i do not want any of this

Some things you let go in order to live

What do you do when there isn’t enough snowells on The Flash in your life?

You write it better.

Missing scene for 3x13.

Logically, Caitlin knows that Barry’s plan makes sense. At least more sense than Cisco’s actual ridiculous plan for her to actually kill him. They will definitely have to discuss that, back home.

It still doesn’t mean that she wants to even try and freeze Barry without killing him.

She doesn’t even quite know if she can.

“Let me just…let me just think, okay.”

She sits down on the opposite side of the cage, closer to Harry and to his credit, Barry only nods and walks over to Cisco and Julian, trying to give her at least some semblance of privacy, considering that he did just ask her to pretend to kill him.

Harry, for his part, is less keen to leave her alone and sits next to her, wincing slightly as the hard bars come in contact with his back.

He doesn’t speak at first and they sit in companionable silence, comfortable as much as being stuck in a cage can be.

No matter how many times she lets her mind run over all of the possibilities, there are only worse choices than the one she’s being presented with, and that’s saying something.

“Are you okay with this?”

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every time someone vehemently specifies “only in legoverse” when talking about batjokes my life expectancy is cut in half

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Do you by any chance have art of your own?

I am the wordsmith. I make the words into stories and emotions and erotic thing for people to enjoy. I have been lucky enough to have an artist who wants to turn my keystrokes into visual art.

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But no. I couldn’t draw my way out of a paper sack. :)

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Maaan, no wonder Liam didnt do the red carpet nor any interviews....

You don’t know how badly I want the article to just completely leave Liam out of it and say that she still hasn’t confirmed that she’s pregnant.

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Do you think Gems can purposely poof themselves (for lack of a better phrase) to change their outfits? Like, Amethyst doesn't sustain any physical damage but she returns to her gem anyways to reform with new attire.

i don’t think  they have to be  poofed to change there  outfits. gems can alter there forms  at will without having to be poofed to do so,

 and yes i do believe a gem can Dissipate  their forms if they want to.  

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I don't want to anger you. I know it's 2017 already but will there be any continuation of the comic? I really love the series but I also care about you, the artist. If you wouldn't like to continue please let us know. - A recent reader who have became your fan.

Hi there, I want to let you know I’m not angry. Messages like this do not anger me. Anyone who is upset when people are asking - are you alive? Is this a thing still? are missing the point of these messages. I get you. I am grateful for you. You still care, like I still care. I really want to continue. I keep half-ass hashing this out all over the place so I’ll post this most complete explanation (that I can manage) and see if it helps.

I’m not a young person. Like, I am not in high school. I’m not in college. I am an adjunct professor teaching at college at a time in my life when I should have a nest egg and not like… this horror. My students literally murder the small buoyant heart of joy in me. I’ve been pretty depressed since my Dad died in 2008, I immediately lost my career in video games right after that so I had to move home to a job teaching where I am paid literally poverty level. Be kind to your adjuncts they do more for less for god knows why. I don’t know why. Anyway, the comic was started because I started to feel so scared that I was going to die before I ever made anything good. Or complete. Or just… Good. That sick upset tension boiled up in me and out came a comic that I really love that is a lot of effort to make look the way it looks. I don’t keep myself to a PERSONAL STYLE instead I want to craft the style to best match the story. My process is atrocious but I can’t imagine it looking any other way than it looks. I want to be able to pare it down but when I think about it I just… can’t. So time. Time is a thing. 

By the time I am done having any joy in art literally murdered out of me by my students and the administration, I have no ability to get much done. When I fell off the wagon really bad was around an anniversary of my Dad’s death and I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting back to a good state of mind. I don’t send letters to friends anymore. I don’t do much but keep my head above the proverbial water anymore. I think about how I need to get going on something or I’m going to die before I get anything accomplished. I don’t communicate my issues because I am very much someone who has always dealt with their own problems, etc. themselves because I learned at a very young age that sharing your woes means people discard you. That’s not some candy-ass cry for help that is just my experiences and why I am how I am now and why I am always so cagey when it comes to explaining why I am not getting pages done.

I love what I do. I put a lot of time and thought and effort into it. I am positive there are people out there who could do it in 1/100th the time on a schedule and get a page out twice weekly. I don’t have that situation. Even if I was 100% I am currently living my low-paid ass at home rent free working it off helping out around the house. I run errands, drive around, keep up with chores, etc. etc. My mom keeps breaking bones in her body. It’s upsetting. But really my support structure is me and I am just tapped out right now.

Teaching is literally the worst. I’m so saturated in apathy and people who would rather do ANYTHING to get out of doing what they are asked to do that it boggles my mind. Why take an elective if you’re not interested? I’m not going to just hand you and A because you signed up. None of this is y’all’s problem. It’s all my problem. And I am working on trying to get things better handled so I can get back to making pages. Drawing replies. DRAWING. FOR ME. NOT AS A DEMO. I AM going to get back to work on the comic. I WILL. Nobody may still be around when I do. But… I started this for me. I will always share it with all y’all. It’s just taking me a lot more time than I could have thought. But it is what it is…

Sorry if this is a bit much. This is why I keep a lid on it. But legit - thank you for caring enough to drop a note. And that goes out to every single person who has who I may not have even replied to. I hear you (read you!) and I appreciate y’all so much.

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Any great new angsty SQ recs that you've read recently ??

i don’t know if they’re as angsty as the last ones i rec’d but here are the latest ones i’ve read

the time emma and regina woke up in each other’s beds (and not for the right reason) - queenssaviour  deals a lot with emma coming to terms w her sexuality! and its very cute and well written, truly made my heart feel full :)

like falling in love with a landslide - coalitiongirl a ftl au where regina and emma are married and are ruling together, henry is in their guard. very unique, i loved it!!

the worlds you never see - writetherest s1 regina falls through a hat and enters a world of ‘what could have been’. a very sweet read, a few angsty parts!

for henry - adm_hawthorne emma fighting for regina despite the town not wanting anything to do with her. sq falling in love but using the ‘for henry’ excuse :-) super cute, might have been a little teary eyed towards the end but if you ever ask i’ll deny it like crazy fsdlfks


I’ve been really into the binary tool + gray scale lately…

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i'm a freshman in high school and i'm struggling in my science class. science has always been hard on me since grade school and hasn't gotten better. i just don't seem to understand what we're doing half of the time even with guidance from my teacher. it seems as if science may just always be a weak spot and i won't have a good grade in that class, but i want to do better in it. i just can't seem to find out how to

it seems like the teacher’s explanations aren’t resounding with you, so i recommend trying another method. have you tried reading through revision guides?? idk if they’re still in use but when i was studying a level chem, i found that cgp revision guides were really useful for explaining difficult concepts in a more simplistic manner. they have a lot of diagrams inside which helped to break down complicated processes in small, manageable steps so if you have any revision guides that are catered to your exam board/subject, i definitely recommend you to check them out!! also, try looking up videos on khanacademy - imo their videos are rly useful and explain things very well!! if you can, i also recommend you to ask your friends to explain things to you/to look at their notes. it might help to look at a concept from their perspective 💓  good luck bub!!

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Hey! :P

My friend @sean-loves-green wants a fanfic written! Originally I was asked, but I know that there are better writers on here than me and I want my friend to have the best fic possible :) also I don’t think it’s something I can write, but I’m sure some of you could! :D 

This is what my friend has asked for:

If any of you guys wanna do this, just let my friend know and I’m sure they would be grateful! They want a long fic, btw - partly why I can’t really do it xD


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Have you ever heard a straight person describe sexual attraction and what it feels like? If so, could you please share it? I know it's something that can't exactly be put into words, but still any attempt at a description that you know of would be really interesting!

I only have one real life friend & she’s a raging homosexual so I haven’t heard any descriptions of sexual attraction from a straight person (though, my friend just says “you think of them like you want to have sex & do sexual things with… kinda makes your insides feel hot and fuzzy”) & I personally have no clue how to even begin to try to describe it but I bet a few people out there have some good ones

asked on twit but thought i’d ask my pals and chums here too… 

i have a ‘reboot a cartoon/show/movie/etc. u like’ project coming up and im not sure what to do for it…any suggestions?? what would be fun to see from me 

(i wanted to explain, ur still free to suggest them of course! but im kind of hesitant about doing a tzka ip given my thesis, in my other classes i’ve been trying to do unrelated stuff so my work output is varied. also Literally the whole class is already expecting me to do so and i wanna shock em…………keep ppl on their toes with the dibby u know)