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XDD The words of a well known NH/SK troll who has multiple accounts and who has already been exposed by Su: "I wished Sasuke and Karin could raise Sarada all by themselves without having to worry about Orochimaru! Sarada is Karin's daughter and you can't tell me otherwise!" Omg. XD Well, what could one actually expect from a troll who has an account that has the Uchiha family photo from the end of Gaiden as their profile picture, but in which Karin was edited in Sakura's place. XD Pathetic. -1

They know that Sakura is the real mother, but they simply refuse to acknowledge it in public, because they terribly hate her. And their “claims” are more than pathetic. They “sustain” that Karin is “the mother”, but she had “to give up” on Sarada in order “to protect” her from Orochimaru. This is so lame. XD They basically imply that Karin preferred remaining to work for Orochimaru, the one who had experimented on her, instead of actually living with the man she loved and their child. Lol. -2.

So, they claim that Karin abandoned “her daughter” and watched how the man she loved married another woman who is now raising “her” daughter and who is seen by everyone as the biological mother, all of this in order to “protect” Sarada from Orochimaru, even if Karin obviously could have simply left Orochimaru’s hideouts and raise “her” daughter in a safe, far away place. XD I can’t believe this stupidness. Also, they basically claim that Sarada was born before Sasuke was married. Wow. -3

This only proves once again that the antis don’t understand the characters, especially Sasuke, at all. Sasuke is so pure when it comes to love. Basically his entire revenge started due to the love he had for his family. He cares about love, bonds and family the most. From what I remember, even Kishi said that Sasuke is a pure character. Of course Sasuke wouldn’t have ever decided to have a child before getting married. And he wouldn’t have ever married a woman he didn’t have deep feelings for.-4

Of course Sarada was conceived during Sasuke and Sakura’s travels only after they had married. And, as Sasuke himself said, Sarada’s very existence is all that is needed to prove the connection (the love) between him and Sakura. Absolutely all of this would be so easy to understand if those antis didn’t try so hard to twist what is said in canon and instead actually paid attention to Sasuke’s character. =D -5

Oh, and actually do the antis ever listen to their own words? Sarada “had to be protected” from Orochimaru? Really? XD Well, if this actually had been the case, it certainly would have been the most failed attempt to “protect” someone, since Sarada literally is in the same team with Mitsuki, Orochimaru’s son. Mitsuki could have easily brought information about Sarada to Orochimaru if he had really wanted. So, Orochimaru would have still easily been able to closely observe Sarada. -6

And not to mention that Orochimaru doesn’t even do bad things anymore. XD He is closely watched by Yamato and, as it can be seen, he hadn’t done anything wrong in over 12 years. Also, Sasuke had absolutely no problem taking Sarada to Orochimaru’s hideout in chapter 7. Orochimaru even noticed both her and ChoCho, but Sasuke wasn’t concerned about this fact at all. If Sasuke actually had been trying to protect Sarada from Orochimaru, he for sure wouldn’t have brought her himself to his hideout. -7

So, the claims that are made by the antis are just so delusional and completely careless. It’s so obvious that they say such things only because they refuse to accept the reality, as it certainly doesn’t look like they wished. I hope all of them (including the NH/SK troll, of course) will eventually move on and realise that they will obtain absolutely nothing from what they’re doing right now, since the canon will always be canon no matter what and their petty actions or words won’t change it.-8

Lol, there’s nothing more to add really :)

SCM Chatroom - Numbero Neuf

Because my shit knows no bounds. Like, someone needs to stop me XD

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Vega has logged on

Teorus has logged on

Vega: Lord Teorus! You should be doing your work!

Teorus: Geez Vega, I don’t always have work!

Vega: Fine! I’ll let you take a little break. But you still have tons of wishes from the little boys you haven’t granted!

Teorus: It’s fine! Ladies come first anyways!

Vega: Lord Teo!!

Dui has logged on

Dui: Hey Teo =) What are you up to?

Teorus: Hi Dui! Vega is just lectur-

Ichthys has logged on

Ichthys: HI TEO, HI DUI XD

Teorus: IKKY!!

Dui: Shhh, don’t be so loud you guys, or else we will awaken the grumpy Scorpio

Scorpio has logged on

Dui: Speak of the devil -.-

Scorpio: I’m gonna send you impotent lots to Hell.

Teorus: Geez! Relax, Scorpy! We were just joking around!

Scorpio: If you have time to joke around, then you have time to finish your work.

Dui: But we finished!

Teorus: Exactly!

Scorpio: That fish hasn’t yet.

Ichthys: Holy cra-

Ichthys has logged off

Teorus: Scorpy! You scared Ikky off!!

Dui: But he always does that! (」゜ロ゜)」

Partheno has logged on

Scorpio: Do your work, Partheno.

Partheno: Someone didn’t get their beauty sleep. The Department of Punishments is done all of their work.

Dui: It’s always work with you ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

Partheno: Oh, now you made Dui upset.

Dui has logged off

Teorus: NO! DU!


Partheno: To escape your harsh words, you baka. Little Dui over here is chilling out next to me.

Teorus: See the chaos you create, Scorpy?

Scorpio: I-

Huedhaut has logged on

Huedhaut: You guys are being as loud as ever. I kindly ask you to be a little more quiet.

Scorpio: We don’t live in a library.

Teorus: Hue!! You’ve gotta save Dui and Ikky!

Huedhaut: What happened to them?

Teorus: Ikky’s got chased off and Dui got scared by Scorpy! ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

Huedhaut: Poor Dui. What did he do?

Partheno: He didn’t do anything!

Scorpio: He didn’t get the fish to do his work.

Huedhaut: And that’s Dui’s fault how?

Scorpio: He’s a member of the Department of Punishments. Since I can’t look out for Ichthys half the time, it was Dui’s job.

Huedhaut: We all need a little break at times, Scorpio. Even Ichthys and Dui.

Scorpio: I’m not listening to some book freak like you.

Huedhaut: Someone as unintelligent as you should be listening to me.

Scorpio: Why you-

Leon has logged on

Scorpio: Drop this argument, the lion’s on.

Huedhaut: Agreed.

Partheno: O.o? You decide to team up after Leo comes on?

Huedhaut: Of course.

Scorpio: I don’t need to team up with Huedhaut.

Huedhaut: Nor do I need to team up with you, but I think we can make an exception this time around.

Scorpio: Agreed.

Teorus: Scorpy, Hue, you’re making my head spin @_@

Dui has logged on

Aigonorus has logged on

Dui: I’m back….

Tauxolouve has logged on

Teorus: Yay! Lou! You’re here!

Tauxolouve: ;D I’m not missing out.

Partheno: Welcome back, Dui.

Aigonorus: Shut up.

Dui: Thanks, Partheno ^^

Dui: Aigo, are you tired again?

Partheno: When is he never?

Huedhaut: You’ve got a point for once, Partheno.

Partheno: HEY!

Huedhaut: Hi.

Partheno: I hate you…

Huedhaut: The feeling is mutual.

Partheno: **rolls eyes**

Huedhaut: Keep rolling your eyes, maybe you’ll find a brain back there.

Dui: Harsh much?

Partheno: (¬д¬。)

Leon: What? Now you’re insulting the Department of Punishments? I guess you can do something right for once, Huedhaut.

Huedhaut: Unlike you, Leon. I can do things right, you can’t.

Scorpio: ( ᐛ )و

Teorus: Aww, Scorpy can use something cute!

Scorpio: Shut up.

Teorus: Nevermind >n<

Vega: Lord Hue! Lord Leon! Why must you always fight?

Partheno: Relax, Vega. This is how they show love for each other.

Leon: WTF?!?

Huedhaut: Oh, no. We actually fight because our shitty Minister can’t keep his mouth closed.

Karno has logged on

Scorpio: He never can.

Dui: Hello, Karno.

Karno: Good afternoon, Dui.

Leon: You’re just as shitty as Teorus.

Teorus: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   Hue? Scorpy? I’m teaming up with you too. Leon is being such a bitch.  ಠ_ಠ

Scorpio: Won’t be long until everyone teams up against him.

Huedhaut: They already have.

Teorus: Hey, let’s play a game. Let’s see who can get Karno to blush!

Huedhaut: Oh…  (•̀⌄•́)

Scorpio: Sounds good.

Partheno: Count me in.

Leon: WTF

Dui: I guess if everyone’s doing it.

Tauxolouve: Bring it on.

Karno: O.o!?

Aigonorus: Sure

Huedhaut: Teorus, you can do the first honours.

Teorus: Gladly.

Scorpio: I’m going to enjoy this.

Partheno: Mufufu~

Teorus: Should we invite the others here first though?

Huedhaut: All the more better.

Aigonorus: The fuck is going on.

Tauxolouve: I’m quite dizzy by it myself, Aigo.

Zyglavis has logged on

The King has logged on

Partheno: I’m gonna enjoy this so much XDD

Ichthys has logged on

Ichthys: Teo told me. I’m all in for it!

Altair has logged on

Vega: Hi Altair!!

Scorpio: Who invited Altair?!

Ichthys: Meee!!

Scorpio: Vega and Altair weren’t supposed to be here in the first place, ya dumb shit.

Ichthys: Well, they’re here, so whatever.

Krioff has logged on

Aigonorus: They’re not gonna leave, so just drop it.

Scorpio: Fuck you, you sloth.

Aigonorus: Fuck you too, you foul-mouthed scorpion.

Scorpio: 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

Partheno: Seriously, ew, why are you all ruining your beauty with those ugly faces?

Aigonorus: Scorpio didn’t have any beauty to begin with

Scorpio: Like you were any better, Aigonorus.

Aigonorus: I’m better at giving less fucks than you.

Scorpio: Because you’re sleeping half the time, baka.

The King: Why are my sons arguing?

Scorpio: No one invited you to join this conversation. Stay out of it, you damn King.

The King: Someone’s in a bad mood.

Ichthys: Mhuahahaha

Krioff: ???

Dui: What did you do this time, Ikky?

Vega: Lord Ichthys! Why does that sounds evil?

Altair: He’s up to no good again…

Teorus: Okay, everyone’s on, right Ikky?

Ichthys: Yes. Now c’mon, Teo. We have some lion butt to kick!

Huedhaut: Oh, right!

Scorpio: Oh yeah, drop every argument, we had a task.

Leon: Stop being so fucking suspicious, will you?

Ichthys: Nahhh =P

Leon: ┌П┐(►˛◄’!)


Krioff: MO 1 CAR

Tauxolouve: Zyglavis, how did your teaching go, actually? Krioff’s writing is kinda getting a bit readable.

Krioff: rhjgbreou;ghrsg

(Shadow) Dui: Screw that, he just fucked up again.

Aigonorus: To be honest, he fucks everything up.

(Shadow) Dui: I can’t argue with you on that, goat.

Zyglavis: It was a waste of time. Krioff is hopeless when it comes to human technology.

Leon: As expected of the Department of Punishments.

Scorpio: Oh? Let’s go through the Department of Wishes first.

Leon: What kind of fuckery are you going on about?

Scorpio: Teorus) He only grants women’s wishes, Tauxolouve) Who I think is probably the same as Teorus, Aigonorus) Who sleeps like a dead person, and you, lion) Who’s the most laziest fuck boy in the department

Huedhaut: Can I point out how true this all is?

Aigonorus: At least I do my work, as opposed to Leon.

Teorus: Leon never goes down to Earth to grant anything. At least I do some work.

Tauxolouve: Well, I’m not the one with 50 stacks of unfinished paperwork in their room.

Huedhaut: Scorpio, remember when you said everyone would turn on our Minister?

Scorpio: It’s totally happened.

Huedhaut: This is so enjoyable.

Partheno: Can’t lie, all this is true about Leon.

(Shadow) Dui: Little shit can’t do a thing.

Karno: I’m just gonna stay out of this one.

Aigonorus: Even Karno’s given up on him.

Zyglavis: He has to follow him around everywhere, of course he would give up.

The King has kicked Scorpio out of the chatroom

(Shadow) Dui: Wtf

Teorus has changed The King’s nickname to Daddy

Daddy has kicked Zyglavis out of the chatroom

Ichthys changed Dui’s nickname to Psychotic

Psychotic changed Ichthys’s nickname to I ate fish

I ate fish: WHAT?!?!?!

Teorus: Ikky is traumatized now XDD

I ate fish changed Teorus’s nickname to I slaughtered a cow

I slaughtered a cow: I DID NOT!!

I slaughtered a cow changed I slaughtered a cow’s nickname to Teo

Teo changed I ate fish’s nickname to Ikky

Psychotic changed Ikky’s nickname to Fried Fish

Fried Fish changed Psychotic’s nickname to Evil

Aigonorus changed Tauxolouve’s nickname to Watermelon

Watermelon: Where did you get watermelon?!

Aigonorus: First thing that came to mind.

Watermelon changed Aigonourus’s nickname to Banana

Banana: Where the fuck did you get banana!?

Watermelon: First thing that came to mind.

Banana changed Krioff’s nickname to Useless

Useless: fihgoaue;ghrkjtgnorigjufigknrkeh

Banana changed Useless’s name to Very Useless

Huedhaut: Shots are being fired, I’m in between a war zone right here.

Partheno: Where’s all this hate towards Krioff coming from, Aigo?

Watermelon changed Partheno’s name to Ugly

Ugly: WHAT DID I DO?!!?

Ugly changed Ugly’s nickname to So beautiful you’re jealous

Watermelon changed So beautiful you’re jealous’s nickname to Yeah, no

Yeah, no: Fuck you, Lou

Vega has logged off

Altair has logged off

Daddy has kicked Watermelon out of the chatroom

Evil changed Evil’s nickname to PsycHOTic

Fried Fish: Yeah, no Dui.

Teo: (;¬_¬)

Fried Fish changed Scorpio’s nickname to Barbie Girl

Teo changed Zyglavis’s nickname to Zigglypuff

PsycHOTic changed Leon’s nickname to Fucks everything

Karno changed Fucks everything’s nickname to Fucks everything (True af)

Yeah, no: Damn, even Karno’s onto him.

Banana: Everyone’s onto him.

Daddy has kicked everyone out of the chatroom


This chatroom was so outta control @.@ It just got a mind of it’s own and wrote itself without my consent XD Sorry, Tsukki. It didn’t turn out the way you or I wanted, but I hope it’s silly enough to make up for it XDD

Random Shout Outs!

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@sincerelysaraahh: Ok, this girl I swear. she’s a cinnamon roll. She doesn’t believe it BUT SHE IS. She is so freaking nice and so funny and very very talented and is about to hit 10k followers!! I’m so proud of her!! She’s been with me since I started and has been with me ever since. I couldn’t ask for a sweeter gal to know!

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@marvelousworldgeek: Even though Jaxx and Kennedy have left, they will forever be with me. They were the ones to truly help me get this blog started and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience knowing these two. These two have done so well and got on their feet and stayed on their feet!! We, as a community, truly miss you two!

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@imagine-assembling-the-avengers: This is one sweet cookie that you will ever meet!!! UGH. This is one person that I will never be able to live without and I have a couple of those! Whenever there’s trouble, Cookie (mynicknameformylilcinnamonroll) will always help me through it. What a sweetie pie!! She the Thor to my Loki xDDD Love ya xx

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@kalika999: This is the one girl that I have to have with me whenever Sebastian [Stan] Comes out with something new so we can freak out for like five minutes. Kalika is so sweet. We haven’t spoken in a while but she’s seriously the Sebastian to my Stan. IDK what the fuck I would do without my fangirl buddy to freak out over Sebastian with. Haha love ya, K!!

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@pietro-walkitoff: My little custard soldier TOO INNOCENT AND PURE.  Another one of my fangirl buddies!! Ugh, this girl. She’s so funny and so beautiful, I don’t know what I would do without her craziness. We haven’t spoken in a while either but I’ll always be there for this girl. Ugh, this dorky, amazing girl haha. ^^

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@chris-evans-sexual-frustrations : OH HELLO. This blog literally saves my life but kills me every fucking FRIDAY. EVERY TIME. this….There is no words to describe this lil meatball. So adorable, so amazing, so cute. Like what??? I wish I had an daily friday thing xDD haha

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@chrisevansisbeautiful:  THIS MEATBALL AND ME ARE LITERALLY CHRIS EVANS AND SEBASTIAN STAN TO EACH OTHER. SERIOUSLY. NO LIE. We are like clones of Chris, we always joke around and go ‘bro’ every time we greet each other. I almost sent her a long ass text in Romanian explaining why it was in romanian but decided against it. This cinnamon roll is the Chris to my Evans. Stay You, BRO. xD

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@always-a-marvel-addict: Another Chris Evans boo bear of mine. I have many wifeys but this would be one wifey I would not miss for the world. This meatball has always given me amazing feedback on my fanfics, especially when it seems like I get none. The writing skill this meatball has is great and her ongoing series is super amazing too!!

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@tsfrce: these are the lights of my life. This person, this wonderful, amazing, talented person. Seriously. If you haven’t checked out her blog DO IT RIGHT NOW. RIGHT NOW. SO MUCH EVANS, MANY CHRIS, WOW. SERIOUSLY. Not only is this cinnamon roll perfect in every way but this lil adorable shit is seriously my lifeline to smut. Kudos!!!


Note: Remember, every one of you that read this, even the ones that just scroll past this, are amazing in every way. You are beautiful, you are gorgeous, you shine so bright. Whether Male or Female, or if you identify or prefer those pronouns or don’t identify as either, it doesn’t matter. Every damn one of you are amazing and gorgeous and handsome and just down right fucking awesome and never NEVER EVER EVER let someone tell you different. You are you, no matter what. I love all of you equally. No matter what happens, no matter what goes down in your life, I am always here. The Marvels Community is always here for you and we will never let one of our own people fall behind. 

We’re With You Till The End Of The Line

This was your captain speaking

【MAMORU MIYANO LIVE TOUR 2015-16 ~GENERATING!~】Hokkaido 2015.11.23 Live Report (Part 1)

Hi everyone! Here with my Mamo Generating Hokkaido Live Report, his first Live for Generating! 2015-2016! X3 Sorry I’m posting it kinda late! I feel like I’m probably going to ramble quite a bit, so if you stay with me till the end, thank you, and sorry. Lol ^^;;;

I was allowed into Mamo’s Live late…I don’t want to go into details because I might ramble, so if you really want to know, you can send me a message or something! It wasn’t anything bad! It was just kind of confusing and rather unfortunate. For a while, I thought that I would have not been allowed in to see Mamo…it was, kind of a horrible experience for me, so I won’t complain about it here, but I was able to in that time, give my fan letter to a Mamo-staff person…”I forgot to put this in the box…my fan letter” I murmured in Japanese and she took my letter, looked at it and smiled, and it made me feel a lot better after the mess that happened. I don’t know where my fan letter went, but hopefully Mamo held it in his hands at some point and read it…;///;

Okay. So. Coming into the venue! I followed a friend I made to her seat, which was the 9th row, I was back in the 30th or so, but I had followed her to her seat because I couldn’t miss this chance to see Mamo up close!! There was a staff guy following me from behind who was supposed to help me to my seat, but I was pacing quickly down the walkway and staring at Mamo…as I walked closer and closer, he was already on stage, looking off to his right, my left, singing Frontier, my heart was skipping several beats for sure, lololol. The moment I walked in, my eyes had set on him in the middle of that stage by himself, in white. It absolutely took my breath away…in white, flowy white, his voice surrounding me…ANYWAYS. I missed the intro mini-movie…AND APPARENTLY MAMO ACCAPELLA. I MISSED IT. By the time I walked in, the music was already playing, but seeing him in flowy white, and singing, and SO CLOSE! For just that moment, standing in the walkway of the 9th row, I screamed on the inside ‘Mamo-chan, Mamo-chan, I’m here, I’m really here, please look at me…” but lol, he was so deep in his music, he was looking off to his right (I was to his left) but staring at his eyes, he looked like he was looking off somewhere past the walls of the venue. I don’t think I was breathing.
My friend told me to go with the staff guy as he had been trying to get my attention, (aaaahaha, sorry dude, Mamo, ya’ know. ^^;) And giving my king one last glance so close…human…actually human, so close (also…up close, he didn’t seem as tall as I always imagined him to be…It was an odd feeling, like..if I had just took another step forward? I would…be there? Next to him? ……I went back to my seat, which honestly, compared to my seat at Budokan last year, wasn’t toooo far away.
One by one, the dancers came on stage in time with the music after the second chorus or so? It was…really mystical.

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Fanart Monday!

Yeah I know last week we didn’t have fanart monday, but I had a good reason for it :P

That means this monday I have more fanarts than usual! And they’re all great! And because they are a huge lot, I’ll put a line here so I won’t send an enormous post into your feed! 

But you guys should take a looksy! They’re great!! :D

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