i do not support war

A Grand Proposal

A General Hux x Reader oneshot

Summary: The reader is a female Knight of Ren, touring with the General as his bodyguard and the First Order’s premier power-couple. As Hux is gaining allies and funding for the Order, you are tasked with keeping an eye out for any potential assassins.

Word Count: 2027

Content Warning: SFW

A/N: Anon requested a power-couple one shot with a F!Knight of Ren! I started and restarted this thing so many times, but hey, it gave me the chance to write some General Gingersnap and look at a bunch of pretty ballgowns so… :) Hope y’all enjoy!

“General Brendol Hux II, of the First Order!” You glanced over at your General, gloved fingers curling around his forearm. “Accompanied by (y/n); Acolyte to Lord Snoke, proud member of the Knights of Ren!”

“Have I told you how much I hate being paraded around?” You asked, voice deceptively light as your grip tightened just so on the ginger. “Because I hate it.”

To you it seemed like a charade; you were dressed in a decadent gown of inky black and scarlet red, paneled and artfully tailored to your body. It was supposed to be—and you supposed it really was—a compliment to Hux’s dress uniform, a representation of the First Order as well as a show of personal unity. Coupled with the jewelry crafted of the finest firearms and Naboo night pearls, you looked like some sort of royalty… which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

“You are exquisite, (y/n).” Hux assured you softly, icy blue eyes  dragging over your frame as you stepped through the doorway and onto the landing. “A goddess among lesser beings.”

As much as you wanted to roll your eyes in denial of his statement, as soon as you stepped into the public eye you felt your shoulders squaring as a practiced smile slid perfectly into place. This was a lie you’d been living for months now as you and Hux toured the Core Worlds in search of potential allies for the rising First Order. The regal General and his charming companion; at least the tittering remarks were true about the man. Hux wore the dress uniform as though he’d been born to it with ease and an aloof sense of comfort.

Whereas you would feel much more comfortable hidden in the dark shadows of your Knight’s robes. The center of attention had never been your place in the world… no, you reserved that honor for your Brothers and Leader. You were the Shadow, quiet and unseen as you unravelled your enemies from behind the scenes, and even before you knew about the Force, or Kylo Ren, that had been your life. A lifetime ago you never would have dreamed of stepping foot in a ballroom this opulent, would have never have dreamed of seeing such fine jewelry unless it was in an attempt to steal it.

Still, there was a reason why you were posturing in front of these people, and it would be for the best that you remember that.

“Senator Naveen.” Hux greeted politely as you reached the last step on the stairwell, his free arm extending for a rather severe looking man.

“General Hux!” At least, until his lips parted in an easy, friendly grin. “I was thrilled to hear you accepted my invitation; I knew your father, of course, back before all of this… bad business. A good man, Brendol Sr.”

Your eyes hardened slightly at that, feeling the imperceptible tremor of disgust that went through Hux.

“An invitation from you, Senator?” Hux smiled, though you were certain you were the only person who saw the brittle edge to it. “How could I refuse such an esteemed family friend?”

Naveen huffed and flustered good naturedly at that, his attention turning to you as his entire face lit up cheerfully. “And this must be (y/n)! The mysterious Knight of Ren! It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you, my dear, though I fear you might find yourself the hottest commodity at this party. Rumors have only gotten more and more ridiculous over the progression of your tour.”

“All of them true, I assure you.” You laughed, feeling Hux’s approval through the Force as you gave the Senator your most charmingly coy grin. “I hesitate to hear some of these rumors, for fear that they’ll all be painfully disappointed in me by the end of the night.”

“A beauty like you, my dear?” Naveen reached out to press a kiss to your gloved hand. “Impossible. You’ve been the talk of the town for weeks!”

“I agree, (y/n).” Hux interjected smoothly. “No doubt you’ll be a lasting sensation after tonight.”

You fluttered your eyelashes up at your General, pulling him in just a fraction of a millimeter closer in a movement as calculated as it was subconscious. You noticed the way Naveen’s eyes widened ever so slightly and, though he masked his surprise well you could read the course of his thoughts as political machinations and theories slid into place. Which was precisely what you wanted to happen; you were the First Order’s premiere power-couple after all.

“Ah, well,” The Senator cleared his throat, taking half a step backwards. “I should let you two mingle a bit. We’re all looking forward to hearing you speak over dinner, General.”  

“I’ve heard the speech.” You offered conspiratorily. “Trust me, it will be phenomenal.”

The two of you worked in practiced harmony; Hux would go and mingle with those that he needed to. He would charm and flatter and coerce whoever he needed to in a subtle game designed to earn political allies and financial backing. You would chime in every now and again with a biting-yet-relevant comment, or a witty anecdote, but for the most part you were silent. You didn’t resent the fact that you were often overlooked beyond the base questions about your position among the Knights; it gave your mind an opportunity to focus on the task at hand.

Rumor had reached you of an attempted assassination. The attacker would be waiting until the dinner, when Hux made the announcement that was almost guaranteed to gain you several prominent allies, and you had to be ready. Your consciousness spread out across the vast ballroom, the soft buzz of thoughts becoming a deafening roar that had your teeth clenching and your careful hold on the wineglass threatening to snap.

“Is it true what they say?” Those words, spoken instead of thought, drew you out of your trance as you filtered through the feedback.

A woman was watching you, at least twenty years older with diamonds at her throat and ears and absently you started planning exactly how easy it would be to lift the jewels from her.

“Hm?” You tilted your head towards her, giving the illusion of your full attention. “Is what true?”

“Well, I’ve heard—from a friend of a friend whose sister works aboard the Finalizer—that there is a more… personal relationship between the General and Kylo Ren.” She answered, quivering with barely restrained curiosity.

What? The woman did have your full attention at that, and you couldn’t help but ponder the ridiculous implications. The General and Kylo? In a…

“I—snrk—” You couldn’t help but hide a snort of laughter behind your hand as your head shook. “I’m afraid that the only  relationship between Hux and Lord Ren is one of professionalism.”

“Excuse me, ladies.” Your smile edged on genuine when Hux interrupted her response, eyebrows rising fractionally as his arm slid over your shoulder towards your back. “I’m afraid I have to steal (y/n) for a dance.”

“Should I be concerned with how much you’ve had to drink, General?” You asked quietly, smiling as his hand slid down your back. “Are we waltzing? A shame they don’t play the tango, I could really give them a show.”

“Have you found anything yet?” Hux didn’t bother responding to your teasing, leading you easily through the steps of the dance. “Any sign of our would be assassin?”

You hummed a negative at that, appreciating the view offered from the dance floor. “I wonder if they’ll try and wait until dinner? A part of the catering staff?”

“Dinner is soon.” Hux noted. “You’re sure it’s going to happen here? Tonight? Your source could have been lying.”

“My source wasn’t in a position to lie.” You answered simply, blinking up at him as he dipped you. “Why, General? Getting cold feet?”

The ginger tightened his hold on you as he pulled you back up, bringing you in just a few centimeters closer and skirting the line between tasteful distance and risque proximity. You turned a questioning look to him at that, knowing that Hux realized exactly what the implications of his actions were. Even as he swept you up, you could hear the speculative whispers of the onlooking guests.

“Quite the opposite.” He watched you carefully, blue eyes intense. “I was thinking of making the arrangement permanent. Instead of just using a false announcement to lure out an assassin, why not make it real?”

You stumbled over the step at that, mouth dropping open for all of a few seconds before you remembered where, precisely you were. Still… Hux couldn’t really be proposing—?

“Are you… serious?” You gripped his shoulder, the physical touch grounding you as your mind sped a mile a minute. “You are serious. You want to—with me? You really are drunk, General.”

His thumb brushed soothing lines into your lower back, and his lips pulled up into the faintest of smiles. “We both know I’m not, (y/n). You’ve known my feelings towards you for some time; I would lay the galaxy at your feet if you’ll have it.”

You stepped in closer as a swell of warmth exploded in your chest, fingers skimming along the collar of his uniform and into his hair as you felt his chest brush against yours. Your lips pressed into his cheek, breath fanning across his neck as you whispered, “I would have anything you give me, General. For as long as this life is mine.”

The song ended with applause, and as much as it pained you to do it you stepped out of Hux’s embrace. He kept you close by though, his arm around your waist in an uncharacteristic display of public affection that was as much for the masses as it was for himself. You were struck, then, by how much you loved this beautiful man at your side; you would do anything to keep him safe and see his goals accomplished. A feeling that was, you told yourself happily, completely mutual.

The dinner bell rang out sharp and clear as you departed the dance floor, and you couldn’t help but grin. “I suppose the Senator was right; we really will be the talk of the town.”

“—one last matter I would like to address, to you all tonight. An announcement really, one that has been quite a long time in coming.” Hux drummed his fingers thoughtfully along the curve of his wine glass, enjoying the perfect waves of shine created from the light. “As I’m sure you’re all aware, there have been a great many rumors abound regarding my relationships and future plans, especially regarding (y/n).”

You smiled over at Hux as his hand found yours, fingers lacing together. “I should like to put these rumors to rest definitively; I have asked (y/n) to marry me, and she has graciously said yes.”

There was a titter of surprise, followed by an outpouring of applause, and you reached over to cover your joined hands. “He says this as though I’m doing him some great favor. I assure you, beloved, that the possibility of saying ‘no’ never crossed my—”

“First Order scum!” And there it was; one of the waiters that had been standing against the back wall stepped forward, tray clattering to the floor as he revealed a blaster and aimed it directly at Hux. Your hand shot out before anyone could react, freezing the man and his blaster in mid-motion. With a turn of your wrist he came skidding forward, suspended in front of you as you stepped away from your General.

“Have that man arrested!” Naveen growled, jumping up from his seat as the security droids came hurrying in.  “General Hux, I apologize. I assure you we will have this man interrogated and dealt with.”

“That isn’t necessary, Senator.” Hux smiled, his voice pleasant even as his expression turned sinister. “I am sure my fiancé will be more than happy to handle it.”

“If there is a room you could provide me to work, Senator?” You asked, anticipation coiling through you.

Really, you couldn’t have asked for a better engagement gift.



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Mako and Korra’s love was epic and if you can’t see that I feel sorry for you.



i just like how some people in our stupid european union are still on the right track, including this wannabe rammstein music video

I understand why a lot of people are vocal about how not perfect Obama is. 

He isn’t perfect.

He’s not we’ve got an entire list of reasons why he isn’t. 

-The Drones that he signed off on for one

-that lame half ass excuse for an attempt at appeasing latino voters with a lame policy change for another (though to his credit it’s not his fault the Dream Act failed…)

-The fact the Guantanamo is still open…

-the National Defense Authorization act….

-the fact that the soldiers aren’t home yet, and the fact that they are still over seas killing people dead. 

probably other stuff that i’m not aware of…

Yeah he isn’t perfect, and these things need to be acknowledged we need to let him know we are not okay with it at all. 

But why are people ranting about Obama and telling people to not vote? 

Can  people really be so delusional as to believe that anything would be different with Romney?


It wouldn’t… it would be worse. 

Come on be serious, a vote not for Obama is essentially a vote for Romney. 

The difference between Barack and Mittens is that a Romney win means hell for people domestically AS WELL AS internationally. 

So why are you telling people not to vote?

How does that help anything in any way? 

Vote, Vote For Obama…just get out there and vote. 

And if you can manage to speak send letters to your representatives and senators and anyone you can telling them you are not okay with the Drone Strikes or the Lax immigration effort or whatever. 

But telling people not to vote at all isn’t smart.

“From Paris with love” .. French jets launching their biggest raids against ISIS..
I wonder how many innocent souls will be lost in Syria and Iraq for a crime they didn’t commit!
I do not support war, empire or butchery.
If you think that killing innocent people in Paris is bad, but you not think that killing people in other countries is bad, then you ned to take a long hard look at yourself.
TERRORISM and KILLINGS are NEVER justifiable.
But please, think about the reasons why they happen.
We must work toward eliminating these factors. Towards peace.

steve rogers never really lived without a war. he was born during WWI, grew up during the great depression (he was 12 when it started) and as a sick kid especially that was a war for him. then he had about 2 years before WWII. He goes down, wakes up in 2011. And… there’s the Global War on Terror (which i do not support and neither would stevie but still) and he’s a superhero who is fighting aliens.

Steve Rogers, in his 98 years on earth, lived a total of about 13 years without a war. Take off the ones he won’t remember (until he’s about 6 probably) and you have about 9 years. Steve Rogers doesn’t know a world without war.