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Unrequited Love: Turian

So I’ve never been one to pine after a non romance character. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed, but never enough to really affect how I play the game. But as I start my second playthrough of Mass Effect Andromeda right after finishing the original trilogy, fresh from a Shakarian mindset, I keep glancing at Tiran Kandros. Thinking “Why won’t he love me? Why can’t I flirt?” Hes not Garrus but damnit I can pretend!

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What if some alien said something that we thought was hilarious and we just kept repeating it until the alien just went "??????????? What's so funny????? I don't understand????? You guys are so weird??????????????"

That is a brilliant idea oh man. How would you even explain why that’s funny to an alien? I can barely explain why I find stuff funny to other people, how would people manage with a completely difference species?

Human humour in general would probably be so weird to aliens, so being a part of it would be even more so. From experience, it’s probably a word they mispronounced too - because in english it seems, it’s very easy to put emphasis on an incorrect syllable and get a completely different sound to the one you meant. I’m sure it’s also easy to do so in other languages but I can only speak english so I don’t know. 

How do you think aliens would react to being a part of Earth humour? Do you think they’d embrace it, or just get incredibly weirded out? 

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PLEASE REPORT AND BLOCK carleekmt*tumblr*com !! They've been reposting a HELLA LOT of gifs in compilation without credit, asking for reblogs and even getting 1k. A set full of reposted gifs. they do it knowingly, they posted an 'apology' yet they say they'll continue reposting gifs and they dont care. A typical, unapologetic disrespectful and rude reposter. Please report them.

please block/report carleekmt! this is unacceptable. i just read their “apology” post and i am honestly sickened. 

“At the end of the day does it really matter if I used a picture?”

what you take from content creators is not just a picture. you are stealing our talent and TIME, and that matters. time that we spent learning how to use photoshop, which can take months. some people pay monthly subscription fees to access software or paid vlive content to make gifs, you are taking that from us. the hours we spend perfecting our coloring/actions. sometimes we have to stay up late to screen record live broadcasts. time we spend to keep up with all the content releases and make gifs every single time. waiting for them to export. that all matters. 

it’s not something that we pull out of thin air, and creators have every right to get angry.