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Hi! I really liked your hc!!! and I also would like a head canon with the RFA +Saeran, V and Vanderwood with MC as the Daughter of a Yakuza boss (sorry if my english is bad)

You’re English is just fine, sweetie! Thank you for your request!

OKAY! Quick explanation about the whole “Yakuza” thing. So, like, I know that technically Yakuza are the Japanese mob, and everyone is Korean in game, but I’m a lazy sack of shit who didn’t know what to write in replacement of that that would be more appropriate, but… we’ll just have to roll with it because I have no idea what else to put down.

Also, before we get into the specifics, here’s a few wide-spanning ideas between them;

  • MC was the illegitimate second child of the Boss
  • She has an older half-brother, who is 10 years older
  • Her biological mother died when she was a baby
  • Her step-mother was the one who insisted on taking her in, and loved her like a real daughter because she was so freaking cute as a little one
  • She knows self-defense because her brother taught her
  • She knows how to act like a proper, respectable woman because her stepmother taught her
  • Her father’s underlings all dote on her as well


  • Yoosung is super scared to meet her family when she tells him
  • “I didn’t want to tell you about each other unless things got really serious.”
  • They go to her family home and he’s nothing but respectful and terrified as her stepmother serves the tea
  • MC never removes her hand from him both as reassurance and to protect him
  • Her stepmother loves how earnest he is
  • The thing that ultimately convinces her family that he’s the proper fit for MC is when one of the Underlings that’s had a crush on her since they were teenagers starts hitting on her while she’s showing Yoosung around
  • Yoosung goes a little yandere, steps very obviously between MC and the guy, puts his arm around her, and glares very scarily at this guy
  • “Hi, I’m Yoosung. Her fiancé. And you are?” “[says his name].” “Hm, funny, MC’s never mentioned you before.”
  • Immediately they’re sold. Hell, they help plan the wedding.


  • Well… they didn’t immediately jump for joy
  • Jaehee really wasn’t sure what to expect when MC led her to a very nice, traditional house
  • She was ever a little frightened by the people around the entrance, even if she greeted these scary people warmly
  • It wasn’t until they started doting on her and calling her little pet names from when she was baby that Jaehee understands that they’re like family and she has nothing to fear
  • When MC’s brother sees Jaehee, he laughs, but asks if Jaehee knows anything about protecting someone
  • Jaehee is a little offended, so does a judo throw of the older brother
  • Father and stepmother witness this as well, MC starts laughing and kisses Jaehee for her impressive performance
  • Stepmother is cautious, but approves of Jaehee being very polite, kind, and hardworking
  • Father is… well, he’s torn
  • He was expecting his daughter to present him with a strapping young suitor that he could scare -away- into submission
  • Instead he gets a woman who he just doesn’t know how to intimidate because she’s faced down the C&R household along with various other CEO and chairmans and walked out without a sweat
  • But at least his daughter is happy
  • After they’re home, Jaehee’s knees buckle from the nerves and she’s so happy that they approved of her


  • He used to be in a gang, but this… this is a whole new level
  • But he does know the culture, plus he’s an actor, so he’s able to be confident and friendly when he meets her family for the first time
  • Zen is immediately fawned over by her stepmother because (a) he’s so handsome and (b) she’s a fan of his.
  • He reluctantly admits to formerly being part of a gang, and earns the respect of the brother
  • That just leaves her father who has been eyeing him suspiciously ever since he learned Zen was an actor
  • His biggest concern is not if he can protect her, but if he’s (a) good enough and (b) will be true to her.
  • When her father pulls Zen aside to question him about his willingness to be faithful, Zen tells him about the Echogirl incident and says that he would do it again a thousand times, just to be with MC
  • The father just says, “If you ever hurt her, no one will find your body.”
  • “I would never dream of it,” Zen says. “Even if you didn’t threaten me.”


  • Jumin is not an easy to intimate man, so when they show up at her father’s home, he just walks in without flinching
  • He’s the perfect gentleman
  • MC’s stepmother approves of him quickly because he’s handsome, charming, and very successful
  • The men of the family aren’t so easily convinced
  • They know his father’s history with women, and even if they know about the RFA party and everything that happened, they’re still concerned that he’s going to cheat on her
  • He actually gets kind of scary when her brother implies he will sleep around like his father
  • Because, even the thought of anyone hurting his love is offensive
  • Her father ends up speaking up and admitting that, once, when they were children, MC and Jumin actually met
  • It was at a party at a yacht club that the Han family and he were part of
  • Her father remembers two things from that party; (1) Chairman Han trying to buy out his business to “legitimize” it and (2) Jumin being kind of a jerk to a younger MC
  • Granted, Jumin was like, 8 or 9, and she was maybe 4 or 5, so it’s a bit of a hard judge, but MC followed him around that whole party because he was so pretty, and little Jumin thought she was annoying and accidentally made her cry
  • So of course her doting father still doesn’t forgive him
  • Meanwhile Jumin immediately apologizes for that, and MC is laughing because it’s an adorable story and Jumin is being ridiculous for apologizing for something that happened so long ago
  • The men of her family manage to ease up after seeing his reaction, but remain wary
  • As far as MC sees it, as long her family and his father don’t cause problems, everything will be fine


  • He comes prepared with all their information memorized and a bribe of three boxes of Honey Buddha Chips
  • They’re impressed with his bribe, and when they ask about his job, they’re terrified
  • Because Saeyougn starts listing off their personal information (SS#, drivers liscense, birth name, date and place of birth, favorite internet search, last 20 things they individually purchased, etc)
  • They’re terrified, realize he’s a hacker, and they just kind of nod and say, “yeah, okay. We’re good. Please don’t hack us.”
  • Then they see how happy he make MC
  • As their leaving, Saeyoung says, “I think that went well.”
  • “Well as it could go.”
  • “I can’t believe they didn’t try to kill me after the whole ‘apartment bomb’ thing”
  • “They don’t know, and if you tell them, my father will find a way to kill you and make you disappear.”


  • V meets the brother first
  • “I don’t approve,” the brother says. “You can’t protect her if anything happens.”
  • “I can protect her in my own way.”
  • “Oh really?”
  • “Have you ever seen anyone attack a blind man?”
  • “…well no, but-”
  • “And if a blind man - or the woman he was with - were being attacked, wouldn’t you want to do something?”
  • “Yes but-”
  • “I may not be able to fight, but I can protect her.”
  • He’s earned points with father and stepmother immediately after this
  • Brother is still cautious, but he doesn’t go against his parents wishes


  • When he shows up, her family isn’t sure what to think of him
  • I mean, from the white hair to the black clothes…. he seems… interesting
  • But then they see the look in his eyes
  • They talk
  • He ends up fitting right in
  • MC would be surprised, except she knows she has a type
  • her father even briefly considers offering him a job


  • He didn’t once try to kill her brother, what?
  • Okay, but seriously, he didn’t expect to walk into the den of a mob boss when going to meet her parents
  • But it did explain a few things
  • Like why she wasn’t afraid of pretty much anything
  • And how she manages to keep such a cool head in crisis situations
  • MC is really clever, too, in that she knows how her family would react to knowing his former occupation (in that they’d either want to hire him as muscle or kill him), so she lies to them about it
  • She says he worked security at a data management facility (she’s not wrong)
  • Her father legitimately asks Vanderwood to go in for an interview with the security team at his (shady) business
  • Much to Vanderwoods surprise, things go remarkably well, and he’s invited to join them for dinner again
  • He’s so glad he ignored his survival instincts for once and didn’t run away

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(Assuming that The Elder One hadn't interrupted things) Do you believe that the Conclave could have achieved a long-term compromise, or would it have been the Thedosian Versailles Treaty, a stop-gap prelude to another inevitable conflict? I liked the story of DAi, so I understand why we couldn't see the end of the peace negotiations, but I do wish it had been explored more.

I appreciate what you’re trying to say about the Treaty of Versailles as a representative of things that really did not help in the long term. I do. But I think it’s always important to remember that this wasn’t that kind of war.

World War I was, for all its horrors, a war fought between nations. Nations that had land and resources and money. They didn’t have all of these things in equal measure, obviously, but they had them. When you’re talking about the problems of the Treaty of Versailles, you’re talking about the problems of the details of that agreement. A conference to discuss who was going to take disputed territory and who was going to pay for all the damage is not an inherently absurd idea. That’s how you end a war of nations, if you don’t intend to end it by invading and conquering your opponents.

This was not a war of nations. The mage-Templar war is more rightly named the mage rebellion. The mages are people who have been kidnapped, largely as children, and held against their will. That’s at bare minimum – any number of other abuses may be heaped on top of that.

They seem to be stateless persons: in dialogue Vivienne says:

“I am from the Circle, my dear. One’s country of origin rarely matters there.”

Vivienne dialogue

She herself was sent from the Ostwick Circle in the Free Marches to the Montsimmard Circle in Orlais; Karl Thekla, likewise, was transferred from the Fereldan Circle to the Kirkwall Circle. Once taken to a Circle they no longer belong to their homeland and can no longer rely on their government – or any government – to protect them.

In Dragon Age 2 an Alistair who was made king is apparently trying to protect the mages:

Hawke: You were having an argument about mages?

Alistair: Yes, well, apparently I don’t feel the same way about mages as the Chantry does. So we’re in disagreement. That means they get nasty. They’re like that.

Hawke: Sounds like the Circle is better off in Ferelden.

Alistair: You’d think so, wouldn’t you? Sadly, I don’t control the Circle. I can only deal with mages outside the Circle … of which there aren’t many.

Hawke: Aren’t they in your kingdom? Why not just kick the Templars out?

Alistair: Ha! Easier said than done!

Alistair Dialogue

He apparently has no legal authority to intervene on behalf of the mages in the Fereldan Circle, even though most of them were likely born Fereldan citizens. The only way to really help them would be to attack and evict the Templar Order from Ferelden. While it’s implied that idea isn’t entirely off the table, it’s clear that Alistair is just barely keeping Orlais at bay and can’t afford to kick the military arm of the empire’s official religion out of the country right now.

These people are Chantry wards. They own nothing. At most, those from wealthy families, and those who have acquired wealthy patrons, will have a bit of portable wealth: fine clothes, jewellery, books, wine, art – that sort of thing. Assuming some of them had time to pack when fleeing the Circles, that’s the most wealth we could expect them to have to negotiate with.

Except … they’re not negotiating about land or a mine or a strategically placed river, are they?

So when you ask whether I think the Conclave could have produced a ‘long-term compromise’ I think it’s worth remembering exactly what they’re negotiating here. The Templars have held absolute power over the mages for centuries. The mages have fled from that, seeking the same freedoms that any other Thedosian might expect (maybe not all that many freedoms, depending on which nation we’re talking about, but still better than what they had). We are now negotiating how much power the Templars should be allowed to have over any poor bastard who happens to be born with magic.

The Templars are a religious order, enforcing their particular doctrine – their particular view of magic. They aren’t guardsmen or police officers, protecting people from criminals – on those occasions that they do accomplish that, it is incidental to their true purpose. They have murdered people simply for practising their own faith, because that faith included magic that is not accepted under Chantry law.

Chantry law says it’s okay for:

  • children to be abducted from their homes, and potentially dragged off to a completely different country never to see their parents again
  • people with magical ability to be incarcerated indefinitely, without trial, with any ‘release’ (be it short or long term) to be contingent on receiving official permission to be absent from the Circle
  • people to be permanently surveilled, with phylacteries allowing Templars to track and kill them if they try to leave without permission
  • people, usually young people, to be forced to fight a demon to the death
  • people to be mutilated and given what is functionally brain damage to make them compliant and destroy their magic should they refuse that fight
  • people to be summarily executed for ‘blood magic’ or spirit/demonic possession without either trial or any attempt to assist the person in question
  • entire communities to be wiped out on the authority of a religious official (usually a grand cleric) without trial on the entirely vague grounds that they ‘rule it irredeemable’.

All of that is completely legal and normal before we even get into things like people being kept in small cells or solitary confinement, being starved to death, flogged, raped, or made Tranquil once Harrowed.

Which of these things would you say that the mages should have to agree to, to end the war? I would say none of them. There can be no long-term compromise between mages and Templars, because the only reasonable amount of power a Templar should have over a mage is none. A religious institution should never, ever be allowed to have any legal power over a person’s life. The Templar Order is not, under any circumstances, the right group to be handling magical crime.

We, the mages of Ferelden and Orlais, do hereby dissolve the Circles and renounce our sworn submission to the Order of the Templars, effective immediately.

We reiterate Andraste’s assertion that magic was made to serve man, not rule over him, and state unequivocally that we will use our abilities only to defend ourselves from those who would see us relinquish our lives and freedoms under the presumption of guilt for crimes we have not committed.

We condemn those practitioners of magic who, through illness of mind or understandable but misguided anger at those who oppressed them, would use their Maker-given powers to threaten innocent lives, and we pledge to aid any legitimate and impartial government in bringing these lawless apostates to justice.

We look earnestly to a future of cooperation between all peoples of Thedas, free from persecution and prejudice, and hope to build a better world alongside all who approach us with friendship instead of fear.

Rebel Mages

That’s part of the mission statement of the rebel mages. I would say that, right there, they have already agreed to every reasonable condition. They have agreed that offensive magic should only be used in self-defence, and committed to cooperating with secular law-enforcement in dealing with magical crime. Are there details still to be hammered out? Sure. But with the governments if the lands in which they take up residence, not the Templar Order.

The Conclave is an absurd and inherently evil thing. It’s happening for two reasons, one in-universe and one out:

  • In universe, because the mages are not an army – they are refugees with children and elderly people in tow, and many of them will have no idea how to fight or plan a battle. The Templars are an army, and thus can terrorise these people into a position where they may agree to any damn thing to make it stop.
  • Out of universe because Bioware overreached themselves in Inquisition and needed to simplify the scenario in a hurry. They therefore pretended that the mages had no option but to negotiate with their oppressors. I genuinely do not think the Conclave should have happened, but I understand why Bioware really needed to ‘end’ the conflict by blowing most of these people up.

So … I think it’s possible the Conclave might have created a ‘compromise’ that lasted decades or centuries, depending on how badly the mages’ spirits were crushed by its results. But an unjust system will always lead to anger and despair, and as long as Templars have power over mages, another conflict is inevitable. As long as the ‘compromise’ persists, the mages will continue to suffer.

Over the Moon

request: “May I request a fluff with Jooheon? Something on the lines of the girl finally getting Jooheon to love her″ ~starlight0804

genre: fluff

pairing: jooheon x you

word count: 1468

AFF link

A/N: Happy valentines day enjoy some fluff (unedited) ~Admin B

Hearing the front door to the boy’s dorm open, you quickly shifted your position so that you were leaning against the back of the couch. “Yah,” Hoseok whined at your sudden movement. Without realizing it, you’d managed to elbow him as you turned around.

“Hi Oppa!” you called to Jooheon walking into the living room.

He grinned, dimples showing. “Hey, Y/N,” he ruffled your hair slightly as he passed the sofa to put drop his bag in his room.

As revenge, Hoseok elbowed you back. “You don’t call me Oppa,” he complained.

Rolling your eyes at him, you moved back to your original position. “But I do call you Oppa.”

“Yeah but not with that kind of enthusiasm.” Hyunwoo, eyes still glued to his phone, chuckled at your bickering.

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Backstage, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader is a celebrity and goes to see Hamilton? + Lin

Words: 1210 (*Daveed’s voice*: whaaaaaaaaattttt?)

Author’s Note: You guys are insane! I hit 150 followers yesterday and I have hit 200 already! Also, someone take Lin away from me I can’t stop writing for him. Also, someone requested an Anthony fic…i’m so ready to sin.

Warnings: Long. Like, wow. It’s long.

Requests are open until the end of the month! Please send some in!

Askbox | Masterlist | Part Two | Part Three Part Four

After brushing shoulders with Daveed in college, where he was a track star turned theater major, you knew he was off to do amazing things.

That much was confirmed when you heard whispers of a breakthrough musical with Daveed’s name involved. You didn’t know many details, until it debuted off-broadway and it made headlines all over the world.

As you spent most of your time traveling for work, you hardly found yourself in New York at the right time to watch him in his Broadway debut.

Due to a little downtime, you found yourself in the city that never sleeps with a few months to yourself. You immediately texted Daveed.

To: Daveed

heard anything about some hip-hop/rap/historical musical? got tickets for this week’s matinee, any interest?

From: Daveed

told the cast you’re coming. they all died.

You giggled, happy they were excited you were coming, especially when they had such amazing people seeing the show on a daily basis. Thanks to several fortunate television gigs and a movie here or there, you were able to work your way to a successful career.

The day of the show came slowly, and you were practically bouncing on your cab ride there from excitement. A few people recognized you on your way into the theater and politely asked for pictures.

You posed a few times, checking the time to make sure you were seated well before the show started. You chatted with a few people you recognized on your way to your seat, before finally plopping into a seat and pulling your phone out.

A few people had already tweeted the pictures you posed for.

Saw @(Y/N) headed into Hamilton! Super nice! I expect a West Wing-inspired pic from Lin soon!

Ah, your short stint on West Wing 10 years ago. You nearly forgot how much Lin enjoyed the show. With a little scrolling, you noticed Lin had replied to the tweet with a simple shocked-faced emoji.

You went through to like and retweet a few things, deciding to respond to Lin’s tweet later. The lights flickered, signalling the start of the show was upon you. You closed your phone just as the announcements rang out over the speakers, followed by the opening notes.

You were probably the loudest audience member they ever had. You were completely entranced by the performance, on your feet after every show-stopper (particularly the ones that involved Daveed), reacting along with the audience.

You sat in awe for a moment after the final bows. You scrolled through your phone again, greeted with several texts from Daveed inviting you backstage. You opened Twitter again to rave about the show, to find a tweet from the same fan who tweeted before:

I don’t know what’s more amazing, watching Hamilton or watching @(Y/N) watch Hamilton.

Backstage was just as interesting as the actual show. The cast danced around each other, very familiar with one another’s routines. You’d never seen a group move so seamlessly together, and they were all moving around you.

The first was Daveed, who quickly embraced you and started rapidly firing off polite conversation, the usual, ‘How have you been? How long has it been? You’re famous! That’s cool.’

You posed for pictures, some cast members approached you individually and you chatted with them for a bit. Eventually, you begged and pleaded for a picture with as many of the ensemble you could manage and they were very happy to accommodate you.

You thanked the women playing the Schuyler Sister for portraying strong, interesting females, especially as people of color. You told Daveed you think he did alright.

You could barely stop yourself from blubbering over the men, completely enamored by each of them. In particular, Leslie may have been the smoothest, most interesting human being you had every met.

You were particularly hyped about Okieriete who, while played a loud mouth on stage, had quite the charming voice and the kindest smile.

Then, out came Lin. He made a bee-line to you, joining in the little group that surrounded you. You kept your attention on Alex Lacamoire, who was happily chatting about transition.

“-then Schuyler Sisters hits you out of nowhere! It’s all so seamless, your orchestrations were completely breathtaking, a truly amazing job.” You gushed, nearly at a loss of words, trying to remember every positive thought that had run through your mind during the show.

He was very gracious and kindly asked for a picture. Then, you turned to Lin.

“This,” You gestured to the stage around you, “May just be a game changer for me, as a performer.”

“That is the best compliment you could possibly give.” 

He quickly dived into a conversation, expertly dodging any talk about the show and settling on a conversation about your shared interests. His eyes sparkled, suddenly remembering something.

“Do you have time? I promised I would do a quick Periscope Q&A and try to convince you to do it with me.” Without a second thought, you responded.

“I would love to.” He escorted you further backstage and into his dressing room. He fiddled with his phone for a moment, mumbling about being ‘Old Man Miranda’, which you giggled at.

“Guys. History is being made here. I have someone in my dressing room…” He trailed off, watching as the messages came pouring in. His eyes struggled to keep up. He suddenly shifted so you were in frame with him.

“Hi everyone!” You called out, reading the first messages you saw, which mostly consisted of your name in capital letters. Finally, a legitimate question came in, “The show was alright, maybe a six out of ten.” You answered casually, before immediately breaking, “I loved it! I am in love with everything and everyone involved. I’m actually looking into getting married to the show.”

You answered a few more questions before Lin decided to call it quits and say goodbye to the viewers. You took a seat on the couch in his dressing room, and he dove into a conversation that lasted well into the night.

Realizing the time, you decided it was best to call it a night and try to hail a cab. He moved you through the building, saying goodnight to a few stragglers, and into the street.

“You’re in New York for awhile?” He asked, adjusting the strap of his backpack on his shoulder.

“Until I decide on another gig. Taking a much needed break.”

“So you’ll be free if I ask you out to dinner?” He sheepishly asked, still fiddling with his backpack straps just to keep his hands busy.

You giggled, wondering how this man could make you feel like a school girl with her first playground crush all over again.

“How could I say no?” He grinned at you for a moment, before noticing a cab approaching. He whistled, hailing it and holding the door open for you, “You owe me a date.” You pushed your index finger into his chest, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek before climbing into the cab.

As you settled in, your phone dinged loudly, you dug through your purse, seeing it was a message from Daveed.

From: Daveed

did he ask you out? this is important. i have money on this.

Sapphic Story Time

I really need to get this off my chest, so here’s a story for y’all:

Basically, a few Saturday’s ago I went to a sports social at my university. I went with a friend who was in the team last year so she was able to introduce me to everyone and I really wanted in on the squad (I’m awful at the sport, but I love to watch women’s teams play.) So, I walk into the room where the social is being held and my eyes instantly fall on this insanely gorgeous girl. 

The girl, let’s call her C, turned out to be the social sec and literally the most loveliest, gorgeous person ever. So, the night goes on and I start to develop a crush on this girl - I’m trying to catch her eye and offering to help out whenever I can, but I don’t really get to interact with her much. 

On my walk home with my friend, I tell her how I thought this girl was insanely attractive and asked her if she knew whether she was into girls, or what the situation was. My friend said she had no idea and that she and some other girls had been trying to figure it out all year, but C never got with people in clubs or spoke about herself.

At this point, I kind of resign myself to harbouring this crush in secret, seeing as C clearly isn’t comfortable about her sexuality, or doesn’t know, or is straight. So, I go home and have a cheeky scroll through her Facebook to see if there’s any clues that might let me know if she’s straight or not. I’m still unsure, but my crush is snowballing massively.

Then, a couple of weeks later there’s another social, this time at a club, and so I pre-pre with my friends and then pre with the entire squad. Unfortunately, because I was a sports fresher, I was forced to partake in fresher initiations (even though I’m not even a fresher, plus I took a gap year, so I’m older than most returners too…) Me being me, already tipsy and cocky af, I end up having to down A LOT and I’m slaughtered before I even get to the club. C is at pre’s and I go with the eye contact thing again and smiling etc.

So, we get to the club and for about an hour I’m just with my friends, or in the smoking area, then, I see C walk past me in the club and my friend goes, “I dare you to talk to her.” Now, as previously explained, I am a cocky drunk and so of course I wasn’t going to turn down this dare.

I walk up to C, lean into her ear and say something along the lines of, “You’re so gorgeous, are you straight, or…?” To which she gets insanely flustered and I’m just standing there with my questioning brow on. 

Now, five minutes later, somehow - I briefly remember being led by C - we end up in a toilet cubicle, just C and I, and I’m like, “I just told you I have a massive crush on you, should I leave? Because I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, I’m not about that. I don’t want to make you feel trapped in here with me or anything.” So, I’m keeping as much distance between us as possible.

Now, C is all, “No, it’s fine. It’s fine.” And I’m all, “No, seriously, you know I have a crush on you and so this is weird now, right?” And she’s all, “No, it’s fine.” So I’m all, “But if you’re straight this is really weird?” And C’s all, “I’m not… Straight.” So, me being me, raises a single eyebrow and assess’ the situation for a second and then says, “What would you do if I kissed you right now?”

I want to point out that I was still maintaining my distance because I was TERRIFIED she would feel like I’d cornered her or something (I don’t even know how I ended up in the toilet cubicle, but I’m pretty sure she had a hand in it.)

So, to my question, C just gives me this little flirty look and I’m like… So, I stepped forward (I had my back to the wall) and kissed her. Like, guys, this kiss was life changing. Urgh. 

We made out for like, five minutes, just some good ol’ fashion kissing, nothing too intense. Then I pull away and I’m looking into her INSANELY BEAUTIFUL eyes and I’m just like, God, this is the best night of my life. (I didn’t say that out loud.)

Right, so then, we somehow end up tangled together on the floor of the loo (ew, right?) And we’re chatting for maybe half an hour or something, then she vomits a bunch of times (food poisoning I later found out) but I’m chivalrous af and also not grossed out by anything, so I stay and rub her neck and back and comfort her. I also tell her how insanely gorgeous she is, like, on repeat, and how I’d had a crush on her from first look.

We’ve been in the cubicle for about an hour now, and people outside are getting mad, so once she’s deemed herself ready, I’m like, “I should take you home…” So, we leave the club, just us (bear in mind we only met properly, like, an hour and a half ago) and she says she wants to go get food. So, we go to McDonald’s and she gets some food, and we sit-in whilst she eats, just chatting etc.

Then I walk her back to her house which is pretty far from both my house, and the club, but I’m drunk and I’d just made out with the most beautiful woman alive, so I was 10/10 ready for the adventure.

So, we get to the end of her driveway and I’m all, “Okay, inside you go.” And this girl just stands there, like, “Nope, now I’m going to walk you home.” This took me aback because there was legitimately no reason for her to do that. By this point I’d already told her I had a massive crush on her and that I’d perused her Facebook to see if she was straight, so clearly I had a justified reason to walk her home, but she had no reason to give a shit about me?!!?!

I was super confused and strolled up her driveway to sit outside her front door, essentially forcing her to join me. Then I try and get her into her house (she wouldn’t go). Eventually, I acquiesce. In my drunk mind I then decide the only way to get out of this situation is to SPRINT away from her as fast as I possibly can, down her driveway and up the street. 

But, alas, I reach the end of the street and realise I have no clue where I’m going. So, I duck down behind a sign and whip out my trusty Google Maps. Suddenly, I hear footsteps running my way and I know I’m busted… She rounds the corner, looks down at me and goes, “You ran away?! Who runs away?”

Then, she insists on walking halfway home with me, which in a sober state should only be five minutes walk. I think it took us twenty or so minutes and a lot of that was spent with me begging her to go home and trying to figure out her justification for even walking with me. 

So, we eventually get halfway and I turn and say, “This is it then.” And she’s like, “Yep.” So then I step forward and kiss her on the cheek because I’m not presumptuous, and wait until she’s walked out of my sight before I walk home myself. (It was terrifying, I thought clowns were going to get me.)

When we get home we exchange a couple of messages to let each other know we got home safe and then I sleep.

The next day I was hanging SO HARD and spent the entire day trying not to throw up, but I managed to ask her (via messenger) if she wanted to go for a sober coffee at some point and she said that she was trying to figure herself out (sexuality wise) and she hoped that was cool.

So, that’s the story of how I met, kissed and sprinted away from the person I’m hardcore crushing on. My heart is a little bit broken because I totally understand she needs to figure herself out first, and that’s nothing to do with me, but now I know what kissing her is like and it’s not just a crush, it’s like solidified, and the rejection hurts more this way, I reckon.

Rumour Has It

         Okay, so I have to say, this was one of the funnest things to write ever (mainly cause im a huge nerd and looking up all this stuff was immensely enjoyable and nostalgic). So with that in mind, I think I’ll be making an hp au for each member of bts. However, please don’t expect a clear schedule for them because 1) ya’ll know im terrible at updating 2) I might take breaks in between to write other things. Also, you might notice that the OC doesn’t have a house. Well that’s because I didn’t want to ruin it by saying what one she’s in if it’s not the one you want to be in or were sorted to on pottermore (before it became a lame blog). Anywhooooo, I hope you all like it and your inner nerd comes out just as much as mine did. Lol. (:

             Snow billowed out over the courtyard, dusting every surface with a fresh coat of white powder as you made your way to the Great Hall. The hall was adorned with Christmas decorations as the holidays were fast approaching. Garland hung from the mantel on the fireplace while small, ornate pine trees were placed in the corners of the room. Much like the weather outside, the roof was a brilliant winter sky, snowflakes falling but never quite reaching the heads of the witches and wizards of Hogwarts. Robes swishing in your wake, you greeted your friends at your house table with a smile, plopping down beside them. Picking up a scone from the middle of the table, you picked at the pastry while you listened to your friends talk. Mornings were always rough for you, usually resulting in you being relatively mute for a few hours while nodding off here and there. Your friends heartily accepted that trait though, never bugging you too much until they knew they’d get a legible answer. However, lately they couldn’t help nudging you in the side every now and then, no matter the time of day, as their conversation flowed from homework and divination to the infamous brown haired, Hufflepuff boy.

               “He’s looking at you again.” Annabel, your closest friend in Hogwarts, mumbled beside you.

               Snapping your head up, you knew precisely who she meant as you glanced across the corridor, catching said Hufflepuff staring at you. Immediately, he gave you a soft lipped smile before continuing his own conversation.

               “I’m telling you,” Leah spoke with a hint of disdain in her voice, “You’re next, Y/N.”

               “I’m not.” You rolled your eyes, shoving a piece of pastry in your mouth.

               “You are.” Annabel replied in a singsong voice. “He’ll do the same thing he’s done to every other girl.”

               “He will not because he doesn’t like me. I’ve hardly even spoken to him.” Protesting, you knew this was a partial lie because in all honesty, you spoke frequently seeing as the two of you shared multiple classes together.

               “Yeah, but he’s interested.” Leah piped up once again, not even bothering to hide the jealousy in her voice as she now stared at Hufflepuff’s playboy. Though the words she spoke were words of warning, you couldn’t help but notice that they were laced with underlying want. “And everyone knows that when Park Jimin is interested, it’s only a matter of time.”

               To that, you had no answer because even you knew that the statement was true. It was no secret that Jimin was enormously popular, particularly amongst woman. Friends with almost everyone, a person would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t like Jimin, though were still few who existed. His gentle features were alluring, though severely contradicted by his demeanor. Jimin liked to act tough at times, most likely due to his cute exterior, but he was kind to anyone who approached him. When it came to women, he was notoriously flirty; his ability to be endearing without even meaning to often winning them over, though his moves were not to be trifled with either. Whispers had even gone around the school that love potions were the fuel to his success at one point, though it was quickly dismissed when Madeline Grover gave Liara Abbott an antidote only to find that it did nothing to diminish her love crazed tendencies. However, his own infatuation with a certain girl never seemed to last long, most often not even reaching the point of being a legitimate relationship. Subconsciously, your eyes fluttered toward the boy, only to meet his own dark irises again. Heat swelled in your cheeks as you quickly dropped your gaze, determined to not be one of his mindless toys.

               Arriving in potions, your resolution remained clear in your mind. Taking your seat, you said a polite ‘hello’ to Professor Slughorn, thankful that he was busy so he couldn’t talk your ear off. Being amongst Slughorn’s favoured students had it perks, but man, did he like to talk at times. Unloading your textbook, you folded your hands over your lap, watching as various student filed into the room, taking their seats at the two person worktables. Fiddling your fingers, you did your best to focus on revising your homework from the night before. However, with each head that bobbed through the door, you found yourself eagerly looking to see who it was, when finally it was him that sauntered through the door.

               Immediately averting your eyes to the front, he took his usual seat beside you. His arm grazed yours as he sat on the stool, leaning over to whisper as Slughorn’s voice boomed around the classroom, “Did you manage to get question 26 done? I couldn’t remember if it was stewed mandrake or mandrake root.”

               Instead of replying, you merely passed your paper to him, eyes glued to your teachers pudgy form. You sensed Jimin hesitate beside you, caught off guard by your coolness, though taking the paper nevertheless. The class was tense as you ignored Jimin, only acknowledging him when you had to. It wasn’t that didn’t want to talk to him, but that you were afraid that if you didn’t, you become like all of the rest of the girls fawning hopelessly over him. This carried on not only for the rest of the day, but for a week until the day before Christmas Break. Jimin would try to break through your sudden icy exterior many times, but you would merely brush him off. After the first few days, he seemed to decide to leave it be, not even asking you questions about class anymore but silently facing forward just as you did. Growing tired of your recent change in attitude, by the end of the week you could tell Jimin was getting agitated. By the way he fidgeted beside you, you knew he didn’t like the tense atmosphere but you still didn’t want to give in, eager for winter break to start so that you could relax.

               On the last day of class before holidays, Jimin broke the silence in Charms class as Professor Flitwick explained the precise wand movements to a new spell. “When are you going to stop ignoring me?”

               Jumping your seat, your guard fell as you were startled when you’d been nearly half asleep. “I am not.”

               A grin curled the corners of his mouth up. “Finally! You spoke!”

               Realizing you’d tripped up, you turned your eyes back to your teacher, shaking you’re head and grumbling, “you’re so dramatic…”

               “I was going to ask if I’d done something,” Jimin continued on, his wand moving carelessly in his hand, choosing to pay no mind to your comment, “but then I remembered how the last time I’d seen you, you were practically drooling over me.”

               “What?!” You protested, aiming a sharp jab in his side, only to realize he was joking by the giggles that escaped his lips. Cheeks growing warm when you’d realized your voice had caught the attention of a few other students, you muttered lowly, “You’d better watch yourself, Park Jimin.”

               Your threat was responded by a good natured laugh as the tension was now nowhere in sight because of his prodding. Cursing yourself mentally for falling for his trick, you almost didn’t hear him when he asked, “Are you going home for break?”

               “Not this year.” You replied, not bothering to elaborate.

               “Well, that’s good because neither am I.” Your eyes widened, the dreams of a quiet Christmas becoming crushed with every syllable he spoke. “I thought I’d be bored, but if you’re here too then we can keep each other company.”

               “I-I-“ You stumbled for words, resembling a fish as your mouth hung open.

               “Sorry, but I’ve got to find McGonagall.” Jimin rose from his chair, the class coming to a close. Picking up his things, he flashed you a quick smile making your heart stutter in your chest. “See you later, Y/N.”

               Groaning, your flopped your head down onto the desk in defeat. How were you supposed to avoid him now?


               For the first little while, you were very much successful in your efforts to avoid the brown haired love trap. Sticking mostly to your dormitory, you were sure to scout out the empty corridors before venturing down to the Great Hall for some food. However, the confines of your dorm grew old quickly without your friends to keep you entertained. Boredom sprung forth an immense amount of daydreaming; a great deal more than you’d be willing to admit holding Jimin as the subject. Separated from the people you cared for, you found yourself missing your friends and their mindless chatter. However, you also found yourself missing the delightful trickle of a certain persons laugh. The slope of his thick lips and the impossibly adorable crinkle of his eye smile also becoming something you were longing for. Writhing around on your bed, you dropped your book to the side on the fourth day of solidarity, frustration coursing through you. Unable to take it anymore, you decided to chance a journey down to the Great Hall, hoping that a quick game of wizard’s chess with yourself would clear your thoughts.

               Sleuthing through the corridors, you were grateful when you came across the Great Hall empty. Sighing in relief, you moved to the chess set closest to the fireplace and sat down on the dining table bench. Rolling your shoulders, you settled into the wooden seat, enjoying the way the fire was warming your back through the sweater you wore. Muttering your first command, you couldn’t help but feel relaxed as you watch the pawn move to where you told it. Sure, wizard’s chess was considered a children’s game for some, but it never failed to send a little sense of cruel enjoyment through you as you watched a chess piece clobber the other. Slowly, you found yourself getting invested in the game, despite being your own opponent. Enraptured, you didn’t hear the creak of the table as someone sat across from you. It wasn’t until the person made an order to the chess pieces that you noticed them, jumping when their voice replaced your own and snickered at your reaction. You didn’t even have to look up to know who it was, dread seeping through your veins.

               “You know this game is much more fun when you’re actually playing with someone.” Jimin mused, casting you a grin before it dissipated into a playful scowl. “You’ve been avoiding me again.”

               “No, I haven’t.” you quickly retorted, issuing a command to knock one of his pieces off the board, watching as your chess piece swung viciously at his.

               “You haven’t?” He replied, a knowing tone adorning his voice. “What’ve you been doing for the past four days then?”

               “I—“ Stuttering, you watched as Jimin countered your move, cornering your king. “I’ve been busy.”

               “With what? Chess?” Jimin mocked, motioning a defined hand at the board with a cheeky grin. “Checkmate by the way.”

               Folding your arms over your chest, you knew you were flushed as you lied through your teeth. “No, with catching up on some school stuff.”

              “If you say so.” Jimin squinted at you, before shrugging though it was clear that he knew you were lying. “You know, I really was starting to wonder if I’d done something. If I did, I’d hope you’d tell me…”

               Meeting his eyes, the sincerity in his face began to eat away at your conscience. It hit you that you’d been unfair; realizing that if he’d treated you the way you had been doing so toward him, you’d be hurt. Sighing, you rested your elbows on the table. “You didn’t do anything. I’m sorry. It has really has nothing to do with you Jimin. Just— stuff…”

               A little confused by your answer, he nodded, trusting that you were being honest. His eyes drifted past you causing you to turn to see that the embers of the fire were beginning to dim, signalling that it was nearly time to return to the dorms. “Should we go?”

               “Probably, before Filch finds us and goes off.” You replied, stomach fluttering when Jimin laughed in response.

               “That’d probably be best.” He smiled, rising from the table at the same time as you. Walking to the doors, he said delicately, “Can I walk you back?”

               Nodding, the two of you strode through the halls, making light conversation as the paintings on the walls told you to shush. As your steps fell in line with each other’s, the back of his hand lightly brushed against yours. Stuffing your hands in your pockets, you gave him a sheepish look as he acted as though it didn’t happen regardless of the smirk on his face. Finally, your door came into sight and you felt your feet slow, not yet willing to return to solitude. Stopping before the entrance, you turned to face Jimin, who shoved his hands into the pockets of his ripped jeans.

               “I’ll see you tomorrow…?” For the first time, you heard hesitation in his voice instead of cockiness.

               For a moment you contemplated your answer, knowing that hanging out with him could be potentially dangerous. However, the idea of spending the remainder of the two weeks alone in your room wasn’t all that appealing. Besides, you could still resist him, right? “Sure.”

               The days seemed to fly by in Jimin’s company. Feet scuffing against the floor as you walked, pleasant memories flickered in your mind from the past week. Snowball fights, angels carved into snow, and star speckled nights in the astronomy tower painted your thoughts, each memory like something out of a dream. It turned out that you needn’t be anxious at all; Jimin hadn’t once tried to pull something with you, but that didn’t stop you from falling for him anyway. Before you had known it, Jimin had pushed his way into your heart without much effort at all on his part. The way his voice dropped when he was talking about something serious, the feel of his arms around your waist as he threw you backwards into the snow, and the gleam in his eyes as he looked past your shell and into the core of who you were; all these were things that you had come to hold close to your heart. You knew now that it was foolish to think you wouldn’t fall for him, because in all honesty you already had long before winter break started. You liked to think you were different; that he was different with you. However, you couldn’t shake the incessant feeling that this was all destined to come to an end. The truth of the matter was that you really had no way of knowing he wouldn’t drop you, dooming you to become part of the group of girls who’d been tossed to the side just like you. Of course, you wanted to believe he was sincere, but it seemed impossible when the voices of your friends tainted your mind.

               Shaking your head, you sighed and glanced up, nearing your common room door. Gasping in surprise when you saw a figure sitting on the ground, you called out, “Jimin?”

               Once the black capped head snapped toward you, you let out a breath of relief, walking toward him. Shuffling up from his place on the floor, he gave you a smile, beanie sitting lopsided on his head. “Hey, Y/N.”

               “What are you doing here?”

               “I was waiting for you. What else would I be doing here?”

               “Jimin,” you giggled. “You saw me half an hour ago at the Christmas Feast and all day before that.”

               “So?” He scratched the back of his head, the blush on his cheeks catching you off guard. “It’s Christmas. Plus, I have hot chocolate.”

               “You do?” You replied, only now noticing the white bag that was sitting on the floor behind him.

               “Now you’re interested.” He teased, reaching behind him to grab the bag. Fingers intertwined with yours, making red dust across your cheeks as he pulled you away from the door to the common room. “C’mon, we can go make it now.”

               “Okay…” your voice came out small as you stared down at your hands.

               Your heart thumped in your chest when he didn’t let go, wondering if he was enjoying the way your skin felt against his just as much as you were. Leading you down toward the kitchens, his hand remained clamped around yours, a comfortable silence hanging between the two of you. Arriving, you glanced around at all the pots and pans hanging around the room, a little awestruck at the size of the ingredient wall which crawled up the side of the room to a queasy height. All around, house elves wandered about, cleaning up and preparing for the day to come. However, once Jimin let go of your hand to grab a kettle off the wall, several of the elves stopped what they were doing.

               “Mr. Park!”

               Several elves came to greet him, insisting that they’d take care of boiling water if that was what he needed. Jimin however, refused to do so, saying that he could do this much and trying to reassure them that they could return to what they were doing. Watching him interact with the small creatures warmed your heart as he treated them with respect, unlike how some would take advantage of the kind-hearted elves. Carrying on a conversation with a few of them, they trailed behind him like ducklings, some exclaiming that they could do his bidding while others spoke to him enthusiastically about the whispers currently filtering around the castle. Taking a seat at one of the four tables, which were identical to the ones in the Great Hall, you waited patiently as Jimin hastily greeted them while simultaneously making your hot chocolate. When his task was finally finished and you had a steaming mug in your hands, you bid the house elves goodbye and made your way back up toward your dormitory.

               “Do you go see them often? They seem to be rather taken by you.” You questioned, taking a sip of the drink only to grimace as it stung your tongue.

               “Yeah, I guess.” He replied with a shrug of his shoulders. “It’s on the way to the Hufflepuff’s dormitories anyway. When I was younger they’d always give me extra snacks so it kinda became habit.”

               The two of you ventured on until you reached the door to your house, entering the common room and settling down in front of the fireplace. The two of you talked for a long time, hot chocolate mugs long since discarded to the side. Your backs pressed against the edge of the couch, cushions on the floor providing your seating as you sat close to his side. His arm slung behind you on the chair, you spoke of anything and everything, never having an awkward pause as the two of you fed off each other. Lights in the room began to dim and the setting became cozy with the bright burning fire now providing most of the lighting in the room. The flickering flames casted shadows over Jimin’s face highlighting the slope of his jaw and the outline of his plump lips as he talked, enticing you closer until you were tucked into his side. The bones of his ribcage pressed against your arm and you could feel the expansion of his lungs with each breath of air he took. Knees knocking together, it felt cozy being nestled into his side while the fire crackled and burned long into the night. You could feel your eyelids growing a little heavy in the dim light. Though your body ached for the comfort of your bed, your heart and mind longed to stay with Jimin, convinced that you could stay up till dawn if it was with him.

               “Ah, I almost forgot.” Jimin shifted beside you, reaching into his back pocket but concealing the object in his hand. With his finger, he motioned for you to turn around. You did as he asked, turning to face the opposite direction of him.

               The pads of his fingertips brushed across the skin of your neck, nearly making you shudder as he pulled your hair over your shoulder. His breath was hot against your spine as you felt a cool chain being placed around your neck. Hearing him clasp the pieces together, he pulled your hair over the chain, something heavy coming to rest in the valley of your breasts. Glancing down you picked the locket up in your hands, pivoting to face the fire once more. The locket was covered in intricate designs and you ran a finger over them delicately, marvelling at their beauty. Jimins voice was low beside you and you knew he was watching your reaction. “Open it.”

               Seeing the latch on the side, you popped open the piece of jewellery, gasping at what you saw. Wisped tails of blue light like smoke sprung from the center of the locket, creating the outline of a winter fairy, rising from the cloud of light with grace and dancing in the air above it. Around her snow fell while a hauntingly beautiful tune played in the background. Surges of color made up of different hues of blue melded into each other at the base of the locket, casting the edges of her figure into different colors as well as she moved.

               “Merry Christmas, Y/N.” Jimin said softly beside you as the fairy finished her performance, melting back into the locket as you closed it.

               “It’s beautiful, Jimin. Thank you.” You replied, holding the jewelry in your palm as though it was your heart. However, you began to feel guilty as you realized you hadn’t gotten anything for him. Thinking back to the items in your trunk, an idea struck you. Rising quickly from your spot on the floor, you commanded, “Wait here.”

               Jimin nodded and you took off to your room. Flipping open your trunk, you searched for a particular item, though you didn’t have to search for long. Picking up the garment, you raced back down the stairs, seeing Jimin staring into the fire. He jumped as you sat cross-legged beside him, winding the scarf around his neck. The dark blue wool complimented his face nicely and you knew you’d made the right decision, but that didn’t stop you from being nervous as to whether he would appreciate the piece of clothing as much as you did.

              “I know it’s not much,” you began, hanging on to the edges of the scarf, “but it’s homemade, and a really nice color. In fact, it’s my favourite scarf. Though, it doesn’t really compare to what you got me—“

               “You made this?” Jimin interrupted.

               “Yeah,” You said sheepishly, “well kinda. I enchanted the knitting needles that made it, so I basically did.”

               An amused chuckle left his mouth, as he stopped your hands from fidgeting with the scarf by capturing them in his own. “It’s perfect, Y/N.”

               Lips curling, you looked up at him, a warm aura encapsulating you both. “Merry Christmas, Jimin.”

               He didn’t respond, the grin beginning to dissipate as he leaned toward you. His eyes were darker, something playing behind them that you didn’t quite recognize. All precaution thrown out the window, you didn’t even notice yourself inching toward him until soft lips touched yours in a feather-light embrace. His eyes searched yours, noses rubbing together as both of you wondered if you were really doing this. Tentatively, he touched his mouth to yours again, lingering this time. Each kiss became more intoxicating, lasting a fraction longer than the last until you both began to ache for more. Eyelids fluttering closed, you gave in to him. With the joining of your mouths, your body seemed to melt, tired of denying the connection you had. His lips danced with yours, nipping your bottom lip lightly but never giving you quite enough. Hands leaving the scarf, you wound them around his neck, pressing him into you. His tongue swiped along your bottom lip, to which you immediately responded by opening your mouth to allow him to tangle his tongue with yours. He tasted sweet, much like the warm beverage you’d drank which only made you sink into him further. His arm wound around your back, rising to his knees to face you as you pulled away the wool scarf, growing frustrated that it was obstructing the places your hands could travel. Breaking the kiss, your lips trailed down to his neck, nipping and sucking at the sensitive skin. Rewarded with a quiet moan, Jimins lips searched for yours. His kiss became needy as he pressed you backward, lowering you to the wooden floor.

               Your back touched the wood as you uncrossed your legs, giving Jimin enough room to settle between them. His body pressed into yours deliciously, the friction of your breasts pressing into his chest fuelling the newfound lust inside you as the locket around your neck was crushed between you. Fingers carded through his hair, pushing the cap off his head as you tugged on the strands lightly, eliciting a grunt. The arm under your waist tightened, making you arch into him, feeling every crevice of his torso against yours as he devoured your lips. His kiss diverted from your mouth, travelling along your jaw as the hand which wasn’t supporting your weight gripped your hip, drawing circles with his thumb. Wet, reddened lips left trails of his moistened touch as his head dipped into your neck. Sucking harshly at the skin, his hand snuck under your shirt, the feel of his fingertips dancing along your side sending shocks of electricity through your body.

               “Not in the common room.” A bored male voice rang out, startling the both of you as you scrambled apart.

               Shooting away from one another, you fixed your clothing, both of you rising to sit as the Head Boy of your dorm walked by, unfazed by catching you two in the act. The two of you sat stiffly, you once again cross-legged while Jimin sat with his back against the couch and a pillow over his groin, face flushed and lips swollen from kissing you. His hair stuck up in various directions from you running your hands through it wildly, but you didn’t dare reach out to smooth it down. When the Head Boy finally began his ascent up the stairwell, Jimin began to laugh loudly, snatching up his hat from the floor and placing it back on his head as you buried your face in his shoulder, exclaiming about how embarrassed you were. You weren’t lying when you said you were embarrassed, but it wasn’t the feeling dominating inside you either. Honestly, you felt elated, the self-loathing you thought you’d feel if you got with Jimin nowhere in sight as you played with the locket around your neck. Everything felt right with him. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to be caught by Jimin; even you did turn out to only be a toy.

               When Monday morning rolled around, you were living on cloud nine. The remainder of the break had been filled to the brim with Jimin, each of you not wanting to waste the time you had to be together until the rest of the school returned. The morning of the first day back was somewhat like a dream. Secretive touches under tables and whispered words were strung between the two of you in a love hazed state. However, when lunch rolled around, that seemed to change.

               In one moment, it went from Jimin treating you like royalty, to him not even sparing you a glance in your direction. He seemed uncomfortable around you, uncharacteristically so. You’d tried to ask him what was wrong, but each time it was thwarted by a teacher or fellow classmate interrupting the two of you. From lunch until the end of the last class, a troubled look was plastered on his face as he took up a peculiar silence, making you grow worried as well. Maybe in the end I really was just like every other girl, you thought, absentmindedly touching the locket hidden under your school uniform. It wasn’t until supper that you learned the reason for his strange behaviour.

               “Guess what I just heard?” Leah exclaimed as she sat by your side.

               “Hm?” you said, mouth preoccupied with chewing the food in your mouth.

               “Jimin got caught kissing Ramona on the stairs!” She finished excitedly, making you choke on your food. Patting your back as you coughed, reaching desperately for some water, she continued on. “Isn’t that great, Y/N? Now you can relax.”

               You nodded solemnly, clearing your throat. Not wanting to hear their ‘I told you so’s. You hadn’t told them of what had happened over break yet, waiting until you were sure of what the two of you were before letting anything slip.  Now, you were glad you had remained silent, disappointment making your hands shake under the table. It all made sense now; his odd behaviour being a guilt induced side effect. You should have known better, you chided yourself, knowing that the way your heart felt like it was unravelling in your chest was your own fault.

               “Must be hard being that attractive,” Leah snorted, blatantly staring in the direction of the man himself. “It’d be nice to be the female equivalent of him, wouldn’t it?”

               “A girl can dream.” Annabel joined in, giggling at her friend. “I heard about that too, but everyone is saying that she pushed herself on him—“

               Not wanting to hear it anymore, you stood abruptly from the table, catching the gaze of Jimin. Your eyes held his for a moment, taking note of the concerned look on his face, before you shook your head in irritation. You feel like a fool for getting this upset when he wasn’t even yours, but you couldn’t help the anger igniting inside you. “Y/N?”

               Turning your eyes down to Annabel, who looked up at you in bewilderment, you muttered, “Sorry— I just need some air.”

              Abruptly, you made your way out of the Great Hall, wanting to be anywhere he wasn’t. Letting your feet guide you, your mind raced. Head spinning, you wanted to kick yourself for believing that he’d cared for you for even the briefest of moments. You knew that it was stupid to get involved him, and yet you’d done it anyway. A shuddering breath raked through you as you stepped into the cold winter air, the feeling of snow hitting your cheeks comforting you. It was still light outside, sun ready to hang in the sky for at least a couple more hours. Running your hand along the railing, you stepped onto the wooden bridge, rebuild from the relics of the Second Wizarding War. Stopping halfway through the sheltered walkway, you slumped onto the railing, letting your hands dangle over the edge. Staring down in the stream below, you pulled off the locket from around your neck. Unclasping it, you watched attentively as the fairy sprung forth, unceasingly beautiful as she began her performance. As you cradled the locket, you wondered how much of the time you spent with Jimin was genuine or whether it was all just a game for the boy. Tracing the edges of the locket, you nearly dropped it into the depths below when a voice invaded your thoughts.

               “You’re not gonna chuck that are you? It wasn’t very easy to find…”

               Snapping the locket shut, the music stopped; the glacial silence eerie in the bitter air. Craning your neck to the side, you saw Jimin, hands in his robes while the scarf you gave him was wrapped securely around his neck. Scoffing, you replied, “Why would you care? I’m sure you’ve given Ramona the same one.”

               “You heard,” he groaned, unsheathing a hand and running it over his face.

               “I did.” You replied plainly.

               “Did you hear everything?” He asked, eyeing you with hope. “I didn’t—“

               “Does it really matter, Jimin?” Your voice sounded exhausted, and honestly you were, wanting nothing more than to crawl into bed at this point. “Because I don’t really want to hear it.”

               “It does because it’s not what you think.” He protested, not letting you weasel your way out of having this conversation.

               Sighing, you grit your teeth and stood up straight, tucking the locket into your robe. “Get on with it, then.”

               “Look, I know what everyone says about me and for the most part it’s true. But it’s different with you. I swear that I didn’t want to kiss her. I didn’t even want to talk to her actually.” Seeing you squinting, he knew that he needed to hurry up before you snapped at him; the current explanation not proving good enough. “She cornered me on the stairs and just kept talking and telling me she liked me. I couldn’t just walk away because I’m not that much of an ass. So instead I was hearing her out and before I knew it she was trying to kiss me. I didn’t mean for it to happen and I pushed her away right away. That’s it. And you’re wrong by the way; you’re the only one I’ve given something like that locket to. Actually, you’re the only one I’ve ever done this much for.”

               Remembering what Annabel had begun to say at the dining table, you got the sinking feeling that you were too quick to pull the trigger, evidently not actually knowing the whole story. Even so, it didn’t totally alleviate how you felt. With a discontent laugh, you spoke, “Ah, this is so frustrating.”

               Jimin quirked his head. “What is?”

               “I’m not even your girlfriend and I’m acting this pathetic about something I shouldn’t have even been angry about in the first place.” You shook your head, feeling like a child.

               Jimin laughed at your comment, taking a step closer to you, “We can change that if you want.”

               “What?” Taken aback, you looked at him, utterly perplexed. Jimin didn’t do relationships; it was common knowledge. Unable to believe him, you looked at him accusingly. “Are you serious?”

               Shrugging, his cheeks grew pink as he looked at you sheepishly. “If you want me to be.”

               Contemplating his offer, you knew it could lead to heart break for you, but never in your life had you seen him so earnest. What he said was true as well. Jimin didn’t cling to people, never really having too. But with you, he’d stuck like gum, unwilling to let you slip away and even confessing, which was unheard of for him. But the possibility of something happening like today was gripping onto the edge of your mind, nagging you. However, looking at Jimin, you didn’t want to let him go just because of a million ‘what if’s. Jimin wasn’t one to talk about his feelings, but you could see now that he didn’t want to give up just as much as you didn’t. Realizing that maybe all these moments you’d doubted him were only a culmination of your own doing, you knew it was you that was preventing this from happening, proving that you were your own worst enemy. As you thought of the time you’d shared over winter break and the way your heart seemed to swell, unbearably so, whenever his skin grazed yours, you knew your answer.

               “I want you to be.”

               “Then I am.” He responded quickly, with a dopey smile plastered on his face. Coming closer to you, he reached into your pocket, taking out the locket. Leaning in close enough that you could feel his breath hitting your face, he reached around you to place the locket back in its rightful place, hand dragging along the chain to brush over the spot where the locket fell before taking your hands in his. Swinging them lightly between the two of you, he beamed, “I think you owe me something.”

               Furrowing your brows, you were about to ask him what he meant when his head nodded upwards. Eyes drifting up you saw the unmistakable leaves and bright red berries of mistletoe hanging from a wooden beam amongst a cluster of icicles. However, instead of complying, you merely laughed, taking out your wand and muttering an incantation. “It doesn’t count if you use transfiguration, Jimin.”

               Watching at the leaves turned clear, slowly reverting back into an icicle. Jimin complained in front of you, grabbing the wrist of your hand that held your wand. “Why not?”

               “Because that’s not how it works.” You giggled. “If it did there wouldn’t be anything special about it. Besides—“

               “I really don’t care.” Jimin interrupted, yanking you into him and clashing his lips against yours. Your eyelids fluttered closed as the surprise wore off, granting his wish as your lips smiled into the kiss. Plucking the wand out of your hand, Jimin gave it a defiant wave as the transformation above you stopped. Getting caught up within each other’s touch, the icicle unfurled, spreading out and curving itself into shapes until the its edges tinged green and red, forming a brilliant mistletoe for starry-eyed lovers to take advantage of; or mischievous, well prepared wizards.

Love spells and parallels and nobody having a good time: Sola and Grainne

(Pictured above: men with defined foreheads and the girls they want to get with)

I woke up the other morning and said to myself “You know what I haven’t done in a while? Nitpicked the narrative flaws of Fate/Zero. I should make a post.”

Actually that’s a lie—but I was doing some reading and got to thinking about the story of Diarmuid and Grainne, which led me to think about how it folds into the story of Fate/Zero. There are two things that Fate loves to do but also doesn’t do nearly as much as I’d like it to: explore the parallels between Masters and their Servants (and between the legends/history of the past and the current world), and explore the fact that the fantasy society of the mages is a messed up and terrible place. Also give its female characters like, actual individual storylines and general respect, but that’s usually more a Zero-specific gripe, which goodness knows I’ve made before and probably will not stop making until I’m 102 and made mostly of cybernetics. All this and more under the cut!

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Are You Serious?! [Requested]

Jay Park x You Scenario

Request: Can you do a scenario for Jay Park where you like him but your really good friends so you don’t tell him but you start to get annoyed with him cause he won’t shut up about this girl and they end up in an argument and neither are willing to back down. Thank you!


TW: cursing

Word Count: 1667

By: Admin G (with some help from Admin H)

Authors’ note: 
We had a lot of fun writing this. Sorry for the long wait. Thanks for requesting!! By the way, Y/N is a girl, but if you do not identify as a woman, plz message us and we’ll change it immediately~

Originally posted by korean-hip-hop

“Which flowers do you think she would like?” Jay asks you as if you cared. 

“How should I know, I don’t know her,” you curtly responded.

You and Jay were extremely good friends, seeing as you two had grown up in Washington state since middle school together. As you approached adulthood, you had to part ways. Where Jay had become an idol in the group 2PM, and you went to school and created a successful career for yourself. You both had tried to keep in touch with each other, but hectic schedules and your regular lives in two different countries got in the way.

As you two neared the end of your 20s, Jay Park had become a perverted (which he always was) rapper/singer, and the founder and co-CEO of a k-hip-hop/k-RnB record label called AOMG. You had become a successful (put dream occupation here). Things were going pretty great for you. Even when you did lose connection

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dawn to dusk

summary: in order to save her sister, Elizabeth is sentenced to life in the custody of a renowned criminal. a sort-of beauty and the beast au.

pairing: elizabeth/meliodas, ban/elaine, king/diane, gilthunder/margaret, past mentions of meliodas/liz. merlin/undecided, as well.

sidenote: i am complete trash pls ignore me

fanfiction link


It was just past twilight when Elizabeth heard the telltale squeak of her door being slowly opened. Soft footsteps followed the opening and Elizabeth sat up in her bed, alarmed by the disturbance.

“Elizabeth?” a familiar voice broke the silence, and a single, dim candle appeared in the center of her quarters. “Are you awake?”

“Yes,” Elizabeth answered softly, “Margaret? Is that you?”

Margaret’s face was illuminated next to the candle, revealing the grim expression scribed on her normally beautiful features. Worried, Elizabeth swung her thin legs off the side of her bed and leaned closer to her elder sister.

“Margaret? What’s the matter, are you ill?” Elizabeth inquired, voice raised in concern. Her medical expertise was well recognized in the castle, after years of training with the nurses and doctors she was well-informed enough to be a doctor herself. Margaret shook her head, lustrous, indigo locks tumbling from her loose bun.

“No, I am fine.” Margaret replied, voice thick with an unidentifiable emotion. Elizabeth’s thin silver eyebrows knitted together. Margaret in her room at night was no ordinary occurrence - something was definitely the matter.

“Then…what’s wrong?” Elizabeth murmured, dusting her hand across Margaret’s forehead to check for a fever anyway. Margaret shok her head delicately, and Elizabeth’s hand fell back to her bedside. Her forehead was of normal temperature.

“I…I need to tell you something…” She whispered, her voice hushed with urgency.

Elizabeth nodded, signaling Margaret to continue.

“Listen to me, do you remember when Gil went on that secret mission father gave him, alone?” Margaret asked. Elizabeth pulled up the memory and nodded, Gilthunder had been labeled missing in action for almost a month after he was enlisted with the task. Margaret had been racked with worry, but when Gilthunder returned he had offered little information as to his whereabouts. It was curious, sure, but Elizabeth had been rather distracted at the time, her anatomy assessment had been going on the week of his return.

“Y-yes.” Elizabeth said reluctantly. She had a tugging feeling in her stomach that was telling her the outcome of this conversation wasn’t going to be pleasant.

“Recently, he told me everything that happened in his absence. He was gravely wounded, close to death after he completed the objective.” Margaret breathed out, the weightiness of the topic taking its toll on her. Elizabeth placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, but was shocked to see the appalled expression on her sister’s face as she shook her hand off. “A-anyways…”

This isn’t good, Elizabeth thought, Margaret never stutters…is she upset with me?

“Before he could die of his injuries, he was rescued…” Margaret trailed off unexpectedly, like she herself couldn’t remember the next part of the tale.

“Rescued?” Elizabeth asked, hoping to reawaken the older woman’s state of mind.

Margaret blinked. “Right…he was rescued, by a man…” Margaret sucked in an unladylike amount of air and continued. “He was no ordinary man, he wielded a strange power, and was the self-proclaimed deadly sin of wrath.”

Elizabeth watched the candle flicker at the mention of the man. Strange.

“This man watched over Gil while he recovered, but when he was in good health, he made Gil promise him a favor in return for his hospitality.” Margaret then lowered her brown eyes, normally filled with warmth and love, to Elizabeth’s own shimmering teal one. They were completely void of emotion besides sadness.

“Three days ago, Gil was contacted by this man once more, Elizabeth…” Margaret sniffed, ducking her head low to hide what were possibly tears. “I was there, Ellie…I’ve never felt anything quite so powerful in my entire life…”

“Margaret-“ Elizabeth was crudely interrupted.

“He’s asked for the favor Ellie, and he wants…what he wants-“ Margaret choked back a sob and buried her head in her hands.

“What does he want, Margaret?” Elizabeth asked quietly, her voice coming out in rushed, uncoordinated whispers. The sickly feeling of dread began to freeze, Elizabeth looked down and half-expected to see a blade of ice protruding from her chest.

“You, Ellie.” Margaret said hollowly. “He wants you.”

The candle sputtered, almost losing its life to the silent breeze.

Elizabeth found herself at a loss for words. Why…would someone ever want her? She was nothing – she was the third princess, no inheritance would be gained by her. Not even related to the crown by blood, no proper heir would be produced…

“I…don’t know what to do, Elizabeth.” Margaret admitted. The words sent a knife through her heart, Margaret was smart, sensible, strong. She always knew what to do – if she didn’t know, then who did?

“If I don’t do anything, Gil could die – that, that man,” Margaret spit the word man, almost as if she didn’t quite believe that he was real man, but a demonic entity that would wreak havoc on the Liones family. “He could kill him…he really could, I’m so scared, but Ellie, oh Ellie, I can’t send you to him, I can’t, I can’t-“

And with those words, Margaret broke, the steel like eldest sister of the Liones family shattered like a fine piece of china. Elizabeth could do nothing but watch, watch her elegant sister crumble, a flower petal lost from its home and caught in the wind.

“W-what do I do – what can I do?” Margaret gasped, her hands grasping Elizabeth’s shoulders firmly, leaving crescent moon shapes in her soft porcelain skin.

“How much time do you have?” Elizabeth asked blankly, there was still time, there had to be time, they could figure this all out then…

“Today is the last day…I’m sorry Ellie, I thought I could’ve made a choice by then…Gil left it up to me, he said he’d refuse if I asked him to…” Margaret choked on her thick, shining tears and Elizabeth felt her insides churn with uncertainty.

Without hesitation, Elizabeth made up her mind.

“I’ll go.”

The room went silent, Margaret’s tears stopped falling and Elizabeth heard the wind bite at the curtains to her balcony.


“I will go to him, if it’s to save Gilthunder…and you…” Elizabeth added, knowing full well that the loss of Gilthunder would kill her sister on the inside.

“Don’t say that, Ellie, please…”

Elizabeth looked her sister in the eye, taking in her majesty for what might’ve been the last time.

“What else do you want me to say?”

With a horrified wail, Margaret, buried her face into the smooth fabric of Elizabeth’s nightgown, pouring out her remorse and sorrow into the gossamer threads. With dead-like calm, Elizabeth raked her hands through Margaret’s hair, relishing the feel of the soft indigo locks against her palm.

“Now,” she said, surprised by the lump in her throat. She might never see her sister again, or Veronica, or her father, or anyone- “How do I get to him?”

“T-this,” Margaret shuddered, rubbing her eyes and thrusting a sapphire amulet in her younger sister’s direction. “I…I do admit, I’ve no idea how to use it.”

Elizabeth swallowed. She recognized it from the old magic supply research center, it was a location crystal. If it was crushed or smashed, it would take whomever closest to the desired location of the caster. A clever, non-traceable transportation method (unless thwarted by legitimate tracking magic, in which case it might not be so useful) that was often used by military personnel to cover the tracks of an oncoming ambush.

“Break it.” Elizabeth instructed firmly.

“A-are you sure?” Margaret asked worriedly.

“Yes. You will tell father and Veronica that I love them, yes? And Gilthunder too.” Elizabeth said flatly, mind-numbing calm seeping throughout her body. It was like her soul had already accepted death, and she had nothing left to feel but cool apathy. It was a harsh feeling, Elizabeth disliked it, but preferred it over heart-wrenching goodbyes.

“I love you Ellie, I love you so much and I’m sorry-“

“I know,” Elizabeth echoed. “I love you too, would you tell Gil not to be sad? You too, don’t feel guilty. I’m choosing this.”

“Ellie…this isn’t goodbye, promise me.” Margaret asked.

Elizabeth stared straight through her. “Break the crystal.”

“Elizabeth, promise me!” Margaret cried shrilly. Elizabeth just gave a tiny, tiny shake of her head.

“I can’t promise you that, I’m sorry.” She said, and finally, a well-rounded, silver tear fell from her eye.

Margaret’s mouth opened, then shut again, her grip on the crystal loosening.

“I…I don’t think I can let you do this…” Margaret lamented, the controversy tearing at her eyes.

In one last bout of courage, Elizabeth swiped the crystal directly out of Margaret’s hand and smashed it against the wall all in one fell swoop.

The crystal exploded, black smoke pouring out of the center and swirling at the base of Elizabeth’s floor, licking at her ankles and sliding up her skin eerily. The smoke was freezing cold, and seemed to grasp onto her as it crawled up her body, higher, and higher…

“No! Ellie, make it stop!” Margaret screamed, batting away the smoke fruitlessly. The smoke clung to Elizabeth’s body relentlessly, whirling like the eye of a hurricane and she could only watch as it devoured the rest of her with sadistic fervor.

“I love you Margaret,” Elizabeth repeated, the smoke clogging up her brain and making her feel dizzy. Was it supposed to be like this? She felt sleepy, the smoke was dragging her into a comatose like state, her eyelids drooped and her hand hit the bed, limp.

Her sister screamed and she was weightless, the feeling of falling attacking her senses, panic began to seep through her mind, was she dying? She was definitely falling – she would hit the ground any second now…

She inhaled one last breath before she hit the ground, only the ground was warm and less painful than she had anticipated.

…and the last thing she remembered were two piercing green eyes and a voice telling her that everything was going to be alright.


i think i just broke a fanfiction cliché record?? wow am i ever proud.

my first (possible) multichap in the nnt fandom (took me long enough) and pls forgive me i wrote like…78% of this at midnight last night so it might be a little weird

yeah ill post this on ffnet and see when i get inspiration to maybe write some more

macerelle  asked:


Sphallolalia means “flirtatious talk that leads nowhere.”


Clarke met him— sort of— in a bar.  Heels and two full beer steins proved to be a difficult combination, and she stumbled while trying to sneak past a guy with dark, curly hair.  “Careful,” he said in a pleasantly deep voice, reaching out to steady her elbow.  She took him in— handsome, nerdy, with a jaw that could cut glass— and pondered hitting on him, but his eyes were already scanning the bar again.  He was waiting for someone, and over at their table Raven was motioning for her to hurry up, so she went on her way.


She learned his name when Professor Pike introduced him to her Religion and the Middle Ages class.  Bellamy Blake, grad student and teaching assistant.  He waved from where he sat at the front of the room— grey sweater this time, not the maroon t-shirt he’d been wearing in the bar— and stood up to introduce himself.  She smiled brightly at him and he faltered a little when his eyes swept over her, but not enough for her to tell if he remembered her or not.  Maybe he was just thrown by an undergrad showing enthusiasm.

Or maybe he thought she was hot too.  That would be an acceptable scenario.


Clarke met him met him a few weeks into the semester, when her self-defense partner invited her home after class.  Octavia was a fun sparring partner (and definitely going to bang their instructor), and when Octavia mentioned that she lived with her grad student brother, for some reason Clarke imagined someone along the lines of Jasper.

But when she walked in and saw him sitting on the couch, a book open in his lap, her heart did something a little funny.  I should have recognized that jawline, she thought, but shook his hand anyway.  He said recognized her from class but didn’t mention the bar, and it was stupid that she wished he had.  It was a nothing moment, and maybe it was just proof of how hard up she was that she thought it was more than that.


She ran into him at the bar a week after that, and that time, he smiled when he saw her.  He smiled and then introduced her to Gina, his girlfriend.  Her heart sank a little at that, but Gina was pretty and nice and Clarke was just dealing with a dry spell and a stupid crush, that’s all.  She got over it.



Her midterm paper got her an A- and she considered going to his office hours and fighting it, but at the end he wrote Really excellent argument!  Needs better citations but keep up the good work! in neat, block lettering and for the first time in her life, Clarke decided to let it go.


Clarke should have known clubbing with Octavia would be epic, but by the end of the night she was too tired to walk the six blocks back to her apartment.  Octavia loaned her some clothes and fell asleep almost immediately, but Clarke spent a solid fifteen minutes tossing and turning next to Octavia before she decided to get up and drink some water.  She was at the awkward point halfway between sober and drunk, and she padded her way to the kitchen only to draw up short.

It’s not every day you run into your Medieval history TA, on whom you maybe have an innocent crush despite his adorable girlfriend, while wearing pajama pants that are three inches too long and a tank top that is meant for a woman with far smaller breasts.  You also generally tend to see your TA’s in jeans and sweaters, not in worn flannel pants and a white t-shirt that was just a little too tight in the shoulders.  And it’s definitely not every day that his eyes dropped to your chest before quickly averting themselves.

But that pissed Clarke off.  Because Bellamy was dating someone and maybe it was an inadvertent thing, borne of surprise at being caught in his kitchen and Octavia’s tank top being really small, but still.  Ever since Finn, she had no use for guys like that— and it sucked a surprising amount to discover that Bellamy might be one of them.  Still a little drunk and feeling reckless, she crossed her arms just underneath her breasts to push them a little higher.  She wasn’t entirely sure how this would make him pay for his crimes, but she’d figure it out.  “Fancy meeting you here.”

Bellamy unfroze and finished drinking a glass of water.  “I do live here,” he said evenly, his eyes staying stubbornly above her collarbone.  

“I just wanted some water,” she said, and he moved aside to let her near the sink.  She wanted to brush against him, but Bellamy stepped away before she could.  

“So you and my sister are like…drinking friends now, huh?”

“Is that a problem?”

“Are you going to tell me if she’s dating her self-defense instructor?” he asked with half a grin.

“If she’s not telling you, there’s a reason.”

“Fair enough,” he said, his grin a little wider.  

Clarke grinned back and then remembered she was trying to make him hit on her.  For feminism, or something.  She tipped her head to the side, her nipples hard against Octavia’s flimsy tank top.  “So how’s Gina?” she asked too innocently.

Bellamy’s face fell.  “Dumped me last week, thanks for asking,” he snapped.

Clarke felt like she was deflating, and suddenly the fun went out of her little game.  “I’m sorry.  She seemed nice.”  She reached back to the couch and grabbed Octavia’s sweatshirt to pull it on, but once it was over her head she realized it smelled like cologne and not Octavia’s perfume, and the sleeves came down to cover her hands.  But taking it off would be weird, so she pretended like she didn’t notice she was now wearing Bellamy’s sweatshirt.

Bellamy shrugged.  “She was,” he said simply.  “And I’m not.”

“Come on,” Clarke said and wrapped her arms around her middle.  “You’re nice.  You gave me an A- on the midterm paper, even though I clearly pulled at least one citation from wikipedia.”  

Bellamy half-groaned, half laughed.  “You at least didn’t cite Wikipedia itself.  Which is impressive.”

“So what you’re saying is I have this in the bag?”

“What I’m saying is Pike is going to have to grade your final, since we’re in my kitchen at two in the morning and you’re wearing my sweatshirt.”

“Does it change things if I say I thought it was O’s?” 

“He’s supposed to do thirty percent of the grading anyway and I do it all, so he won’t complain too much.  Plus, he’s probably less picky than I am, so I’m probably doing you a favor in the long run.”

“In that case, I’m keeping this,” Clarke said, and in a distant corner of her brain she registered that she was legitimately flirting with him, and not just baiting him.

“If you puke on it, just wash it before you give it back.”

“Who said anything about giving it back?” she said and sauntered out of the kitchen before he managed to respond.


It was that awkward time of year where the air conditioning had been turned on but it wasn’t consistently warm enough to quite need it, which meant lecture halls were freezing.  Pike was droning on in the front about someone named Hildegard of Bingen, who did sound pretty badass but Clarke’s attention was elsewhere.  Bellamy was sitting at the front of the room on the opposite side  from her, and every few minutes his eyes darted up in her direction.  The first time he smiled swiftly, as if embarrassed to be making eye contact, but he kept glancing back like he couldn’t help himself.

Clarke waited until he looked away and rummaged through her bag to grab the sweatshirt.  It still smelled a little bit like him— and maybe she liked that a little too much— and she pulled it over her head and fluffed her hair out from where it was trapped in the hood.  A minute later Bellamy flicked his eyes back towards her and then did a double take.  She slunk down in her chair, brought the neck up to her nose, and smiled.

A shy grin flashed across his face before he looked back down at his notebook and the moment passed.


“You still have my sweatshirt,” Bellamy said in her ear, and Clarke almost spilled her beer.  She hadn’t seen him since she turned in her final paper a few weeks ago, a fact which bothered her more than she wanted to admit.

She whirled around to face him.  “I told you, I’m keeping it.”

“It’s June in Virginia.  I don’t think you need a sweatshirt anymore,” he said, leaning back and crossing his arms over his chest.  At the same time, his eyes raked over her and she suppressed a little shiver that had nothing to do with the temperature.

“Then maybe I’ll come over some time.  Return it,” she said, taking a slow slip and watching his reaction.  Octavia had left town for the summer— Bellamy had to know that she knew that.

“You know where I’ll be,” he said and touching her arm rather unnecessarily he moved past her back into the crowded bar.

“Bellamy!” she called and rolled up on her toes even though he was already looking back at her, and it’s not like that would help him see her any better.  He waited with an expectant look and she tipped her chin towards him.  “I’ll come by tomorrow night?”

His smile was a sight to behold.  “It’s a date, princess.”

Newt Scamander Headcanons

Pairing: Our Local Cinnamon Bun (a.k.a. Newton Artemis Fido Scamander) x Ravenclaw!Reader (Hogwarts!AU - they’re both still in school -)

A/N: Okay, so after a certain conversation I’ve had with @stormsjpeg I decided I couldn’t keep the headcanons inside of me for much longer and yes, that’s how these beauties were created.

In the series: Gryffindor!Reader x Newt || Slytherin!Reader x Newt || Hufflepuff!Reader x Newt;

Shameless self promo: @andreasunny @actualhufflepuff (there aren’t any plot spoilers, just character-name spoilers, but I understand if y’all wanna watch the movie first); @tomhollahd (two days ago you said you’ll watch the movie, I assumed it was okay? + you said it’s okay to tag you, dear God, I hope it’s alright) + Georgia I already tagged you;

Warnings: I hope I didn’t add any spoilers; it’s long (~1k words)

P.S.: My stupid ass deleted this post at 700 notes, rip

  • The two of you meet for the first time during a Charms class; he’s paired with you and he tries to tell you that you’re practicing the swish wrong, so you start an argument - because You Know Your Shit™, being a Ravenclaw and researching the subject like crazy helped you lots - and the teacher notices;
  • Then, you’re forced to walk until the front of the class and demonstrate the correct wand movement for that specific Charm, getting you a chuckle and ten house points from the teacher;
  • Now, the whole class is looking at you and all you do is smugly stare back into Newton Scamander’s amazed eyes;

  • Okay, so the two of you become friends and it’s just around the time Leta Lestrange’s experiments are becoming a bit shady - therefore, the connection between her and Newt is starting to grow thinner and thinner;
  • The two of you would start these silly competitions, since you’re both nerds to the extreme (thing that’s completely acceptable for you, but a bit out of the ordinary for a Hufflepuff - not that you mind in any way);
  • They go somewhere along the lines of: “I’ll bet you 50 Knuts that I’m going to read that book before you do.” or “I bet you 5 Sickles that even though you finished that book earlier, I’ll still score better than you on the exam!”;

  • The two of you practically live in the library;
  • You were best (like top of the class best) at Potions and Charms and he was best at History of Magic and Care Of Magical Creatures;
  • You were decidedly mediocre on Care of Magical Creatures but were amongst the top of your class at everything else; he was the same, only his weakness was Potions;
  • Every class you took turned into a race by the half of the semester; if you were both okay(which was terribly disappointing to you two) on a certain topic, you’d pull all-nighters only because of the stupid competitiveness;

  • Legitimately every single one of your fellow female Ravenclaws are 100% convinced that you and Newt are secretly dating;
  • It doesn’t help that you’re always with the other almost 24/7;
  • Despite the competitive spirit that always lingers between you, what unites you is knowledge and you’re often seen tutoring the other on different topics;
  • No matter what, he can’t get you to understand how magical creatures should be approached and you can’t get him to understand when he has to alter a potions recipe to optimize the results;

  • When he takes Muggle Studies you’re surprised, but decide to take his challenge on and start Study Of Ancient Runes, just because it’s more difficult;
  • Soon, though, the both of you find yourselves in more assignments than you can count and end up messing them all up;
  • You have a talk with the Headmaster and he bids the both of you to sort your classes out so you can manage them all properly;
  • Newt comes up with the idea of talking it over a cup of something, at Hogsmeade, and you agree; it was ages since you last went to Hogsmeade;

  • You spend maybe too much time preparing for the small escapade, all the while denying any accusations of you crushing on Newt; after all, it was the most ridiculous thing;
  • The exact same happens to Newt in his dorm and the boys are teasing his so much, because his poor, shy Hufflepuff soul is crushing on one of the most hot-headed, determined and stubborn Ravenclaw girls;
  • You finally finish, go have a drink and talk about classes, though that takes up little time; half an hour in and you’ve already decided which classes to drop;
  • So you change the topic and how have you not noticed how easy this conversation comes to you?;

  • Sooner than you realize, you’re laughing at a silly joke he said and the two of you are much closer than when you came in - and why are there butterflies in your stomach?;
  • You soon head out; at some point you start holding hands and the both of you are way more giddy than you’d admit;
  • At a certain moment, a shiver of excitement racks through you but Newt (that small cinnamon bun) mistakes it with a cold shiver (it was freezing outside), so he takes his coat off and passes it to you;
  • About halfway back home it starts snowing and now there’s dumb smiles plastered all over your faces;
  • You find yourselves unable to stop yourselves and you start playing with the snow;

  • You jump on Newt’s back and bring him tumbling down to the ground because that boy has so little strength but it’s more than okay;
  • Y’all would chase each other like little kids in the snow until he’d finally catch up to you and grab you by the waist and keep you close to him;
  • So now you’re trashing and kicking while he’s sort of hugging you from behind and it’s nice so you stop moving;
  • And you turn in his arms, now facing him and a snowflake falls on his nose and you giggle, your nose scrunching up as his eyes cross and he makes a funny face trying to look at the tip of his nose;
  • “Here, I got it.” You’d say and kiss him on the tip of his nose, your smile staying put;

  • Newt’s eyes would just flick in between your beautiful eyes and your lips as he’d smile at your childish happiness;
  • Then, with the most confidence he’s ever had he’d gently brush his lips against yours, cupping your face with one hand;
  • And as your heart flutters when he does that you finally realize what you should’ve months ago;
  • Yep, you’re head over heels in love with that boy and right now there’s nothing you can (or are willing to) do about it except for tug him closer and smile into the kiss;

In the A Very Hogwarts Love headcanon-series: Gryffindor!Reader x Newt || Slytherin!Reader x Newt || Hufflepuff!Reader x Newt;

A/N: Alright, so these headcanons are totally something I did not expect; they just came to me and I had to write them (let’s be real, though, I’ll probably delete them, soon, since they’re barely edited). Alright, I hope you enjoyed and remember that requests are open!

Educating the Victim - Act V, Chapter I

Pairing: Yellow Diamond/Yellow Pearl, Pearl/Rose Quartz, Pearl/Amethyst

Rating: Teens and up

Warnings/Tags: homophobia

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Act 1 Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5

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Act 5 Ch1

Insert 1 (after Act 2 Ch7)

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Taken Part 1

A/N: This is VERY loosely based of off Season 3b episode 6 “Riddled”. Because as far as this story is concerned Stiles is not the Nogitsune yet. And the Reader is legitimately kidnapped.

Warnings: Kidnapping, blood, light swearing, and bad writing.

Weird stuff has been happening around Beacon hills. Kira just found out the full extent of her kitsune powers. We know about the Oni. Scott and Stiles were researching and Stiles spent the night. It was like old times they were talking about anything and everything. Scott and Kira, Stiles’ totally unrealistic crush on Lydia, the pack, lacrosse, their senior year, college. After a couple of hours they finally fell asleep.
Scott was startled awake by the sound of Stiles’ phone vibrating. He was going to say something but Stiles was downstairs and the buzzing stopped. He figured that it was a wrong number or something, so he turned back and tried to go back to sleep. About five minutes later his own phone started buzzing. Slightly irritated after he saw who it was, he answered “Y/n, what could you possibly need at two a.m.?” After a second he perked up noticing that something was off. “Y/n-Y/n are you there?” he asked his voice filled with concern. You were breathing heavily, “Sc-Scott?” you whimpered. “Yeah, I’m here, can you hear me?” he said getting out of bed. “I don’t know where I am or how I got here. The last thing I remember I was walking home from Lydia’s. And now I’m trapped, I don’t feel good, and I wanna go home” you replied fear evident in your voice. Scott listened to your heartbeat that was increasing. “Y/n calm down” he said as he headed to get your brother. “What can you see? What is around you?” he inquired. “I-I don’t know it’s too dark to see.” you said “ Scott I’m-” you started before the phone cut out. He rushed back upstairs where he got the best signal and called you back. He was freaking out and then he heard your voice. “Hey-” “hey” he said he was about to continue but was interrupted “this is y/n, I’m probably out saving the world right now but leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as I can”. Scott quickly hung up and tried again with no luck. He was about to get Stiles when his phone vibrated again. He saw your name and immediately answered. “Y/n” he exclaimed. “Scott, I don’t think I can get out of here I can barely move” you whispered back. “Where are you?” “I don’t know, but something wrong with my ???? I think it’s bleeding.” you hurriedly respond. “How- how bad is it?” Scott urged. After a few seconds of silences he persisted “Y/n are you still there? Can you hear me?” he was now intently listening to the phone, trying to make something out. After a minute he heard you “I don’t know, I can’t see anything, Scott I’m scared.” “It’ll be okay , I’m gonna call your dad” “NO” you said a little too loudly. “But Y/n your dad’s the Sheriff.” Scott reasoned. “You can’t call him, promise you won’t, he worries too much about Stiles and I already.” you spoke lowly. “What if I can’t find you?” he asked as emotion filled his voice “Y/n, I can’t make a promise like that.” At this point you were so scared your voice trembled “pl-please don’t call him, you and Stiles will find me, you can do it Scott I know you can, he doesn’t have to know.” “Y/n, I don’t know if I can do this” he said his mind spinning. “I have to call you back. The phone’s gonna die. I have to turn it off.” you replied quickly. “What? No. Y/n wait. Wait” Scott protested. “Hold on Y/n wait… just give me second. I-” he started before the call dropped. He ran down stairs “Stiles” he shouted “Stiles get dressed”. “What the hell Scott it’s two in the morning?” he asked with annoyance. His tone completely changed when he saw the look on his best friends’ face. “What wrong?” he inquired as he put on his flannel. “It’s y/n”. Scott went back upstairs to throw some clothes on. “Isaac, Isaac! Get up, I need your help!” he yelled grabbing his jacket. Isaac came into his room. “What’s going on?”  Isaac asked concerned. “It’s Y/n” Scott replied quickly as his mind continued to race. “What’s wrong with Y/n?” he asked frantically trying to get ready. Stiles had come upstairs about to ask the same thing. “I don’t know for sure” he started to explain “She called me after calling Stiles. I have never heard her so scared. She has no idea where she is or how she got there. The last thing she remembered was walking from Lydia’s. Wherever she is it is dark. Something is wrong with her ???? so she can barely move. And for some reason she doesn’t want your dad to know. That was the last thing she said before the phone cut out. I tried to call back but the phone died or she turned it off.” Scott relayed the story struggling to keep it together. They started to  head out to the jeep when Scott’s phone rang again. “Y/n” he said before Stiles yanked the phone from him. “Y/n its Stiles”. “Did you- did you tell Dad?” “Not yet” “Can you tell us anything to get an Idea of where to look?” he asked frantically. “It’s a basement, or a cave, somewhere underground. I can’t really see anything but it’s cold like really cold” you answered. “Is there anything else? Can you see anything” “No, I can’t but the phone’s gonna die. I have to go” you said. “Y/n wait. Why are you whispering?” he asked. Lowering your voice even more you replied “Because I think there is someone in here with me. I have to go. I love you Stiles.” you said. Stiles was going to tell you that everything would be fine, that they would find you, that he loved you, but you had already hung up.
They decided to go to your house so they could find something to catch your scent off of. When the rushed into your bedroom they found Lydia and Aiden were already there. “How did you know did she call you too?” Isaac inquired while Scott and Stiles were going through your belongings. “I heard it” Lydia replied. Before Isaac could continue Aiden spoke up “Don’t ask, it gets really confusing when you ask”. “Wait why are you guys here? She isn’t still out there is she? And you don’t know where she is?” Lydia questioned. “She said she is underground we are here to get something so we can find her.” Scott said rummaging through your dresser. “What else did she say?” Lydia inquired. “Something’s wrong with her ????, she’s cold, and scared” Scott replied. “Of course she’s cold, tonight’s the coldest night of the year and she’s underground.” Aiden added. “What did your dad say?” she asked Stiles. “He kind of doesn’t know yet” Stiles answered. “Your Sister is hurt and missing and you didn’t tell your dad?” Lydia asked worriedly. “She us promise not to” he replied hurriedly. “You promised, I didn’t” Lydia remarked pulling out her phone. “ Lydia wait” Scott said “I can get more help, I can call Derek and Allison, She couldn’t be that far away”. “So you’ll call everyone but the police, great thinking” She remarked. “You guys remember that she only get these feeling when someone is about to die right?” Aided asked immediately regretting it when he saw all the color leave Stiles face. “You don’t have to call my dad, it’s five minutes to the station.” They grabbed a couple of your shirts and started to head out when Lydia pulled Aiden back. “We’ll catch up” She said. “Why?” Scott asked. “Because there is something here I know it” She replied as they left.
When they got to the station Scott and Stiles went in while Isaac waited in the jeep. Your dad took a few minutes to process everything, he eventually told Parrish to get a list of every cave and basement layout that wouldn’t have heating and would be secluded. “It’s the coldest night of the year so far so if she was barefoot and only had a t-shirt on she may already be hypothermic” he said more to himself than anyone. He then pulled Stiles and Scott into his office.  “Is there anything you need to tell me that I can’t tell them out there “Lydia knows, and I called Derek and Allison.” Scott said. “Can you find her by scent?” He asked. “We were about to head out and try but wanted to talk to you first.” he said. Scott and Stiles were leaving when he pulled Stiles back. “She’ll be okay, we’ll find her” he said before pulling Stiles into a hug. When Stiles caught up with Isaac and Scott  the decided to retrace your steps from Lydia’s house. They were going to find you, they had to.

Sugar Crush, (M)

Summary: Jungkook comes back hoping to fuck you senseless, only to find out you’ve been playing candy crush on your phone the whole time.

Word count: 5,300

Warnings/Author’s Note: The only warning I have is that this is probably complete trash?? And I Honestly I don’t even know why I wrote this but I am thorough and I can tell you I know exactly what level 77 consists of. At least you can trust my facts. So there’s that.

      “Fuck,” you cried out, words laced with complete and utter frustration. Had you not been worried about breaking your phone, you would’ve given into the temptation that was itching at you to just throw the device. That familiar noise of defeat filled the apartment once more, the signal of a failed round and your sad sighs. With the absence of your boyfriend, you’d been pouring yourself into time passing apps on your phone, and Candy Crush was admittedly something you were a little too invested in. 

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headcannons and rambles

Ok, so I have several headcannons and fanfic ideas swirling around in my head, yet no will to post/finish some of them. So here’s what i’m thinking.

I’m going to post my ideas and snips of stories and if anyone wants to expand on them or craft them into real fanfictions, be my guest.

All I ask is that I be linked to it so I can bask in its glory, or some such. Also I would like to be credited. 

Here’s the first one.

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Reign 3 x 04: Live Through This

How are you? A little light-headed? Eyes puffy from crying? I heard that. Come here and give me a hug. The Price was heavy, babies, it was heavy! And then BAM TWIST! Whoof. We went THROUGH it last night, I understand, get a goblet full of the finest beverage and let’s talk about it here in tumblr land.

So we started things off with Francis doing great. Mary had him on some alternative medicine herbs kick and it was doing him wonders, even if he didn’t particularly like his medicinal pastilles.

But geo-politics are not going to pause for Francis to pull it all back together. Life was ready to come crashing down in the form of Mary de Guise sending a very coded message about needing more troops, stat. I love this kind of ancient high tech stuff, a cipher, I mean the time before technology is so interesting, it’s like kids playing in their back yards but forever.

Meanwhile across the channel we finally met Elizabeth’s dog!

Look at that adorable bulldog! As usual, William was like “Get married, tick tick tick, where is our male baby, it is embarassing everybody to tears that a Queen is in charge ,also the King of Spain wants to marry you.” Elizabeth was like “Sheesh I’ll meet him chill out.”

Meanwhile Lola and Narcisse were heading off to their honeymoon when Catherine started throwing shade on Lola for “marrying her lover” and Lola was like “For your grandson’s sake please stop putting rats in my bathtub.” Which made me cackle out loud because that does NOT affect baby John. Nice try Lola, unless you’re taking that baby in the bathtub with you don’t try to play the baby card. Also Catherine’s necklace was rad.

Catherine was like “Rats in your bath? Nasty” and Narcisse overheard and was like “Shit Catherine’s about to tip my hand about planting rats in Lola’s bath” and intercepted Lola. Don’t worry about the man behind the curtain, girl, it’s honeymoon time.

Meanwhile Don Carlos was being smooth as hell.

I loved how the show hit on Elizabeth’s “Stay in Your Lane” policy re: religion. Wanna be Catholic? Wanna be Protestant? Do you thing, mind your own. Few people I think really appreciate how revolutionary that approach was and is. Basically one of the first examples of a chill ruler separating Church and State. AAAAGH Elizabeth was like perfect as rulers go and if I start talking about how amazing and brilliant she was (she used to translate greek TO RELAX) I will literally never stop.

You know who also loves Elizabeth? Dudley. He was like “How about you just be single forever?” and Elizabeth was like “…I’m listening.” But he has selfish reasons for wanting to preserve her anatomy i.e. being her side piece. (I legitimately got chills when Elizabeth was like “this is over” and he was like “You are my Queen but in this i will not obey you.”

Dudley also sent Amy home from court and Amy looked pretty miffed about it. You could tell by the fact she was wearing an orange dress that she was at her wit’s end trying to keep this man happy.

Oooph. No happy woman reaches for an orange dress.

So war council time: Francis was like “SEND SOLDIERS!” and then Charles came in and was like “SEND WARSHIPS!” but then immediately the war ships got sunk by England’s super speedy frigates and Catherine was like “Why are you not asking me about England’s navy I was literally just over there.”

Anyway, Francis was like “MORE SHIPS! KEEP THROWING SHIPS AT THIS PROBLEM!” but Mary was like “I think I can solve this by using my brain” and then totally duped Nicholas, showing off her cipher, then leaving out a letter to her mom with misinformation in it. It’s called statecraft, guys. Mary saved hundreds of lives. After losing hundreds of lives? Look it’s hard to be a ruler when you’re a teenager and also you can’t be un-elected.

I did love when she told off Nicholas. I am not generally a “Yaas Queen!” kind of lady but I did actually say the words “YAAAAS QUEEN” after she was like “I hope you have strong wings vulture!” I’m going to remember that line the next time someone cuts in front of me at the seven eleven.

So also Catherine was throwing a dinner for the last guy she needed a vote from to become regent, and he was being a real d-bag.

There was this horrible story he told her about how his daughter had gotten her foot crushed by Catherine’s carriage and then been rejected by suitors so many times she’d killed herself and was now dead. Catherine was like “Of course she is.” and then basically was like “Well, fuck it.” and took off with Claude, and it was genuinely a charming little interlude.

Meanwhile Don Carlos wanted to see Elizabeth’s lady parts.

OKAY. Batten down the hatches, but like a year and a half ago some idiot published a whole book about their theory that Elizabeth I was actually a man in drag, and let me just say:

1) all of these “Elizabeth was a man” arguments boil down to the sexist disbelief that one of the greatest politicians of all time was a woman. Elizabeth was a genius and some people can’t wrap their brains around the fact a woman founded England’s greatness as a superpower.

2) Elizabeth was seen unclothed or in sheer undergarments a ton and never at any point did anyone claim she was a man. She was sort of kind of sexually abused by her stepfather Thomas Seymour who ripped her nightshift into a thousand pieces. She was seen running after Dudley just in a transparent shift more than once. Lady was a lady.

3) Political bodies were endlessly handled by nobles, physicians, and attendants. During a poison attempt early in her reign, Elizabeth was given multiple enemas before recovering by a physician whose doings were very public. Guess what he didn’t find when he was down below the royal petticoat? Balls. That’s what.

Anyway, Elizabeth channeled my rage nicely. Don Carlos was trying to shade her, shame her and degrade her and she wasn’t having it.

Mmmm, red flag girl, red flag. She should have asked him to show his first.

Meanwhile Narcisse was being shady as shit on the honeymoon.

That having been said Narcisse’s villa and village and what not was legit adorable. I know, he’s shady Lola but like shhhhhh. Also this whole episode was shot really beautifully.  There were all these dope tracking shots and zooms and it was really gorgeous. Except for this part, this was PAINFUL LOOKING…

Bash’s horribly scalded chest! Hahahaha this happened in the middle of Greer’s new tavern and he’s was not even phased. He was all"Ugh annoying Delphine is in trouble" but looking at the size of that beaut I have to say, if I got a burn that severe I would literally collapse and quite possibly pass away. Bash has got some stamina! He was also sick of going through Vaseline by the fistful so he questioned a man in a fabulous cassock…

Then rescued Delphine from the Sisters of St. Agatha, who were purifying her soul by laying a BURNING IRON CROSS on her flesh! Um, I smell spin off.

Anyway, when Dudley found out Amy had started the rumor about Elizabeth maybe having a dick, he responded reasonably.

JK that is spousal abuse. My Good Lord. Here I was liking Dudley and now I’m like “nope. Take that trash back to the dump.” Let me tell you, a guy hits a woman once and I am done. I have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of fuckery. Elizabeth is way better off single than with Sir Chris Brown over here.

Nope nope nope. Oh boy. Run Amy run. Run Elizabeth run! This dude is bad news.

Also, after Lola called Narcisse out for being shady and they had a little bicker about it, Catherine reminded Narcisse that being shady was his essence and she loved it and then she reminded him she was a lot more fun and then slinked down the hallway in an extremely sexy fashion and basically what I’m saying is I want to grow up to be Catherine. All young women should want in their hearts to grow up to be Catherine.

Anyway, so Mary’s cipher caper tricked Nicholas into feeding Elizabeth misinformation that cleared the way for Mary de Guise’s supply route. Mary had used her head to save lives and solve a problem. Season one Mary did a lot of this, season two Mary was just trying to maintain, so it’s good to see her back to optimal scheming mode. Charles and Francis were talking about how awesome she was politically and then the FEELS began with Francis falling off his horse…

So like I’m a grown ass woman, I’ve seen fire I’ve seen rain, I was like, I can deal with a little angst. Francis is not doing so great and Mary is at what is possibly his deathbed, but I can handle it. I understand these are all actors and there’s a camera and everything is going to be fine.

And then Mary started talking about their imaginary kids.

Done. I was done. I really didn’t expect to be gotten but I was got. There is nothing more humiliating than crying while wearing headphones but that was me, in front of my computer, watching this, sobbing like a thrice-slapped bitch. This scene was legit amazing. And then damn, there came that ear blood.

BUT THEN HERE CAME DELPHINE THE HEALER! Bash was like “She can save a life but hte price is like, another life” and Mary was like “DO IT I will die for Francis if need be” and I was like “OMG do tears break keyboards because I may need a new keyboard.”

Delphine though, she had to be tired. I mean, Bash had JUST rescued her and CHarles had JUST showed up and forced him to bring her back to Court and in all of this had Delphine gotten any sleep? A snack? A chance to change out of the dress that some crazy nuns had tortured her in? No. Girl was exhausted and she had a royal life to save.

But she did it. Francis has made it through. Delphine was like “Sometimes you take a nap, and sometimes a nap takes you” and passed out. I have never related to a TV character so deeply in my life.

But then….Mary de Guise died. WHUT. Shit dudes. Mary’s mom’s life was the price! Shit. And then that promo?! That promo guys…that promo might as well have said “stock up on kleenex, prepare yourself mentally, next week something intense is going down.” Granted something intense is always going down, it’s Reign, but I need to be held. Hold me!

Thanks again for looking up my review here on my very Twin Peaks heavy tumblr. You likes and notes and comments are everything, I read them all and they make my life. Have an amazing week & let’s talk again next Friday!

Two-Toned Pt. 1 & 2

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice

Pairing: Victuuri

Tags: Alternate Universe, Teen AU, Soulmate AU, Feels, Fluff, Humor

Summary: Color AU where soulmates will have either each other’s eye or hair colors, for a two-toned effect. Some are even more lucky to have both.

A/N: AO3 and FF.net are not working for me right now, so I will not be able to upload the second part of Two-Toned until whatever is wrong is fixed. So read it here, and I apologize!

Compilation: Always My Soulmate

Pt. 1:

Katsuki Yuuri was born with a full head of hair. The first child in his family actually. However, what shocked everyone the most, was that Yuuri’s hair was half black and half silver. They would have called it grey, but it shined far too much in the light to be a dull shade of grey.

The part was directly down the center of his head. The little boy was absolutely precious.

Of course they learned that the traits he shared with his soulmate, went a lot farther than just hair. Most couples shared hair color or eye color. Rarely did couples share more than one eccentricity between them. However, their darling Yuuri’s left eye went dark by his eighth month out of the womb, and his right eye lightened into a brighter shade of blue.

Yuuri’s unique coloring had brought much attention upon the family, where people wanted to visit to get a good look at the child that would surely find his soulmate much easier. After all, silver/black hair and blue/hazel eyes were a large sign. What were the chances that a lot of people on the planet would share the same coloring?

Yuuri grew up being surrounded by old folks who looked to him as a sort of symbol of hope. He never understood what his special colors had to do with hope, but he let them pinch his cheeks and coo over how adorable he was. He didn’t want to be rude.

There were always those choice few who did not care all too much. His friend Yuuko and her friend/soulmate Takeshi. Though Takeshi was a bit mean sometimes, Yuuri wasn’t sure how to categorize him yet.

Yuuri’s ballet instructor, Minako, liked his colors, but was more focused on his ballet skill and flexibility.

His parents and sister adored his colors.

“Come skating with us!” Yuuko had insisted.

Yuuko was older than him by about three years, but for some reason she did not mind him as a friend, despite the crush he had on her. She thought he was ‘sweet’. Takeshi didn’t feel threatened because he and Yuuko’s hair were a very obvious sign that they were soulmates. There was no contest for either of them.

Not that Yuuri had the courage for that anyway.

“What if I’m bad at it?” he asked, sipping the rest of his juice up until the straw only caught air.

“No one is perfect immediately,” Takeshi scoffed. “You gotta practice to get good. Just come on!”

Yuuri went.

And he found a love he never thought he’d have.

Minako-sensei supported the shift in his passions and still trained him. Because figure skaters often took gymnastics or ballet classes anyway, because keeping fit and limber was the objective in order to accomplish the rigorous training necessary for skating.

Yuuri loved it.

He wouldn’t give it up for anything.

“Yuuri, I found a new skater to love and he looks like you!”

The small boy winced at how loud Yuuko was being despite standing right next to him. Takeshi was following not too far behind her, the look on his face was priceless.

Yuuko brandished a magazine in his face. “His name is Victor Nikiforov and he is an up and coming Russian prodigy! Look at him!”

Yuuri leaned in closer and adjusted his glasses a bit in order see the photo clearer. His mouth promptly dropped.

This Victor Nikiforov had silver and black two-toned hair, and his eyes… they were hazel and blue. Like Yuuri’s were.

“He has to be your soulmate!”

Yuuri was already denying it because it just couldn’t be true, right? Not someone like that.

“Don’t give up, Yuuri!” said Yuuko, unnaturally excited. “We just need to draw in his attention.”


She said nothing more on the subject. That didn’t lower his worries.

Yuuko was evil when she got ideas.

Years. Years and years of practicing had lead to Yuuri doing something at the behest of Yuuko. He entered the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu Championship for Junior Figure skaters.

She had insisted, telling him that he was incredibly talented and that he needed to express himself. That defeating the competition would give him the confidence he needed to perform even better than he already was.

Yuuri simply wanted to skate. He was confident in his skills at present, but against others his age or older? He wasn’t so certain.

“It’ll be fine!” she assured him. “Your steps and spins are really good. And your footwork is fast too, so you can probably get more in with that!”

“Yeah, but my jumps need work.”

“What you need to do, is stop doubting yourself,” Takeshi said with a frown. “You’re always sitting there, worrying about how you’ll do instead of just feeling the music. Ever notice how when you pay attention to the performance and not your worries, you never mess up?”

Yes, he had.

“Just get lost in the music like you do at Ice Castle. And do Hasetsu proud.”

Yuuri hadn’t heard anything so amazing come from Takeshi before, and he couldn’t help but hug the older teen.

“Okay, okay. Get off so you can go train!”

Yuuri’s parents had hired a coach for him. A coach who was very demanding in Yuuri’s opinion. But she got along well with Minako-sensei. In fact, Yuuri was certain they were soulmates, though they weren’t saying anything.

If they chose to remain quiet about it, he would do the same. Out of respect.

However, he now had two trainers to hound him and keep him on a tight schedule. Refining the skills he was already good at and perfecting his leaps.

Yuuri was never more proud of his history in ballet than he was when practicing his skating. If only because it gave him an easier time on the ice and he didn’t pull any muscles, which was a blessing according to Yuuko and Takeshi.

“Raise your leg higher!” Tsubaki-sensei ordered. “Your leg must extend above your own hip in order to be considered a legitimate spiral.”

Yuuri nodded and lifted his leg even higher, using the barre to judge height without placing any of his weight on it. Slowly, he crouched, struggling to keep his free leg aloft while his other continued to bend into an almost squat.

Yuuri held the position for ten seconds, and switched legs.

“That kid is a wonder,” he heard Minako-sensei murmur. “Doesn’t whine and just does it, though I don’t remember teaching him that.”

“Perhaps it’s to challenge himself further.”

It was.

“Okay, Yuuri. You are the youngest competitor here. That means there will be a lot of stress on you. But you will not fail. You will focus on your love of skating and you will demonstrate what some of these other skaters need to see. That life isn’t always about perfection, and that enjoying what you love is perfectly okay as well.”

Yuuri nodded.

Yuuri was among seven male skaters to compete in the competition. Already he’d gotten comments about his hair and eyes. Some thought it was cool, others thought it was weird. Someone suggested he dye his hair, to which he promptly ignored them from that point onward.

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corn fields (pt.4) // k.j.w

✩ Scenario: Bobby x You (+ Donghyuk & Junhoe)

✩ Genre: Angst + Smut

✩ Word Count : 15 205 (brace yourselves guys; this one’s long as fuck)

✩ Warning: Alcohol Consumption, Uncensored Swearing & sexual content

Author’s Note: So yup I finally finished it…and it’s looooooong. I’m dedicating this to @ikonoteven because if being a great person is an art, she’s Bobby! also @ikon-heaven (who has amazing stories please check them out!) and @xiaox-ao (who stayed up till 3 to read this) Anyways, a bit of warning but A LOT OF SHIT goes down in this chapter. This one is a lot more different in terms of both writing style and content. And for some reason i added in some smut ( cause i’m thirsty oops).  anyways please enjoy! the end is coming in the next part so please anticipate that! thank you to all my readers and everyone that has sent me messages! without you i probably wouldn’t have the motivation to write TBH. :)

Part One // Part Two // Part Three

Originally posted by goojunwhore

You wished you could say you were surprised to see her appear in Jiwon’s bed less than a week after that one night but you weren’t.

Not only did you expect it, but Jiwon had talked to you about it over pancakes.

“_________. I’m going to be a lot more busier with work and stuff since I’m leaving soon…so I won’t see you as often. I think we both need to take a break from all of..this. I…I just wanted to let you know.”

It seemed pretty tame but you knew what it meant. It was clearly just some bullshit excuse to stop what you two were doing because a few days later, he was banging her right beside your bedroom window, for so long that time didn’t seem to be an issue.

You knew it. You knew this was going to happen, that good things couldn’t last forever, that this was officially the end. How foolish could you be to think even for a mere second that you could be Kim Jiwon’s only one? You were the only one he cried to, confided in, understood him but never were you his only one when it came to this. When it came to sex and kisses and intimacy.

You were just another task to scratch off his “To-Do” list.

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funnyfuzzyfoot-deactivated20170  asked:

While you're high.... rant to us about how you hate remadora

Sweet baby Merlin on a hippogriff you really want this right now?
*takes a hit*
Disclaimer: this is NOT TONKS HATE. I do not dislike Nymohadora Tonks and my feelings about this ship have nothing to do with the fact that I am the Captain of the SS Wolfstar.
Remadora is, I believe, the greatest disservice that JK Rowling did to the Harry Potter Franchise.
Tonks is emotionally manipulative in her pursuit of Remus. Not only is this horrible on its own, but it’s also just not the way I would picture her behaving??? She is a tough motherfucking woman! She is confident and sassy and she would NOT take rejection so poorly as to let it change everything about her!
Look, if she had expressed her feelings for Remus and he declined, and she shrugged it off and continued on being her spunky little bad self and then Remus came around after a while and agreed to it on his own goddamn terms, I WOULDNT HAVE NEARLY THE PROBLEM WITH IT THAT I HAVE! But no! She basically pulls a Bella Swan and becomes a mopey, crying little shit because her mythical creature boyfriend is too caught up in his own self loathing to fucking want her!
And she gets other people to HELP guilt trip and manipulate Remus! Remadora made me HATE MOLLY WEASLEY!
And of course…there’s the queer baiting…
Giving this fandom “oh P.s. Dumbledore is gay. But it wasn’t important to Harry’s story so it wasn’t mentioned or hinted at.” DOESNT MAKE YOU LGBTQ INCLUSIVE, JO ROWLING!
Fucking joint Christmas presents.
They are the moon and stars…
You didn’t do that shit on purpose, Rowling? You’re honestly telling me that right now?
I think she did originally intend to make them a couple, or that they had at some point been. And I think she backed out at the last second, too afraid to include that in her series.
And Tonks too. She could have been a kickass queer character for the world to have.
It was seriously like she did it on purpose.
Y'all younger shippers and potterheads may not remember how the fandom was pre-half blood prince. Wolfstar was THE SHIP. The subtext through the series between the two of them was just too PAINFULLY OBVIOUS and everyone talked about it. Tonks came out of left field. It’s like JKR WROTE A GAY SHIP, chickened out and gave Remus a random girlfriend. #JKTrolling.
I won’t go into my issues with the age gap. That’s…whatever…
But the abusive behavior and the Queerbaiting, honestly I lost respect for Rowling with this ship. I actually had a hard time reading it because it just didn’t feel right at all.


Fuck this ship. *fires cannon*