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Hey April! You're are always so critical, and I love your opinions and how sure you are when you're talking about it. So I was wondering, why do you ship Bellarke? I would love to read your reasons.

Why do I ship Bellarke? The basic reason:

The show wants me to. They’ve been setting up the story of Bellarke (both as individuals and as a couple) since the first Season. 

The more complicated reason:

I very rarely see a relationship on TV (and especially the CW) as carefully crafted as Bellarke has been. It’s enemies to friends to lovers done right. Bellamy and Clarke began as antagonists in a world that was trying to kill them all and struggled to overcome the inherent class differences (which is why Clarke has problematic white savior tendencies, btw) in order to create a co-leadership dynamic that was so great to look at. 

By the time the Season 1 finale rolled around, we had two individuals who didn’t just need what the other offered (Bellamy brought heart to the table, while Clarke brought logic) they wanted it and recognized that together their potential for leadership was so much greater than individually. This is the Season where Need and Trust are established in their relationship.

In Season 2, we spend the first half watching them literally fight to get back to one another? And when they are reunited? It’s explosive. Then we watch them go on their separate journeys over the rest of the Season, both struggling to find a balance inside themselves (and both failing). Without each other, both lose help and both find that their leadership is just not as effective. This is the Season where Love is established (definitively on Clarke’s part) in their relationship.

Season 3 was rough for us, I’ll give you that. Our ship spent the first half of the Season seemingly on opposite sides (I say seemingly because when push came to shove, they were both doing what they thought was necessary to save their people) of a war. They’d both found love with other individuals (Gina and L/xa) and both were happy with those two, even if just for a moment. 

However, I’d argue that both Gina and L/xa represent the same thing for Bellamy and Clarke. A love that was true and real, absolutely, but that was also an escape. Neither Clarke or Bellamy were their true selves when they were with L/xa and Gina. Both refused outright to discuss their trauma with their love interests (also of note-L/xa’s refusal to discuss parts of her own past with Clarke), both love interests existed in a world apart from the horrors that Bellamy and Clarke were dealing with on an every day basis (Bellamy about Gina- “Gina was real.”, Clarke about L/xa- “L/xa was special.”) and both love interests were murdered (notably wounded in almost the exact same ironic way-Gina, an Arkadian (technologically advanced), killed by stab wound to the abdomen, L/xa, a Grounder (technology resistant), killed by a gunshot wound to the abdomen).

With each other however, Bellamy and Clarke don’t have to put up a front. They’ve witnessed the trauma the other has suffered and in most cases, have been a participant (Charlotte, the Ring of Fire, The Mt. Weather Irradiation, etc). They are the only two people in their world who truly know the weight of the actions they’ve committed because they’ve committed them together. It’s why Clarke felt confident she could leave Bellamy at the end of Season 2, it’s why Bellamy felt comfortable opening up to Clarke in 108, it’s why they had that “moment” in 403, it’s why their leadership (and their relationship) is front and center in Season 4. 

Clarke and Bellamy can only be real, can only be their true, vulnerable selves, can only show how broken they are with each other. Without each other, they falter, just look at 404. Look at Bellamy, who is telling Kane that he is hopeless and compare that to the Bellamy of 403, who tells Clarke he has hope because they’re still breathing. Look at Clarke, who in Episodes 401-3 was been able to present a strong front to the public (even if she’s unsure in private) and compare that to the Clarke of 404 who is visibly worried, who doesn’t know how to fix the anger of the mob, who has to be saved by Jaha. 

I love Bellamy and Clarke because they are complete with each other in a way they’ve never been with anyone else. I just….love them.


I see so many bughead haters out there hating on bughead because Jughead was ace in the 2015 comics and that’s cool you do you have your opinions.

But what’s not cool is when you see anti bughead people complaining about how Jughead should be asexual and then you see those same people posting posts about Jarchie.

So you’re saying that Betty and Jughead can’t be in a relationship because Jughead is ace but you’re perfectly happy for Jughead to be in a relationship with Archie (despite the fact you’re arguing against him being in a relationship cause he’s ace) because what? You don’t like the idea of a straight ship? You think ace people can’t be in heterosexual relationships but they can be in homosexual relationships?

I’m just confused by what these people who do this are trying to say. What is their point because right now they’re just contradicting themselves.

However I am a firm believer that you can ship whoever you want to ship, but please don’t hate on other people’s ships with hypocritical arguments.

Thank you, enjoy your day.

how can people cry “FETISHIZATION!!!!” immediately at the fetishization of non-Asian POC but are completely fine with sexualizing k-pop stars all they want, have entire blogs dedicated to shipping them in real life, borderline stalk them into their personal lives, and treat them as if they were gods just because they’re asian as if that doesn’t count as fetishization, too? 

do you not think Asians count as a race that can be fetishized? or is it because “i’M POC TOO!!!!!!!!” as if your experience with oppression means that you can contribute to the oppression of another group? that you’d target another race with the same thing you despise people doing to yourself? or is it because you’ve called yourself a weeaboo/koreaboo so much that it’s lost the original meaning behind the word where it was meant to be a label on people who fetishize asians? that you’ve been contributing to the fetishization of Asians for so long you don’t realize that what you’re doing is fetishization?

just admit you don’t care about the fetishization of Asian people if you pull this sort of thing, at least you can say that you’re honest about it and let people know they should avoid you.

I was just thinking about some cute shenanigans between Mercy and Genji and the thought sort of hit me. They’d totally do stretching/exercises together!

Couple stretching before work outs or in the morning or just to relax at night. Genji is more flexible then Mercy but she’s slowly getting up there. Positions where one’s holding the other to get the muscles just right at the back of their arms or legs. 

Sometimes, Mercy gets curious and wants to see if they can do a certain pose together. Like her balancing on his shoulders while reaching for the ceiling. His form completely still as to keep her steady and both trusting the other without a shadow of a doubt.

When Genji wants to workout, Mercy will lay on his back. It seems almost pointless to Mercy with how easily he preforms the push ups even with her added weight but she doesn’t mind the motion of his body under hers. 

Sometimes, when they’ve both in a playful mood, Genji will deadlift Mercy above his head. He’ll count aloud, saying he’ll never let her down but Mercy will interrupt his counting with random numbers just to see him lose his place and mockingly get frustrated. 

Genji doesn’t sweat but his body lets off steam which Mercy finds very attractive. Her red cheeks somehow get brighter when he catches her staring. His grin is cheeky as he comments on her beautiful, sweaty self. He’d be lying though if he said he didn’t love the way her hair stuck to her skin because of the exercising. 

to my dear ichiruki fam,

to my dear artists and writers, editors, colourists, and creators of all kinds,

you are brave, and you are appreciated. you are not alone, and the content you create matters. regardless of popularity or notes, you’re doing something incredible by keeping on just because you love our ship so much. i can guarantee that your ichiruki content makes people happy. i’m one of those people. seeing this ship brimming with life after an unfortunate end in canon inspires not only me, but so many others who continue to embrace this ship.

forget whatever the antis want to say - they don’t practice what they preach, so don’t bother to listen to their ugly words. just remember that they are petty and jealous, so laugh and hold your head high. do what you love, and fuck anyone who tries to tell you different.

much love (and ichiruki) always 🍑🍓🌞🌝

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Okay so I love Klunk and have seen plenty of Klance and a few Hance posts, but no Heith (assuming that's the ship name) posts. I was wondering if you had any Keith x Hunk headcanons, or just Klunk headcanons in general. I love your writing by the way, keep it up!

omg thank you! i’m glad you like my fics <3

anyways, you have come to the right place for heith. feel free to peruse my tag for it here if you want to see the Good Content. now, headcanons you say? well, I do have a few >;3c

  • keith developed a crush on hunk first. hunk was always so nice to him, and they started hanging out more after their weblum adventure. with those two things combined, keith just figured that hunk had a crush on him. and the more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea of hunk crushing on him and BAM suddenly he’s crushing on hunk in return (despite hunk not actually having a crush on him). 
  • keith really decides to start hanging out with hunk more (much to lance’s displeasure lol) because of that. he helps him train, he sits and watches when he’s doing mechanical-sciencey stuff, and sometimes he tries to help him cook. hunk, though a bit confused about what brought all this on, is just happy to find that keith is actually a pretty nice guy.
  • one day when it’s just the two of them hanging out, keith decides to go for it. hunk is mid-ramble about something or whatever, but is interrupted by keith suddenly smashing his lips down on his own. they hold it like that for a second and then pull away. keith is smiling, but he slowly frowns when he sees the shocked look on hunk’s face.
  • cue an awkward conversation later, keith finds out that hunk didn’t actually like him in that way. he’s a bit crushed and he kinda feels like he’s about to cry from embarrassment and heartbreak but before he can run away, hunk tells him that he’s not opposed to dating him or anything, it’s just he’s never thought about it. 
  • one thing leads to another and about a week later they’re going on a “date”, which is basically just private walk around the castle where they hold hands and try to do romantic stuff. the first one is awkward, but they agree to go on another. by the fifth “date” hunk finally kissed keith back, and by the sixth they started actually dating. 
  • the team was pretty supportive of their relationship, even lance. he did threaten to use his sharp-shooting skills to destroy keith if he ever did anything to hurt hunk, though, but everyone just laughed it off. well, everyone except keith who remembered how good of a marksman lance was.  
  • keith, surprisingly, is a really clingy boyfriend. everywhere they go, he is attached to hunk in some way. it’s either by holding his hand, by doing that couple hug-walk thing, or just casually leaning against him. hunk isn’t complaining.
  • they have a lot of sleepovers in each other’s rooms. the first few times they stayed up all night just talking and making out, but later they preferred just to cuddle in bed and watch each other as they fell asleep.
  • keith one time stole hunk’s shirt and wore it as a nightgown and hunk McDied™. keith tried to get hunk to wear his shirt too, and didn’t understand what he meant by “keith, babe, your shirt is too small for me” because it fit hunk fine as a cute crop-top.
  • keith one time charges into battle without much of a plan and nearly gives hunk a heart attack. the next time they’re alone they have a very serious and tearful talk about how, yes keith, people do actually care about you. 
  • they encourage each other to be better people. hunk inspires keith to be kinder and more compassionate, and to think before he acts. on the other hand, keith makes hunk want to be bolder, to not always over-think things, and to be more confident. they just build off of each other in the best way, and they’re so happy that they have each other as boyfriends.

If anyone here loves fantastic beasts, newt scamander and/or Eddie redmayne you should let me know because I am obsessed and I want to talk about it

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Totally agree with your movie vs. tv Magnus Bane post. I would also love to see what you have to say about the "preferring GG's Magnus with MD Alec's" thing cause I've also noticed it & it rubs me the wrong way. I just can't quite put my finger on the exact underlying reasons why people do it. First instinct is "It's cause GG "passes" & HSJr does not", but I don't think that's the case here. My other guess is "Magnus is better as a pretty prop, don't want to face that asians are ppl" ...

Hi! Thanks! You saw my tags :) Yeah, truth be told, my blood pressure rises, whenever I see an edit / a fic or a shipping suggestion with Godfrey’s Magnus and MD’s Alec. Personally, I see it as nothing more than racism and fetishization with a weird mix of colorism.

I wouldn’t say that Godfrey’s “passing” but, for whatever unfathomable reason, some people do:

Sometimes I read that I’m not 100 per cent Chinese, because I don’t look all that Chinese

I really have no idea why. Maybe because he’s tall or something… I’ve seen a lot of people thinking similarly in regards of Gemma Chan, and saying that she is biracial (which she isn’t). And that’s another thing I’ll never understand. Racism has a lot to do with this, for sure.  

I’ve actually seen one fic writer saying that they imagine only Godfrey’s Magnus with MD’s Alec when writing “because Godfrey is hot”. Basically, the implication here is that:

  • They don’t find Harry attractive enough [you-know-why.gif]
  • Their whitefave “deserves” only the “hot” Asian.

It’s fetishization and racism all in one ugly package. Neither Harry nor Godfrey deserve this kind of crap.

Godfrey doesn’t deserve it because this kind of thing:

Isn’t a “compliment”. It’s ugly racism. 

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Recently, I posted the master list for a writing challenge that was, in my opinion, pretty damn successful. I’ve had several requests to do another round, so, without further ado, round 2 of  the Album Fanfic Challenge has been given the green light.

Have you ever been listening to an album and the lyrics just spoke to you, inspired a work of fanfiction in some sort of way? That’s been happening to me a lot lately, so I thought why not make a challenge out of it.

Here are the rules:

  • You do not have to be following me [mrs-squirrel-chester or @mamapeterson] but I ain’t gonna lie, it’d be kinda awesome if you were.
  • Can be any pairing or ship, reader-insert, OC; or even no pairing. Write what you want to write.
  • Pick a fandom, any fandom.
  • Can be fluff, angst, smut; whatever. Or maybe just a headcanon kind of thing.Aesthetics are more than welcome!
  • No word limit. You want to write a poem or drabble? Maybe something longer, like 15,000 words. Your fic can also be a part of another challenge. Even if it’s part of a WIP. Go for it.
  • Pick an album that has inspired you. It can be old or new, any style, any artist, anything that you want.
  • Include the song title / album information anywhere in your summary or author’s note. Let’s give credit to these amazing musical inspirations.  
  • Post your fic by May 31, 2017. Time zones don’t matter. As long as it is May 31 where you are when you post, the it counts.
  • Your fic can either be a story based on the song, or just have it somehow highlight the song, BUT make your fic relevant to the song you choose, please! (Basically, please do more for this challenge than having a song from your album playing in the background.)
  • If you also post on AO3, please share with the mrs_squirrel_chester_Album_Fanfiction_Challenge.
  • TAG ME IN YOUR WORK! If I haven’t liked or reblogged within a week, let me know!

ANY QUESTIONS? Make sure to check out the FAQ page.

What do you say? Signal boost?

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A LazyTown Ship Week ideas.

Ok.  So i’ve had the idea for a LazyTown ship week for a while.  It’ll be in March or April (most likely i’ll make another blog for it.).  But i want to know what themes do you guys like best for the days.  So far i have.










Just send in an ask or reply the ones you want to do the most, and if you have any ideas for days let me know i can add it to the list.

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At first I wanted to just get off ship and run... but now I am just laughing my ass out with this show on the shore (off ship at moment) with a margarita in my hand... what is your status? Do you think this excess of shoving it down our throats will end at some point? What is your opinion on how will this end? My grandma always says that whatever starts the wrong way, ends Badly.. is that your appreciation of this situation?

I’m with you anon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not climbing back on board any time soon (or maybe ever again) but this situation is just hilarious to me. At first I was pissed off and upset but now I find myself laughing at everything. Not sure how it’ll end or if it will but I’m sitting back and watching while sipping my tea.

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What about Elide totally swooning over Aedion and then one day they finally do it? Thankss 🤓


- so Aedion knows Elide thinks he’s hot. I mean, most people think he’s hot. But he doesn’t think she wants to necessarily fuck him.
- spoiler alert: she does
- Aelin is throwing some giant fancy party for Rowan’s birthday and Elide walks straight up to Aedion the day before and asks if he’ll escort her
- Aedion’s like “wha, I… yeah, sure” because she’s looking up at him with those doe eyes and she’s so sassy and of course he’ll go with her
- the next day he goes to pick her up from her rooms and she comes out and his jaw is on the FLOOR she looks FINE AS HELL
- Elide just grins. “Well, are we going to go? Unless you… wanted to stay, perhaps?”
- Aedion is speechless. Speechless. And he wants to have her right then and there but Aelin will kill him and -
-Elide makes his decision for him by grabbing him by the tie and hauling him against her mouth, already stripping out of her own dress
- they don’t make it to the party

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THIS. SHIP. HAS. RUINED. ME. On my tablet, if I type in the letter h, it asks, "did you mean, healing arrow?" Also, I know you're busy with the comic, but how do you think it would go if Genji and Hanzo fought over Angela? P.S. I hope it's not too late wherever you are

Hello, anon!

I’m so sorry that the ship has ruined you! I just wanted to spread love and happiness and fluff! ;-;

And personally, I’m not a fan of love triangles. They tend to make me angry because someone will always be hurting (or in some stories, one of them dies… T_____T ). I can’t do that to any of them.

Also, I’m no good with polyships. I’m a monogamous sort of person. I wouldn’t know how to write anything that involved a polygomous romance. x_x

Plus, I have more fun writing Genji as the ultimate wingman!

(Have this old drawing I made…)

Sometimes i hate to ship jonerys, i really do. Mostly because when i read their theories, they treat jon as a freaking sperm. They just want jon with daenerys, so she can have literally everything. Not just the throne, but being azor ahai, and also give her an heir. And then they just kill him. 

I ship jonerys because, first, i love house targaryen, and i love jon being rhaegar’s son. And there’s nothing that i would like more than to see jon being a full targaryen, riding a dragon, having anger attacks, following their traditions and all that. Second, they’re pretty much two sides of the same coin, their lives have been constantly paralleled. And third, because (in books) daenerys seems to have an undeniable connection with jon.

But i don’t want daenerys just to give him a freaking son and then just die, but to give him some sense to his life, and to fill what he always felt it was missing. I want him to love again. Even if it’s not permanently. 

And some can say “well, you want jon to have everything”. Personally, i don’t. I want jon to be HAPPY. TO HAVE A FREAKING BREAK. By the end of the war of the dawn, he will lose pretty much everything. Army, friends, probably some family member, dragon, direwolf, and most important, himself. Jon will not be the same knowing that his entire life was a lie, and he was never the person who he thought he was. He always wanted to be a Stark, and he was very attached by the fact that he was Ned’s son. He felt proud of it, and also sad because he wanted to be like Robb for him. But instead, he’s the son of the man who supposedly kidnapped and raped his mother. This horrible man everyone told him terrible stories about when he was growing. So, the throne will mean nothing but pain to him.

So, I will say this again: Jon is not just a freaking sperm.

i see people making positive klance posts saying things like ‘i truly believe vld isnt baiting anyone’ and ‘dont give up hope!!’ but like

i was in the spn fandom for 5 years letting my ass get played by a show known for the biggest account of queerbaiting anyone has ever seen. 5 years of people saying ‘dont lose hope!! they respect us more than that!! look at all the signs!!’ that amounted to jack shit. and you know what? i’m not doing that again.

i’m not telling anyone to be a cynic and i’m not 100% debunking it bc recently i had a show pleasantly surprise me beyond belief (***yuri on ice***) and if voltron wants to do the same? i will absolutely eat my own words.

but for now i’m going to try and enjoy the ship without getting my hopes up.


aaaaand here they are! the first batch of my ffxv sticker :D

I only did the guys so far because I think the interest for the girls is rather…slim ^^”   If I’m wrong pls do correct me n I’ll add Aranea, Luna, Gentiana n Cindy as well. I still plan to do some ship stickers for the next batch, so if you’ve ships you desperately want (besides the obvious ones like promptis n gladnis), let me know that as well!

Go get yourselves some stickers from my Etsy shop :)

Every time I see a post that is purposely misspelling a character or ship name, I can’t help cringing. Why are we doing this? How we come to that point where we cannot call things using their proper names, maybe out of fear or mockery?

It feels ridiculous. We should be respectful enough to not intentionally go out of our way to offend people, and reasonable enough to understand that others have different opinions and we will always come across things we won’t like. I mean, if someone wants to say they hate, say, Sche, they should absolutely be able to say that without having to write it in some kind of secret code.

Maybe some people are doing it thinking it’s easier to blacklist, but since it’s done so inconsistently, it ends up being worse. “anti x” tags tend to be way more useful (as is not tagging it in the main character/ship tag). I don’t know… maybe there is a deeper reason I’m just not seeing.

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1/2 The tweet is nothing too alarming, but it makes Bitty’s heart hurt. He loves his boys and he wants all of them to be happy and safe, and when one of them isn’t, his heart breaks, and that’s just the way it is. He shows his love by baking and doting. And it’s hard to do either of those things at such a distance, but he bakes anyway. And then he heads down to the post office and splurges on overnight shipping. He knows some people might think it’s a little over the top, but he just needs

2/2 but he just needs his boys to know they are loved, even when they are having a hard time loving themselves, and even when they’re far away. So when Ransom opens the package the next day to find his favorite study cookies and a post it note that just says “You could never let us down, just being yourself is enough.” Bitty hopes it will make him smile, even if it’s just for a second.            

I don’t even know what to say. This is so lovely on so many levels, and the kindest, sweetest response to my post from last night. Thank you, anon, whoever you are. I’m touched beyond words.

Hanbin As A Boyfriend

Requested By Anonymous: “do hanbin as a boyfriend”

i love Ikon so I’m really happy that I can finally do something for them!


Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

Hanbin has openly admitted that he’s never been in a relationship

so basically he has no experience

he’ll watch romantic films, shows, dramas, ect to get ideas

probably ask his older membes for advice

lots of dates in cute places like little boat rides and picnics

delays your first kiss because he’s never had one

always blushing when your holding hands or doing any type of skin ship

especially in public

scared to meet your parents

doesn’t want to make a bad impression

eventually after you’ve been dating for a while he’ll get the hang of things

but he’d still be a little nervous when it came to things like first kiss, first time, ect

when you had your first argument he’d be so lost on what to do

… again he’d go back and ask others for advice

and when you make up he’s gonna be super clingy for a good few weeks

buying you flowers and making you dinner to say sorry

I also feel like he’d be pretty jealous, but he’d really really try his hardest to trust you

and that would probably be the main reason you two would argue; because he gets so jealous

and he wouldn’t be afraid to tell some other guy to back off if he didn’t like how close they were getting to you

but most of the time he’d just sit on the side and discreetly give the evils to the person

Other than that I can see him not wanting to go to new places (Like asmusment parks and cafe’s) without you because you make the fun experience 10 X better for him

‘Hanbin, maybe you could go there with all your friends and I can have a quiet night in’

‘But it’ll be boring without you’

‘Hanbin, I swear to god if you force me to go there with you- you’re not exactly going to have major withdrawal symptoms are you?’

‘But (Y/N)!!!’ He’d beg and look up at you with puppy dog eyes and you’d give in.

And HE KNOWS those puppy dog eyes make you give in no matter what

what a beg

but yes hanbin is a sweet blessing of a boyfriend and you should be nice to him

or you’ll catch these hands


Thanks for sennding in your request -Lauren

I'll explain what made me upset last night.

I was gonna read a drabble on ao3feed-karamel, when i realized it was a sort of parody made by a hater. call it overreacting, but i was mad as hell to find antis not only in our tags on tumblr and instagram, but even on ao3, a place where everyone should use their abilities to create contents for OUR OWN OTPs! why do you have to bother even writing a story on why mon-el is bad and sexist and blah blah blaaaaah??? i just got so mad, and i went to sleep mad (that’s why i had a nightmare).