i do picture and a quote posts

i dont think you really get them anymore but i especially hate any “"funny”“ 2012-esque Tumblr post which is like here’s 20 goofy pictures of my incredibly punchable face reacting to something that isn’t actually that exciting because im incapable of expressing emotion through words like if yr that self-obsessed get a yt account and start vlogging we don’t do that shit here


I absolutely emailed Melissa’s publicity team, her agents, and her managers, buuuuut someone is in fact on vacation so at least one is out of the office until the 25th. 

Even so, I sent it to a handful of others and I’m posting it because I want to do right by all of you. I attached some screenshots of quotes that I had permission to use that aren’t pictured here, and the email addresses of Melissa’s representatives were attained professionally. I hope this message is well-received because I think that as a community wlw deserve a lot better than what our Supergirl showed us today. ♡

30 day back to school challenge

hey folks! as september rolls around and everyone gets back to school, the studyblr community is getting a bit more crowded! I thought to help everyone (myself included) get back into the swing of school (and therefore having things to post!) I’d create a little challenge. Each day, post a picture (or text post) following that day’s prompt, and be sure to tag them #universi-tea challenge so I can see!

  1. Goals for the semester
  2. What are you excited about?
  3. What’s in your bag?
  4. Study essentials
  5. Favorite study snack
  6. Your handwriting
  7. Daily routine
  8. Before/after
  9. Good morning!
  10. Good night!
  11. Favorite subject
  12. Least favorite subject
  13. Something you’re proud of
  14. How you study best
  15. Supplies + reviews
  16. Shelfie/pic of your books
  17. Your favorite part of your school
  18. What’s in your pencil case?
  19. Show off your favorite back to school outfit!
  20. Doodles
  21. Coffee or tea?
  22. Your study style
  23. Favorite way to take a study break
  24. Study playlist
  25. What motivates you?
  26. Favorite quote?
  27. Favorite study spot
  28. Your to do list
  29. The best thing about school
  30. Your top 3 tips for school

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Don’t forget to reblog and tag #universi-tea challenge!

Things you could put in a devotional journal

•Their names in Ancient Greek, transliterated, translated, and pronunciation
•Epithets (traditional and upg)
•Favourite myths
•Retelling/interpretation of the myths
•Other information about Them
•A photo or drawing of how They appear to you or that you think of as resembling Them
•Delphic maxims
•Key words in both languages and what they mean
•An altar page or photo of an altar
•Hymns, prayers, poems and stories
•Pictures of other things you’ve made for Them
•Updates on skills you’re learning in worship of Them
•Letters you write to Them about anything at all (could just be telling them about your day or whatever)
•Specific tarot spreads
•Readings and conversations you’ve had with Them
•Sacred animals/plants/colours/food/symbols etc (or just ones that make you think of Them)
•Drawings/paintings/collages for Them
•Experiences and encounters
•Worship days/holidays/celebrations
•Ideas for things you could do/make/give in offering (including low spoons devotional ideas)
•Books and movies that remind you of them
•Aesthetic and word associations lists
•Places that remind you of Them
•Any other upg stuff
•Any signs or dreams etc you think might have been from them
•Checklists for things you want to do for Them or have done and want to do again
•Stick in pictures or dried flowers
•Charities or other causes you can give to

*I’m mostly posting this for myself just to have the list saved but if anyone has any other ideas please feel free to add to it! I love having new things to add to my journals

journaling ideas/inspiration

So here’s a list of thing to inspire you, some are for drawings and other are for writing or both

1. angels/gods/feathers/wings

2. once when I was in a dream someone told me…

3. parallel universes (I’m right here why can’t you see/hear me)

4. cut out shapes from images (”there’s something missing”)

5. winter/summer sky at 5pm/5am/10am… (colors cut out from magazines or painted with watercolors/acrylics/whatever)

6. moments right before the storm, when everything is flying around, grey clouds, unrest

7.too tired to think ( random thoughts/pictures that go through my head right before I fall asleep)

8.illustrate a dream you had

9. what do you believe in ( about life/death, what comes after, meaning of it all…)

10. the butterfly effect

11.draw same thing in different mediums/ with left and right hand

12. favorite movie/series (favorite quote from it, scenes, how it made you feel)

13. what do you think about when you’re laying in dark,empty room

14. abandoned buildings/ playgrounds, empty train stations/parks, old houses

15. places where no one has been in a while and a nature got to it and grew all over the walls and floor, shattered glass, spider webs, sun rays shining through tree branches

these are just ideas and pictures in my mind I haven’t yet managed to put on paper and if anyone decides to use some of them and posts please tag me I’d like to see how you imagined it :)

if you like it let me know, I might make another one

  • Sam: Everybody shut up *picks up phone* Hey mum
  • Hannah: HIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!
  • Beth: Come back to bed
  • Mike and Jess: *various sex noises*
  • Matt: tell her I said hi
  • Josh: Aye! Pass the weed!
  • Emily: *blasting out curse words*
  • Chris and Ash: PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON!!
the worst part about writing about you is not knowing what i would do with hundreds of posts that fill my blog declaring that i love you, after you leave me.
—  //nikitagupta
  • McCree: Overwatch never worked out. Look where it got me. Im not joining and theres nothing that you can say or do to make me.
  • Genji: Hey, remember that picture of my brother that I showed you back in blackwatch?
  • McCree: The hot one?
  • Genji: Yeah, sure... Hes joining.
  • McCree: Hold my beer, wait up. Gotta go pack.

So, I wanted to have a little appreciation week for Dylan since his birthday is coming up next month and he has a new movie coming out in a few months. And also because this decision was made entirely because I was feeling Emo™ at work. Anyway, here’s Dylan O'Brien Appreciation Week 2017:

  • August 20 - Day 1: Favorite role (TV or Movie)
  • August 21 - Day 2: Favorite quote(s)
  • August 22 - Day 3: Favorite acting performance (a specific scene)
  • August 23 - Day 4: Favorite moments from interviews
  • August 24 - Day 5: Favorite pictures
  • August 25 - Day 6: Free choice
  • August 26 - Day 7: Birthday posts

The Time Capsule Challenge

I want to start a new tradition/challenge with “Animal Crossing: New Leaf”: a time capsule challenge. 

Mitzi asked me to go find her time capsule last night, and it occurred to me that I have been missing some great time capsule opportunities for myself. 

That’s what I encourage you all to do now, too! 

The rules are easy to follow, and you can do this however you’d like. There’s more than one way to recreate the memories. 

  1. Find an item that brings back memories or that you cherish a lot. 
  2. Wrap the gift in wrapping paper. 
  3. Go to a remote place in town - that also won’t be disrupted by possible villagers moving in (like the beach), or maybe even the island instead - and bury the wrapped gift. 
  4. Write your future self a letter with either a kind message, an inspirational quote, or really whatever you’d like. 
  5. Ask Pelly or Phyllis to set it for a specific date in the future. 
  6. Add that date to your calendar app, daily planner or wherever you keep your future events visible. 
  7. When it’s time to find your capsule and open your letter, post pictures about it! (I feel like using the tag “ac time capsule challenge” in your post would be awesome.)

There isn’t a “right” or “wrong” to the amount of time you give for a capsule, same as there isn’t a right or wrong way to even do this. I set mine for 2 months for this first time capsule. Perhaps you’d rather wait a year? It’s up to you! 

I hope you’ll join this challenge. It could be really fun.

With the reappearance of an old, best friend to my town, it’s brought back a lot of memories. So I’ve written myself a special message, with words of encouragement, and wrapped and buried an item that reminds me of the old days. 

~ I can’t wait to see it again in May. ~


Heyo~ This is my spread from two weeks ago. Finally coordinating my colors .-. But I had a lot of empty space after writing my to-do lists and such, so I decorated it a lot, using washi tape and post-it notes and quotes written in mildliners :)

I actually recorded myself doing this spread (and another one that I haven’t taken pictures of yet). If I uploaded it to Youtube, would you guys be interested?

“You sound like my nephew, always thinking you need to do things on your own, without anyone’s support. There is nothing wrong with letting the people who love you help you.”

• I also want to point out that this artwork is not mine. This post has gotten really popular and I wanted to put this out there that I did not draw this or any of the other posts on my blog. All I do is put quotes under the pictures. I have kept the watermark so people can see the original artist and I have added the source. Again I want to mention: This artwork is not mine. If any artwork on my blog is mine, I will most likely say explicitly, otherwise if it’s not, the source will be included.
EXO on Snapchat

A/N: I feel bad that I haven’t been posting, so have this extra shitpost from me to you @dont-hit-the-tuan for brainstorming with me


  • definitely the type to never snapchat his face
  • it’s always pictures of his cat 
  • or just a straight up wall
  • or sometimes if you’re lucky a shot of him walking but literally like only his legs and the ground
  • if he does snap his face it’s sTRAIGHT UP DADDY HAVE FUN


  • always snaps his face but never uses filters
  • not that he needs them
  • and is always smiling super big no matter what you’re talking about
  • always puts his snaps on infinite time because he doesnt like time limits
  • his story is just him smiling at the camera at different places


  • filters filters filtERS FILTERS
  • literally unstoppable with the filters
  • it’s almost annoying but he’s so cute that it doesn’t matter
  • will put filters on strangers and video them while giggling in the background
  • his favorite filter is the dog filter lets be real he’s a hoe


  • probably the best at using snapchat out of all of them
  • his snap story is always updated with his latest adventures
  • rly cute dimple selfies with that flower crown filter b/c he knows he’s cute
  • constantly posting pictures of the sky as if he’s never seen it before
  • always adds a cheesy inspirational quote 


  • god he’s so cute on snapchat i cANT
  • always putting emoji stickers everywhere
  • loves putting the filters on members and videoing them (baekhyun and him frequently do it together)
  • his story is just of the members doing things like eating n stuff but to Lay thats some seriously interesting stuff
  • which it is, lets be honest


  • literally never posts a selfie and when he does its those shitty mirror selfies
  • only gives u like 3 seconds to look at each snap
  • always pictures of trees or a flower or a random park bench
  • no filters ever
  • has no idea what a snap story is and refuses to explore it any further


  • never alone in his selfies
  • always has another member or friend or bird or literally anything
  • thinks all of the filters are hilarious and spends way too long playing with them
  • the bunny filter is of course his specialty 
  • his snap story is pictures of different restaurants he goes to and the food he gets at them


  • literally thinks putting filters on pictures of people is SO FUNNY AND ORIGINAL
  • his snap story is just pics of models with the dog filter 
  • or it’s videos of actual dogs
  • accompanied with him giggling in the background
  • the only time he takes a selfie is when there is a dog involved


  • this bitch
  • he’s the type to post pictures of himself with the MOST flattering filter
  • especially the flower crown ones those are his main thing
  • either that or pictures of his outfit in a store mirror
  • literally never puts captions on anything

don’t get me wrong, i love seeing those court of dreams + instagram edits, they’re GORGEOUS and often really clever, but like, i want to draw attention to the fact that there is 0 percent chance, realistically, that each and every one of them would have a perfectly balanced Aesthetic grid going on

The Court of Dreams + Instagram, For Realsies:

Rhys: assorted things he finds pretty (tending towards the abstract; probably thinks he’s A Photographer but isn’t) with needlessly overdramatic, sweeping, vague statements about feelings or love or life’s journey attached to each one. lots of pictures of Feyre with GUSHING PARAGRAPHS about how much he adores her.

Az: his profile just says “mor made me do this.” has posted exactly one picture and it’s of a cool cloud or something.

Cassian: WORKOUT SELFIES. hashtags about illyrianLYFE and The Grind. candids of Nesta looking annoyed captioned with 80 thirsty emojis. occasional low-tier memes well past their expiration date poached from some third-hand site like ifunny. comments on everything everyone else posts.

Mor: actually pretty aesthetic. posts The Most out of everyone. the OOTD, ~brunch and mimosas with the girls!~, killer selfies, Sephora Shopping Haul, etc kind of trendy poster. Also in this AU she has a cat and posts a shitton of pictures of the cat, and also Azriel with the cat.

Elain: Lots of flowers, some selfies, mushy quotes about positivity and friendship, but also that friend who cannot shut the fuck up about her relationship. “Nesta, I have to unfollow Elain,” Cassian says blearily over breakfast while scrolling through his phone. “My entire feed right now is pictures of her and Lucien kissing. She’s got song quotes under each one. I can’t do this.”

Lucien: Doesn’t have instagram, but spends all his time getting into fights about politics and his opinions about movies on twitter.

Nesta: Infrequent poster. mostly pics of places she travels to. takes some selfies of dramatic makeup looks she’s trying, and never smiles in any of them. there are occasional videos of Cassian being goofy, though, and MAYBE that’s her giggling in the background but she’d deny it.

Feyre: Actually a normal internet human. Posts her art, ~aesthetic~ photos of her studio, occasional pictures of her out with friends. There is the rare cute picture of rhys, captioned with something like “i guess I love this idiot” in hilarious contrast to his ramblings about her. (There are no selfies. Feyre’s not good at selfies. Mor has tried to teach her how to Work The Angles but Feyre feels too weird taking pictures of herself.)

Amren: I can’t believe people think Amren would have any social media at all. She’s like a combination of Rosa from B99 and Ron Swanson: “You people already know too much about me.”

So I’ve been making some printables, cause I was hella bored. If you like them, please let me know. (Please keep in mind that I just started making these, so I probably suck super hard - but do let me know some tips and tricks.)

To-do List
Monthly Goals
Motivational Poster 1
Motivational Poster 2
Motivational Poster 3
Exam Tracker 
Exam Tracker Red
Exam Tracker Orange
Exam Tracker Blue


March 2017 (black and white,purple,orange,blue,green)


Daily Planner Pink/Blue

Daily Planner Pink/Purple

Weekly to-do list Orange


July 2017


Autumn Desk Wallpaper 1

Autumn Desk Wallpaper 2

(p.s. i know these are not printables, but your girl’s too lazy to make a separate post, also the pictures on these are not mine, sadly i could not find the rightful owners. but all rights go to them. i am so so so so sorry i can’t find them!)

I got the idea for the exam tracker from @milicastudyblr - her printables.

I will update this from time to time, hopefully.

  • Jungkook: What, are you afraid I'm going to tell everyone you like to be the little spoon?
  • Jimin: Everybody likes to be the little spoon! It makes you feel safe!
  • Jungkook:
  • Jimin:
  • Jungkook:
  • Jimin: did you just take a picture of me and posted it saying "cute"
  • Jungkook: sure I did


I have been meaning to do this post for an awfully long time, and have had numerous messages asking me about how I revise, so it is about time I got down to it. I think the main reason why I haven’t done this post until now is because I myself have actually also been figuring out exactly how to revise. Last year, I feel that I didn’t really nail a set revision technique, and although I did fine with my prelims, I didn’t feel like I was prepared at all, and vowed to find a revision technique to make me feel satisfied this year.

I’ve found that using different methods for different papers is currently working for me, so I will try to give you an overview of what I am currently doing. I’m not saying that these methods are going to be 100% successful for myself or for anyone else, but if you are interested in what I am doing right now, then read on. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m currently splitting 3 of my 4 papers into a revision technique with 3 stages: 
STAGE 1: collating quotes on post-it notes, collating notes from previous lectures, essays and supervisions; defining topics or ‘themes’ to gather them into. 
STAGE 2: creating a series of colourful mind-maps on these topics, using my quotes on post-it notes to stick on the paper in relevant places/move about the page. On the paper, I will arrange my notes and thoughts into logical trains of thought which flow into a mini ‘argument’ that includes these quotes. I will then do the same kind of mindmaps on past paper questions, creating mini essay plans that include my portable quotes.
STAGE 3: PAST PAPER TIMED ESSAYS. There’s no real explanation needed here, only that I will probably first allow myself to look at my texts/notes during a timed essay, before then removing them from my sight/grasp at the final hurdle.   
I hope these stages make sense to people, and I will try to post pictures on here as I go. As you can see from the top image, I am currently only at Stage 1, but I will move to Stage 2 next week. 

In my Medieval Paper, we have to complete translations, so, additional to the above method, I have written out the passages we need to work on for translation (see the image with my two copies of ‘Sir Gawain’). Here, I have found that translating gradually with the help of both the Middle English version & the translated version has helped. I haven’t looked at the translated version yet, and have instead written out the Middle English in black pen, before going over the text, referring to the Middle English glossary, picking out any words I found difficult individually before writing them in light green alongside the Middle English. I will next go over the translated version I own, and come to a conclusive translation in dark green at the bottom of each page. 

For my fourth and final paper, Practical Criticism, I have found that the use of flashcards is probably the most helpful for all the critical terms that we need to know (see third image). After creating a set of flashcards and learning the terms, I will go through my past notes on different critical/theoretical schools of thought, creating more colourful mindmaps on each set topic. And then again, its PAST PAPER time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

That’s it! I hope it makes sense. I am awful at knowing how to revise, possibly the worst person to ask if I’m honest, as nobody really tells you how to revise at university, which can mean that you waste time flailing around (that’s what I did last year). So now, I’ve just thought of various ways to change-up my revision technique and make it really dynamic. We’ll see if it works in the long-run, but it is working at the minute!  

This term, there are also revision lectures, classes and supervisions on in the English department; I have attended these so far, and I have felt that they have  really helped me to identify what I need to get done in my own revision time, so I will definitely carry on attending. Ultimately, so far this term, I have been keeping myself busy with revision, and I am really starting to feel like I am making progress. I’m actually quite enjoying it, so hopefully this feeling will last. 



A week of Irwin: Day 5 - Quotes

Ashton’s quotes are the most beautiful and helpful things to me. Starting from August of 2016 till June of 2017 I was struggling, I felt sad, almost every day I would have a breakdown and would cry. One out of a few other things that would cheer me up would be 5sos, and it could be from a picture or to a video. There was a short period of time where Ashton was texting some late night tweets and it would be really meaningful and sweet. He would also occasionally post stories on instagram or snapchat saying loving things or him just being a goof which would cheer me up. His late night tweets meant a lot to me and I would always go back and read them when I felt down and felt like I can’t do whatever I was trying to accomplish. Here are some of his many beautiful quotes that he made. Sorry for the blurry pics. My 2 favourites are “If things are going bad and life is tough, hang in there, ride it out, come out on top <3″ and “You gotta breathe, well be okay. Cry cause I'm here to wipe your tears.”. These quotes stuck with me for those 10 months and helped me through a lot.