i do not ship them they're bros

So I’ve read a couple fics where either Jack or Gabe were shorter than most people in SEP and then got bigger because of the magic science goo, and I love it. But. Imagine if you will:
They’re both shortish to begin with but the same height. Then one of them grows like half an inch, and starts making fun of the other one for being the shortest. But then the short one sprouts up just a bit more. And they keep messing with each other the whole time (over like 6 months/a year however long you hc SEP to have been) Eventually they both end up being really tall and the same height, but the dickery continues for years. One of them will get a slightly taller pair of shoes, the other will grow their hair out just enough to stick up just high enough etc

cassian and azriel: live in the same townhouse, kiss in public, hold hands whenever they’re together, feed each other, are that™ couple, “stay safe, baby” “of course, baby”, confess their love on a daily basis, literally go to starfall together but nah they just “bros”, cassian gets down on his knees and proposes, get married in the house of wind,,,

y'all: just bros giving brojobs

A lighting exercise I had a lot of fun doing.

Fireplace story time at its finest.

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I love to imagine Steve and Tony trying to go on a date together but having the hardest time of it because they can't find anything to do together that they don't already do. Eventually they realize that it's because they've been dating for literal years and never realized it.

this is so real. so real. queue both of them staring down at their hands whispering holy shit are we dating???? yes idiots. you fucking are.

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I have moments when they’re Romantic, but for the most part I see them as bros that occasionally give each other brojobs or something completely “no homo” like that haha.

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Thanks for asking! (Send me a ship and I’ll respond with a BROTP/OTP/NOTP)

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Just curious, do you ship steve/tony bc of comic? In MCU, steve and bucky have better deeper dynamic and more profound relationship (till the end of line), many love/care/angst/heartbreak. Between steve and tony they're more like colleagues or rival, hell even science bro has stronger chemistry. i honestly set my expectation for CA3 so low just bc the relationship between steve and tony didn't really build up to the level capable of 'civil war' hard feeling

i ship them in all universes so mcu really isn’t any exception. i mean i got into marvel because of mcu. though i will admit it wasn’t until i kind of looked around blogs that shipped stevetony and saw all these panels (contextless ofc bc i’d never touched a comic before) and things about earth-616 that i was like ‘wow that seems like a really cute ship’. (me @ my past self like u sweet summer child)

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