout their little corridor. As if nothing had ever changed.

This time, instead of dropping off papers or asking about schedules, Rafael Barba threw his arms over her shoulders, pulled her back so her rolling chair hit his chest and he could kindly embrace her. Oh, and Carmen smiled, even though he couldn’t see; she placed her hands over his as they collected near her sternum, let him give her a friendly peck on the cheek.

“Thank you,” he whispered briefly, just before standing and patting heavy palms on her shoulders. “Sincerely, Carmen, thank you: you’ve kept the place together and you’ve… well,” he had never been great with sentiments, and really wonderful friends were so hard to come by. “Carmen, I’d be lost without you-”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Barba.” She glanced up at him over her shoulder, pat at his knuckles to prove she truly did understand his gratitude: and she’d do it all over and over again if it really made her employer (and, friend) so very happy. “It’s what I do, Mr. Barba.”

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Rafael Barba being unfairly seductive in every episode

 Criminal Hatred (S14E12)

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Hello... I had a small question.. if you have time that is... umm so how do you watch the Gorillaz videos?.. is it a story?.. do I have to watch them in a special order?.. ^^ I'm kinda lost with where to start... ^^; .. ty..

Hello my friend, yes the Gorillaz videos have a story and there is a recommended order to watch the videos. You have to know that the story it’s divided in phases: phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 and the recent one phase 4 (I putted links with the tags of this blog so you can see the art and the evolution, but better read interviews and watch the videos.)

 Recently I found a post with this youtube playlist with the Gorillaz videos in “order”, it was really useful for me and I recommend you to watch it. It has not only the music videos, it has visuals, interviews, animated shorts, etc…

If you want to know more about the story of Gorillaz, the origin, then I recommend you to read The Rise Of The Ogre it has much information about the members, how the band formed, how was their debut, etc.

Here you can download the book: http://vey-kun.deviantart.com/art/Gorillaz-Rise-of-the-Ogre-302624283

Hope this could help you! Have a nice day!