i do realize just how awful this turned out

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Restaurant - SasuSaku goodness.. fluff.. humor.. romance.. thanks so much :D

Restaurant: I’ll write about two (or more) characters at a restaurant and getting the wrong order.

AU. this is kind of dumb, but i tried

Sakura had just finished writing her table’s order when she heard the familiar ding dong! of the front door. She quickly looked at her watch and smiled. 1:35 PM on the dot. Just like clockwork. 

“Look who’s he-ere,” Ino sang under her breath as Sakura passed her to clip the order onto the window. 

“I saw-aw,” she sang back, laughing. She leaned over the counter next to Ino and gazed at the cafe, her eyes pausing a little too long at table number 7. She sighed and propped cheek against her hand. She wondered how he did it.

“Do what?”

Sakura blinked and turned to Ino, a knowing grin on her face. Sakura hadn’t realized that she was speaking out loud. “I don’t know,” she said, “I guess how he’s always here, same time, same seat, same order. I’d get tired of it, you know?”

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I’ve been starting to realize how icky my tummy looks all the time and the weird little rolls and the cellulite on my thighs and it’s making me want to do bad things and no matter what someone tells me about how “good” and “perfect” my body is I will never believe anything different and it really hurts
I want to lose weight but I don’t know how and I want to work out and exercise but I have awful anxiety and people are scary and depression makes me not want to do anything everywhere I turn I’m just fucking stuck I hate myself I hate this stupid fucking body I don’t want this I want to be thin so I can die pretty jesus fucking christ