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First interview in Helsinki perhaps?
Quick translation of only what Yuzuru said:

Well, I have a tangible feeling that I have done good training.
The quality of training is such that I should be able to execute what I can do at the competitions.

I still do have a sore feeling of regret about the result at 4CC. Of course, I was frustrated with the result and the points, but what was most frustrating was that I couldn’t execute my own performance.
So I think that Worlds is to make a revenge against it.
I hope to demonstrate here at Worlds what kind of performance I can do.

If asked whether I would be happy to do a clean programme by making easier jumps, perhaps that wouldn’t be my skating.  I would still like to challenge difficult jumps, on top of which all elements are executed with high quality, including that of jumps, steps, skating, and spins. I think that is my skating.
So, I don’t have the thought of dropping anything.  My feeling is to elevate the levels of just about everything.
I hope to realise the ultimate programme that I can execute at this stage.

(translated by Sophie Moroi in YHIFG, FB.  Video thanks to pino16.17)

UPDATED with additional info from another news video (mezamashi news)

It’s amazing to me how much history can be twisted in the retelling!! 4 instance not many people know that Ron Weasley and Ron Stoppable are actually different ancient translations of the same name & that Peter Pettigrew was actually a naked mole-rat!! History is amazing I love to learn

170326 <Flight Log: Arrival> Sinchon Fansign

JS: this is my first fansign. I’m sorry for getting sick. 
Fans: no! 
JS: yes. 
JY: your body is not yours. 
Fans: yes it’s ours! 
JS: it’s yours right? *high pitch screeching* 
JY: no it’s not mine too. 
JS: Okay i wont do it. You hate this right? Me doing this (sweet talk? Lol) to you? 
JY: Jackson was being sulk to me about this. ‘it’s only me doing this to you' 
JS: Stop it 

Source: vitamin_jackson | I do not own this video
Translation: sweetharmonys94

Hello! Thanks for the hard work as always! Do you know if the skaters bring their own translators to the competition (if they don’t know English) or are they provided by the ISU?

There’s nothing in the ISU rules about it; I believe most translators are from the skater’s federation or a member of the accredited media, though.

Hi, I was wondering why is there no worlds countdown on the web? (eurovisions) I saw it a couple days ago but when I checked again it’s not there?

It will probably go up soon, they took a long time to put up the Junior Worlds link too. You can try asking them on Twitter (@ISU_Figure) or Facebook.

Where can we watch the practices?

There usually aren’t any official streams for practices, but this time the ISU will livestream practices on Youtube starting from Wednesday. Some fans in the arena might also Periscope bits of practice before then; you can check the #helsinki2017 and #worldfigure hashtags on Twitter to see if any videos pop up.

Art and Obligation | Chapter 16

Pairing: John/Paul

Rating: Nc-17 (PG-13, for this chapter)

Set in: 1820s (au)

Summary:  John Lennon works as the apprentice of a well-known portraitist and is tasked to do the picture of the young Mr. Paul McCartney. He is the son of Jim McCartney, a wealthy and powerful landowner, and has the reputation of an arrogant, spoilt brat with a pretty face, who has a way of wrapping anyone around his finger. But soon John finds that things are not as straightforward as they may seem.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles and this is fictional. I do not make money off this.

Author’s note: So, here it is. After I don’t know how long. I hope you’ll like it :) Thanks again @chut-je-dors​ for translating some stuff into French again for me. The translations are listed below again like last time.

The words Paul had uttered that afternoon concerning his father remained swirling inside John’s mind even throughout the following morning when Paul and he had decided to enjoy breakfast together at one of the cafes just outside of the city limits, before going on a walk to admire the city as they had been planning on doing since they had first arrived in the city. It was a small but pretty café, situated directly on a narrow street, which left barely any room for any tables to be placed outside, but the large glass doors at the front could be opened to provide some room for two or three tables on warm days. Today, however, the doors were shut and the inside was filled with people attempting to escape the dreary weather and the dark looming clouds that were drifting overhead, which had prompted the waiters to put down some extra tables and chairs, making it almost impossible for anyone to walk around without accidentally bumping into anything. The mossy colour of the painted wood on the exterior of the building had been carried through inside in the wallpaper and tablecloths, and had been mixed with some accents of deep reds and oranges as well as the dark grey of the stone slate flooring to create a warm and cosy feel, while the light coming in through the windows kept it bright and fresh.

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language learning board games?

hey y’all!!

i have this project that i’m doing and long story short, i need ideas for board games/family games that can be used to learn a language. what i have so far is:

  • pictionary
  • spelling game
  • scattergories
  • memory
  • bingo
  • battleship

they all have slight adjustments to make them fit language learning - for instance, battleship wouldn’t make much sense on its own, but in this version each square is a vocabulary word and in order to shoot at a square, you need to translate the word.

any ideas or thoughts would be super helpful, thanks in advance!!

in addition to that, if you have any ideas for topics of vocabulary, that would be super helpful as well!

obligatory question mark for replies: ?

leoqueen082  asked:

Yo. Yo yo. I know I'm not vocal on your art. To be honest, I have social anxiety and commenting makes me nervous. But. But!!! If you ever run into a question like that, where you don't know what they mean because of the translation, I offer myself as someone to ask. Please ask, anyone, even if it's not me. I'm sure a lot of people will be willing to help. I know English is weird because of slang and stuff so PLEASE don't be afraid to ask.

yeah, i know. but im also too nervous to talk to people, im very afraid i would result annoying so that’s why i mostly vent (and sometimes even regret doing it) instead of ask. I know i should ask instead of holding my own negativity for myself…but it’s…difficult.

I’m very grateful for your offer. I will take it in consideration, really. 

I need to make my own effort too tho, not just wait for someone to help. It’s too egoistical from my part to do that. 

again, thank you for your offer :)


Yuri!!! on ICE - Aria: Stay Close to Me [lyrics + translation]

“Aria: Stay Close to Me” (Aria: Hanarezuni sobaniite) with added lyrics in Italian and rough translation. I also cut off the part with Minako-sensei, Yu-chan and background comments and patched them. Hope you like it! The lyrics are very intriguing too, I wonder if some of Victor’s actual feelings slipped in there too.

I do not own any of this awesome video or music.

Aria: Hanarezuni sobaniite || アリア《離れずにそばにいて》
Composer: Taku Matsushiba
Tenor: Kazuma Kudou
Player: Ensemble FOVE

Effects & edit: Nanami
Lyrics & translation: Yohao88

EDIT: I also just noticed that it’s important it’s ARIA version, because the last soundtrack for Yuri’s OST is… “Duet: Hanarezuni sobaniite” with added female soprano. Can’t wait to hear it!!

As an educator, I hate the bell curve system, but I really hate teachers who say, “You won’t get an A in my class.” It’s not just because it causes students to begin the semester with a feeling that they will fail the course: it’s because it is the teacher admitting to their own failure to teach. 

We are literally paid to teach a full curriculum. “I don’t give out A’s” to me translates to “I cannot 100% do my job.” There is no reason a good teacher can’t give you an 80-100% understanding of what is in the course. It’s our job to make sure you understand as much as we can. 

A class average of 50 is isn’t a statement of how hard the material is. It’s a statement that the teacher cannot complete 50% of their job.

How to Deaf Culture

I’m about to go attend a deaf event, so I decided to write this quick little list! A lot of my followers don’t know any ASL or even what ASL is (American Sign Language) , so here’s a guide for if you’re ever around Deaf people and how to respect them!

  •  DO NOT use the term “hearing impaired”. Good willed people like to use it for political correctness, but to the Deaf Community, it’s offensive because they are proud to be Deaf. They embrace their deafness and the lifestyle that comes with it.
  • TAP, don’t YELL. Yes, unbelievable, I know. They’re deaf. So yelling in their faces won’t help you or them one bit. Besides that, waving obnoxiously to get a deaf persons’ attention is also rude. Simply give a little tap on the shoulder to alert them, unless you’re facing their front! If coming up from behind, give a little tap! If not, a small wave will be fine.
  • ASL is not a direct translation of English. It is its’ own language, something like Korean or Mandarin or French and so forth. ASL has its own grammar structure and rules, so signing direct English is technically incorrect. If you accidently sign in PSE (pigeon-signed-english) which is direct translation, whoever you are signing with will most likely remind you/correct you to sign in the technical structure.
  • ASL is not universal. There is no count of how many signed languages there are, just like how it’s difficult to get an accurate number of spoken languages! The point is, there is British Sign Language, German Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language, and so on and so forth. For Deaf who go overseas frequently or attend international meetings, there is an improvised form of sign language, but not so much that it is a learned sign language.
  • If using an interpreter, talk directly to the deaf person. Facing the interpreter is like saying that the deaf person is not there, which is extremely rude. The interpreter will catch on and interpret even if you’re not facing them, that’s their job.
  • Breaking eye contact is rude. In the hearing world, eye contact isn’t as important because we can look at one thing but still listen to the speaker. In the deaf world, eye contact must be made while conversing to show respect.
  • “S…L…O…W…L…Y” is a no.  Many deaf persons can read lips. Does that mean you should mouth every syllable of a word at a snails’ pace when talking to a deaf person? No. It’s like having the same done to you. Also, though it may be done with good intentions, it often comes off as stuck-up/having the higher power. Speak normally.
  • Don’t be scared! The Deaf Community loves to sign and help students learning ASL. If you have basic knowledge of it, then approach them politely and introduce yourself! Especially if at a deaf event, Deaf are more than happy to warmly greet you and sign. There’s no need to hold back! Just remember that Deaf Culture is different from Hearing.

I encourage you to learn ASL/your countrys’ sign language if you’re curious! Learn from classes, because online diagrams will not give you the correct forms. Sign language is a beautiful form of communication , along with the people in the community! Remember, every culture has its differences, and Deaf Culture is no exception!

I shall speak about women’s writing: about what it will do. Woman must write her self: must write about women and bring women to writing, from which they have been driven away as violently as from their bodies—for the same reasons, by the same law, with the same fatal goal. Woman must put herself into the text—as into the world and into history—by her own movement.
—  Hélène Cixous, The Laugh of the Medusa (tr. by Paula and Keith Cohen)
Hamilton modern AU fanfic is so trippy

I’m writing one right now and I have SO many questions. 

  • why does everyone have the same five names
  • who founded America
  • in scenes where they’re handling money, do they realize that their own faces are on it
  • is Eliza adopted
  • help it’s a high school or college AU but I can’t stop picturing 30 and 40-year-olds
  • have you ever seen Lafayette and Jefferson in the same room
  • why the fuck do sexist, racist, and anti-immigrant sentiments translate so well to a fic set two centuries later

hey! i translated a small part of one of the stories in the most recent TG novel “quest”! it’s the part with touka and nishiki in the story called “tension.”

it didn’t seem to me that this had been done already, though i didn’t do a lot of searching. additionally, i’m pretty uncertain about a lot of parts in my translation (esp. dialogue), and, i welcome any corrections or tips. for the most part, i just did this for my own japanese practice/enjoyment and also bc i adore touka, and am just sharing in case anyone is interested :)

hope you all are having a good day~

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Ten Count Chapter 37 (Translation from Japanese Scans)

All translation credits and photo scans to chidorinoyume@tumblr. 

Do not repost or claim as your own!

A peaceful time with just the two of us

Page 1
S: Even if I admit that I like you now…

Page 3
K: Please put out your tongue… *heavy breathing*

Page 5
S: I-I can’t breathe

Page 6
S: The first time I was kissed, it felt so good that I was weak to my knees (In actuality, I was only a little weakened)

Page 7
K: Shirotani-san, Let’s continue our date. Today was a waste. 

S: But our reservation has already passed.
K: What other shop do you want to make a reservation at?
S: Hotel Canary’s Lounge. 

(T/N: Kurose’s dumbfounded look XD)

Page 8
K: A hotel lounge….
S: Y-you’re mistaken, Don’t get me wrong. I was thinking maybe I can go there for work purposes sometimes, I thought we’d check it out to see if the lounge and bar has a good atmosphere. ..There’s been talk that the food is delicious there.. I was hoping to eat a meal there with Kurose-kun and see what you thought of the food…

K: This is the second time today you told me not to misunderstand you…
Let’s go then..
S: I just told you, we have to make a reservation
K: I’ll call now.

Page 9
K: We weren’t able to move the time huh…
S: It’s a very popular shop. I’m sorry, let’s go out again next time.
K: Now that it’s the evening, it’s finally just the two of us.
S: Umm.. Kurose-kun! You must be hungry. Even though you came with me, as an apology I’ll go wherever you want.
K: This neighborhood’s food stands or convenience store food is good.
S: Eh?

Page 10
K: The convenience store’s oden is good.
S: S-Standing while eating?

K: 2 cans?

S: Because Kurose-kun went with me to the restaurant, I should do at least this much for accompanying with me. And besides I like convenience food store more than the restaurant food. (T/N: Shirotani my angel <3)

Page 11
K: By the way is it really okay?
S: What is?
K: About Ueda-san
S: We properly accompanied her to tea together like she wanted, isn’t that okay?
K: *sighs* Even though finally we’re having our date while watching the sunset, why are we talking about other people again. even if it’s Mikami-san or Ueda-san
S: A d-d-date?  This is not a date, we’re just testing out shops.
K: It was a joke.
Shirotani-san’s behavior wasn’t exactly rude. Ueda-san at least, she wasn’t angry with you, right?

Page 12
Try kissing me and if you don’t hate it, will you admit that you like me?

Page 13
S: I didn’t hate it…. It felt good. I’m happy that Kurose treasures me so much. But if it was like today, with an opportunity like that. There’s a chance Kurose-kun will be taken by someone else.

Page 14
S: I’ll probably be left alone by myself again. When I think about it I….
K: Shirotani-san? What’s wrong?
S: Ah it’s nothing.

(T/N: Don’t cry Shiro bby <3 T__T)

Page 15
K: Did you push yourself too much today?
S: No that’s not it.
K: I ‘m sorry about my joke earlier
S: He said it with such a sad voice…
Kurose-kun has said many times that he likes me. The one who’s hurting now is me.
Flashback : Don’t throw me aside please
S: I’m the one who made Kurose have such a sad expression.

Page 16
S: How should I say this for you to understand. Before I met Kurose-kun, I’ve always felt restless about everything. My head’s filled with thoughts and before I knew it, all the things I didn’t like that you taught me, I’ve forgotten them"

Yes, I’m still alive. XD I’ve been busy with traveling for work and being in otome cd hell. Discord can attest to that. Anyways this is quite the chapter. We finally have the kiss we always wanted! I couldn’t be happier! Although it’s all backwards, it looks like we’ll be waiting for Shirotani to admit his feelings and confess to Kurose <3 Enjoy the translation with screenshots~ See you all in the next chapter. 


You choose to protect the whole world, only leave me behind.

This is PAGE 1-9 of the first part of the story CHASE. 

You can simply search the tag ‘CHASE R76′ to see all the parts. I just find out tumblr can not post more than 10 pics in one post, or post long pics.

Introduction part HERE



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I’ve received lots of comments said you like my story, so I did this. If you like it, don’t hesitate to tell me! All I want are some encouraging words. It’s tired, it’s lonely. It’s so hard to translate my own comic work into English.( If there are some better suggestions about the lines, you are always welcom to tell me!)

BTW, will you buy the whole story if I’m gonna put this into a book? This is the first part, it’s not ended yet. Don’t rush to tell me, just read this part first and tell me if you like it or not! Yeah!

I once had to say this on a show many years ago, and I truly believe it; Loneliness is a choice. I like to be alone; I’m more comfortable alone. But I do recognise that I take it too far sometimes and so I try to force myself to keep up with being sociable. I just am a bit of a lone ranger and I always have been. But I don’t believe that necessarily has to translate to being lonely. You can be lonely in a crowd of a thousand people. I can be in a hotel room on my own and not feel lonely. It all comes down to how comfortable you are with who you are in silence.
—  Gillian Anderson

JAN: To work hard to become a pretty-skin boy that I almost became last year but failed
FEB: To make my very own photo album
MAR: To cover a song and give it to Monbebes as a present
APR: To release 20 selcas
MAY: To watch and review 10 movies
JUN: To take a photo tour (T/N: travelling)
JUL: To do a V App while going as far as I can on a bicycle
AUG: To upload a picture of me playing a prank on Monbebes’ favourite members while they’re asleep
SEP: If Kihyun’s Self Cook Cook is still on-going then I’ll cook!
OCT: Making a new dish that is named after Monbebes
NOV: It’s my birthday I’ll take photos and upload it together with a letter as a present to Monbebes
DEC: Kihyun who takes pictures! Monsta X’s Season Greetings that’s taken by Kihyun!

translated by kinghyungwon ϟ take out with full credit.

Rock, Paper, Scissors - nerdlife4eva - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Yuuri and Victor have to decide who has to vacuum (while the other walks Makkachin), resulting in Yuuri’s choice of a game he never loses. When Chris finds out about their heated rock, paper, scissors battle, he sends them charts to track their competition. As with all things Victuuri, all adorable hell breaks loose.

After tumbling down a hilarious headcanon hole with @keilattes I decided to write this mess out. Laughed way too hard while trying to translate all the jokes, at least half of the hilarity is @keilattes doing. I hope this ends up as funny as it is to me at 1:30AM.