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Your drawings that feature winter clothes are always just so precious!

Thank youu!!

It’s funny because growing up I hated winter, and still do to a certain extent, but after my first year in California, the perpetual sunshine tired me out. Coming home to snowstorm after snowstorm was beautiful.

Also, drawing characters in winter clothes is a chance for me to make them all pouffy fluffs of lurv <3 I have a set of clothes for every OC and every other character, based off something they wore in TV shows or their personalities. My OC Coco Lemur gets hardcore bundled up in winter because he hates the cold, and wears a longer and looser version of Zack’s toque.

For the MML characters, I gave both boys parkas, though initially Milo’s was supposed to uber fluff. Zack has a fur hood because he can make it his personal space when his Bffs are being butts. Also doesn’t bother with boots or ski pants because he be 2 coo for dat. Also my brother Alex hated wearing skipants too so it’s based off him.

Milo used to be all Fluff because cute nerds need to look like nerds. He also used to have a plain white toque until I decided a hunter’s cap was cuter on him. He uses his parka to warm Diogee up too. My youngest bro used to look really cute all bundled up for winter so Milo’s look is based off his.

Meli is really more based off clothes I would have loved to have yet could not because they either didn’t make them with the active girl in mind or made them my size. I find it typical to dress girls in pink, but since that’s her color palette I just went with it. *shrug*

So ye, I put a lot of freakin thought into the winter fluffs I draw my characters and others’ in. Maybe a little too much, but still. It makes for great fun and great gags XP

This is Pistachio, though we usually call him Big Beef because he has very strong arms. He was embarrassed about his unusual mouth, but when he saw the beautiful smile of Tiny he felt better about himself, so I showed him this picture of how cute it makes him look when he’s sleeping! Now he is proud of his little blep space and wants to thank Tiny for sharing his beautiful smile. His brother, Hiccup (Little Beef), has three strong legs, and is also a fan of Tiny! My Beefs are sometimes naughty like tiny, but do not have wet marshmallow jaws, so I have to make sure my nail polish doesn’t look like beetles or berries…

Hello Pistachio (Big Beef)! 😀🐸😀

Tiny thinks you are beautiful everywhere! 😊 He likes your lovely long black toenails and your fashionable beard spikes!

Tiny thinks your mouth is just perfect and he sends you 237 big Tiny kissies! 🐸😊🐸


Wiishu hit 200k and I just wanted to say that I believe that she deserves every single subscriber. She’s the person that inspired me to start making gifs and edits for YouTube. I love her videos and her art is beautiful and seeing her branch out made me want to show my support for not only her but every other channel I watch on YouTube.. I wouldn’t be where I am on tumblr without Signe. And I want to thank her. 

So.. Thank you so much @wiishu for inspiring me to create. I would have never met the friends I have on here now without you. There are so many people that I know who support and love everything you do. I can’t properly express how much you have changed my life.  I look forward to seeing how your channel progresses in the future and wish you all the best in the world. 

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hi, did every member have a solo stage for their own tracks at the concert? i've only seen videos for first love, begin, and mama and i'm not sure if that's bc the other fansites haven't uploaded the fancams for the other members yet

Yes, every member had a solo stage for their individual track! And each member was amazing, so please show them your support because performing alone is a brave thing to do! ^^ Today is day 2 of Wings in Seoul, so the fansites are probably still quite busy and haven’t had the chance to upload many pictures + videos (and that’s if they recorded videos at all~ there’s a chance they may not have). They work really, incredibly hard though, so please show them your support when you can. <3
- Kristi

so what she flew down there was like, “oh louis im not gonna show my face at this huge fashion show so lets hide from social media and ~ rekindle ~ oh look you should like this brand i wore this sweater like 3 months ago also you should go like the picture, ima like the picture of you wearing it ah this is so romantic !!! i love you even tho you have a 1 year old with a woman you cheated on me with *kiss* you are the best man ever lets make this official exactly a month after breaking up with that wannabe *kiss* im so glad you took me back after publilcy humiliating me !!! lets do this even tho I was miserable back in the day and hate your fans woooooo” like this is so fucking embarrassing i cant do it


lucas friar appreciation week ♡ day seven 

go off about why you love this stupid cowboy - alright, so i’m gonna try not to write an entire five paragraph essay with bibliography on this subject, which i’m sure i could, so i’ll be as brief as possible. i love lucas friar for a multitude of reasons, he’s loyal to his friends and those he cares about, he’s goofy and breaks stereotypes about athletic boys being mean and rough, he’s a genuinely good person who doesn’t want to hurt the people around him. despite the fact that he was done dirty time and time again on the show, he never faltered from being the guy who never wants to hurt anyone. he’s protective, he’s kind, he’s good hearted, he’s smart, he never wants to do anything wrong (something i’m so so so upset we never got to explore). while i’ll forever be disappointed that we never got to learn more about lucas, i’ll always appreciate what we did get and i’ll always love the character that he was. so many aspects of lucas were relatable and wonderful to watch and i’m very happy that we had/have him. ♥

@faustandluce HONESTLY, that boy recycles father figures like his rent depends on how many dads he turns in at the end of book. As if he needs more dads. I agree with you tho, he needs a mom. He’s been asking for a mom since book one. Basically every women (who isn’t Cat or Gilly) that he’s met so far wants to do things like hold his hand or ride his dick, but what homeboy really needs is a mom to tell him to clean his room and yell at him when one of his dads doesn’t want to discipline him. Oh, and show him some emotion that isn’t hiding behind being a rough and tumble grunt who needs manly posturing in order to tell Jon he loves him (without actually telling him he loves him– grunt grunt here Jon have my priceless family sword no this doesn’t mean anything at all it’s just what I give everyone who saves my life).

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wait no pleasepleaseplease tell us!!!😖😖

Ha… I really didnt want to bring this up again…😔 but if people read it they may see Namjoon with different eyes… also his lyrics and thoughts etc… So people found out Namjoon had a heart surgery with only a 30% of surviving… everything else is mentioned in this article… please read to understand this… http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sn01sn Back then when I first read about this matter i bawled my eyes out tbfh…I still do whenever I read something regarding this matter…😭😔😢 Thats what I meant when I said dont hurt him his heart already suffered so much💔😔 Please love and protect my precious bean🙏😙 》행복하자, 행복하자…《 Let’s be happy ☆RM

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“I think I’m different. I started Gossip Girl 10 years ago when I was 20, and I’m 30 now. I loved doing it, and now I’m doing something else that I love, and something new that’s a little bit more my taste as a 30 year old, something I’ve grown into. I feel so lucky that I can have such amazing fans and they either grew up with [the show] or they’re growing up with it now. I’ve also heard people say, ‘Oh, we watch that as a throwback” Leighton Meester

Day Six - Jumin Han

who else listens to BTS? because i can’t wait for the Not Today vid, i love the song so so much

  • Why does he have to work on Valentines??? (‘A`)
  • He ended up writing a note for you when you woke up.
  • “Good morning, I’m sorry for working today but I’m leaving earlier than usual so expect me home at around noon.”
  • He also does call you at lunch time.
  • When he comes out of work, you’re waiting for him - but you don’t anticipate the several bouquets of roses he has in his hands.
  • “I’m ever so sorry for not being able to spend the whole day with you, my love.”
  • He’ll agree to do anything that you want to do.
  • Persuading him to watch a TV show with you in the evening was funny.
  • But Jumin looked so cute all snuggled up in the blankets.
  • And the two of you shared chocolate all night until you just both collapsed on the sofa.
  • The guards found the fact that Jumin was asleep underneath a pastel pink and purple blanket rather amusing.
  • He threatened to fire them if they told anyone.

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Overwatch but in a modern AU where they are kind of like rooster teeth with podcasts, play video games, make original content, etc. It originally started with Gabriel and Jack playing random games and posting about it but they keep adding more and more friends into the project and they become super popular.


genji and hana do a ton of guides and tips videos, and hana livestreams a lot, often with various guests. lena is on most of the podcasts, and so is reinhardt. ana does solo videos in really hard games like dark souls or various complex puzzle games and people love it. jesse shows up on podcasts ten minutes late with starbucks for everyone, even if he’s not supposed to be on the podcast at all.

OTP Soundtrack Game

Original Post: Ok, guys, since I’m so invested in my OTPs these days, and I love soundtracks, I decided to share with you songs that remind me of each one of them. But I also want to interact with you and see what your choices would be, so I’m tagging some people to do the same! And then you can tag your friends as well.


- The lyrics don’t have to necessarily match with the OTP perfectly. I chose some of the songs based also on the feeling they give me, that reminds me of the pairings;
- The only songs you can’t use are ones that were already used on their scenes on the TV show.

My Edit: I was tagged by the lovely @themorningatthecastlesgarden! I don’t have too many ships from newer shows (I do kinda have a Game of Thrones ship, but I’m staying hush on that one for now), but these are the pairings I’ve loved pretty much forever. 

Bughead (Betty & Jughead from Archie Comics AKA my OTP of OTPs):

I’m Waiting For The Day by The Beach Boys (from Pet Sounds, a favorite album of mine)

You’re My Favorite Waste of Time by Marshall Crenshaw (this is actually my favorite song, period)

Audrey + Dale (Audrey Horne and Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks):

Put Your Head On My Shoulder by Paul Anka

MSR (Mulder & Scully from X-Files):

For anyone that doesn’t know, “shipping”, “shippers” and related terms were all born out of the X-Files fandom. It’s true! I shipped these two so hard back in the day.

All Over You by Live (this song was in one of my favorite episodes, “Syzygy”, and every time I hear it, I think of them).

Bughead (Betty & Jughead from Riverdale):

I Only Have Eyes For You by The Flamingos (I feel like Jughead, on the show, really digs doo-wop and would totally dance to this with Betty in the abandoned Twilight Drive-In parking lot).

I tag any and all of you! I love music, and I love finding songs that connect with my headcanons, so I’d love to hear what some of yours are. 

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Do you think the Supergirl team on Tumblr will notice how much we love supercorp if we spam them with the reason why we love supercorp and why it's so amazing?

they’ve definitely noticed already. the Real Question is if they want us to keep watching 👀 @ the cw Make Them Happen Or I’m Done Watchinf Ur Show !

Cannon, not cannon

First, I don’t want to cause hurt feels or arguments but I honestly don’t understand some of the hatred and negativity I’m seeing to rtte s4. I remember people complaining they wanted more Hictrid, we got. I remember people asking for character building, we got it. People asked for more dragons, we got it. Other people wanted it to be more mature, folks, we got it. We got bonding between friends, family, dragons and so forth. Just because you didn’t get specifically what you wanted doesn’t make it a bad show. To each their own. If you don’t like, don’t watch. Personally, I loved it. My son loves it, and so do many of his friends and cousins.

Whether you thinks the series is cannon or not doesn’t matter. Hell, the movies don’t follow the books whatsoever so are they cannon or the books? It doesn’t matter. It’s a show meant to entertain. Like it or not, I’m excited for the next two seasons and the 3rd movie, just as I have been for every previous season, movies, and each and every book. If it wasn’t for httyd as well as rotg I never would have got back into writing or have managed to finish my new series of novels.

Everyone has their own opinions and I respect them but can we all cut back on the negativity because believe it or not it does affect the writers and actors who may be curious enough to see what fans think.

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Oh wow I love your style. Its really beautiful and the colors are really good in it. I wanted to become as good as you someday. How do you do Ains braided hair? It looks exceptional great!

(CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO MAKE A GIF…..*uses a poor gif site and dies*)

Aaaa hello and thank you!!! So, i spent literally 4 hours trying to find a way to show you how I do it. It is always messy, sketchy and not very well drawn. It only looks a little better when I color it. ;///v///;  But I am so so glad you like the way I do it !! I am still practising how to draw Ain well, but I will improve it little by little ! ♡

Forgive me for the low quality of this but I hope it is clear enough to show what I usually do! I will probably update this post when I find a better way to make a gif. ; v; 

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I love how Fred told Archie it wasn't his fault and they fucking hugged ASDFGJKL my heart. Also I'm so worried for Jughead now bc he's homeless ??? And a lot of bad shout happens to homeless kids and seeing how far this show took slut shaming it's not too far off guessing that'll they'll do something extreme to Jughead. I just want them all to be happy 😭

every time i think about Fred Andrews i get emotional because he just stood there while Alice yelled and there’s no way he’s not mad at himself for that, and he and Archie probably won’t resolve that between them for years. The hug and Archie crying omf my heart hurt. It was so nice that they actually showed a teenage boy crying though because i feel like that doesn’t happen a lot. 

and Jughead! I’m so worried about where his mom and his sister are, and why he’s on reasonably good terms with his dad yet doesn’t live with him, why he didn’t just go to a friend’s house, where he’s going to live now, where he showers (probably the locker room at school and i’m so sad), how no one knew he was homeless, where he’s going to get his money from now, omg i’m just so worried for him and he’s not even real. jfc what are these writers going to do to him? These kids have suffered enough, and so have I 😭😭😭

It’s really important to feel represented,“ Hutcherson told Variety in a new interview. “I’ve obviously read quite a few scripts in my life, and there’s a certain way that many writers, who are not my age and didn’t grow up in my environment, try to write a character that I connect with. It happens — there’s some great writers who do do that, and those are the ones you fight to make. But most of the time, it doesn’t feel authentic. I think there’s a certain authenticity when you have young filmmakers and millennials coming up and trying to tell stories that they care about and connect with. It makes it more accessible for those audiences that we want to give good content to.”

“I’m also obsessed with the TV show Girls, so I would love take a swing at something a little more contained and personal like that as well,” he shared. We’re into it.

—  Josh Hutcherson

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Alright listen, I have been 100% on the Ignis train since I first fell in love with XV. But suddenly I'm having all these Prompto feels??? I can't help but imagine what he'd really be like in a relationship (or in bed cough cough). What is WRONG WITH ME HELP. I just had to get that out to someone who'd understand. /rant 😝


That’s what happened to me. I’ve been an Iggy fan since I discovered this game and then Prompto just showed up and now I’m like…which one do I like more???

Prompto’s character is so relatable. He’s genuinely sweet, he has hangups, self-esteem issues, and he tries so, so hard to be accepted even when he already is, and I think that’s something that a lot of people can relate to. I think that’s what makes me adore him so much.

And Ignis’ character is really relatable too, but for completely different reasons than Prompto. He’s selfless and devoted, and his selflessness (to me) extends so far that he’s lost himself in a way. We know so little about him and I think that’s for a reason - because he doesn’t know entirely who he is, and even if he does, he has to push practically all of it away. His life is Noctis. Period. They’re both just really well-written characters and I adore both of them.

Excuse me while I go gush forever about these two because they’re my favorites and I just adore them