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Nathan MacKinnon - Boldest But Best Decision

anon request: Could you maybe do a Nathan Mackinnon imagine? Something really cute and fluffy maybe. Please and thank you!

this was a fun one to write and i really enjoyed it!! i hope you guys like it:))

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here i was sat on the couch with my long term boyfriend nathan. hockey was playing in the background as i read my books and rested my back on his chest. nathan’s fingertips play with my hair softly.

once i was done a chapter of my book i layed it on my lap and rested my head back on his chest. he hummed in response to this gesture as if asking what’s up. “do you remember” i started speaking but then i fully turned so nate and i were face to face.

“the first time we met?” i smiled when i saw a surprised and humorous look on his face. “how could i forget!” he laughed loudly probably thinking back to the day. back then i was still in university and working as much as i could as a waiter as the busiest restaurant in town.

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MATT: So where did it go?

KEVIN: Home.

(Nate, probably: Okay so are we just doing this whole bubble decor thing now because-)

aother sorta screencap redraw! because, well, why not. the barn buddies have a real true barn home and it warms my heart

Caught Feelings - Nate Maloley Fanfic // 6

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 




 It’s been two weeks since I ran off, almost got attacked and Nate asked me to be his girlfriend. Things have been going great but with his upcoming tour uproar hung I seem to be getting nervous for what is going to happen with us.

 "Hey lil mama.“ Nate says walking Into the kitchen kissing my forehead.

 "Hey baby.” I whisper taking a sip of my water.

 Nate then bends down and kisses my stomach rubbing it gently and talking to our child. I smile and run my fingers through his hair as he does so.

 "You’re so cute Nate. I’m going to miss you when you leave Friday.“ I say stopping my movements and wiping away a few tears. Damn pregnancy hormones.

 "You know I was thinking about that.” Nate says standing up and picking me up bridal style walking us over to the couch.

 I smile and snuggle into his chest inhaling his sent. Nate continues what he was saying as he sets us down on the couch me in his lap. “Why don’t you come with me?” Nate says with a grin. 

 My eyes light up and my head snaps up. “Are you serious?” I say now grinning.

 "Yeah can’t have my actual lil mama running around doing things by herself can I?“ Nate says rubbing my thighs soothingly. 

 "Oh my god yes of course I will go with you.” I screech wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him closer so I can feel his plump lips on mine. 

 Friday morning came and Nate and I were both packed a long with Derek and Swazz we all headed out to the tour bus and boarded with grins spread across all of our faces.

 "Damn this is awesome.“ I mumble under my breath placing my hand on my stomach.

 "Y/N and I get the giant bed in the back.” Nate yells walking back there throwing the bags on the bed.

 "What that’s not fair!“ John yells. 

 "Gotta give the pregnant lady room.” I giggle walking back to the bed flopping down next to our suitcases.

 "Whatever.“ John says rolling his eyes with a smirk. 

 We had decided to tell the boys the whole situation with me being pregnant and well who’s baby it was. Of course they had figured out that Nate and I were friends were benefits. The boys seemed to be super chill about the whole fiasco. The first stop on the tour was San Fran, and I was quite excited. The bus was leaving as all of us settled down playing on our phones.

 The bus could be cramped and at time filled with smoke but they tried to keep it to a minimum since I was carrying a impressionable baby. The ride there was bumpy and I seemed to get sick a lot. Curse my motion sickness mixed with my pregnancy. In the morning we had arrived in San Francisco and it was gorgeous and sunny. We hadn’t told the fans about Nate and I yet and especially not about the pregnancy. We stretched it and headed to the stage and the main area where the meet and greet would be held. 

 I dressed in a flowy floral maxi dress with my hair in a French braided up do. I could hear the fans cheering from outside the venu I smiled to myself as I watched Nate walk in wrapping his arms around me.

 "You look finnneeeee lil mama.” Nate chuckles in my ear kissing underneath in my sweet spot.

 I giggle and turn around right as I’m about to kiss Nate his manager tells that it’s time for the meet and greet. He sighs and places a quick peck to my lips before running out. 

 I peer around the corner to watch Nate meeting all the girls. Of course I can’t be seen or some of them will flip out on me. I get a lot of hate from his fans and the stress of it all will send me into a panic attack. I don’t need that now.

 I walk down the little grass patch to the building where Skaterade is being held. I smile and push open the door walking down the vacant isles to the giant black stage lined with speakers. I walk across the stage and stand up to the front. I hear whispers coming from behind me and I turn around to see some teenage girls. 

 "I don’t think you guys are supposed to be in here.“ I say giving them a soft smile. 

 "Stay away from Nate.” One of them says walking closer to me.

 "What.?“ I say backing up away from them. 

 "We don’t want you near him. He is ours.” Another one sneers at me jumping at me causing me to jump back.

 "I don’t want any trouble.“ I choke out not being to hold my tears in. 

 They keep getting closer to me as I approach the front of the stage. I trip and fall backwards and as I do so I scream out for Nate. I remember hitting my head into the ground and everything going fuzzy then black. I payed on the ground clutching my unborn child laying in my stomach.


Here is part 6! 

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Part 7 out Friday or Saturday


Get a Filter. :: Nate Maloley.

[Request:: Hi babe, could you please do an imagine with Nate where he and y/n will argue about Nate party too much and he will something really bad, she will be like ‘Oh, okay then, goodbye’ and after she’ll say it he will be like ‘Nonono, babe, I didn’t mean it’ and you can tak it from here but happy end pleeeeease :’) Thanks! :–*] Here you go! I really hope you like how I whipped it up. Thank you for requesting!

8:20 P.M.

I hated family dinners. I hated how they usually always ended up being hosted at my house. I hated how Nate thought it was okay to go out and get high with his guys beforehand, or go to a bar and skip out on our plans. I hate how he didn’t care to check in, or call, or apologize to our families and I. We had them monthly to catch up, remain close. This one was important. I hated family dinners.

But, here I was. Sitting next to Nate’s empty chair, both of our families spread out along our dining room table and waiting for Nate to show up, their plates empty. Embarrassment was an understatement. I felt humiliated. This is the third time he’s done this, swearing each time it wouldn’t happen again. Spending hours after a small argument convincing me that he’d come. I believed him, stupidly, but this was the last time. I was done.

‘’Darling, how about we just dig into dinner? We’ve been waiting for 20 minutes, the children are getting grumpy. If he comes late this time he can just sit down and eat, alright?’’ My mom spoke up after leaning into me a bit and whispering. I nodded slowly, feeling defeated. 20 minutes wasn’t long, but I had both of our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews here. I kept them waiting for him. For nothing.

9:36 P.M.

My stress and embarrassment began to wash away throughout the dinner. Everyone acted as if the 20 minutes and third time of not showing up never happened, which helped. We acted as if he wasn’t meant to be there, although I knew we all really wished he was.

Nate’s mom, my sister, and I were about to get up and empty our dishes when a banging came from the entryway in the next room. Anger started to boil inside me, Nate’s mom giving me the ’Take it easy on him’ look before taking my plate and walking off with my sister so I could answer the door. I let out a breath before walking out of the dining room and through the living room to where the front door was, smoothing out my dress as I open the door.

There he stood, a smug smirk spread across the right side of his face as he held his body up by leaning on the door frame, his eyes drooped slightly with visible bags under them. He reeked of weed. His heavy breathing told me he had also been out drinking.

‘’Nate, you’re an hour late! You’re also high and drunk!’’ I whispered through gritted teeth. I could feel my face turning red with anger. He shook his head with a snicker and pushed past me, stumbling into the entry way. ‘’Lil’ Ma, it’s all good! I only had one beer, I’m pretty sober. Sammy remembered I had the dinner before I drank anymore and drove me home. I’m here know, you waited for me this time, right?’’

‘’Yeah, Nate, always do! Don’t I? Sammy was late in remembering. Look, everyone’s about-’’

‘’Thanks, baby, I’m going to go get freshened up real quick! I’ll be out in ten minutes. Just give me ten minutes!’’

Before I could even tell him everyone was getting ready to leave, he had jogged upstairs and turned into our bedroom. Honestly, I felt stupid for being upset about this, but each time that feeling came I remembered why this dinner was so important in the first place and the anger instantly came back.

Nate’s ten minutes turned into twenty-five, but after fifteen everyone was all packed up and ready to go home. Giving me looks of sympathy as I helped them out the door. I couldn’t choose between going to bed or confronting Nate about being late once again, until he came out of our shared bedroom wearing a black v-neck along with dark jeans, that same smug look on his face as he jogged down the stairs, it disappearing when he saw the empty chair and dirty plates in the kitchen sink.

‘’(Y/N), where’d everyone go? I told you to give me ten minutes-’’

‘’Then why’d you take thirty?’’ I spat, rolling my eyes as I slipped off my heels and kicked them to the pile of shoes by the front door, walking out of view from him and into the kitchen to start cleaning the dishes. ‘’Lil’ Ma, I needed a shower. I didn’t want my mom knowing I was high! Do you know the lecture I would have gotten right then and there?’’

‘’You shouldn’t have been high in the first place, Nate! You promised you’d be here tonight! You swore that you’d show up. This dinner was important this time, but you thought it’d be a good idea to go get high off your ass and come an hour and thirty minutes late. Did you really expect for me to have them sit down for another twenty god damned minutes for YOU? No, Nate I-’’

‘’Look, I’m sorry. You’re giving me a fucking headache. We’ll talk about this later. I’m going to bed.’’ He interrupted me. He closed his eyes tightly and rubbed three of his fingers into them as he turned away from me, shaking his head while going to walk up the stairs.

‘’No, we are going to talk about this right now! I’m so sick of you coming home this late, always with the guys, always drunk, always high! I love the guys, but I can’t stand the way you try to act like you have no responsibilities when you get around them! Newsflash, Nate, You’re engaged!’’ I snapped. I was sick of him acting as if this was nothing to me and brushing it off. I knew he’d wake me up, make me breakfast, cancel plans for the day and try to make it up. I didn’t want that this time. I wanted him to understand that if he was going to marry me, he had to act like a husband. He’s not a teenager anymore. Not if he’s willing to propose.

‘’Why do you always have to plan these at night, huh? Why so late? I have a life other than constantly being here playing house with you!’’ He was kidding me, right? Playing house? Where the hell did he think he was going with this argument? He was proving himself stupid.

‘’Then you shouldn’t have proposed to me, Nate,’’ I said, my voice barely calmed, ‘’You shouldn’t have asked if we could have a kid, you shoudn’t have even gotten into a relationship with me if you weren’t going to change.’’ My fists were curled by my sides and I hadn’t even noticed how close Nate and I had gotten to each other. Reality of our fight was starting to set in and I began to notice how angry he’d started to look. His eyes were wide, probably mirrored to mine. His face was one of disgust and he was red, looking like he was about to explode.

‘’SHIT, (Y/N), I’M SORRY I GOT YOU KNOCKED UP, OKAY? YOU’RE RIGHT, I SHOULD HAVE NEVER ASKED FOR US TO HAVE A KID. YOU ALREADY ACT CRAZY ENOUGH WHEN YOU’RE NOT PREGNANT, NOW I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS? FUCK THAT, (Y/N)! I REGRET IT ALL, IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR? I REGRET IT!’’ His voice boomed and I had started to cower in front of him. His body was hunched over mine a bit and I felt like I was about to fall backwards from how far I was leaning back. My eyes were wide and filling with tears, but I quickly started to blink them away and pull back from under his angry, heavy breathing figure to walk back into the kitchen and over to the sink, mumbling a quiet ‘’Okay,’’ not knowing what else to say to him.

‘’Wait, (Y/N), I didn’t mean that, okay? I got caught-’’

‘’Yeah, you got caught up in the moment. I get it. Whatever, Nate. Go to bed, I’ll be up there after I clean the kitchen and dining room table,’’ I mumbled barely loud enough for him to hear, but he did because after a few seconds, an annoyed, guilty sigh came from him along with slight stomps as he walked up the stairs.

We never said anything like that to each other when we fought. Never. I never got scared of him. Never. But, in that moment I felt nothing but fear, anger, hurt, and guilt for screaming. This wasn’t me. I always, ALWAYS stood my ground when we argued.

After thirty minutes of soft weeps and cleaning, I was finally able to head upstairs. That unfamiliar feeling of fear started up in my stomach again and I stood in the middle of the staircase, picking at my nails and wiping my eyes while debating whether or not to walk up there or sleep on the couch. I decided Nate was most likely already asleep, so I headed upstairs. The closer I got, the more I could hear Nate’s voice, a slight laugh coming from him. When I reached the door, I peeked half of my body into the wide crack in the door to see him sitting on my side of the bed that faced the wall with his phone to his ear.

‘’Yeah, I know. Anyways, I apologize Mrs. (Y/L/N)…… Mhm, she’s probably going to come in here in a few and attempt at ringing my neck…… I know, I’m excited to, but keep it a secret until tomorrow, I’m setting up dinner this time…… Yeah, I called everyone and they said it’d be okay…… Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow. Again, thanks for everything. Alright, bye.’’ He called everyone and scheduled another dinner? I smiled a bit, watching him throw his phone to the side and fall backwards, cupping the front of his face in his hands. 

‘’You really didn’t have to, you know?’’ I spoke softly, stepping into the room through the crack and closing the door behind me. He rose quickly, looking a little startled from not knowing I was there before replying, ‘’Yeah, I did. I said some fucked up shit down there, (Y/N), but I hope you know I didn’t mean any of it,’’ Yeah, I did know, but he had no right to let it go that far. Nate knows better. I sighed, looking down at the floor as I walked to the bed. My attention turning to his stressed look as I crawled into bed.

‘’Yeah, but it still hurt. I mean, honestly.. are you sure you want a baby, Nate? Because it’s only been a few weeks, I can-’’

‘’No, don’t even think about getting rid of this baby. I want them. I want you. Forever. I’m sorry, baby,’’ He reassured me, gripping onto my waist and pulling me down to lay on top of him, my body more above his so that he could nuzzle his face into my neck. ‘’I just need to get a filter for my mouth, huh?’’ He joked while mumbling into my neck causing me to laugh out.

‘’Let’s head to bed, baby. Go get out of this dress and get in a shirt of mine. I made it a bit earlier and we need to get up early to make this perfect.’’


I went to a wedding on the weekend and all I coukd think about while watching the groom make his speech is this..

“I remember standing next to my best man, Nate (Maloley) doing a M&G when this beautiful girl came running up to me with tears in her eyes I thought she was the cutest thing ever, she gave me a tight hug that lasted what felt like forever and we posed for the picture, picking her up bridal style giving her a kiss on the cheek as I put her down I asked what her twitter was. We spoke all the time she became my best friend, the girl I fell in love with and now 4 years later here we are at our wedding. Y/n you have been my rock, you mean everything to me I knew as soon as I saw you at that M&G I needed to get to know you so thank you for following me and giving me an endless amount of love and support I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you… I’ll love you and care for you until my last breath” said your amazing husband Sammy Wilkinson trying his hardest to keep in the tears.

(You also re-created the photo where you two had first met)