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dating yoongi

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  • yeah, yoongi’s fucking grumpy
  • but that doesn’t meant he’d be grumpy towards you
  • no no no
  • i think yoongi would actually be really caring
  • but not in the traditional sense of the word
  • don’t expect too much kissing and pda and that type of shit
  • he’s not the type to hug you out in public or hold hands as you walk down the street or kiss you as you wait in line to get your coffee to go, he’s just not into that
  • he never understood why people have the need to do those things
  • when there was a time and place for those things, somewhere in private
  • i think he’s more of the type to express his care with small actions 
  • however, his way of caring is something you would have to get used to
  • at first, you’d think he wasn’t that into you
  • you’d be like why isn’t he hugging me??? i want to hug him all the time
  • i want to suck his face off 24/7, why doesn’t he want that??
  • what am i doing wrong??? 
  • he’s literally perfect and i don’t want to fuck this up !?!?
  • he wouldn’t hug you as much as you wanted him to
  • he wouldn’t want to suck your face off 24/7
  • he wouldn’t be all touchy feely like the guys you usually go for
  • you’d get all concerned about it and you’d start thinking he really wasn’t into you
  • but with time you’d learn to appreaciate his signs of affection 
  • like making you coffee in the morning, giving you his hoodies to wear, sending you random texts about his day
  • “i swear to god i’m going to kill one of them if they don’t grow up”
  • “these fools won’t stop messing around”
  • “i fucking hate dance practice with them”
  • “they made me TWERK”
  • “how much time would i serve for six murders?” 
  • “and would you wait for me until i got out?”
  • “sweden is beautiful, we should come here together some day”
  • and you’d know that he thought of you and wanted to share parts of his day with you and that, in his head, that was equal to expressing his emotions in physical ways
  • also you’d live for his late night phone calls
  • he’d call at three am, hoping you were still up
  • “i just finished producing this song, you have to hear it, i promise you’ll love it” *screeching*
  • “i’m done filming for the day, just checking up on you”
  • he’d always show you he cares when he’d call 
  • he’d call just to hear your voice before he goes to bed
  • you’d talk for a minute or two
  • but you’d know it means a lot to him, and that it was his way of being intimate
  • and he’d say things that mean i love you in yoongi language
  • like “did you get home safe”
  • “were there any problems at school today”
  • “don’t catch a cold, wear something warm when you go out”
  • “don’t forget to take your passport”
  • “i’ll call you in the morning so you don’t sleep through your alarm”
  • “don’t drink too much, and if you do, make sure you eat a lot”
  • {crying}
  • i said no touchy feely stuff
  • but don’t think that includes cuddling  !!!
  • he likes to sleep
  • and he loves to sleep with you
  • your head on his chest makes him fall asleep a lot faster, the sound of your breathing lulls him to sleep on cold afternoons as you snuggle up to him covered in blankets
  • he loves it when he’s cold and your body warms him up
  • he always runs his fingers through your hair and plays with the hair on the nape of your neck, and that always calms you down when you’re upset
  • you don’t get as much physical attention every day
  • but when you’re upset
  • yoongi would go all out to make you feel better
  • if someone pissed you off, he’d be very angry and would always offer to talk to them and sort things out for you, or jokingly, he’d offer to beat them up
  • or he’d playfully say he’ll write a diss track on them and you’d know he didn’t mean it, but it was still cute
  • and when he’d see the idea is making you feel better, he’d come up with random diss lines against the person who upset you that you’d end up crying from laughter at his rap lines
  • and if you were sad, yoongi would be EXTRA thoughtful and considerate
  • because he’s someone who knows what that feels like
  • that is exactly why he doesn’t get too touchy feely and why he always seems distant
  • he’s lost in his own world, he has so many thoughts about everything and he likes to keep them to himself
  • he likes to keep his private things private
  • and you’re the most private thing in his life
  • he doesn’t want people to see him kissing you or holding you or doing anything
  • that’s reserved for your eyes only
  • he’s a perfectionist
  • he wants to be perfect to his fans, to his audience, to his band members, but also to you
  • and when he feels like he’s not perfect in something (never!!) he feels bad and shuts everyone off and ends up thinking about the thing he messed up
  • and he ends up in this circle of self-hatred and self-loathing and then pity, and then hatred because of the pity and it doesn’t go away easily, and the only way it does is through his music
  • so when you’d feel down, he’d do everything in his power to make you feel better
  • because he never wants anyone, let alone you, to feel the way he feels when he feels down
  • and those moments when he’d open up to you and tell you about what’s bothering him, share his deepest thoughts with you, let you be the first person to listen to his songs, to his most personal thoughts, worries and desires, those moments would let you know just how much you mean to him
  • and that’s why you would never be unhappy with him
  • even if he didn’t kiss you and hug you all the time
  • it wouldn’t matter
  • he’d do those things when it was most important, when you’d feel down
  • and you could always count on him to make you feel better, no matter where he is or what he’s doing
  • and you’d always try to do the same for him
  • even if you knew most of his problems are in his head
  • and you couldn’t really control them
  • you’d try your best
  • anyway
  • i think he’d be a great boyfriend
  • caring and thoughtful and really funny
  • because his sarcasm and the realness he serves all the time are fucking great
  • and he’s the most relatable person ever
  • and he’s a musical genius
  • plus he’s hot
  • that concludes this late night thirst for boyfriend material yoongi
Made of skin and bones

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(not my gifs!)

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Language, A/B/O dynamics, some nudism?

Summary: Due to the premature death of the King of your clan, his son, the alpha James Barnes, must assume his destiny and lead his people. As the tradition commands, he must choose some worthy omegas to make their his wives and with which he will ensure the subsistence of your clan. All the omega women are obliged to appear before their king, including you. Luckily for you, you would never be chosen… right?

Tags: at the end

A/N: I’m really sorry for the delay but sometimes life happens and I didn’t had so much time thos past days, hoppefully I’ll update sooner the next chapter. Thank you so much everyone! :)

1.Wolves   2.Chess

3. Holy water

Your steps and Steve’s are the only sound breaking the solemn silence of the royal hall. He has tried to stablish a cordial conversation with you but you are just focused on his previous words.

“We have to prepare you for your wedding”

Well, damn, you had totally forgotten about your part of the deal. You are about to get married, and with a stranger. 

- Are you okay? - Steve asks you softly

- Yes… - he doesn’t believe it, you neither

Before he can keep persuading you a tall young woman crosses paths with you and Steve, her eyes blown open when she looks at you

- Sila, what a happy coincidence - Steve greets her

- Sir - with a serene smile she bows at him

- We were searching for you

- Hi - you salute the, now you can sense, omega

- Hello - she then looks at you, and you feel like she knows you from somewhere else, and she doesn’t like you

- Well, Sila, this is Y/N, Y/N, Sila - Steve introduces you - She will be the one who will help you with the wedding arrangemetns and to understand the traditions

- Oh thank you - you breathe relieved knowing that you will be acompanied by a woman in those times of  unrest, and even better if she is an omega

- Sure, Sir - she nods at Steve - Please follow me 

Without even looking at you she starts walking undoing the path she just made, you wave at Steve and follow the graceful woman. The air between you doesn’t incite a conversation so you dedicate the time to observe the majestic rooms by which the woman leads you. When you cross one specially decorated with large windows you can’t help but staring at the sunny day outside and at the beautiful clear lake that peeks among the trees near the palace, you make a mental note to visit that beautiful place sometime.

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Allergic Interaction

Inspired by @edorazzi‘s BEAUTIFUL little OCs Amun and Carter and all of their antics, Miraculous’ titular character Chat Noir AKA Adrien and his affliction with feathers, and my recent jackpot of allergies. Enjoy!

Also found on AO3.

           Amun would say his luck with the accursed food was dismal at best.

           Hazelnuts, as he learned since his revival, were not, in fact, cursed but some sort of chemical thing, as Angelo put it, caused him to have a reaction in his immune system. Since his internal organs had recently been re-growing, that meant that former hives evolved into far worse reactions when exposed to the fatal nut.

           His luck was dismal because, even after learning of this and learning enough English reading to avoid it, they were in France, and, therefore, French was written everywhere. Amun hadn’t even thought to ask someone to read it to him - he knew the language of French but not how to read it - when he’d eaten that chocolate bar offered to him by one of the clerks at the museum.

           If not for Angelo’s quick grab for the Epinephrine pen upon seeing Amun go red and begin to wobble from dizziness, this might have been his second death.

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distance - klance season 4

(based on the beautiful art by @badenlily link here  that is sooo beautiful - that you should all marvel at before you read this!! - and this thing I wrote is nowhere near worthy of it, but thank you so much for letting me write it!! This is set somewhere in season 4, I assume? i also posted this over on my ao3 here

“It looks good on you,” Lance says, his elbow propped up against Red’s control panel, his chin held in his palm; looking at Keith in his video feed. “The hood, I mean, it makes you look all mysterious.”

“Hm,” Keith says, looking up from sharpening his blade; he blinks at him, then what Lance had said registers and his cheeks turn a soft pink. He reaches up and touches his hood, “Oh, thanks, Lance.” He hadn’t really thought about whether or not it looked good, he’d been more interested in the durability and practicality of his suit, and how/if the hood would help keep him disguised if he needed it. 

“The purple really brings out your eyes,” Lance says, settling into this, complimenting Keith with a hint of glee; his lips widening into an easy, possibly flirty grin. “It makes them pop.”

“Pop?” Keith repeats, raising an eyebrow. He sheaths his blade then, leaning closer to the screen to look at his own eyes and Lance looks at them too, they are really, really pretty eyes.

“Yup,” Lance says, not explaining further, “Pop.”

“Well, you look really good in your undersuit,” Keith says easily, without a hint of embarrassment at his incredibly embarrassing words. “It makes your shoulders look really broad.”

“W-what?” Lance stutters, his cheeks flushing; he can dish it out with ease, but can’t handle it when he gets it back in return. “Stop messing around, Keith!”

“I’m not,” Keith says back, indignant; confused by Lance’s refusal to accept his genuine compliment. “It looks good on you.”

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prompts // suggestions

send requests to my inbox, [x] no more than four prompts per suggestion, please!

Don’t be afraid to suggest your own prompt! it does not have to be from this list!!!!

i do most any ship. please include ship or parring when you ask.

ALSO if you want to include a plot pleasssee do.

lots of credit to this wonderful person for helping me and giving me ideas and prompts for this list.

  1. “What the fuck, man? Get off of me!”
  2. “I swear to god, I’ll rip your skin off if you touch him/her/them again.”
  3. “Where do you think you’re going?” “Who are you, my mom?”
  4. “Don’t walk away from this!” “From what?” “THIS”
  5. I never stood a chance, did I.” “You did. Once.”
  6. “You’re one insult away from starting a war.”
  7. “Want to see what kind of trouble we can get into?”
  8. “Oh god, we’re gonna die aren’t we?”
  9. “You think I’m cute when I’m angry? Well, bitch, I’m about to be motherfUCKING GORGEOUS!”
  10. “Make me feel something. Anything.”
  11. “No, listen to me.”
  12. “I don’t know if I can keep going like this.”
  13. “Do you ever stop talking?”
  14. “Everyone has a breaking point.”
  15. “I’m not a fucking brick. I have emotions.”
  16. “Stay here, I’m gonna go get help.”
  17. “Holy shit, that’s a lot of blood.”
  18. “It happened again. It keeps happening again.”
  19. “So what you bitter piece of fuck? I’m nasty, lewd, I swear every third fucking word, and I’m a better person than you. Oh, that burns doesn’t it? That a piece of shit like me is more moral and good and pure than you can ever be?”
  20. “I’m giving you/him/her/them everything I have and It’s not enough. That’s fucking bullshit.”
  21. “Your stretchmarks are fucking awesome. They look like lightning bolts on your ass.”
  22. “Sorry.” “Stop apologizing so much.” “Sorry- fuck!”
  23. “I’ve got you. You’re okay. It’s okay. I’ve got you.”
  24. “Shut up!” “Make me!”
  25. “It was over when you said goodbye.”
  26. “Wanna make out?”
  27. “God, I hate everything about this place.”
  28. “Isn’t it so painfully obvious that I’m in love with you?”
  29. “Words just aren’t working right now.”
  30. “Don’t die.”
  31. “No. I’m not letting you tattoo me.” “But you lost!“ 
  32. "Did you steal that?” “Maybe” “Jesus Christ”
  33. “So wait, you did what to me?”
  34. “Too bad you didn’t listen to me when I warned you”
  35. “You don’t know me” “But I want to know you and you won’t let me!" 
  36. "You should’ve loved me when you had the chance”
  37. “Fucking read my lips, I don’t love you so stop talking to me.”
  38. “You’re the whole package, except without THE package.”
  39. “Maybe people would like you more if you didn’t fuck everything up”
  40. “Stop wearing your heart on your sleeve, you look like a desperate slut.”
  41. “I love you” - “Yes, I love me too.”
  42. “You hate rumors, but you’re spreading them? That doesn’t make any sense to me.”
  43. “Do you ever stop feeling sorry for yourself?”
  44. “Okay, stop, you’re beautiful, telling yourself you aren’t is ugly.”
  45. “why are you wearing a dress?” “Because fuck you that's why.”
  47. “Are you okay?” “Not really, but I'm fine.”
  48. “All that blood looks good on you. It really brings out your eyes.”
  49. “Literally everything about this is illegal.”
  50. “I love when someone insults me. It gives me permission to be a dick.”
  51. “Right now I don’t know if I should kiss you or push you off a bridge.” “Can I pick?”
  52. “You’re a psychopath.” “I prefer creative.”
  53. “I’d tell you to be yourself, but that almost got us killed last time.”
  54. “Good morning, I see the assassins have failed.”
  55. “On a scale of one to ten, how bad do you think it would be if-” “at least a twenty.”
  56. “Tell me I’m going to die. Tell me the sun is going to explode. Tell me the world is ending and there’s nothing I can do about it. Because if I hear it’s going to be okay one more time I will scream.”
  57. “You made your choice, I made mine. Just because you cant live with yours does not mean you should shame me for living with mine.”
  58. “I heard that!” “You were supposed to!”
  59. “Oh my God, you’d struggle to pour water out of a boot with the instructions on the heel.”
  60. “Don’t you have to be a dick somewhere else?” “Not until four.”
  61. “This isn’t a guilt trip; I just want to know if I’m a bother or not.”
  62. “I’m not a thief, I’m just really good at acquiring things that aren’t mine.”
  63. “I didn’t do it.” “Then why are you laughing?” “Because whoever did do it is a fucking genius.”
  64. “I have a plan.” “Is it a good one?” “I have a plan.”
  65. “I’m way too sober for this.”
  66. “Why are your hands purple?” “That’s a very good question.”
  67. “It’s okay, you don’t have to love me.”
  68. “No one can see you cry in the rain.”
  69. “You’re not scared?” “I’ve had worse nightmares about failing AP Chem.”
  70. “You gotta stop doing that.” “What?” “Saying things that make me want to kiss you.”
  71. “What’s our exit strategy?” “Our what?” “Oh God, we’re all gonna die.”
  72. “Children shouldn’t play with guns.” “Who said I was playing?”
  73. “I’ve come to kill you.” “Well, then we’ve got a problem. I didn’t come to die.”
  74. “We can’t be together. Get over me.” “How can I get over someone who’s my whole world.”
  75. “I had a really weird sex dream about you and I don’t know how to feel about it.”
  76. “Do you think they’ll notice we left?”
  77. “On a scale from 1-10, how hard do you want me to hit you?”
  78. “You see the problem is, if I kissed you, I don’t know if I’d be able to stop.”
  79. “I wish I was sorry, but I don’t regret any of it.”
  80. “Hold up- just stop- just- what are you actually doing? It’s 2 AM.”
  81. “Why don’t you care that everyone hates you?” “None of them hate me more than I do.”
  82. “You/He/She/They took everything from me, and now I’ve got nothing to lose. So, yeah, I’d be fucking scared.”
  83. “When was the last time you got a full night of sleep.”
  84. “How did you talk me into this?”
  85. “Trust me, I wish I could stop thinking.”
  86. “I’d kick his ass, but I’d only have mine handed to me.”
  87. “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw, do I look like Mother Teresa”
  88. “Don’t touch me.”
  89. “Are you wearing makeup?”
  90. “You’re a freak.”
  91. “What the hell is that?”
  92. “I’m good, how are you?” “That’s probably the biggest lie I’ve ever heard.”
  93. “What are you afraid of?” “Literally all of this!”
  94. “Wait, why are you crying?”
  95. “I’m gonna cut your dick off and show it to you.”
  96. “I can’t sneak out! Have you met my parents/mother/father?”
  97. “Why are we doing this at 3AM?”
  98. “You frequently appear in my nightmares.”
  99. “I never really understood you.”
  100. “This has got to be the most bullshit thing I have ever done.”
lost prince merlin au

so i’ve had this story rolling around in my head for like, idk, 3 or 4 years but i’ll probably never get around to writing it

nimueh captures baby arthur a la sleeping beauty and hides him away. she gives him to a sterile couple who’d so desperately wanted a child, and they’re so grateful. nimueh, who at this point is a good witch, a kind person, says that all she asks for in return is that they raise this boy with respect for the olde ways, and that they name him arthur. the couple happily agrees, and thats the last they see of this kind witch.

uther rages - he’s lost his wife and his son and his hatred of magic is even more intense. nimueh returns and has a giant fight with uther and he tries to slice her head off but instead she gets the sword from him, plunges it into the stone steps in front of the palace, and says uther is unworthy of his title of king, since he’s so willing to murder so many of his loyal subjects. uther tries to pull the sword out, but can’t, and nimueh says only the true king of camlot will be able to remove that sword, and when her magic shimmers down on it becomes a golden hue, longer and more impressive, and ceases to by uther’s sword but is instead excaliber.

the couple who raise arthur have nothing but kindess and good things to say of magic, and his father who used to be in their lord’s army shows him how to use a blade, says that magic is just the same as steel - it can be a plow that provides for your family or a sword that cuts down your enemies.

so arthur grows up a farmer’s son, but he’s smart and talented and soon he’s practicing with the nobles’ sons, sneaking into their lessons and doing their homework in exchange for getting a chance to read their books. arthur soon becomes a better swordsman than they ever will be. he’s a pitiful farmer, but he’s smart and quick and no one can beat him with a sword in his hands, and soon it becomes clear to everyone, including the noble, that a life working the land is wasted on arthur, while his own sons are good warriors and tacticians but not great.

so the noble makes arthur and his family a deal - he’ll pay for arthur to go to the royal university in camelot, and in return arthur will come back and help manage the family land and finances. and this would breed jealousy in lesser men, but the noble’s son, leon, is a good man and so is his brother, and they love arthur as if they are his own kin. so when they go to camelot to become knights they bring arthur to be a scholar. and because they’ve already shared everything, they teach him the swordsmanship they’re being taught if for no other reason than arthur can do it better, and teach them too. then one day arthur takes a wrong turn in the castle and stumbles into merlin doing a spell and merlin panics and gaius panics and arthur is just like chill i have no problem with this, but also you’re doing magic in the palace are you brain dead???

and merlin and arthur become best friends, and arthur somehow ends up upon morgana as she’s sobbing, and he manages to figure it out, and he reassures her that magic isn’t all bad, a witch gave him to his family, and he teaches morgana what he was taught, that magic is nothing more or less than a tool to be wielded. and everything’s fine up until one day uther stalks down to practice and leon sees uther and arthur side by side and is like ????

and eventually leon and merlin are convinced that arthur is the missing prince and arthur is convinced they’re insane. this all culminates when arthur is practicing with the knights and uther stumbles upon them and loses his SHIT like a commoner is training in MY royal house? and he’s like i’ll show you a real knight, boy, and attacks arthur with his sword. only arthur is really, really good so he and uther end up fighting all the way to the palace steps and they’ve attracted a crowd of peasants and nobles, leon and merlin included

and the king finally disarms arthur and swings to kill him, but arthur reaches for the sword that no one’s ever been able to move and pulls it out

and he swings excaliber up and disarms uther and there’s no putting this genie back in the bottle, because most of camelot just saw arthur pull the sword from the stone, something only their lost prince can do

leon is the first to bow, because something inside him always knew, and then the rest bow and uther is staring at this boy whom he nearly killed and who’s his son and

and arthur is the most beloved in all the land, because he’ll die a king but he was raised a commoner, and he intimately knows the struggles they face. and uther doesn’t know what to with this boy, he’s nothing and everything like the son he wanted so badly, and somewhere nimueh smiles, because she’s gotten her revenge in the best way possible

(arthur marries gwen because no noble lady will lead the people the way he wants them led, but takes merlin as a lover, and gwen takes lancealot as a lover and everyone’s very happy with their choices. arthur’s adopted parents don’t leave their village, and keep farming, but now it’s only because they want to since arthur provides everything for them and visits at least twice a year. merlin is his chief sorcerer, morgana his head priestess, and on the day of his coronation nimueh stands at the back of the crowd and bows with all the rest)

shikikira  asked:

Yay ask box open again! Can I request a scenario or headcanon of RFA +V+Saeran with a MC that knew them before and they had broken her heart. MC remembers them, but the boys+Jaehee, however, have completely forgotten them. Thank you!

Owch…That would break my heart. These aren’t the best, because I had a trouble with a few of them, but I hope you guys enjoy them! Saeran’s might be weird because it’s usually a scenario I personally like and I couldn’t think of anything else, so sorry if it doesn’t meet your fancy (and sorry I’m gross)


- Every time he talked about how he didn’t have a girlfriend It hurt. 

- It was bad enough he even talked about how he had gotten asked out before, and he turned the girls down, but the fact that he couldn’t even put two and two together with you being one of those girls hurt the worse.

- Were you really that forgettable? Were you bland? Void of any remarkable personality?

- You remembered it well. Him handing you your love letter back, a nervous glance to the side as he explained how he couldn’t date you. Something about school, about him being too focused.

- For the longest time, you thought ‘Rika’ was some girl he had a crush on. He’d mention her a lot at school, and you let your heart crack every time you over-heard.

- Because, from how he gushed, she was the best damn thing.

- Imagine how surprised you were to hear it was his cousin of all people, once you enter the RFA chat.

- Granted…It didn’t make up for how your heart ached, but…

- You were dropping hints constantly about it to Yoosung,trying to get him to remember you, and when that failed you thought maybe this could be your chance to win him over

- But that all fell apart when Seven teased about him knowing you already

- And how he couldn’t.  Remember. You.

- Were you this pretty blonde in his class?

- Oh…No? Some girl he saw at the store a lot?

- Wait, maybe that club leader??

- Nope nope nope. Each answer got made you feel so unremarkable. You ended up closing out of the chat for the day, avoiding any messages or calls

- The next day you hesitantly opened the app again, feeling a wave of exhaustion hit you when Yoosung immediately started calling you.

- At first he tried to apologize, but half-way through his apology his excitement came rushing back and he tried placing you again and again.

- “Yoosung-“

- “Wait, were you actually in my grade or-“

- “Yes,” You sighed, worrying your lip a bit before replying. “Yoosung, you rejected me.”

- “…What?”

- You leaned back against the couch, covering your eyes with your forearm as you struggled to relax and explain. Explained what you looked like, what grade, when it was, even the day.

- And he felt horrible. He could vaguely remember it. 

- Fumbling with his words, he tried to come up with a solution. 

- “I was very focused on work and…No one else back then. I’m still not in the best place, but if you wanted to start over…And give me a chance to properly apologize…I would like that.”

- It wasn’t the best, but… It was a start.


- Of course you didn’t really work right beside him like Jaehee did, but as someone constantly running into him in the elevator, or seeing him at meetings you were forced to take apart of, or god forbid his random visits into departments and running into yours

- Over the course of a year, you developed a crush on him. You didn’t think it was too bad, since the two of you spoke sparsely and only in terms of work, and realistically the two of you would never, ever, come close to any type of friendship, let alone relationship

- So what was the harm in daydreaming about the handsome Mr. Han?

- But apparently, you weren’t so smooth about hiding it like you used to be. One boring meeting and you found yourself too focused on him, zoning out until he called you out on it.

- In front of everyone at the meeting. You came up with a flimsy excuse, something about a lack of sleep, and he made a remark on how little you must have cared about your job if you were so uninterested in it

- Owch. There were a few snickers as the meeting continued, and once it started wrapping up you were ready to dart out before you heard him call your name.

- As the others left, you felt like a young student ready to receive detention. He eyed you for a moment. “If working in your department is so uninteresting, perhaps it would be better for you to switch to another one, before you get fired.”

- You sputtered, trying to come up with a reason to your behavior, trying to explain that you loved your job- Just something. Before you could speak, he took note of your blushing face and let out a hum.

- “Or are you another woman that has a crush on me? It’s rather tiresome dealing with my employees just working because of their feelings for me, rather than to work. I suggest you come to terms with the fact that it will never work out, and to focus more on your job like the others.”

- You wanted to cry right on the spot. Thankfully, by some saving grace, you didn’t. You managed to fumble out a goodbye and leave the room, but as you got closer and closer to your workspace you realized just how quickly the gossip of what happened would have spread around. This may be a big company, full of constantly busy employees, but…They always had time for gossip.

- So after leaving early, feigning some sickness, you just didn’t come to work the next day. Or the next after that…Or after that. You just left without a word.

- A few months later, joining the RFA nearly gave you a heart attack as you saw both Jumin and his secretary in there. You were so scared. Granted he was just being blunt, but you wanted to avoid anything dealing with C&R.

- But when Seven revealed that you had worked with him not too long ago, he had no memory of you whatsoever.

-…Were you really that insignificant? He didn’t even remember a girl that supposedly had a crush on him just a few months ago?

- Jaehee didn’t even know you. Apparently a lot of employees just upped and left. Thankfully, when being questioned, Zen just popped in saying that everyone hated working for him and basically talked for you.

- Of course you refused going to his home later on. You opted to try cheering him up through the phone, ignoring the comments about how nice your voice was, and so the first time the two of you saw each other at the party…No light of recognition hit him. 

- Dejected, you tried leaving and mingling with guests like you were supposed to, but sooner or later one of the other RFA members pointed you out and he was quick to pull you to the side, trying to wrangle details of your leave out of you.

- After a solid ten minutes of him obviously not letting up any time soon, you finally explained what had happened. Recounting the event hurt, and seeing his surprised face didn’t help at all. You really were forgettable.

- “Perhaps…I should start being nicer to women, like Assistant Kang suggested, starting with you.” He admitted. Taking your hand, he continued. “I’m very busy, so if it’s not a person I don’t directly work with, I often don’t remember every face or name. I never had a reason to before. But, if you’d let me, I’d like to make up for my careless behavior from before.”

- It was going to take some time to get over that embarrassment, but you were slightly glad that your quiet fantasy was becoming a reality.


- You worked with him for a while. Granted, not on stage, but part of the crew getting the actors ready.

- Being one of the make-up artists, you worked on several of the cast, including the star of almost all of the shows, even if he was still oblivious to it. He was still pretty new, only a year older than you, but was quickly making his way up.

- He always chatted you up while he could. Nerves? Just talkative? You didn’t know, but you welcomed the small laughs he gave you, and allowed yourself to swoon a bit when he complimented your skills with the make-up.

- And after working with him for a few months, getting to know him a bit better, that’s when you popped the idea of maybe going to a local bar and hanging out, maybe switching numbers…

- Just to get awkwardly rejected. He mentioned something about not knowing you well, and how he had no time for any relationship. Not now, when he hardly had time to practice his lines.

- It hurt, but seeing him slowly start to flirt with fans as he became more popular… That hurt worse.

- Flash forward to you joining the RFA a few years later, and that old wound opening up rather harshly when he had no idea who you were.

- At first the flirting was nice, but the more you knew he had completely forgotten you, the more uncomfortable you became with it. Even getting to the point of trying to avoid him in chats

- It just didn’t feel right. Here he was, treating you so kindly when he was so cold to you before. Didn’t he still have his career to worry about? Jaehee wasn’t hesitant on bringing that up.

- Finally, when the two of you met, and he reached for a hug, you pulled back and saw concern flash across his face.

- “Do…Do you really not remember me?”

- Hearing him admit it, and seeing how confused he was, hurt so much more. You rushed your feelings out- How he had forgotten you, your confession, how awkward it was but you couldn’t just leave because they needed you

- And he felt so fucking guilty. He tried explaining himself, but all he could really offer was that he was indeed just focusing on his career at the time. He didn’t have any chances to skimp out on practice, or risk any lost sleep in between rehearsals and his shitty job at the time.

- But now that he was better off, able to live without extra jobs, he had a bit more time…

- You still felt uncomfortable, but you agreed to humor him a bit. Only with the promise of the two of you sitting down to really get to know each other before any dates. 

- Maybe then it wouldn’t hurt as much.


- You worked in a nearby department. Granted, the two of you couldn’t interact much at first, but later on, as you couldn’t get over how cute she was, you slowly tried talking more and more.

- In the employee lounge? Brief moments when the two of you shared an elevator? When she swung by your department for some papers? You were trying to make some sort of small talk every time you saw her.

- And, eventually, after a few months of this happening, you had come to the realization that you didn’t just think she was cute- She was sweet, admirable, beautiful, and you couldn’t stop thinking about her. A small little fluttering in your chest turned into a full blown crush

- And you were helpless to it.

- Finally, one day when the two of you were alone walking down a hallway, you asked her out on a coffee date, actually using the word ‘date’.

- And she nearly dropped her papers.

- After helping her pick them up, she sputtered something about how she didn’t feel that way, or was attracted to women at all. A few panicked glances, and she excused herself and took off

- And you felt horrible.

- So when you entered the RFA chat and saw who it was, (and groaned about Jumin being there as well) you anxiously tried to come up with explanations for the past, even if it was bullshit, but…She had no idea who you were.

- Your name, the fact that you worked at the same company…She was clueless, and in fact was even more suspicious of you for a while. You brushed it off- Maybe she was bad with names? Maybe she just needed to see you? Or hear your voice?

- Nope. Nothing.

- It was hard not getting emotional at the RFA party- That brief moment of recognition was just for the RFA you, not the you that had been rejected a few months back

- So after excusing yourself to the back to calm your nerves, and dealing with the party itself, you approached her during the clean up. She was still a bit rattled from basically quitting her job, so you felt bad, but you needed to know.

- Would she still want to be friends?

- On the balcony you rushed the words out- How the two of you really knew each other, how you had asked her out- Everything.

- She had that panicked look on her face again, and after a few moments of agonizing silence, she finally spoke up

- “I…I never had a woman ask me out before, so I over-reacted. Actually, it had been quite some time since anyone had asked me out…”

- She paused, looking at the view the balcony provided.

- “I’m more aware of my feelings now…And if you don’t mind, I would like to take you up on that coffee date now. Well, once the shop gets finished being refurbished, haha.”

- You probably shouldn’t have basically jumped her for a hug, but you were so happy when she laughed and returned it. 


- To be fair, the two of you had never really connected. The two of you barely knew each other, but his jokes and silly nature won you over quickly as he became a regular where you worked

- I mean…He had to buy all that Phd Pepper somewhere, right?

- You weren’t the best cashier by a long shot. You worked hard, worked harder than you were paid to do, anyway, and this was a temp job until you found a better one soon

- Usually you had a few nice customers, but he was one of the…quirky…ones. Your coworkers thought he was funny, a little weird, but he was nice to you so you didn’t care much.

- As the job got more and more shitty, with bad management and such, his regular visits every week or so always brightened your mood up

- But one week he didn’t visit…Or the week after that…Or the month after that. He just stopped coming, and with that being one of the few perks about coming into your shitty job it bummed you out a lot.

- Cut forward to you quitting that job a while back, and then joining in the RFA. You were weirded out at first, since you never found out his name, but his jokes calmed you down pretty fast.

- But when he posted a picture? You were so excited! You gushed about how you worked at so and so and used to see him all the time

- The others joined in laughing at how he only bought drinks most of the time, or other junk food, but he was confused. Even with the background check and seeing everything about you online, he didn’t know who you were.

- That hurt the worse.

- Not to mention the emotional roller coaster he took you on the next few weeks.

- Once things had calmed down, you tried prying a bit again. Did he really not remember you? Were you that plain? He was quick to jump up, grab your hands and say you weren’t plain or boring, but…Then how did he forget you?

- He made some excuse about how he tried not to get too attached to people. He probably thought you were cute back when he first saw you, since the second time he undoubtedly thought so, just…He couldn’t risk it, so he never let himself become too attached. It’s what he always did.

- It helped a bit, just a bit, knowing that in the end he still loved you, but it was better than nothing


- At first, you didn’t know if your feelings were from admiration for his art, or for how he carried himself. He seemed so humble, so beautiful, and you were just as smitten with him as you were his work

- Quietly, you were a fan, but you tried your best not to gush or panic when his eyes met yours at his private little shows. You were lucky enough just to get in- You never wanted to risk being unable to see them ever again

- It was about his fifth show that you tried flirting with him. Not grossly, nothing over-the-top, just the quiet “I’d love to chat with you more!” type of flirting.

- And it went horribly. He blushed a bit, taken aback by the implications of a date, before quietly explaining he had his eye on someone else, and had promised her a date of his own.

- Joining the RFA, knowing you had to live up to her name, the woman that beat you to him, made your recovering wound ache deeper

- Not to mention he didn’t even know who you were. Just how many people asked him out? If he was actually famous…Odds are many did.

- You bottled it up, powered through it. He wasn’t on much anyway, but hearing about him from Jumin always brought up the old pains.

- What hurt the worse was never getting to explain, to have a chance at that coffee date you proposed. 

- After being in the chat for a while, trying to help everyone… Watching his supposedly dead fiance at his funeral… How were you supposed to handle this?

- You cried, hard. Probably harder than anyone should after seemingly knowing him for just two weeks, but it hurt so much. Just when you had hope of recovering that old wound, just when you thought you could at least support him again, your chances were shoved away as soon as that bullet hit his chest.

- You weren’t going to be able to have him remember you, but hopefully you could at least do his memory some justice.


- One. Night. Stands.

- Granted, the main points of those were to be quickly over and done with, leaving and just not giving general care towards the other person

- But instead of a one time thing, it slipped into a few times. Still sparsely, and you weren’t expecting the message and (bad) selfie to prove it him a week later, after your first meet up from the bar you loved.

- Then, about every other week, the two of you met for quickies. Of course the first time he just up and left. The second time too, but the third time he ended up staying a good hour afterwards, both of you exhausted and making light conversation. Somewhat. He wasn’t much of a talker.

- But soon after that, sometimes he would hang around enough to recharge, go again, and chat sparingly before leaving.

- It was probably from the rush of good sex, but you slowly started a crush on him and his rough attitude. It didn’t help that he was actually a little attractive, either.

- So about a couple of month later, when he dropped full contact and his number leading to a dead end, it kind of hurt. A lot.

- You were a bit proud that you didn’t cry more than a couple of times about it, but he was the first crush you had in a very long time, so admittedly you got a bit too attached.

- And so, after all of the RFA mess happened, and you finally got to see who the hacker was, well… Due to circumstances, you didn’t mention it until a few months after.

- And he didn’t remember you at all.

- Not even something gross, like if you were a good fuck or not. He just had no memory of you at all.

- Sure, it was most likely the drugs in his system and the stress he had been going through. That didn’t mean it didn’t hurt you, though.

- At first, you left it at that, made some excuse on how it didn’t matter since the two of you knew each other now, but a few hours later he brought it back up again, asking in a low voice exactly how you two knew each other.

- And, since it was just the two of you in Seven’s bunker, the other twin running out to buy a few groceries, you hesitantly explained.

- And the look on his face made you regret ever bringing it up in the first place. He looked angry? Pained? Pissed off?? He didn’t respond at first, just letting out a few frustrated sighs as he tapped his foot rapidly, grasping at some sort of explanation.

- “When I did stuff like that… I made a point not to remember who I slept with.” He paused, then kept on. “It doesn’t mean you’re forgettable. I made it a point not to get attached and just get what I wanted. If I contacted you again after the first time…It probably just meant I didn’t want to look for anyone else if you were still willing. Or something, fuck.”

- Your chest hurt, and that’s when you realized you had been holding your breath. Obviously, if what you said didn’t have him remember you fully…There were others he treated like that.

- He noticed your tender expression, how you were biting your lip in thought, and he finally faced you, almost even reaching out before pulling his hand back. 

- “I wasn’t in the best place back then. I was fucked up, honestly. But… I’m working on my issues right now. And I’m sorry if I hurt you. I remember you for how you’ve helped me, for how patient you are while helping me and Saeyoung. I’m sorry for not remembering you for sex, but…” He trailed off, his shoulders dropping as he failed to come up with the right words

- “Well… I think I’d rather be remembered for helping you, rather than that. “ You admitted, and he let out a tense sigh. 

- “I know it probably hurt you, but…If we could start over, I would appreciate it.”

- Starting over didn’t seem too bad… Hopefully with time, these tangled emotions would slowly fade, and you could get to know him for who he really was.

I am currently very tired so this probably might not even make sense in the morning but… 

I’m imagining a D&D minigame (probably lasts 1-2 hours tops unless you’re having fun with it) meant to break the ice for new groups, in which the DM controls an adventuring party and the players control NPCs as they naturally pop up. Specifically, it could help new players get comfortable with roleplaying without the pressure of sticking to a character they just made. If you do this before the character creation stage, then even better because they may stumble into a character they like acting out.

Rules that I’m just rambling out please forgive me if they are nonsensical: 

  • It’s all improv. Don’t break a scene to look up game mechanics like prices, or which checks to make, or what would give advantage/disadvantage. This is about the acting so if it’ll throw off the groove, make it up on the spot. It’s all about quick thinking.
  • No modifiers. You’re all making things up on the spot so if you have to roll something, don’t waste time justifying who would have what stats. You could even go without dice altogether. The d20 is just an optional element of chance here.
  • Mandatory introductions. I don’t care how goofy it is. state your name, race, class/occupation, a random character trait, and how their day’s been going up until this point. As many as you can off the top of your head. Go nuts because things get silly before they get really creative, in my experience. Note: Character voices are encouraged. For funsies.
  • Everyone participates in a scene. No pressure on how much they interact, but in each new setting, every player has to put one NPC in that tavern, shopping square, riot crowd, etc.
  • Plot not needed. The adventuring party strategically wanders in a way that builds a town/city/etc as the players make it up. The DM isn’t in charge of telling a story here, just keeping the energy of the improv scene going. This includes-
  • Leading Questions. This one’s the challenge for you, DM who likely already has a control complex and likes to plan out every detail of everything in their world because it gives them a sense of security. If anything, you are the one who most needs to be good at rolling with whatever your players hand you. For the sole purposes of making you uncomfortable, the newcomer adventuring party knows absolutely nothing about this town. Thankfully, the citizens know everything about it. Which is good because you need directions to find your way out of your rented hovel room let alone to the temple–oh that’s right. Who’s the patron there? You sure don’t know! Better ask someone! Get that DMs?? YOU KNOW NOTHING. 
    • Important: If the scene starts slowing down, it’s up to you to either encourage and interact with these townsfolk some more, or get moving somewhere else.

Example scene: order of NPC choice is determined by an initiative roll. 

DM: “Alright, so four adventurers walk into the tavern you’re in–”
Player 1: “Oh! I call the bartender.”
Player 3: “Aw… I had a bit I was gonna do.”
Player 1: “Okay, okay fine, I’m the owner of the tavern, Marcus McMuffin the half orc–stop laughing–and uh… I have a tattoo of a dwarf lover that literally no one else knows about? And my day’s been…hm. It’s been awful because I got stood up for a meeting. DM, I basically live in here, so I’d know they’re new, right? I wanna know if these guys look like trouble makers.”
DM: “The Barbarian’s flexing at anyone who looks in his general direction but other than him fancying a typical bar brawl, they seem decent–if lost.”
Player 2: “I’m the elven bard in the corner and I start trying to seduce the Barbarian with my beautiful voice!!”
DM: “Listen… you can’t just use your character from the last game. Cherry the Elven Bard would’ve totally seduced the barbarian but who are you now?… Nah it’s fine, dude. Take your time. We’ll come back to you.”
Player 3: “I’m the crazy old village drunkard who’s a human named Steve–”
Player 1: “I thought you said you wanted the bartender!”
Player 3: “–Who samples a lot of the wares and is thus the village drunkard! I said I was doing a bit, jeez! DM, I start rambling loudly at the strangers about something that sounds like one of those super infuriating sidequests–you know the kind–where you have to go through a lot of bullshit busywork and the longest fetch quest of your life but there’s a promise of GREAT loot at the end so you consider it anyway. You know what I mean? What do I do for that, roll deception? Persuasion?”
DM: “Nope. No rolls. Personally, I am so on board with this but I need you to make this speech right here and I need you to sell it.” 
Player 3: “Oh boy.”

If for some reason you want to try this please give me a rundown of how it went because I feel like it’s the perfect recipe for hilarious trainwrecks that come with all good icebreakers. (I feel like it’d be a fun drinking game somehow? But I don’t play enough to know how to work alcohol in in a reasonable manner. I’ll leave that one up to house rules.)

Taverns & Tanneries, never coming to a game store near you lmao

Edit: I just realized that when the group starts playing a real campaign, you can embarrass them by working their goofily-named NPCs in, keeping an entirely straight face while doing so. Watch as they squirm and laugh-cry over having to discuss the fate of the world with Marcus McMuf’an. If only they’d known. 

If only they’d known what was to become of Marcus McMuffin.

To Mourn #2

Here is Zenny’s! 

I’m sorry, I know I promised Yoosung smut- but due to the current events in my life I can’t write smut. It would be the most awkward smut imaginable and I can’t have that. So- here is Zen, hurting, a lot. 

This will include: 
1) Some profanity
2) Angst, tragedy, character death
3) Mentions of mental illness/delusions 

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Writing prompts - 11

1. Do you ever wonder when you became the very thing you’re afraid of?
2. When you love someone, it’s worth fighting for. No matter what the odds.
3. Friends don’t let friends do stupid shit alone.
4. You’re leaving because it’s easier to walk away than to fight for what you really want
5. I really don’t let myself cry in front of anybody
6. I need to learn to stop caring
7. Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I ever had to do.
8. You took a piece of me and I let you.
9. We’re friends, real friends and that means no matter how long it takes, when you finally decide to look back, I’ll still be here.
10. It wasn’t over, it still isn’t over!
11. So you think I’m broken? Then fix me.
12. If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing. Even if you’re scared it’ll cause problems. You say it, you say it loud.
13. There is nothing worse in the world than thinking you have a chance when you really don’t
14. Don’t you understand? I can’t leave you, but you’re constantly leaving me.
15. I only wanted you to be happy, I’m just sorry it couldn’t be with me.
16. I’m still in love with you. I tried not to be, but it didn’t work.
17. What if nobody ever loves me?
18. You’re perfect. Which is beyond annoying, I can’t look at you.
19. I love you and I’m always going to love you, but I don’t want to love you. I want to be happy.
20. You don’t destroy the person you love
21. If I murder someone, you are the person id call to help me drag the body across the floor. You’re my person.
22. If there’s no food, I’m going home
23. We should be drunk, why aren’t we drunk?
24. I’m standing here, looking at you and all I want to do is kiss you.
25. I have to walk away from you, I have to for me.
26. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I love you when I knew I did.
27. I can’t imagine a day when I won’t be in love with you
28. You bother the hell out of me
29. All I want is you!
30. Since when do I care about anyone’s happiness but mine?
31. I will always find you
32. If people are suppose to be together, they will find a way.
33. You may have noticed, but I’m not all there myself
34. Come bother me
35. I just want you to be happy
36. How do you begin to explain something that you can’t even understand yourself?
37. Everything around me makes me miss you
38. Nothing about us feels right anymore
39. You have to promise me, you won’t fall in love with me.
40. I don’t want to be just the next girl
41. You wanna dance with me?
42. Sometimes, you fall for someone you didn’t expect but that doesn’t make it wrong
43. Every time I look at you, it hurts
44. Shouldn’t we hold out for the person who doesn’t just tolerate our little quirks, but actually kind of likes them?
45. I’m happy your happy, but dammit what if?
46. You are the only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning
47. I shouldn’t be feel this way about you, but I do. And it’s driving me insane.
48. I know you’re mad at me, but I need help with my tie
49. What am I to you?
50. So whose the unlucky girl?
51. I love you so much, I just want you to be happy. Even if that happiness no longer includes me.
52. You are the most beautiful person I have ever met and somehow, I don’t know, somehow you chose me.
53. What I’m about to say is the most selfish thing I’ve ever said in my life.
54. The first rule of truly living, is to do the thing you’re most afraid of.
55. The truth is, I’ve tried to stop thinking of you, but I cant
56. I’m mad at you because I love you!
57. I try so hard and I’m never the one
58. You’re jealous aren’t you?
59. Why are you so annoying?
60. Never in a million years
61. I might have had a few shots
62. I could kiss you right now!
63. It’s your fault we are in this mess.
64. I hate you
65. Just admit you’re wrong!
66. I need you to do me a huge favor
67. Well this is awkward
68. “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!
69. “If you’re not scared, then you’re not taking a chance. If you’re not taking a chance, then what the hell are we doing anyway?
70. Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?
71. All nighter, you and me. First one to fall sleep buys the other dinner.
72. It’s midnight, what do you want?
73. Okay, am I drunk or did you really just say that?
74. I’m too sober for this shit
75. Just pretend to be my date
76. I can’t believe you dragged me into this
77. Quick, kiss me!
78. Out of all the people in the world, I get stuck with you
79. You’re going to love me. Watch, you’ll see
80. It’s midnight, what do you want?
81. I wish I never laid eyes on you. I wish we never met. If I never laid eyes on you then I wouldn’t have fallen in love
82. I’m not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me!
83. Are you wearing my shirt?
84. Don’t look at me like that
85. Being your friend is basically ruining my life
86. If you leave, I will literally go out of my freakin mind.
87. I just want the chance to be yours again
88. Stop saying you’re sorry
89. I’ve been in love with her/him my entire life! And I think she/he loves me too.
90. It hurts so bad I can’t breathe
91. you’re my best friend. And if anything were to happen to you, I would lose my mind
92. That’s the problem, I don’t want to hate you. Because if I hate you then I’ll have nothing left
93. How about that dance?
94. Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing!
95. Wait, am I dreaming or are you actually smiling?
96. Just do this for me and I promise I will make it worth your while!
97. I never had a minute to think about how I feel about you
98. I came here to win you back, and dammit, I’ll do whatever I have to
99. Why do you care? It’s not like we’re friends or anything.
100. Words don’t mean anything to me! You know what does? Taking action
101. The thing is, I can’t pretend we never happened because I’m still in love with you
102. We could’ve had a life together
103. Hold on to me
104. Can you stay? Please?
105. Let’s go somewhere, anywhere in the world. Just you and me.
106. You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible
107. I can make you happy
108. Do it, I dare you!
109. I’m not freaking out, are you freaking out?
110. You are never too old for a Disney movie
111. College AU
112. You’re my new dream
113. You mean more to me than anyone in this whole wide world
114. I’ll always catch you
115. Wait, what are the rules again?
116. That’s no fair! You cheated!
117. Neighbors
118. I’ll race you
119. I look at you and I’m home
120. True love is putting someone else before yourself
121. And when I promise something, I never ever break that promise. Ever.
122. I think about you a lot more than I probably should.
123. What do you wish for at night?
124. I told you not to fall in love with me.
125. Coffee shop au
126. How drunk are you right now?
127. Can we just stay in bed and cuddle? Watch some Disney movies?
128. I think I’m falling in love with you
129. This stays between us
130. You have ten minutes, so make it quick.
131. You owe me, big time.
132. If you make fun of me one more time, I’m gonna tell everyone we know that you named your favorite pillow Mr. Puff Puff.
133. If your house was on fire and you only had ten seconds to save something important, what would you get?
134. So I was–don’t move! There’s a spider on your shoulder!
135. How the hell do I end up with hufflepuff!?
136. Okay, it’s settled.you are officially my zombie apocalypse partner.
137. What is the point of being alive if you don’t try to do something remarkable
138. Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you
139. When you meet the right person, you know it. You can’t stop thinking about them. They’re your best friend and your soul mate. You can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with them. No one and nothing else can compare.
140. When you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.
141. You’re just as screwed up as I am, I like you.
142. Doctor au
143. You’re insane, you know that?
144. But what if we get caught!?
145. Comic con au
146. You are really comfortable.
147. Just kiss me already
148. You made me love you and I hate you for that!
149. Why are you smiling at me like that?
150. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t stop thinking about you

Young Alpha!Dean x Pack Alpha!Cas (2.6k words)

(Warnings: Dean is dubiously of age, Dean is a drama queen, Cas is a drama queen, suicidal tendencies, angst with a happy/hopeful ending)

He is barely more than a boy; maybe a few seasons into his designation and still graced with that blend of gangly and soft so pervasive to adolescence. He is an Alpha, but only by scent, and even that only barely so. His delicate features, the cold sweat clinging to his skin and those big green eyes, already filled with tears and fear, would certainly not suggest as much.

“What are you doing in my territory?” Castiel growls, dipping into a register as low and threatening as befitting of the pack Alpha, and presses him deeper down into the snow.

His Alpha voice doesn’t miss its mark: even though the boy presses his lips into a tight line and glares up at him defiantly, all of his body starts to shake like a leaf where it is pinned by Castiel and forced down onto the frozen ground. The boy swallows thickly, and for a moment, Castiel expects him to snap and snarl at him, to hurl insults his way and fight back in desperation with all that he has.

What he does instead is close his eyes for just a moment, take a deep breath and whisper, “Kill me.”

Taken aback, Castiel blinks. “What?”

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“Best Friends” Pt. 4

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 1700+

Warnings: Just some stuff from the movie. 

A/N: HELLO! So, I think this is going to have way more than 4 parts, so if you’d liked to be tagged then please let me know!


Even when I was younger, bus trips were one of my favourite things. They were always a time to talk, joke around and play games with each other. Would the driver of that small car be sweet or sour? Would the truck passenger wave back at us? Not to mention it meant you were going somewhere. School was out for that day and you were going to a place you’d never been before, where all your friends would be next to you. Most of the time it was fun, a day to remember. And because of that I loved bus rides and all the memories that came attached to them.

Despite this, I wasn’t having the best time right now.

“Y/N!” My head snapped to Liz, who stood at the front of the bus holding question cards. “You haven’t answered a question this whole trip. C’mon, you got this!”

Not trusting my words, I nodded my head.

Peter had showed up this morning and re-joined the team. Everyone, apart from Flash, welcomed him with open arms, including me. Although our walk yesterday ended badly, I thought we were once again best friends and that made me overjoyed. After everyone else had gotten on the bus, I ran over to give him a hug. Just as my arms were about to wrap around him, his own came up and blocked me.

“Don’t touch me.”

Not saying anything else, he walked straight into the bus. Leaving me to walk in alone, both confused and embarrassed. My head hung low, as tears pricked at my eyes. If anyone had seen it, they didn’t say anything.

Now Peter sat in front of me, a bell in his hand as he jumped to answer the questions. Why was he so mad at me? I hadn’t done anything wrong. Was he really angry at me for having a crush on Spider Man? I mean fuck sake, it’s not like anything is going to come from it. If that’s what the problem is then he’s just being a brat.

Instead of glaring holes in the back of Peters head, like I had for the whole trip, I turned my eyes to the window. DC is fast approaching, meaning it would only be another half hour till we were out of this stupid bus and into the hotel. All I wanted to do was crawl up into a ball and sleep. Plus, it was already the afternoon, as the trip was roughly five hours long.

Maybe MJ could go protest without me.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” Liz sat down next to me, both of our feet dangling in the water. “You didn’t seem very happy today.”

The day had gone as expected. When the bus ride was over we made our way to the hotel, where we checked in. I had made serval attempts to talk to Peter, but he just left in a cloud of his dust as he hurried off in the other direction. Now I sat at the pool, my legs dangling in the water. Almost the whole team was here, playing games and splashing water, but I’d never felt more alone. Why was he so mad at me? Why was he ignoring me? Maybe he realised how much of a bitch I really am, and how I’m not worth it anymore. The negative thoughts were like a storm in my head, shocking me with sadness and evaporating my self-confidence. If my best friend couldn’t stand me who else would?

Sighing, I started at my hands.  “Yeah, I’m fine. There’s just somethings going on between Peter and I.”

“I’m sure everything will be worked out; you guys are best friends.” She smiled, before dipping back into the pool. “I’m always here to talk.”

Smiling at her offer, I nodded and looked up through the glass roof. ‘Best friends’. The stars shined so brightly, as the moon glowed. It was so beautiful, so peaceful. A flash of red and blue light appeared, causing me to squint my eyes.

No way, NO WAY. Spider Man stood at the window, looking around as his suit dulled to its normal complexion. It almost looked like he was talking to someone, pointing down at his arm as he continued to look around.  After a few seconds, he placed both of his hands on his hips and nodded.

“Y/N, what are you looking at?”

Turning my gaze from the masked hero to Liz, my mouth fell open. “T-There- s-spider-” Looking back up, the figure was gone.

After my wild and confusing encounter, I went back to MJ and I’s hotel room and slept. The next morning everyone, apart from Peter, met in the hallway and went to the Academic Decathlon. Thanks to our fast thinking, and MJs final answer, we won. As a celebration, we went to the Washington Monument, where MJ read her book and the rest of us got in an elevator to go to the top. We were almost there when a bright blue light penetrated the room and made an outline in the ceiling. Panic and fear overtook me, as I couldn’t help but scream out: “SPIDER-MAN!”

“Oh, I’m going to die.” Jumping, I flew over the helicopter. Using my webs, I swung off the railing and through the glass window. Sliding over the floor for a few seconds, the elevator roof broke off, causing it to fall.

My webs used the detached roof to fall down and catch the lift. The weight slid me across the room some more, as a I spread my legs and stopped both myself and the metal box from falling.

“I did it!” Just as the words escaped my mouth, the doors came off.  Falling into the shaft, my body slammed against the walls as I tried to regain my bearings.

The lift got caught on something, as my body came down and smashed onto the floor of the lift. My weight caused the wheels to snap off, as the elevator started to fall once again. Thinking fast, I shot my webs straight up and onto the broken roof. My body flew up, as I steadied myself on the edge of the elevator. “Hey, how you doing?” I coughed a little, “don’t worry. I got you.”

Just like the screaming, the lift stopped and stood still. Using this as a chance to catch my breath, I glanced around the room. Y/N stood in the corner, both her hands clinging to the rails as her wide eyes stared straight at me. Guilt flood through my body, as I thought of the last thing I said to her. Don’t touch me.

The only reason I was even cold to her was my own mixed feelings. Her having a crush on Spider Man was the same as having a crush on me. We’d been friends for years, and originally the thought grossed me out. But after sleeping on it, the feelings turned mutual. I mean, how couldn’t I like her? She was beautiful, caring, funny, smart, cunning and literally everything you’d want in a girl. How had I only just noticed, and why? I knew everything about her, and she knew almost everything about me.

But she had a crush on Spider Man, not Peter Parker. If I took off the mask she’d just be left disappointed. She didn’t like me, not really. She saw me as a brother and best friend, nothing more. This caused me to get frustrated. Why couldn’t she just like me? What was it about Spider Man that she liked? And why couldn’t I have it?

I was so confused about the whole situation, that when I was trapped in the damage control deep storage unit I talked to Karen about it.

“Should I tell Y/N I’m Spider Man?” The question left my mouth as I laid on the storage box.

“Who is Y/N?” Karen responded, her voice soft.

“Who’s Y/N?” A chuckle left my mouth. “She’s the best, she’s awesome. She’s just a girl that goes to my school, and I- Uh yeah. We’ve been best friends for years and I just really want to tell her, but it’s kind of weird. You know? Hey, I’m Spider-Man.”

“What’s weird about that?”

“What if she’s expecting someone like Tony Stark? Imagine how disappointed she’d be when she sees me.” A frown seeped onto my face.

“Well, if I were her, I wouldn’t be disappointed at all.”

“Yes!” Ned cheered, causing the elevator to jiggle slightly.

“Aye, big guy. Quit moving around!” Using the web, I pulled the elevator up.

“I’m sorry sir, so sorry.”

It took a while, but I eventually got the elevator up enough that Mr. Harrington, Ned and Liz could jump out. Y/N was the last one in there, “Y/N.”

Just as she moved towards the door, the part my feet were pushing on broke off the roof. The elevator started falling once again.

“Y/N!” Her name escaped my lips, as I put my hand out for her to grab. Her own hand came up, but it was to late.

Using my webs, I took hold of her hand. The elevator dropped away from her, as she dangled in the air.

“You’re okay, you’re okay.” Pulling on my web, I brought her up to me. When she was close enough I gripped her hand, “you’re okay.”

Bringing her up to the ledge, a group of people helped her to safety. She turned and looked at me. We stayed like that for a moment, before I let go of her hand and just hung there, staring at her.

Even after staring death in the eyes, she was beautiful.

“This is your chance, Peter. Kiss her.” Karen voice was soft in my ear.

Maybe I should kiss her. Right here, right now. It would probably be my only chance to do so. After all, I didn’t want her to get into danger again. And it’s not like Spider Man could just appear on her fire escape and make out with her.

“Kiss her.”

I hung a little while longer, still staring at her in all her beauty. Oh, how badly I wanted to kiss those lips. To feel them against mine, as her hand cupped my cheek. I wonder what she would taste like, maybe strawberries? What type f kisser would she be? Rough? Soft? The questions were endless, just like the colours in her eyes. If I moved just a bit closer I coud remove the bottom of my mask. However, before I could make a move my web snapped, leaving me to fall down the shaft.

“Are you really friends with Peter Parker?”

Part 5

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midnight rambles

request here please!

it was half past midnight when tom came home from filming, the lights were left on downstairs and (y/n) left some dinner in the fridge for him. the plate was wrapped neatly in cling wrap with a yellow sticky note placed on top of it. it read “enjoy my love” in bubbly, but droopy cursive, with a heart dotting the j.

tom smiled at how adorable she was, her writing in sharpie on the pale yellow paper made him think of how bubbly she was. the way she smiled at anything and everything. the way she saw the beauty in everything, including him. he’s still not sure what he did to get so lucky.

tom didn’t eat all of his dinner, he was more tired than hungry at that moment, and all he wanted to do was cuddle up next to (y/n) and go to sleep.

he made his way up the stairs, his eyes heavy as he neared the bedroom door. he slowly opened the door and peeked inside, she was sound asleep and all tom could do was smile at how wonderful and serine she looked. he tried to be as quiet as possible getting ready for bed, but to no avail, he ended up dropping his cell phone on the vanity where he was plugging it in. it made a loud thump and woke (y/n) up.

“sorry darling, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“how was work?” she asked sleepily, a tired smile spread across her face.

“it was pretty good, kind of tiring, i had to wear the suit today for like eleven hours, and i had to piss for four of them. lesson number one of that suit is don’t piss yourself in it, they would have had my head you know?” tom said taking a sip of water, this made her giggle and rub the sleep out of her eye. “but enough about me. i want to hear what you did today.” he smiled at her, scrunching his nose a little and walked over to lean over her sleepy body. “actually, i kind of want to imagine everything you did today, while you didn’t have clothes on.” he leaned over her face to kiss her but she pushed him away, playfully.

“i wasn’t naked all day, tom.”

“i know that, love, but you don’t have to ruin my fantasies, gosh.” tom chuckled in fake hurt as he stood from his kneeling position next the the bed and to get undressed. “that bed looks really comfortable, think i’m gonna join you.” she giggled again, as if that was the only thing she could do in her sleepy state, she leaned up on her elbows to watch tom get undressed.

“i could put on a strip tease if you want.” tom winked at her, unbuttoning his shirt while swaying his hips rhythmically.

“oh, please do.” she laughed as he raised his eyebrow at her.

“i knew you were into that, why else would you have magic mike saved on your list on netflix?” he laughed and narrowed his eyes at her as he continued taking his clothes off, getting ready for bed. “it’s too bad you woke up, you look cute when you’re asleep.”

“and i don’t when i’m awake?” she questioned playfully, cocking an eyebrow at him.

“well, you look hot when you’re awake, but you look adorable when you’re sleeping, like a little puppy.” he smiled and tilted his head at her while she yawned. “so, darling, how was your day?”

“eh, well, you know, same old, same old. could be better, could be worse. but i mean, that’s just how life is, right?” (y/n) shrugged.

“i understand, but none of that work stuff matters, all that matters right now, is right now. all that matters, is i love you and we’re happy, yeah?”

“definitely.” she smiled at him, wondering how she got so lucky to have someone as amazing as tom. tom sighed a little and laid next to her in bed, he pulled her close to his chest, “oh my god, you’re so cold, come here, let me warm you up.” she giggled at him and scooted her body toward him so she was laying on his bare chest, his arm was wrapped tightly around her and his other hand was playing with her hair, then he placed a light kiss to her forehead.

they laid there in silence for a few minutes, their breathing in sync, when tom whispered, “i swear these are the best moments in life, just laying here with you. it’s like nothing else matters.” she blushed lightly and buried her head in his chest a little more, he chucked and gave her a few more pecks on the forehead.

she was almost asleep when tom whispered to her again. “we should get an exotic pet.” “what do you mean an ‘exotic pet’?” (y/n) said back, lifting her head to look at the man through the darkness.

“i don’t know, i’ve just always wanted an exotic pet. i’d love to have a tiger, but that might freak out mrs. kirk next door.” (y/n) laughed at this comment, she could only imagine the poor 94-year-old woman looking out her window into tom and (y/n)’s backyard to see a tiger.

“i’d be more afraid of getting mauled by it or something.” (y/n) giggled as tom scoffed at her logistical thinking. “hey, well, you only hear on tv about the people who get attacked. lots of people probably have tigers as pets, but you don’t hear about them because they don’t want anyone to know. obviously they don’t get attacked.” he paused for a second as (y/n) shook her head, chuckling. “if it would attack anyone, it’d probably attack me, i think even animals know you’re too pretty to hurt.”

“shut up.” she laughed as he placed another kiss to her forehead.

they tried falling asleep after that, but tom was almost restless now that (y/n) was in his arms, he wanted to stay up and just talk with her before he had to go back to filming the next day.

“have you ever thought about living in the countryside?” tom wondered if she had been thinking the same things he had been recently.

“like where?”

“i don’t know,” that was a lie, he knew exactly where. “maybe somewhere in england, outside of the city, we could have a nice, big piece of land, away from people. just me and you, and the tiger of course.”

“naturally.” she laughed. “i don’t know, i guess i never really thought about living anywhere other than here, but that does sound pretty nice.”

“doesn’t it? and, like, i mean i was thinking about kids lately. and before you freak out, it’s nothing like that, like not right now, i was just, like thinking. if i ever had a kid, or we ever had a kid, maybe we could adopt instead, you know?”

“why do you want to do that?” she said, genuinely curious as to why tom would want to have children that didn’t share the same genes as him.

“i mean, don’t get me wrong, i’d love to see a mini you running around, but think about all of those kids that need to be adopted. i mean, we’ve got a good amount of money saved up. we could be really great parents to them, like we’re pretty good people, i know i have my moods sometimes, but i’d never hurt you, or him, or her.” tom smiled a little at the thought of taking care of a child with (y/n). “besides, most of our arguments get resolved right here.” tom smirked a little bit.

“make-up sex is definitely the best.” (y/n) laughed a little bit.

“that and angry sex. all the choking and slamming around. and with you and your nails, there’s definitely blood involved.” tom chuckled as (y/n) pushed at his torso.

a few minutes of silence later, as (y/n) was almost over the edge into sleep, tom spoke up again.

“you know, i always thought it would be really cool to have a skylight, like right above the bed. that way, we could just watch the stars.”

“tom, just go to sleep, baby.”

again a few moments later, “we should visit alaska, see the northern lights. i’ve always wanted to see them, obviously i’ve seen pictures, and they’re beautiful, well not as beautiful as you, but still up there. we could stay in a cabin and-”


“i’m sorry, i woke you up, you’re tired. i’m sorry.” he placed a kiss to her nose and forehead. “i’ll be right here when you wake up, i’ll always be here when you wake up. i love you, so much, darling.”

“i love you too, tom, goodnight.” she kissed his lips lightly.

“goodnight, (y/n).”

Traveling around the world with Grayson would include ♡

Requested: ‘’Can you do a travel around the world with grayson? Please, I love your blog 💙 ‘’ and ‘’Can you do a bullet point of what it would be like to travel the world with grayson’’

➼ Grayson would be reaaaally excited and stoked and count down the days till you go

➼ Since Grayson is a very adventurous type I have the feeling the trip would most of the time be very spontaneous; you would visit places and do things that just came into his mind

➼ Packing and buying things you are going to need on the trip together

❥ “Grayson are you sure that’s all you are going to take with you? We are leaving for two months.”

❥ “I’m sure, Y/N. Besides, all I really need is you.”

➼ But you are still more of a person who wants to make defenitive plans and lists of places you guys would really like to see (a bucketlist type of thing)

❥ “Gray, are there any places you have to visit? We really have to settle things.”

❥ “I go wherever you want to go. It doesn’t really matter as long as I’m with you baby.”  

➼ Falling asleep on his lap on the plane                                                                                                                      
❥ “Baby, wake up, we’re almost there…”

➼ You guys would love to visit some popular cities (like Paris, London and Berlin) and he would take you to very chique hotels and restaurants

➼ Sending Ethan postcards from all the countries you visit

➼ Renting a car and going on roadtrips to explore the city

➼ He would propose to you in a very romantic restaurant, or maybe just when it’s late at night and you just had the best sex ever lol everything is possible ;)

➼ Eating weird foreign food if you feel like doing something new (probably regretting it later)

❥ “Gray, I really don’t know what this is…”

❥ “I don’t have a clue either. If it’s really bad we’ll just grab a pizza after this.”

➼ Shopping at Harrods (let’s be honest; money is not a problem lmao)

➼ Having this weird thing where you guys would want to have sex in every hotel you visit (and of course having to be really quiet since you have neighbors)

➼ Taking at least a hundred pictures every single day

➼ You trying to keep a journal and writing down every special moment and thing you experience

➼ Going to local festivals and meet new people

➼ Buying souvenirs which remind you of the great places you visited

➼ Trying to learn a new language together

➼ Visiting Hawaii and going to jungles, forests and beaches; just being with him alone, far away from the modern world

➼ Teaching him how to read a map

➼ And probably still getting lost but you would end up discovering the most lovely places ever

➼ Enjoying your boyfriend walking around shirtless for most of the time

➼ Going on long hikes and him carrying you on his back if you’re too tired to walk

➼ Tree Climbing

➼ Sleeping on the beach


➼ Diving off cliffs (and Grayson worrying that you’ll hurt yourself)

➼ Going to waterfalls and go skinny dipPINGG OMGG

➼ Waking up really early and go to a near hill with blankets to watch the sunrise together: it could be really quiet where you just enjoy each others company or he would love to have deep conversations and talk about your future and stuff

❥ “It’s so incredibly beautiful here…”

❥ “Not as beautiful as you are, though.”

➼ Because you’re a liiittle clumsy he would be VERY protective and always making sure that you’re okay; wherever you are and whatever you’re doing

➼ He would probably record some of his favourite moments and make a video out of it

➼ Going to Alaska or somewhere else where it’s cold and snowy

➼ Husky sledding !!! omg and him holding you really tight since he’s worried you would fall of the sled lol

➼ Ice skating and warming up afterwards with hot chocolate

➼ Sometimes wishing you would never have to go home…

➼ Simply having the time of your lives and talking about it a lot on the way home and for many years after that

College AU! Taehyung - Roommates

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Previous AU: Jungkook, Jimin

A/N: Here is the third AU in the series. This College AU will be with all the boys, but with different scenarios

  • You and Taehyung had been best friends since you were little
  • You guys pretty much did everything together growing up yet still weren’t sick of each other
  • The more time you spent with Tae, the more you realized your little crush on your best friend
  • But that was all you guys were and you were perfectly okay with it
  • So college time rolls around and you’re both accepted into the same college
  • You aren’t as outgoing as Taehyung so you don’t really want to become roommates with any strangers
  • So you ask Taehyung if he’s willing to be your roommate
  • Which he immediately replies with “Of course! I wouldn’t want anyone else rooming with you.”
  • You ask to make a promise with him where you both won’t bring someone over to hook up with while the other person is there
  • Taehyung agrees and you pinky swear on it
  • A few weeks go by and soon you guys are moving into the tiny dorm
  • Everything is good for the first couple of months living with each other
  • Of course there are a few problems that occur in that timespan
  • Such as Taehyung constantly eating the food in the fridge and NEVER restocking
  • Or waking you up in the middle of night by him screaming at his video game
  • But for the most part, everything was going really smoothly
  • You even found a boyfriend
  • You upheld your end of the promise by never bringing him over for the night
  • Instead doing your business at his own dorm
  • And Taehyung upholds his end of the deal by going to their dorms for the night instead of your own
  • Everything is going well for the two of you until you catch your boyfriend cheating on you
  • Once you come back to the dorm crying, Taehyung freaking shoots up from the couch like toast out of the toaster to comfort you
  • You cry in his arms for a little while until you eventually calm down
  • He tries taking your mind off the breakup by getting you to watch a movie with him where he holds you and cracks jokes the entire time to make you smile
  • You fall asleep like that, in his arms
  • When you wake up the next morning, Tae is nowhere to be found
  • He’s also not answering his phone
  • You’re freaking out over his disappearance but soon reason that he may just have a class or has to meet for a group project and forgot to mention it to you
  • You try calming yourself down by just cleaning around the dorm
  • When you go into Taehyung’s room, you notice a whole desk drawer filled with just stuff of you two
  • Pictures, notes, objects/presents that you gave to each other, etc
  • Your heart freaking melts with how happy and nostalgic you’re feeling
  • As you look more at some of the pictures, you notice writings on a few of them
  • Some just have dates but others also include captions
  • A picture that you took of yourself with Taehyung throwing up a peace sign in the back had “My beautiful best friend”
  • A picture you had no idea existed of you looking at the sky; “They thought the sky was pretty, I thought they were prettier.”
  • You picked a picture up of you holding up your high school diploma and your well-decorated graduation cap next to Taehyung looking down at the ground in mock sadness; “Next Einstein”
  • A photo of you and Taehyung in your prom attire, his arm around you staring at the camera as you’re staring at his face, laughing; “My amazing date”
  • When you get to the bottom of the drawer, you see a crumpled up note
  • As you’re about to uncrumple it and read it, the door to your dorm bursts open
  • You put everything back in Tae’s drawer and rush to see and confront him for not texting you back when you were clearly worried
  • As you open your mouth to scold him, you notice his busted lip and bruised knuckles
  • You instantly fill with panic and run over to him, grabbing his face and trying to find any more injuries
  • “Taehyung! What the hell happened? Why are you beat up?!”
  • “If you think I’m bad then you should see your ex-boyfriend.”
  • Your mouth just drops to form a small “o”
  • You lead him over to the bathroom and take out the first aid kit
  • You have him sit up on the counter as you stand in between his legs, cleaning up his cuts
  • “Why would you go over to his place just to fight him, Taehyung?!”
  • “He hurt you.”
  • “And if he hurt you?”
  • “Do you doubt my abilities?”
  • “Taehyung, I’m serious! Don’t do that shit again! You could have gotten so much worse, you’re so lucky that this is all you got away with it. Don’t start picking fights with people!”
  • He just smiles at you
  • And to wipe away his smile
  • You take a swab of peroxide and swipe it right over the cut on his lip
  • Needless to say it works as he hisses out in pain and now you’re the one smiling smug
  • “Seriously, Taehyung. Please be more careful next time”
  • “Aw, my cold-hearted best friend is so worried over me. I’m so honored.”
  • You swipe at his lip with your swab again to shut him up
  • A few more months go by without incident
  • Taehyung and you have been so busy with getting ready for finals and with your classes that you don’t see much of each other
  • But you can tell just how stressed he is recently
  • Usually Tae is smiling whenever you see him in the dorm but now all he looks is upset and pissed
  • You’re not too sure how to cheer him up as that was always his forte, not yours
  • But nonetheless you try planning something to get his mind off school, going to meet with his friends for help
  • Tae has caught you a couple times at Jimin’s dorm and he gets suspicious and even more pissed afterwards but hasn’t said anything on the topic
  • You’re clueless that your best friend is insanely jealous and pissed that you’re spending time with Jimin, his other best friend, behind his back and without him
  • But one night as you’re going over the other details of Taehyung’s surprise, you hear him enter your dorm along with a girl giggling
  • You don’t think too much into it and continue going over and searching up your idea
  • Then you hear a bed squeaking
  • Repeatedly
  • And you’re sEETHING
  • Here you are trying to cheer him up and there he is, breaking his promise to you by bringing a girl home while you’re there
  • You don’t want to just storm in there and see,,,things
  • So you throw the notepad of your ideas across the room and just decide to walk out, opting to sleep in one of your other friend’s rooms
  • Unfortunately, they’re out partying and you have no other choice other than to show up at Jimin’s door and plead to sleep on his couch
  • He doesn’t believe you at first, saying that there was no way that Tae would bring a girl home for reasons he wouldn’t give up
  • But he didn’t want you going somewhere dangerous so he allows you to sleep there
  • It’s late by the time you wake up, exhausted from all the extra work you’ve been doing and then having to spend a few hours trying to find a place to sleep
  • You wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and you’re very surprised but thankful that Jimin didn’t wake you up
  • When you get up to go into the kitchen, you see a very pissed looking Taehyung leaning against the counter, harshly whispering to Jimin
  • “How could you Jimin?”
  • “How could I?! What do you want me to do, Taehyung!? You fucked up, I didn’t! I wasn’t just going to allow her to sleep in the hallways or something”
  • “I was just mad! I didn’t think she’d be awake..or remember the promise.”
  • “That is your problem,Taehyung. You better tell her soon, or hell, I will. I love you but goddamn it’s getting on my nerves with how obvious you make it.”
  • You decide to make your appearance then
  • You’re still mad at Taehyung for breaking his promise so you give him the silent treatment
  • You pour yourself a cup of coffee and nod at Jimin
  • “Good morning, Jimin. Hope you slept well, thank you for allowing me to sleep here.”
  • You walk out of the room, ignoring Taehyung completely and stay like that for the rest of the day
  • The next day as you’re about to go out to get groceries, Taehyung stops you in the middle of the dorm
  • “Y/N, please talk to me. I’m sorry I broke our promise.”
  • You don’t look at him instead opting to look at your sticky note with your list of groceries on it
  • “I was just really upset and then seeing you constantly with Jimin just made me even more so.”
  • “Why would me being with Jimin bother you at all?”
  • He’s silent for a few moments before he pulls out that crumbled note you saw in his drawer from out of his pocket
  • He hands it over without looking at you
  • When you uncrumple and read it, you realize it’s a confession note
  • Taehyung wrote a love letter for you
  • And has been hiding it for who-knows-how-long
  • You’re kinda struck in place for a minute, rereading the words on the note over and over
  • Tae clears his throat, “Will you please say something already.”
  • “You were jealous…of Jimin?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “And you were stressed from school.”
  • “Yes?”
  • “So you decided the best way to handle these feelings was by hooking up with someone?”
  • “I never said I was smart to think my decision through, Y/N.”
  • You’re still upset about the promise being broken but you eventually get over it and later admit to Taehyung your own feelings
  • Both of your guys’ parents were very happy to hear the news of you and Taehyung’s relationship
  • Which made visiting home for the holidays very strange
  • Meaning you had to sit through dinners being berated by questions from not only your family but Taehyung’s
  • It also made both of your mothers concerned about you and Taehyung rooming together for the next school year
  • “Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want grandchildren, but not yet!”
  • “MOM!”
  • Unfortunately you and Taehyung couldn’t be roommates after that but that doesn’t mean you don’t sneak to his and Jimin’s room to sleep and cuddle with him


Going to the beach with Remus would include...

Originally posted by theweekmagazine

• all the Marauders, you and Lily would get in a car to drive there

• except Peter, he’d probably be off to voldy somewhere

• James would probably be the one driving and Lily would be standing in the passenger seat, you, Remus and Sirius in the back

• much to your amusement, he’d sit in the middle because you really wanted to sit by the window

• on the way there, you’d open the window and let the wind hit your face

• Remus would stare at you, admiring the way the wind is going through your hair and your eyes close at the impact, he’d just think how beautiful you are

• you’d turn your head, wanting to ask how much until you get there and catch him staring

• he’d blush madly and mumble something like ‘in ten minutes’

• when you finally get there, James and Sirius throw their clothes off and jump in the water, along with Lily

• you wouldn’t feel like getting in the water, so you sit down on the sand, watching your friends have fun in the water

• Remus wouldn’t say anything and sit next to you, staring amazed at the ocean

• you wouldn’t notice this, but while you were deep in thought looking at the waves hitting the shore, he’d be staring at you again, thinking how beautiful you looked in contrast with the blue ocean and golden sand

• after a while, though, you’d get curious as why he isn’t going into the water

“Remus? Why aren’t you going in the water?”

• “I don’t wanna leave you here alone,” he’d say, smiling warmly at you, wind blowing in his sandy brown hair

• you’d frown, but a ghost of a smile would still play on your lips

“I’m fine, Remus, really. Go and have fun, I don’t mind being left alone,” you say, smiling at him

“Are you sure? I don’t mind sitting here.”

“Yes, Remus, now go.” You’d laugh, nudging him in the shoulder

• he’d put his pants down, remaining in his trunks, but would hesitate with his shirt and give up taking it off after a few minutes

“Shirt?” you’d ask, eyeing him carefully.


“Aren’t you taking your shirt off? You won’t be having anything dry when you get out and you’ll be cold.” You frown, looking at his body.

• his cheeks would turn pink and he’d stutter out a ‘yeah’, before awkwardly and very slowly trying to take his shirt off

• and then you’d realise why he wasn’t taking his shirt off, a wave of empathy rushing over you

“Remus, look at me,” you’d say, grabbing his hand and dragging him down to sit at the same level as you. “You’re beautiful. Don’t be ashamed of your body, of your scars; they’re beautiful.”

• he’d simply stare at you, swallowing thickly. he’d feel bad of feeling ashamed of his own body, but he couldn’t help it. not every person had huge scars on their stomach

“Can I?” you put your fingers at the hem of his shirt. he’d nod, watching you

• you lifted his shirt slowly, taking it off as he put his arms up to help you

“See? Beautiful.” You smile, staring at his beautiful toned torso. “It’s no problem if you don’t love your scars, there’s plenty of time for you to learn how to, but I do. I love them, I hope that means something to you.”

• He’d look at you in the eyes, amazed that you’d love something so ugly. “It does,” he mumbles, breaking eye contact and looking at the ground.

“Now go, have fun.” You push him gently and he goes towards the ocean, entering and going to James, Sirius and Lily

• you’d look at him as he throws his head back when he laughs

• or after he goes underwater his hair is all over his face and he looked damn hot

• you’d just be whipped after him

• when they get back, Remus walks towards you with the biggest grin

“Y/N, can I have a hug?” He’d open his arms wide

• you’d want to say yes, but think again. “No way, you’re wet!”

“Oh, come on, love, just one hug.” He’d pout.

• then you start running and he starts running after you

“Remus, I’m serious, I don’t wanna get wet!” you yell, still running and smiling at the same time

• he’d stop running


“Thank Merlin, becauseー” He’d interrupt you by wrapping his arms around your waist and lifting you up.

“Remus!” You’d try to escape, but you were already starting to get wet, and there was no point denying that you were enjoying his hug more than anything

• he’d put the joke aside, now realising he was really hugging you

• it wasn’t like any other friendly, rushed hug, it was different

• as he put you down, he apologised and cast a spell to dry your clothes

• when you were walking back to the car, he’d put an arm around your shoulders

“Did you have fun? I didn’t ask you, why didn’t you go in the water?

“I just didn’t feel like it and yes, I had a lot of fun. You kept me good company.”

• you’d wink at him and he’d blush, again

“Are you tired?” he’d ask.

“A bit, yeah.”

“You could sleep on me when we get to the car, if you want to,” he says, looking at you.

• you just smiled

• when you got to the car, you instantly leaned your head on his shoulder and fell asleep

• and he smiled because he was just so in love with you

The Signs as Self Love Tips

Aries: make a list of things you dislike about yourself.  don’t be hard or cruel to yourself, but keep it simple.  write down as many things as you can think of.  decorate this list with whatever you wish, using colors and objects that maybe you don’t like so much or that bring negative thoughts to your head.  now, in a very safe manner, make a fire and toss in the list.  watch it burn away all of the negative thoughts and energies.  after it is only ashes, create and decorate a similar list, but of things you love about yourself, and keep this one.

Taurus: make sure you feel comfortable in your space.  an important part of self-love is having an environment that makes you feel serene, happy, and healthy.  decorate your room (or whatever your safe space is) with colors and objects that make you feel good.  get rid of anything that holds bad memories or that you associate with your points of insecurities.  don’t be afraid to move things around and try a new feel for your space every once in a while.  arrange and rearrange until you feel completely wonderful in your space.

Gemini: write about yourself.  try doing so in third person, perhaps with a different name and identity as you.  however, give this person similar traits as you.  write about them, in any setting, going through a journey of self-discovery.  elaborate on their (your) good traits, and make sure they live up to your full potential.  take their (your) not-so-great traits (or points of insecurity) and write about how they overcome these, use them to their advantage, or learn to accept and love them.  try using what you wrote in your life.

Cancer: don’t be afraid to cry.  the idea that crying is a weakness is a social standard in today’s society, and there is actually much benefit that comes from crying.  read your favorite book, watch your favorite movie, hug your favorite stuffed animal.  gather all of the harmful thoughts you have about yourself and cry.  let all of those thoughts channel out through your tears, and visualize them leaving your body with every drop.  when you’re done, treat yourself to something you love and write down a few positive things about yourself.

Leo: every morning when you wake up, or every night before you go to sleep, look in the mirror.  stare at yourself, at all of your wonderfully human features and beautiful imperfections.  say “i am beautiful” (with variations such as handsome, pretty, gorgeous, good-looking, etc) three times, or write it down three times.  say it even if you don’t believe it.  you deserve to love yourself, and putting this self love into words, as well as associating it with your face/body, will help you come to realize what an amazing person you are!

Virgo: keep a self-love journal.  make sure to keep up with it, and once a day write a single thing you love about yourself.  make sure to include things about your appearance as well as personality.  after you have written your daily entry, say the words you wrote out loud to yourself.  say it as many times as you wish, as many times as it takes for the positive words to bring a smile to your face.  decorate this journal with colors, drawings, stickers, or other decor that makes you feel happy.  go back through the journal when needed.

Libra: do whatever you can to make yourself…you.  maybe you don’t feel comfortable wearing the kind of clothes, makeup, or accessories you like in public yet, so do it at home.  walk around with those new shoes or dye your hair temporarily.  look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate how you truly look like YOU.  perhaps try building up to presenting yourself this way in public, if you feel comfortable.  if you take a step toward feeling more confident and like yourself, whether in public or not, treat yourself to something you love.

Scorpio: do something nice for yourself.  try to think of something that you love doing, or experiencing.  think outside of the box, and make an attempt to do that.  if you can, try sharing it with someone else.  for example, take a friend to that art gallery you’ve been wanting to visit.  have fun, and get excited for this outing.  when you get back, find a piece of paper and write down all the things you did and how much fun you had.  afterwards, take a nap or do something to help you relax, and remember to breathe.  have fun.

Sagittarius: create a self-love jar.  cut up little pieces of paper, and on each piece, write something that you really love about yourself.  take a large mason jar (or whichever size you would like, really) and decorate it with ribbons, paint, stickers, or whatever you like.  choose your favorite colors and things that soothe you to decorate the jar.  place the pieces of paper in the jar, and put it somewhere that you can see it.  every time you’re feeling down or your self-esteem is low, pick out a piece of paper and read it out loud to yourslf.

Capricorn: take a bath.  fill up the tub with water, epson salt, bubble bath, a bath bomb, or whatever you like.  make sure the temperature is how you like it, and then relax.  you may be inclined to think about your worries and insecurities, but instead try to focus on listing off ten or more things that you love about yourself.  try to get as many as you can.  say them out loud if you wish, so that you can hear them, as well.  make sure to wash all of the negative thoughts off of your body during your peaceful bath.

Aquarius: meditate in your free time.  attempt to clear your mind of all thoughts, especially negative ones about yourself.  let those thoughts go, because they do nothing but weigh you down and make you feel heavy.  if you need, focus on your positive traits during your time.  use this medium of relaxation to learn to see yourself in a more serene, peaceful way.  potentially increase your acceptance of yourself and/or your body.  meditation also has many other positive effects, aside from self love, and can work wonders.

Pisces: practice art in place of self-hate, or practice art to celebrate self-love.  when you are feeling particularly bad about yourself, create a piece of art (whether it be a song, a poem, a sculpture, a painting, a drawing, etc) to release those negative feelings.  destroy it after you have made it, if you wish.  when you are feeling good about yourself, celebrate your happiness with a more loving, special piece of art.  with this type of art, you should either keep it to remind yourself how amazing you are or gift it to someone you love.

remember that all of these can be applied to anyone!  just because i classified a certain exercise under a certain sign does not mean it will only work for that sign.  i encourage you to try all of these!  remember to love yourself :)

Coffee? - Bill Denbrough/Stanley Uris

Based off THIS POST - I loved them so much I needed to make a fic for it.

Pairing: Bill Denbrough/Stanley Uris (so much side Benverly, like yeah they are a big part of this XD)

Word Count: 9,700ish

Warnings: None


Thanks to these lovely people!

@sunnydenbrough for allowing me to use their headcaonons.

@wyattghouleff for betaing this monster for me.

@jaedcnwesley for helping me choose “Mr. Stan.”

Read under the cut cause it’s super long!

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For Us

Happy birthday, Danny Boi! I know it’s already June 12 in the majority of the world, including the part Dan’s in, but it’s 10:00 PM on June 11 where I am sO I’M GONNA KEEP THE CELEBRATION GOING WITH A FIC!!!

Description: It’s Dan’s 26th birthday and he’s feeling a bit existential. But Phil comes along with the ultimate day and the ultimate present to cheer him up.

Genre: Extreme fluff 

Warning: Some potential existential crisis-starting material 

Word Count: 1330

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emilysidhe  asked:

Hey! No pressure to answer if you don't wanna, but you've mentioned liking comics!Ollie a few times and I mostly know him secondhand through Birds of Prey. So my main impression of him is "cocky asshole serial cheater Dinah is better off without" and I was wondering if you'd be interested in talking about what I'm missing about his character not reading his own comics? Thanks!

Sure! So here’s the thing: Ollie-as-cheater is a retcon. The timeline goes something like this [CW: rape]:

  • 1941-1969: Ollie has no real recurring love interest. (There’s Miss Arrowette, aka Bonnie King, Cissie’s mom, but she’s only portrayed as a potential love interest for Ollie in one of her four Silver Age appearances.)
  • 1969: Ollie develops his leftwing hothead personality and falls head over heels for Dinah (who originally was a good ten years older than him, which is a dynamic I love).
  • 1988: While in a committed relationship with Dinah, Ollie is raped by Shado, who bears a child as a result. He has no knowledge of this happening and doesn’t know the child is his.
  • 1993: Ollie is kissed by a teenage runaway he and Dinah have taken in, and Dinah dumps him for not pushing her away.
  • 1995-2000: Ollie dies. Chuck Dixon relentlessly portrays Ollie as a lovable but incorrigible horndog in both Connor’s Green Arrow and Dinah’s Birds of Prey, largely to contrast virginal, shy (and likely queer, deal with it Homophobic Chuck) Connor with his father and to explain some of Dinah’s issues during this period.
  • 2000: Ollie is resurrected in Quiver, which is my favorite Green Arrow story, but has a few terrible moments in it, including one in which he is depicted as willingly cheating on Dinah with Shado.
  • 2002-2016: Ollie is dragged through a decade and a half of character assassination in which more infidelity is retconned into his backstory, he’s revealed to have knowingly abandoned Connor and his mother after Connor was born, he cheats on Dinah some more, their relationship becomes increasingly toxic and physically violent, and everything is terrible. Honestly, I’m not sure how bad it eventually got, because I jumped ship completely after Lian’s death.
  • 2016: Green Arrow: Rebirth happens and my big dumb romantic hippie rascal came BACK and I love him so much I want to cry about it!

Ollie has definitely never been perfect. The only part of your description I disagree with, actually, is “serial cheater,” because he is cocky (but I like cocky) and he is an asshole (but I like assholes) and he isn’t good enough for Dinah (but no one is). And he and Dinah weren’t perfect during the 25 years or so they were together before his death. She ostensibly dumped him for kissing Marianne, but this was coming on years of being impulsive and irresponsible (one time he went out to run errands and ended up in a dog race in Alaska).

But man, the writing of the two of them after he came back to life and Kevin Smith left the book was just dreadful, and I largely blame Judd Winick for that (although I goddamn hate what Brad Meltzer did, too). Winick turned their banter into toxic fighting - at one point, Ollie calls Dinah a slut and accuses her of sleeping with an entire football team, she hits him, and then they get really turned on by this and do it. No, Judd, hitting is not “sexy” when women do it, especially when they’re one of the top ranked martial artists in the world. Around the same time, Babs is shocked to learn that Dinah is marrying Ollie, “who fathered Connor with that Shado woman” - except Connor’s mother is Moonday and Shado raped Ollie. It’s a combination of comics not accepting that men can be raped (and Grell really didn’t write it as rape, just a ~thing that happened~), and writers basing their characterizations on retcons instead of the original text and that particular aspect of Ollie’s character snowballing.

I’m willing to accept that Ollie’s a tomcat, no problem. The man has two (or three! I personally believe that Cissie is his) illegitimate children with (two (or three) different women, none of whom are The Love Of His Life. I have no problem with a characterization of Ollie as Enthusiastic About Sex. But the cheating retcon really gets my goat. (As does the retcon that he knew about Connor from birth, which I simply refuse to accept. It’s my Green Arrow Rubicon and I won’t cross it.)

As to why I like him: again, he’s not perfect. He’s a mess. (I like messes! Look at Booster Gold. Look at Daredevil.) But he’s a try-hard mess. He’s so passionate and he cares so much. He makes the spiciest chili and yells at people about recycling and spends half an hour waxing his beard into points every morning and accidentally brings a new teenager home every time he goes outside. He is cranked to eleven 100% of the time and even if he sometimes goes too far or gets it wrong, it’s never out of apathy.

Ollie is a showboater and irresponsible and he fucks up all the time - with Roy, with Connor, with Dinah. But he loves with his whole self and he wants the hero community to be better than they are and he has committed to a silly theme to a truly ridiculous degree and I just adore him.

If I have convinced you to give Ollie a shot (ha, arrow pun), here are my recs:

  • Green Lantern/Green Arrow by Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams, otherwise known as the Hard Traveling Heroes era. Be warned that this is 70s liberalism so there are some well-intentioned but reeeeeeally dated Hot Takes on race and class, and some real opposition to women’s lib. (But oh boy does Adams draw a beautiful Dinah.)
  • Hunter’s Moon by Mike Grell. The Grell era on GA actually starts with the miniseries The Longbow Hunters, which spun off into Ollie’s first ongoing series; Hunter’s Moon collects the first issues from that run. But The Longbow Hunters, though visually stunning as well as important (it moved Ollie and Dinah to Seattle, introduced Shado, and temporarily removed Dinah’s Canary Cry), has a lot of sexual violence (against Dinah) and Orientalism in it. I’m sick of books with violence against women being the Important Comics so I’d rather boost Hunter’s Moon, which shows Dinah going to therapy and working through what’s happened to her as a person with agency instead of using her trauma as a plot point to motivate Ollie. But I’m including Grell in here because Dinah’s assault aside, he depicts Ollie and Dinah’s relationship as healthy, complex, and joyously sexual, and I love it.
  • Quiver and Sounds of Violence by Kevin Smith and Phil Hester. Ollie’s resurrection and the sequel. As noted above, Smith hits a couple sour notes for me, but I mostly love his Ollie, plus he introduces Mia here and I would die for her. And Hester’s Ollie has imprinted on my heart forever as my Ollie. (Weirdly, Smith and O’Neil share the odd distinction of writing my favorite Green Arrow and my least favorite Daredevil.)
  • Green Arrow: Rebirth and the current ongoing series by Benjamin Percy and Otto Schmidt. Can be clunky, but the heart is there, as Ollie tries really really hard to unlearn his privilege, be worthy of Dinah, and repair his relationships with Diggle (!) and Roy. Also features his kid sister Emiko Queen, who was created somewhere during the time that I was ignoring Green Arrow comics but she is PERFECT and I would fight a mountain lion for her. In some beautiful parallel universe Mia and Cissie and Emi all live with Ollie and make fun of him 100% of the time and it’s beautiful.

In conclusion, THANK YOU if you made it through all that nonsense, and please enjoy this ridiculous macro from LJ user parsimonia that I saved a million years ago and which makes me laugh every time I look at it: