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The party was over. Harrison was cleaning the table as you washed the dishes.
“Are you still mad at me?” he asked behind you.
You did not answered, confirming his theory.
Harrison sighed “How many times do I have to tell you that I am sorry?”
Nothing again.
“Y/N, Baby, talk to me, please. Do you seriously want to give me the silence treatment on Christmas’s Eve?”
You sighed “You acted like a dick, do you know this?”
His arms surrounded your hips “I know, and I am really sorry about it. Can I have a kiss now?”
You shook your head, you didn’t want to give in this easily.
Harrison looked at the shelter above you and took one of the fat plants you collected.
“Kiss me” he said holding the plant.
“Harrison… what’s a cactus”.
“Just pretend this is a mistletoe. It’s the tradition, you have to kiss me”.
You chuckled and leaned to share a small kiss.
“You have to make an effort if you want more”.


Spending Christmas with your best friend Sam was one of the best things ever. You were both hyped about it. The only drawback was… Harry. You didn’t know why an amazing person like Sam had terrible a twin brother like Harry.
As you had imagined, Harry didn’t lost a chance to make fun of you throughout the whole day. You were currently sitting on the sofa with Sam when Harry sit down next you.
“Can you love a bit?” You asked trying to be as polite as you could.
“It’s not my fault if you have a big ass” he stated.
Sam, behind you, closed his eyes and massaged him temples.
“I don’t have a big ass, you have a big ass” you answered back.
You two kept quarreling about who had the bigger ass when Sam coughed. You looked up and saw Tom holding Paddy, a mistletoe between his tiny fingers.
“Well, guess we have to” Harry said.
You rolled your eyes and leaned for a quick peck on his lips.
Sam, Tom and Paddy kept chuckling about it and while Harry run away since he had to “wash his teeth after that horror”.
“Y/N, you are smiling” Sam whispered in your ear.
“Oh, shut up”.


While the rest of the world was enjoying Christmas shopping, you were currently working on a school project in Starbucks.
To make everything worst, your classmate called you in sick so you had to do everything by yourself.
“Can I help you?”
You looked up and your eyes met a really cute boy covered in freckles.
“Excuse me?”
“I saw you struggling with your project, I was wondering if you need help”.
You smiled widely “That would be lovely, thank you”.
You talked a lot, he also mentioned the fact that his date bumped him without explanations.
“Thank you again, Sam. If it wasn’t for you I would be still working on the project” you said hugging him “Oh, and I’m sorry for your, Ehm, date”.
“That’s fine. I had a good time”.
You looked at each other’s eyes when, suddenly, Sam noticed that above you, hunger on the doorframe, there was a branch of mistletoe.
“Maybe I deserve a kiss” he joked.
“Maybe you do” you chuckled along, until his soft lips interrupted you.


Tom had everything planned for that night. He had positioned mistletoe in strategical positions so that he could - finally - kiss you.
He was super worried about every stupid details about that night. Harrison looked at his best friend annoyed. Tom was running from a part to another of the flat to check if everything was all right.
Much to his dismay, he could not get closer to you because all his relatives and friends wanted to spend some time with him since he has been away for so long.
So the party ended without any kiss. The following morning, you showed up at his apartment with a little surprise in your pocket.
Tom didn’t expect to find you knocking on his door. “Harrison told me that you organized the party because you wanted to spend some time with me” Tom blushed like crazy.
“Damn Harrison” he murmured.
You chuckled and took off a branch of mistletoe from your pocket.
“It’s not the prettiest mistletoe but it’s the only one I found” you said “Will you kiss me anyway?”

T.S.S.P: Rebellious Princess ~Sweet Pea Imagine~

Summary: After meeting Sweet Pea, you tend to meet up with him more and more. However, your parents do not want you to be with him with the Black Hood going on. When you go to a drag race with Sweet Pea, trouble comes in.

Author’s Note: How is everyone doing? Good? I hope you’re doing well. This is part two of The South Side Princess.

Part One

Originally posted by always-klaus-forever-kol

You got your Southside outfit ready as you were going back to the Whyte Wyrm to visit Sweet Pea. Lucky for you, your father needed to go there to talk about the events going on with the Black Hood. 

“Y/N, are you ready?” Your mom asked you.

“Yeah. I’m coming,” You tell her. 

You both got into the car where your dad was waiting inside. Your dad started the car and drove off to one of his bars that the meeting was taking place. You walked in to see your best friend waiting for you.

“Hey, Y/N,” She smiled.

“Hey, Y/F/N,” You smile back.

“Sweet Pea was asking about you earlier,” Your friend winked. You blushed at the fact that he was asking for you.

“Speaking of him, do you want to go to the Whyte Wyrm?” She asked you.

“Yes,” You nodded. You went to tell your mom who nodded and sent someone to joining you both. It was a boy around your age, maybe two years older, named Blaze who was going to watch over you.

You three went to the Whyte Wyrm but before you walked in Blaze searched the place out.

“The South Side Princess here?” Tall Boy asked after he saw Blaze’s jacket. 


Once you were allowed in, eyes were on you again. You saw Sweet Pea playing pool, making you walk over to him.

“Hi,” You smile.

“Hey, princess,” Sweet Pea said, looking over at you.

“You wanna hang out?” You ask him.

“Hang out with the South Side princess? I’m down to do that any day,” Sweet Pea tells you.

As the days rolled by you and Sweet Pea started to fall for each other even more. You liked how 

“Y/N, I was thinking,” Sweet Pea said as you both were alone in the Quarry. You had lied to your parents on saying that you were going to be with Veronica Lodge. Luckily, she was covering for you.

“What?” You asked him.

“I really like you and I was hoping that if you would want to be my girlfriend,” Sweet Pea said.

“I thought you’d never ask,” You smile. Sweet Pea smiled back before leaning in to give you a kiss.

Once Sweet Pea, dropped you off home, you walked in to see your parents watching some TV.

“Hi, mom. Hi, dad,” You tell them as you walked passed them.

“Hold it there,” Your dad said. You turned around to look at your dad.

“Yes?” You asked, innocently.

You didn’t want to tell your parents about Sweet Pea. You knew they didn’t like it if you dated a gang member, especially ones who weren’t in your father’s gang. 

“I’ve had some members tell me that they spotted you getting close to a Serpent,” Your dad tells you.

“He’s just a friend, dad,” You tell him.

“Just a friend?” Your mom asks you.

“Yes. A close friend,” You say.

“I don’t want you hanging out with him,” Your dad tells you.

“What?” You ask him in shock and surprise.

“He’s a Serpent,” Your dad tells you.

“And you’re a Bear. Not to mention the leader of the gang,” You tell him.

“Trust me, you’ll thank me later,” He says.

“No I won’t. Why won’t you let me be with him?” You yell at him.

“Because he could be dangerous, Y/N!” Your father yells at you.

“But I like him!” You say. You covered your mouth as your eyes widen.

“You like that Serpent?” You dad asked you.

“Yes! He makes me happy but I guess I can’t be as happy anymore if I have to stay away from him,” You tell your dad before going up to your room. 

After school, you went to Pop’s to grab a milkshake. You were alone as you wanted to be. As you read your book, you saw that someone had slid into your booth. You looked up to see Sweet Pea smiling at you.

“Hi,” He said.

“Hi,” You smile softly.

“So, I guess I’m suppose to stay away from you now,” He tells you.

“Who told you?” You asked him.

“Tall Boy gave me the message after one of your Bears came in to the Whyte Wyrm,” Sweet Pea tells you.

“I really like you, Sweet Pea,” You tell him.

“I like you too,” Sweet Pea said. 

“I wish we can prove to my dad that you aren’t so bad,” You tell him.

“Maybe there is a way. Next time your dad comes to the South Side, I’ll talk to him face to face,” Sweet Pea tells you.

“I hope he’ll listen to you,” You tell him.

“I’ll have to find a way for him to listen then,” Sweet Pea winked making you smile at him.

“Okay,” You nodded.

After school, you saw Jughead come over to you. You stare at him in confusion as he walked over towards you. You both used to talk about the Drive-In, your gangs, and your shared common interests.

“Jughead, what are you doing here?” You ask him.

“I needed to let you know that Sweet Pea got arrested,” Jughead tells you.

“What why?” You asked him.

“Mayor McCoy rounded up every Southside Serpent thinking they were the cause of Riverdale’s chaos,” Jughead tells you.

“Is there anything we can do about it?” You ask him.

“We have our own lawyer so I’m guessing she’ll help bail them out,” Jughead tells you.

“Why tell me all of this?” You ask him.

“I know Sweet Pea is dating you. You have the right to know,” He tells you.

“Thank you so much,” You tell him, giving Jughead a quick hug. 

You waited for any news about Sweet Pea getting out of custody. When Jughead told you about Sweet Pea’s release, you wanted to go straight towards him.

“We have a drag race coming up soon. You can meet him there but come alone,” Jughead tells you.

“I’ve never sneaked out before,” You tell him.

“There’s always a first,” Jughead tells you.

That day, your cousin Kevin was going to pick you up. Your mom was the sister of Sheriff Keller but you’d hardly talked about it. Your mom had let you go with your cousin without any protection since she knew that Kevin was a good kid. You had lied to her by saying that you and Kevin were going to the library and then back at his house to watch some movies.

“You ready?” Kevin asked as you got into the car.

“Yeah,” You nodded. 

You both went to the drag race where you saw Sweet Pea on his motorcycle. He saw you, causing him to stand up. You ran over to him and wrapped your arms around his neck. He held onto you as you bury your face into his neck where his tattoo was.

“I got so scared. I heard about you getting arrested and I got worried,” You started to speak quickly. You look at him as he smiled a little at you.

“It’s alright. I’m okay,” Sweet Pea tells you before kissing your forehead.

As you both watch the drag race start, his arms were around you from behind. You saw that the Serpents had challenged the Ghoulies into the drag race. After Jughead and Malachai started to race, you were talking to Sweet Pea while leaning on his motorcycle. 

“You sneaked out of your house for me?” Sweet Pea smiled. 

“Yeah,” You tell him before looking down.

“It’s cute. Although, I liked your innocent side better,” Sweet Pea tells you.

“Well, I can be both innocent and rebellious,” You say.

“And either way, it still looks cute on you,” Sweet Pea tells you.

“I can see why your nickname is Sweet Pea,” You tell him.

“Everyone scatter! The cops rounded up some of the Ghoulies!” A gang member said. Fear washed over you once they yelled it. 

“Sweet Pea, my parents can’t know I’m here,” You tell him.

“Come on,” Sweet Pea said before getting on the motorcycle. You got behind him as he gave you his helmet. You clipped it on and held onto him.

“Sweet Pea, take her home then go back to the Whyte Wyrm,” Tall Boy tells him.

“Hold on tight princess,” Sweet Pea tells you before riding off.

By the time you got home, your parents were out there waiting for you. They sat on the porch staring at you disappointingly. 

“They’re disappointed,” You mumble.

“Come on,” Sweet Pea said before you both got off of his bike. You took off his helmet and gave it to him. You both walked up to your parents who had their arms crossed. 

“Before you say anything on how disappointed you are with me, I want to let you know that I like Sweet Pea. He actually raced home so that I wouldn’t be caught by Uncle Tom,” You tell them. You were now holding Sweet Pea’s free hand as you leaned your head against his arm. 

“Sir, I really like your daughter and I wouldn’t disrespect her in anyway. I may be a Serpent but that wouldn’t stop me from trying to protect your daughter from any harm,” Sweet Pea tells your dad.

“I’m not a big fan of my daughter dating a gang member. Especially the ones out of my gang. But, I’ve heard some her friend and some of her guards who watched her before and they told me how happy you make her,” Your dad tells Sweet Pea. 

“So you’ll let us continue to see each other?” You ask him.

“Of course after a week and a half of grounding. Other then that, you are allowed to see Sweet Pea over here,” Your dad tells you.

“Thank you, dad,” You smile.

“I have to be off now. Tall Boy wants me back at the Whyte Wyrm,” Sweet Pea tells your dad. 

“Tell Tall Boy that I have some matter to discuss with him later,” Your dad tells him. 

“Will do sir,” Sweet Pea said. You gave him a kiss on the cheek before he went back to his motorcycle.

“He seems like a good kid,” Your mother tells your dad.

“Mhm. As for you young lady, you’re grounded for a week and a half,” Your dad tells you.

“I know,” You said. 

“Now go upstairs,” He tells you. You nodded before walking inside. 

me at me: don’t cut your hair

depression: do it

A Letter // Jeon Jungkook

Word Count: 626

Summary: You and Jungkook broke up and he writes you a letter to tell you how he feels.


I know it’s been months since the last time we spoke and that we didn’t ed in the best of terms. I’m sorry I hurt you, I really didn’t mean to, all I wanted was for you to be happy- I hope you are now, even if it’s not with me.

Honestly, I don’t know why I’m writing this right now, probably because if I pour out everything I’ve wanted to say to you ever since that last time we saw each other maybe, just maybe, I will be able to let you go and stop feeling this way.

This is everything I have to say.

First of all, I want you to know that I think about you all the time. I walk around the city and all I do is remember everything we did, even when I’m away I can’t escape our memories. I’m still so im love with you. I miss you everyday. I miss your smile, your bright eyes, the way you said my name, the way you cuddled and kissed me, I even miss you calling me oppa just to tease me.

I’m sorry I never noticed how you felt. I’m sorry I couldn’t stop the hate comments. I guess I was so used to just ignoring them myself that I didn’t realize you didn’t. You should’ve told me that you were feeling that way, then maybe I could’ve  done something to stop your pain. When you said you felt like I could replace you anytime my heart broke, I didn’t tell you then because we were arguing and before I could calm myself down you were gone. Just know that no one could ever replace you or how you made me feel.

I still have all the pictures we took on my phone, I wish I could go back to when we took them, we were so happy and in love. I hope you don’t forget how we made each other feel. I wish you were still by my side.

Anyways, I’m still not sure if I’ll end up sending this to you, I hope I have the courage to do it. That’s everything, I guess. If you’re reading this, I hope you’re doing well and I still love you.


Jungkook read over his messy handwriting and bit his lip nervously as he folded the paper in half and put it in a small white envelope. He left his room after putting the letter on the back pocket of his jeans and walked towards the door of his dorm.

“I’m going for a walk,” He said when he saw his hyungs eyeing him curiously as he put on his shoes. “I’ll be back later.” With that he grabbed his jacket and left.

He started walking down the streets going towards your apartment. He hoped your work schedule hadn’t changed, he didn’t want you to see him on your apartment door.

During the way there he chew on his lip due to how nervous he was. He also debated on whether or not he should do this or just go back to the dorms and hang out with the boys, but when he decided that maybe it wasn’t a good idea, he was already entering your apartment building and in no time he was standing in front of your door.

He took the letter from his pocket and looked at it for a few seconds as he sighed. He bent down and slid it nder your door, not without hesitating a bit first. With a small nod he started to make his way our of the building, both hands on his pokets

It was done. You would read what he wrote and nothin could stop you from doing it.

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Mod shortcake! Woohoo! How about something lovely and soft. Like Katsuki finding out his SO is /Bomb/ (ha) at cooking or baking???

Awww! This actually really cute~

Yes! I will not let you down, my lil strawberry!

-Mod Shortcake 🍰🍰🍰

  • You and Katsuki had bought your own apartment together recently, so that meant that for the past few days, there was a lot of take out food. 
  • Katsuki came home early today to find the apartment smelled like homemade cooking. 
  • But how? 
  • He walked into the kitchen to see you stirring some pot. 
  • “The hell are you doing?”
  • You didn’t expect Katsuki to be home that early.
  • “I was making some curry for us! I haven’t made any in a long time, and I know you like spicy food so…”
  • Katsuki walked up to your side, glaring at the simmering pot of curry goodness.
  • You offered him a spoonful to try.
  • “This better be good…” Katsuki grumbled.
  • He took a bite and-
  • Holy shit, did he hear angels singing?
  • Are the gates of Heaven opening!?
  • Katsuki was tensed and deep silent, mesmerized.
  • You immediately took this the wrong way.
  • “Katsuki? Is it really that bad? Damn it!” You scolded yourself.
  • Katsuki yelled this at you while grabbing plates.
  • He loves your cooking more than anything else. (He’d never say this to your face though)
Surprise (Mike Wheeler x Reader)

Prompt: Mike gets you a gift to celebrate being with you 

Warning: None



“MOM WILL YOU GET THAT?” I yelled after hearing someone knock on the door and not wanting to get up from the couch. “IN THE BATHROOM” she yelled back as I sighed and got up, putting my sandals on real quick, not wanting to touch the cold floor. It was about eight in the evening so I wasn’t really expecting anyone but I opened the door to see none other than my boyfriend, Mike.

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I had a dream last night that I was getting married and my dress was really pretty but no one would tell me who I was marrying and it was really stressful cause like what if I saw who was at the altar and didn’t want to marry them? And I was also stressed because my brother told me they were serving seafood at the reception and I hate seafood so who the heck decided we were having it at my wedding? And I was freaking out at my brother about that and then I hear “I did” and I turned around and it was Aquaman but he was dressed like Mermaid Man from Spongbob cause apparently that was his formal suit and apparently he was my wedding planner or something I’m not entirely sure but he was walking me down the aisle and there was a strobe light that made it so I still couldn’t tell who I was marrying and then Aquaman asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this because it wasn’t too late to kill everyone in the room and get out of there and I was seriously considering it but then I woke up

What i have learned with Freddie

- I’ve learned to be myself, no matter what others may think. I used to be so worried about other’s opinion about me, about what I would dress like.. I never followed trends, but I was uncomfortable sometimes being myself aware of others “approval/disapproval look”. Now, I walk outside listening to my fave songs in my earplugs and sing out loud and you know what? ‘fuck everybody else’ (Mercury, 1985)

- after that, everything became easier, I feel more loose with things. It is not difficult anymore for me to decide what I want to do. Just go and do it. It should always have been like this

What about you? What have changed in your life since you took Freddie as a role model, or inspiration?

“Bored” Finn Wolfhard

Plot - the kids are on a boring plane ride

Pairing - Finn Wolfhard x Reader



Plane rides are always so boring. We have a private jet for whenever we need to fly somewhere quickly, but when you travel as much as we do it gets annoying. Finn and I were currently sitting next to each other, watching a movie on netflix, Caleb and Millie were laughing about something Gaten did a few minutes ago, Sadie was engulfed in a book she’s been reading for the past few days, and Noah was on his computer, probably listening to Panic!.  “Guys, I’m bored.” I groaned, taking out an earbud and getting out of the chair. “I think we all are.” Gaten commented. “Okay, well let’s do something!” I cheered, walking to the middle of the room. “What would we do? I mean Sadie looks pretty occupied, and Caleb, Gaten, and I are just wasting time. There’s not much you can do on a plane.” Millie replied, completely shooting me down. “And we’re watching a movie, come sit.” Finn added, taking my hand in his. “No, seriously, let’s do something, like truth or dare!” I suggested, trying to get them excited. “We always play truth or dare, that’s how you and Finn got together… remember?” Caleb answered, rolling his eyes, and turning his attention to his phone. “Yeah, remember?” Finn said, getting up and leaning into me. “Yeah, but i’m so bored!” I exclaimed, ignoring Finn kissing my shoulder. “Then figure something out.” Noah shrugged. “You guys all suck.” I grumbled, crossing my arms. “Hey, you love me.” Finn said, wrapping his arms around me. “Yes I do, but the rest of you suck.” I slightly giggled, kissing Finn. “Hey, can you guys suck face somewhere else?” Gaten asked, making Millie and Sadie laugh. “Shut up Gaten, at least I have a girlfriend.” Finn retaliated, sitting down and pulling me with him. Everyone else ooed and ahhed as Gaten just smiled in defeat.

“I’m still bored.” I pouted, looking at Finn with puppy dog eyes. “You’re so cute when you pout like that.” Finn commented, kissing my nose. “Shh, i’m supposed to be upset right now.” I giggled, cuddling into him. “Want to finish the movie?” Finn suggested, wrapping his arms protectively around me. “Yeah!” I cheered childishly. “Seriously, you are so damn cute.” Finn complimented, kissing my forehead.


A/N) its short I know oops. I hope you all had a good thanksgiving


These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Deuteronomy 6:7
Moses told the nation of Israel how God wanted them to be his witness to their children. God wants parents to tell their children about the One who loves them even more than they do.
God desires for parents to know who He is and then tell their children about Him. “Talk…..when you are sitting, walking along the way.” Every day, all the time, every moment.

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lately when i've been talking or jsut doing simple everyday things, it doesn't feel like i've done them?? like i'll be talking to my mum or something and then i'll be walking back to my room and feel confused bc i dont remember making myself say those things or wanting to, my body has just done it without me making it. i dunno i've tried talking to people about it and they just say im over thinking it and that im fine????

Sounds like dissociation and if it’s bothering you I’d go see a therapist

Centuries: Part 1

A/N: If people don’t like this then I’ll probably delete it and post it elsewhere but I’m trying to come back to this blog so here’s my first project. I have it all planned out so don’t worry about me bailing on it. Please read it!

Originally posted by jengkook

Walking around on a night like this was hard since so many things were going so wrong. He couldn’t go home. He couldn’t find a place to stay. He couldn’t even pay back his little debt. Knowing that he’d be paying for it somehow, for now, all he could do was walk. Every store seemed to be closed but there were still cars driving by on their way home. Oh, how he was envious.

“Over there!” Eyes widening, everything had come sooner than he had expected. Turning around, he saw a group of three guys who were stronger and bigger than him running in his direction. Lifting the hood of his jacket over his head, he began to run down the open street. Finally, deciding to turn down an empty alley way, he silently cursed under his breath when one of the guys came out of nowhere. Backing away, he realized he was cornered when the other two where blocking his only way out.

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How can i prevent myself from binging? I was doing o good, but this evening I have topped my calorie limit by the double, if not more.

Try and distract yourself by watching Netflix/YouTube (“supersize VS super skinny” is on YouTube), going for long a walk/working out, talk to your ana buddies if you have any, tidy your room, clean the house, play a game/read a book, etc :) Don’t think about how much you want food but can’t have it, think that you can have it but you don’t want it, cause you’re choosing to be thin ^^ Make a cup of tea or coffee, they’re both appetite curbing :)

[To anyone reading this, feel free to add to the list ^^]

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Is it wrong for my step daughter flirt with me in front of my wife and mother in-law they think she joking but when they are not around she walks around in bra and thong "accidentally forget her towel btw she 20 and I'm 33 any advice on the situation yes I want to fuck her but I'm not sure how to go about it she 20 tight body long black hair nice bubble butt and sweet set of tits and still growing

Even though you feel she may be flirting with you, it may not be for the reasons you think (or are hoping) it is. Some women do this just because they crave the attention but not the sex. She may just be seeing how much she can get away with while still not crossing that line. It also could be a power play between her and her mother. She wants to see if she can lure you away from her mother. Again, she can do all of this without being attracted to you and without any intention of ever doing anything with you. My advice is, if you love her mother and don’t want to ruin your marriage, ignore your step daughter’s antics and don’t react to them. She’ll eventually grow tired of her own little games and hopefully grow up. In the meantime, your marriage is safe. Trust me, chasing down this little fantasy is not worth the wreckage that it will produce in the end.

Thank you for sharing 💋

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Can I request, “Harry going to America with you for thanksgiving”? I know it’s an American holiday but I think it would be cute seeing him be all sleepy off of the plane but still being super excited to see your family and help do some last minute cooking and watch the parade! :)

Anonymous: If you still receive requests can you do one where they are getting married and she wants them to sign a prenap because she heard Jeff talking about it with someone (not Harry)at the studio when she went to see Harry. You can decide if they do it or not

I’m going to preface this by saying that I’m Australian so I’ve never celebrated thanksgiving, I kept it very vague and combined the two requests. This has made me excited for Christmas drabbles though, so if you have any ideas, send them my way

Master List 

Drabble #14

“Have you got everything love?” Harry called out to you as you walked down the path towards the car, carrying the pumpkin pie you had just made.

“We checked three times H, we’ve got everything”

“Good” He shut the door behind him, and hurried toward the car, to take your bag and load it in for you. You were heading to your parents’ house to see your family for thanksgiving and to start planning the wedding. You had told Harry from the start that you wanted to get married in the states, with your family and friends and he was totally on board and since you weren’t here very often you needed to get a head start on the wedding plans.

You were excited for thanksgiving this year, it had been a few years since you’d been home, and you were really missing the Thanksgiving traditions. Harry on the other hand, was yet to experience the holiday with your family.

You were about halfway through the drive when you had remembered the conversation you had overheard when you went to visit Harry in the studio just after you got engaged. You’d heard Jeff and one of the sound guys talking about a prenup and you’d had a hard time forgetting about it.


“Hmmm” he said sleepily, he was jet lagged since you had only arrived yesterday

“Do you want me to sign a prenup?”

He sat up a little, frowning, paying attention to what you were saying “What makes you say that love?”

“I heard Jeff talking about it the other week in the studio”

“I don’t want you to sign anything you don’t want to sign, but Jeff has suggested it” he admitted

“When were you going to bring this up?” you questioned him, waiting to see how he felt about it

“When I’d had enough time to think about it, it’s not really something that’s crossed my mind ever, I want to think about it properly before we make any decisions”

You nodded slowly as you pulled up to your parent’s driveway “We’ll talk more about this later H” and you leant over and kissed his cheek “Let’s go and be thankful, I love you, I’ll sign it if you want me too” you smiled at him

“I love you too, but let’s not worry about it just yet, it’s Thanks giving” he said holding up the casserole you’d both made.


After filling up completely on dinner and enjoying the company of your family, you all sat down to watch the parade. This was all new to Harry, but he was having a great time getting to know all the quirks of your family.

You were sat on the couch, snuggled up to Harry with a blanket draped over you both, slowly giving in to the jetlag, when your mum came in with a tray of hot chocolates to make everyone cosy

“Thanks y/m/n, I’ve missed these” Harry said as he took both your and his off the tray

“My pleasure Harry, I’ve missed you.”

“Oh stop it” he smiled handing you your drink, your mum had never been able to resist his charms, and blushed almost every time he looked in her direction, but you loved how well they got on. When the parade ended and you’d all finished your drinks, your family stayed in the living room for hours, talking and making jokes, while you and Harry drifted in and out of jet lagged naps. Eventually you both woke up and snuggled into each other while you gently caressed Harry’s tummy under his shirt.

“It’s a bit squishier than normal H” you whispered, and he jokingly tapped your hand away

“Your mum makes a good turkey” he laughed “you ready to head off love?”

“Yeah, let’s get out of here”

With that he stood and thanked your parents for dinner, giving your mum a big hug and shaking your dads hand.

“Thanks Mom, we’ll call in tomorrow before we head to the airport” you said as you made your way to the car

“Happy Thanksgiving you two, drive safely”