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So remember how I talked in my Lance analysis about how Lance has probably been practicing with his bayard offscreen?

Remember how when Allura asks the mice for secrets, Chulatt messes up his head fur like Lance’s hair, makes shooting motions with his tail and then spins it like somebody in a western movie doing gun twirling, to which Allura replies “that sounds like Lance”?

Operating theory: Lance has been practicing with his weapon in private, and he’s also been practicing trick shooting/gun twirling and that’s what the mice told Allura.

my grandmother was born somewhere between romania and transylvania
i do not know much else about her
but i know
she had one older brother
(like me)
she had bright blue eyes
(like my brother)
and her father died when she was too young
(just like mine did)

my grandmother was sent to auschwitz. 
she watched her mother get sent to her death.
her life was saved by a nurse
whose name she never knew.
she met the love of her life in a dp camp
and she moved to canada not speaking english
and just five years later
she had a son
(and then three more)
and she was happy.

i do not know much about my grandmother
i don’t know her birthday or her hometown
or what she sounded like when she laughed
i don’t even know the number that was tattooed on her arm,
her reminder that she made it out of hell alive.
but i do know that only two things
truly separate me from my grandmother,
and they are
time and circumstance
and nothing in this world scares me more than that.


(family) history

I wrote this as part of a poetry suite for my writing lab, and i thought that today, yom hashoah, would be a good time to share it with you all. my grandmother lived a good life after the holocaust. at the time of her death, she had four sons and thirteen grandchildren. now, her legacy is two sons, fifteen grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren; her great-granddaughter bears her name. my zeida, he’s still alive, though his dementia is so bad he can no longer communicate at all. he and my grandmother were so incredibly in love, so incredibly happy, and they lived with daily reminders of the atrocities they survived. we can never forget, because we cannot allow the same horrors to be relived. i can never forget because it is a horror that flows through my blood and makes up my atoms.

  • antonio: I saved his life and we dated for 3 months and then as soon as he was out of my sight he went & married a lesbian he had met an hour ago and pretended he didn't know who I was
  • horatio: I'm so sorry he sounds like an asshole
  • antonio: what did yours do
  • horatio: he just killed his whole family and then died
  • antonio: shit dude
  • horatio: yeah it was a rough spring quarter

Victoria: You actually like this girl.

Merlot: I think she might be the one, Vic.

Victoria: No! But your pink princess.

Merlot: She was a fantasy. Lacey is real and so much more than I could have imagined. All I want is to be with her. We don’t even have to be doing anything but sitting there. I feel better when she is around.

Victoria: Sounds like love, but I’m no expert on the subject.

I was doodling Le Chiffre stuff maybe a couple weeks back and completely forgot what I originally planned to do with them. I found this one and honestly it just seems funnier if I leave the second part blank.
It looks like Le Chiffre probably just makes a “myeh” sound everytime someone talks to him.
Like imagine…

“Le Chiffre,you’ve lost over 100 million dollars”
“Le Chiffre,you’re bleeding from your eye again”
“Le Chiffre,Bond has escaped”
“Le Chiffre, you’re so hot. I wanna sleep with you”

I have a new D&D character called Matías, and to properly RP him I throw in a bit of Spanish and speak with a Spanish accent.

This has caused the rest of the group to dub him as Antonio. And they were kind enough to provide me with a new character figure, as above…

He is no longer Matías, only Antonio. The bastards.

The session was pretty standard, though:
One PC sold their soul,
Two others burned down half a black market district,
And the DM tried very hard to kill Antonio’s daughter.
…wait, I mean Matías.


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So I saw a headline for SGT and it mentions it being really raunchy but then I'm reading through some fans interpretations of it and it's almost funny to me how mainstream will take it as a "raunchy party video" while the fans try to see the deeper meaning to it and really try to connect it to Zayn and everything he's been through. Hope I don't sound like I'm nitpicking. What are your thoughts on it?

Anonymous said:

hi sasha, how are you? hope you’re having a good day! 😘 was just wondering what do you think of sgt mv?            

Hi nonnie(s). I’m well, thanks for asking. I do see the video as a meditation on Zayn’s experiences. The biggest hint would be shooting the video at the Zerrie stunt house. Videos are staged and so was everything we saw from that house. Fiction on top of fiction. Clever.

I find it a statement on fame. He’s in the middle of the action, but still feeling disconnected because you’re often surrounded by people who are enamored with your fame and wealth, but not you the person. The booze, sex and weed are for sure the trappings of stardom. I think at times Zayn has felt like a spectator in his own life, rather than an active participant.

Also the monkey and the alligator pinged as a shout out to the 1D days as well as the overall wild party theme. 1D’s done all of that. Except now the gator is real (maybe a metaphor for the perils of their journey) instead of inflatable, the party is a lot more adult and Zayn is a lot more jaded. 

Remember the days when there wasn’t even a hand of color in the “Night Changes” video? And remember how 1DHQ tripped over themselves lying about why (It was an assistant! It was Sophia!)?? Now we’ve got a video full of POC. Progress. I appreciate the little victories.

today i was singing along to paper hearts and someone asked me who sings it and i had a breakdown like how do i sound normal explaining that i’ve literally never heard the original song and i have no idea who sings it i’ve only ever heard jungkook’s version

@stealingmyplaceinthesun yeah, i see where you’re coming from but imo talia was too white also :// considering ra’s is arab and she’s arab too, they should have made her darker. like,, she barely even looks arab if at all??? this sort of arab erasure from media and tv always gets on my nerves cuz it’s building up such a stigma against arabs and arab muslims that only terrorists are dark; all the “good guys” have light skin, don’t act talk look or speak arab(ic), and if they’re “muslim” they should deny their religion and live like westerners (mainly white christians) do ://///////////

and as for accents i wish wish wish they would just give damian an arabic accent already!! thickening his “s” and “sh” sounds, the hard “q”, emphasis on his “ah” sounds, his “p”’s changing to “b”, the whole thing!! arabic accents should not be solely reserved for “too-strict-parents” and terrorists; anyone who is arabic first language has them, not just “bad guys” >://

sorry if this sounds aggressive, i don’t mean it aggressively towards you!! ❤ i’m just really tired of having my culture and religion bastardized by white, racist pigs who stereotype and antagonize arabs, muslims, and anyone from the middle east who look and act different

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Supergreatproblem: The let's player who kills people who subscribe to his channel.

I am intrigued by this gimmick, but it sounds like a lot of work.  Doing a let’s play on its own ends up taking a lot more time than you think it would, but also hunting down and murdering anyone who subscribes?  There’s not enough hours in the day.

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Ballet/coffee shop au: Sam is a ballerina and stops by this little cafe every day twice a day because it's the only cafe that is open when he first gets in and after he's done for the day. Bucky is the barista that serves him his after-work coffee and has a huge crush on this literal angel but never says anything, instead he goes out of his way to misspell Sam's name in increasingly ridiculous ways to get his attention

LMFAO, okay but like…. does he fuck it up on accident the first time? Because I’m just imagining Bucky being out of it after a long shift and completely missing Sam’s name because he’s 1. very attracted and 2. VERY attracted

So he just scribbles Dan because it sounds like something he heard recently, and only after he’s done it does the audio click in his head but it’s TOO LATE. So Sam gets his drink but he makes this adorable ass face and Bucky decides that he’s gotta do anything and everything to get Sam’s attention.

Anyway, they have small convos because Sam is a regular and Bucky regularly works there, and Sam KNOWS that Bucky knows his name, so he can’t for the life of him figure out why he keeps getting shit like “can” or “Spam” on his cups. And it just escalates to Bucky drawing doodles on the side of the cup instead of names at one point, and all his coworkers make fun of him.

It’s not until Bucky runs into Sam outside of work that Sam asks him wtf is up and Bucky BLUSHES. This white boy goes beet red and mutters something about trying to get Sam’s attention and Sam just rolls his eyes and says “we talk everyday wtf” and then they date, the end™

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Red~.... I don't watch movies so I don't know but I guess if it sounds like the description, but yea wisps are going to be playing an important part in the next thing. Do you bake or cook? I do both I'm not the best cook, but I can make decent meals, baking is a lot more fun for me though. Also Favorite flower, (it's important, choose wisely) and how blush/ stuttery do you get when a cute person compliments you? (I've asked before but you didn't answer that one, maybe Tumblr monster was hungry🤔

tumblr monster might’ve been hungry! aaand nah i don’t bake or anything if i’m hungry i either hope someone makes me something, starve, or buy something LOL. alsoooo i don’t really have a favorite flower? ACTUALLY OH MAN I JUST REMEMBERED when i was little whenever my mom wanted to go to home depot to get flowers and things for spring i wouldn’t want to go with her unless i could get dragon snap flowers!! they’re so cool if you pinch the bulb you can make em close like a mouth omfg. also! uhh not really stuttery ? idk man people don’t compliment me a lot. what im known for is giggling. compliments and just anything in general my first response will be giggles. at work it’s like ALL ANYONE EVER COMMENTS ON and i’m like ??? fuck!! what do i say to this???? and you can GUESS that i just fucking giggle in response soooo!! this one woman at my work calls me Happy so idk take from that what you will

Alright, last post about the talk blog that I personally will be making (and honestly, hopefully, the last time that anyone else feels like they need to make one at all), because I do realise that I was the one that brought the attention to things on it in the first place. I apologise for that. At this point, it’s gotten way too big and has gone way too far.

But the final thing that I’ll say about this, and it is at the risk of sounding like an asshole; If you have a problem with other muns in the rp and you refuse to come to anyone that can help the situation, like an adult, then you need to leave the rp. At the end of the day, if you refuse to try and help someone realise that they’re doing something so wrong so that they can have some chance to  change the way that they’re acting, then they’re not going to change. Because you’re giving them no chance or knowledge on how to. And if someone is ruining your experience and you won’t do anything to help stop that? Then your experience is going to stay ruined and there’s no point in being around here anyway. Because all of this is supposed to be fun. For everyone. And that includes you, whoever you (or you all) are that do want to go and bitch to a talk blog as if it’s going to help anything. But no one can do anything about anything if you refuse to just talk to them about it. And I happen to know that every mun that has been named as someone that is a “problem” in whatever way would listen to you and would work with you - they can all manage being adults and having conversations to either accept the criticism or hopefully ease whatever it is that they can to make you feel better about what’s happened. Not everyone has to get along - ooc or ic - and that’s fine. That’s life. But if you’re so wound up by it that you have to go and drag people down anonymously to an outside source? That’s a problem. 

Love you guys. Genuinely. And if you have any suggestions on how we can make things better or open up more lines of communication, then we’re always accepting those. We, as admins, have been a little quiet as of late for the most part, but we’re still here to help. We still want to make this place better for you all, because it is about being here and having fun and creating a good space for everyone. 

And, in case there are people that have missed it or anything, if you are uncomfortable with coming directly to an admin or to the main for whatever reason - we have had @yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahh, @mcmahonheiress, and @irizatsija offer to help make buffer for you. To help play mediator, or go between, or whatever else that you need to be more comfortable. And if anyone else would like to offer to play in that role? Please let us know. We want for you guys to feel as safe in communicating as you need to be. But we really fucking need that communication at all. 

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Okay, so I'm not a huge blog and I'm trying to make my own posts and edits to gain followers. So, if I make a gif or write some meta about destiel.. Am I not supposed to tag it "Dean Winchester"? It sounds like I'll get attacked from bibros for it...Which I honestly don't really care about. Hate from bibros would probably mean I'm doing something right. I'm just wondering for general normal people tumblr etiquette, am I not supposed to tag shipping posts with the characters involved in the ship?

broseph you tag your shit whatever the fuck you want, bibros don’t own the goddamn internet and they certainly don’t own my ass

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Kinda Urgent My parents know I wear a binder but they just thought it was because I wanted some clothes to fit better. But I'm starting to think that my mom knows I'm trans. I wasn't planning on coming out to my parents for a long time.. but recently it seems my mom is getting more educated on trans stuff and this morning she starts telling me about this interesting ftm persons story she heard. My sister was also in the room, but my mom was telling the story directly to ME. (1/2)

Do you think she knows? Help. I don’t want her to tell my dad or brother because I know how they feel about trans and non binary people. They very openly are transphobic especially my brother. I don’t know what to do about this because it really seems like my mom is dropping hints that she knows. (2/2)

Okay, well, first of all, if she does know, at least it sounds like she’s doing some research and isn’t reacting negatively. That’s good! 

Second, I would hope, if your mother knows how your father and brother feel towards trans and nb people, that she wouldn’t tell them without your consent. So even if she knows, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll tell the rest of your family. 

I’d suggest sitting down with your mother and having a discussion. You don’t have to come out if you don’t feel like it’s the right time, just try to feel out her views. Talk to her about the things she’s been learning about, ask her what sparked her interest. See if she mentions it. You could even drop hints like how you wouldn’t bother discussing those things with your brother/father because of transphobia - or you could be more vague, depending on how you feel. If you do end up coming out, then you could just straight up ask her not to tell them. If you don’t come out, but you feel like she knows, try to drop hints and subtle suggestions that maybe it would be best not to share her new education with others in the family. If you don’t come out, and don’t feel like she knows, then it’s a problem for another time.

Basically, my advice is to talk to her.

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when u write poems, do you write them in tamil or english first? if you write them in tamil do you usually translate them or did you only do that for this chapter? sorry im just really interested bc its so impressive since u kinda have to write it twice to make it sound good in both languages? it seems like just translating word for word rarely works w poems... also i loved the poem from the last puu chapter it has. such a nice mood about it

I generally write them as Tamil poems and translate them to English only if I wanna show people! Sometimes I conceive poetry ideas in English, but I almost always write them out in Tamil.

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Hi love. You are amazing. How do you stay happy all the time?

for me, i surround myself with everything that i love! whether it be videos or music or food or my friends and family. whenever i get into down moments, i find that going for a walk or a drive helps clear my head.

i give myself rewards too, as weird as that sounds. like if i’m stressed about a project coming up, once i finish it or finish a good part of it, i always reward myself with watching a funny youtube video and making some food.

how i keep myself happy is more trying to keep others happy. if i can make even one person smile, then that helps my mood a lot too. i resort to memes a lot too, funny enough. i was in a down mood and a friend or mine and i just spammed memes to each other and it helped cheer me right up.

if you’re ever feeling down, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone or reach out to the things that you adore most. 💛