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With her stylist friend’s contact details, Sandy turns to exit the locker room, but Marcel is standing right in the doorway.

Sandy: Here you go, Mr. Wolfe. She will be happy to assist you, just give her a call.

Marcel: Thank you. But I think I can wait for your schedule to open up. I’m sure it will happen sooner rather than later. 

So, getting rid of him won’t be that easy, Sandy realizes.

- Mr. Wolfe, I am flattered by your attention, but I am starting to think you see me in a way one shouldn’t really see their son’s girlfriend.

Marcel: Would that be so bad? I can give you much, much more than my son can, that’s for sure. 

Sandy: I think you should go, Mr. Wolfe.

Marcel: You’re kicking me out? Do you even know who I am?

Sandy: Yes, I know who you are. You are Marwick’s father and I think he would’ve been very disappointed to know about your behavior in here today and every other time you have come in to see me. Look, I am not planning to tell him about this, but you need to stop trying to meet me all the time. Frankly, it is very creepy. Now, I have clients waiting for me.

When Marcel makes no move to get out of the way, she is forced to practically squeeze past him, a fact that irritates her even more than his pleased smile.

Only when she leaves the room does she begin to realize how ridiculous this whole situation is. But she doesn’t want to tell Marwick. She doesn’t want to create a bad situation between family members.

  • Credence: Mr. Graves are you cold?
  • Percival: um no
  • Credence: ....are you cold now?
  • Percival: No
  • Credence: uh um... how about now?
  • Percival: why do you keep asking me th-- *realizes*
  • Credence: Im sorry . I-I just wanted a-
  • Percival: *hugs Credence* hmph you should just ask

“I love you best friend.” Josh laughed off his comment but you weren’t laughing. You liked Josh for awhile now and to hear that you were only a friend stung.
“Same here Joshy!” you tried to cover your awkward nature with a laugh and his nickname.
“Hey! Don’t call me that.”
“But it’s cute.”
“You’re cuter.” you blushed a mad red, you’re need to get over these feelings fast.

-time skip-

A month had past and you were starting to get over Josh, you had realized it just wasn’t meant to be. you and Josh were at Topanga’s with the whole gang when Zay pulled you aside.
“Hello there Miss Y/L/N?”
“What do I owe this pleasure Mr Babeineaux?”
“Well I wanted to know if you would share a milkshake with me?”
“Is that code for you wanna go on a date with me?”
“Well yeah actually I should of just said that.”
“Zay you’re a sophomore?”
“But I’m supposed to be a Junior.”
“But we could be so cute Y/N!”
“What do I have to loose, I’ll go out with you!” He smiled so big it warmed my heart.
“You won’t-” Zay was cut off but no one other than Josh who pushed Zay against a wall.
“You think that’s okay?! You can’t just ask her out you’re a child!”
“Joshua put him down!” you yelled at him.
“No this punk just asked you out and you had the nerve to say yes!”
“What does it matter to you?!”
“I care about you!”
“Obviously you don’t if you’re trying to murder the boy I have a date with!”
“Cancel it!”
“I will get Cory!” He softened knowing Cory would be disappointed in him.
“Y/N you have to understand-”
“Know you need to understand you broke my heart!”
“Josh I loved you and when you said you loved me as a friend it hurt so bad.”
“Y/N I only said that because I didn’t think you liked me back.”
“No don’t pity me now!”
“I’m being honest I’ve liked you for awhile.”
“Yeah well now it’s too late, I don’t want to be with someone is going to get physical when he’s jealous.”
“Y/N wait I can fix this.”
“No you really can’t.” I took Zay by the hand and we left, I didn’t even realize you were crying.
“I’m sorry.” He spoke up.
“No it’s not you’re fault, how about that date?”
“Are you serious?” after what happened if you were in his shoes you’d be shocked too.
“I’ve got brownies and the friends box set waiting back at my place.”
“I’m down.”

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stiles stilinski imagine // idk what the title should be so here you go

Summary: (Y/N) is new at BHHS. Her first lesson chemistry & her teacher was Mr. Harris. She hadn’t expected anything else but it hurt her a little when she realized that she was sitting alone. Only until a boy came late for class and realizing that only one seat was still available.

Characters: (Y/N) x reader , Stiles Stilinski,

Word Count: idk


‘There it is.’, you thought. You stand in front of the BHHS, not knowing what is going to happen throughout the years, not knowing where your first class is, not knowing anyone nor anything.

“Your locker is that one and your fist class is in this classroom.” The lady said as she circled some numbers out.
‘Thank you.’, you said politely even though you knew she wouldn’t care if you even said nothing.


You had trouble finding your first class but eventually you were sitting in the right one.
At one table in the third row. Alone.
You didn’t expect anything else because still, no one knew you but it was a little heartbreaking ‘cause none of your classmates found the interest in talking to you.

You lost your train of thoughts when the teacher yelled: “Stilinski! 5 minutes late!”
“Sorry!”, the apparent 'Stilinski’ mumbled while he almost fell in front of everyone.
“Wow” slipped out of your mouth while the pen you were holding glided out of your hand, falling at the ground causing him to look at you. You gazed at him; Into his gold/brown eyes that shimmered beautifully in the light, his messy brown hair & his scattered freckles around his face that were more than just cute. He was beautiful.
“Take a seat”.
Those words made you loose your train of thoughts again. You looked around, realizing that the only available seat in that room was next to you.
The beautiful boy took the seat.
“Huh? Oh, yea- umm… (Y/N).” You smiled a little, still embarrassed of your reaction of when you saw him.
“Cute name.” he smiled at you.
You blushed, causing him to laugh a little.
“Thanks.” You gazed at him again.
“So what is it about that look you gave me already 2 times in 5 minutes?” He smirked.
“uh- well.. i-i don’t know what you’re talking about.”
He started laughing a little. “It’s ok you don’t have to answer.” He put his hand on your thigh to calm you down because you were obviously a little nervous, but before you could react he threw his hands in the air and said “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that. That was stupid of me. I am stupi-”
“It’s ok. Don’t worry about it.” You grinned at him.
“I’m a jerk, I’m sorry. Are you new?”
“Yes. Yes I am new and I have no idea where my next classes are”
“Well, Miss 'I don’t know where my classes are’ would you give me the honor to take you to your next classes?”
You laughed “You’re weird, but I really like you”


The bell rang.
Stiles started packing his stuff into his backpack. You did the same.
“You have your next class with me on 2nd floor” Stiles said while he was leaning against the table in front of you & looking at your schedule.
“Oh, ok great.” You stood in front of him, looking at his beautiful eyes which were still looking at
your schedule.
He looked up.
You watched each other until he leaned in.
You did so too.
You felt his nose on yours until Mr. Harris interrupted. “Out of my class. Immediately.”
You two both said “Ok.” And ran off.
There was an awkward silence between you two as you were walking down the hallway.
“Hey Stiles!” you turned around to see who it was. A  boy with an uneven jawline.
“Hey man. What’s up?”
“Oh God I’m an idiot. (Y/N), Scott. Scott, (Y/N).”
You giggled.
“Nice to meet you” Scott said. “Hey I talked to Lydia and she finally wants to hang out with you!”
That sentence hit me ,so I started walking off.  
Wow. It’s my first day at this new school. Everything is going well, I start liking a boy who actually tried to kiss me and know I find out that he likes another girl?
“(Y/N), wait!” He started running towards me but I hadn’t stopped walking. Stiles had faced me. “Who is Lydia?” I sounded like a jealous girlfriend.
He was silent for a moment. “A girl I had been in love with since 3rd grade.”
“Well congratulations, now you have a date with her.” I stormed off.
Why am I like this?
I don’t even know him.
Why do I sound like a jealous girlfriend?
I asked myself all these questions but unfortunately, I had no answers for them.


Stiles POV

“Thanks, you just ruined everything.”
“Sorry man I-”
I ran off, not caring what my best friend had to say. There was something about her that I couldn’t explain.
I think I was falling for her. I knew that I had only known her for a couple of hours but that didn’t matter. “I have to find her.” I said to myself.
So I looked everywhere. At the lacrosse field, the girls dressing room, the girls toilets, the hallways & even our classroom. And now, I walked towards my car like I always do when I am frustrated or pissed.


I found myself laying on top of a Jeep Roscoe.
I heard footsteps coming closer so I got up to see who it was. Stiles.
I ran up to him and hugged him tightly.
“I am sorry I shouldn’t have reacted that way I mean I don’t even know you but still-” I talked so fast the whole time, “I like you so darn much I don’t even know how I can possibly like someone as much as I like you in only one day and-”
the next second I felt his lips on mine. My hands on his neck and my cheeks cupped in his hands.
We put our forehead at each other’s as we pulled apart.
“Did you know that that is my jeep?” He pointed at the blue vehicle I was lying on a moment ago.
I giggled.
“Not until now.”

About a Girl [4]

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Was this a mistake?

You dragged your packed bags to the front door before the sun had even begun to rise. Only Miss Choi  was there at your departure. She pulled you into a tight hug, “I’m sorry about this.”

You embraced the older woman back. “No, I should be the one apologizing. You now have to pull double duty again,” you chuckled.

“Right,” she snorted as  you pulled away. “You did the right thing though, that man needs a wake up call. That little girl is going to realize his absence isn’t normal.” To you confronting Mr. Kim was the right thing to do, even though it did cost you your job. You couldn’t help but feel considerably guilty. An unforeseen consequence that Mrs. Choi had to put up with. “Now you better get going, just keep your chin up. We’ll be alright here.”

“Thank you.” Your mind wandered to the little girl sleeping peacefully in her room, blissfully unaware of your departure. It broke your heart knowing it might break hers. “Are you sure I shouldn’t say goodbye to her?”

“She’s a sensitive girl,” Mrs. Choi warned. “It’s best you leave while she sleeps or else you’ll never be able to leave. That might make the rest of the day rather difficult for all of us.”

“Of course, I understand.” You picked up your bags as you stepped out the door. You took one last glance at Mrs. Choi, “Take care of yourself. And that wonderful little girl.”

“Of course.”

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The Zookeeper’s Wife Review!

Before coming to a screening of this film, watching just the previews and hearing Jessica Chastain discuss it nearly killed me. Compassion and empathy, while seemingly disappearing from social consciousness, IS a part of the human condition. Walking into this I thought, a film about empathy is timely, considering the social, political and now economic challenges the world is currently facing. This film has meaning, its depth will fill your heart and I promise you will take it out into the world with you. Matter of fact, I hope you do and you should, because the world needs more people like Mrs. Antonina Żabiński. Truthfully, like so many stories brought to us in the films of late (Hidden Figures, Loving and others), I was appalled to realize that I have never even heard of these stories or these women. The fact that the story of Anotnina & Jan Żabiński is relatively unknown, is a travesty that deeply saddens me, and I wonder what it is we actually teach our children about women and their contributions to society. This absolutely must change. Regardless, I am grateful that these stories are now coming into the spotlight – better late than never right?

The Zookeepers Wife is the true story of Antonina Żabiński, her husband Jan and the Warsaw Zoo they ran in Poland right at the start of World War II. Jan was a respected zoologist and scientist at the time, and Antonina was an equally respected author in her own right. With the bombings in Poland and the Nazi’s vying for control of the country, the Żabiński’s do all they can to save as many people as they can, putting themselves and their own son at great risk. This is the story of two people, that could not stand by and stand idly by while innocent people die. George Bernard Shaw once said:

“The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that’s the essence of inhumanity”

 and this story is the essence of those words.

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Imagine this: Realizing that, despite Ducky’s age and 7 years of absence, you have always loved him, and that you always will.

“Did you hear me, Duck?” Gibbs asks.  Ducky had zoned out the moment her name left his lips.

“Y/N.  (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?” Ducky inquired.  It had been so long since he had seen you.  For all intents and purposes, he wrote you off as dead…and buried you oh so long ago.

“Yes, Duck.  Now, what do you have?  You called me, remember?”

“I think you should call Mrs. Y/L/N in now.  She will be able to give you a much better idea of what we are working with.”

As Gibbs gives Ducky a quizzical look, he picks up his phone to call you.

“We’ll come down when she gets in.  Duck, are you sure you are alright?”

“Yes, Jethro.  I’m just fine.  Let me know when she is here.  I will come up to you.”


As you arrive at NCIS, you take a deep breath and walk into the building.  It’s been 7 years since you have seen Donald, and you aren’t sure if your presence will be rejoiced or rejected.  You remember how gentle he was with your stitches, and how careful he was with your bruises…but what you remember most fondly was how soft his hands were.  How inviting his smile was.

It was so odd for you.  After all, Dr. Mallard has always had quite a few years on you.  Most people would consider a relationship of that sort inappropriate.

As the elevator doors open and you round the corner, you see his face up on the big screen.

That.  Hellish.  Face.

“I killed him,” you muttered to yourself.  “I killed that man.  I know I did.”

With your eyes wide and your mouth open, Gibbs says, “I take it you know him?”


“TJ?” Gibbs inquires.  “Well, our name is David Loretson.”

“TJ is a nickname.”

“What does it stand for?” DiNozzo asks, sarcastically.

You shoot him a condescending glance, and as you come closer to the screen, you feel a hand on the small of your back.

A calming, soothing, strong hand.  Even after all these years, Donald still managed to settle your soul.

“Hello, Donald,” you say without turning to look at him.  You start to feel the tears slide down your cheeks, making no hesitation to hold them back.

“Hello, Y/N,” he says as he wipes your tears away with his thumb.  “Are you alright to talk?”

“Is he looking for me, Donald?  Is he back?  I-…is it the same concoction?”

Ducky turns your face towards his, brushes the hair out of your face, and says, “I don’t know if he is looking for you, but yes.  He’s back.”

You feel your lip begin to quiver.

“You look beautiful, Donald,” you whisper through your tears.

“Oh, my dear, sweet Y/N.  Time has etched its name into my skin.  But you… you are radiant.”

Feeling a light smile creeps across your face, you dip your forehead so it lightly presses against Donald’s.  You feel his breath on your face, and as he wraps his arms around you in a tight hug, you realize that age does not matter.

You realize that you never did stop loving him.


When Jimin woke up the next morning (in his own bed after Yoongi dropped him off) he should’ve been on cloud nine. But he wasn’t. Because Taehyung’s phone was ringing off the hook and he was sleeping through it.

“Tae…Tae wake up!” Still no response.

Jimin flinged his pillow at him but he still didn’t wake up. With a growl, he sat up and grabbed the phone off the shared nightstand.

“Hello, do you realize how early it is?”

“It’s noon Mr. Kim.” Jimin looked at the clock. When did that happen?

“I’m not Taehyung if that’s who you’re looking for. I tried to wake him but it’s a no go.”

“Well please tell him that Nurse Nam called concerning test results for him and Jungkook. If he can make it to the hospital today that would be great.”

The call ended and he placed the phone back on the wooden table. He ruffled Taehyung’s hair.

“Jungkook’s test–”

“Kookie what?” Taehyung shot up, still half asleep.

“That’s all I need to say to wake you up? Note taken. The nurse called. Apparently some tests came back.”

Taehyung eyes widened.Quickly he grabbed some clothes and toothbrush, rushing into the bathroom to the shower.

“I wanna come too!” Jimin shouted.

Jin who was in the kitchen making lunch turned to the chaos. “Go where?

“We’re going to go see Kookie in the hospital.”

“Ooh okay. I’ll drive then. Do you think he likes Grilled Cheese BLT?”

A lot of my former students say my English Honors 9 class was the toughest class they took until their senior year.

I don’t feel bad for that; nor do they say that with derision as seniors.  They say it with a flabbergasted tone of thanks.  Because while they whine, complain, and rail in private (as they are wont and entitled to do as freshmen) all during that tough year, I tell them, “You’ll be glad you did this in Mr. Hard Teacher’s AP class senior year.”

And then they realize I was right.

At the same time I feel proud that I have done something as a teacher to prepare my students for that kind of rigor, it’s a tad bitter too.  Because my freshman class shouldn’t be the HARDEST class.  The sophomore year should be harder, and then junior, and you get where I am going here.

Still, Mr. Hard Teacher says he can tell in his AP lit class who had me as a freshman and who didn’t.  And he tells me, congratulating.

And yet I think, “But you shouldn’t.  We should all be pushing them more.” 


Mr. Cha,

Thank you so much for everything. Your dedication at work inspires me to do better. Seeing you enjoy the things you do makes me realize I should appreciate everything around me. Hearing you apologize and accept criticisms encourages me to face my own problems courageously. Also thank you for showing us that you are a normal human despite being in the limelight. Always be true to yourself and stay strong.

Happy Birthay, Baro!

8 Reasons Why Lucaya Shippers Shouldn’t Lose Hope

1. Here are a few themes/things that happen in the episodes that have been after Ski Lodge this whole time:

> SDLM’s theme is “you can’t control everything”, and it’s specifically for Riley.

> In The Other Side, Lucas makes it pretty clear he only likes Riley when she’s sunshiny and innocent. Sort of like Riley only liking Mr. Perfect Lucas in Secret of Life.

> GLONY features a Riarkle hug. If the hug itself isn’t enough for you to realize Riley isn’t devoted to Lucas, you should know the hug is two minutes long.

> I Do’s theme is have hope. After this episode, Maya officially has hope for the first time since True Maya.

> In not one of these episodes do Rucas seem like a couple.

2. Apparently at some point in Ski Lodge, somebody tells Lucas to tell Riley(pretty sure it’s Maya but not 100%) he loves her, to which he replies, “Love her?”, like that’s an overstatement of how he feels about her.

3. So far Josh hasn’t been in any episodes after Ski Lodge, and we can only guess how many more he’ll be in. Joshaya’s chances at grow only happen every now and then.

4. Lucas tells Maya in this episode that he could never hurt her. Funny, he’s hurt Riley before…More than once…

5. Apparently we’ve misunderstood the whole “what happens in Ski Lodge is permanent” quote.

6. Rucas and Joshaya both stayed up all night talking to eachother, and now everyone thinks they’re endgame. Paralleling? Cauren. However, Maya “giving Lucas her blessing” to be with Riley in this episode parallels Corpanga. You know, the endgame ship of all endgame ships.

7. Um, Ski Lodge isn’t the last episode of GMW. Just because they ended up together in this episode doesn’t make it endgame.

8. The main theme in Ski Lodge was that Riley and Maya cannot be seperated over liking the same boy. This episode was about how the main ship of this show always has been and always will be Rilaya. ❤️

Conclusion? This story is still in progress. We’ll just have to keep on watching.

I am sick and tired of Farkle being used as the fall-back guy. He didn’t do anything to deserve it. Why should he be forced to watch the two girls he loved all his life form a love triangle with Mr. Perfect?

I sincerely hope he realizes that he is much more than that and actually stands up for himself. Or better yet, I hope he ends up with someone who didn’t just pick him as a last resort.

Farkle should still care for his friends, but he should start doing it in a way that doesn’t turn him into an f**king doormat. And the others need to realize that he is more than a backup in the girls’ petty middle school relationship drama.