i do really like this song so yeah

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okay okay but like, are we allowed to make animatics of the song? ive been wanting to do one but there havent really been any good short songs to do ;;

If someone wanted to make animatics for a song I wrote, I would probably actually scream tbh. 

So yeah, you have my FULL permission aha. 

✨name aesthetics✨

So I saw some people making name aesthetic edits and now I really want to try it i need to boost whatever creativity i have left my life literally depends on creativity.


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So yeah I know I’m being completely extra about this but thats what makes this fun!!! I want to know more about you so I can make your edit more personal, you know? You don’t have to answer every single one if you can’t, I probably won’t be able to fit everything in the edit but this way I have more to work with.

It might take a while for me to make them because i do have an exam on thursday that I’m supposed to be studying for oops.

I’m not in the ml fandom bUT @illustraice ‘s Sun/Moon au has me h o o k e d.  Now, I’m no artist so I can’t draw for it (believe me I just tried drawing Mari and I spent more time outlining muscles than anything so that was a lost cause), and because I’m not in the ml fandom and I have no grasp on Mari and Adrien’s characters, I can’t write for it, either.  Buuuuut, given what I’ve read for this AU, I can certainly devise a playlist for it.  Because music is universal.

She is the Sunlight Trading Yesterday | May I Trading Yesterday | Run Leona Lewis | Drop in the Ocean Ron Pope | Little Do You Know Alex & Sierra | Losing Your Memory Ryan Star | Echo Jason Walker | Infinity One Direction | California King Bed Rihanna | Battlefield Jordin Sparks | Bleeding Love Leona Lewis | Listen To Your Heart DHT | Truly, Madly, Deeply Savage Garden | Hey There Delilah Plain White T’s | Saware Arijit Singh


my chemical romance for @mcryinq and @-givemeareasontobelieve- :))


For centuries

Lawlu ~ requested by jinxstandsforjinxdurrr

today I recited Shakespeare to a small army of eight-year-olds

So last week an email got sent round my college asking if anyone wanted to read some poetry to primary school kids and I was the only one who responded and I asked if I could do some Shakespeare, since I have quite a lot of experience with it, and the teacher said that would be fine.

So I was discussing with friends what I should do and they said ‘er yeah, don’t do Shakespeare.’ And I was like ‘what why’ and they went ’well, maybe if they’re over 10 but otherwise you’ll just get blank looks’ and I went ‘well I don’t want to insult their intelligence’ and then another friend was like ‘hey you should do that kid’s song ‘When I Was One’, they’ll like that!!’ (it’s a really babyish song for toddlers with silly actions) and I thought about it and was ‘like nah actually, I’ll do the ‘Once more unto the breach’ speech’

So I learned that over the week, and I was walking up to the school, and the whole way I was thinking ‘Oh god this was a terrible idea they’re going to hate it, they’re going to look at me blankly like those kids in The Polar Express, my friends were right it’s going to be a disaster’, and I was there early, so I sat in the classroom for the first half an hour, got given a cupcake by some kids from a different class, said hello to some of the kids in my class, they got a look at me.

At half 2 the teacher mentioned I would be reading some poetry, and I asked if we could go outside, which she was more than happy to allow, and the kids were all so confused (‘where are we going? Isn’t it only poetry?’) and we got onto the field, the teacher got them all to stand an arm’s length apart from each other, so I could walk around them, and I did a brief overview of where the scene came in the play, how the king is on the battlefield, talking to his soldiers (“Could all you be the soldiers?” “Yes!!”) and they’re attacking the French, who are all in a castle (forgot it’s really a castle town), and they’re attacking them through a gap in the wall, the breach. Me and the teacher emphasised that if there was anything they didn’t understand, that was completely fine and they could ask me at the end. I asked the kids to watch for when I held my fist in the air, which is when they had to cheer loudly, we had a practise at that, and then I did the speech.

Everything I had been scared about evaporated. All the kids were totally engaged, they were all watching me, they all listened right the way through, I saw lots of excited faces, and they all cheered really well at the end.

Afterwards, there was a lot of chatter, several of them asked me questions (”how do you remember all those words?”, “what did you mean when you talked about nostrils?”), one boy asked me to do it again, they were all really lovely and had genuinely enjoyed it. It was so much fun, and they especially loved it when I told them how my big college friends had told me not to do Shakespeare because they wouldn’t like it. Those kids 100% proved them wrong

Interviewer: So for the past 8 interviews you’ve done with other people,  you’ve mentioned this one song that you say really speaks to you?

Ezra Miller: Yeah. It’s only 6 seconds, too, and I think that highlights how short life can be. It’s warm, it’s inviting, and it’s over just. Like. That.

Interviewer: Oh so if it’s only 6 seconds long uh…do you mind singing it for us? You are a singer as well as an actor. 

Ezra: Of course! I’d love to sing it for you!

Ezra: *pulls a harmonica out of his dusty oversized Free People orange velvet blazer and begins tapping it against his knee, seemingly unaware of what harmonicas are actually for*

Ezra: Wehellcome…to my keetchen….we have bananis…an advocadiiis


okay, so….. Remember that song you posted the other day?
Well, have some rough drawings of that first part.

It’s Been a Long Time

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A/N: Ack so please pretend I posted this last night like I wanted to instead of falling asleep.  I was totally gonna post every day but look how well that went.  I do have two stories that I was going to write today, specifically for Halloween day, so I’ll still publish those later I think.  Anyway, this was inspired by a swing ball that I’m in theory going to tonight, so yeah.  It ended up being less Halloweeny and more fluffy, but I quite like it.  Also, I know the song is from the apartment scene in CATWS, but I really liked it and I though it worked well.  Hope you do too!

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He feels hopelessly out of place.

Steve had dragged him to this Halloween Swing Ball, promising it’d be just like the “good old days.”  And for Steve, it’s easy enough to pretend.  

For Bucky, it’s impossible.  

He doesn’t remember a lot of things from before his Hydra days, doesn’t remember memories and events and people, but he remembers little things.  The taste of the bread from the Italian bakery down the street.  The smell of perfume, always lingering about him after a night out.  The feel of his old clothes, much more comfortable than the brand new replica clothes Steve had found for him.

And of course, the weight of his metal arm, hanging limply at his side.

He couldn’t pretend.  It wasn’t the good old days, not anymore.

He watches from the side of the room as Steve dances with a pretty redhead, all smiles.  Steve shoots Bucky a look over the girl’s shoulder, nodding his head as if to invite Bucky onto the floor.

Bucky shakes his head and smiles, if only to make sure Steve doesn’t worry too much about him.  The song ends and a swarm of women descends upon Steve, all too happy to claim him as their next partner.

“You know, there’s a distinct shortage of men here tonight and it’s selfish to stand off to the side brooding when there’s plenty of girls without a dancing partner.”

Bucky turns to find you standing next to him, a coy smirk on your face.  He takes in your replica red ‘40s dress that fits perfectly to your body, the way your skirt swishes as you move, the click of your heels as you move ever so slightly closer to him.  Your tone is light, joking, and for some reason, it puts Bucky at ease immediately.

“I think I’d be doing any woman here a disservice to dance with her,” he replies.

“I’m sure she’d get over it,” you toss back.  “Your face would more than make up for it.”

Flirting.  Something new for Bucky.  Or rather something old, something vaguely familiar but utterly foreign.  He struggles to come up with a response, but draws a blank.  The part of his brain that used words to make women go weak in the knees is closed off, silent, unhelpful.

“I’m (Y/N),” you say, breaking the awkward silence.


“Bucky,” you say, rolling the name over your tongue, trying it out.

“Short for Buchanan,” he says, feeling the need to clarify, for some reason.  “My middle name.”

“And what’s your first name?” you smile.  

“That’s not something I usually tell people right away,” he says.

“I see,” you say, arching an eyebrow.  “Well, the night’s still young.”

Bucky’s confused.  Why are you still talking to him when you could be dancing with someone like Steve?

“So, how about a dance?” you ask boldly.  Bucky’s eyes widen.

“With me?” he asks, doing his best to keep his voice even.  You nod.  “I just told you I’m a terrible dancer.”

“And I just told you that you’re cute enough to get away with it,” you smile.  

“The music’s too fast,” he says quickly and there’s a flicker of something in your eyes.  Bucky was trained to read people, trained to watch for these little moments.  Just for a second, your eyes fall as your confidence falters, before you’re able to maintain your serene and confident persona.  He feels a slight twinge in his chest as he recognizes a look that’s all too familiar for him.

“Well if you don’t want to dance with me, all you had to do was say so,” you smile, not as broad as before.

“No, that’s…” Bucky trails off, wishing that his brain didn’t feel so scrambled right now.  “It’s not that I don’t want to dance with you.”

“But you’re a terrible dancer and the music’s too fast,” you reply.  “A girl knows when to take a hint.”

“No, it’s…I don’t normally talk about it,” Bucky says.  And how can he talk about it?  How can he tell you about everything he’s been through, about everything he’s feeling?  About how talking to you has been both the closest he’s felt to being himself again and also a constant reminder of how far he still has to go?

“You don’t need to tell me,” you say and Bucky feels his heart soften.  “You don’t owe me anything.”

“I think I owe you a dance, doll,” Bucky says and as the words slip past his lips, he knows he’s finally said something right.  He sees you smile and there’s something about the way your lips curve upwards that makes him happy.

“Only if you want to,” you say, and he offers you his right hand.  He gestures to the music, which has changed to a new, slower song.

“They even slowed down the music for us,” he says, and the way you smile as he leads you onto the dance floor melts his heart.

Then he realizes that you have to take his other hand, his metal hand, and he starts to panic.  He hadn’t thought this through, hadn’t thought of something to say.  

But you wordlessly slip your right hand into his left, smiling up at him as you both begin to sway for the music.  He waits for a question, a reaction, something.  But it’s almost as if you don’t even notice.

“So, why’d you come here tonight?” you ask.  

“My friend wanted to come,” he answers.  “We used to dance a bit, back in the day.  You?”

“My friend,” you nod.  “She has a thing for men in historical clothing.”

“And what about you?” Bucky says, not sure where his confident replies are coming from.  “How do you feel about all these guys dressed up?”  You smile bemusedly and give him a joking once over.

“I thought it’d be silly,” you say honestly.  “But I have to say, I’m warming up to the idea.  You do look pretty dapper.”

“Well, you’re a knockout in that dress,” Bucky says and he loves the way you smile, a faint blush rushing to your cheeks.  He loves the fact that he was able to put that smile, that blush there.

For the rest of the song, the two of you dance in comfortable silence.  The steps are familiar to Bucky, but he doesn’t want to push his luck with any of the fancier moves he thinks he remembers.  

The song comes to an end and he leans in, his lips next to your ear.

“My first name’s James,” he says.  “James Buchanan Barnes.”  You smile, as if you do in fact realize the significance of what he’s just told you.

“Nice to meet you, James,” you reply softly.  

The Crystal Kingdom Song (Cover)
  • The Crystal Kingdom Song (Cover)
  • flowerfae

so I recorded a cover of all the verses of the Crystal Kingdom song from The Adventure Zone! I really like the song tbh so I thought it would be fun to figure out and do a cover for ^^

I apologize for less-than-ideal quality of the audio, I used my phone to record this because I don’t have a better microphone… I also apologize for any mistakes! I haven’t really properly sang anything in a while so that’s why this probably isn’t the best, but… I tried haha

anyway, I hope y’all enjoy! :)

A Winter's Ball | Fred Weasley imagine

: hey, could you write a Fred Weasley imagine where the reader, who’s a ravenclaw, and him are best friends and she likes him, but he only realizes her back when he gets really jealous of her with some other boy, pleasee, i love your writing!

Happy early New year!

Thanks for requesting this was so much fun to do. I was grinning so much. Requests are open so if you have something you want me to write just drop a message c:

I was listening to Hamilton while writing and wrote Angelica instead of Angelina a few dozen times. And yeah, the imagine is named after a song from Hamilton.

Pairing: Fred Weasley x female reader

Warnings: None

Key: Y/n - your name

         H/c - hair colour

Words: 1248


The parchment in front of you was still as empty as it was when you had brought it out of your bookbag twelve minutes ago.

“You know that the essay won’t write itself if you just stare at it, right?” Your best friend, and long time crush, Fred said from beside you. His twin sniggered and you rolled your eyes.

“Yes, I am aware Fred. Thank you very much.” He put his hands up in a sign of surrender and scribbled something on his own parchment. “I’m just. I’m going to go and find a book about this.” You sighed and stood up, dragging a hand through your hair. It got tangled at the ends, a sure sign that you needed a haircut. The two boys nodded, continuing doing whatever they were doing, honestly, you were too scared to ask now.

You walked towards one of the seemingly endless rows of bookshelves, where you knew were some Transfiguration books.

The nearing of Christmas had made you very messy and it was all Fred’s fault. Becuase with Christmas came the Yule ball and you were sure he wasn’t going to ask you. He just didn’t see you as more than a friend.

You scanned the rows of books to find nothing helpful. Another row, and another and -bingo. A book that looked helpful. On the highest roll. Fred would be able to reach it but your short hands couldn’t. Fred again. You groaned and started banging your head on one of the shelves, muttering “stupid” over and over again.

“Uhh, are you alright Y/N?” Your head snapped up, a deer caught in headlights expression already in place. Sam, a Ravenclaw prefect in your year and thankfully your friend.

“Oh, Sam hey.” You greeted, leaning with your elbow on the bookshelf trying to play it cool. Judging by his amused stare you didn’t really pull it off. “It’s all fine.” You stepped away from the bookshelf. “I just can’t reach the top row.” You pointed dumbly to the book you wanted.

He chuckled and was next to you in a second. Sam easily reached the book and passed it to you. “Here you go.” You thanked him and smiled. “Um, I actually came to give you this.” He gave you a folded pink note with one hand and scratched his neck with the other. You took it from him and was about to speak when he interrupted you. “Talk to you later. Ihavetogonowbye.” And he was out faster than lightning.

“That was weird.” You mused. “And you are talking to yourself, ‘cause that’s not weird at all Y/N.” You rolled your eyes at your own silliness and returned to the table with the twins.

“And she’s back.” Fred smiled when you pulled your chair to sit down. “What took you so long?” He asked but you ignored his question like you usually did.

Your mind was preoccupied with the note. George noticed it sitting atop the book you, well more like Sam, had gotten. “What’s that?” The Gryffindor asked.

You shrugged and carefully took it, very much aware that your two friends were watching you. You cleared your throat and unfolded the pink paper before laying it down on the table. Your eyes scanned it a few times just to make sure what you read was actually true. “Y/N will you go to the Yule Ball with me?” Sam had signed it. The three of you stared at it for a couple of seconds until it wasn’t a note anymore. It had turned into a beautiful red rose. “Classy,” George muttered. Classy, indeed.

You stared at the rose with pink cheeks. Then you stood up from your chair so suddenly that the two Gryffindors jumped. You walked quickly towards where Sam was sitting with his back to you.

“Oh. Hey Y/N. Again.” The boy obviously cringed. “You know it’s an invite. Please don’t feel pressured…” You cut him off by leaning in and pecking him on the lips. “… to say yes.” He continued a few moments later, wide-eyed and seemingly breathless.

You nodded, chuckling. “Yeah. I’ll go with you.” Sam smiled.

(There were cheers and wolf whistles until madame Pince came in shushing and treating that she’ll kick them all away.)


You stood in front of your mirror. A part of your h/c hair was pulled up while the rest was left to cascade down. A thin layer of lipstick covered your lips and a coat of mascara on your lashes. You smoothed down the dress you had bought at the last Hogsmead trip.

You let out a breath and decided to head down since Sam was waiting for you. He was indeed at the bottom of the stairs.

“You look beautiful,” Sam said with a smile and offered you his elbow. “Like always.”

“Thank you.” You blushed and laced your arm through his. The two of you started chatting while walking towards the Great hall. Everyone down there was obviously excited.

The students watched with bated breath as the four Triwizard champions started dancing. “Is that Hermione with Viktor Krum?” A girl asked next to you and you turned around to greet Angelina. Your stomach fell when you saw she was hand in hand with Fred. You put on the best fake smile, though, and promised yourself that you were going to have fun, not bothered by your long time crush.

And you did have a pleasant evening. Apparently, Sam was hilarious and you had a lot in common. You haven’t had so much fun without the twins in ages. The two of you talked a lot and about everything.

At one point when your feet hurt from dancing and your throat was sore from laughing, Sam offered to get drinks. You agreed and stood next to the wall, leaning a bit on it. Not long after you saw Fred coming towards you.

“Having fun Freddie?” You asked him with a smile and fixed a strand of hair that had escaped your complicated hairstyle.

“Lots.” The boy replied before sighing. Your eyebrows furrowed in worry. “Y/n, we need to talk.”

You clasped your hands together and smiled weakly. “What do you want to talk about?” He thought about it for a moment and grabbed your hand just below your elbow. Then started dragging you towards the entrance. “Oi! Walking in heels is hard enough without your help!” You joked and cracked a smile from him.

FIanlly, you were out of the Great hall and he stopped, then turned towards you. “Fred, are you alright?”

He nodded. “Yeah.” Fred crossed his arms. “I’m not going to beat around the bush. Y/n, I like you.” Your face quickly reddened. “And I was stupid enough to only realise that when you are going out with another boy. But I just wanted you to know.”

You stood on the tip of your toes and quickly kissed him. Was that going to be your new habit or something?

Fred looked surprised. Pleasantly surprised but still, surprised. “Uhhh… What about Sam?” He coughed at one point to clear his throat.

“We are just friends. Realised, it’s better to be besties than something more.” You shrugged. “And Angelina?”

“Apparently she and Geroge like each other. I couldn’t be between my twin and his girl.” Fred explained and smirked down at you.

In turn, you smirked at him. “I like you too, by the way. And I figured it before…” He cut you off with a kiss before you could continue.

Blind Date

Requested by: Anonymous
Scenario: You and Jiyong are set up on a blind date by CL.
A/N: I want to say I’m incredibly sorry that it took me so long to do this request. I had a really cute idea for it, but…yeah. I still sorta like it and I hope you can sorta like it too!!! p.s. yes the song used is because of Deadpool; sue me.
Genre: G-Dragon x Reader
Words: 4047

Disclaimer: As always, gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

You could handle dates you’d set up on your own. After a face-to-face with someone, and an easy exchange of numbers that were followed by a weeks’ worth of preliminary small talk and rapid fire questions, you would meet.  

The last couple of dates you’d been on in the past year ended up disastrous, to put it mildly. There was the guy who somehow had an entire wall collection of porcelain dolls (every single one having a name). Another who was fond of hording his dirty gym clothes in his spare room (it brought him good luck).  

Since every date you’d set up on your own ended horribly, there was no way getting setup on blind dates could go any better. When you’d told Chaerin your ideas about the single life and having a few dozen cats wasn’t so bad; she’d spit out her coffee.

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yeah, dude i totally agree with you. but at the same time, those are panic songs, and he’s in panic. maybe ryan’s not, but he can still play them, because those songs belong to his band. regardless, it WAS a dick move. in this case, it was something he COULD do, but maybe SHOULDN’T have done, if he was thinking about being kind and respectful. from a third standpoint, fans REALLY WANTED THIS LIKE FUCK I WOULD DIE TO HEAR AFYCSO LIVE and not just sins. so he was really just doing what the fans wanted. yes, he could have chosen other songs for the fever medley. for some reason, he… did not.


i was tagged by the very pretty @fleur-de-jinki, thank you beautiful :3 to post a picture of my homescreen, lockscreen, last song i listened to and my most recent selfie so yeah here you go 

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+ you don’t have to ofc, if you don’t feel like it or idk leave the selfie out or??? 

into you

genre: idk tbh not really smutty lmao

a/n: boxer!jimin wow so yeah based off of ariana grande’s song “into you” idk if i’m gonna do a part 2 should i?? request if i should!

word count: 1.4k

you can find part 2 here

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Ok so… I don’t often do that because, I don’t know, I don’t like my face out there haha… But today I had a very good day and I feel like sharing. 

I don’t know if you’ve heard Sia’s Helium but it gives me so many Invictus feels… And today I had to fill in for someone at my dance studio and teach a class and I had to use that song so.. yeah.

I created it in like 5 minutes before the class and it’s not advance class so it’s not awesome, don’t expect something huge, but I often speak of dancing stuff… So here is me dancing something by me and from me for those of you who are interested.

So I’m lucky enough to find some clips from HetaMyu and I think this might be the best scene

I can’t really figure out what’s happening since I’m not too good in Japanese but I think England was teaching Japan how to, uh…curse with style. Yeah, like a ‘gentleman’ he is.

“Yeah follow me, buddy. SHIT! *fistbumps the floor or whatever he was doing lmao*


Then England was like, “Dammit Nihon why so weak”


“Okay once again. SHIT!”


Then suddenly,



“Yes bitches y’all gettin’ a new Senpai in town tonight”

England’s face tho

And I kid you not Japan’s actor seriously had to hold in his laugh here. Well my cheek and stomach were hurting from laughing too so I know how you feel, Keeks.

And that’s it! So yeah, totally one of the most hilarious scene in the musical. Lmao these dorks acting crazy af here.


China spitting out Russia’s vodka lmfao


Sexy pole-dancin’ France

Drunk ass grandpa scaring our lil’ sunflower lmao

Will i complain about camila collaborating with pitbull and jbalvin? YES.

Will i ever stop complaining about it? NO.

I just hate how camila collabs with those kind of guys. First Machine GK, now those others. Like….. idk, she can do so much better. I get that she has to build up a career, i get that they are really famous (not MGK tho lol), and those collabs will BLOW her career up, but im not happy about it whatsoever.

Ok so you might want to know the reason i dont like her collaborating with them, well its simple, they’re misogynists and they sexualize women in most of their music. And i just dont understand why camila likes them, cuz i know she does.

And im so upset bc I’ll have to listen to them and I’ll probably give them my money, all bc i wanna support camila and i wanna hear her music too. So theres that.

Mitch: *reads question*

Scott: Its fun.

M: I like the studio process. I like when we’re all there because it makes things a lot easier and we can just bounce ideas off of each other and its easy, you can just go into the studio and record whatever whenever.

S: Yeah.

Esther (off screen): Always

Kevin: The thing I don’t like is that I feel like when you’re writing an album, it’s never really done. Like you just have to take the best products and put it together. But even then, still after we have the songs, I wanted to write more because I don’t feel like we have- I’m not sure if we have THE song and things like that. I always worry, so I feel like it’s never done. 

S: Yeah, I feel like something I struggle with is that you can work as many days as you want. So you could do seven days a week, so I felt this weird guilt when I wasn’t working. So I ended up just doing seven days a week for song writing sessions and stuff and it kind of wore me out. But I mean, that’s like my own fault. There’s like a weird pressure to work when it comes to studio time because you want to get it done and have the best product.

Avi: I think one of the hardest part about recording is you want to be in the best voice possible for recording-

Kirsite and Scott: yes

Avi: -and sometimes you just aren’t.

Kirstie: But when you are in the best voice, you feel awesome.

Avi: Yeah

Kirstie: But when you’re not, you’re like this is miserable.

Avi: Yeah, it’s really frustrating. Especially when it’s a day you can’t reschedule and you have to get it in and it’s like, you just don’t feel good about it. That’s tough.  

Kevin: And whenever you have deadlines. Because if you have to get something done and you’re not in a great set, but you’re like “Oh-

Kirstie: You have to do it today.

Kevin: And you want to push and everybody’s like “Ah, no you can’t push” 

Avi: Yeah, it’s tough.

S: It really bums you out.

Avi: Yeah it really does.

End of Question